New Amsterdam (2018) s04e17 Episode Script

Unfinished Business

Previously on "New Amsterdam" Half our karaoke party is missing.
Now Trevor.
Ronnie, pull the car over now.
Why is it just those four missing? It's not just four.
Helen! Helen.
Hey, hey, Helen! Helen! Helen! Helen.
Hey, Helen.
Talk to me.
Helen, hey! Talk to me.
Helen, please.
Hey, help! I found her on the floor.
It's, uh, shallow breathing.
A weak pulse.
Get me a finger-stick blood sugar stat.
Pupils equal round reactive.
DTR's intact bilaterally.
Hi, this is Dr.
Bloom from New Amsterdam Hospital.
I'm trying to track down a veteran in your system.
Uh, Ronnie Cooper.
Hi, this is Trevor.
You know what to do.
Hi, Trevor, it's me.
Would you please call me as soon as you get this? I'm, uh, I'm getting worried over here.
Okay, thank you.
This is her bike.
Mia! Mia! All right, let's fan out.
She's out here somewhere.
- Uh, hello? - Ronnie? Ronnie Cooper, where are you? Do you need help? What a night.
- Is Casey with you? - Casey? I don't - Who is this? - Dr.
Lauren Bloom.
You were with my friend Casey Acosta last night and now we can't find him.
- Is he is he with you? - Uh, no, ma'am.
We, uh we kinda got into it last night.
And, uh, we almost got into an accident and he just bounced.
Who is this again? Dr.
Lauren Bloom from New Amsterdam Hospital.
Uh, yeah.
I did I did see Casey last night.
We, uh, we went for a drive.
- A drive where? - Well, uh - What's wrong? - Casey's missing.
I'm going out to find him.
Out, like out of the hospital? Then I'm going with you.
Okay, is there any landmarks? Tell me where you last were there.
Mia! Mia! Hey, I got her.
I got her.
- Damn it.
- Trauma? Not that I can see, but she's hypothermic and we gotta get her out of here now.
- Oh, my God! - Oh.
Make sure we're the only ones here.
Uh, Karen, come look at this.
Oh, my God.
Ah-ah, just lie there.
Don't move.
I'm calling an ambulance.
- The apartment's all clear.
- Thank you.
M Max.
Hey, easy.
Easy, tiger.
It hurts everywhere.
What happened? We found Thanatophol in your blood.
Happened last night at the bar.
- My drink was spiked? - Not just yours.
It happened to Wilder, Trevor, Mia, Casey.
- Oh, my God.
- We're getting the word out to everybody, but right now you're my priority, which means getting you fluids and rest.
Oh, I'd rest a lot easier if my leg wasn't killing me.
Which one? The left one.
That bad? We got more of her labs back.
Her D-dimer's high.
So's your protein.
You're at 12 grams per deciliter.
What's what's my platelet count? Uh, you're down to 25,000.
I am ripe for severe DIC.
You could have clots everywhere.
You need a body scan now.
Walsh, let's move.
Doing great, babe.
You're almost done.
How's it look? Max? Max, what do you see? Please just just tell me.
Uh, you have multiple clots.
In multiple arteries.
Where are they? Renal.
And hepatic.
Two surgeries, that's not too bad.
And gastric.
And ovarian.
And uterine.
So that's three more.
Including a hysterectomy.
Hello? Trevor, hi.
Oh, my God.
Hey, boss.
- Got your messages.
- Yeah.
Uh, where are you? Baptist Hospital.
I swear to you I'm not cheating on you, mate.
It's where the paramedics took me.
So I'm sure you know by now that you were drugged last night.
- Yeah.
- Wasn't just you though.
A bunch of us got dosed unfortunately.
The last thing I recall I was on the train home.
Good Samaritans found me passed out like a real derro.
They called 911 and I'm here.
And are you hurt? Are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm fine.
I promise.
Thank you for checking up on me.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
No, of course.
I've been, you know, I've been really worried.
Uh, mind has been racing.
Can I ask, um one thing? Uh.
