Night Sky (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

To The Stars

1 Irene, I'm bored.
You said you wanted to go out.
Here we are.
I said go out and have a good time.
And maybe talk to some boys? I don't have the patience.
All right.
Huh? What did I miss? Well, I bet Franklin 25 bucks he couldn't run the table on me.
Okay, where is Franklin? Hey, Franklin, your shot.
Yeah, just a sec.
- They mixed it all around.
- Hey, come on, man.
These guys are waiting.
Well, nice of you to join us.
Table still looks terrible.
- Mm-hmm.
- Chin up, Randy.
I could miss.
What do I need money for anyway? They don't have beer in Saigon? Yeah, I am gonna miss you, buddy.
But at least I'll have 25 bucks to remember you by.
Good game.
Excuse me, gents.
Lucky shot.
You hit it this way on purpose.
Well, what are the odds that you'd be sitting in this seat? That is the silliest thing that anyone has ever said to me.
Say you like Elvis Presley songs? Elvis? Isn't he a bit over the hill? You'll come around.
Is that right? From the start ♪ I want you, I need you ♪ I love you ♪ With all my heart ♪ Son of a swineherd.
Sweetheart, I think it's time to trade me in on a newer model.
I left the silverware in the thing again.
- Uh-oh.
- Should we still eat it? Oh, why not? Let's live dangerously.
Please don't use so much salt.
What? I thought we were living dangerously.
You heard what the doctor said.
And don't say "What?" You know, they told me not to marry an English teacher, but I went and done it anyways.
You all right? Yeah, I-I'm just not very hungry.
Well, you haven't had enough to keep a bird alive.
You need to eat, hon.
Easy fix.
Just a loose gasket.
Shouldn't make that noise anymore.
How about we go see the stars tonight? Again? It feels like we just went.
Really? Oh, let's go.
Please? You're sure you don't mind? No, I'm fine.
Remind me to change that bulb, will you? Oh, and gas up the car.
And the, uh, the ice cream with the, uh malt balls.
Light bulbs, gas Okay, I got you.
There we go.
- You all right? - Yeah.
Just rest a second.
Hold your horses.
- You don't trust me? - Take the bowl.
You ready to make history? You say that every time.
It still applies.
See? I don't always It's just 'cause you said something.
I love you, Irene.
I love you too, Franklin.
How's it looking out there tonight? Anything interesting? Oh, it's-it's always interesting to me.
I know it is.
You ready to head back soon? The game's on.
Oh, you go on back.
I'm gonna stay a bit.
Well, I'm not gonna leave you here all by yourself.
Okay, just, uh give me a few minutes, then.
Is something going on with you? You've been wanting to come out here more and more.
- That's not true.
- Yes, it is.
Ever since last year.
Since after you fell.
Well, it's always good to get out of the house.
Most people want to get out of the house, they go to dinner, maybe a movie.
Most people don't have this.
Something's different, though.
You're thinking about this even when we're not out here.
Oh, now you're reading my mind? Yeah.
Well, I've known you for a little while now.
- I'm I'm getting there.
- What's your point, Franklin? I-I just I mean, don't you Aren't you getting a little bit tired of this? 'Cause I am.
I'm not.
Yeah, yeah, I get it's a heck of a view.
Oh, it's more than that.
Is it? 856 times we've made this trip, now, and nothing's happened.
We sit here, we look out the window.
That's all there is.
I'm pretty sure that's all there ever will be.
What about the door? Sweetheart, you saw what happened when I put the mice out there.
They didn't last a minute.
Well, then, we'll we'll just have to wait.
Yeah? Wait for what? We're not getting any younger.
I think these trips are starting to take a toll.
We can't keep doing this forever.
Maybe it's time we we finally tell somebody else.
- Maybe Denise.
- No.
This is the last thing Denise needs.
It'll just scare her.
There's a reason we were the ones who found this.
It was meant for us.
This is our riddle to solve.
Don't take that away from me.
Of course not.
Good girl.
Well, that was a pretty decent workout.
I might sleep down here tonight.
The other mattress.
My back's a little mad at me.
I'll be fine.
Don't worry.
Just a night or two here, I'll be good as new.
Watch the rest of the ball game.
Sweet dreams, hon.
Taken a little low and outside.
And that'll run it What are you gonna do while I'm at the doctor? Well, I got some errands to run.
Why don't you do something fun? When was the last time you saw Randy? Oh, I don't think I'm built for that anymore.
You know I fall asleep after one beer.
- You do.
- Want to trade? No.
I have enough of my own, thanks.
Look at that guy.
- Unbelievable.
- Oh, he's just trying to be helpful, Franklin.
Hey, you two.
What are you doing? Oh, I just had the mower out.
