New Amsterdam (2018) s01e09 Episode Script

As Long as It Takes

1 I found a clinical trial.
Precision-targeted immunotherapy.
It's led by Dr.
Panthaki at St.
He's highly regarded.
And, unlike radiation and chemo, it comes with no debilitating side effects.
That sounds perfect.
It's exactly what he wanted.
All right.
Sharpe gets it done.
Which is the difference between me and this trial.
Because precision therapy might not work.
Your objection is noted.
Yes, radiation chemotherapy is challenging, - but it's - It's brutal.
It's It's hitting yourself with a brick over and over again and hoping the cancer dies first.
That's the point.
The cancer dies.
Radiation and chemotherapy work.
Precision therapy is like gambling your life on a lottery ticket.
People said the same thing about bone marrow transplants.
They also say it about lottery tickets.
Is this what you really want? She's right.
Chemo and radiation, they work.
They do the job.
But they'll break me.
No matter how strong I am.
I'll lose my hearing.
My sight.
I'll lose my mind.
They don't always come back.
And I have so many things that I need to do.
So let's get in the trial.
So let's get in the trial.
Uh, so? What? Oh, sorry, I didn't see you there.
You know what, an email would have covered it, maybe even a text.
But now we're here in person you should definitely be groveling.
Evie and I were up all night.
You stallion.
Look, I'm not trying to be a jerk here, but telling Evie that we used to - I know.
- It wasn't cool.
I said I know.
What you should be saying is, "I am sorry.
" I am.
I'm sorry.
You don't sound sorry.
Look, can we just not have this be a thing, okay? You know what, you're the one who said that we can be friends.
- This doesn't feel like friends.
- [SIGHS] [SIRENS WAILING] Early morning rush started early.
[SIRENS WAILING] You got some nerve.
It's French vanilla.
Like hell it is.
Eh, maybe hazelnut? You're mothering me or babying me.
Whichever one it is, stop it.
Are you okay? You're doing it again.
What do we got? This is LaDavius Powell.
45-year-old man with new onset right-side abdominal pain.
No meds, no past medical history, allergic to Cephilicam.
- Cephilicam? - Fancy penicillin.
- Bay 23, step lively.
- Cephilicam.
Sarah Madsen.
36-year-old woman found down on the sidewalk.
Unresponsive, hypotensive.
BP 90 over palp, heart rate 120.
Said New Amsterdam was her hospital.
Okay, looks like previous heart surgery.
Find her medical records.
Drew this in the field.
Why is the blood so diluted? No idea.
No sign of bleeding.
The blood's gotta be going somewhere.
Page Dr.
We gotta get on this or she's not gonna make it.
Maximus, today is one of those days that makes it all worth it, you know? It's one of those days you jump out of bed excited because you just know It's gonna be one of those days.
Yes! Yes, in a big, big way.
Are you feeling it too? I am feeling it.
I got a meeting with the nurses' union about insurance and birth control.
Eh, so not so much.
Nah, it'll be good.
What do you got? Me, I have a transitioning teen coming in with his parents.
And you know, society is not kind to trans teens.
Bullying, cultural stigma, hate crimes, which all leads to depression, which way too often leads to suicide Sorry, this is your happy day? No, no, my happy day is what happens when these kids get to feel heard.
Today I get to help somebody find out who they are.
I get to help somebody find their voice.
- Happy day indeed.
- Indeed.
Yeah, so I'm good with the whole voice thing, like, got it, found it.
Fine with it.
I've got other issues here.
Uh, what are they? Exhibit those.
All right.
Jillian, Grant? Care to elaborate? Well, Dr.
Frome, Shay says he's ready for top surgery.
- But we - But they won't let me get it.
I mean, how's that for withholding? - Shay, that's not fair.
- We have concerns.
See, Doc? Issues.
I mean help me out here.
At shift change.
- Bigger.
- Picket HCC's office.
You want to keep your birth control coverage? Then kick 'em where it hurts.
Excuse me, Max, - can I have a word please? - All right.
Keep thinking.
Kick some ass for the working class! Did you hear from Dr.
Panthaki? No, this isn't about the trial.
Bloom asked me to consult on a hematology patient.
Turns out that she was a heart transplant recipient here, 27 years ago.
And? Her file says that she received her heart from a "Luna Goodwin.
" Your sister.
She's fading fast.