- Yeah? - This is gonna sound stupid.
I have a little bit of the old brain fog myself from the uh, you know Did, uh did anything happen last night? Happen? Yeah, happen.
You know, anything less than professional between you and I? Sounds like you got it worse than me, mate.
Nothing happened.
Nothing? Some rocking karaoke, lovely late-night conversation.
That was it.
We parted ways.
And, uh, that's it? That's it.
- Oh, well, that's good.
- Yes.
That's good.
That's, uh, great.
I mean, all, you know, all druggings aside.
Okay, well, you rest up and feel better.
And, uh, just let me know when they release you, okay? - Right-o.
- Okay.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Hey, babe.
What are you Sameera has her parent-teacher conference - tonight.
- Yeah.
Yes, of course.
Yeah, yeah, I, um.
Yeah, I didn't forget.
I just it's been a crazy day.
I, uh Core temp's 79.
Here, grab the far end of this warming blanket.
Hook her up to a Level 1 rapid infuser.
She'll need Amp, Gent, and Dranova.
Not Dranova.
Chart says she's allergic.
- Severe flushing.
- Well, make it Vancomycin.
Watch it.
All right, she's okay.
All right, look, everyone, we're gonna have to be very careful, all right? Just one bump could stop her heart.
And we won't be able to restart it until she's warmed up.
Okay? I'm not having a hysterectomy.
Your uterus could rupture.
Yes, I know.
I know that the clots are a problem and that I have to do something about them.
But I wanna try something less invasive.
I'm gonna try and break them up, so can you put me on a regimen of Platazel? Platazel could lead to uncontrollable bleeding.
As a hematologist, I am aware of the risk.
Yeah, and this seems like an unnecessary one.
And surgery would mitigate a lot of these issues.
Yeah, and it will permanently change my body in dozens of ways.
I'm on your side.
I'm on your side.
I know.
A hysterectomy.
That's gonna permanently change my future.
It's gonna change my personality.
And I can't help but think of the fact that hysterectomies, they've been overperformed for decades on people who look like me.
'Cause if we're talking about risks, well, that's feeling pretty risky to me.
And none of that is gonna be mitigated.
I hear you.
I do, but we're talking about your case.
Your body had an extreme reaction to the Thanatophol, and you wanna add Platazel, which is long-acting.
And if it doesn't work, then we're gonna have to rush you into an even riskier surgery.
- Max, please.
- And I don't wanna do that.
Please don't be my doctor.
Be my partner.
That should do it.
Oh, my God.
What is that? It's like a roofie on steroids.
Someone really wanted to knock you all on your asses.
- Or kill us.
- Who would do this? I'm calling the police.
You rest.
I'm gonna order a CT scan of your head.
Be right back.
That's right, officer.
Thank you.
Elizabeth? You think he's near here? This is where his idiot friend said he left him.
Casey! Okay, uh, let's just look for any sign of him.
His wallet is like old, and brown, and crappy, and his phone is like from 2017.
Lauren, we'll find him, okay? Yeah, okay.
So talk to me.
What's going on with your visa? You don't wanna know.
Of course I do.
There was a glitch in my paperwork.
And I never got any of the notices because I was living in my car.
And in the middle of all that, my case officer changed.
Bottom line, my refugee status is being revoked.
And if I don't fight it, I'll be sent back to Pakistan.
You need to contact Legal Aid immediately - and tell them.
- I did.
They're backed up for years.
Pro bono programs? Same.
With the new laws, I'm not the only one this is happening to.
Leyla, you need a lawyer.
I know.
I know, I know, but just How much do you need? $10,000.
Just for the retainer.
And then another $10,000 a month.
I hate to ask you.
I don't know who else.
Is that his UMI ID? Lauren! Casey! Casey, Casey.
Oh, God.
- Oh, my God.
- Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Okay, it looks like the screwdriver sealed up - the wound, thank God.
- Pulse is thready.
Feeling like 45 beats a minute.
Okay, that's something.
Casey? Casey, can you hear me? No, no.
