New Amsterdam (2018) s01e19 Episode Script

Happy Place

1 So, I've got this friend and, uh, great guy, a little stubborn, but, as life would have it, - he's got cancer.
- Is that so? Don't worry.
He's keeping his head up, staying positive.
- And, uh, here's the thing - Oh, there's a thing.
I assumed cancer was the big twist.
No, see, my friend recently got this new doctor who, uh, as it turns out, is making it really hard for my friend to stay positive.
Hang on, this sounds like somebody I know.
Really? Weird.
Not only did she put my friend on an impossible to maintain schedule, but now she's insisting that my friend get a feeding tube.
So he was really hoping that he could get a second opinion.
And your friend wouldn't also happen to be the medical director of a major public hospital - in New York, would they? - Well, uh, he asked me to keep his name out of it.
- Max, I - No, no names.
That would be a huge betrayal to my incredibly private friend.
But my friend was wondering if maybe you could talk to Dr.
Stauton and change her mind? - I will do no such thing.
- I'm this way.
Which is why I'm going this way.
But she's totally gone rogue.
Okay? She peppers all her diagnoses - with basketball analogies.
- Sometimes you've just got - to shoot from mid-court.
- No.
Not you too.
Max, you're on the fourth foul - and there are no timeouts left.
- Okay, this basketball thing is spinning out of control.
Just a second opinion on a feeding tube.
That's all I'm asking for.
- Okay.
You want my second opinion? - Yes.
You need to listen to your actual doctor.
I see what you did there.
- If it makes you feel better - I'm sure it won't.
Think of the feeding tube like the sixth man coming off the bench when the starters need a break.
Really? 'Cause I see it more like a pipe protruding from my stomach, spilling my morning coffee.
The chemo has left you with frequent nausea.
The radiation has burned your throat.
As a result, you have been eating less.
You've lost five pounds in one week.
Malnutrition negatively affects your treatment.
It can also impair muscle function, decrease immunoresponse, and amass dangerous toxicity levels within your body.
Max, inserting a feeding tube will mitigate that.
Okay, yeah.
Put me in, Coach.
These site visits are really more of a formality at this point, so I've been looking forward to it.
- What's in the bag? - Oh, here we go.
These are Jemma's favorites.
They're from a little Trinidadian restaurant near the hospital the kids order from sometimes.
Once, no joke, Jemma ate four of these.
I mean, I might have helped a little bit, but Hope you brought enough to share.
No, no.
There will be no sharing.
Once I put these down in front of her, watch your fingers.
- Hey, Jemma.
- Hey, kiddo.
How you doing, Jemma? I'm fine.
Well, uh, I hope you're ready to be awesome because I brought doubles and kurma from Leelee's Roti Shop.
I'm good.
Okay, well, I'll leave them here on the counter if you want them later, okay? Everything's okay? Oh, she's just cramming for a test.
- Oh.
- Things have been great.
So everything's okay with school? Yeah, her teachers at Jefferson say she's catching up.
- And her friends? - I met most of them.
Good kids.
Creative, misfits, like Jemma.
But they really seem to get each other.
Seems to me she's settling in just fine.
So Dr.
Christiansen will finish up with the low pitches now.
As before, raise your right hand if you hear a sound.
If you don't, it's okay.
This is to help us diagnose what's going wrong with the cochlear implant.
Margot? Do you need a break? Is everything all right? She doesn't like tests.
It's the device we are testing, not you.
And if it makes you feel better, I will give you an A+.
Hmm? Tori and I will be just outside the door.
Okay, let's start.
So, it's been nine months.
We're still having problems? It's almost impossible to predict the rehabilitation period after a cochlear implant.
I mean, we weren't expecting her to talk on the phone but she can't even take the subway without getting dizzy.
She seems confused and sad.
I know how it feels to see your loved ones in pain, but once we diagnose the issue with the device, we can fix it.
Is everything okay? The implant seems to be functional.
- Basal electrode responses? - All normal.
So it's not the device, then what's the matter? - Dr.
- Max.
Why do I feel like the two of you are getting ready to throw me into an unmarked van? Heh.
Your quarterly budget is three weeks late.
Oh, yeah.
See, what had happened was Yeah, and if it's not done today, then cardiothoracic is going to have no budget - for next quarter.
- Which means no surgical supplies, no surgeons, and no surgeries.
