New Amsterdam (2018) s01e22 Episode Script


Previously on New Amsterdam" You've been accused of form a non therapeutic alliance with your patient, Avi Mantell.
Rules exist for a reason.
And I broked them Now, the only thing for me to do is to be a different therapist.
I was actually here to talk to Max about extending my leave.
- Oh, for how long? - Forever.
Max? Wow, Dora, you really are as terrifying as Max says.
And I'm going easy 'cause you're new to the role of medical director.
Deputy medical director.
I'm only taking on Max's duties while he's recuperating.
Yeah, well, you're ten minutes late to your first meeting, which is a baller move so soon into your tenure.
I'm on my way.
Could you, um, message this to Dr.
Valentina Castro? Max's DNA? Please don't Jurassic Park him.
One Max is more than I can handle.
It's for a new treatment, one that will get him back into the hospital ASAP, so I no longer have to be Sharpe, just the medical director I was looking for.
Deputy medical director.
How can I help? Oh I, um I need ecstasy.
Like, the feeling of bliss? Like MDMA, like drugs.
Is this a joke? Am I being hazed? No, we don't we don't do that anymore, right? Uh, no, I have a patient who is exhibiting the most aggressive PTSD I think I've ever seen.
Kapoor and I've tried everything.
Nothing makes a dent, so I would like you to sign my new treatment strategy.
Max thoroughly approved.
Was he high at the time? No, but he actually made that same joke when he approved it, so it's cool.
It's a good joke, I think.
Great minds, right? Listen, I assure you MDMA, under the proper supervision, allows a patient to confront their memories in a trigger-free environment it's amazing.
Yeah, see you later.
It teaches them to remember a traumatic event instead of reliving it.
All right, either you sign so I can get the pure stuff from upstairs, or I'm gonna have to go score from a guy named Rocket who lives in his grandmother's basement.
Yeah, just Okay, fine.
Wow, signing off on illicit drugs on your first day.
Oh, my gosh, that's true, though.
How long have you all had this tradition? Oh, how many Sunday's is in forever? - Mom! - Hey, uh, Jayden No matter how old we got, Mama has always made sure we're here every Sunday eating her food, right? It's been family tradition since before I was born.
Sunday means church, family, and a meal with two meats.
- No exceptions.
- That's right.
- Right? - Yep, yep.
My family never did the church thing, but we're very spiritual.
- Hmm.
- Uh, which spirit? - Uh, Brandi - Hmm? Don't make me bust out the drill team photos.
Oh, uh, okay, Foofy.
Ooh! All right, forget the drill team photos.
I'm busting out prom.
- Everybody look right here.
- Two words sportin' waves.
I'm gonna put you both in the corner if you can't find your manners.
So, Evie, you're a lawyer at Floyd's hospital? Well, I-I got there first, actually.
- Oh? - By one week.
I did my undergrad at Yale, and I went to, uh I went to law school at NYU.
So I did have a leg up on the city.
Oh, I had the HBCU experience.
Do they have Greeks at Yale? I pledged AKA.
Oh, hey Soror.
- No way! - Oh, yes.
Oh, my goodness.
Oh, I knew I liked her.
Okay, I hear you.
I hear you.
There you go.
Keep in mind, Dr.
Kapoor and I will be here with you the entire time.
Jacob, you don't have to do this, obviously, but before you say no, can I just ask, when was the last time a loud noise didn't scare you? Or when was the last time you felt safe in a crowded room? Or slept without nightmares? You cannot keep going through life feeling like everyone is a threat.
But they are.
Just turn on the news hate crimes, wars, they put kids in cages, and no one cares.
It's not PTSD.
People are a threat.
People are evil.
Do you know what the cruelest symptom of PTSD is? It's a thief.
It robs us of the ability to see the light.
But that doesn't mean it's not there.
Do you remember how it felt when the world had light? This process is how you get that light back, Jacob.
Max? Max.
No, it's not me.
It's Georgia.
What happened? Uh, the placenta previa ruptured.
- I was about to call 911.
- Do it now.
The blood, it happened so fast.
Okay, we need to get you off the floor.
Max? No, I-I was too weak.
I couldn't lift her.
Okay, well, now you got me.
Come on.
Ready? One, two, three.
911, what's your emergency? Max, 911.
911, what's your emergency? - Any fever? Chills? - Um, no.
- Any contractions? - No.
I need an ambulance to, uh, 42 East 17th Street.
I need paramedics, not EMTs, and I need you to get here now.
Heart rate up to 180 and thready.
No, no, just get here.
- Is that bad? - No, just try to relax, okay? Max, Max, can I, uh Uh, they're 12 minutes out.
