Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995) s01e14 Episode Script

Weaving a Story

1 Zankoku na tenshi no youni Like an angel without a sense of mercy Shonen yo shinwa ni nare rise young boy to the heavens as a legend.
Neon Genesis Evangelion Aoi kaze ga ima Cold winds, as blue as the sea Mune no door wo tataitemo Tear open the door to your heart Watashidake wo tada mitsumete But unknowing you seem, just staring at me Hohoenderu anata Standing there smiling serenely.
Sotto fureru mono Desperate for something to touch Motomeru koto ni muchu de A moment of kindness like that in a dream.
Unmei sae mada shiranai Your innocent eyes as yet have no idea Itaikena hitomi of the path your destiny will follow.
Dakedo itsuka kizuku deshou But someday you'll become aware of Sono senaka niwa everything that you've got behind you.
Haruka mirai mezasu tameno Your wings are for seeking out Hanega arukoto a new future that only you can search for.
Zankoku na tenshi no thesis The cruel angel's thesis bleeds Madobe kara yagate tobitatsu through a portal like your pulsing blood.
Hotobashiru atsui pathos de If you should betray the chapel of your memories Omoide wo uragiru nara the cruel angel will enter the window of your soul.
Kono sora wo daite kagayaku.
So boy, stand tall and embrace the fire of legend Shonen yo shinwa ni nare.
Embrace the universe like a blazing star! Anno Domini 2015.
The third angel The attack of Sachiel.
Conventional weaponry is ineffective against the angel.
The UN transfers full command authority to NERV.
The angel arrives at NERV headquarters.
At the same day, the Third Child arrives aswell.
Shinji Ikari.
He agrees to pilot the Eva.
The first sortie of Evangelion-01.
NERV's first mission.
Eva-01, head damage.
Out of control.
Complete silence.
But then Running Amok Although there was a great deal of damage as a result, the fact that a boy with no prior experience completed a mission against an unknown enemy makes Shinji Ikari deserving of special notice.
Eva-01 erodes the enemy's AT field.
However, for the Department of Strategic Operations, it was a battle that revealed many problems.
Angel destroyed.
Intercept systems destroyed.
Eva-01, medium damage.
The suffering of the victims was not mentioned.
My sister's only in the second grade.
She got hurt in that stupid disturbance, and she was hurt by our own stupid robot, not by the enemy.
I can't forgive anyone who did something so stupid.
I'm going to let them feel my anger, and teach the jerks who hurt my sister a lesson.
The fourth angel The attack of Shamusiel.
Interception effectivity back then: 48,2% Mission performance of Neo-Tokyo 3: 96,8% We'd already had a lot of evacuation training at the school, so we didn't really think it was so serious.
All the guys acted like jerks, like they were on a field trip, and none of the girls were afraid either.
The angel arrives at Neo-Tokyo 3.
The second battle at Neo-Tokyo 3.
External power cable severed.
Regardless of this accident, the angel was destroyed.
As a result, NERV salvages an angel in its original form.
However, the final report is still missing.
The fifth angel.
The attack of Ramiel.
Captain Katsuragis "Yashima-Plan" against the enemy is approved First Child.
The designated pilot of Eva-00.
Rei Ayanami.
Her first sortie with the repaired Eva-00.
In this night, the angel penetrates the Geo-Front.
The "Yashima-Plan" is executed.
Ikari didn't tell me anything, so this is just a guess on my part.
I think Ayanami tried to sacrifice herself to protect Unit 01 from the enemy's particle beam attack.
I'm really sure about this, and the reason I'm so positive is Ayanami herself.
She seems to hold little respect for the value of her own existence.
"Yashima-Plan" successful.
She seems to hold little respect for the value of her own existence.
It's not just that she's more pessimistic than most teenagers, Eva-00, severely damaged.
Pilot survives it's something much, much more.
Eva-00, severely damaged.
Pilot survives The sixth angel.
The encounter with Gagiel.
This did not occur in accordance with our scenario.
Nevertheless, the result was within the projected parameters.
We can make the necessary adjustments.
Second Child.
The designated pilot of Eva-02.
Soryu Asuka Langley.
Her first sortie with Eva-02.
Melee at high sea.
and the first underwater fight.
At the heights of Old-Ito, Angel destroyed.
The UN Navy lost a third of its entire fleet in this encounter.
The lost ships belonged to your country.
The damage is negligible.
