New Amsterdam s01e02 Episode Script

Golden Boy

You will not grow old.
You will not die.
My name is john, and I'm an alcoholic.
Until you find the one I'm detective eva marquez.
And your souls are wed we're going to be working together.
Are we? I almost died.
Hey, let the good times roll.
John: My heart exploded chasing some guy in the subway.
You have a good energy about you, eva.
I think she was there.
Who? The one.
The one who'll make me old like you.
So you don't even know who she is.
I know she was there.
I've been waiting centuries for this.
If I can find her, it'll all have value.
I shook from a dream it wasn't you to shake shake from my own side shake, shake from the light of everything shake, shake from that which sings that come drown your face, your face it will not be back again oh, fate, your face there's something in the way what do you think, 36? She's out there somewhere.
Cop dropped this off.
Snow white and the 7 dwarves? The real story? Close.
I always thought dopey got a bum rap.
Just because he doesn't talk doesn't mean he doesn't have something to say.
And what's the deal with happy? Why does he have to be fat? Are most fat people you know happy? There it is.
7-39?" That's gotta be a 9.
You ming tomorrow? John.
Tomorrow at 10:00.
Remember? She knows what she's doing.
Nurse maybe? Or a doctor.
Lots of people know C.
They wouldn't be allowed in the back of the ambulance.
What about tomorrow? Omar? Oh It all means it's coming up and back again wolves will howl birds are singing now's the time wolves will howl birdsre singing now's the time Got a minute? We do.
Not sure about the pregnant lady in the back.
How dilated? You've got time.
Ever seen me before? No offense.
Cops all look alike.
You run on a heart attack in the subway station at 1-3-7 and b-way last wednesday? 5 days ago? This job, that's a lifetime.
Tell me about it.
Morning, around 9:00? Sorry, dude.
Doesn't ring a bell.
I'm having a damn baby! Can we play jeopardy later? Women.
Gotta jet.
You really think I wouldn't remember? I don't know anymore.
Yeah, I may have a few talents, but forgetting isn't one of them.
You know what she meant to me.
It's gotten a little hazy.
Maybe to you, it has.
Not to me.
Just seems like the only thing you care about these days is finding this girl.
I've been looking for her for almost 400-- 400 years, I know.
The woman who'll turn your hair gray.
The one.
So what does that make my mother? The fifth, the 25th? Does she get a number like your dogs? Watch your step, omar.
Or what? You're gonna ground me? Take me to the woodshed? I'm a 65-year-old man.
You're also my son.
My mother loved you.
And that was a hard, hard thing for her to do.
So if she wasn't the one, what the hell was she? New Amsterdam 1x02 New AmsterdamS 01.
E02 Thanks.
Autoerotic asphyxiation.
Whatever happened to doing it the old fashioned way? Well, this is old fashioned.
In the 1600s, people used it as a cure for erectile dysfunction.
I want a new partner.
Public hanging was a local spectator sport.
Now this guy, a doctor, he noticed that the condemned tended to die happy.
I get the picture.
Who found him? Mother's sister.
Parents are on vacation.
Nail knot.
Impossible to tie with one hand.
So he had help.
A sex partner.
Someone who bengs to this maybe.
A diamond stud.
Male officer: I'm sorry, sir.
It's a crime scene.
Man: It's all right.
We live here.
I am sorry, but I can't let you in.
Well, you can let me in because this is my apartment, and I got a right to go into my apartment.
So you move aside, son.
Detective amsterdam.
And you are? Jack shaw.
This is my wife irene.
They won't let us in.
Can I talk to you over here for a minute? Please.
What happened? What's wrong? There was an accident.
Your son.
He didn't survive.
I'm so sorry.
Shaw, we need you to stay here, sir.
Out of my way! Sir! Easy, easy, easy, easy.
Let him go.
Let him go.
My boy.
My boy.
Omar on voice mail: This is omar.
I'm not here, so sing me your song after the beep.
It's a haunted town for me Mr.
York, there's a colored woman here.
She doesn't have an appointment.
I told her you were busy, but she won't leave.
Show her in.
Miss brown? Close the door, maggie.
I'm a busy man, miss brown.