I just figured I'd give your side a little trim.
- Hope you don't mind.
- Thank you for taking the time, Byron.
You really didn't have to.
Don't mention it.
You know, I'm a simple man.
I see grass, I mow it.
- See a property line, you trespass it.
- Oh I'm innocent, I swear.
I wanted it mowed, I'd do it myself.
Hey, we could, um, do a tool swap.
You know, I sure could use that planer of yours - if it's available.
- Planer's broken.
Well, maybe when it's back in action? - Good to see you.
- Yeah, you, too.
Uh, lunch is in the fridge.
It's just half a salad, so don't get too excited.
Well, it does have bacon in it.
Hey, uh, I've been texting with this woman that I met at the gym last week, and she said that there's a bowling league here that we can join.
What do you think? Time for the Banana Splitters to ride again? That Franklin York is a liar.
Hon, please, not this again.
He said his planer was broken, but I saw fresh-planed wood right by his workshop.
Hey, what is your obsession? Okay, you're gonna laugh, but I think they're hiding something in that shed.
Look, I found the granddaughter on Facebook and I sent her a message telling her what you saw.
- What? - It is their problem, not ours.
Hey, we've only been here for six months.
Leave them be.
For my sake.
You don't have the best history with neighbors, and I would like to keep getting invited to things.
Did you want the Wilpons' tree to fall on our house? You could be nicer to him.
Who, Byron? No, thanks.
Well Maybe if you gave him a chance, you two could be friends.
The guy gives me the willies.
You know he lets the dog sleep in bed with him? Oh, for heaven's sakes, Franklin, he likes animals.
It's his marriage bed.
I cannot You are so stubborn.
What is going on with you? Trying to get me to make friends with Byron.
Telling me to go to the pool hall in the middle of the day.
I just think it would be nice if you got out and were social.
It keeps you sharp.
I don't want to see other people.
Well, I don't want to feel like all you do is take care of me.
Yours must be as hard as mine.
Hey, there.
Sorry for the delay.
- Irene, you can come back now.
- Thank you.
We've got a few scans and tests to run this afternoon.
It's all routine, but it might take a little bit.
I-I'll call you when I'm finished.
How's the back, Mr.
York? Oh, you know, good days and bad.
Can't complain.
Well, it is a doctor's office.
Complaining is encouraged.
Oh, don't forget the ice cream.
Yes, ma'am.
Have a nice day.
You haven't come to see me for months.
I assumed it was because you were improving.
Am I not? I see you're still in the chair.
Well, only when I leave home.
Trying to be extra cautious.
And how often are you leaving home? Are you eating? Exercising? Did you finish your appointments - with the physical therapist? - What is this, some sort of inquisition? Look, I won't sugarcoat this.
I'm concerned.
You shouldn't be in this condition at 73, even after the fall.
You're making this sound worse than it is, Sandra.
- I'm fine.
- I'm sorry, but you're not fine.
I think you know that.
Is there anything in your life that might be contributing to these symptoms? Not that I can think of, no.
Irene, some of the things you're experiencing are often made worse by depression.
I am not depressed.
Well, I want to run some more tests.
We should up the benazepril for your blood pressure.
Levothyroxine as well.
You need a scheduled nutrition program and supplements.
For the headaches and insomnia, doxepin.
More frequent checkups.
Have you considered in-home care? Irene? Have you considered in-home care? Oh, uh, Franklin can take care of me.
I'm not sure he's up for that.
Not anymore.
Do you have a Rewards Card? Uh, somewhere.
Oh, sorry.
Hang on, just a sec.
- Hi, Denise? Can I - Hey, Grandpa.
Can I call you back? I'm at the store right now.
Guess what? I'm coming to town.
I'm actually driving in right now.
Right now? Hey, maybe let someone else go, huh, Pop? Just meet me at Jelinek's, okay? J Okay, all right, goodbye.
- Finished? - Yeah.
Now I am, yeah.
Let me just, uh, get that Rewards Card.
- Hey, Grandpa.
- Hi, Princess.
- Where's Nana? - She's at the doctor.
- Just a checkup.
- Are you sure? She looked a little bit frail the last time I saw her, so She's fine, she's just, you know - How about a piece of cake? - Of course.
Hi, this Franklin.
I'm not available right now, but if you leave me a message and I-I'm sure he'll be here soon.
Irene, please don't disappear again.
You can't ignore this.
A-apparently not.
How's your mom? Good.
She and Trevor just had their ten-year wedding anniversary.
- Ten years? - Mm-hmm.
Yeah, how about you? How's school treating you? School is great.
Internship is great.
- Sweetie? - What? You want to tell me what's bothering you so much you're taking it out on that poor napkin? Oh.
