New Amsterdam (2018) s04e09 Episode Script

In a Strange Land

Previously on "New Amsterdam" How does your girlfriend have a residency slot here? - I made a donation.
- Does Linda know? I know how difficult it was for you to sign that budget.
No, you don't.
These people are not your friends, Max, they're your employees.
- How many were laid off? - 148.
People who make this hospital everything it is, and you all were on that list.
Today I protected you, but I can't protect you tomorrow.
- Do you see it? - I sure do.
That is the tip of a baby carrot.
I hate carrots.
Maybe that's why you snuck it up your nose instead of in your mouth.
Pediatric speculum.
I can't find it.
Why can't you find it? Because Casey kept a storage system that he wasn't super open about.
Excuse me.
Um the anxiety is getting really bad, Dr.
- Okay.
- I can barely get out of bed.
These 9:00 a.
's are all that are keeping me together.
Yeah, hello? Oh.
Sorry, I could have sworn we had a 9:00 a.
- Did we? - We're Tuesdays at 9:00, - always, for like three weeks.
- Oh How long have you been coming here? I am so sorry I lost my head nurse and I just, um scheduling is not my it's not my forte, um Oh, God, okay.
Check in that crate over by the phone.
- What do I win if I find it? - Not getting fired.
- I got 'em.
- Okay.
You know, Gladys was basically a human calendar.
But, eureka, look who stepped up to the plate.
I got this figured out.
Devlin, Tuesdays at 9:00.
Morning, Doc, here for my 9:00 a.
- Oh, no.
- Take a number, honey.
Oh, it's, uh, hospital-wide layoffs.
It's been a nightmare for everyone, so It's got to be here somewhere.
It's not over here.
I'll try the chart room.
God, just take my tweezers.
Do we need to find a real ED? Oh, no, this is a real ED.
Uh, we just lost our head nurse, Casey.
- Mom, it hurts.
- I know, baby.
- I found it! - Oh, thank God.
Okay, we're good.
So what hospital does this Casey work at? Why don't you just take a seat? Yeah.
Ding dong.
So, uh, I hear we have a new chair of general surgery and wow.
I always suspected they valued surgery above oncology.
I'm sorry.
This just feels, uh wrong the way it happened.
Is it me, or does this place seem different now? Dr.
Kao was a rising star and, boom, they shot her out of the sky.
The ED is calling it The Bloodbath.
Surgery is calling it The Culling.
Who's next? Well, I'm not gonna wait to find out.
I'll have the Golden Goddess with whey protein, please.
Oh, and add bee pollen, thank you.
Good to know you can still add bee pollen while 100 people just got fired for lack of funding.
Patients want hospitals with good food, so Veronica gave it to them.
Pasta bars, smoothie station This is what people want.
They also want doctors and nurses who aren't miserable and demoralized.
I was just coming in, and doctors are talking about jumping ship.
Residents are applying to other hospitals.
And this cafeteria is Veronica in a nutshell.
I mean her, financial argument is just persuasive enough that you don't notice the real price of piece of New Amsterdam's soul.
- Hi there.
- Max, I know Veronica has been a bitter pill to swallow.
Sometimes she's hard for me to swallow, and I hired her.
- Mm-hmm.
- But in many ways she's just the medicine this hospital needs.
Are there side effects? Yes.
But in the end, New Amsterdam will be healthier because of it.
Fresh peaches, in November.
Incoming, level 2 mass casualty.
Fire at a midtown church.
I need everybody on point.
Walsh, let's prep the burn unit.
- Copy.
- Turan, we're going to need - general surgery.
- Yep.
Brunstetter, let's clear out these patient bays.
We're gonna need the space.
And we're going to need blood.
On it.
Do we know how many? Nope, but it's a whole church.
How's your surgical rotation going? - Is he being mean to you? - You're one to talk.
- She says she likes me more.
- Yeah, right.
Good on plasma we've got 17 pints of O negative and platelets and AB on the way.
Second burn team is in route, and if we need overflow, pediatrics said they have room.
Oh, and you got me the rest of the day.
You sure about that? After last week, I wanna help in any way I can.
We good? First bus landed.
Here they come.
