New Amsterdam (2018) s04e13 Episode Script


Oh, I like you so very much So much, in fact, I got to wake you up I got it.
Hey, guys.
Sweetheart, sweetheart, pass the ball back? Give him a big kick.
- Well done.
When the sun comes up, we're gonna put on our shoes We're gonna shake the dust Open the door with your brand-new key We won't be afraid of being sweet to ourselves Or anybody, anybody else Oh! Champion! Oh! The crowd goes wild! Yes! Oh, Luna! Luna for the win! Everything okay? Not unless you're a doctor, no.
Uh, As a matter fact, Dr.
Max Goodwin, - Hampstead Hospital, adjacent.
- Good enough.
How can I help? Uh, I got a bit of a problem with my meat and two veg.
Meat and two your meat and two Right, yes, got it.
What seems to be the problem? Well, it's itching like a bastard, and my lady She won't have it off with me until I get it sorted.
So, even now, the carcass is chafing.
- Do you want to take a gander? - No, no, no.
I don't think that'll be necessary.
Um, I think you have a bad case of jock itch.
Is that it, do you think? I can write you a prescription, and it should be fine.
Oh, mate, thank you.
Thank you so much.
You're a lifesaver.
Hey, boys, anyone else got some freaky stuff going on below the belt? Found ourselves a team doctor! Great.
So I said to the guy, "Let's get the head "of psych on right now, and let's see how attached he is to city funding.
" - Nice power move.
- Thank you very much.
You know, it worked because the university will no longer be dumping their un-housed patients on New Amsterdam's doors, so, mm! If I may say, you're kind of the perfect Behavioral Health Chair.
- You may.
- You patient and kind most of the time, but you're also commanding when you need to be.
Your wife must be super into that.
Martin doesn't like it when I call him my wife usually.
You're gay? Yeah.
Yes, I am.
I thought Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry.
Don't be? No, as in because of the flirting.
The flirting? What? Flirting? I only meant it in a fun way because, like, obviously nothing could ever happen.
Yeah, no, no, of course, yeah, and, you know, nothing has changed because nothing can happen, Trevor, so I'm not a home wrecker.
I know that.
I know you're not.
And, uh, I everything is everything's fine.
You didn't do anything wrong, Trevor, okay? So let's you don't need to change a thing.
- Let's just leave it alone.
- Okay.
Uh, I got to deal with this.
- Sure.
Okay, yeah.
- Yeah, okay.
Why isn't it working? Hey, hey, seem to be having - little bit of trouble there.
- Stay back.
Yeah, no, I will.
I'm just wondering why you're trying to pick that up.
There's something wrong with this place.
I'm very strong.
I can pick up anything Elephants, pyramids.
Super strength, huh? So you're like Superman.
No, I'm not like Superman.
- Right.
- I'm real.
I have strength.
Yeah, okay.
I hear you.
- Why can't I pick up the desk? - I don't know.
What did you people do? Huh? - What did you do? - Nothing.
- Stop, stop.
- Adam! - Knock it off.
- Stop! Now, get in your gurney, calm down.
I am not gonna tell you twice.
How did you do that? It's my brother.
- Morning.
- Hmm, good morning.
- Great morning.
Played a little football in the park with Luna and my new mates, and she even scored a goal.
Oh, and the crowd went wild.
Sorry, I'm just not at the same level or joy that you are.
You all right? What's wrong? My mother called again.
And and she just She just has this knack for completely ruining everything as you just experienced.
Yeah, what was she calling about? Combo platter Guilt trip, uh, followed by a judgmental tirade with a side order of profound disappointment.
Sorry, I shouldn't be burdening you with all this.
No, no, burden me.
I want you to, always.
You've never even met my mother.
I was beginning to think you were hiding me, ashamed of me, but then, uh Then I realized that in this country, I'm the one with the charming and sexy accent.
Yeah, I have no doubt that she would be charmed, but I suspect - I would be utterly miserable.
- Mm.
Wasn't part of the reason we moved here was for you to be closer with your family? - Yes.
Yes, okay.
I will book a lunch for us.
And now I would like you to distract me from the terrible decision that I just made.