We've already infused two units of packed red cells with a pressure bag but she's still net negative.
I would give her a plasma expander, but her hematocrit's already in the toilet.
I mean, that's just gonna make it crash even more.
The usual production- destruction algorithm doesn't seem to apply to her.
Let's order up two more units from the blood bank and let's get a second large bore IV line.
Give me a little Trendelenburg.
How can I help? That's where all the blood is going.
Sarah's right thigh.
Why is she bleeding in the first place? There's no localized source.
No cuts, lacerations, blown arterial aneurysm? No, every organ just seems to be oozing blood.
Elevated PTT? It's barely out of the normal range.
Yeah, but put that together with why she's bleeding so much.
Um, acquired hemophilia? Her clotting factor eight isn't working.
That's why she's bleeding.
Rare, but it would explain it.
That's good.
I'm really thirsty.
Uh, uh, uh She's thirsty.
Can we get her some water, nurse? Uh, let's hold off on that.
Uh, Ms.
Madsen, I I had a heart transplant.
At my last check-up my doctor said that my cyclosporin levels were low and I've been worried that my body's rejecting my heart.
Could that be causing this? That wouldn't explain the bleeding.
But it might explain why the bleeding's been making you so sick.
How sick am I? I'm afraid acquired hemophilia is quite serious.
But we're gonna fix it, okay? Uh, nurses are gonna take you up to ICU right now.
We're gonna start treatment and you're gonna do great.
Thank you.
Are you okay? Uh, once the bleeding is stabilized get me a transvenous heart biopsy.
Tell me everything you can about that heart.
You type so fast! Like Matthew Broderick in "WarGames.
" No idea who or what that is.
Now you're on Twitter.
See? That's me right there.
@ShayMyName2018? Yeah.
Silly name, I know.
You have 27,000 followers? Yeah.
Crazy, right? They've been following me since the beginning of my transition.
It's a it's a real community.
They support me.
- Keep me real.
- I had no idea.
Yeah, they can't wait for me to get top surgery.
Now we're just waiting for Dr.
Frome to, you know, do his thing.
You don't understand.
We love Shay.
We have been supportive of his transition from the beginning.
The new haircut, the new clothes.
Even the hormone blockers.
We never pushed back, not once.
But surgery? It's so permanent.
Well, you know, um Top surgery is the most common gender-confirmation surgery for trans men.
Having a body that doesn't reflect your gender [CLEARS THROAT] That can be deeply unsettling.
Of course.
We know.
- It's just - Okay, I'm just gonna say it.
He's not even old enough to drive a car.
He's not old enough to get into R-rated movies, and he's not old enough to decide on his own to get permanent surgery.
It's okay, it's okay.
This is exactly where we can talk about all of this.
So why don't you guys tell me a little bit about Shay before he came out? It was hard.
He was anxious all the time.
Sometimes he had trouble getting out of bed.
What about after he started to socially transition? He started smiling.
Making friends.
And when he started the hormone blockers he said he felt like himself for the first time.
My baby was 14 and he had never felt like himself.
And we're grateful he does.
But when we said no to surgery, you know what he did? He threw a GoFundMe on Twitter to ask his followers to pay for it.
And they did.
We're proud that he is a voice for a community.
But he's just a kid.
Our kid.
Please tell him he can't do this.
All right, I-I understand that you are overwhelmed.
But the positive changes in Shay since transitioning are undeniable.
And emotionally? I gotta say, I think the emotions that matter most here are his.
So I am going to approve a medical evaluation for surgery.
My son has been sober for a year.
Oh, that's terrific.
He has shown great strength.
More than I knew he had.
I should have had more faith.
It's never too late.
Peanuts? Barbecue or Tangy Fiesta? Tangy Fiesta.
I would like to give Rohan a gift.
- Show my support.
- Yeah.
But recently my gifts have been completely misunderstood.
[CHUCKLES] I hear that.
And families see agendas in everything.
What you thinking? An apartment.
Just a small one.
Nothing too fancy.
Yeah, you wouldn't want to spoil him with a fancy one.
[CHUCKLES] I have been a doctor for the last 40 years.
I've had more money than I know what to do with.
It's a beautiful idea.
Use your money to help someone you care about.
What else is it for, right? [SOFT MUSIC] Hey.
Thanks for coming.
- Is that her? - Mm-hmm.
She had the transplant here.
She's been coming back ever since.
