Next Of Kin (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

1 There's a slight chance I might not make this flight.
I thought you said you were at the airport? Not exactly.
'I don't wanna hear it, OK? You just get on that flight.
' - Are you excited about seeing Daddy? - Course I am! No, this is not what we agreed.
It's not right! 'Hey, this is Danny.
' Danny, it's Mona.
Can you call me the minute you get this? 'When was the last time that you saw Danny?' I haven't seen him in about six weeks.
You saw him last week, right? I was gonna go see him, he tells me not to come.
'Not to tell you or his dad.
' Is that normal for your nephew? Disappearing off the radar like that? What's going to happen to Danish, my poor little boy? Always forgetting his medicines.
- What's this? - His new number.
Tell him, come home.
- 'Auntie?' - Danny, why aren't you at college? 'Where are you?' Lahore.
Down by the river By the boats Where everybody goes to be alone Where you won't see any rising sun Down to the river we will run When by the water we drink to the dregs Look at the stones on the riverbed I can tell from your eyes You've never been by the riverside It'll be easier after the funeral.
I just feel so helpless.
Danish! Danish! Danish! Danish! Danish! Danish! It's all right.
Come on.
Come on.
'No, no, that's not possible.
' Look, I think you have the wrong information because we got a letter from the coroner telling us to go to Brize Norton first thing.
I'm aware of that, but there's been a mix-up with the Pakistan authorities and they're not ready to release your brother's remains.
'I really am very sorry.
' Right, so what are you saying? Dr Shirani's body is being held in Lahore pending formal identification.
It may take some time to get him home.
What am I supposed to tell his widow? 'It's all right, I've spoken to Mrs Shirani myself.
' Yeah.
Thank you.
Danny? What's she doing here? Don't worry about it.
These sort of occasions don't come around often, so I thought just for one night, we'll take your mind off things.
- I thought we were here for Dad's work? - And for Granny.
Yeah, got to do a bit of lobbying for one of the guests.
- Oh, two for the price of one? - Something like that.
You know, I remember your brother so clearly at your wedding.
- Kareem? - Yes, yes, that's right.
And to think that we should ever get mixed up in all Sorry, mixed up? Well, yes, you know what I mean.
I'm just an ordinary girl from Berkshire, yes, we're all aware of the county of your birth, Mother.
All sorts of people keep coming up to me, all with the kindest intentions, and I honestly just don't know what to say to them.
- Right.
- Any word on your nephew? His name is Danny, and he's fine.
- Listen, I've just gotta go and - Yeah, no, go.
Make it quick, hm? - Shall we sit down? Come on.
- Sure.
- Mr Khalid.
How are you, sir? - Oh, hello.
Now, that, the wife, that's Imogen, the Chatworth girl.
I once caught Guy and Imogen behind the sofa at, erm, Rosie's 18th, I think it was.
- Who's Rosie? - Oh, nobody, darling.
Sorry, I hope you don't mind me No, of course not.
Actually, I was quite impressed.
Well, of course, she's not a high-flyer like you are but she's a very capable wife and Craig, he's our local MP, of course.
Is it going well, do you think? Yeah, I think so.
Apparently Mr Khalid was hoping for the full English.
Oh, we're certainly that, aren't we, whatever people may think.
- Do you know - Excuse me.
When your father was your age, he wanted to be an MP, just like Craig.
Would you just give me one second? I thought he wanted to be a talking car called Herbie.
What are you doing here? Oh.
Well, I'm a local girl.
Didn't Guy mention it? Look, we're not involved in any of this.
I never suggested you were.
My brother is dead, and instead of catching his killers, you harass his wife.
- Mona, Mona - You know his body is still stuck in Lahore? Would you just excuse us for one second? OK, come on, let's go.
Come on.
Not here, all right? Now is not the time, OK? Just give me a break.
I am so sorry, your wife is absolutely right.
- It's been an unholy balls-up, but the truth is - What? - Well - Tell us.
The authorities over there are now refusing to release your brother's body - until it's been formally identified by next of kin.
- All right, stop.
The consul are suggesting, if you were willing to go Pakistan, that you would be the most effective person.
That is completely out of the question.
Why me? Why not Dr Shirani's widow? Well, she could go out with you if that's what you want.