I have a heavy case load.
I had to see you.
Really? Really.
There's been a terrible miscarriage of justice.
Don't tell me.
You're innocent.
Very, very guilty.
How much time do you have? All the time in the world.
Yeah? What about school? Someone's covering for me.
Your students will miss you.
I stay informed of your new love Kids live a secret life.
Not just kids.
I suppose your parents knew everything about you.
I really can't remember.
This sounds so out of character.
As headmaster, I meet a lot of kids, but matt was unique.
He was here on a scholarship.
38 G.
Track star.
18,000 students apply to brown.
You know how many get in? It used to be fewer.
Went there for a while.
Yeah, well, matt would have been one of them.
He was the best of the best.
Thank you.
Huygens, his parents gave us some names of some of his friends.
We'd like to speak with them.
Unfortunately, I can't allow that.
You understand.
In loco parentis.
Which is latin for you calling your lawyer.
We have to protect our kids.
Perhaps you could come back later? Look, we're here, they're here.
It would just be easier, if you-- no problem.
We get paid by the hour.
Thanks for your trouble.
Don't ever do that again.
You have to know when to let it go.
Look, if I wanted a teacher, I'd go back to SUNY Binghamton-- which is a great school, by the way.
EvA and just because you went to some fancy pants ivy league school does not make you any smarter or any better-- I know.
The unabomber went to harvard.
False alarm.
You know kids.
That's a class "e" felony.
Well, desperate times call for desperate measures.
Who'd you find? Marika Soloway.
Matt's ex-girlfriend.
I knew something bad was going to happen.
I knew it.
Why? Just a feeling.
I had this really scary dream a couple nights ago.
He was--I don't know-- going away on a ship.
The queen mary and he only had a one-way ticket.
My mom's a shrink.
We heard you two broke up.
About a month ago.
He got weird.
He also quit the track team.
Drugs? That's original.
Everybody does drugs.
When was the last time you saw him? I thought this was an accident.
Well, that's what we're trying to find out.
It must have been at school.
Vintage? My grandmother'S.
I like simple diamond studs myself.
You ever wear 'em? Marika, can you get back to class please? We're just finishing up, you know better than to interview students without parental consent.
Did you know Matt Shaw? Yes.
I was his advisor.
Hannah Cleary.
Look, I'm sorry.
We're all very upset.
It's a small school.
Everyone knows everyone.
It's a tragedy for us all.
5 minutes, maggie.
Miss brown is just leaving.
How do I look? Like a dark angel.
I mean, can you tell? We destroyed the evidence.
No one can know, john.
Your father? I don't want to hurt him.
I'm good with secrets.
We'll be in touch, miss brown.
These aryour calls.
You've got the martin arraignment tomorrow at 9:00 and lunch with judge farrow.
Is she the one? I don't know.
Do I look any older? You probably look the way you did when my mother married you 50 years ago.
I miss your mother, em.
I feel older.
Well, no wonder.
You're about to celebrate the 300th anniversary of your death.
Are you having a party? Small guest list.
Just you and me.
She could be it.
Time will tell.
Just humor me.
Al sharpton and billy graham decide they've got to see the pope.
They take the space shuttle-- just looks like a parachute.
A doctor, a lawyer, and a veterinarian-- sue the duck.
Hank Aaron dies-- that's god.
He just thinks he's barry bonds.
I hate you.
What about the boy? He died of cerebral anoxia.
We found traces of semen on his leg.
Let's hope it was his, but we'll run a DNA profile anyway.
The cool thing is this-- a preliminary tox screen showed the kid had a busload of flunitrazepam in his system.
Roofies or run-trip-and-fall.
The date rape drug.
What about these? Pressure marks? Yep.
This kid may have been gettin' busy, but he got more than he deserved.
So if matt was such a golden boy, why would someone want to kill him? So where are we? The kid was drugged, then strangled.
Scene was staged to look like auto-erotic asphyxiation.
Suspects? It's been 24 hours.
There's already a lot of pressure from upstairs.
You need help, ask for it.
We just started, lieutenant.
All we need is time.
Handle this with care.
The mayor's son goes to dray.
Everything rolls downhill.
