Nightflyers (2018) s01e03 Episode Script

The Abyss Stares Back

Previously, on "Nightflyers" I can't hear through the bees.
Well, let me help you.
Maybe the problem isn't the terrible things people send out to you You fucking little freak.
But what you let in.
There's no malfunction.
You, Melantha, were genetically designed for space travel from birth.
I don't trust Eris.
We need to send the probe.
It's beautiful.
It will be even more beautiful if it sends us pictures back of the Volcryn.
Does it hurt? Letting pieces of our daughter just go like that? She'd still be alive if we just I can't even remember what we did wrong.
You were right, Karl.
I haven't given you the full truth.
About? The chaos onboard of my ship.
The malfunctions the images of your daughter they're all related.
I'm dealing with a force that's trying to stop this mission.
Tell me what force.
What do you mean? I'll let you know once I have the situation under control.
You observe here our calculations guess two tilt-shifts in T-1 and T-2.
With a variable position vector.
But if you resolve these you're still missing 0.
3 degrees.
The object changed direction on its own.
Thank you, Karl.
It's a thrilling idea.
I will just point out that these deviances all reside within the range of optical aberration.
Thank you, Nelson, I did think of that.
And if you look, you will see we identified shifts here and here, and adjustments in speed and direction.
No celestial object changes course like that on its own.
Next you'll be telling us it's piloted by intelligent life.
I believe that.
What if I'm right? Hmm? We're running out of time on this planet.
Colonization is not happening fast enough.
If we can make contact with them, what if they have the ability to save all of us? Right, well, you've given us a lot to consider.
And look at it this way: if your theories don't pan out, you can always write a book.
Hmm? Professor? You have a call on the feed.
Thank you.
Good afternoon, Professor.
Do you know who I am? Yes.
How did your presentation go? I suspect Dr.
Nelson was left unconvinced.
Well, I mean, my math was off.
No, your calculations are correct.
Wait, I haven't published any any data.
How can you verify my numbers? Doesn't matter.
What does Is that we share mutual desire to make contact with that vessel.
I have a proposal for you.
Were you ever straight with me? The body is a shell.
A vessel within which we carry our spirit.
When that vessel shatters our life continues.
Released from the constraints of a terrestrial life.
Free to explore the vastness of the heavens and return to the stars from which our life first sprang.
Thank you, sir.
Very well said.
I know you launched your probe.
My techs picked up on the data trail.
Well, if I'm in charge of the science team I need to be able to make those calls.
You don't trust me.
I lied to preserve the life of your L-1.
At the very least, you owe me respect.
Cargo decompression and release in three two one.
What? What's wrong? Nothing.
It's just You make me happy.
Come on.
You've had other partners, right? I grew up in a Luddite commune, so sexing was forbidden.
So was tech, and, um - a lot of other stuff.
- Oh.
So I'm your I had, um it was nothing like this.
Well Sexing is great for your biochemistry.
You just have to be careful not to get caught up in all the bullshit that comes along with it.
You mean feelings? - We're off cycle, boss.
- Not anymore.
I need to speak with you With you both About Eris.
He he said something to me, and I can't quite shake it About not being in control - of the ship.
- Seems like everything he does is to remind us that he is in control.
You mean the system malfunctions? You think that's what he's talking about? No, he wouldn't say.
But he has a problem, and he's trying to hide it from us.
We could help him if he'd let us.
No, he won't.
He won't, Lommie, can you set a trace to track the origin of any future malfunctions? Uh, y yeah, I guess.
It's just, what exactly are we looking for? Maybe I should talk to him.
He might be more open with me.
Why would he be? He tells me things.
- Since when? - He's been watching me since I came onboard.
He's curious.
Whatever you can do to get inside his head.
Dangerous work we do out here.
Sorry, sir? Brandy and port.
It'll help you sleep.
Don't worry.
It's just the ionic particles at the edge of the helium sphere making the ship sing.
We shouldn't be out here.
The ship is fine.
It's the members of our crew who are starting to show weakness.
Take a couple of cycles off, Mr.
I need you ready for duty by the end of the week.