Luckily for you, we have a Dora and Dora is going to, uh, help you.
And by help you, I mean torture you until it's finished.
Every line in perfect order, back-to-back.
She's really kind of tough.
So you are here by sequestered to this office until it's done or, um, you're dead, whichever comes first.
- Wait, you mean now? - Mm-hmm.
No, but but they need me on the floor.
- Uhp-uhp-uhp.
- Can't somebody else do this? It's your department.
Your budget.
You get everything you want.
You just have to ask for it.
In a properly formatted Excel-generated spreadsheet.
And Dora really excels at this.
No, it's not funny? Okay.
Well, smile and nod or pay the price later.
Max, come on! I'm a doctor! Yeah, not without a budget.
Shall we, Dr.
Reynolds? Can I at least go to the bathroom first? Mm, I think you know the answer to that.
Everybody out of the way.
Yo! Clear the way! Jeez, Marie.
I turn my back for two seconds - It should've been you.
- Oh, nice.
- All right, what do you got? - Marie McNeil.
40-year-old female police officer - on foot when struck - By a drunk driver.
- Hit and run.
- All right.
We got it.
Motor vehicle struck right leg fracturing the femur.
She bounced off the hood followed by the road, resulting in thoracic abrasions and contusions.
She's going to be all right, right? Why don't you alert her family? Let them know where she is.
I'm her partner.
I'm her family.
All right, let's get her to bay 29 - and get Max down here now.
- Hang in there, okay? Be okay.
Give us some room.
She's okay.
Yeah, I I hear you, Commissioner.
Of course.
No, you have my word.
Officer McNeil will receive the very best care possible.
We've got everything under control.
No, thank you, sir.
- Police Commissioner? - The one and only.
You ever experience a blue wave? Uh, sure.
In Chinatown.
Then you haven't experienced a blue wave.
At New Amsterdam, when a cop is brought in, it's like his whole family comes with them, only that family is 3/4 of the NYPD.
- As advertised.
- I see what you mean.
Uh, everyone? I'm Max Goodwin, the medical director.
Hi, I appreciate that you want to support your colleague, but this is still a functioning ED.
Go ahead.
So we need to keep this area clear and calm, if at all possible.
I'd like to ask everyone to move this vigil outside these doors.
We really appreciate it.
Leon Hargrow.
Probable DUI.
Lacerations to left forearm.
Chemical burns on his face and hands from the airbag.
I didn't see.
Where Where where am I? Any sign of head injury? Witnesses saw him swerving all over the road - before the accident.
- That's him! That's the DUI who hit Marie! Someone call security.
I think security is covered.
You're going down for a long time, you hear me? - Easy, easy.
- I know you can hear me! I'm gonna make sure you're locked up for the rest of your sorry-assed life! Easy! Get him back! Get him back! Back up! Back up, now! - You're not getting away! - Get him back! Get him back! Angelo's been Marie's partner going on eight years.
These two are like sister and brother.
He's messed up, but he was never going to do anything - to that driver.
- You sure about that? What can I say? We take care of our own.
Yeah, well, as long as you take care of Angelo, I got no problem with you guys being here.
I'm sorry for the disruption.
It won't happen again.
Our full focus needs to be on Marie.
Her recovery is what's important.
Not to worry.
He'll get it together.
I'll, uh, keep you updated as I learn more about her progress.
- Thank you.
- You got it.
Hey, how's she doing? Stable-ish.
She's pretty banged up.
I'm waiting on a cardio consult.
What about the driver? How's he doing? Waiting on lab results from his tox screen.
We need to put some distance between him and Marie's partner.
Driver's stable.
He can move.
Do it.
- Where should we put him? - I cleared a bed in the ICU.
He's still out.
It is going to be one hell of a rude awakening.
Oh, there he is! Just the boss I was looking for! Can I get an autograph on this? - You bet.
- Thank you.
Not everyone would sign their kidneys away like that but I really need the money, so thank you.
Give me that.
Another site visit for Jemma? I thought you just had one of these.
Yeah, I thought you had cancer.
Only on the inside.
Okay, well, yeah, so I'm a little worried Jemma might be isolating.
She literally said three words to me, went back in her room, and didn't come back out again.
Can I give you my completely unqualified psychological diagnosis? - Sure, why not? - She's a teenager.
Well, yeah - Yo, can I get a consult? - Oh, thank God.
