Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995) s01e17 Episode Script

Fourth Child

1 Zankoku na tenshi no youni Like an angel without a sense of mercy Shonen yo shinwa ni nare rise young boy to the heavens as a legend.
Neon Genesis Evangelion Aoi kaze ga ima Cold winds, as blue as the sea Mune no door wo tataitemo Tear open the door to your heart Watashidake wo tada mitsumete But unknowing you seem, just staring at me Hohoenderu anata Standing there smiling serenely.
Sotto fureru mono Desperate for something to touch Motomeru koto ni muchu de A moment of kindness like that in a dream.
Unmei sae mada shiranai Your innocent eyes as yet have no idea Itaikena hitomi of the path your destiny will follow.
Dakedo itsuka kizuku deshou But someday you'll become aware of Sono senaka niwa everything that you've got behind you.
Haruka mirai mezasu tameno Your wings are for seeking out Hanega arukoto a new future that only you can search for.
Zankoku na tenshi no thesis The cruel angel's thesis bleeds Madobe kara yagate tobitatsu through a portal like your pulsing blood.
Hotobashiru atsui pathos de If you should betray the chapel of your memories Omoide wo uragiru nara the cruel angel will enter the window of your soul.
Kono sora wo daite kagayaku.
So boy, stand tall and embrace the fire of legend Shonen yo shinwa ni nare.
Embrace the universe like a blazing star! Are you refusing to allow us to question the pilot of Unit 01, the only one directly involved in the incident, Major Katsuragi? Yes, Sir.
Because he is emotionally very unstable, I believe that it would be unwise to have him here.
Then, as his proxy, let us ask you, Major Katsuragi.
In this incident, didn't the Angel attempt to communicate with a human being? I find no suggestion of that in the subject's report.
I believe this was an irregularity, a coincidence.
If, and only if, his memory is correct.
There is no evidence that his memory has been tampered with.
However, the Eva's AC recorder was not functioning.
There's no way to confirm it.
Was the Angel interested in the human spirit? In the human mind? I am unable to answer that question.
Whether the Angels even have a concept of what "Mind" is, or whether they can understand human thoughts or not is completely unknown.
A new factor has been added with this incident, in that the Angel tried to take Eva into itself.
Is there any possibility that this aspect may be linked to the predicted Thirteenth Angel and all Angels thereafter? Based on the previous patterns, there appears to be no systematic organization among the Angels.
Correct! It is obvious that they have worked independently, so far.
What do you mean, Sir? You are not allowed to ask questions.
That will be all.
That will be all.
Yes, Sir.
What do you think, Ikari? The Angels appear to be getting more and more intelligent.
There's not much time left.
Episode 17 The Fourth Child Left for us, you mean? Who's the patient in Room 12? That's the emergency room patient from the first Eva incident.
She's been here for a long time.
Her injuries are really difficult, poor girl.
She's still in elementary school.
He's here again today? Yeah, he comes to see her at least twice a week.
He's a good brother, thinking about his sister like that.
Yeah, boys like that are pretty rare.
He has a good heart.
Rei, are you all right today? Yes, Sir.
I will be with Dr.
Akagi tomorrow, and the day after I'll be at school.
How is the school? No problems, Sir.
I see.
That's good.
Stand up! Bow! Sit down! Let me see, Ayanami is absent as usual, and Aida too? What's up with Kensuke? What's up with Kensuke? Professor Koike is absent today, He went to New Yokosuka to see a battleship.
Professor Koike is absent today, He went to New Yokosuka to see a battleship.
So the class in modern Japanese will be self-study.
A ship called Myoko or something is in port.
So the class in modern Japanese will be self-study.
A ship called Myoko or something is in port.
And finally, the student on duty today will be Mister Suzuhara.
Yes, Sir! Mister Suzuhara.
Yes, Sir! Will you deliver this document to Miss Ayanami after school? Yes, Sir! Don't worry about it.