That's too far away Georgia will bleed out - before they arrive.
- No, there's time.
Max, she's out of time.
We need to ligate the artery.
Here? And now.
Hey, look at me.
I'm right here.
I'm with you, okay? I'm right here with you.
The fentanyl should already be working.
Okay, you're gonna feel a slight heaviness, and then you're gonna drift off to sleep.
And then and then we'll be able to operate without you feeling a thing.
All these drugs, they they might hurt her.
Will they hurt her? It's not gonna hurt the baby.
It's not it's not gonna hurt her? No, I promise, no.
The opiate will slow Luna's heart rate a little, but we'll be monitoring her every step of the way.
Hey, it's gonna work.
It's gonna work.
It's gonna work.
I don't want Luna to have to take ballet because of me, Max.
No, no, she won't.
I want her to experience everything Everything rock climbing and clarinet and painting.
She will.
No, you have to encourage her, Max.
You have to help her.
You have to help her find her own voice Her own path.
We can encourage her together you and me.
But if I don't - Stop, stop.
- If I don't, Max No.
I need you to promise me something.
Promise me that you'll save her save her first.
Promise, I need you to promise me.
Promise you'll save our baby girl.
Promise me, no matter what.
I Promise me.
Max it's time.
Let me go! Will you guys just listen to me? Nice save, Victoria.
I have done nothing wrong.
Yeah, what all innocent people scream.
- This lunatic - My name is Wilson Hatch.
This lunatic, Wilson Hatch, swallowed the biggest balloon of cocaine I've ever seen.
- No, no.
- We need an X-ray of his abdomen so we can get him on intent to sell.
This is Okay, this might fly with people who don't know any better, but I am a partner at Wyman, Frost, and Handle.
I know my rights.
You guys have nothing on me.
I'm out of here.
I'm done.
I'm leaving.
Yeah, you're leaving you're leaving this floor and heading up to radiology.
- Let's go, buddy.
- I don't consent to that.
Ow, Mom.
How you gonna do me like that? I love you, but you take food with your bare hands, I'll put you over my knee.
I can't help it.
It's so good, and I can't live without it, just like I can't live without you.
So she's amazing, right? She's an exceptional young lady.
Good, I was hoping you'd say that because it's time for me to use the family ring.
Oh, honey.
What? Evie seems like the perfect woman, just not the perfect woman for you.
Don't want to pull too hard.
A half hedge will fully occlude the artery.
That should do it.
Bleeding should be under control.
Huh? Georgia's having a contraction.
It it it's squeezing the cord.
Heart rate down to 40.
If it goes any lower, it it uh Uh, we we need to stop the contraction.
I can't.
It can only pass By itself.
Max The baby won't survive another one.
So we have to get her out.
There'll be too much blood loss, Georgia's lost enough as it is.
No, you did one surgery, you can do another.
Except this time, Georgia will die.
Yes, Max, the hospital is still here, so you can go back to bed.
I need you to listen to me.
911 dispatched an ambulance to my apartment, but they don't have everything that we need.
An ambulance? Why? I need you to call dispatch and have them go back to the station, and and, uh, they need to pick up trauma dressing and surgical gloves and oxygen, and then I need a second ambulance from New Amsterdam that's fully stocked with B-positive blood and mifepristone.
I'm doing it now.
Max, what's happening? I'm trying to save my family.
We just finished finals.
Third year, never have to take a test again, so we went out to celebrate.
Who's we? I can't remember exactly.
It's me Bobby, and Emma.
We're outside the door.
What happened next? You got a problem? Perhaps we should wait.
No, no, no, no, he he's not talking to me.
Hey! He said You got a problem? Jacob, leave it alone.
This guy just bumps into me.
He's big.
It's all right, Jacob.
We're right here with you.
It's okay.
It's okay It's okay, Jacob.
Hey, we're right here with you, Jacob.
I I didn't know it was a pipe bomb when it happened.
I see Emma.
She's Emma? Help! This piece of stone is crushing her.
She she can't breathe.
I have to get her out, but it's too heavy.
Please, somebody help me! If just one person helps me, I can get it off.
Just one person, but no one helps.
Not Bobby, not not anyone.
Ah! Now they're trampling me, and I can't move, And she's dying.
No one will help.
They're all running right over us.
Watch it! Why would he do that? It's okay it's okay, Jacob.
No, why would he do that? It's okay.
It's okay.
Just breathe.
Help me.
Help me, Dr.
Help me.
Please, Dr.
Frome, help me.
I'm sorry, Jacob.
I need I need to I need something Dr.
Frome, what's happening? Dr.