How can I help? You can tell me who on your team - is available for a consult.
- Me.
Lab supplies and consumables.
Max, please.
What do you got for me? This isn't fair.
Look, if I had known it was going to be this much paperwork, I would've never signed up to be Chair.
Ah, you didn't.
I kind of forced you to be Chair.
Sorry about that.
Pull Hastings off her VATS procedure.
Thank you.
Nice try.
Next line item? Is everything okay? Are you all right? I'm sorry.
I'm usually not like this.
Neither of us are.
No, it's it's it's all right.
I don't know what happened.
We literally never fight.
We met at a meditation workshop.
Margo being able to hear, this was supposed to bring us closer together, but it's just driving us apart.
Tori, I I know someone who could help.
I believe there may be issues that aren't related to your cochlear implant.
This is my colleague, Dr.
Let's talk.
Uh, Max.
Okay, before you speak, you should know that my friend, the one with the cancer, is getting a PEG tube installed today.
So this donut represents his last meal.
Assuming he can, you know, swallow it.
Leon Hargrow wasn't drunk.
- The driver? - I just got his blood work.
There were no drugs or alcohol in his system.
But people saw him swerving? He had a stroke behind the wheel.
- And that's not all - Dr.
I can't find Angelo.
No one knows where he went.
You don't think he went after Yeah, I do.
Angelo? Officer, back away from that bed right now.
Hey, let's talk about this.
Somebody's got to pay.
Angelo, I understand that you're upset, but this wasn't his fault.
Don't give me that.
He was wasted.
I saw him swerving.
He had an embolic stroke while he was driving.
He wasn't drunk.
He's very sick.
He's a vet, have some compassion.
Angelo, please.
Go back downstairs to the waiting area.
Your partner? She needs you right now.
Make sure that you get him downstairs.
- Uh, what wait, what is it? - It's Marie.
She's coding.
O-2 sat down to 86.
Respirations up to 30.
Decreased breath sounds bilaterally! - Heart rate's down to 48.
- Hang in there, Marie! - O-2 sat dropping.
- Respiratory rate climb.
I've got to get What tthe pulmonary kit.
on? Dropping an intubation tray now.
Neck vein distention.
Both sides.
It's hard to see because of the cervical collar but it's there.
- Pneumomediastinum.
- Yeah.
Good call.
There must be a hole in Marie's esophagus.
We need to get her to the OR, open up her chest and close that hole before this happens again.
Is she going to be okay? - Mr.
Hargrow - I need to see her.
- Look, sir - I need to tell her I'm sorry.
Sir, you you need to remain calm.
- But - I promise you, she is receiving the best care possible.
But right now, we need to focus on you.
The stroke that you had was caused by a malignant tumor in your bladder.
I know that this is distressing news.
We need to remove your tumor immediately - and start you on a regimen.
- All I want to know is if that woman is going to live.
Hargrow, your condition is very serious.
I already know what's wrong with me.
How long have you known? If you knew, then why on earth haven't you gotten treatment? I don't want treatment.
I just want to apologize for what I did.
I understand.
But right now, that is not a good idea for either of you.
Then I guess there's nothing else to talk about.
Kapoor thought that it would be beneficial if we sit down and talk about what's happening during the rehab process.
And that's sort of my my job around here is to create an environment or space to explore what's happening to you emotionally.
Both of you.
The interpreter will be here very soon.
I assure you.
I'm, uh I'm very sorry about the delay.
Should be any moment.
Oh, okay.
We're just diving right in.
Um Angry? I uh Okay, can we just Guys, can we slow down just a touch? Um, just I'm getting some of it.
It's just a little too fast.
I have never said you were a burden.
Okay, time out.
Time out.
Um, take a breath.
Okay? I need to catch up here, but I'm assuming, um Tori, Margo said that she feels like a burden.
- Yeah.
- Is that right? Okay, is that is that how you feel about her? No.
I have never thought of her that way.
All right, so why don't you tell her how you do feel about her? Margot has just always had this spirit in her that had to experience the world, on her own terms.
Margot bungee jumped off the Manhattan bridge at 3:00 a.
when we were in college.
Are you kidding? Wow.
I think that she's fearless.
So tell her.
"I feel so far away from that person right now.
"I know I pushed us here because I wanted the implant "and you supported me through all of it, "with the money and the surgeries, "because I wanted it.