[CHUCKLES] I didn't even know Luna was an organ donor.
It probably wasn't the easiest thing for your parents to talk about.
My parents didn't even take me to the funeral.
They just kinda shut the door.
Have you told her who you are? No, she has enough on her mind.
It's not about me.
Isn't it? Luna's heart is beating.
Right over there.
And the amazing thing is, she gets another chance.
30 years ago, the doctors here let Luna's heart stop.
Not this time.
Uh, Evie.
Sorry to bother you.
Slogging through the madness of malpractice claims.
Not my department, I hope.
I always hide the bodies when I'm done.
I that was not even a little bit funny.
Okay, uh, listen.
The other day when I mentioned that Reynolds and I, we we kinda had this, uh, fling? That was, uh, that was bad form.
To bring that up.
I mean, I totally betrayed the sisterhood of sisters.
Or whatever.
I think you and Reynolds are perfect for each other.
I mean that's that's why I introduced the two of you, so.
Let me bail you out here.
Oh, great, please hurry.
I know Floyd had a life before me.
I'm glad he did.
I just need to know if you two are over.
Oh, we're over.
We are the very definition of over.
I like Floyd.
But I've made bad bets before.
So if you really are a card-carrying member of the sisterhood of sisters, you won't let me do it again.
Because I do not have time.
So are you and Floyd done? Evie.
It is not something that you have to worry about.
Okay? Then I won't.
[SOFT MUSIC] That looks fun.
This, uh, infusion replaces the clotting factor that your body is destroying.
So you can just replace it? It's that simple? Unfortunately, it's not simple at all.
Uh, but it's very doable.
It's been done successfully many times.
We need to infuse the factor at the exact same rate that your body is destroying it, which is an incredibly difficult rate to find.
But again, doable.
Too much factor and your blood will clot.
You could suffer a stroke.
Or a heart attack.
Too little and you could start to bleed again.
Which we won't let happen.
I'll be doing a blood test called the PTT.
I'll be drawing it from the central line every 20 minutes, and then based on the results, I will adjust the rate of infusion.
Will that take a long time? - Yes, it will.
- Uh, hopefully not.
It's not something that we can definitively know.
Yeah, but however long it may take, I will be here by your side night and day till we get it right.
Why me? Excuse me? Well, um, you're the Medical Director of the entire hospital.
You're dropping everything for me, Dr.
, um Uh, Goodwin.
Um Just an interesting case.
Goodwin, Dr.
Could I have a minute? Excuse us.
I, uh, I got the results from Sarah's heart biopsy.
The heart muscle showed both fibrosis and T-lymphocyte infiltration.
It's Grade 4.
Well, it doesn't get much worse.
Okay, so we up the cyclosporin dose.
- Why would we - If we up the dose and we add pulse steroids.
And we look for an anti T-cell agent That's out of the question.
Look, the stress from Sarah's hemophilia has ravaged her heart.
So un-ravage it.
I gave you a whole cardio department.
Use it, because we sure as hell aren't going to just sit here - Max.
- What? Luna's heart is dying.
It's gone.
That's my sister's heart.
We have to save it.
We have to save Sarah.
And the only thing that's gonna do that is a new heart.
Because the old one is out of time.
The waiting list for heart transplants isn't short, but the good news is you're at the top.
And priority goes to the most severe cases that can withstand a transplant.
That's, uh, great.
Also totally terrifying.
So, uh OTF gets us a heart.
We fix the hemophilia, and you walk out of here.
- That's the plan.
- I like the plan.
Me too, so Hang in there.
Sorry, this is kind of weird.
I'm your doctor, you can ask me anything.
Did you have a sister? You're Luna's brother.
How did you know? Your sister gave me her heart.
My folks told me all about her.
Her family.
When you said your name, I It didn't seem, uh, fair to say anything.
You need to focus on you.
And, uh, really, we are strangers.
I mean, we've never even met before.
Yeah, we did.
You don't remember? Sorry, no.
Where did we meet? We met in Cold Spring.
Wow, I haven't thought about Cold Spring in years.
We used to go there on the weekends.
There was this dock.
My sister and I would jump off and we thought we were [CHUCKLES] You know, cliff divers.
We loved it.
Yeah, I know.
That's, uh that's where I saw you.
At Luna's funeral.
No, I I didn't go to the funeral.
You you did.
It was in Cold Spring a week after the transplant.
After the funeral I, uh, I saw you on that dock.