First Branch is okay.
The data from the recon plane will be confirmed by the MAGI.
It disappeared?! The entire Second Branch just vanished?! Yes, Sir, it's been confirmed.
It's gone.
Dear God Administration and Investigation sections are going crazy, and General Affairs is in a total panic.
What was the cause? It's still under investigation.
Our only clues are these geo-synchronous satellite photos.
There's nothing else left.
10 seconds 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Contact.
This is horrible.
Evangelion Unit 04, its support group and all other facilities within an 89km radius were completely destroyed.
Along with thousands of people.
Looking at the time schedule, It seems they were installing the experimental S2 engine.
Potential causes range from a lack of structural integrity to a preliminary design stage error.
That's 32,768 possibilities right there.
And that's not mentioning sabotage.
But it wasn't an explosion, was it? It was a disappearance.
In all probability, they were swallowed by a Sea of Dirac, just like Unit 01 was.
And the restored S2 engine? Gone, along with our hopes.
It's all because we're being forced to use things we don't understand.
Things like the Evas.
What'll we do with Unit 03? We'll receive it here.
The U.
Government doesn't want to lose the First Branch as well.
Didn't they insist on the right to build Units 03 and 04? And now they're foisting it off on us? They're really pushing their luck.
After a disaster like that, anyone would get nervous.
And how are you going to do the test activation? Will you use Rei's dummy plug? I'll have to make a decision.
This is the dummy plug prototype.
Rei's personal data has been loaded into it, but it's not really possible to digitize a human mind and soul.
A fake, that's all it is.
It copies a pilot's thinking process.
In the end, it's only a machine.
It transmits a signal pattern to Eva, and Eva believes there's a pilot and synchronizes.
That's enough.
Load the data into Unit 01 and Unit 02.
There are still some problems with it.
That's not important.
As long as the Eva activates, it's sufficient.
I've delegated the transportation of the Unit to the U.
It will arrive by the end of the weekend.
You'll take care of it from there.
Yes, Sir.
We'll perform the modifications and activation test in Matsushiro.
And the test pilot will be Use of the Dummy Plug is not recommended at this time.
One of our prospective candidates Will be chosen as the Fourth Child? Yes, there is one child whose core can be prepared immediately.
Then, I'll trust you to make it so.
Yes, Sir.
Rei, we're finished now.
Yes, Sir.
Let's eat.
Yes, Sir.
Stand up! Bow! Lunch time! Lunch time! This is the single best thing about school.
You didn't make lunches for us? I didn't have time to cook last night.
I had too much homework.
And that's your excuse for me having to go without lunch?! A husband and wife quarrel? It's not like that! What is it? You look so serious.
It's the Unit 03 activation test.
We'll be using the Fourth as the pilot.
The Fourth? The Fourth Child's been found? Just yesterday.
But I haven't received a report from the Marduk Institute yet.
The official documents will be delivered tomorrow.
Akagi, are you hiding something from me again? No, nothing at all.
Well, okay.
So, who's the kid? Jeez! It's HIM?! It can't be helped.
All the possible candidates were gathered together for protection.
It's so hard to tell them.
Asuka will be fine.
Her pride keeps her piloting her Eva.
Rei is exceptional, with no problems with her Eva or our work.
Shinji probably knows the most about the down side.
I don't want him to suffer any more hardships.
But we need children of this kind, in order for us all to survive.
Are you saying not to complicate the issue? Bye! Later! Suzuhara, you've got the duty this week.
Get to work! What do you mean? The class printout! Didn't our teacher tell you to deliver this? Come on, you can ask the other person on duty, can't you? Miss Ayanami is absent today! Ayanami and me? Then I guess there's no choice.
But I don't want to go to some girl's place all by myself.
Well, I can go with you Shinji! Walk home with me, will you? Ayanami, we're coming in.
You can't enter a girl's room without her permission.