"And now I'm afraid that I've risked the most important relationship in my life because of them.
" Why do you want the implant? "So I can hear.
" Well, okay.
That's what the implant does.
Why do you want the implant? "I want it" Oh Appreciate it.
Thank you.
Throw it in there.
Thanks, bud.
How you doing? Hey, good to see you.
Thank you.
Yo, Recetti.
You already taking up for Marie's funeral? Relax.
It's for her recovery.
She's gonna be ordering takeout for a while after this.
- What's going on? - How is she? We stabilized her and we're prepping her for surgery.
Now she's not out of the woods yet, but she does seem to be responding to treatment.
Is that for Marie? Yeah, it's something the PD does.
We have a fallen heroes fund for officers hurt in the line of duty.
Then count me in.
I'll let you know when she's out.
Thanks, Dr.
Guess who's back? Is it legit or did you "Shawshank" your way out of it? Hey, you know what? After spending the afternoon with Dora, I finally know how the lights stay on in this place.
- What do we got? - Boerhaave's esophagus, surgical repair.
Oh, looks good.
Let's get to work.
Officer McNeil, I'm Dr.
This is Dr.
We're going to be performing your surgery today.
Two doctors? Must be pretty bad.
Vitals are good.
We'll see you in there.
You've had a morning.
Yeah, cops are supposed to go down chasing the bad guy.
I get clipped writing a traffic ticket to a grown man on a scooter.
I'm never gonna hear the end of it.
Hey, well, at least you were out there, all right? I spent my morning sitting in front of a spreadsheet.
Oof, I hate desk work.
Tell me about it.
Put me on the street.
That's where I want to be.
- In the action, right? - Yeah.
My partner, he calls me "one direction" 'cause I always head straight in.
I don't even think about it.
I don't get scared.
Put me in the line of fire when somebody needs help.
That's my happy place.
Well, if it makes you feel any better, helping you right now? That's my happy place.
I'll see you in there.
VA just sent over his records.
Oh, thank you.
You've got to be kidding me.
- Kapoor.
- How did it go? Well, it was good.
Very optimistic.
You know a lot a lot came out.
There was a definite unearthing going on.
But ultimately, I do believe that Tori and Margot are going to be stronger than ever.
- That's wonderful news.
- Yeah.
I've discussed with Dr.
Christiansen, and she's confident that we can move forward with the MRI.
Well, actually Margot touched on something really profound.
- Powerful.
- What? She would like to have her cochlear implant removed.
Vijay, she wants to be deaf again.
"It matters not how strait the gate, "how charged with punishments the scroll, "I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.
" Cap refill less than two seconds.
Patient induced.
20 micrograms of fentanyl.
T-probe and defib Standing by.
I'm so tired of being alone I'm so tired of on my own Won't you help me, girl Just as soon as you can You've tried to get treatment two years ago, didn't you Leon? Tried.
I went and saw my doc at the VA.
They took me in right away like they usually do.
Once they found out what I had, they said they didn't have the right doctor for me there.
Said that I had to go somewhere else.
So they gave you a voucher and sent you on your way.
But you didn't use it.
I wanted to.
But the voucher didn't cover everything.
I'm on my own.
Couldn't afford the difference.
I served my country with pride.
You have nothing to be ashamed of.
I did four tours.
Army Rangers.
You deserve better than this.
I never meant to put anyone in harm's way.
Max, I am scheduling Leon Hargrow for emergency bladder surgery and radiation.
- Well, let's hope he needs it.
- Turns out the VA closed their urology department, so instead of treating him, they gave him a voucher to use at a hospital of his "choice.
" We'll take a voucher.
The voucher only covers 75% of the cost.
- He's stuck with the rest.
- We'll cover the rest.
What's the problem again? Do they think that Leon only gave 75% while he was in Vietnam? Not to mention there's compelling evidence that urothelial carcinoma is a directly related to exposure to Agent Orange.
Helen, this is a public hospital.
This is why we're here.
If the VA won't treat Leon, we will.
No, you won't.
HCC was notified of a payment being submitted via a VA voucher.
- That's right.
- We can't accept it.
Why not? Then we'd have to accept all VA vouchers.
As long as veterans are getting the care they need, I'm not seeing the problem.
The problem's the public hospital system then has to potentially foot the bill for thousands of veterans and the 25% the VA doesn't reimburse.