Woman in her 60s, extensive second and third degree burns.
Walsh, to curtains.
- Donde esta mi esposo? - Blood, gas chest X-ray.
45-year-old man, nonproductive cough, shortness of breath, BP 110/70, two IVs, one normal saline, O2 10 liters.
He needs to be tubed.
Turan! How many more are we looking at? The place went up like a chimney.
- This is just getting started.
- Okay.
O2 sat is 65 and dropping.
She has a mucus plug.
She's tachypneic.
She needs suction now.
Yakub, 12.
Second and third-degree burns over 3/4ers of body surface.
- Chechi? - Chechi! - Chechi! Chechi - Hey.
Yakub, we're taking good care of her.
We'll let her know you're here, okay? - Chechi! - Poor kid.
Looks like he got the worst of it.
And these burns on the feet are the most severe.
Have you seen that before? My guess is that he tried to stamp out the fire.
This little brother's a hero.
Got the plug.
SpO2 levels at 97%.
Okay, good.
She's leveled out.
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold on, hold on.
What did you do? Okay, ma'am, you're at New Amsterdam Hospital.
- No.
No, put me back.
- Okay, listen to me.
Your lungs were filling up with mucus.
I need to get back there.
I was talking to God, and you ruined it.
God was talking to me.
Get Iggy down here, will you? Okay.
Can you just take a deep breath for me, okay? Lay back down.
This will help, I promise.
We should get an MRI.
24-year-old female found unconscious.
Administered 2 liters in the field.
Bay 27, let's go.
This should ease your breathing.
It's not.
I can't breathe.
Your bandages are restricting your breathing.
- We'll need to undo them.
- No, no, no, no.
You'll be more comfortable.
Get away from me! Are you okay over here? Don't touch me.
- Should I get an orderly? - No, hold on.
I got this.
Let's start over, huh? I'm Kai, he or they pronouns.
What's your name? Does taking your binder off make you feel unsafe, exposed? I get that, I do.
But the thing is, between the smoke and your binder, your lungs are struggling, which is why I have to take the binder off.
Can we do that? Okay.
My name is Temi.
My pronouns are he and him.
It's nice to meet you, Temi.
I got him.
Father, I'm Dr.
You want to come with me? Are they all here from the church? Yeah, quite a few of them, actually.
And they say religion's dying.
I need to know that they're all okay.
They're in very good hands, I promise you.
You got a pretty nasty burn there.
You want to have a seat, let me take a look? Aah! Grabbed the doorknob like an idiot, - try and get everyone out.
- Mm.
Are there are the police here? Are some of these folks undocumented? - I'm not saying anything.
- That's okay.
Just know that if they were, all patients are safe at New Amsterdam regardless of immigration status.
They're all undocumented.
I prefer to think of them as pilgrims on the road to a better life.
- Max, you gotta see this.
- Uh, excuse me.
What the hell is ICE doing here? Waiting for us to discharge our patients.
ICE has been circling our church for weeks.
They've been coming by at random times waiting for someone to be out of our protection.
They're coming home from work, leaving to go to school.
Well, you're safe here.
They can't come into the hospital, can they? They could, but they won't.
We're a sensitive location too.
Yeah, but they're going to be waiting out there.
Which is why we're not discharging any patients who came in from the church.
Spread the word code 935.
On it.
You're gonna let those things eat me? You ready? Hey, will I feel them? You're on a lot of pain medication but they might tickle a little.
And we'll be right here the whole time.
Maggots have been used in medicine for thousands of years, and they're the best way to get all the dead tissue off your legs.
And the best part is they're picky eaters.
They only like the dead skin so they leave all the nice clean living tissue.
And after they're all done, we'll be able to apply new skin grafts to your legs.
Attention, we are in code 935.
I repeat, the hospital is now in code 935.
- What's code 935? - ICE.
- Immigration's here? - You're safe, Yakub.
Just relax, focus on getting better.
I used to see the, uh, ICE van at the church every day just sitting there waiting, so scared they'll take me and my sister and put us in one of those places those jails.
So I burned our papers.
Yakub did you start the fire? I tried to stomp it out, but it destroyed everything.
I destroyed everything.
I always mess things up For me, my sister Everyone.
