New Amsterdam (2018) s04e19 Episode Script

Truth Be Told

You've reached Dr.
Helen Sharpe at NHS Hampstead.
Please leave a message, and I'll ring you back, no ifs, ands, or buts.
Voice mail never sounded so good.
Your diction is perfect.
So long, embolic stroke.
Helen Sharpe is back.
And I can't wait to be back with you.
Uh, I'm on my way to meet the asset, and I think we're gonna send Veronica packing for good.
You're fired.
I'm gonna call you back.
Hi, there, Veronica.
You were saying something.
You know, I want you and your two-bit accomplices out of here now.
Totally get that.
Thing is, in your haste to acquire UMI, you kind of forgot to read the employee contracts that me and my two-bit accomplices signed.
It's funny I got a copy right here.
Article 17 states that, "Employees shall be safeguarded from termination due to sale or merger.
" So I think that's pretty clear.
It's funny it's kind of like we planned it or something.
I'll see you at the company picnic? Is the asset secure? - Patient room three.
- Great.
Sergeant Todd, you sly son of a gun.
You said 0900.
It's 0930.
Well, I'm usually way later than that.
Sorry, won't happen again.
So why all the subterfuge? Well, I know that you and I don't see eye to eye on most, if not all, aspects of daily life.
Only because you're a socialist.
And you are a raging capitalist who who has graciously come to hear me out, so I'll get right to it.
Um, what do you think about Veronica Fuentes? She is the leader of this organization, and she has my support.
Yeah, but maybe - maybe you - Will that be all? Yeah.
That'll be all.
Sorry to have wasted your time.
Fuentes is everything I hate in a leader.
She doesn't care about you or me or anyone in this hospital.
She's only in the war for profit.
So If you are asking me if I would support a regime change, - the answer is yes.
- Todd.
Yes! Sorry.
Socialists like to hug.
Um, okay, I think this is the smoking gun that is gonna finally bring Veronica down.
These are financial records for Urgent Medicine, Inc.
, that Veronica just acquired.
My people at the DOJ will be very interested in this.
Well, I was hoping they might be.
The instructions were no jewelry, Mum.
So what? Why you insist on constantly meddling in my personal affairs is beyond my comprehension, especially since, as you so often remind me, I'm the worst mother.
My stroke was a wake-up call.
In spite of how healthy we may think we are, we must check in with our bodies, and regular colonoscopy It's like you want me to be ill, because doctor-patient is the only relationship you understand.
It's just a routine colonoscopy, Mum and I'll be with you every step of the way.
My face will be the first thing you see when you wake up.
All right, then, Serwa.
Will you count backwards from ten for me, please? Ten, nine, eight sev Floyd? What are you doing in Dad's car? Driving it.
Because? I need your help with something, Cort.
Does Mama know you have that thing? No.
She doesn't know anything yet.
I'm gonna be a father.
Like, to a baby? Yes, to a baby, but it it's complicated.
I'm I'm gonna be involved but there's there's two more parents.
The child has two other parents, and that means my level of contact might not be Wait, wait, wait, wait.
You haven't told Mama any of this, have you? Mm-mm, no, no.
I wanted to come to you first.
See if you had a line on Dad.
Who left our mother swimming in debt with three children to raise alone? No.
I don't have a line on that son of a bitch, and I don't want one.
Look, if you don't know anything, then I got to talk to Mama.
No! No.
You tell her about your child out of wedlock and wanting to start something with your father, you'll send her to an early grave.
Don't you say a word to her.
- Dr.
Frome? - Hey! - Everything okay? - Yeah, yeah, fine.
Just, um, got a lot on my mind today.
Um, have you seen Trevor? Mr.
Vaughan? No.
Would you like me to page him? No.
No, no.
That's okay.
Thank you.
Hey, boss.
I was hoping to get some filing under the belt - before you got in.
- Oh, yeah, okay.
Well, um, I-I'll leave you to it.