Skipping stones.
Well, you were trying to skip stones.
You were You were really bad at it.
So I went up and I asked you how the stones were going.
You said I'll never forget.
Your sister promised to teach you.
The next time you came.
It was the first time it hit me.
I was only here 'cause another girl wasn't.
So I showed you.
You taught me how to skip stones.
I got Mad Libs.
I just I couldn't believe they still publish these.
See anything you like? My patient needs a study that's going to deliver results.
I'm more intrigued by what I don't see.
Definitive conclusions.
Well, my sample size isn't large enough for that kind of certainty, but I like where we're heading.
Strong words from someone failing more than he succeeds.
It's cancer.
I'll take any wins I can get.
And each success gets me a little closer to a cure.
Well, you know what they say.
Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.
And a couple other things.
You must know your reputation precedes you.
My reputation for exceptional results? Your reputation for exceptional charisma and aptitude for salesmanship.
And I am immune.
Because I have the same reputation.
I'm only paying attention to the numbers.
You got your file upside down.
Made you look.
What would you say to somebody who says you sell quixotic hope in lieu of medical certainty? I'd say that someone is right.
Clinical trials are riskier than chemo.
They're also the only way to find a treatment better than chemo.
Yeah, they're quixotic, and yeah, most of the time it doesn't work.
But when it does, it's gonna change the world.
But it may never work.
Even Don Quixote hit a couple of windmills.
He lunged at one and then promptly fell off his horse.
How soon will you know if my patient's eligible? Max Goodwin.
You're treating your boss.
No, I'm treating my patient, who also happens to be my friend.
I have to warn you, I don't accept patients based on prominence.
The integrity of the study is too important.
Of course.
And at first glance, this is not a great fit.
That's not a "no.
" Give me a beat, let me get into it.
I'll get back to you.
Thank you for your honesty.
And you for yours.
Even though you were a little bit mean.
This is you.
Do you mind if I Insta this? Eh.
Ah, what the heck.
Just, uh, no video, okay? All right, so.
Do you see the dark spots here on the ends? Those are your epiphyseal plates.
That's the stuff inside your bones that does all the growing.
Now, looking at this, we can estimate more or less how much more growing you are going to do.
So how tall am I gonna be? I'm pleased to report, tall.
Not, uh, NBA tall.
But, you know, top shelf tall.
#Topshelftall Yes, you are in very good health, Shay.
All the doctors here agree that you will be a prime candidate for top surgery in about a year.
A year? Yeah.
I mean, I know you were hoping for something a little sooner, but, uh, we have to take medical into consideration.
It's surgery.
Now you sound just like my parents.
Listen, you've only been on hormone blockers for about six months.
We need to see how it affects your breast tissue before we can decide what surgery will be right for you.
So a cisgender doctor gets to tell me what's right for me.
Got it.
Got it.
All right.
I hear that you're upset, but I need you to hear me when I tell you that I want you to have the surgery.
I said so to your parents.
Screw this.
And screw you.
Okay, thanks.
[SNIFFLING] What's wrong? Oh, I'm fine.
Please, what's the matter? Nope, it's nothing.
[SIGHING] My dog, Gertie, has cancer.
I'm so sorry.
[SNIFFLING] - Is there anything to be done? - No.
I mean, surgery, but It costs more than I make in a month.
I'm gonna have to put my little girl to sleep unless I can come up with $2,000.
I'm sorry.
You do not need to be thinking about this.
I'm fine, thank you.
Hey, Becky, I'm gonna take five.
[CRYING] Okay, we're starting to back up down here.
Turan, help me clear some space.
What do you got? Got an upper GI bleeder in curtains.
Waiting on GI.
- Hemodynamically stable? - Yes.
Then send him home.
He can get a scope as an outpatient.
And a weak and dizzy in Bay 13.
I'll meet you there.
Surgery cleared him for conservative treatment.
We're gonna treat you with medicine, Mr.
No surgery.
So we'll get you out of here real soon.
Sound good? - Sound good? - [MUMBLES] And we'll give you something for the nausea.
Start Cephilicam, and when he can eat and drink he can go home.
[LIVELY PERCUSSIVE MUSIC] Casey, uh, did you give Mr.
Powell Levofloxacin plus metronidazole.
Just like you said.
Just like I said.
Need me to make any other adjustments? No.
[TENSE MUSIC] Thank you again, Dr.