Okay, Rahel, hi.
So tell me about these talks with God.
How long have they been happening? For as long as I can remember.
So they started before you came to America? They happen more now.
Almost every day.
Almost every day.
What about your little brother? Does he, um, talk with God? Not unless God is on WhatsApp, plays Minecraft.
Okay, so typical little kid, check.
I know you think I'm crazy.
I'm not even sure if Father O'Connell believes me, even though everything he preaches is about talking with God even though the Bible is full of people who talk with God.
First of all, I do not think you're crazy, for the record.
And secondly, we all talk to God, right? Or some version of our perception of God, anyway.
So no, I don't think you're crazy.
What do the talks feel like? Can you explain it? Love.
It feels like love.
Love is good.
And it just happens out of the blue? I guess so.
I just light incense and focus, and it happens.
Okay, simple enough.
You really don't think I'm crazy? I really do not think you're crazy, okay? You're no crazier than this guy right here, or me, you know? And that's saying something.
I don't think you're crazy.
I think you're a caring, intuitive and spiritual human being.
And lucky.
But I am going to need to ask you for a few more tests.
You can trust me.
I don't trust anyone.
That's how me and my brother made it this far.
I understand that.
But, Rahel, if I'm gonna help you, I'm gonna need you to trust me.
Just a little.
I'll admit, it's not the most welcoming, but it will tell us what to make of the discharge.
I can tell you from personal experience that getting a mammogram sucks.
It's like stepping back into a body that isn't mine.
Does that sound familiar? So for people like us, trans men, it's tempting to ignore cancer screenings and walk away from God-awful machines like this one.
Yes, I know.
But you don't understand.
But we're willing to try.
You said you're from Nigeria, yes? Did they hurt you there? I don't need to tell you the terrible things that happened.
I'm alive.
I'm here.
This body, which they tried to destroy All I can do the best thing I can do is to fill it with love.
This body is my home.
And you want to protect your home.
I can't put myself in that machine.
It's all right.
It's okay.
Do you wanna get arrested and go to jail? Because if you don't step aside Okay, he's not the one you have to worry about All right.
All right.
What is the issue? They're trying to make an arrest.
I'm Max Goodwin, the medical director here.
I'm going to have to ask you to turn around and walk out of here or I'm going to report you for violating HIPAA laws.
Goodwin, I'm sorry we have to meet under these circumstances, but I have a warrant here for the arrest of Salvador Perez, and I have a judge issuing warrants for every undocumented that you're harboring.
This is a warrant for missing an immigration hearing.
I don't make the laws, Dr.
Goodwin, I just enforce them.
He probably missed the hearing because you were staking out his church and he was terrified to leave.
Do you really want to walk into this hospital and start arresting people? We respected the church as a sanctuary, but this doesn't look like a church to me.
So you can either help us do our job or you can get out of the way.
All right, everybody, quickly inside.
Let's move some of these tables and make some room.
Hi there, so sorry about this.
Do you mind if I, uh There you go.
Enjoying the pasta? Max, we appreciate what you're doing, but I don't see how hiding in a cafeteria is going to protect anyone.
You're absolutely right.
Do you have your rosary on you? Of course.
If ICE can come into our hospital but not a church, well, we'll have to make do.
With your blessing, Father, welcome to your new sanctuary.
Come to make a confession? I bet you've got quite a few sins you'd like to get off your chest.
I can't believe that I have to say this, but you cannot hide a bunch of undocumented immigrants in our cafeteria.
Well, they're not just undocumented immigrants, Mrs.
Trahn right there, she was a nanny for Manhattan families for about three decades.
And that's Daniel there He crossed the border pretty much by himself to find his mother.
And the little boy he's playing with is Nelson, one of the brightest boys you'll ever meet.
And he's just waiting for the day to go to school.
Please don't try to appeal to my sense of humanity, Max.
No? Okay.
How about this.
They're our patients, and it's going to be pretty hard to treat them when they're being dragged away in vans.
And, uh, where will they sleep? Hmm? Where will they go to the bathroom, Max? ICE is here legally executing warrants set by a judge, and I highly doubt they're going to just drop them because you decided to hide them in a hospital.