You'll have to think of something else.
Come on.
Come on, let's go.
That was a stupid idea of mine, coming out tonight.
It was too soon.
I'm sorry.
At least I got to meet your old flame.
No, she wasn't my It was just Go on.
I'm all ears.
Well, I was gonna say an opportunistic fumble.
What's up? That car behind the Land Rover, that followed me here from the station.
Wait, back up.
What? I swear to God, it's the same car, it's a Volvo.
Wild guess -- they went to the opera and now they're coming home.
I was late, remember? I'll take him up.
Come on, you.
Get your pyjamas on, OK? Tell me you're not going to Lahore.
I'll think about it.
I know what that means, that means you've made your mind up.
No, it means I'm thinking about it.
It's not safe.
Yeah, well, I think I can manage.
Well, if you do go and you're not .
I'm gonna come, too.
- But you're full-on at work.
- So are you.
Well, I can get a locum.
You You can't scoot off right now.
It's not what I had in mind, this job.
Running errands for some bloody oligarch.
Sweetheart Look, you get this right and we can pay off the mortgage.
Then you can pick and choose the work you want.
Hm? And maybe You and me get to spend more time together.
Doing what? Mm Opportunistic fumbles.
- What? - You're going, aren't you? He is my brother, Guy.
You're leaving? Today? 'Yeah.
Mum's coming with me.
' But when are you coming back? I dunno.
Couple of days, I hope.
Ah, well.
Be safe, for God's sake.
Look, Oms, remember Kareem asked you to go and check up on Danny at uni? Yeah, go on up.
Yeah, I know I should have told you.
'I'm not calling you to chew your ear off.
' Well, makes a change.
When you spoke to Danny, how did he seem? I dunno.
He was pretty strung out.
All the stress, A levels, uni.
Did he say anything to you about his dad? Anything at all? Yeah.
Well, he did What? He said he was ashamed of him.
'Mon?' Are you there? Mona? Yeah, yeah, I'm still here.
'He's in Spain, right?' He'll be home in a bit, won't he? When he's ready.
Yeah, I hope so.
How's everything else, Oms? I'm just a bit cut up, to be honest with you.
- 'Yesterday, I got this tattoo.
' - Another one? I know.
I thought it might help cheer me up, you know, but it's gone all lumpy.
- Oh, Oms.
- 'It's burning up, man.
' Mrs White? 'Look, get yourself over to A&E, all right?' Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I will, I will.
Last night I had Abby on the phone again.
And? 'Demanding, you know, 500 quid 'for Tak Tak's nursery fees or God knows.
' The truth is, I don't know where it all goes.
Like, I ain't got five quid.
I'm drowning.
I'll speak to Guy, all right? Sis, you're a star.
Hey, not a word to Mum, right? - Yeah.
- Hey, I gotta run.
All right.
Love you.
We're supposed to be travelling light.
Just a few things.
Darling, thank you.
Why do you both have to go? Darling, we can't let Mum go on her own.
Come here, monster.
Come on.
I love you so much.
You know what's eating him, don't you? Tomorrow, nine o'clock.
- Oh, dentist? - Just a couple of holes, it's no biggie.
Ooh, er Yeah, taxi's here.
I'll come back for these bags.
Come on.
You be a good boy, right? Come here.
We're getting late.
- Love you.
- Bye, be safe.
- Look after them.
I will do.
Have a safe flight.
- Thank you.
- Of course.
- About Danny - Yeah, look, as soon as we hear from him we'll call you, OK? - Love you.
- Love you, too.
Go on, in you get.
Say "Bye, Mum".
What is your name, please? - Hanif, ma'am.
- Hanif.
Who is it you work for, Hanif? We are from the British consulate, for your protection, ma'am.
We will be with you 24 hours, day and night.
Hanif, I'd like to see my son as soon as possible, please.
Later, ma'am.
As soon as everything is arranged.
Hanif, can you take me to where Kareem passed? Here you go.
Thanks very much.
'Look, Muslim ideology is is a threat to the international community.
I think the problem with' Pakistan, it's so far away.
You know what? I'm not so crazy about it myself.
But your mum, she's not like me and you.
She was born there.
Look, check this out.
Two years old.
Where is that? It's beautiful, isn't it? That is the Hunza Valley.