Just get away.
No, no, no, no! Damn it, damn it! Oh, my God.
- He's bleeding out.
- I need a suture.
Anything to seal up the wound.
I need you to stay still, buddy.
Okay? Okay.
- You find anything? - Not yet! What the hell happened to you? Mugged.
Okay, you know there are easier ways to get a day off, right? Found something.
- Good.
- Cardboard.
Egg crate foam, and A caulking gun? It works on tiles.
What the hell? Here goes nothing.
Releasing in one, two, three.
Okay, I just need to get in that hole.
Got it.
Well, the bleeding's stopped.
For now.
Call 911.
You're gonna be okay.
Come on.
Stay with me, buddy.
Come on.
Higbee says, "If you're not early, you're late.
" Oh, Mr.
Higbee sounds like a real stickler.
We'll make it in time, hon.
Don't worry.
Hey, nothing happened.
Okay? Uh, our daughter is ten feet in front of us.
I know.
I'm just saying that whatever you think you overheard back there, it was not what it sounded like, okay? - No? - No, no, no.
'Cause it sounded like you hired Trevor, the guy who hit on you during his interview, the guy we both agreed you shouldn't hire.
Okay, yeah.
That that part is exactly what it sounded like.
- But the rest of it - Stop.
Just stop.
- Honey, please - No, no, I am not gonna have a conversation with you about your infidelity out on the street between here and PS 144, so just park it.
If not for me, then for our daughter.
Hurry up, you slowpokes.
Hey, coming, hon.
- Hey.
- Hey.
We should talk.
Where to begin? I don't know.
I just found out.
I've been spinning and I Look, since the baby's mine, then I think it's only right that you and I raise the child together.
Claude can take the job in Denver and, you know, we can stay together.
Floyd I'm not leaving Claude.
I mean is there any way the three of us could raise the baby together? And what, I move to Denver? Would we go to church together? Thanksgivings? That does sound Yeah, crazy.
I mean, Claude and I could raise the baby without No, no, mm-mm.
Definitely not.
Yeah, I didn't think so.
I just, you know, I had to - I had to - Any other options? I mean, I could, um I could terminate the pregnancy.
Then there would be nothing tying us together.
Do you want that? No.
This baby is a miracle.
Then where do we go from here? So I just spoke to Dr.
Malvo, who told me that the clot busting is working.
You don't seem, uh, elated.
It's just this isn't quite how I imagined our first ultrasound as a couple.
Totally thought it would be your gallbladder.
Look, I know that we haven't discussed this, and I don't mean to just spring it on you I wanna have a baby with you.
I mean, who even knows if it's possible.
Frozen eggs.
Your cancer.
- Let's not go there right now.
- My Let's just live in the possibility.
Luna would love it.
Big sister, are you kidding? And we already have like a million baby clothes.
Yeah, and a crib.
Got that.
The baby practically pays for itself.
Yeah, and this baby would be a little mini-you, so, you know, freaking adorable.
I had a whole plan.
I had a whole plan to propose to you.
- Excuse me? - Mm-hmm.
Nice reservations at this fancy restaurant and a walk through New York City in the moonlight and everything.
You know, I even got a ring.
- Max? - But Screw it.
Maybe this place is as good as any.
Will you make me the happiest man in this whole ICU? Will you marry me? Yes.
Yes, yes, yes.
Oh, my God.
Wait, you you got a ring? Yeah, I got a ring.
I got a ring.
It's nice.
Should I get it? - Yeah.
- I should? - I should go get it, okay.
- Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, okay.
I'm gonna get it.
I'm getting the ring.
Okay, so somehow this is now my fault? I'm not no, I didn't.
I'm not saying that.
Okay, and look, surprise.
- Say that.
- He has once again steered the fight away from the real issue at hand.
- The real issue? - Yeah.
No, the real issue, as I see it, is that you have a ton of hot gay friends - and I have never once - What? Insinuated that you might be sleeping with one of them.
But that's exactly where you went with me.
That's the first place your mind went.