- Is everything all right? - Hmm? You're not still sketched out about the other night, are you? Uh, Trevor, I, uh Hey, nothing happened, Ig.
It's only weird because someone doped us.
It's not our fault.
So no harm, no foul, all right? Yeah.
No harm, no foul.
All right, then - have a good one.
- Okay.
You deserve it.
This your card? No.
Oh, right.
This is my card.
Yours was the seven of diamonds, right? - Right.
- Ah, yeah.
It's on the ceiling.
What? - How did you do that? - Magic.
Now check your pocket.
My brother Jace master of "cardistry.
" The nerdy fruit of a lonely childhood.
Pick a card, Doc.
Uh, no, thanks.
Not a magic fan? I prefer to operate illusion-free.
Uh, to that end, Isla, your labs are in.
And that pain you're feeling in your stomach isn't from an ulcer.
It's cirrhosis.
My liver? But I don't drink.
Neither of us do.
Our mom was an alcoholic.
Yeah, this isn't about drinking.
The type of cirrhosis you have is Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency.
- It's a genetic disorder.
- Is it treatable? It is, but I'm afraid you will have to have a liver transplant.
Now, we can put you on the UNOS list, but your best bet would be your brother.
If you're a match, you could save her life.
Uh, yeah, uh that's not gonna work.
What? He's joking.
I'm not.
W-we have to find another way.
This is our son! He's getting worse! His school called us.
He was confused, dizzy.
Hey, can you tell me your name? - Darby.
- Heart rate's low.
Finger stick blood sugar 12.
Okay, let's get him to a room, and let's push an amp of D50, now.
Uh, is he diabetic? - On insulin? - No.
Uh, any other meds we should know about? Just human growth hormone.
He gets a shot from the school nurse every day at lunch.
He can't see! My son he can't see.
- He's diabetic! - Look at me.
Hey, buddy.
You're okay.
We're gonna take good care of you, okay? Hey, Kayden, is it getting worse? Finger stick of 600.
He must have missed his insulin.
No, Mom, I told you I got my shot.
Let me guess from the school nurse? Yes.
Do You know a kid named Darby? He's in Kayden's grade at PS 441 how did you know that? Uh, let's get him in a room, and let's start an IV and 10 units of insulin Sub Q.
The school nurse mixed up their medications.
- Where are you going? - To PS 441.
Excuse me, I'm looking for the school nurse.
Do you have an appointment? No, no, I don't have a student here.
I'm, uh, Dr.
Max Goodwin from New Amsterdam Hospital.
And, uh, we just admitted two boys who we believe were given the wrong meds by the school nurse.
Oh, my God.
Are you talking about Kayden and Darby? Yeah.
It it was a mistake.
People kept calling me out to the desk, and I I must have confused Are they gonna be okay? Wait You're the nurse? I'm the secretary.
Because of budget cuts, we haven't had a licensed nurse here for almost three years, so I've been subbing.
Do you have any medical training? No.
But someone had to do it.
Did you report it to the superintendent? He's the one who authorized it.
Thank you for taking the time, Dr.
Yeah, it's my pleasure.
So Oncology forwarded me your records, and, um Well, first, let me just say that I have helped many patients who've received the same diagnosis as you.
And, uh, yeah, it's a challenging time, but navigating through our own mortality - is always challenging.
- I'm not dying.
I'm sorry.
I thought, uh - I thought the cancer was, uh - Spontaneous recovery.
After three years, I'm now officially Cancer-free.
That's I mean, that's that's incredible news.
- Congratulations.
- Uh-huh.
You know, I would be willing to wager that most people who got that kind of news would be overwhelmed with joy.
But that's not quite what I'm getting here, so When Dr.
Schmidt first told me I was in the clear and I wasn't going to die, I felt enormous relief.
I couldn't wait to tell my family.
They had been with me through the whole thing, taking care of me every day.
Support like that can be invaluable.
But when I told them that I wasn't going to die, I found out how they really felt.
Which was? They actually wanted me dead.
- How we doing over here? - Daddy can come later.