Make sure you're not in the way.
You got it.
I'm sorry I took a swing at you.
You're not the first.
Please sit down, jack.
We really want to know what's going on.
I've worked in a hotel for 20 years.
I know how it goes.
The rich skate.
I've helped 'em do it.
Not on this case.
You have our word.
Found this in matt's knapsack.
Looks like gibberish, but this--this isn't random.
It's a code.
A substitution cipher.
It would help if there was a lookup table or a codebook.
These look like transactions.
Could matt have been dealing? 2 days ago, I would have said no way, but now-- we need access to your place.
We have to find that codebook.
Yeah, I'll get you a key.
We're staying at my sister-in-law'S.
Irene just can't stay at home.
It uses "h" more than any other letter.
Probably a substitute for "e", the most common letter in the alphabet.
So if the substitution was 3 letters down, then these 2 letters would T.
Ring any bells? Yeah.
His friend.
Tommy langer.
Lucky guess.
Matt was special.
Once in a blue moon, you get a student like that.
When was the last time you spoke to him? Um, last week, in my life drawing class.
He was worried about college.
His phone records show that he called your house the day he died.
Probably to speak to my husband.
He's the track coach here.
We heard matt quit the team.
Any idea why? Paul and I try to leave work at work.
Do you know anyone here who might want to hurt matt? Are you sure it wasn't an accident? Kids do experiment.
That would make it simpler for the school, wouldn't it? What do you know about tommy langer? Tommy's trouble.
I don't know why matt hung out with him.
Omar? I need to talk to you.
Me first.
Say hello to my grandson Corey.
What are you doing? I'm going out.
A romantic emergency.
And you're babysitting.
What? I'm working a case.
This is your great-grandson.
Your blood.
You should get to know each other.
We agreed not to do this.
We agreed it was better for everyone I changed my mind.
You find this girl you're looking for, you're going to die anyway.
What are you worried about? If you want to put the child asleep, read him one of your books.
"If in the spring, she whom I love so well "meet me by some green bank-- " the truth I tell-- "bringing my thirsty soul a cup of wine, I want no better heaven, nor fear a hell.
" You're in trouble.
More champagne.
I'll get it.
What are you doing here? Don't say a word.
You were my lawyer, john.
I trusted yoU.
I won't make that mistake again.
Put your clothes on.
Daddy, it's not-- now.
Don't move, Lily.
I am her father.
She will do what I say.
I'm not a child.
Then stop behaving like one-- this isn't your business, mr.
This is between Lily and me.
Yeah, and that world out there.
That white, white world, that unforgiving world.
There is no place for her there.
Then we'll go somewhere else.
Did she tell you that she got fired from her teaching job because someone saw the two of you together? Tell him.
The principal don't like mixing.
Tell him.
And today, I followed her here.
She had to come up on the service elevator.
They thought she was a maid.
Tell him.
Is that all that you want for yourself, Lily? Where are we going? It's an adventure, corey.
We're looking for codebook.
It's a clue in a crime.
And tonight, you get to be a crime fighter.
Like Superman? Exactly.
Like Superman? Yeah.
Think Superman's happy? Why? 'Cause nothing can kill him.
What about kryptonite? Kryptonite's not real.
Wait here.
I'll tell you a secret.
Nothing can kill me either.
What, you don't believe me? Uh-uh.
I've been shot, stabbed, strangled, poisoned, beaten what if your head was cut off? That hasn't happened yet.
You'll die.
I hope not.
You know why I think Superman's happy? Lois Lane.
Corey, you like games? Ok, we're going to play one.
You have to be really quiet, ok? Just sit there.
Hello, Tommy.
Remember, corey.
It's our secret.
i'm sure they have an explanation Yeah,my dad left my son with a complete stranger So he could chase some booty.
The guy could be a predator, for all you know.
You're watching too much tv.
He's like family.
I'm calling the cops.
Sweetheart, he is a cop.
My fault.
We went to enoteco for gelato.
The line was endless.
How you doing? You must be hallie.
I'm john amsterdam.
Omar's told me a lot about you.
Like what? That you never cried as a baby.
She was like a little porcupine.
Still is.
So don't get too close.
