New Amsterdam (2018) s01e16 Episode Script

King of Swords

1 [PERCUSSIVE MUSIC] - Max, snow day! - Yeah.
Heck yeah, snow day.
I mean, technically it's snow evening, but that kinda lacks poetry don't you think? - Sure.
- There's nothing quite like the sheer magic of the words, "snow day.
" - Yeah.
- Say it with me.
Yeah, maybe later, cause right now I gotta get this hospital ready for the worst storm that we've seen in I don't know how many years.
72 years.
Yeah, it's a long time.
But, uh, you know, we had comparable snowfalls back in 2010 and 2016 but this one's gonna be a lot more like - the great blizzard of 1947.
- Why do you know all this? Well, you know, I have a passion for weather.
Check this out.
I put an anemometer on the roof seven years ago and it remains the best decision I ever made in my life.
I mean, look at the fluctuations in the storm.
We can track it by its geolocation, you know? Oh, God.
She is all over the place.
That explains why half the hospitals in this city have shut down.
Uh, can y'all take those go to oncology.
- Thank you.
- Private hospitals are wimps.
Public hospitals don't get snow days.
Laura, can we turn the heat up two degrees? Two degrees.
Thank you.
I stocked up on food, meds, supplies.
I discharged every patient I safely could, and I pared down to a skeleton crew.
Well, what about you? You going home to Georgia? I convinced her to go to her parents' house, where she'll be enduring a much more judgmental - type of storm.
- Oh yeah, I get ya.
Looks like you got this amigo.
Oh, you know, this isn't so bad.
This is nothing.
The great white out of 1888, they had to shut down Maine.
Literally closed it like it was a Denny's.
Safety first.
Well, 400 people still died that day.
[WIND WHISTLING] But we will be fine.
Move it! Snow day, Dora! Snow day! Look it! No, I hear you.
Look, I've got this cool weather app.
[WIND WHISTLING] [SOFT MUSIC] Lauren, a patient overdosed in her room.
Thomas got caught in the storm.
What? Is she breathing or responsive? Respiratory rate's low but she's oxygenating okay.
- BP? - 90/60, heart rate's 92.
Okay, well, if she's oxygenating okay then she'll be fine until morning.
Can't you help her? You're a doctor.
I'm here because I'm not allowed to be a doctor, remember? She is better off waiting for doctor Thomas.
One perfect Manhattan with a twist - or one Paloma with Mezcal? - Both.
How about one at a time? Snows not going anywhere.
- I didn't even ask anything yet.
But I know - what you were going to ask.
- No, that's impossible.
Go on, then.
- I need you to come in.
- No, see, I knew.
But it wasn't actually a question.
This blizzard is gonna be bad and I need my Deputy Medical Director here.
[SIGHS] But she only just left.
And she's about to get legless.
Legless? Hammered.
Great, so then I caught you just in time.
I hate you.
What? Hello? Hey? Sharpe? Max? [SCOFFS] How did you know? I could tell.
You have to go back in? Unfortunately.
I am his deputy.
[WESTERN OUTLAW VOICE] Turn in your badge, Deputy, and be an outlaw with me.
But he is my boss.
And your friend.
Isn't it hard for him to see you as his doctor? You play so many other roles.
[SCOFFS] Max is very respectful of my role as his doctor, thank you.
I apologize.
I would never question your effectiveness as a doctor.
I just wondered if the, um, the thing you guys have made it difficult.
[LAUGHS] Excuse me, Max and I don't have a thing.
The vibe? What are you talking about? There is no vibe.
Then how did I know it was him on the phone? [SCOFFS] Maybe you're psychic.
Just use my phone to call the kids.
Why do you need yours? You know that they won't pick up now and then when you leave I won't have a phone in case they call back.
I will leave mine with you.
What if they wanna talk to you? Chrissy, our Airbnb is five full blocks away, I am exhausted.
And it's snowing cats, dogs, and reindeer out there.
It's good you got in from Vermont when you did.
See? No, sorry, I meant, because we need to start Chrissy on an immune checkpoint inhibitor tonight.
It will make her glioblastoma respond better to her clinical trial.
That sounds like something I should probably tell the kids.
Tell them.
You sound exactly like me and my wife.
