New Amsterdam s01e04 Episode Script


1 Previously on New Amsterdam You'll not grow old You'll not die Have we met? Till you find the one I have one of those faces and your souls are wed My Heart Exploded Chasing Some Guy On The Subway Sometimes A Coronary Is Just A Coronary i think she was there who? the one the one who make me old like you i'm a 65 years old man you're also my son dead body make me crazy what are u doing in Homicide Did You Ever Locate My John Doe? she's the one what're you waiting for.
You Want To Tell Me How You Got Up From The Dead And Walked Out Of My E.
? and after waiting centuries for this This Is My Husband Robert Camp.
Pleased to meet you.
what? Hey, I can't help it.
I have a vivid dream life.
It was--it was night.
I was swimming in the ocean.
Bone tired.
No sign of land.
And then, uh, suddenly, a boat in the distance and a woman's voice.
UhI swam towards her I was getting closer, then out of nowhere a whale surfaced and swallowed me.
Thing was, I was still alive, trapped inside the whale, but alive.
Maybe you can fool the dog, but that story ain't about you.
That's jonah.
It's my dream.
New York time December 19, 2003.
A temporary glitch.
Sara millay dillane "daughter of mary dillane and franklin dillane "was married friday to robert camp.
" That don't sound temporary to me.
How many times you been married? Enough to know it's supposed to be forever.
I'm just saying maybe she ain't the girl of your dreams.
It's my dream, ok? Amsterdam I know, robert It's so confusing.
Half the time I don't know what I feel.
Yeah--yes,I care for you, too but there are other issues.
All right, don't yell at me, robert.
This is one of the issues I'm talking about.
Yeah--I just--I need some more time.
Yes, I know it's all about marriage I don't know how long.
Ok, I gotta go No--I gotta go.
I'll call you later.
Hang another unit.
She's going down fast.
What's her bp? 60 over 40.
Oh, swell.
Thanks for the call, frank.
No problem.
Where the hell's Detective amsterdam Does she have a name? Yeah, mary worth.
Like the comic strip.
Mary? Do you know who did this? Doctor: Is there a surgeon Mary? Doctor: Is there a surgeon Doctor: Is there a surgeon she's drow it Hey, look, dude, not now.
Let us do our work.
Hey! This is my E.
You want me to call security? She's in v-fib.
Get the cart.
Charge to 360 Charge Clear! Look familiar? Wait for me What's up? -=ÆÆÀÃÐÜ×ÖĻ×é=- She expired.
The body can only stand so much trauma.
Multiple stab wounds.
And she was raped.
Guess she's in your court now.
You ever think about doing something else? Every 10 years.
Black, one sugar.
How'd you know? It's how I drink it.
What? You don't wear your ring.
Not at work.
You're separated.
Is it that obvious? Marriage it's hard.
Well I've got the scars to prove it.
Speaking of which, you want to tell me about the ones you have, the one above your heart,for example? Ran into a sword.
A sword.
What about your shoulder? Bullet hole.
Stomach? Shotgun blast.
Arm? Gardening accident.
No, I didn't want to bore you.
Another sword.
Or more like a-- a dagger, really.
You walk away from a major M.
, No sign of cardiac damage, you survive multiple shootings and stabbings you're either the luckiest man alive or the unluckiest.
Well, that'll depend on whether you'll have dinner with me tonight.
I'm on a shift.
Tomorrow night.
I try not to mix my personal and professional lives.
Well, what happens when you fail? I don'T.
Never? Talk about boring.
Nice view.
Kind of romantic.
Yeah, that's what I thought.
Now, that was flirting.
Definitely flirting.
So what's with you and that doc? She has a crush on me.
She just doesn't know it.
Yeah, you're irresistible.
Watch out! get out of the street Trying to get yourself killed? You keep that up, you're gonna die young.
I have good karma.
I hate it when a vic doesn't die at the scene.
Damn emts destroy the place.
If it was up to santori, everyone would die at the precinct right next to his desk.
What are you staring at? This park was originally called lang mesje.
Dutch for long knife.