And I can go get your trains at home.
Do you want me to stay here? Your friend's gonna be okay.
- He is? - Mm-hmm.
That sucks.
I'm sorry.
Uh, what? Kayden's not my friend.
He's a bully.
He's mean to you? Oh, yeah.
He talks down to me, tries to make me look stupid in front of the other kids.
That's awful.
You watch.
He'll probably just try and blame me for what happened with the nurse.
- How exactly - Dr.
Bloom? - Uh, not now.
- I was just wondering You're interrupting, Casey.
Didn't I order labs, like, an hour ago? - Yeah, but - So where are they? Thank you.
I'm sorry about that.
Um, so how exactly does Kayden bully you? Like that.
All right, I put your sister on the UNOS list, but it's a long wait.
I don't know that we'll get her a liver in time.
I can't help her.
Well, we won't know until we test you.
It's not about whether I'm a match, doctor.
My liver's shot.
I'm an alcoholic.
I have been since I was 13 years old.
- But Isla said - She doesn't know.
She's never known.
Because of the hell our mother put us through, we made a pact that we would stay sober together.
But I never could.
Wait, so you've been drinking since you were 13 and your sister doesn't know? I'm drunk right now.
Can you tell? No, because my tolerance is off the chart.
I've been fooling everyone my entire life.
My best trick.
Well, uh I want to test you anyway.
You may have a portion of your liver that's still good.
If Isla finds out that I've been lying to her after all these years, I will lose her forever.
Brother, you're gonna lose her right now if you don't step up, Jace.
Look, just let me test you please.
She's crashing.
- ALS cart flying in.
- Right behind you.
Welcome back, Mum.
It's happened? It's over? Yes.
it's all done.
See? Easy peas.
Sharpe? Can I talk with you for a moment? You will talk with me, please.
Serwa I'm afraid we found multiple polyps in your colon that are malignant and have metastasized.
Meaning? If we had seen you earlier, I might be able to offer you a different prognosis, but I'm afraid at this stage your cancer is terminal.
Nice serve.
Are you Superintendent Davis? You a parent? I am.
But, fortunately, my daughter's only three, so she doesn't attend any of your schools.
I'm also a doctor treating two boys from PS 441 who ended up in the hospital because your non-nurse mixed up their meds.
I, uh I didn't know about this.
I'm not surprised, but I am curious why why you would authorize a secretary with no medical training to hand out drugs to children.
How are the boys? In the hospital but stable.
Look, it's not just PS 441, Dr.
Even if I could come up with the money, there are over 400 other schools in our district.
- That don't have nurses? - They used to back in the day when you and I went to school.
We've had over a billion dollars cut out of our budget over the past decade.
So w-what happens when a kid gets sick? We treat them as best as we can, and then we send them home, often to an empty apartment.
It's a disaster.
I mean, is your budget on the rise? You have any nurses you can spare? Didn't think so.
Look, I took an oath to make public schools better for our children.
I kept as many teachers as I could, but something had to go.
So now I come down here every lunch break, and I imagine that each ball is a bureaucrat who's taken something important away from our kids.
You want to hit one? Okay, Mr.
Fontenot, thank you very much for coming in.
I appreciate it.
I, um I had an interesting session with your wife, um, but I realized after speaking with Pauline that I really needed to meet the entire family.
- Oh? - Yeah.
You know, y-your wife had a miraculous recovery.
How has that made everyone feel? - Oh, blessed.
- Relieved.
I just couldn't stop hugging her.
I was beyond grateful.
Huh, okay.
So, um, since Pauline found out that she was cancer-free, has anyone noticed that she was a tad depressed? - No.
- Not really.
Huh? Okay.
I used to love watching the Spurs.
They're my team, right? After Pauline got her diagnosis, she'd always insist we watch something else.
I mean, how could I argue? She had cancer.
But when I offer to make her dinner, she always asks for fish.
And most of us hate fish! Could you believe it? She actually asked us to go skydiving.
And I'm terrified of heights.