- What do we got? - [SIGHS.]
Frickin' MVA.
- MVA's your jam.
- It's Leyla.
I mean, I've tried everything to reach her and nothing, radio silence.
I mean, I have no idea if she's even okay.
- It's driving me nuts.
- Hmm.
- "Hmm"? - What? That's all I get? What? Floyd Reynolds, you know something.
- I know every bit of nothing.
- Spill it.
- Saved by the gurney.
- This isn't over.
MVA, car versus bridge abutment.
38-year-old restrained driver, legs and pelvis trapped in car with severe crush injuries.
Hypotensive and tachy in the field.
- All right, I got them.
- Let's get him in trauma one.
- 37-year-old woman and four-month-old infant were both restrained passengers in a MVA.
Ambulatory at the scene.
- Full eval pending.
- "Pending"? Mom wouldn't let go of the baby till I got to the hospital, not even for a second.
All right, let's get her to bay 28.
- Let's go.
- One, two, three.
- How bad is it? Pulling off the field dressings now.
Must've been one hell of a crash.
- Baby seems fine.
- She won't stop crying.
She senses your stress, and the energy here isn't helping.
And babies cry.
That is exactly what the doctors in Westchester told us.
Okay, I sense that you're upset.
- You need to listen to me.
- Ma'am, calm down.
- Tiya is not our first child.
- We had a child ten years ago.
He died at four months, exactly Tiya's age now.
He cried the exact same way right before he died.
What was wrong? The doctors never knew.
I will never forget the sounds of those cries.
It's happening again.
Something is wrong with my baby.
You have to believe me.
So just keep doing those finger exercises whenever you're at a stoplight, and that should help with the carpal tunnel.
- Thanks, Dr.
- Sure.
When do you meet the mother-in-law, then? I'm on my way there now, actually.
Oh, give her a bit of the old flannel.
You'll be all right.
I would ask what that means, but I don't think I'll need it.
- Moms love me.
- Yeah, seems about right.
Oi, Doc! Uh, uh, just set him down here.
- Easy, mate.
- Easy, easy.
Had a few too many pints there, Colin? I don't drink.
I never have.
Your pulse is sky high.
- Hands been shaking, too.
- Can you help him? - [GAGS.]
- Look out.
Oh, he's gonna puke.
- Why's that happening to me? - Okay, okay.
Let's get him up.
Let's get him up.
- Come on.
Mmm, these have a nice spice.
And Mina, how is she? Oh, she's grown glamorous.
She's studying improv this term.
Oh, she's not here? I assumed that's why you were visiting.
Actually, I am living here now.
Sorry? We've spoken several times, and you neglected to mention that you moved back home.
I-I guess I just knew that it would bring up, um, a lot for us.
When did you get here? Seven, eight weeks ago.
You've been here two months, and you couldn't be bothered to let me know? - It's not that simple.
- We wanted to get settled first.
Who's we? I've moved here with Max and Luna.
Your cats? [CHUCKLES.]
No, Mum.
They're the man I'm seeing and his lovely daughter.
His lovely daughter.
Yep, what about it? You keep insisting on raising other people's children, Mina, this Luna.
If you want to be a mother so badly, have a baby.
What happened to the egg freezing and all that? My fertility treatments were not an easy experience.
They were not a cheap experience either.
So much money, so many years, you just gave up.
You wonder why I never tell you stuff.
'Cause when I do, your response is purely designed to hurt me.
I'll tell you something.
You get hurt that easily, maybe you're not cut out for motherhood? It's best you never know what it's like to have your child treat you like some errand they put off for months.
I'm not a chore.
I'm your mother.
I gave up everything for you.
Real Mother of the Year material, you are.
What's that supposed to mean? - Ready for your wine, ladies? - BOTH: Yes.
This has been a day from hell.
Yeah, I-I can only imagine.
Um, anything you need from me, just you name it.
You committed Adam, right? Yes, 72-hour hold.
Good, then you can let him out.
I can Out? I'm his guardian, and I want to take him home.
Um Adam is potentially dangerous.
Not to me.
Not to me.
He had a full psychotic break.