It's late.
I have to get Corey to bed.
See you, Corey.
Remember what? My babysitter, he can't die.
Come on.
You're in a world of pain, tommy.
We got you on burg 2, possession of a controlled substance, possession of burglar's tools-- matt gave me a key.
We'll check that out with him.
Wait a second.
We can't.
He's dead.
Murder 2.
You're trippin'.
All right? I wasn't anywhe near Matt's place on saturday night.
Really? We found this earring in Matt's bed.
How'd you lose it, Tommy? During sex? You boys have a lovers' quarrel? You don't think I'm straight? Think I can prove it to you.
You wouldn't last the night.
We deciphered your little code.
You're going down for this.
My father gets here, and I'll be out in a minute.
On a murder charge? You can forget bail.
Daddy can't help you now.
Only we can.
We sold a little blow.
All right? Matt needed the money.
He couldn't make it on scholarship alone.
You ever deal roofies? That's for sleazebags.
Your notes showed you owed your supplier large.
What happened? Look, I just asked matt to borrow some product.
But he said no, so you got into it.
He was alive when I left.
I swear.
Ask marika soloway.
She was there? They were getting back together.
I left before she did.
You ever sail, tommy? You good with knots? I get seasick.
Hello, george.
I want you to show miss brown to my table when she arrives, ok? This arrived for you, sir.
Lily: "My darling, my father was right.
"I was living in a wonderland.
"But this is reality.
"I can't see you anymore.
"Please don't call me or try to contact me, "and please don't hate me.
Oh, detectives, this is my husband Paul Cleary.
He was matt's coach.
We'd like to speak with you later.
Whatever I can do.
Look, I can't do this now.
I'm speaking at the service.
We can always go downtown.
I hate this school.
Tommy langer.
He's such a loser.
Did you see him at matt's that day? The truth, marika.
They had a fight, ok? Over drugs? Why'd you lie before about being there? My family, they're like beyond wasp.
They will disown me when they find out I was seeing him.
You got back together? That day.
He was alive when I left.
And we believe that why? You don't believe me? Stay for the service.
But what made matt special wasn't the 4:25 mile he ran.
The race he was really interested in was the human race.
Dray is a family.
And it's lost one of its own.
Down, down, down into the darkness of the grave, gently they go, the beautiful, the tender, the kind.
Quietly they go.
The intelligent, the witty, the brave.
You are all such hypocrites.
Where were you when he needed you? "Dray is a family"? Please.
Matt had to deal drugs just to keep up.
Coach's words are nice, now.
But why did he kick matt off the track team? And the teacher he went to for help, mrs.
Cleary, well, here's how that bitch was helping.
You see? We all killed matt.
Ain't life grand? Marika said she and matt had the same kind of cell phone.
When she left his place, she took the wrong one.
The pictures were on it.
Well, at least now we know who the killer is.
Are you here to arreste? Matt was 17.
You beat the law by a year.
Lucky me.
Want to tell me what happened? We fell in lovE.
Did your husband know? He found some emails.
That's why he kicked matt off the team.
He was furious.
Where was your husband that night? He was at the movies.
You know which one? No.
You think what I did was wrong.
I'm not a judge.
Everybody else is.
Society makes these distinctions between right and wrong, but the heart doesn'T.
It feels what it wants to feel.
Eva: You like to sail.
I used to.
So after you found out about the affair, you confronted matt? You have to understand that I gave this kid everything.
He had talent, but no technique.
He could have been major.
A--I don't know-- a jim ryun.
And he pays me back by sleeping with my wife.
I wanted to kill him.
So did you? Where were you that night? I went to the movies.
Alone? I had some thinking to do.
Anyone see you there? I don't know.
What movie? I didn't kill that boy.
What movie? School.
How may I help you? I'm working with the home secretary, and we're doing a background check on Hannah Cleary.
Understand she taught there.
Yes, but I'm not at liberty to say-- of course.
Silly of me.
How is the old school? God, I miss it.
It never changes.
That's its charm.
The prince and i were just talking of that.
The prince? Yes.
We went to trinity together.
A misunderstood man.
I really shouldn't, but the word was that mrs.