True, it's fortunate that so much of the damage was minor.
The seventh angel.
The attack of Israfel, which can split and remerge.
However, a synchronized attack of Eva-01 and Eva-02 destroys the angel.
The eighth angel.
Sandarphone is located in the depths of the Asama-Volcano.
NERV releases special directive A-17.
With the highest priority a capture mission is commenced.
Capture in the electromagnetic cage is temporarily succesful but the magnetic cage is damaged.
Mission aborted.
New objective: Termination of the angel.
Eva-02 continues the operation.
Angel destroyed.
Repair and regeneration of Eva-00 complete.
Eva-00 operational.
The ninth angel.
The attack of Matriel.
During the simultaneous mission of the three Evas the angel is destroyed.
The tenth angel.
The attack of Tzachquiel.
The target falling from the stratosphere is directly intercepted by the three Evas Angel destroyed.
The eleventh angel.
Attack unconfirmed.
Rumors about success in compromising the HQ.
This is no good.
It's happening too early.
That's true.
This did not occur in accordance with our predictions of when an Angel would invade NERV.
And to make it worse, you let it intrude into Central Dogma itself.
If contact had occurred then, our entire project could have ended in disaster.
The report to this committee was in error.
There is no truth behind this tale of an Angel invasion.
Are you saying the Eleventh Angel's intrusion did not occur? Correct.
Speak with caution, Ikari.
Speak with caution, Ikari.
Making false statements to this conference is punishable by death.
Check the MAGI's recorders.
Nothing concerning such an incident was recorded.
This is absurd.
Hiding the truth is your specialty.
The time schedule follows what the Dead Sea Scrolls prescribes.
All right.
We won't discuss any possible guilt or punishment this time.
But let me remind you that you cannot create a new scenario.
I understand.
Everything is proceeding according to Seele's plan.
Episode 14 Weaving a Story Mountain Heavy are the mountains, but that changes over time.
Sky Blue sky.
What your eyes can't see.
What your eyes can see.
Sun There is only one.
Water Comforting.
Commander Ikari? Flower So many alike.
So many useless.
Sky Red, red sky.
Red is the color.
Red is the color I hate.
Water flowing.
Blood The smell of blood.
A woman who never bleeds.
From the red earth comes man, from the soil.
Born of man and woman is Man.
Town A human creation.
Eva A human creation as well.
What is a human? A creation of God? Is it a human creation? The things I possess are my life and soul.
I am a vessel for my heart.
Entry Plug, the throne for a soul.
Who is this? This is me.
Who am I? What am I? What am I? What am I? What am I? I am myself.
This, that which is, is myself.
That which is formed is me.
This is the me that can be seen, yet feels as if this is not myself.
A strange feeling.
I feel as if my body is melting.
I can no longer see myself.
My shape is fading.
I feel the presence of someone who is not me.
Who is there, beyond me here? Ikari? I know this person.
She is Captain Katsuragi.
Doctor Akagi Others Classmates The pilot of Unit 02.
Commander Ikari? Who are you? Who are you? Who are you? So, how does it feel to be piloting Unit 01 for the first time? It smells like Ikari.
First compatibility test Subject: Rei Ayanami Her synch ratio is almost the same as with Unit 00.
Unit 00 and 01's personal data patterns are also almost identical.
That's what makes this synch experiment possible.
Error is plus or minus zero point zero three.
Harmonics are normal.
No compatibility problems detected between Rei and Unit 01.
Okay, the experiment is finished, Rei.
You can get out now.
unit synthesis test.
Subject: Soryu Asuka Langley.
Data bank for Unit 02 complete.
Harmonics are all normal.
Pilot status normal.
Of course! First compatibility test Subject: Shinji Ikari.
What about Unit 00's personal data? Already reconfigured.
Currently reconfirming.
Subject status? He's a bit nervous, but no problems in his nerve patterns.
This is his first time in Unit 00, and his first time piloting any other Eva.
That's natural.
Nonsense, why should he care? That's what makes him Shinji.
I know, and that's why he's stupid.
Speaking of which, why am I not taking the compatibility test? You don't want to pilot any other Evas, do you? Darn right.
Certainly, Unit 02 wouldn't be compatible.
Entry has commenced.
LCL electrolyzed.
Initiating first connection.
Shinji, how do you feel in Unit 00's entry plug? It feels kind of odd.
A sense of incompatibility? Not like that, but It smells like Rei.