And again, for the record, we are a hospital and not a refugee center, Max.
You really think ICE is going to give them - the medical care they need? - You know what? I'm willing to let the government do their job and to let this hospital do ours.
So Church Amsterdam is over.
I cannot believe that you put up with this for three years.
I can't do it.
I can't send that boy to a detention center.
Neither can I.
Maybe neither of us has what it takes to make the hard decisions.
Maybe we can still make the right ones.
There's a board meeting tonight.
I'll call for a vote to terminate Dr.
Fuentes' contract.
Really? Do you have the votes to pull that off? Not yet.
But I'll find them.
Carol Brantley.
Didn't know you had it in ya.
So, Temi, this is a transducer table.
You'll lie face-down with your chest in the water, and the ultrasound signals will show us what's going on.
No compression, no pain.
It's not perfect, but it is the best that we can offer.
I do hope you'll trust us.
Thank you.
Is the water warm enough? Yes.
Are you okay? I'm seeing a spiculated, hypoechoic density with angular borders in the lateral field just there.
Yep, I see it.
I'd say it's removable, yes? Yes.
From the looks of it.
Temi, we have found a tumor on your right side, hence the bleeding.
We will need to operate, but a lumpectomy will leave minimal scarring.
Take them off, both of them.
Can you do that? A-a double mastectomy? So a full mastectomy leaves a flat chest that kind of dips in, concave.
That's different than top surgery which creates muscle contour.
This might be my only chance.
Okay, Rahel.
So we, um, looked at your scans, and it turns out that your visions are actually temporal lobe seizures.
People call them Dostoevsky seizures because we think that that's what he had, the, um, the writer.
I'm having seizures? So you know the incense that you light as part of your ritual? That incense, oddly enough, is was is bringing them on.
The smoke is reducing the amount of oxygen to your brain and Wait, no.
No, you might see a seizure on the scan, but I know how I feel I know I'm talking to God.
That's the thing about these Dostoevsky seizures.
They can feel inspiring.
They can feel blissful, like you're in another world.
But left untreated, they can cause brain damage.
The good news is that they are very treatable and I just so happen to have a medication you can start today.
I don't want that.
I help people.
Back home, I stopped my aunt's migraines and people at church, they come to me.
I can carry their suffering.
Why would you take that away? Okay.
Yes, you would stop having this very profound spiritual experience.
But again, if we don't treat your epilepsy, your seizures will go from temporal lobe to full tonic-clonic.
And I know you feel like you can control them right now.
But eventually, believe me, they will control you.
But what about Yakub? He still needs me.
Yes, he does.
Yakub will need you when he gets better.
That is absolutely correct.
But if you don't manage your epilepsy, you won't be the sister that he knows.
I know what it's like to lose a sibling, and I'm not going to let that happen to Yakub.
All right.
Let's go ahead and remove the epinephrine pads and see what we got.
- Bleeding's controlled.
- Right on.
Let's go ahead and apply some skin.
All right.
Set me up with a 2-0 chromic on an SH.
You prefer that over the PS3 needles? It's a little bit more work, but it's less traumatic on the skin, and this boy doesn't need any more trauma.
When I came here, I couldn't shake the fear that I would lose everything any minute.
When you feel like that, you do whatever you can to survive.
You even put out fires with your bare hands and feet.
You okay? I am now.
I'm one of the lucky ones.
Heart rate's 120, BP's 160/80 and rising, and his throat's swelling around the ET tube.
He's got cervical compartment syndrome.
If we don't relieve the pressure around his neck, - he'll suffocate.
- All right, ChloraPrep.
Give me a scalpel and retractors.
Let's prep for cervical faciotomy.
You paged? We've got a problem with Church Amsterdam.
- More ICE again? - Definitely not ICE.
- Where did they all come from? - They're from New Amsterdam.
When we called code 935, every undocumented patient in the hospital was diverted here by staff.
- And now - They're afraid to leave.
Well, wouldn't you be with ICE circling the building? - But this is - Completely unsustainable.
I mean, they can't stay here, and we can't just kick them out.
What are we gonna do? - Where are you taking me, Max? - What do you think? It's perfect.
For what, exactly? Your new sanctuary.