Uh, promise you won't be mad? Well, no, I mean, wh You okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
Uh I got a I got a message this morning.
Well, what kind of message? One of your neighbors found me on Facebook - and said that they - Oh, Facebook.
Was it Jim Denn Is Dennings on Facebook? It doesn't matter who.
What-what matters is they were walking their dog, and they saw you pushing Nana around in the middle of the night.
Is that it? I mean, you know how Nana likes to take the night air.
That's what you're worried about? Yeah, I am.
And I think you two should consider moving out of the house.
Because we took a walk? No, it's not just that.
I've been thinking about this since Nana fell.
Well, that was last year, and she's she's doing better.
She could have died.
I know this might be hard to understand, Princess, but we're just gonna stick where we are.
And if that means I keel over dead walking up the stairs or-or pruning the roses or wheeling your Nana around all hours of the night, well, then, so be it.
- But it doesn't make sense - Denise, I I said no.
- Excuse me? - Jesus.
I forgot you were here.
When my husband arrives, will you let him know that I've gone across the street to visit an old friend? Sure.
Thank you.
Miss Boyle, what are you doing out here? May I ask what you're doing? - Let's get you back to your room.
- Hey! What? I'm just taking Miss Boy - I'm so sorry.
- It's fine.
This is Irene York.
And as far as I know, she doesn't live here.
It's fine.
- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
Sorry, but do I know you? It's Chandra.
Yeah, I was one of your students.
I-I wrote my final paper on the Brontë sisters, and you said it was one of the best Oh.
- Chandra.
- Yeah.
Are you thinking - about moving in? - Oh, no.
I-I I was just hoping to see my friend Sadie Norton.
Oh, of course.
Did you know George? Mm.
I did see his obituary in the paper.
Well, I could take you to her room.
May I? Oh, yes.
Thank you.
They were really in love, those two.
But he was pretty gone by the end.
Didn't even recognize her.
After 60 years, just like that.
So, how are you doing, Mrs.
York? - You still teaching? - Oh, no.
I-I retired some time back.
You were a really important teacher for me.
I even majored in English.
Yeah, I thought I'd be a teacher too.
Just like you.
Didn't work out.
Well, this is a good job.
You're-you're helping people.
This job, it is tough.
You know, I know you still got it together, but the truth is, most of the people in here, they don't know what they want or need, and they don't appreciate what you do for them.
Well, look at me, I'm just blabbering again.
We are at Sadie's room.
Well, I don't want to keep you.
I know you have a lot of work to do.
Of course.
Well, it was nice to see you again, Mrs.
And, uh, who knows, maybe you'll move in here someday.
We always have new spaces opening up.
Are you here to fix the window? No, Sadie, it's Irene.
Irene York.
Is that really you? Oh, yes.
It's been a long time.
Are you okay here? I have my friend.
Did I tell you I used to own a bridal shop? I would sew all the veils.
Look, you can see where I pricked myself with the needle.
Oh, I know, The Lovely Bride.
I worked there one summer, remember? Irene.
Irene, is that really you? Yes.
You had the most incredible hair.
You used to tie all that ribbon in it.
I was so jealous of that.
You made me pay for all that ribbon.
It was a lot of ribbon! Yes, it was.
Ah Are you here to fix the window? No, no.
Sadie, I came to see you.
I was so sorry to hear about George.
I came here to see how you were doing.
I thought maybe you needed a visit from an old friend.
We weren't friends.
Yes, uh, Irene.
- I worked at the - I know who you are, Irene.
We were never friends.
You weren't a very good employee.
You you always thought you were very smart, but actually, y-you were quite silly.
Have I told you I used to own a bridal shop? I have something to tell you, Sadie, and you're very lucky, because I've never told anyone this in my whole life.
I've been somewhere.
Somewhere far, far from here.
Very far.
Farther than any human has ever gone, by light-years.
Oh, I've seen miraculous things.
I'm special, Sadie.
I'm the most special person you've ever met in your life.
But now I'm sick.
And I'm scared.
And I I'm not so sure anymore.
Are you here to fix the window? Hey, hey! Irene? Sweetheart, I'm home! God.
Do you want to talk about it? I can take care of myself.
But it's not just yourself.
You have to take care of me, too.
And that's not fair.
Well, now you're twisting it like it's a burden.
That's You sound just like Denise.
- Denise? - Yeah, I saw her today.
That's-that's why I got so darn distracted.
She thinks we're getting senile or something.
She wants us to move.
Do you want to? Want to what? Move.
Well, you said it yourself last night.
We can't keep doing this forever.
I forgot to get gas.
Your, uh, your gauge not working right now? No, it it's me.
Got to pay attention to these things, man.