But I couldn't say no to her because it's all on her "bucket list.
" After a while, we all wanted cancer.
Um Huh.
Uh, your tests indicate a severely damaged liver.
85% scarred and cirrhotic.
So I can't be a donor.
I'm afraid not.
Our only option now is to wait for one.
85% unusable.
That means 15% is good.
Can't you use some of that? Technically, but that would leave you with a minimally functioning organ.
I mean, the slightest toxin could kill you.
I mean, you could never have a drink again you know, and given your history, I don't think that's a realistic path.
I can stop drinking.
- Jace - I will.
I have to for her because if she goes I'll be right behind her.
So blood sugar's leveled off in both boys.
- Yeah, I saw the labs.
- So Am I a bully? 100 %.
Why? 'Cause I don't want to be.
Well, you may not want brown eyes either, but, you know I mean, look, I know I can be strong-willed, but Me, I mean, a bully? Really? Uh, Lauren, just listen to me, all right? Dr.
Bloom, room seven.
It's Darby.
What's happening to him? Run IV, normal saline wide open.
- Start a second IV.
- On it.
Type and cross a unit of red packed cells.
O-2 sats dropping.
I think he's choking on his own blood.
- Help him, please.
- Come on, Darby, come on.
Stay with me.
Stay with me.
Mum, Mum, we are going to deal with this.
I'm gonna call people.
There are loads of trials, new medicines.
I can get you in to see the best of the best.
- And together we will - Enough! That is enough.
Mum, please.
Please let me help you.
- Mum, where are you going? - Home.
Mum Just watch.
So this is home.
As close as I can get for now.
When I was a little girl, this dance, the kpanlogo, was something only Ga-Adangbe did.
In Accra? Young people cutting up my grandmother would sniff.
In her mind, dancing was only for praising God.
But it brought me to life.
We'd have to sneak so she wouldn't catch us.
When we moved to London, I thought I'd become a professional.
You wanted to be a dancer? Why am I only just hearing about this now? I grew up.
Things change.
What changed? I met your father.
Come on, Mum.
- Darby's gonna be okay.
- What happened? The bleeding was caused by an ulcer in his stomach.
We managed to stop the bleed, so he's gonna be fine, but But we can't let this happen again.
Ah, look, we appreciate you all coming down.
After meeting with your superintendent, I think I have a better idea of how this happened.
We've been dealing with a shortage in nurses ourselves, and to combat that problem, we've had to bring out a number of student nurses and volunteers.
Can you send us one? Well, we're hoping to send you a whole bunch.
- From where? - From this room.
I'm sure many of you are volunteering at the school in other ways.
Uh, PTA, fundraising Yeah, but no one here's a nurse.
You don't have to be.
All you need is some basic medical training.
And, look, for those who are willing, we can offer it.
Here at New Amsterdam, you can become CNA's certified nursing assistants.
But many of us have jobs, more than one.
How could we Chipping in just an hour a day, one day a week, we can make this work.
And we know it's not an ideal situation, but it's a Band-Aid.
And Band-Aids serve a purpose.
They help keep things together, so So who's in? You said that during your illness, your family was always there to support you, right? - Always by your side? - They were, yes.
Well, that's pretty easy to get used to, isn't it? People doing what you want whenever you want it that's powerful stuff.
But now that you're healthy, it is important to give those same people the space to attend to their needs.
Pauline, why are you crying? Because you're agreeing with them.
T-this is why they don't want me around anymore.
Let me ask you this.
Before the cancer, what would happen if you didn't want to watch the Spurs game with your husband? We'd watch anyway.
And if you wanted fish and everybody else wanted steak? I'd eat steak.
Did you ever push back on this? I'd go along.
Your generation was taught that it was rude to ask for what they wanted.
When you got cancer and you finally did ask for it, they gave it to you.
That had to feel pretty darn good, right? More than good.
It made me feel alive for the very first time.
Well, that's ironic, isn't it? - Huh.
- Considering you were dying.