I know that this is moving fast, but, uh, Sarah Madsen's case is the definition of time-sensitive.
- Mm-hmm.
- I've spoken to one of your reps over at OTF already and they have agreed to move Sarah to the top of the transplant list.
- Hmm.
- We have a viable donor in our ICU right now, a brain-dead MVA, actually.
And so go ahead and say the word, and we I'm going to stop you right there.
Okay? I'm certainly impressed with your due diligence, your patient's hemophilia is too compromising.
She isn't healthy enough to receive a new heart.
I'm very sorry.
No, so wait a minute, wait a minute.
Uh, on paper, yes.
I see what you see.
But, uh, this woman This woman, she can do this.
Believe me.
Will you tell her? Her INR and creatinine clearance are normal.
Hepatic function excellent.
Her Her kidneys are fine.
Right, and she has never shown any signs of bone marrow suppression.
Goodwin, this isn't personal.
OTF has strict requirements to ensure healthy organs are not placed into bodies that cannot support them.
Plain and simple.
Sarah Madsen does not qualify.
No, wait, wait, wait.
There has gotta be something that I can do to convince you to give Sarah this heart.
She needs to complete three normal-range PTT tests in a row.
Consider it done.
- She's not gonna make it, Max.
- Yeah, well, - it's gonna be hard - She could barely pass one PTT three hours ago.
The chances of her passing three in a row before her heart gives out? So You said that passing one of these tests would be hard.
It will be.
Well, I freaking hate failing tests.
Oh, yeah, like you'd know.
My wife seems like this cool New York chick.
"Oh, I'm a social worker.
- Look at my cool haircut.
" - [LAUGHING] Okay.
Okay, you know, you dye your hair purple once, you never hear the end of it.
But she is a nerd.
She has never failed a test.
Not once in her whole life.
[MACHINE BEEPING] The X means a failed PTT, so.
We'll try again.
Forget it.
What? Wait.
Wha We, uh, we need to talk about what happened with Mr.
What I did with Mr.
That was, uh That was unacceptable.
Are you angry? I'm not angry.
Well, why are you standing there with a face like I just kicked your dog? It's just my face.
Hey, I am trying to apologize here.
Okay, I'm sorry.
I I do apologize, okay? You came through huge for me today, and if you hadn't, then I would never have forgiven myself.
Okay? It won't happen again.
You know I'm not that kind of doctor.
It's happened before.
What? I correct your EMRs.
Put patient notes on the right charts.
Pull doubles when you leave holes in scheduling.
Okay, well, that's just paperwork.
That's not exhaustion.
That's normal.
Okay? So once or twice I screw up some red tape It happens all the time.
And it's been getting worse.
That can't be right.
Bloom I think you may need help.
I'm just tired, okay? Just an RX from Dr.
Sleep and I'll Mr.
Powell could have died.
[TENSE MUSIC] Gladys, yes, I knew you'd come around.
This falafel is a revelation.
Something may have happened on the internet.
Okay, well, the internet is a big place, Gladys.
Might want to be a little more specific.
Frome blocked my top surgery.
Iggy Frome hates the trans community.
" What? What is that? - Tweets.
- Tweets? "What a typical white cis-male move.
Frome's nothing but a transphobic loser.
" What? Give me that.
Let me see that.
And there are so many more.
Like, hundreds of them.
Merci, merci, from Pain de Vie.
Before you say anything, I would like to pretend that earlier never happened.
- Ella.
- Uh, cappuccino, extra dry.
Coming up.
[MACHINE WHIRRING] Uh, you have any nice evening plans? What is this? Please.
[GASPS] Oh, Dr.
Kapoor, I can't take that.
- For Gertie.
- No.
I can't.
That's too much.
I was told to use my money to help people I care about.
What else is this for? Please.
[SOFT MUSIC] Thank you.
Stiles to trauma center.
Stiles to trauma center.
[MACHINE BEEPING] I picked a bad time to start failing tests.
I'm not giving up.
Are you? You need to know it's okay.
What's okay? That I'm gonna die.
See, I'm a maestro at this.
So you're not gonna Right after my transplant, my dad asked me what I'd want to do if I could do anything.
I said I wanted to be a pirate.
So my parents sold a car, got a loan, and we spent a month on a boat in the Bahamas.
It was insane.
We couldn't afford it.
But at the end of that trip I wasn't a sick kid anymore.