Ironic, given the way she was killed.
And that's important why? Well, it was the name for a creek that ran through here.
The soil still has a sandy quality.
Good for casting shoe prints like these.
Now, we'll need to compare them with the emts' shoes.
I talked to the first officer on the scene.
He said the vic's clothes were almost entirely ripped off.
He said he's never seen so much blood.
What is it about women that scares men so much, they need to rape and kill to destroy it? 1813,Bronx As oyster nan sat by her tub to show a vicious inclination she gave her nobler parts a scrub and sighed for want of copulation Get away from me, coachman! Do I look like a horse to you? No, sir.
No horse or whore.
My kingdom for a whore! Ah.
Nice did you miss me? Every second.
But you should go inside before you invite trouble.
Durst is so drunk he'll fall asleep standing up.
Will I see you tonight? Oh, I'd be lost without you.
We can't have that.
Now off with you.
I've always wondered, mank, when you work on a female, do you ever think of her as a woman? Not really.
For the record, santori,when I work with you, I don't really think of you as a man.
We got more info on mary worth.
She was a nun.
Ursuline order.
Really? Oh, god,I'm going to hell.
How'd you know that? She was a nun.
She was whispering something in the E.
I couldn't make it out.
It just came to me.
It was latin.
Salve regina.
Prayer to the virgin mary.
How do you know the order? You're not a catholic.
Jeopardy! Question.
The ursulines have had residences in that area for a long time.
They came over from cork in 1812.
It was a lucky guess.
What do you have? She has multiple puncture wounds, contusions on her arms and neck,probably from the struggle.
Weapon Serrated knife.
Traces of semen.
And hair under her fingernails.
We'll send it all to the lab and run it for DNA She also had severe vaginal tearing.
I hope you find this guy.
Who's there? A ghost? No.
It's my lucky day No Then why'd you come here? I don't know.
For comfort That's what I'm offering That's not what I meant Whatwhat's happened, fanny? No one can know Thank you Just got off with special victims.
No matches Hey! Space cowboy He's done it before Not in this city.
Check jersey You think he's a serial? Listen, we got a print here that doesn't match any of the paramedics Oh.
Deep imprint Over 6 feet, maybe Unique tread.
Could be a specialized shoe Triple-e wide He's big boy Maybe he's a diabetic They suffer from swollen feet How did you know? What? 2 hits.
One in jersey city, one in hoboken Experience Amsterdam On our way Another one.
Uptown This one's alive Thank you Nypd Can we see her? She's pretty shaky We'll go slow Do that She was a virgin You need a second? No Amartya Detective marquez This is detective amsterdam Why did they call you? Well, they're required to by law Ohhthis is like a bad dream Do you mind if we sit with you for a while? No one can know about this.
No one I was at a fashion shoot at 37th and 8th You're a model? Designer I caught a cab uptown The driver wanted to go through the park He pulled over, said there was a problem with the tire He asked me if I could help him When I came out to look,he grabbed me by the hair and pulled me into the park Then what happened,amartya? He pushed me to the ground He smelled of oil Patchouli oil I know the scent from india And he tore off my skirt And he did it He penetrated you? He--he had this knife, and, uh I bit his handand, uh he tried to cut me and I kneed him in the, you know And he screamed and then I rolled away And he chased me,um but it--it was dark And I hid in some trees And thenI came here Is there anything you need? Anything we can do for you? You're safe now.
Really, I don't feel safe It's ok.
I'm here I'm here Who are you? Nypd.
Detectives amsterdam and marquez I'm charvi vikram,her sister Thank you for coming, but this is a family issue I wish it was.
But there are other victims out there He may have raped and killed a nun last night Amartya, could you give us a description? He was tall, white Tall--how tall?Taller than me? Please leave her alone!She's been through so much tonight.
I want to go home Did you notice the taxi number? Just 2 letters--x98 That's enough.
This can't become public She won't be pressing charges Ms.
Vikram,she's the only witness who can identify a serial rapist and murderer I'm sorry, I can't.
Please leave! Amartya,think of the next victim Johanna, don't forget the gooseberry jam Mr.