Pauline, you know, you spent your entire life bending over backwards to support the ones that you love, and then you got sick with cancer, and those people worked overtime trying to do the same for you to support you.
I can't go back to the way it was.
No, nor should you.
But you need to figure out how to take turns supporting each other now.
And when that works, do you know what we call it? Family.
Whoo! Now, that was fun.
Oh, I've sweated straight through my knickers! Helen.
- You're not the only one.
- Right.
So this is who you really are, you little sneaker.
All these years I once read that the best gift you can give a child is to let them know you.
Yes, Mum.
I didn't do that.
No, you most certainly did not.
So I say we bring extra knickers, and we make this a regular once-a-week thing.
- This was lovely today, Helen.
- Yes.
But this must remain mine.
Why must you always shut me out? Honestly, it's it's so confounding.
I mean, my marks at school were always "good but not perfect.
" Whenever I needed a hug, you would chide that I was too needy.
And you're always going on and on about how much you had to sacrifice so I could get my fancy degrees, but now now you won't even let me use them to help you.
I I can't keep begging you to love me, Mum.
Child, you don't have to.
You have my love, always.
- Please - It's true.
It may not be how you want, but it's there in a gaze or a smile when you're not looking.
I marvel at what you have become, Helen.
You are magnificent.
You are my greatest joy And deepest pain.
Welcome back, Mum.
Did it happen? Is it over? Yes, it's all done.
Everything went famously.
So, uh, as expected, you are in blindingly good health.
- Clean as a whistle.
- Oh, Mum.
What a relief.
L-let's get you some water.
Healthy lobe ready for transplant.
I'll get this to Dr.
Flores' OR.
Should do Isla quite well.
And enough liver left over to sustain a hopefully sober Jace.
Let's go ahead and close him up.
Give me a 3-0 vicryl on a needle driver.
Reynolds, this doesn't look right.
Oh, no.
What's left of his liver is dying.
Hepatic artery's hardened.
Must be a blood clot that's choking off the blood supply.
Give me one milligram of TPA.
Just give it a minute.
It's getting darker.
It's gone.
With no viable liver, he won't clear anesthesia.
He'll never wake up.
Close him up.
Let's get him ready for post op so his sister can say goodbye.
Hey, Max.
So I just got word that the DOJ is sending a bunch of FINCEN agents in order to seize our financial records.
That's odd maybe it has something to do with your new acquisition.
Okay, you do not want to go down this road.
You choose profit over people, never care or compassion or any of the principles that this hospital was founded on.
And if you had, then maybe you would have done your due diligence.
- Of what? - Your new asset.
UMI it's a vast money-laundering operation, and you bought it with public funds.
So now you have exposed this hospital to some serious criminal negligence.
You were running UMI, so this is all on you.
I was just a concerned employee who blew the whistle.
Excuse me.
Max, look just call off the feds, and I'll make you co-medical director.
No, thanks.
Okay, then choose somebody that you trust and Nope.
Max, I'll resign.
You call off this raid, and I will walk out of this building, and you will never, ever hear a word from me again.
That's not enough.
What do you want from me? What I want is for you to never run another public hospital again.
They're here.
You sure I can't eat real food? Yeah, I'd take it easy for a couple of days.
No solids, only fluids.
You're a tough kid, Darby.
Don't let anyone tell you any different, okay? Thank you, Dr.
And, uh, some of us got to talking We saw how short-staffed you are, and you still went the extra mile for our son.
So we figured if you can do it, so can we.
You got your volunteers.
Reynolds? Are you sure your name isn't Lazarus? What? Why? - How's Isla? - Oh, no, she's doing fine.
But you, my friend, you shouldn't be here.
Um, what's the trick? I was certain you weren't gonna wake up.
Then your vitals started improving, and so I just took this and waved it over you, and, look, look at that.
You see that there? That's an ectopic liver.
That is a second liver outside your old one.
That's a rare genetic anomaly.
That is hard to spot and one hell of a lucky break.
It's also why you managed to drink so much over the years and not really feel the effects.