Always arguing about silly things.
I'm going back to our Airbnb so I can get a few hours sleep.
I will bring you your phone in the morning.
Shouldn't having cancer mean I get to win every argument? Ugh.
Hey, there's my deputy.
Wait, where's your hat? [HUFFS] Oh, I forgot it because, you know, I was forced out of the warmth quite suddenly.
Yeah, but, uh, not wearing a hat in this weather is a little insane.
Yeah, I'm your doctor, Max.
It's not the other way around.
Hey, are you okay? Um.
[INDISTINCT INTERCOM CHATTER] I'm fine, I just, um I just had to walk four blocks in a blizzard because my cab couldn't get past this big accident - that's happened up the street - where? 35th and 1st but there's no casualties, just, uh, people thought they could drive in this.
Wait, what is it? That's right in front of Station 27.
[TENSE MUSIC] I was just coming to find you.
When's the last time you got an ambulance in here? 47 minutes ago.
This is Max Goodwin at New Amsterdam.
I need to talk to EMS Division Chief Molinari.
- I'm on.
- What's going on out there? There's a huge pileup on 35th.
Snow plows can't get through to Murray Hill or Kips Bay.
Are calls coming in? Many, but without snow plows our vehicles can't get to them.
Chief, send me a log of all your incoming calls - and keep them coming.
- Copy that.
If people can't get to this hospital, then we need to bring this hospital to them.
I know being stuck in the hospital during a blizzard sucks but do you know what's worse? Needing 911 in a blizzard and being told that no one is coming.
So I have here a list of 911 calls within a half mile of New Amsterdam.
Ambulances can't get to them: We can.
And yes, conditions are bad out there, but we have got parkas, and we have got emergency packs, and we have got chutzpah.
Everybody is gonna pair up for safety and we're gonna give you a GPS locator so we can track you from right here in the hospital.
And to be clear, nobody has to go.
But we're there only shot, so Any volunteers? [SIGHS] Sweet.
I've missed field medicine.
I'll go with you.
Casey and Flores, yes.
You guys have a doorman who's arm was sliced by a snow blower.
1891 East 23rd street.
Nottingham, Moreland, you've got a college kid who OD'd.
32nd and 1st.
Let's make sure we have Naloxone.
Great, Levy Park we have a man who has fallen down, can't move, may be unconscious.
- On it.
- Thank you.
- I'll go with you.
- And calls keep pouring in so just find your patient, treat them, and get back here so we can send you right back out to treat the next person.
And guys, let's be careful out there.
Always wanted to say that.
I'm here.
Okay, raise your hand if you find the storm scary right now.
Big kids, I know it's not cool to be scared but I bet the younger kids will feel a lot better knowing they're not the only ones who are spooked right now.
So hands up.
I got mine up.
I'm scared.
But guess what, guys.
I have good news.
We got games.
We got games galore.
We got hot cocoa and we got Gladys.
How bad could it be if we got Gladys, right? Everyone follow me.
Come on.
I'm gonna take you into the fun room.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
And even though it's scary out there - [SLAPPING] - [SCREAMING] Avi, that's not helpful.
No, actually, it is kind of helpful, Avi.
Thank you.
Because, that freaked me out.
Right? My heart jumped out of my chest.
But now that I know it was just Avi, I don't have to be scared anymore.
Right? Because the more you understand things, the less scary they are.
Which brings me to the star of this evening, the world's most comprehensive and cool weather app.
Look at this thing.
We're gonna learn all about the storm through the majesty of satellite.
Oh, skimbleshanks.
My anemometer's not transmitting.
Okay, uh Okay, listen, Gladys, why don't you go in there, break out le cocoa.
Everybody, make me a mug, okay? Extra marshmallows for me, and I will be right back.
I promise.
I'll be right back.
[TENSE MUSIC] Candelario, what you got? EMS just got a call.
A man on East 21st street heard a crash in the adjacent apartment.
Older woman live there alone.
There's been knocking but no answer.
- No, no, I'll go.
- No, I think I should go.
No, stay here, track everyone in the field, and manage them when they get back.
Hang on, I thought that you were staying here.
Uh, older woman, unresponsive, needs a doctor.