My friends' hotness isn't a secret.
You and I talk about how guys look all the time.
- Yes.
- Yet this guy has been in your life for months, yet you've never mentioned him once.
Because it wasn't important.
And yet you go out with him one night and the next morning you're worried something might've happened - between the two of you.
- Because The roofies didn't put you in that situation.
- You did that all on your own.
- How can you And that's infidelity, Iggy.
Emotional infidelity.
Stop using that word.
I it's banter.
It's banter, Martin.
Over coffee.
That's the extent of our relationship.
All right? I don't even know the guy's last name.
Does it bring me pleasure that this handsome guy flirts with me? Yeah, sure, I'm a human being.
- But it's harmless.
- But it isn't harmless! Lower your voice.
You're gonna scare the kids.
You've been different these past few weeks.
I've noticed it.
The kids have noticed it.
- No.
- You've been happier.
And I just assumed it was you getting back in the saddle again.
Finding joy in this amazing life that we've built together.
I even thought maybe it was me.
No, but the thing that's been bringing you all this joy these past few weeks is flirting with another man at work and then lying about it.
That's Come on.
If you still think that's nothing, you're not just lying to me.
Excuse me.
Someone's gotta start dinner.
You're gonna be okay.
Don't do that.
You know why you're gonna be okay? Because I wore a freaking taco hat for you and that can't be the last humiliating thing that you make me do, okay? It makes me really happy to see you and Leyla together.
Yeah, I mean, she's talking to me again.
Voluntarily, so yeah, I feel pretty good about it.
If I die, you're gonna feel really bad about lying to me.
You are not gonna die.
My BP is 87/40.
I've lost one and a half units of blood and the only thing that's keeping me from completely bleeding out is Plumber's caulk.
If I was some random patient that got wheeled into your ED, I don't think you'd be so sure about how this is gonna go.
Is that right? Just level with me here.
Leyla's immigration status is in trouble and she has asked me for money.
Like a lot.
The good news is you have a lot of it.
If I give it to her, then she'll get to stay.
But then our entire relationship is transactional and eventually, she's gonna resent me for it.
And if you don't? Well, then she's gonna have to leave the country.
And I'm never gonna see her again.
Guess money doesn't solve every problem.
That would appear to be the case.
- How many? - Four times.
Four, five, six, seven.
- Okay, we're going again.
- Eight.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Her body temp's 92.
Still too cold.
Look, her heart is not going to restart until we get her to a normal body temp.
- That's what we've been doing.
- Well, we need fast acting.
Five, six, seven.
Let's get the 12 point ready.
Give her 10ccs of Dranova.
IV push.
No, wait.
No, no.
It she's allergic to Dranova.
An allergic reaction will raise her body temp.
- Yeah, or it'll kill her.
- So will arguing with me.
Just do it.
Your call, chief.
Six, seven, eight, nine.
Doc from last night, what can I get you? Why? Why what? Hey! Lady, what the hell? Look, look, look.
I don't know what you're saying, but you gotta get out of here.
- Stop! Stop! - What? - Sto - Why? Okay, you wanna know why? Yeah.
You doctors.
Everybody says you're heroes.
You're no hero, okay? I got COVID, and it was nothing but a bad cold.
But you doctors, you exaggerated everything.
You scared people.
You shut down businesses.
I was outta work for 18 months! Because of you.
You didn't lose your job, did you? You know what it's like to owe a year of back rent, huh? Huh? Elizabeth? Yeah.
Yeah, I did it.
I drugged you and I hope you suffer the same way I suffered! Stop right there.
Stop right there.
Back off.
He did it! He Elizabeth? Elizabeth! - Elizabeth.
- Call an ambulance.
Give me a tidal volume 700, respiratory rate 12.
- Lyn, what happened? - And five PEEP.
One of the clots broke free and is lodged in her lung.
We need to do an embolectomy now or she's going to die.
All right, it's working.
Body temp's at 95.
She's in full anaphylactic shock, Dr.
We need to reverse the allergic reaction now.