What he needs right now are trained professionals.
That's that's it.
He's been living with me for years.
I take care of him, and I am a trained professional.
- No, not right now you're not.
- You're his sister.
And I will not compromise his health and safety or yours.
Either you release him, or I will go petition the court.
I think a 72-hour hold is more than Dr.
Wilder! [SIGHS.]
BP's crashing.
Cytokine storm from the crush injuries.
Start a dobutamine drip.
Losing blood everywhere.
He's in DIC.
- Hang a six pack of FFP.
- On it.
- Can we get more gauze? - Coming.
- Whoa, hey.
Any word on Tiya? She's still being evaluated.
Something's wrong with Tiya.
I know it.
I was driving so fast.
I had to get her here.
I had to save my daughter.
If there's anything wrong, we'll find it, okay? We got you.
Just relax.
Got labs back on the baby All normal.
What? There has to be something.
LFTs, thyroid, electrolytes everything's fine.
That's a good thing, right? Help! [CRYING.]
Oh, my God, is she dying? - No, she's not dying.
- She's having a seizure.
Walsh, get me .
7 milligrams of Lorazepam.
I told you I don't drink.
And now you're trying to make me do vodka shots? For your health.
You have something called gut fermentation syndrome.
- That sounds bad.
- Oh, bloody hell.
It just means that, uh, due to excessive yeast in your digestive tract, every carb that you eat gets fermented into alcohol inside your body.
That sounds quite nice.
Well, if there's already lots of alcohol in my body, why you trying to force-feed me more? Well, because when I prescribed the antifungal - for your - Meat and two veg.
Right, it wiped out all the yeast in your body, which means that alcohol is no longer entering your bloodstream, which means - Colin's got the beer shakes.
- Yeah.
But a bit of day drinking should clear that right up.
And in 24 hours, you'll be fine.
All right.
That is awful.
Come on, lads, we can't let him go through this alone.
Oi, another round over here.
Uh, No, no, none for me, thanks.
I've got a mother-in-law to meet a half hour ago.
Uh, I got to go.
Good luck.
Hey, you got a sec? I'm prepping Dion for a double amputation.
Oh, God, that poor family.
Tell me about.
How's their baby? Well, we managed to stop the seizures, but still no diagnosis.
Given family history, it's got to be a genetic disorder of some type.
That's a crowded room.
Tay Sachs, Gaucher, Fabry, Pompe, mucopolysaccharidosis.
You need a separate draw of blood for each test.
The baby doesn't have that much blood.
Exactly, so I'm sequencing her entire DNA.
Find the defective gene directly.
The family already lost one kid.
I'm not gonna let them lose another.
Leyla came to me this morning for a recommendation.
- She's coming back? - Honestly, I don't know.
I shouldn't have said anything, but I knew I'd cave eventually.
Better to not drag it out.
- They wouldn't let Adam out.
- Request denied.
Yeah, I know.
I heard.
I'm sorry.
Are you? Can you tell me about your relationship with Adam? Maybe I can get a clearer picture of who he is? [GRUNTS.]
Do you mind? Whenever you're ready.
I was the only deaf kid in a hearing family, so everything was all about me.
You know, there was there was no talking during meals so that everybody could practice ASL.
And my parents moved our entire lives across the country so that I could go to the best possible school.
It would've been easy for Adam to resent me.
He never did.
He was happy.
He was doing his own thing.
- So - So We never saw it coming.
No, no one does.
But we could have.
There were there were signs.
We just didn't see them because we were all so So focused on me.
Adam's psychosis is not on you.
No, it's not.
You know that, right? Even if you had seen the symptoms earlier, it wouldn't have changed anything.
He still would've gotten sick.
- It would've.
- It would've.
Do you know where Adam had his first psychotic break? College hundreds of miles from home, surrounded by strangers.
He jumped out of his window because he thought he could fly.
He broke four bones.
And you know what they did? They put him in jail to dry him out.
They thought he was high.
He could've died.
- He could've.
- He could've [SOBS.]
- He needed me.
- He needed me.
He was scared out of his mind, and he was alone.
I wasn't there.