Maybe one day, me and you, we can go and visit? See what it's like? Sammi? Tell me.
I saw the film.
I didn't know it was Uncle.
And then I saw his head.
I know.
Your mum is the strongest person in the world.
Do you think anyone in their right mind is gonna try and mess with her? No chance.
OK? - Everything all right? - Yes.
There we go, that's yours.
The new doctor that Kareem had arranged has taken up another job in the city.
No information given.
We are all worried about the future.
Yesterday the police were here.
They removed every single one of our files.
On whose orders? My contact in government tells me we are going to get investigated.
Where's money coming from, where's it going? Oh, this is ridiculous.
My son was an honourable man.
Of course he was.
They still come, day and night.
We tell them the doctor is no more, there is no-one to see you, and still they wait.
One hour.
I'll see what I can do.
Open the gate.
~ Amoxicillin? It's an antibiotic.
- What? - OK, what else do you have? - Not much, I'll just check.
- OK.
You've been working for Kareem doctor for a long time? A long time, ma'am.
Seven years.
Did you see Danish here? - Here? - Mm.
No? I don't know.
This little girl was Dr Kareem's last patient.
The mother has come to thank you and the family.
~ Richard Payne, British Consul.
- I'm sorry for your loss.
- Thank you.
Please, come inside.
If there's anything I can do for you, please, don't hesitate to contact me.
Look, I just wanna identify my brother's body and bring him home.
But you know that, right? Yes.
I did explain to the police officer back in London, - that's all been cleared up.
- I'm sorry? I have a pretty good understanding with the chief of police here.
They confirmed his remains with a DNA sample, so you're good to go.
- When was this? - Yesterday morning.
- Yesterday? Then what am I doing here? Well, I understood you were keen to pay your respects.
We take formal receipt of the body in the morning, you're welcome to come with us.
- The London officer that you spoke to, what was his name? - Er, Sergeant Townsend? Excuse me.
Mum? Mum! If it's next door, I'm not here.
I found this on your doorstep, I don't know who left it.
One of your neighbours? - Number 37 if it's cutlets, number 20 if it's chicken.
- Ooh.
Ah, number 20 it is.
Can I help you? Sorry to bother you.
Can I have a quick word? Yeah, sure.
Is there anyone you recognise? Anyone you might have seen out and about with Danny? What? It's all right.
That one.
You've seen this woman? With your brother? No, on the telly.
Thank you.
Hi, Sammi.
Uncle Omar got a new tattoo.
He can't move his arm.
Yeah, and that's why you're never ever gonna get one.
Are you, darling? I miss you, Mum.
I miss you, too, but I'll be back in a couple of days.
Is Daddy there? - Dad? - Yeah.
Thanks, Sam.
- Hiya.
- 'Guy.
' Yeah, we're just maxing out on sugar before Sammi's visit to the dentist tomorrow.
Omar's squeezing me for cash again.
Guy, listen to me.
They lied to us.
They told Townsend point-blank that they'd already identified the body.
Whoa, whoa, hang on.
'I'm telling you that they're messing with us.
' No wonder they didn't want Rahana out here.
I think they're trying to set me up.
- 'Set you up for what?' - I don't know.
But the police were here and they seized all the accounts.
- Right, yeah, that makes sense.
- How do you mean? 'Rahana had another visit from Townsend.
' He had a lot of pictures with him, you know, "Are any of these people friends of Danny's?" 'She swears that one of them was that woman, Marta Korovitch.
' - The terrorist? - 'Yeah.
' Mona Are we in trouble here? I don't know.
'Well, I suppose it's possible.
' Danny could have run into one of them at a lecture, I don't know.
You can see where they're going with this, can't you? What do you mean? Guy? Mona? Mon? What can I say? Number one son, innit?! I was up half the night rehearsing what I was gonna say to you.
Then I realised it doesn't really matter cos you're a fucking liar.
Look, all I can say is I was acting on the best information at the time.
- And there's no obligation for her to go.
- What? And leave her brother out there to rot? How is than option? Sorry, I can't comment on an ongoing investigation.
If you suspect something or think you know something about Danny or my brother-in-law, just bloody tell me.
Well, as I think you're aware, Danny Shirani flew out of Heathrow six weeks ago bound for Lahore.