What does that mean? He's a pervert! Data received.
Pattern green.
Main power supply connection complete.
All restraints are normal.
Now let's shift to the second stage of the mutual compatibility tests.
Unit 00 will enter into second contact.
How is it? As I thought, the synch ratio is lower than Unit 01.
How is it? As I thought, the synch ratio is lower than Unit 01.
Harmonics are all normal.
But these are still good readings.
This means that we can implement the plan.
The dummy system, you mean? I disagree.
I understand your feelings on this, but we always have to be prepared in order to guarantee our survival.
I highly respect you, Ma'am, and I will do my duty, but I am not convinced about this project.
People with a fastidious nature will always feel some difficulty living amongst others.
Once you've been sullied, you'll regretfully find the truth in this.
Initiating third connection.
Self state of psycho-graph is stable.
Hey, Shinji, what's it like? Mom's breast? Or inside her womb? Asuka, stop interrupting.
The noise can penetrate.
Yes, Ma'am.
Why do they spoil Shinji? Commence connecting the A-10 nerve connections.
Harmonics level up twenty.
What is this? Something's trying to get into my brain.
Ayanami? Rei Ayanami? This impression is Rei, isn't it? Ayanami? Isn't it her? What is it? We've got a problem occurring in the pilot's nerve pulse.
We've got a problem occurring in the pilot's nerve pulse.
Mental contamination is taking place.
Impossible! That can't happen at this plug depth.
It's not from the plug.
The intrusion's coming from the Eva.
Unit 00 is out of control! Shut off all circuits! Cut the power supply! Eva has switched to backup power.
The Eva is still active.
How's Shinji? The circuit is closed.
We can't monitor him! Unit 00 is rejecting Shinji? Negative! The auto ejection's not working! The same thing as before? Is it going to try to absorb Shinji? Rei, get back! Rei! Rei, get back! Rei! Activation will be terminated in ten Activation will be terminated in ten 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Zero! Unit 00 has ceased activation.
Hurry up and rescue the pilot! I don't believe this.
Did Unit 00 just try to kill Rei? Was this somehow related to the earlier berserk incident when Rei was the pilot? I can't tell you much right now.
I only know we must reconfigure Unit 00 for Rei's personal data, and run a new synch test between them as soon as possible.
As Director of Strategic Ops, I ask you do so as soon as possible, before it creates more problems.
I understand that, Major Katsuragi.
Unit 00 wanted to attack me.
I'm sure of it.
And now the next contestant for the World's Most Amazing Exhibition is, Math Puppy! Wow, that sounds awesome! Here we go, math genius puppy, Kana, from Niigata! Wan! He sounds good.
Do you understand me? Wan! Oh, right.
Now let's ask him.
Wan! What is 325 minus 324? Wan! That's amazing! He's correct! Again I hate this ceiling.
That's amazing! He's correct! Again I hate this ceiling.
Again I hate this ceiling.
Wan! Shinji's conscious.
No signs of mental contamination.
He doesn't remember what happened.
I see.
I see.
Hi! I'm doing fine, Hi! I'm doing fine, but the world is worrisome due to terrorism in the Nansa islands.
Misato and Kaji won't tell me about her, but the world is worrisome due to terrorism in the Nansa islands.
Misato and Kaji won't tell me about her, This year long heat creates some crazy bastards, you know? And Shinji doesn't know anything.
This year long heat creates some crazy bastards, you know? And Shinji doesn't know anything.
What I can't stand is those idiots that involve innocent people! Just what is the First Child? What I can't stand is those idiots that involve innocent people! About that Angel invasion that deviated from the plan.
The committee is applying pressure over the incident.
They're just riff-raff who can't do anything except complain.
We hold all the tiles.
There is nothing they can do.
But we don't want to irritate them.
If SEELE starts interfering, there could be trouble.
Everything has been carried out as the scenario required.
There is no problem.
What about the Unit 00 incident? That wasn't in my scenario.
It will not interfere.
and Unit 00 was successful.
Ikari is too concerned about Rei.
What is the status of the Adam Project? Proceeding smoothly.
It is less than two percent behind schedule.
Then, the Lance of Longinus is It's going as we planned.
Rei is carrying out the operation.
To be continued Vorschau Misato feels pressure while many of her friends get married.
Her twenties are almost over, and the thirties are arriving fast.
Is a reunion with Kaji her last chance? Next episode: "A Lie and Silence"