Yes, sir.
You really do take liberties on this ship, don't you? Stop staring at me with that eye and come talk to me.
What's wrong, Melantha? Honestly, I'm tired of the hypocrisy.
All this talk about truth-seeking but everything about you feels like a lie.
The only lie I told was to protect Karl - and his telepath.
- See, I think that was your strategy.
I think you've got problems on this ship that you can't handle, and the only reason you helped us was to get us off your back.
Is that really what you think of me? I don't know what to think of you because you're not here.
Why don't you ever come to me in person? You watch me all the time and you give nothing back.
Do you trust me, Melantha? Whatever it is that you're hiding, Roy, you don't have to carry that burden alone.
Let me help you.
You must be the bee lady.
And you're the genius xenobiologist.
I've seen you on the news feeds.
You mind if I? Sometimes I just need to be around plants.
We all need a little piece of nature in order to stay sane.
True nature is chaos.
I think if you look closely enough, you'll find order below the chaos.
I was curious as to your encounter with the L-1.
- You mean Thale.
- Hmm.
First name basis.
He's a dangerous creature, by all accounts.
Humans are dangerous creatures.
But you weren't afraid of him.
Thale simply reflects what he takes in.
If everyone stopped projecting so much darkness and hate, he might not be a threat at all.
Perhaps if he refined his capabilities, might be a useful tool to help others.
You wanna experiment on him? With him.
Why couldn't he sense you? Well, the collective voice of my bees was too strong.
I'm guessing he had trouble filtering through.
I love the positive energy, I do, but handling an L-1 is a little more complicated than just meditating on smiley faces.
Yeah, I know, I do, and that is why I want to engage him.
In a real way.
Thale is part of this mission yet they still keep him locked up in solitary confinement.
If you're gonna do this, there are some rules you have to know first.
Don't get too close.
He may try to taunt you, but stay calm.
It's his way of testing.
If you want to keep him out of you mind, keep it clear.
Whatever you do, don't show fear.
It'll only make him more dangerous.
Hello? Thale? Whoa.
Holy Next time, ask first.
Yep, definitely.
I will do I will do that.
What do you want? Just a new friend coming to say hello.
Don't fuck me about, Rowan.
We ain't friends.
- You're shitting yourself.
- Well, yes.
You make people's eyes bleed.
You wanna see how it works? You wouldn't hurt someone bearing gifts would you? I can feel something.
What is it? What, you can't tell? Oh.
Hartley Suczek.
You left me You left me.
- And do you trust Eris? - I'm trying to.
Mel and Lommie are trying to find out what they can.
There's something wrong with the ship.
He admitted as much.
I just need to figure out what it is.
Do something.
You got the probe off.
That's something.
I miss that sound.
The rain.
I wish I was there with you.
You remember our trip to Yosemite? Which one? The bear attack.
Oh, the deadly bear attack.
I've never seen a naked man run so fast.
Hey, I had my underwear on.
Screaming like a madman.
And I was chasing off a killer bear.
I didn't know it was a deer.
Baby deer.
I've, um I've uplinked those images for you.
I I wanted you to have them before I release the memories.
Yosemite? Yeah.
Uh, Dr.
Saltzman has been encouraging me to go deeper.
Anything that That could possibly remind me of Of her.
Joy, that That's our honeymoon.
Joy, those Those are memories of of us.
I know, baby.
I know, but We talked about starting a family, remember? This is how the therapy works.
I understand.
I want you to be happy.
So, watch the rabbit.
Try and focus.
On the bunny.
W what's that? Oh, that's the bee lady.
You can't stop thinking about her, can you? Please, try and take this seriously.
If we make contact, Karl's relying on you to communicate with the Volcryn.
Besides, you could clearly use some practice.
Well fuck, man, it's a rabbit.
What do you want me to do? Tell me about your conversation with the bees.
They're insects, mate.
They don't converse.
But you heard their voices.
No, I heard a voice.
They all spoke as one thing.
Besides, there were thousands of them, so it was pretty fucking loud.
So try that with Ralphy.
All right.