Cleary was inappropriate with a student, a sixth-former, then she left.
It was all very hush-hush.
You're doing your country a service.
Well, she was a fisherman's daughter.
What can you expect? Guess what we found on cleary's laptop? He's been visiting kinky websites.
One has photos of sexual asphyxiation.
He didn't do it.
We found a bottle of rohypnol in his locker.
Of course.
You think he's being set up? I think the heart doesn't distinguish between right and wrong.
Is that a yes? Because the lieutenant wants us to lean on him really hard.
John: What's the story? Looks like an O.
Guy offed himself.
Wife came home and found him.
Sure it wasn't accidental? He left this.
A suicide note.
And more.
Yeah, I know.
A confession.
? That's gonna take a while but Whatever ???? said You know I hate that.
What? When you make me think you know something, but you won't tell me what you think you know.
This is the sound of me hanging up.
See these ts? Too regular, too perfect.
Look at this, 36.
This little tag at the second "o" in honor.
It's like the writer started to write a "U.
" Maybe out of habit, maybe because she was used to spelling it the british way.
It's not bad work.
For an art teacher from brighton.
But I could do better.
Though he would not amplify or affirm the contents, it can only be a formal declaration of war against japan, germany, and italy.
Here in New York at least uncle sam wants me.
Name-- Johann Van Der Zee.
Date of birth-- june 1, 1607.
Place of birth-- Amsterdam, Holland.
So that's the end of the story, huh, 29? You know, Lily did me a favor.
She got me to join the army.
Maybe if i'm lucky, I'll get killed.
I don't understand.
Why did you read me my rights? A formality.
We just have a few questions.
Please sit down.
It has been a hellish week.
I'm sure you understand.
Oh, I understand.
I thought you'd like to take a look at this.
I've already read the suicide note.
I-- of course, but this is a note we found in your husband's office.
I really think you should read it.
What is this? Some kind of joke? That would make you the punchline.
Paul couldn't have written this! It looks like his handwriting.
It's a lie.
Is it? Which part, Hannah? Where it says that paul wanted to set the record straight in case something happened to him? Or where it says that you killed Matt because you were crazy with jealousy.
I don't have to listen to this! And Matt called you that day, told you he was getting back with Marika.
That you flipped out, drove to Matt's place, spiked his drink, tied his hands with a knot only a fisherman's daughter would use.
Now which part? Which part is the lie? I gave matt everything, and he threw it all away.
And you overdosed your husband and forged his confession.
Rohypnol's legal in england, isn't it? Paul figured it out.
I had no choice.
The way I felt about matt you will never know that kind of love.
I hope not.
What are you doing? I never said paul wrote the letter.
I only said it looked like his handwriting.
Just wanted to let you know we moved back into our place.
Irene feels like she can sleep there again.
That's good.
It's a start.
You kept your promise.
You never liked to practice.
My hands were too small.
You ever see oscar peterson's hands? Ham hocks.
Thought you should have this.
There's an inscription to your mother.
It'll tell you what you need to know.
How is he? 10 fingers, 10 toes.
We're just washing him up.
You all alone, honey? We're going to need the father's name.
John York.
Took 3 trains to get here.
Did I miss it? I never thought I'd see you again.
How did you know? Well, let's just say my secretary takes an unusual interest in my personal life.
That's why you sent me the letter.
I found out that day.
- I didn't see another way- - no, that's the past.
How's the baby? Beautiful.
In a scrunched up kind of way.
It's for you.
Figured you'd need some sleep.
you will always le the one I loved your mother, omar.
She was fierce, brave.
What? How'd you find this? A lot of firemen come in here, buy a few drinks.
You'd be surprised what you could learn.
You had the ambulance number wrong.
It was 7-8-9.
The 8 looked like a 3.
She's an E.
Doc at st.
Her name is sara dillane.
Maybe you ought to go find her.
See you later.
the pubaiyat of omar rbohham There was a boy a very strange, enchanted boy give the man his son.
They say he wandered very far very far so what are we going to call our golden boy? Over land and sea how about after our favorite poet? That's perfect.
It means "he who speaks.
" Omar.
Fools and kings that's a good name.
This he said to me the greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return