You know why I wanted to be a pirate? Me neither.
I never did before the surgery.
I always thought maybe it was Luna.
I have to tell you Luna's heart didn't always have the best taste in guys.
But it skipped a beat when she met Andy.
It's like she picked him out just for me.
Me and Luna learned what it felt like to be in love.
I have a job where I help people.
I've been all over the world.
I ran a half-marathon even though people told me not to.
Last year I won a watermelon-eating contest.
Which is a real thing and I love them.
That's why it's okay.
If it's time for me to go.
Your sister She gave me a beautiful life.
It's the other way around.
There's a rhythm in rush these days Where the lights don't move And the colors don't fade [JOSÉ GONZÁLEZ'S "STAY ALIVE" PLAYS] Sometimes there's things a man cannot know [MACHINE BEEPING] Gears won't turn and the train won't leave I will stay with you tonight [MACHINE BEEPING] There is a truth and it's on our side Dawn is coming, open your eyes Look into the sun as the new days rise [ASCENDING BEEP] There's a rhythm in rush these days Look into the sun as the new days rise You just lost a follower.
I saw what you said about me online.
I was, um, surprised.
My husband read those tweets.
My co-workers.
My friends.
And if you Google me right now, that is the number one thing that pops up.
Shay, I'm not here to shame you.
I'm not here to yell at you.
But I would like you to look at me.
Do you really think that I'm anti-trans? I knew it would make people upset when I posted it.
But I did it anyways.
I I don't even really know why I posted it.
Yeah, social media's weird.
You know, it's like we're not even us when we're on it.
It's like we're the thing that we wish we were.
Or even worse, we're the thing that we think others want us to be.
Yeah, I scrolled through your tweets.
It's powerful stuff.
I guess.
No, no, you it's easy to see why you have so many followers.
It's pretty intense.
I think it was your GoFundMe campaign for your surgery that really put you on the map.
You got a lot of followers that are very excited about that.
So the rush for surgery, the anger when I advised you to wait do you think maybe that's really more about you being scared to let your followers down? They're all counting on me to get it.
And I told them I would.
I mean, now, if I make them wait, it's [CHUCKLES] Let 'em wait.
I mean Shay, I'm not I'm not telling you anything you don't already know.
How and when you transition is about you.
You're not gonna let some troll bully you out of a choice.
So you can't let the fans do it either.
Even the ones that mean well.
And, dude, I'm telling you, you are going to have exactly zero problems helping people understand.
You are extremely gifted at Twitter.
As my Google hits would prove.
And hey, in a year, if you want the surgery, I'll be right there with you.
You all right? It's not something you have to worry about.
Come on, Sarah.
Just one more.
You can do it, Sarah.
You're a very good brother.
Nobody has ever said that to me.
[SHARP EXHALE] You did it.
You did it! Um, um, can I get the, uh, transplant team? - Now? - Max.
- Okay, we gotta get - What? What? Here, listen to her.
She did it.
Come here.
Got good news and good news.
Goodwin is a candidate for therapy.
He'll be thrilled to hear it.
What's the other good news? I'm on my way to your office.
You are? I have to pick up his cell samples and give you some paperwork.
Oh, well, uh, I-I'm sure we can have someone pick that up.
It's too risky.
See, this paperwork includes two tickets to see Lauryn Hill at BAM.
Hey, if, uh, if I was off-base here, I apologize.
I just, uh I was just thinking about what to do with the extra ticket.
Well, I might have a suggestion.
Mendez, ER One.
Mendez to ER One.
How's she doing? Really well.
Thanks to you.
The next few weeks are critical, so stay close to her.
And keep us informed.
My wife is an optimist.
And the minute she found out that it was your sister, she had me arrange this.
It's her way of thanking you both.
[IRON & WINE'S "LOVE VIGILANTES" PLAYS] Oh, I've just come From the land of the sun From a war that must be won In the name of truth With our soldiers so brave Your freedom we will save With our rifles and grenades And some help from God I want to see my family My wife and child are waiting for me I've got to go home I've been so alone you see You just can't believe The joy I did receive When I finally got my leave And I was going home Oh, I flew through the sky And my convictions could not lie I want to see my family [THUD] Max? Oh, my God.
Max! Oh, my God! [CRYING] Oh, my God.
[SCREAMING] Help! Help! Someone! Anyone! Oh, my God.
Anyone Help!