Does Isla know about my drinking? No.
Not yet.
So, technically, with this second liver, - I shouldn't have to tell her.
- Oh, man.
Look, secrets aren't good for any family, Jace.
You believe in magic? I believe I can get you to believe in it.
Illusions don't come from magic.
They come from hours and hours of work.
That's right.
Right, so magic is just putting in the time to create a miraculous result.
And I would imagine that getting sober's a lot like that, too.
And, hey, since you've already proven that you can put in the time I'd lean into the truth and see what kind of magic that can bring.
The good news is, you will not have to have another one of those for ten years.
We do, however, need to get you scheduled in for a mammogram.
The NHS has an array of perfectly adequate doctors my GP can refer me to.
- But, Mum - Helen I know you love me.
You don't have to keep trying to prove it.
Walk with me.
Where? There's this place I'd like to show you.
I'm out, Ig.
Have a good night.
Uh, yeah, Trevor, hang on.
Would you mind? Can we can we talk a second? Uh-oh.
Of course.
What's up? Um You were you were very gracious this morning.
Um, but I I have to be real with you.
I have been seeing a therapist, and I've been trying to repair damage done to my marriage.
I've let the attention that you give me get into my head, and it has started to affect my relationship with my family.
- Oh, man, I'm I'm sorry.
- Yeah.
I have a lot of work to do on myself.
And I don't think I can't work with you anymore.
And so I'm going to call HR You're gonna call HR? Why are you gonna call HR? Uh, nothing, I'm just gonna tell them the truth.
I'm gonna tell them that I hired a very qualified nurse who I have chemistry with and who's attention I have clearly been enjoying in an inappropriate way and that it's not healthy for anybody.
Hasn't my work been any good? Your work has been fine, Trevor.
It's not why you hired me, is it? No, no.
Everybody thinks you are such a nice guy, but you're not, are you? I quit.
What's up? I'm really sorry for bullying you.
What? - Oh, no, no, no - I mean, I had no idea.
- No, Lauren, I - No, listen to me, okay? I I had a real problem with this when I was a kid.
I mean, I was not nice.
I had a lot of anger towards my mother, and I took it out on the other kids.
Then as I got older, I just I thought I'd moved past it, you know? - You have.
- Well, clearly, I haven't.
I mean, you said so yourself.
Lauren, uh, I was messing with you.
- You were? - Yeah! Yeah, you're not a bully.
You're bossy, super impatient, moody, temperamental.
I can go on and on, but the point is, is that bullies go out of their way to hurt people.
They prey on the vulnerable.
You lift people up Brunstetter, Leyla, Walsh me.
You were joking? - Hey.
Hey, come on, now - Well, it wasn't funny, okay? - Listen, you set me up.
I - Get out of here, okay? - Get out of here - Okay.
Before I actually get mad and start yelling! It was a little funny.
A little funny un poquititofunny.
- Mm-hmm.
- Un poco, a little bit.
- Nope.
- A little funny.
You laughed.
You're laughing now.
See you later, boss! Oh, God.
Sorry, I know you're sleeping I just wanted to tell you that, uh, it's it's over.
I'm coming home.
And I can't wait to wrap my arms around you.
Uh, I'm gonna call you back, but I love you.
Todd! Are the, uh, agents still here? No.
They left.
Oh, well, I just wanted to thank them and you for Actually, they wanted me to thank you for alerting them to this issue.
What? They're concluding the investigation.
It seems they are going to monitor the situation going forward.
But they're shutting down UMI, right? I mean, they're making arrests? This is fraud.
- Our shareholders - Someone called them off.
Uh You you read the documents, right? I mean, am I crazy? This is criminal.
Do you know who owns the other franchises of UMI? Right.
And you never will because UMI is too big.
It's in all 50 states.
It's owned by politicians, corporations, even doctors.
Everyone is making a profit, and it seems everyone is willing to look the other way to keep the profits flowing.
So what are we supposed to do now? Well, you can start by getting out of my office.

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