Durst likes it on his scone You hungry, john?There's bacon Oh, not this morning Have you seen fanny? She's been around Do you notice anything different about her? I wouldn't know Does she seem sad? She's a woman You know something you're not telling me It's better left as it is.
What is? I know you've been stealing extra flour to feed your family,catherine I don't think mr.
Durst would like to hear that Don't you know, john durst's favorite sport is deflowering That's the only flour he cares about 13 years ago,it was my turn Now it's fanny'S What do you got? Cross-referenced the taxi medallion numbers with the special victims database.
Got a hit The guy was popped 3 years ago for sexual assault The D.
Declined to prosecute because the victim refused to cooperate Phillip long.
Lives in jersey Tall.
All systems go Hold the elevator.
Get out of!the way get out of the way! Cut him off! I cut her Shoot him.
Shut up! Is that an army ranger knife, phil? Tactical fixed blade,serrated edge? Man, I always wanted one of those I was in the rangers, you know.
Whitcomb's rangers It was a long time ago You probably never heard of them.
Shut up! I'll kill her, I swear! No, you won't, phil.
Come on You only kill women you've raped You're a diabetic, huh? That's tough.
Whoa Everything swells up Hey.
All this might just be a problem of low blood sugar Go ahead, move I mean, you gotta be impressed The lengths I'll go to be in the same room as you There are other doctors You really think I got stabbed just to see you? Now, that's a little narcissistic I don't know what to think You're a very strange man You have no idea See how fast your blood clots? I got back some more of your tests Your platelet level is 10 times normal and you have very low levels of factor 8 I love it when you talk medical.
You have a nice laugh,sara You should do it more often I told you I couldn't help you Can we talk to you alone? We caught the guy,amartya But we need you to come down and identify him in a lineup With the dna sample and the other physical evidence, the D.
Said it's an open-and-shut case Then why do you need me? You're the sole witness Would I have to testify? You may Butit'll send him away for a long time What's the deal? We're running an hour behind Nypd.
Homicide Hey.
I'm Ben Robinson I'm shooting her collection You ok? She told me Hope you nail the bastard We have He should rot in prison We're working on it I told her she should take a pass on this collection She insisted on doing it It's better if I'm working You have our number Think about what we said.
I know, fanny He's ruined me He can't take from you what you haven't given Hehe was drunk He was too strong.
I tried to fight him Did you? How can you ask me that, john? I've lost the only thing I care about Your honor You I saved myself for you Are you sure he can't see us? Absolutely sure Do you recognize any of these men? Number 3 Number 3,take 2 steps forward Where do you know him from? He's the man who raped me Get him out of here He'll never touch you again He said he'd kill me if I told anyone.
John didn't tell me he had such a radiant new partner Oh, I don't think radiant would be the word he'd use How long have you known him? Seems like my whole life Really? So what's the deal with him? He's a great detective,don't get me wrong He's like a savant Buthe's got this bizarre sense of humor This weird past lives thing and he acts like he doesn't care if he gets killed Oh, he cares,believe me You should have seen her, omar She took down this guy all by herself,single-footed I had it all under control,until you showed up There it is You're famous Phillip long,the alleged taxi rapist who was apprehended earlier today was freed this evening on bail Charges have been reduced after the D.
Admitted there was a problem with the dna evidence Mr.
Long's attorney accused the primary witness of being a publicity seeker An online gossip site has identified her as fashion designer Amartya Vikram Ms.
Vikram refused any comment And in other news,sanitation workers Please, I just can't talk about this anymore You have every right to be upset They said my name on tv It's like a nightmare that keeps going on and on Many years ago I had a friend She was more than a friend she was--she was funny and decent, and then-- a man she worked for raped her Brutally I didn't understand I didn't listen And what I did hurt her more All she needed was to feel--feel safe, protected I didn't do that for her.
I'd like to do it for you.
Haven't you done enough? Now everyone knows who she is.
The rapist knows.
He's probably sent her a gift basket.
We can offer her police protection if she wants it.
We'll take care of her.
I told you, it's a family matter.