Max, as your doctor I cannot let you traipse through a storm.
Then come with me.
Everyone needs a partner, be my partner.
What? You have a compromised immune system and you shouldn't I'm not abandoning her.
Calloway suffered a massive MI.
She's in cardiogenic shock.
I will page Dr.
There's nothing you can do.
I'd be surprised if she lasts the night.
[SOMBER MUSIC] I'm very sorry.
Please tell me you're kidding.
My patient is dying, her husband needs to know what's happening.
But can't you call him? His phone is here and he's not answering her phone.
Okay, but it's negative ten outside plus with the wind chill Vijay, you're not young.
I don't want Chrissy and Connor's last few words to be about some silly argument about a cell phone.
Okay, but, here.
Take this.
So I can keep track of you.
Gallagher? - [THUMPING] - There she is.
- I can't feel a pulse.
- I got you.
Starting compressions.
I don't feel a pulse.
Going again.
I got a pulse.
She's back.
Have you seen our guy? I can barely see you! What's that? Oh, God.
That's him! Sir, can you hear me? Equal round, reactive to light.
His heart rate's around 30.
Cold weather really slowed him down.
- I can't move.
- It's okay.
You fell and hit your head.
- What's your name? - Hugh.
[COUGHING] Torone.
I'm Dr.
Reynolds, this is Dr.
We're from New Amsterdam.
We're here to help you.
Go help my husband.
- Your husband? - [COUGHING] I was running home from the pharmacy when I slipped and fell.
His glucose was monitoring 475 when I left.
Torone, where do you live? Oh, just a few blocks from here on 29th.
Apartment 1043.
Okay, and the prescription? Oh, it's in my left pocket.
Got it.
Run! 29th, 464.
Apartment 1043.
Don't worry, I got you, all right? You're gonna be all right.
[COUGHING, GURGLING] [HACKING] [OMINOUS MUSIC] Jessup! Jessup! You really shouldn't have come all this way.
Unfortunately, Marlene, no ambulances can get through the snow right now.
Please, don't waste your time with me, Her blood pressure is dropping.
We're gonna need Levophed.
- That's back at the hospital.
- Yeah.
- No, I will.
- No, I got it.
- I'll be really fast.
- You're not supposed to be fast, you're supposed to be taking it slowly! I came to keep an eye on you but it doesn't matter because the only doctor you listen to is yourself.
I am going to the hospital, you are staying here, end of story.
Excuse me, please.
Ugh Okay She's, um very good at what she does.
She's, uh uh, Dr.
Sharpe will be right back.
Thank you, but it really doesn't matter.
You're gonna be fine.
No, I won't.
I'm a clairvoyant.
I've seen the future.
Today's the day I'm going to die.
[STORM RUMBLING] Oh [WIND WHIPPING] All right, come on.
I can do this.
Wisconsin Strong.
Let's go, Iggy.
There you go.
Oh! [YELLING] [GASPING, PANTING] [CREAKING] [SLAMMING] [KNOCKING] Hey! Hello? Heart rate's down to 48 and weak.
I can barely feel it.
She stopped breathing on her own.
O-2 sat down to 89%.
Grab the Ambu bag.
[TENSE MUSIC] O-2 sats still in the 80's.
I'm gonna tilt her head back to get a better seal.
She's going to aspirate.
Turn her on her side.
Keep working the bag.
One, two, three.
Just give it a minute.
[HACKING] There you go.
Get a message to Dr.
She's gonna need to bring charcoal.
Got it.
Thank you, Lauren.
Torone, you need to stay absolutely still.
Can't you just pull me off of it? No, not without risking injury to other organs.
I gotta find a way to get you to the hospital without removing you from the spike.
How do you know it didn't hit my heart? Because we wouldn't be having this conversation, Mr.
Feels like you're about to become an important person in my life.
Just call me Hugh.
All right, Hugh.
Right now I'm just trying to figure out exactly how this spike is penetrating you.
Well, it definitely doesn't feel like missionary.
Eric says I should know people a little better before I make those kinds of jokes.
[WIND WHISTLING] Lift up a little.
Oh, thank you.
I'm not cold.
You were asleep.
You feel okay? Oh.
I thought maybe I was dead.
No, Marlene.