We have a veteran in the ICU who needs surgery or he's going to die.
I don't care who I have to call, but Leon is getting that surgery today.
I understand your intentions, Max, but this is privatization and we're playing right into it.
If we approve of Leon's surgery and we foot the bill, it sets a dangerous precedent for the rest of the country.
Either we save Leon and hurt the care for every other veteran or we stand up for better care for all veterans And let Leon die.
I respect your wishes, of course.
And I'm aware that this is a debate in the deaf community, but removing a implant is is a very risky surgery.
"I just want the pain to stop.
" I I want that too.
And and there are different types of implants we can use before we "Not that kind of pain.
"The migraines, the dizziness, "the strange tones, I expected that.
"My friends told me that would come.
"That they all love their implants, "but I don't.
"I miss who I was.
"How I experienced the world.
"I don't expect you to understand, "but before the implant, music "Was something I felt "and now it's just weird words "with weird textures.
"And my thoughts used to be my own, "and now they're just cluttered with distractions.
"I thought I was missing something.
"But really I'm missing what I had.
" "I loved hearing Tori's voice.
"But I heard you better When I couldn't hear your voice at all.
" Hey, kiddo.
So, um, I really messed up.
Big time.
I forgot to bring the Solo when I brought the doubles earlier.
I'm a bonehead.
- Yeah.
- Well, that's for you.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
So listen, I was thinking a lot about before when I came by with Sophia.
You know you can tell me anything, right? Yeah, that's kind of the problem.
Why is that a problem? 'Cause I've told you everything.
- Yeah.
- You know everything about me.
You know very detail of all of the homes.
All of the bad the bad stuff.
You know, and now When I see you, I just I feel, like like I'm still the same.
Like I'm still broken.
I don't want to be that anymore.
You know, Jemma, I I'm so proud of you.
So proud.
You've come so far.
Look at you.
You don't need me anymore.
That's that's a good thing.
That is a That's a very good thing.
It's time for me to go.
I've got to go.
Um, and that's all right.
Just, uh, just Just try to remember one thing for me.
You were never broken.
Blood pressure 100/72.
- Clamp.
- Clamp.
- Suction.
- Suction.
- Lap pad.
- Lap pad.
Blood pressure is dropping.
Uh, lap pad.
Femoral pulse diminished.
Where's all the blood coming from? Uh, can't see anything.
Gas exchange tanking.
Got it.
Free wall rupture.
Right ventricle.
Suture, hurry.
So the blood's just pouring out of her heart? Yes.
- The surgery was going well.
- I know.
Keep sewing.
But why is the wall blown? I have no idea, but we have about a minute to suture it back up, okay? Just focus.
- We've lost carotid pulse.
- Gas exchange tanking.
The brain's not getting any blood.
- She's bleeding out.
- Keep sewing.
Uh, I'm trying but the sutures keeps pulling out.
The heart muscle's too weak.
Did you get it? She's cyanotic.
Well, her heart's still in pieces.
There's no more blood to pump.
It's all gone.
You gonna call it? Time of death 4:16 p.
4:16 p.
- Hi.
- Thank you.
It shouldn't have gone down like that.
She shouldn't have died.
- I know.
- No.
You don't.
Marie never should've been out there.
But I had a migraine today.
A stupid migraine.
So she steps up to point and I stay in the car.
Bring a cop was Marie's whole life.
She didn't have a husband or kids.
We were her family and that's all that mattered.
Living for this job.
She wanted to be a hero.
And she gets killed at a traffic stop? She was a hero the moment she put that shield on.
It's time.
We're not going to stop fighting this.
I promise you, we'll figure it out, Leon.
Leon, this is Angelo Recetti.
Marie's partner.
The guys and I have been talking.
Marie didn't have any family and we figured She'd want the money they would've gotten from the fallen heroes' fund To go to you.
Get you fixed up.
This is a start.
- I can't accept that.
- Marie's not here anymore.
But you are.
We want to pay for the surgery.
Why would you do that for me? We take care of our own.
It'll take a few minutes for the anesthetic to kick in.
When it does, I'll bring in the endoscopist.
Um, thank you.
It's like nothing ever gets better.
I'm just this broken thing that nobody wants.
Nobody cares about.
I don't even know why I'm here.
Hey, um Sorry, you know you're not my doctor anymore, right? Yes.
But I'm still your friend.