You have to eat, girl.
Why? How are you, john? How should he be? He's drinking my wine.
You, johanna.
Fetch me a glass.
It's like silk.
Reminds me of your mother'S.
Here's your wine.
Watch yourself, coachman.
What's mine is mine.
I'm glad you called.
I know just the place.
It's very difficult.
Before I went out on my own, I worked for the big houses.
Novet, gaultier.
When I finally started making money, I brought my family over.
They lived in a small town outside of bangalore.
I rented a place for them on the upper westside and they didn't like it.
Too american.
Too modern.
So, they moved to little india.
Jackson heights.
Hey run a store with my sister.
My parents don't know much about what I do.
It's probably better that way.
Amartya it's a lovely name.
It means immortal.
Really? I wish I felt that way today.
We'll get him, amartya.
You can stay here until we can arrange more formal security.
Omar will look after you.
Is charvi your only sibling? I have 2 brothers and a younger sister.
But she died.
What about you? Are you married? Not presently, no.
But you have someone in mind.
Then you shouldn't wait.
In my religion, we believe in reincarnation, but I think the reason the soul keeps on traveling through time is to find its mate.
If you've found her, you should do everything not to lose her.
Care for a ride, milady? What are you doing? Following the advice of a very wise young woman.
You are a strange man.
Do you even know how to drive this thing? I've had some practice, yeah.
May I? Everything changes.
That's the one constant.
All these houses were stables.
If we wanted to go to washington square, we'd park the carriages here.
You talk about it like you were there.
I WaS.
When the automobile replaced horses, they became artists' studios.
Dreiser, o'neill, E.
Cummings, they all lived around here.
I love E.
"For life's not a paragraph, and death I think is no parenthesis.
" Yes.
Good poet.
Mean drunk.
Do you believe in true love? Whoa.
That's a big question.
Oh, it's the only question.
Do you mean is there only one person in the world for each and every one of us? Couldn't have said it better.
Total fairy tale.
Made up by madison avenue to sell cosmetics.
Really? Mm-hmm.
And by mothers to keep their daughters virtuous.
Frankly, I've always felt sorry for women who've bought into that myth.
Like I said, change is the only constant.
Oh, boy.
I need to get it.
Yeah? I'll be right there.
It's amartya.
Constable? Can I have a word? You may have 2, if you're willing to pay twice as much.
It's a private matter.
In my job, all matters are public.
Buy me a pint and I might consider it.
I'll do more than that.
I work for andrew durst.
I accuse him of rape and assault.
Are you the victim, then? A maid.
And others in his household.
Durst should be put away.
He's a savage.
But a wealthy one.
How much are you offering? All I have.
But not all i have.
The gentleman is innocent.
Feel better? No.
She wasn't a prisoner.
She chose to go.
I shouldn't have left her.
He only went in the kitchen to make her some food.
When he came out, she was gone.
What could you have done? Do we know who called her? We requested an emergency dump on her phone.
Long must have followed her to omar's and then waited for her to leave.
The stab wounds look different to me.
How? No serrated edge, maybe a curved blade.
So he used a different knife.
I mean, he had to.
We have the original weapon.
And there's no evidence of rape.
Listen, we got a fix on long.
You want to pay him a visit? You take it.
I'm gonna look into her photographer.
You were seeing amartya.
Did she tell you that? Well, I know she trusted you enough to tell you about the rape.
You called her last night.
It was on her cell records.
I left a message.
She never called back.
Yet here you are, business as usual.
I didn't know what else to do.
Work's the only thing keeping me sane.
We were engaged.
- Hadn't told anyone yet.
- Why? Her family didn't approve.
I'm american.
I'm a jew.
Her family's still living in the middle ages.
Figure it out.
Well, since you're here, we could use more wine.
Get it yourself.
You can always tell where my coachman is by the smell of horse dung.
And you are a thief Not likely.
I have everything I need.
Of honor.
Women's honor.
You mean that whore fanny.
She had no honor to lose.
And since you're hardly a gentleman, neither do you.
I demand satisfaction, if you are a gentleman.