If it's all too hard Ralphy and I will go.
I didn't say it was too hard.
Ralphy, is it? What a stupid fucking name, eh? Eris is like a brick wall.
I can't get through to that guy.
I thought you said he was curious.
To be honest I think he's scared.
Well, that doesn't exactly instill me with confidence.
D'Branin, I have something.
Thruster four keeps overheating, which triggers an automatic shutdown and reset.
How often is that happening? Hundreds of times a day.
The resets are small enough not to trigger any formal warnings, but if it happens over the course of months - We're gonna miss the Volcryn.
- Run those times again.
Not as a list.
I need to see the period between each shutdown.
Shutdowns aren't random.
- They're part of a pattern.
- Yeah, it's intentional.
Most likely a software program.
I need you to find the origin of the code.
How could you know that? Deviancies in patterns indicate and intelligence or agenda.
That's how I found the Volcryn.
It it's self-deleting.
Who is doing this? Ugh.
Couldn't find the source of origin.
At least let's find out where the instruction came from.
Deck seven.
Eris' quarters.
Captain Eris, we have a problem.
- What is it, Karl? - Well, thruster four keeps shutting down.
Yes, I'm aware of the issue.
Then you're aware that these incremental malfunctions - are pulling us off course.
- My nav team has been calculating daily course corrections.
Thank you.
Now, if you don't mind These are connected what you told me before About there being something in the ship trying to stop us - You're out of line, Karl.
- No, let us help you.
'Cause we cannot afford to fall behind - our intercept, we can't - May I remind you you're a passenger on my vessel.
Standard protocol would be to shut down thruster four and reset it.
We can't do that safely until we clear the heliosphere.
So why not send somebody down to do them manually? It's too dangerous.
The radiation would kill anyone in less than a minute.
Not anyone.
There is somebody.
You said you wanted to help.
By talking to him.
Not by walking into a cloud I know, I know, I know, but we need this.
Will you do it? Of course I'll do it.
Thank you.
There's something else.
I need you to bring Eris with you.
This is bollocks.
What? What I'm getting don't feel like rabbity thoughts.
What's it feel? Stop.
What the hell was that? Did those feel like rabbit thoughts to you? I think it's time you two take a break.
No, no, no, I'm fine.
I asked for it.
Is that what you're, uh, getting from Ralphy, is it? Well get the occasional rabbity, hip-hopping about, you know, chewing vegetables, but yeah, for the most part you're a little monster.
I need you.
- Take care of Ralphy.
- Mm.
How's it coming with Thale? Oh, he's good when he focuses.
And by focuses, I mean on the experiment, not on me.
What are we doing? Just keep moving.
Is is this your way of telling me that I need to exercise? Because my body actually functions better the way it is.
Where the bloody hell are we going? Deck seven.
Captain's quarters? Yeah.
I wanna talk to Eris, the real Eris, not some digital projection.
We breaking and entering? It's not like he cares about anybody else's privacy, is it? According to Lommie, the older parts of the ship were outfitted with biometric scanners.
So we need Eris' DNA to get inside.
That'll be easy to find.
It is if you know where to look.
Come on.
So what's the plan? While Eris is busy helping Mel reset thruster four, - we enter his quarters.
- Wait.
You have no idea what's behind his bloody door.
No, none.
You know, for a man of science you really don't seem to have a basic grasp of logic and reasoning.
I don't need reasoning.
I've got instincts.
Oh, you've gotta be shitting me.
You're a biologist.
You live for this.
There we go.
Are you sure you're getting this from the rabbit? I don't tell Ralphy what to do, but it's always the same.
Hunger being the overriding theme.
I haven't seen him eat a thing for ages.
Well, he's eating now.
I can feel it.
I almost feel bad for the little sod.
We're the same.
Both just pieces of meat to be poked and studied.
That's not how I feel about you.
How do you feel about me? I'm proud of you.
That's not the answer I was looking for.
You're off suppression, you're having meaningful interactions with people I can't wait to get home and show them all.
We ain't going home.
Not me, not you.
Not Ralphy.
We're all gonna die up here.