You are not gonna die today.
Not on my watch.
Let's sit you up.
What do you know? You're a doctor, you believe in science.
The known.
Well, yeah.
Me and, uh, most other people.
I believe in the hidden.
I believe there's a deeper spiritual reality that extends beyond pure reason.
Mm, and while that's fascinating, it doesn't have to kill you.
[CHUCKLES] Why don't we ask the cards? Split the deck.
And show me the top card of the bottom half.
Uh Yeah, okay.
Ask the cards.
Here we go, split these.
What do you what do you see? - King of swords.
- Mm.
A very powerful card.
But one to be wary of.
You help people, sometimes at a detriment to yourself.
Yes, because I'm a doctor.
I see a woman.
But there have been some bumps recently.
Okay, that's true but, uh That's every marriage.
You try to meet her needs, but sometimes it's just not enough.
You're going to lose her.
Yeah, okay.
Um Why don't you try to get some rest, Marlene? Look, uh My wife and I have, uh been through a lot this year, but we're good.
So I'm not gonna lose her.
I'm not talking about your wife.
You and your wife are fine.
There's someone else.
Someone you care for deeply.
And you are going to lose her.
How you holding up? You know, stabbed.
[LAUGHS] Found it! [GRUNTS] There's a screw attached to the spike.
If I could just loosen it I could remove you and the spike together.
Oh, like a couple.
Oh, sorry.
Even with pain killers you're gonna feel some stuff.
Oh, stop! [WHIMPERING] Nope.
No, no.
I'm sorry.
Keep going, keep going.
Why don't you tell me about Eric? What's he like? We've been married for six years.
Together since 1987.
Eric is smart and funny.
Oh yeah? So loving.
He's also the world's best procrastinator.
He promised he would refill his insulin two days ago.
I should have just done it for him.
Look where that literally landed me.
[LAUGHS] Yeah, my mom forgets to do things.
Simple things, you know? Like I told her before the storm hit to go to my sister's and she forgot.
But she's old, you know.
It's not her fault.
I still get mad at her.
I don't even know why.
Maybe you're scared that she's starting to decline.
I don't know, I never really talked to anyone about it.
No! Damn thing broke.
You have to leave me now, don't you? No.
You're coming with me.
I thought that wasn't an option.
Now it's our only option.
If you pull me off, won't I die? If we stay here, you definitely will.
Hey! Hey! [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Hello! Hello! I fully recognize that I'm probably yelling at nobody right now, but if you can hear me, I'm up on the roof and I would rather not die of exposure.
Thank you! Whoa, hey, hey.
Don't let that door shut.
Don't let the door shut! - [SLAMMING] - Damnit.
Avi? Avi! Avi! Hey, Avi! Avi! Okay, Marlene, this should be making you feel better.
It doesn't, but that's because I'm gonna be dead.
Marlene, what did we say about that? - Mm.
- Hey, can I, uh - Can I talk to you for a second? - Sure.
[WIND WHISTLING] Look, I know that we can't leave her, but Candelario really needs us back at the hospital.
Hang on.
Um I know that I haven't always been, um You've been so, uh you've always, uh [CHUCKLES] Never mind.
I forgot.
Yeah, it's fine.
Don't worry about it.
Yeah, no, sorry.
I forgot.
It's just, um, chemo brain strikes again, so, yeah.
I know that we need to get back to the hospital but we really need to monitor Marlene.
Um, yeah.
Uh, we could get the equipment from New Amsterdam and monitor her from here.
Helen, you are the best.
I think that's kinda what I was trying to tell you.
Um, Marlene, Dr.
Sharpe has saved the day.
We are going to monitor you remotely from New Amsterdam.
I will be right back.
No, no, no.
No, no, no.
You look wiped out from your last trip.
You stay, I'm gonna get the equipment this time, but I am gonna go slow, and I will take care of myself.
Because I love my doctor.
[SOFT MUSIC] Have the two of you been working together for a long time? No.
Why? I just sense a very strong vibe.
Honey, I'm sorry, but it's never gonna work out between you and Max.
[SCOFFS] [LAUGHS] I don't need it to work out between me and Max.
Max is married, I have a boyfriend.
And most importantly, I am his doctor.