Especially at your age.
Yeah, it won't happen again.
You don't have to report this to anybody or anything, do you? Nah.
It's just gas.
You'll be all right.
I'll be right back.
Give me a second.
Let me get your, uh, let me get your signature real quick.
Oh, yeah.
What do you want from me? All right, Mr.
Nichols, you are all booked, traveling August 13 from Knoxville to Dallas.
Seat 11B.
It's an aisle seat, just like you wanted.
Is there anything else that I can help you with? Oh, that's very nice of you, sir.
Um, if you wouldn't mind filling out a quick survey after the Ah, son of a bitch.
They always hang up, huh? You know what, it's okay.
I wouldn't want to fill out a survey either.
You almost done? I just want to show you something.
I'll be quick.
How does this look? Uh "Albemarle"? How 'bout just "Byron"? You mean just "Byron for Town Council"? Yeah.
I like it.
It's plain and simple.
Oh! God, you always have the best ideas.
Hey, do-do you really need signs? If I want to win, I got to get my name out there.
Yeah, but, uh why not next year? Once we're a little more settled.
Look I never could've done this back in Champaign.
People there just they didn't see me that way.
But here? I can be Councilman.
You can be Mrs.
Hmm? I have another call.
- Oh.
- Uh, hi, this is Janine.
How may I assist you with your travels today? Uh, wonderful.
And what dates were you looking to fly? Okay.
You know, when you asked me in the car if I wanted to move well honestly, I've thought about it.
'Cause of the stars.
But, sometimes, looking at that other sky it scares me.
So I'd-I'd be lying if I said I hadn't thought about it.
But the end of the day, for me the answer is no.
Just 'cause 'cause I know you don't want to.
So I So I don't want to either.
Thank you.
I went to see Sadie Norton today.
Yeah? George passed away.
Franklin, we need to talk.
What would you do if I died? Wait, what did the doctor say? This is not about the doctor.
This is about you and me.
What would you do? I'd die, too.
Oh, come on, Franklin.
- That's unacceptable.
- Well, I don't care what's acceptable.
Well, I've thought about it, and I want you to promise me that if I go first you'll sell the house.
Move on.
Just let somebody else have a go at it.
Well, what about our secret? Well, it'll have been our secret long enough, don't you think? Okay.
I promise.
What's a good age, you think? For what? To live to.
Hundred? I'd be happy with that.
Who wouldn't? Promise me you won't think about dying until we're 100.
Okay? 'Cause I want those years.
So just just promise me, okay? I promise.
Were you trying to protect me from myself? There Come on.
- I can't.
- Quit squirming.
You know you love this.
It-it does feel good but it also tickles.
Oh, my God.
- So I should stop, I guess? - No, no, don't stop.
You're leaving this foot out.
No, that-that one, we'll get.
You have a favorite.
I love this foot.
- Mwah.
- Oh, you are so weird.
Do that again.
Yes, ma'am.
Oh, my gosh.
Oh, do you remember when Michael used to run and hide in the pantry whenever we came near him with the nail clippers? Oh, my God, he hated it when we clipped his nails.
I like hearing you talk about him.
Let's try something.
Is this gonna work? Well, what are you asking me for? You're the one always inviting me for rides.
- Let's go.
- No.
Not with me.
Well, come on.
We'll-we'll see what happens.
- Hit the gas.
- Okay! Okay! - Brace yourself.
- Good.
Woo-hoo! Yippee! This is fun.
Right? Uh-oh.
Okay, well Here we go.
Manual mode.
Been a while since we've done that, hasn't it? You hear that? No.
What? Well, they're playing our song.
Hold me close ♪ Hold me tight ♪ Make me thrill ♪ With delight ♪ Let me know where I stand ♪ From the start ♪ I want you ♪ I need you ♪ I love you ♪ With all my ♪ Heart ♪ Darling, you're ♪ All that I'm living for ♪ I want you ♪ I need you ♪ I love you ♪ More ♪ Dear Franklin, Let me first say I'm sorry.
I'm not doing this to hurt you.
You know I would never.
It's only that I've finished waiting.
I I've waited long enough.
I'm ready.
I know what's probably on the other side of that door, but I have to see for myself.
To make my own choice while I still can.
Like so many times my own words have failed me in life, I turn again to Auden.
"How should we like it were stars to burn With a passion for us we could not return?" "Admirer as I think I am Of stars that do not give a damn I cannot, now I see them, say I missed one terribly all day.
" "Were all stars to disappear or die I should learn to look at an empty sky And feel its total dark sublime.
" Be strong.
I know you can be.
Tell Denise how proud I am.
I'll give your love to Michael.
And I'll see you again.
I promise.
All my love.
Who are you?
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