Maybe we shouldn't really be doing this.
We are scientists.
Well, you can leave if you want, but I need to meet Eris.
What? By pouring human waste onto a scanner that's over 40 years old? That answers one question.
But doesn't change the fact that this is a wonderfully ill-advised idea.
It wasn't me.
Rowan did this.
He knew it was gonna die.
He wouldn't have done it arbitrarily.
- There had to be a purpose.
- Purpose? Like every other experiment I've been involved in, the purpose is to torture the L-1.
I can still hear his voice.
Who? - Ralphy? - He's hungrier than ever.
I can feel him chewing.
What are you doing? Oh - Hello, Ralphy.
- A bloody tapeworm.
It wasn't the rabbit.
Rowan wanted me to find the voice inside the rabbit.
My hemoglobin has a synthetic receptor that binds to iodine.
The half-life is pretty short, but we should be good - for about four minutes.
- That's not a lot of time.
That's why you need to stay with me.
You know the system.
Down to the end on the right.
Thruster four.
It's the last one.
I'm right here with you.
We should leave this place.
No way.
- We're getting this done.
- No, no.
It's not safe, Mel.
I'm losing the ability to project.
Mel! Stop! Please! We need to go back, the radiation's getting stronger.
Captain Eris? You're dying.
That shit in your blood doesn't work anymore.
You thought you were engineered to be strong.
But look at you now.
You're nothing but weakness.
You came to me.
Auggie, I got something.
Someone manually purged thruster four.
What are you doing with that weapon, Mr.
Suczek? Hey, get the fuck away from your controls.
All of you.
- Move! - Suczek! Except you.
Change the coordinates.
Take us back to Europa.
Don't do this, Mr.
It will not end well for you.
Can't you see what's happening? It it's the ship.
It's the ship! She doesn't want us to go out there.
Hey, you.
Hey, h hi.
Uh how how are you feeling? Crispy.
Uh, I'm I'm just glad you're alive.
All that radiation I hallucinated that you were there.
How many of you are in on this? Change the coordinates or I shoot.
Out the gun down, Mr.
We're going back to Europa.
I understand your fear.
You brought us all the way out here and you knew.
You're having a psychotic break, Mr.
Hand over the weapon.
You knew what was in the ship.
You know the penalty for mutiny.
You can't stop me, I've got the gun.
You're just flashing lights.
And then I imagined That Roy Eris Carried me out in his arms.
I'll say this one last time.
Put the weapon down.
You'll find I can be very forgiving.
The real Roy Eris.
He did.
I'm done taking orders from you.
Thanks to Mel's heroics, we've now regained control of thruster four.
Fire all thrusters.
Full power.
All right.
Right away.
What the hell is this place? Well, well, well.
Cynthia Eris.
This must have been her quarters.
I don't think anybody's been here for years.
Imagine little Roy running around here as an excitable tyke.
All this inventory must be from their home.
She brought it all from Earth.
Took it all with her.
She couldn't let go.
Rowan, don't touch anything.
Of course not.
Look at this.
- Leave it alone.
- Sure.
Find what you're looking for? Joy? Uh, she's not real, Karl.
I've been waiting for you.
Releasing my memories Just ignore it.
That Was our sniveling little daughter.
You knew a second wave of celio was coming.
- They warned us.
- No, no, it It wouldn't have mattered.
The virus, it spread everywhere anyway.
Your memory incorrect.
I said go to my sisters, but you You couldn't leave your big discovery.
Joy, you know I love Skye.
- You know I love Skye - This - More than anything.
- Is my love for you.
Stop! Get out of my house.
You have no right.
I am in control of the ship, and you have no right to torment my crew or my guests.
You abandoned me.
You abandoned Skye.
You left me on Earth with a dead child! How could you do that? - You're a terrible father.
- Relax, - it's another projection.
- It's all your fault.
Leave us alone! Good night, Karl.
What the hell was that? My mother.
Your mother's dead.
Her body died but before, she uploaded her consciousness.
Uploaded it where? Uploaded it where? Into the "Nightflyer.
" She's the one who's been trying to kill you.