How you doing, Avi? I don't want to talk about it.
[WIND WHISTLING] Storms, man.
It's just pressure and precipitation but, man, they make us feel stuff, don't they? Riddled with the feels right now.
What about you? How's the storm make you feel? [WIND WHISTLING] - I don't know.
- Yeah, you do.
Why'd you kick that door earlier? Let's start there.
I was just being stupid.
No, no, no.
I mean, it wasn't nice but, stupid? Nah, I don't think so.
In fact, I think it may have gotten you exactly what you needed, am I right? Come on, level with me.
What were you thinking when you kicked the door? [WIND RUSHING] [SOMBER MUSIC] That no one cared that I was there, okay? That's a tough way to feel, no doubt.
So what were you thinking? Why'd you come up here? What was this all about? Everyone was just playing games and watching movies, you know.
And I was I just left the classroom to see if anyone would notice and be, like, you know, "Where is Avi?" But, you know, no one did.
So I just kept going and waiting for someone to freakin' notice that I wasn't there.
But No one did and when I got all the way out the door, that's when I started thinking, would anyone notice if I was [HUFFS] There are people that wouldn't just notice if you were gone, Avi.
There are people that will be heartbroken.
You're talking to one of them right now.
We are not alone.
Even when it feels that way the most, I promise you, we are not alone.
I'm really cold.
- I know.
I know you are.
- I'm cold.
Here, here, here.
Okay? [SOFT MUSIC] Loaded you up with morphine.
The hospital is about six blocks away.
Here's what we're going to do.
We're gonna go on three.
All right? Wait, wait a minute.
If I don't make it, you You tell Eric it isn't his fault.
I would have ventured out into a million storms for him.
Okay? All right.
You stay with me.
Just look at me, okay? All right, I got you.
All right, here we go.
One two - three.
Marlene, we're going to be monitoring you remotely, so if anything happens we'll be able to get you quickly.
And as soon as the roads are clear we're gonna send an ambulance for you.
Marlene? Marlene, are you feeling okay? I I'm fine.
See? What did we tell you? But I really thought I was going to die today.
Well, we're very sorry to disappoint you.
It's okay, but I should probably tell you both, since I was wrong about dying, maybe I was wrong about my other predictions.
I guess time will tell.
Uh, the roads will be clear soon.
Get me a gurney! We've got a bleeder.
Frome! Gladys! Hi! Oh, God! I assumed you were doing something important then of course I realized you just had to fix your ridiculous gizmo.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you.
Let's get you boys some cocoa.
Think I might need something a little stronger than that.
Oh, boy.
[SOMBER MUSIC] Just be with her.
Tell her what she means to you.
Chrissy [SNIFFLING] I'm here.
I'm here, sweetie.
Chrissy, my love.
My love.
I'm here.
Lauren? [SOMBER MUSIC CONTINUES] Did you take any? No, but I really, really wanted to.
I'm never gonna be a doctor again.
I can counsel people.
I can support them, but the one thing that I can't do for anyone is make them want to get better.
And the only way you get better is if you really, truly, want it.
I know you want it.
I really do.
[COUGHS] Sorry, I can't.
You were right.
I am tired.
It's okay.
That's why I'm here.
Maybe Maybe I should listen to you more often.
Okay, just lean on me.
Come on.
Vijay, my friend.
Heard about what you did.
That was, um They were fighting.
It made me think of the night my wife passed.
She had made bhindi sabzi for dinner.
We were about to watch her favorite soap opera.
Instead we fought because Rohan had not come back home and she was worried.
I told her not to be because Rohan was a lost cause.
We both went to bed angry.
And then she didn't wake up.
All these years, I thought that I was hurting because I didn't get to tell her I'm I'm sorry.
But now I know it's because I didn't get to tell her that I loved her smile.
Her mischief.
Her heart.
Let's get you upstairs so you can lie down.
It'll be Right here's fine.
Max? Are you feeling okay? Yeah, I'm just Just tired.
Well, it's almost midnight.
The witching hour.
[CHUCKLES] Do you believe in all that stuff? [SCOFFS] I don't know.
Do you? Um I don't know either.
Max? We need to talk.
About us.
This thing between us [ECHOING THUD] Get this jacket off of me.