We've got no choice.
She won't see it if we leave it there.
Excuse us Good grief! Is this a girl's room? It's so decrepit.
Hey, you shouldn't touch anything! She'll get pissed! I'm just cleaning up.
I won't help you! That's not a man's job! Okay, but Misato hates guys like that.
I don't care! It's my policy! Come to think of it, you've changed.
What? You, Shinji.
The first time I saw you, I really thought you were a jerk.
You didn't seem like you would do something for someone else.
I guess you're just really reserved.
Excuse us! What? What? Those are the school bulletins that have piled up.
Those are the school bulletins that have piled up.
I'm sorry.
I took it upon myself to clean up a little.
But I didn't touch anything except trash.
Thank you.
Eva pilots are sure weird all right.
Thank you Words of gratitude.
Words I've never used.
Not even to him.
The city, a paradise made by Mankind.
Driven from Paradise, Man escaped to this earthly existence, on the edge of Death.
Created by the weakest of beings, created by the sapience born from that weakness, this paradise is our creation.
To protect ourselves from the fear Death instills, to satiate our beings with pleasure, we create a paradise by and of ourselves.
This city's surely such a paradise.
A city armed to protect us.
A city of refugees from the outer world, the world of our enemies.
But cowards do live longer.
That's to our benefit.
The third New Tokyo, NERV's hidden intercept base, the delayed seventh construction phase will be finished soon.
At long last, it will be completed.
How will you report Unit 04's "accident" to the committee? With the facts, the cause is unknown.
But this is a major, catastrophic loss.
Unit 04 and the Second Branch are of no consequence.
The S2 engine prototype may have been lost, but the data is still on record in Germany.
This installation and Unit 01 will be sufficient.
But the committee is in a panic.
Of course, it was an unscheduled accident.
Seele must be busy changing the schedule.
Incidents not depicted in the Dead Sea Scrolls may occur.
This ought to teach those old men a lesson.
The Third District Transformation and Direction Weapon experiment is on schedule.
The intercept system is completed, is on schedule.
The intercept system is completed, Will Dr.
Nishizono of the Technical Department, and they're not going to have a party? Will Dr.
Nishizono of the Technical Department, and they're not going to have a party? Call Section 2 of the R&D Division immediately.
NERV is a most inflexible organization.
Call Section 2 of the R&D Division immediately.
NERV is a most inflexible organization.
It's because of Commander Ikari.
And are you a prude too? Are you serious, Mr.
Kaji? I'll tell Ms.
Katsuragi and Dr.
Not if your mouth is covered with mine.
So, how's it going? Well, it's going, I guess.
Well, I have work to do.
Excuse me.
Far be it from me to make judgments on your private life, but should you really be hitting on girls in this organization? Who's under whom isn't your concern.
Or would you prefer I hit on you, Katsuragi? It depends on how you answer my questions.
You know the secrets of the Marduk Institute and Adam, right? What secrets? Don't try to feign ignorance! Asking for help isn't like you.
You know, right now I don't care.
I'm not feeling very reserved.
The Fourth Child was conveniently found at just the right time.
What's the truth behind that? I'll tell you one thing.
The Marduk Institute doesn't exist.
NERV is pulling the strings all by itself.
NERV itself? Commander Ikari is? You need to check Code 707.
Code 707? Shinji's school? Misato! What is it? Ritsuko's expecting you for a meeting about tomorrow's trip.
All right.
Thank you.
See you.
Yeah, yeah.
Buy you a drink? Cup of tea? But I'm a boy.
I thought you'd be a more serious person, Kaji.
You're saying that to someone as straight arrow and reliable as me? I'm sorry.
I'm sorry too.
I didn't mean to sound rude.
Hey, I want to show you something.
They're watermelons? Yeah, aren't they cute? This is my hobby.
Keep it a secret, okay? Growing Making something grow is really great.
One can see and learn so many things from the process.