Frome, what's happening? You're in New Amsterdam Hospital.
- You're in Manhattan.
- Where is she? - What's happening? - You're you're safe.
Frome, where is he? Take the FDR, anything else will take too long.
And remember, when you get there, cut up early.
It's a one-way.
Wait! Wait, I'm coming.
Sharpe, you cannot leave.
You are the medical director.
And I learned from the best.
Max, uh, we need to talk about what happens if They'll get here.
If Georgia has another contraction, there's not gonna be time to talk.
I'm gonna have to deliver the baby, or we're risking both their lives.
But if you open her up before the blood gets here, she might not make it.
Which is why we need to decide who No, they'll get here.
They have to.
I've been so selfish Thinking that I was the one who wouldn't survive.
I never even stopped to think, what if Georgia And Luna.
You know what? It's okay.
We don't have to Um, If you hadn't shown up when you did I don't know what I would've done.
Thank God you're here.
By the way Why are you here? We can talk about that later.
- You can't keep ignoring me.
- I'm not ignoring you.
We've got guests, and these dishes are not gonna walk themselves in.
You're always reminding me how you're saving the family ring for me, and now I finally want to use it.
All your adult life you keep telling me about your plan, that you want your new family to look like this one.
Yeah, I still do.
And how's that gonna happen with Evie? She doesn't even go to church.
Ma, that doesn't mean that I can't.
I even noticed that Evie doesn't cook.
Doesn't cook 'cause she can't.
She she works 12 hours a day.
So is she giving that up when you have your kids? Are you? I don't know.
Come back for the ring when you do know.
Don't say it.
She just wants you to be happy.
No, she wants me to marry somebody like her.
'Cause that's how you get a family like this.
No judgment that's just the reality.
A life with Evie isn't gonna look like this.
It's not gonna look like what you planned, and Mama's smart enough to see that.
Why can't you? He's calmer now.
Thank you.
When Jacob started to break down in there, my instinct was It was to hold him.
That seemed like the appropriate response.
But I can't not after what happened with Avi.
I can't do that.
So I just froze.
This is different than Avi.
No, it's not.
I feel like the physical contact is all I have.
It's it's my crutch, you know? The only thing I have in my bag of tricks.
Iggy, sometimes people need the physical contact to feel cared for.
But it's not the only trick you have.
It just heightens your other gifts.
You can't doubt that.
But I do all the time now.
How can I get inside someone else's head if I can't get out of my own? You're always the one who counsels me and you have taught me very well.
So what I'll say to you is this that boy needs help and you are the only one who can help him.
Heart rate's fluctuating.
The contractions have started I have to cut.
No, wait, wait, wait.
They're close, okay? - Max - No, they're gonna be close.
Just just wait.
Hey, hey, tell me you guys will make it here in the next three minutes.
We're close, Dr.
The other bus is right - Give it to me.
- Sure.
Max, it's Helen.
Talk to me.
Luna's heart rate is fading with each contraction.
We could lose her on the next one.
But if Bloom operates now Bloom's there? Yeah, she saved Georgia's life.
But if she operates and you are not close enough, then she could bleed out.
Oh, God What? What? Max, we are not close enough.
Yeah, no, but you We're not gonna make it.
Max? Are you still there? Yeah.
After everything you have done, I would jump out of here, and I would run the blood to you if I thought that it would help, but we are not close enough.
I'm, uh I'm so sorry.
I have to I have to choose between my wife and my and my No, no.
Okay, look.
Hey, listen to me.
This is a decision that that you cannot make 'cause whatever you decide, you're gonna be haunted by it for the rest of your life.
I've seen it, Max.
The guilt, the shame The loss.
It'll destroy you, Max.
But I have I have to.
I'll do it.
I'll decide.
I'll take on the responsibility.
Please, Max, please let me do this for you.
Try to cast your mind back to that night.
What was the last exam you and your friends had taken? I don't I don't remember.
Jacob Jacob, when you were talking about being trampled by people earlier, you said, "Why would he do that?" Okay.
Why would you refer to a whole crowd of people as "he"? Person after person running by you, over you, and you said, "Why would he do that?" That's not what I meant.
I think it was.
Jacob, what really happened that night? Don't you think it's time to find out? Georgia's pulse? Steady.
I can't get it.
The cord is crimped.
Can you free it? I'm trying.
- Come on, baby, come on.
- Easy, easy.
Easy, easy.
- All right, you got it.
- Okay.
Okay, I got it.
- Okay.
- Easy.
Oh, there you go, baby.
There you go, baby.
There she is.
Hi, Luna.
Oh, my Lord.