What? Rubbish.
Your wife didn't say anything.
If Mona knew something, she would have told me.
Sorry for your loss.
Please, come.
Majestic Square, please.
Are you all right? Excuse me, the other lady is still inside.
I thought she was out here with you.
Madam, come back inside.
That lady, which way did she go? - Just wait there.
- She has gone this way.
- This way.
This way.
Have you got people following us? I'm sorry? Is my family under surveillance? Excuse me? If you can wait here, please, sir.
Yeah? You wanna tell me what's going on? Where is she? See to it that Mr Harcourt is escorted downstairs, please.
'Not even her husband knew?' She didn't say a word to any of them, she just took off.
I know.
Well, either she's on her way to meet him or she's walking into a trap.
Yep, will do.
Hey, Bob.
When did she leave the mortuary? - Seven or eight minutes ago.
- OK.
Get me Lahore up there, please.
- Yeah, we're on it.
Right, let's try and trace her position through her mobile.
- And when was this? - About two hours ago? - Vivien - I'm sorry, Guy.
- Vivien! - And she's on her own, you say? - So far as we can ascertain.
'Guy?' Hey.
Is Mona there? - 'No, she just ran off!' - What? The security people have gone looking for her.
Guy, I just don't know what's happening.
'I'm calling her, but she won't answer.
' Well? - We got the GPS on her phone.
- Is she with him? - Most likely on her way to him.
Let's hope you're right, given what they did to her brother.
- Who've we got on the ground? - Two men, ex-local police.
- 'Remain in pursuit.
' - We are now travelling on foot.
- Can we trust them? - They're recommended by the consulate.
- Oh, that's reassuring(!) - Let me talk to them.
- Patch you through now.
This is DCI Barnes.
There is a chance that Mona may be walking into an ambush.
We think we believe she's meeting her nephew, Danish Shirani.
Please confirm you have a physical description.
- 'We have a photograph.
' - Good.
Now, this young man is the target.
He may be armed, he may be accompanied, but he is potentially an asset.
Open, please.
See? Told you.
Doesn't hurt at all, does it? - Six - No.
So easy.
- Hey.
- Hey! Here he is.
We need a decision on these fillings.
- Silver or composite -- that's like tooth colour.
- I'm sorry I'm late, I'm sorry.
Muggins here says what would Mum say? - Dad.
- Silver or composite? - Just Come on, we're going.
- What? Guy! - We're going.
I'm sorry.
Guy, what Guy, what the hell are you doing? Guy! Stop.
What are you doing? What is going on? I don't know.
- I don't know.
- What Go.
Come here.
'Locating her now in the building on your right.
' - We're in.
- 'Good.
' Wherever possible, remain out of vision.
I need Mona to lead us to the target, understood? It's not safe here, we've gotta move.
Come on.
Come on, we can get out this way.
Danny, slow down, you're scaring me.
Come on.
Come on! You need to tell me what's going on.
We've gotta get out of here, we need to go now, all right? Calm down.
Calm down.
Listen, I'm gonna take you home, all right? I wish I could come home and be with you and Mum and - And you can, Danny - They took my passport! - Who took your passport? - Almasi.
- Who's Almasi? - He's a preacher.
He's got people all over the city.
- If you were in trouble, why didn't you speak to your dad? - I did.
I tried.
I told him to come get me.
He said he'd come and look what happened.
- It's on me.
- Don't say that.
- It's on me, it is.
I thought they were good people.
- They killed my dad and butchered him.
- No, Danny.
Agent, please respond.
What is your location? 'Do you have visuals on the target yet? Repeat, do you have -' There.
On the left.
They're on the next roof.
'Target is struggling with Mrs Harcourt.
' What? Agent, you have my permission to intervene.
Deploy minimum force, is that understood? Argh! Auntie.
- 'Mrs Harcourt down.
' - Christ.
- Auntie.
- Go, go.
'Danish Shirani has fled the scene.
' These were security guards, ex-military officers assigned by the consulate for your wife's protection.
They misjudged.
'A mother should always know what her children are doing.
' Your husband was off to Pakistan while you sit at home and now Danish.
I need the money.
Mr Harcourt? You're being detained under Section 15.
3 of the Terrorism Act in relation to sending a fund to a known terrorist suspect.