It also brings pleasure.
But pain too, right? Do you hate pain? I don't like it.
But have you found what gives you pleasure? That's not so bad.
If you know pain and hardship, it's easier to be kind to others.
Being kind isn't a weakness.
Yes? Hello? It's Katsuragi.
The synch test will be starting soon.
Fix the depth at 3.
I thought so.
Shinji's synch ratio is dropping.
Fix the depth at 3.
I thought so.
Shinji's synch ratio is dropping.
LCL thickness is nominal.
I thought so.
Shinji's synch ratio is dropping.
Harmonics level is negative 1.
1 What's that mean? Harmonics level is negative 1.
1 I can't say.
Harmonics level is negative 1.
1 I can't say.
5 I believe something happened during the incident.
5 I believe something happened during the incident.
9 I believe something happened during the incident.
8 I believe something happened during the incident.
8 Something in his mind.
9 Something in his mind.
Current exponent is 0.
This makes it even harder to tell him about Unit 03's pilot.
Current exponent is 0.
This makes it even harder to tell him about Unit 03's pilot.
All results posted to Melchior.
The pilot will be officially informed tomorrow.
All results posted to Melchior.
The pilot will be officially informed tomorrow.
Stand up! Attention! Bow! Lunch time! Attention student Toji Suzuhara Toji Suzuhara, report to the Principal's Office.
What the What did you do? I don't know.
Excuse me, I'm Toji Suzuhara.
You're Toji Suzuhara? How was your trip to New Yokosuka? Way cool! Speaking of which, I picked up some disturbing information.
Eva Unit 03? Yeah, the one they built in America.
It's completed, isn't it? I don't know.
I know it's classified, but please tell me something.
I really don't know! Haven't you heard the rumor that the activation test will be held at the second test facility in Matsushiro? I haven't.
The pilot hasn't been chosen yet, right? How would I know? Misato could pick me for it.
Shinji, would you ask her for me? I really want to be an Eva pilot! Really, I don't know.
What about the story that Unit 04's been lost? What was that? You really don't know? It disappeared along with the entire Second Branch.
My dad's section was in a panic.
Really? I think so.
Misato didn't tell me anything.
Well, I guess it doesn't directly concern the pilots.
If she didn't tell you, it's likely because you don't need to know.
I'm sorry about bothering you with weird questions.
But Toji hasn't come back yet.
Thus, we, mankind, survived the hell called the Second Impact and rose again.
The number of children has been decreasing yearly Sorry I'm late.
I know about it.
Be seated.
Anyway, it is you, the young who will lead the way to the future Let's go home.
What about Toji? He'll be late.
What about Toji? He'll be late.
He's got class duty.
The school is now closing.
All students must go to their homes immediately.
Suzuhara! You're on duty.
Line up the desks and write up the daily record.
I haven't had lunch yet.
I'll do it as soon as I've eaten.
Suzuhara, you always buy your lunch from the school shop.
That's because there's no one who cooks for me.
Suzuhara I have two sisters.
Their names are Kodama and Nozomi, and I always cook lunch for them.
That must be a lot of work.
So, I'm actually a good cook, though you might not think it.
Really? And I always end up cooking too much for our lunches.
That's a waste.
If you need help getting rid of your leftovers, I'll help.
Yes, help me.
Kaji? Oh, Asuka? Sorry, I'm busy right now.
Can it wait? Oh, Asuka? Sorry, I'm busy right now.
Can it wait? But you have time to see Misato, don't you? Damn! Not right now! These are our synch data reports.
Four of them? What in the hell is this? Who made HIM the Fourth Child? No! I don't understand! What is this?! NERV, 1st Branch, USA To be continued Preview Eva Unit 03 is delivered to Matsushiro from America.
People gloried in the peaceful day, unaware of the coming tragedy.
The quiet days that collusion has camouflaged are gone.
Next Episode: "The Judgement of Life.