You think I feel guilty? - No.
- No, this is not guilt.
This is what I owe.
All right, the lab has sequenced all of Tiya's DNA.
Now we have to find the gene that's threatening her life.
I'm not gonna lie.
I don't know much about DNA-sorting software.
Good, 'cause we don't have any.
We're doing it by hand.
Oh, my God.
How's this even going to work? All right, this stack here is Tiya's DNA all of it.
The research lab went from one end of her genetic sequence to the other.
This stack here is the DNA sequence to every single known genetic disorder that effects infants.
Take one from the disease pile, find the corresponding section in Tiya's DNA, see if you can find a match.
Just like that? Well, it's not rocket science.
Anyone who can match a pattern can do it.
Come on, let's go.
Full amputation of both lower extremities complete.
The crush injuries extend further up.
We need to widen the field of resection.
But that means going into the abdominal cavity.
Well, if we don't get all the crushed tissue, we won't be able to control the DIC and cytokine storms.
Resecting more tissue will certainly get us into vital organs that he can't live without.
And if we do nothing, he'll surely die.
Hey, you've reached Max.
I can't take your call, so leave a message.
- Max, where are you? You're an hour late, and she's been completely Oh, damn it.
Mum, please, Max is gonna be here any moment.
I really want him to meet you.
Why should I wait for a man who can't be bothered to show up? I've spent enough of my life doing that.
Wow, you never miss a trick, do you? - Any opportunity to insult Baba.
- Helen.
I don't know why you still use that name for your father.
Sweet little pet name for the man who walked out and left us.
You're a liar.
How dare you speak to me like that? He didn't walk out the door.
You drove him away.
I remember.
Mum, please just stop.
I remember him begging to stay.
I remember him holding me.
And I remember you ripping me out of his hands while you screamed at him to get out.
And then you spent the next 30 years telling me that he abandoned us, that he's a racist, that he didn't love me.
That lie shaped my entire future, my feelings towards kids, towards men.
He called me.
He called me on his deathbed, and I hung up on him.
I will never have even an idea of a father because of you.
So the next time The next time you want to talk about Baba, I would I would love for you to try something Try something at which you have very little practice.
Shut up.
Oh, good.
You started without me.
Uh, so sorry I'm late.
Crazy story.
You wanted this lunch so much, you have it.
Exposing the rectus abdominis muscle.
Scalpel, forceps.
Resecting the necrotic portion.
That is a large cut.
Yeah, and I didn't even get it all.
Let's see how far down the destruction goes.
- Just loops of dead bowel.
- And the bladder's in pieces.
There's no end to the damage.
- Cautery.
- Okay.
All right, look, scalpel.
If he's gonna stand any chance, we're gonna have to slash and burn as fast as we can.
Would you mind if we have a little chat? I'm a little foggy.
Can you come back later? Your sister told me about the break you suffered in college when you tried to fly out of your dorm.
Do I have to talk about this? But today, um, you weren't trying to fly.
You were trying to, uh, pick up buildings, right? So? So psychotic delusions almost never change over time.
Why do you think that happened, Adam? I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
- Stop! - Stop, you're upsetting him.
It's all right.
I need you to look at your sister and tell her the truth.
I faked it this morning.
I don't know.
I don't know what I was thinking.
I think I do.
You were maybe thinking that you could become an in-patient here.
- Why? - Why? So he doesn't have to live with you.
Adam! Last week your friend came over.
You went out for drinks.
It was the happiest you've looked in years.
You never go out.
Don't date.
- Because of me.
- No! [WHINES.]
I'm a burden.
I'm ruining your life.
I want to move out.
Anything? Anyone? [SIGHING.]
Bloom? Oh, sorry, Carl.
Uh, We're gonna clean up, but I think we're gonna be here all night.
That's why I came.
My little boy has Apert Syndrome, so I'd like to help you if I can.
Yeah, you can.
Thank you, Carl.
We've managed to preserve kidneys, colon, - small intestine, ureters.
- We got it all.
I got these for your mom, but I figured you could use them.
Wouldn't really categorize the rest of lunch as pleasant, but, uh, we got there.