It's okay.
Hi, hi.
You're okay.
Hi, Luna.
There you are.
You're a mess.
I'm your dad.
I got ya.
Ready? Georgia she's here.
Yeah, I know.
Georgia, she's here.
Hi, we've been waiting so long for you.
You came into this world in a really really crazy way, but now you're here.
Now you're here.
Georgia, she's here.
Max, she needs blood right now.
You have to hang in there.
You need to hang in there Because I am not doing this without you.
This little girl this little girl, she needs her mom.
And so do I.
Okay, we got a pulse.
Is she is she all right? She's fine.
It's not happening.
It's just a memory.
Say that.
It's just a memory.
So then look at it.
It's okay to look, Jacob.
Watch it! I don't want to.
Every single detail is in there.
Just close your eyes and look.
Em It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay to look somewhere else, just this once.
Where's your other friend from the line? - Bobby? - Yeah.
I have no idea.
Sure you do.
He's on the dance floor somewhere.
Facing us? Facing away.
Well, now you know why he didn't help.
He didn't see us.
What about the big guy, the guy who bumped into you? Where's he? He's on the dance floor somewhere.
You sure? You said he crashed into you later.
So he couldn't be on the dance floor when the bomb went off.
He must have been Why is he over there? You tell me.
I-I hear something.
What is that? Take a look.
It's a gas pipe.
Is that what the guy's looking at? That can't be right.
If that happened, I'd be dead.
So why aren't you? Watch out! He saved me.
I wasn't being trampled.
I couldn't move because he saved me.
He risked his life for me.
Why would he do that? Because sometimes the world has light.
I have to say, you're the last person I expected to find here.
Yeah, well, me too.
I actually came to tell Max that I'm not coming back.
Hell of a last day.
Max would've lost his family if it wasn't for you.
I am so sorry, Lauren.
I'm so very sorry.
I betrayed your trust.
I ruined our friendship.
You saved my life.
You saved my life.
Look, if I did anything good today, it's because of you.
Let's go.
Trauma team's waiting.
You coming? So, in my professional opinion, that right there is a giant balloon full of cocaine in Wilson Hatch's stomach.
It's at least four ounces.
Okay, so so maybe there happens to be a balloon in my stomach, but you can't prove what's in it.
It could it could be something perfectly legal.
So let's see it.
What do you mean, here? Just now, in the Please, man, please.
I'll be disbarred.
My girlfriend will leave me.
My wife will leave me.
Good luck.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
Tre, you want to play video games when we get home? Tre, put your hat on.
Thank y'all for coming.
Evie, you should come over for dinner every Sunday.
Oh, if I came over every Sunday, I would never get any work done.
Thank you.
It's yours, right? You gonna take it or what? No.
She's great.
Is that her? Hey.
You did it.
There's somebody who is dying to meet you.
Luna, say hi to your mom.
Oh, my God.
Honey, you did it.
She's perfect.
There she is.
Your mom is drop-dead gorgeous.
I hope I look half as good at her age.
Now is when you say, "You'll look gorgeous at any age, babe.
" I'm, uh I'm sorry.
I just What's up? You haven't said more than two words since we left.
Couldn't have been that bad.
I couldn't have been that bad.
You know, my whole life I, uh, imagined what my future would look like, what my family would look like.
I had a plan.
And to be honest you don't fit into it.
So I, uh I don't know what to do.
For the first time I, uh I don't know what's next, and I don't care.
As long as you're there, as long as you're right there with me, I don't need a plan.
Look, I don't have your family's blessing, and I don't have mine.
I don't have a ring, I don't I don't have anything.
Will you please, please say you'll spend your life with me Make a family with me you'll marry me? Yes.
Here you go.
So are you back down on earth yet? Yeah.
First time on ecstasy I haven't called an ex.
A joke, all right man.
So why would my brain do that? That guy saved my life.
Wouldn't I want to remember that? It does seem counterintuitive until you realize how the brain works.
The brain is just it's just trying to make sense of things.
Like, sometimes the world is so beautiful, you know? The laughter of a friend a newborn baby gripping your finger.
Life is also fragile.
You blink, it's gone, just like that.
In the face of horror, our minds turn our trauma into a story to make sense of it, even if it doesn't make sense.
So why would your mind tell you that the world was evil? Because evil means that your fear is right.
Evil means that you can just give up.
But to believe that we all have the capacity to be heroes no matter how evil the world may seem that's harder because that means, when the worst happens we can choose to stand up, we can choose to help.
And that's what, all day, all around us, people do.
So is the world dark? Sure.
But there's light.
There's so much light.
You just have to open your eyes and look.