She's not warm enough for us to shock her heart yet.
Her airways are closing.
Here, I'm reversing it.
No, she's at 96.
7, all right? She's getting there, Walsh.
All right, she's getting there.
O sats are tanking.
- 98.
- This is killing her.
Come on.
Come on, Mia.
- 99.
- Now! Paddles.
I'm going again.
Got a pulse.
Give her the EpiPen! What are you waiting on? Airways clearing.
O2 sats are rising.
She's gonna make it.
How 'bout you? Caulk? Yeah, seemed better than a hammer and nails.
Jeez, no one in this department got a sense of humor? And looks like the carotid artery's intact.
That's a relief.
I'm so sorry.
I swear I'm not trying to take advantage of your feelings or I would never think that about you.
Things between us are complicated.
But I'm in awe of you.
Starting out in a new country.
Never backing down.
Even when faced with obstacles that would probably break me.
I love you.
And not just in the way that I know that I need to get over.
I love you as a person.
And I wanna do whatever I can to help you be that person.
I'll give you whatever money you need.
Thank you, Lauren.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Advancing the embolectomy catheter through the subclavian artery.
Headed for the right atrium.
Oxygenation's falling.
You gotta get the clot out of her lungs.
And smoothly through the tricuspid valve.
Careful, careful.
You're touching the wall - of the right ventricle.
- I'm pulling back.
No, push through.
The only way to get to that clot is to push through - the heart.
- If I advance any further, she could have a cardiac arrest.
If you don't get that clot out, she's not gonna make it.
If her heart stops, I'll restart it.
You'll only have a few seconds.
I know.
I'm ready.
I'm not gonna lose her.
Advancing catheter.
It's all right.
Just a few irregular beats.
You got it.
Made it.
I'm at the clot.
Activating embolectomy.
Okay, got it.
Oxygenation is stabilizing.
That's that's great, Lyn.
Now comes the hard part.
The catheter's gotta go out the way it came.
- Ready? - Yeah.
Out of the lung.
Approaching the heart.
And through the pulmonic valve.
V-fib arrest.
Normal pulse.
Good rhythm.
And the catheter? It's out.
That was close.
She made it.
- She's gonna be okay.
- Thank you, Lyn.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Surgeon says you're gonna be fine.
Be out of here in no time.
But, uh, going back and confronting the bartender all by yourself is not one of your best ideas.
When did everything change? What? Do you remember the the parades? Celebrating healthcare workers.
Spontaneous applause throughout the city every night.
- And now.
- And now.
The hospital is full of unvaccinated people who hate us.
We've become the enemy.
- For trying.
- For trying to help.
I know.
I used to wear my scrubs home from work.
Now before I walk home, I put on regular clothes.
I don't want people to know that I'm a doctor.
Because Because I'm afraid that I will be attacked.
How can I How can I can I have hope in a world like this? I'm sorry, kid.
But you're the hope.
It's just you.
That's all you got.
I heard you saved Helen's life.
I heard you saved Mia's.
You know, my, uh dad wasn't around much.
My mom raised me and Believe me, she's a force, but somehow it was my dad who made me who I am through his absence.
You know? And because of that, I so want to be a father.
A good father.
I mean, it's shaped everything I am.
Everything I've done.
So there's no way I could abandon my own child.
But if that child had you and Claude I wouldn't be abandoning that child at all.
'Cause they would have a wonderful mother.
And a wonderful father.
And be raised in a home filled with joy and love.
- Floyd, are you saying - I just ask that when the time is right I get to tell our child who I am.
I get to be in their life.
'Cause I just I just want them to know that we were united in love.
Trying to make something bigger and better than our parents did.
It didn't work out for us.
But look what did work.
A little miracle.
Just like you said.
There she is.
They got the clots.
They got all of them.
Now that that is out of the way, I, um I got you this.
I had it made just for you.
What? - Hm.
- What is it? S-s-s-speak.
C-c-c-can't C-c-c C-c-can't Hey.
It's okay.
It's okay, it's okay.
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