You know that the one who is challenged chooses the place, the distance, and the weapon? Then do it.
10 paces.
In the garden at dawn.
I accept.
"Take honor from me and my life is done.
" Honor.
A word we almost never hear anymore, 36.
Not in america.
It used to mean virtue, nobility.
Now it's become just another reason to kill.
Maybe it was always that way.
Do you have a warrant? Then get out of my store! I'm looking for something special.
We're closed.
Look, detective I'm sure you did what you thought was best, but my sister is dead, and nothing you can do now will bring her back.
Tell me about your other sister.
Maya? She died a few years ago, before we came here.
How? An accident.
I really don't want to talk about it.
It's painful, that kind of loss.
The thing is, I checked it out, in the bangalore times.
It wasn't an accident.
She was murdered, wasn't she? Stabbed.
An honor killing.
You were the one who called them, aren't you? I don't have to talk to you.
She trusted you, and that was her mistake.
She wasn't scared of the rapist, was she? She was scared of her family.
If they found out she'd been raped, who knows what they'd do? Well, amartya knew.
Her sister maya had already paid the price.
You have no proof.
You picked her up that night and took her to meet somebody.
Somebody who had a-- a knife like this.
Will you be next, charvi? You cannot understand! Your sister brought you here.
She supported you.
She loved you.
She deserved so much better.
no second.
Why am I not surprised? I have no need to drag others into my affairs.
Do you apologize? You know the answer to that.
It's just as well.
Your death will be apology enough.
Long's copping a plea.
That's good.
We found another witness who I.
'D him for the mary worth killings.
You ok? Yeah.
I'm sorry to keep you waiting.
Why you ask me here? For torture? We only do that to guilty people.
Charvi was very upset after you come.
She do not tell me what it is about.
Someone once said that to outlive your children is the worst tragedy.
No one can know.
The reason I asked you here was to deliver some good news.
The man who raped your daughter has confessed.
I pray to shiva for that.
He admitted to raping amartya.
And killing her.
I hope this provides some comfort to your family.
I wanted to tell you myself before it was splashed all over the news.
He say he kill her? He also described the rape in detail.
Unfortunately, that will also be in the papers.
He'll get what he deserves.
Ready 1, 2, 3, 4 he said he stabbed her, mr.
Over and over 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, He said he raped her a second time before he killed her.
He's an animal.
He rape her again? No.
It--it cannot be.
I know this is difficult to hear.
She was not raped again.
- How do you know that? - I know.
Were you there? Good shot.
Not perfect, butgood.
Now it's my turn.
Vikram, you have the right to remain silent.
I do not want to be silent.
This man, he tried to steal what is mine.
I only do what I must for my family.
You killed her.
I, uh, I consider this matter settled.
But I don'T.
I love my daughter.
She understand.
This is our way.
As a man, I do what I must.
As you did to your other daughter.
You do not know.
How can you? Your world, it is not my world.
Now, look I have money.
I can open doors for you.
Where I live without honor there is no life.
There is nothing.
You have nothing that I want.
Come on.
We'll have to pick up charvi.
She's a co-conspirator.
You knew he wanted to confess.
He wanted to let everyone know what he'd done.
That's the point of honor killings.
It should be called something else.
Murdering women for falling in love with someone different.
Leaving an abusive marriage.
Orgetting raped.
There's no honor in that.
What is it about women that scares us so much? There's one waiting for U.
Why don't you ask her? Hi.
Let's go.
I can come with you.
I killed a gentleman.
They'll come after me.
It wouldn't be safe for you.
I don't care.
I do.
I did you a great wrong, fanny.
I--I failed you when you needed me most.
He'll never lay a hand on you again.
What will happen to me now? If you care for me at all, fanny, you will live to a ripe old age.
You will marry, you'll have many children, and you'll be happy.
There are angels in your angles there's a low moon caught in your tangles there's a ticking at the sill there's the purr of a pigeon to break the still of day as on we go drowning down we go away and, darling I've waited a very long time for this.
Down we go away away as on we go drowning down we go away and, darling we go a-drowning down we go away.