Wow, you know, she's had a lot thrown at her at once.
I mean, Mina, me, Luna, and I think, really she just wants to feel included like she matters to you as much as you matter to her.
So, when I threw out the idea of a family night, she she lit up.
And the idea would be that once a week we would all - Stop.
- What? I didn't ask you to try and fix things with my mother.
No, you didn't, but you did leave me there.
That's 'cause I just detonated my entire life with her.
Sorry, uh I'm confused.
I thought a big part of why we moved here was you wanting to connect with her.
Yes, connect with her, Max, not to appease her.
Yeah, right, so you can only do that if you're in the same room together, right? I mean, what's so wrong about inviting her to dinner? Max, these are not your problems to fix they're mine.
Okay, when I moved across an ocean for you, your problems became ours.
Don't you dare use that against me.
I'm not using anything against you.
Moving here for me, leaving New Amsterdam for me That is the trump card that you can use in every argument we are ever gonna have.
It's the one thing you can say that's gonna shut everything else down.
I'm not trying to shut anything down.
I have been begging you to talk to me about this.
And you won't, so now you're mad at me for not knowing what you want.
That's because I don't know what I want! [DISTANT SIREN WAILING.]
From her or from me? [SIGHS.]
Max, I need you to stay out of my family.
Oh, okay.
I guess I thought we were a family.
Are we A family? [CELL PHONE RINGING.]
Hello? Oh, my God.
Great, thank you, Trev.
- These are your - Those are my files.
- Yes.
- Yeah, I can see that.
Will that be all, Dr.
Frome? Trevor, come on, man.
Come on.
It's it's me, all right? No no harm, no foul.
Are you sure? Yes, I'm sure.
I'm positive.
You are not a home wrecker, okay? You're not.
I'm a big boy.
All right, I've been in a happy, wonderful marriage for over 15 years.
I feel like you're suppressing your true self.
You certain? As you were, Captain, all right? Thank you, Dr.
Frome Iggy.
You're welcome, Trev.
Now, come on, skedaddle.
Your husband is very lucky to have someone as special as you.
Yeah, I'm I'm the lucky one, actually.
If only I met you 15 years earlier.
- Adam.
What's wrong? It's not, uh it's not good news.
The crush injuries were too severe.
We tried to remove all the damaged tissue, but we We couldn't.
So your body is failing, and There is nothing more we can do.
There's a high probability that you won't make it through the night.
Oh, God.
Oh, God, no.
Please, no.
I'm gonna give you two some time.
No, I can't [SOFTLY.]
I love you.
I love you.
Floyd, Floyd.
You're not gonna believe this, but we found it.
The gene? Thiamine metabolism dysfunction syndrome, just like her brother had ten years ago.
That's curable.
Yeah, just a dose of thiamine once a day.
I mean, I can't believe we found it.
Well, I mean, my eyes were going numb from just lines of ATGC, but now Tiya's going to get to live a normal life.
And you know how much I hate this word, but it's a miracle.
What's wrong? Where's Tiya now? NICU.
Look who it is.
Baby girl, yeah.
Hey, little bit.
Wait, just I told you I don't want to see you, but you continue to call me.
You text me.
You ambush me.
I know, I know.
I upended your life.
I violated your trust, your boundaries.
I tried to control you with money.
And I'm probably gonna regret losing you for the rest of my life.
But I'm not trying to change it.
I'm trying to atone for it.
You shouldn't have to leave this place because of me.
Your residency spot is still open.
I can't work with you, Lauren.
You won't have to.
I'm the one who's leaving.
- Yeah, hi.
Come in.
Just heading out for the day.
Ella? Hi.
What? What's wrong? It's Vijay.
He - He - No.
Throw me a bone No, no, no, no, no, no.
Oh, no.
What did you know? [BOTH CRYING.]
How do we ever decide? Careful, love Blow it away Let's go there What do you say? Whole life Why do you wait? You heard? How do we get to the sky? - You heard? - Yeah.
What a sight for sore eyes.
You guys didn't have to come all this way.
Of course we did.
We're family.
What made you Maybe you know Whole life Let it all go How do we get to the sky?
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