With all the new parishioners, you're gonna need a lot more space, and we can spruce it up.
- Max, I don't think - I know it's not ideal, but I bet that's exactly what your church thought when it first opened its doors, what every church or temple or mosque thinks when they open their doors.
This isn't why we built these places of worship and yet it's exactly why, to shelter people from the storm, to harbor those who have nowhere else to go, who have left their homes behind.
And if churches can be sanctuaries, then why not hospitals? We've got medical care, food, shelter, we've got a school right here.
Why not us? What about the people who have jobs and families waiting for them across town? Look, they don't need another place to hide.
They need a home.
One that they're not afraid to leave or come back to.
A-a real sanctuary, it provides safety, protection.
A real sanctuary it's a sacred space.
You're not built to provide that.
And don't blame yourself for not providing it either.
All right? Firing Dr.
Fuentes? How many of us are on board with this plan? You're the first one I've talked to.
Well, to protect myself, I'd prefer to be the last one you talk to.
- I understand.
- Do you? What will this look like? We just hired her.
I'm more concerned what it will look like if we keep her.
I was wondering when you would come around.
I'm in.
You're one of many now, I can assure you.
- But do we have enough? - I'm working on it.
Have you talked to Evan Nashton? - Not yet.
- Get his vote, and you'll have mine.
I didn't know Evan carried so much sway.
Quite the opposite.
He's the weakest link.
If you can convince him, the rest will follow.
Including me.
Almost half the board is in, but I need your vote, the strongest vote, so the rest will follow.
So you've chosen to court me in the stairwell.
So are you in or out? Veronica's done some good things for this place Fattened our bottom line, and I heard about the pasta bar.
Now a combination pasta bar immigration camp.
Exactly! You can't blame Veronica for trying to restore order.
We hired her to clean up this mess that Max has made - Keeps making.
- But at what cost? These people came here for our help, to heal.
And if Veronica has her way, we'll end up putting them in detention camps.
There's no easy answer, Karen.
No, but there's a human one.
Evan, we both joined the board because we knew in our hearts New Amsterdam was special, this place has a soul.
It makes me a better person every day.
Hell, it even made you a better one.
If we don't take action now, that soul will be gone, maybe forever.
I'm asking for your vote.
All right.
You're the boss.
You have my support.
Thank you.
That should be the last of the tumor.
Going to extend the surgical field laterally.
Lynn, the margins aren't clear.
We couldn't see it on the ultrasound, but the tumor has invaded the chest wall.
The mastectomy won't be enough.
Frome! Rahel, what happened? I can't take the medicine you gave me.
Why not? My brother, he's still in surgery! Yeah, I heard.
And he's in good hands.
He's supposed to be out by now.
But I need to help him.
I need God to help him.
Okay I understand that you want to help him.
But I'm not going to let you give yourself a seizure to do it.
That would be unethical and dangerous.
My brother needs me.
And he's getting the best medical care.
And it's not working.
I've protected my brother his whole life, but only with God's help.
My prayers are not nothing.
My prayers are They're all I have.
If you could have saved your own brother, wouldn't you have tried everything everything you could? Are you sure this is a good idea? Um, objectively speaking? No, this is a terrible idea.
I can't make her take the medication, so all I can do is be here for her if I need to be.
"By the rivers of Babylon, yea we wept "when we remembered Zion.
On the willows there we hung our harps.
" "For there, our captors asked of us songs, our tormentors demanded songs of joy.
" "They said to us, 'Sing us a song of Zion.
' "But how can we sing the song of the Lord "while in a strange land? "I forget thee, O Jerusalem, "may my right hand forget her cunning.
"They said to us, 'Sing us a song of Zion.
' "But how can we sing the song to the Lord "while in a strange land? If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, may my right hand" Lauren, Lauren, Lauren, Lauren, help me! "They said to us, 'Sing us a song of Zion.
' "But how can we sing a song of the Lord "while in a strange land? "If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, "may my right hand forget her cunning.
"They said to us 'Sing us a song of Zion.
' "But how can we sing the songs of the Lord while in a strange land?" Little more tension.
Senn retractor.
Additional prophylaxis on board.
Florescent light.
Dim the lights.
The UV light will cause any bacteria lurking inside to glow.
nominal here.
What do you have? 33-40.
Okay, we're in the clear.
If we're lucky, we won't see any.
Thank you.
Mind holding this? - BP's holding.
- Trace it up.
Chechi? You're here! Is this where you go? Is God here? You're going to be okay.
Why aren't you mad at me? I ruined everything we had with that fire.
Thought I was protecting us, but I destroyed our home.
You should just let me go now, Chechi.
You'll be free now.
Yakub, you didn't destroy our home.
You are my home.
Pulse Ox 93.
I don't see any bacteria, do you? Wow, that's amazing.
So all the swelling is from the burns and not from some infection? Turn the OR lights on now.
Yakub? Yakub? No, come back! Blood pressure's dropping.
Ventilator's down to 5 of Peep.
Airway constriction is easing.
Compartment syndrome is letting up.
That was fast.
Someone was looking out for this kid today.
She's seizing.
It's tonic-clonic.
- Help me get her on her side.
- We should get her to the ED.
No, we can't.
ICE are waiting there.
Right, okay, okay.
Hyet, pediatrics.
Hyet, pediatrics.
It's strange to see myself like this, but good.
I feel good.
Temi, you need to know that your cancer has spread, and we couldn't remove all of it.
So do you mean You do have treatment options.
After you've healed, you'll need to come in every day for chemo and radiation for six weeks.
Six weeks.
So I can stay here in the hospital? I'm afraid they're dissolving the sanctuary and everyone from the church has to has to leave.
I just found out, I'm so sorry.
And go where? I don't know.
But our medical director is trying.
Even if you can protect me from ICE today, I'll be risking ICE every time I come in for treatment.
It's a risk, yes.
But not treating your cancer will kill you.
Being deported will kill me.
Going to detention will kill me.
Every option is a death sentence.
Meds are working but recovery is going to take some time.
She's going to need to be admitted, which, and I can't believe I'm actually saying this, is a good thing.
Because then ICE can't touch her.
I never should have let things go this far.
You and me both.
This girl's faith is something else though.
It's like a fortress.
Even when she was fading in and out, at one point she came to and she looked right at me, and she said, "Let me go and you'll be free.
" I don't think she was talking about herself.
She was connected to something larger.
Maybe she was onto something.
- You okay? - I might be.
We all might be.
Send all available ambulances to the west exit.
- Why? - The less you know the better.
Nice, thank you.
30, 34 All right.
Hey, buddy, hey.
- Is this everyone? - Temi was the last in ICU.
- Cafeteria is clear.
- Pray this works.
- Oh, I have.
- And be careful.
Too late for that.
They're on the move.
Get in! Go, go, go! - Come on, out of the vehicle.
- Yeah, all right.
You are under arrest for harboring criminal aliens.
Open 'em up! Where are they? Where are the illegals? Illegals? No, I just run a hospital.
All we have are patients.
- What about tomorrow? - I don't know, Dr.
I don't need to know.
I have faith.
This is just another stop on our pilgrimage.
The thing is, they still don't have a home.
Everyone deserves a home, don't they? Mm-hmm.
They certainly do.
Including you, if you want one.
You really held your own today.
You were a real pro in that OR.
So if that interests you, there's a home waiting for you in general surgery.
I was just doing my job.
No, you were doing more than that.
I see now why they created a fifth slot for you.
- A fifth slot? - Of residents.
You know the last time that happened, Dr.
Nottingham's family had to donate a whole building to the hospital? Man, I really had it out for him.
But now he's one of the best in cardio.
So will you think about it? - I will think about it.
- All right.
And there's one more matter I'd like to bring before the board.
Glad you could make it, Max, I was about to call a vote.
Oh, a vote, really? Love voting.
Everybody should do it as often as possible, though obviously not more than once in the same election.
- Max.
- Sorry.
I call a vote to terminate Veronica Fuentes as medical director.
All in favor? Seems you're one vote shy, Karen.
Well, um, given today's debacle, all in favor of ousting Karen Brantley.
As board chair of this hospital, please raise your hands.
Well, let's congratulate Evan Nashton as new board chair of New Amsterdam.
Well done, Evan.
Well done.

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