Nightflyers (2018) s01e08 Episode Script


1 Previously on "Nightflyers" She was fractured into two sub processes; a younger one, uncorrupt, the other, broken.
We need to find a way to seal her up in that world.
Did you miss me? And I came back to thank you.
You integrated the probe into the Memory Suite.
The Volcryn made the probe different.
Memory Suite's special now.
When I left on the "Nightflyer," you got sick.
When are you coming home? Now soon.
I promise.
My suppressors are hardly working anymore.
This energy we're feeling, you can't suppress it.
How's my little mama doing? We need to induce the birth right away.
[SCREAMS] [SCREAMING] Quarantine now! Tessia! [OMINOUS MUSIC] [THUDDING] [MUFFLED SCREAMING] Tessia! - [SHRIEKING] - Tessia! My baby! I'm coming, honey.
I'm coming! Tessia! Fucking do something! [SCREAMS] You're wasting your time! - Open the fucking door! - Rowan! Open the fucking door! I can't! We might be infected.
The infection from the baby seems to be airborne.
Yes, I know.
We can't let the ship become infected I know, Tobis.
We all know.
[MUFFLED] I love you.
- I love you.
- I know.
How could this happen? This was an attack on us! - On this ship! - You don't know that.
I do.
My fucking child just dissolved into a cloud of spores! Which is why we need to study it and find a solution before it spreads.
We can use our medical systems to analyze the spores and create a serum.
We'll work together.
All of our resources at once.
That's why we're here.
We'll link the systems from in here to send data samples.
I'll get our equipment from the lab, everything we've got.
We'll set up in here.
We'll get you out of there.
I know you will, Row.
So we need to get started.
I need a spectrometer, and both readers, and the RNA modules.
- Got it.
- And find Lommie.
I need her help to integrate our systems.
We're gonna solve this.
We'll get them out of there.
Thank you.
Thank you.
We need a cell sample.
We need it from from from I'll do it.
Have your systems break down the contaminant.
I will analyze and get set up out here to try and construct an antidote.
[OMINOUS MUSIC] [SIGHS] We're well within range of our scanners.
We should be picking up visual data any minute.
But there's something else.
I think our proximity to the Volcryn is affecting Thale.
He's getting far more powerful, and I think it's hurting him.
Have you been observing Agatha? You should.
She's an L.
But she's getting stronger as we're approaching, so almost L-2.
How long have you known? On some level, I've always known.
The wavelengths.
You predicted that the energy coming off the Volcryn would match that of L telepaths.
- Teke.
- You were right.
And we're right in the middle of it.
A billion times what comes off Thale or more.
Material off the probe, this is why the sphere's working.
[LAUGHS] Did you see something in there? I saw my daughter.
Mel, she came back.
No, Karl, those are memories.
That is not some message No, Mel, Mel, it's different.
This Skye never got sick.
This one never died.
Look, we know that the Volcryn have the ability to manipulate time, space, matter And what if they're implanting those images? Changing you like they changed the probe? We need that gear to help Rowan I can't.
I won't.
I can't.
Our friends are dying! And if they die, the mission dies with them.
- Mel, I can't.
- I'm not asking you, Karl.
Get that gear and get it to the lab, or I'll do it for you.
Baby, it's Daddy.
- Lommie, I'm coming in there.
You can open the door, or I can get a pulse rifle and open it for you.
What? What's wrong? Rowan and Tessia lost their baby.
We need you in the Med Lab to help link the systems.
What happened? We don't know.
Lommie, if you know something No, I Henry Eris, Cynthia Eris' father, he was a a horrible man.
That's how I took her power away in the crystal.
It's how I locked her up.
Well, not [SIGHS] not all of her.
Cynthia was fragmented and there was one part of her, a little girl.
After everything I've been through, all the abuse, I couldn't put a kid in there.
So I-I left her free in Greywing manor.
Behind the firewalls.
When I found you there, you said you made a big mistake, that was her, the little girl? I thought she was the innocent part of Cynthia Now I'm wondering if there is such a thing.
Didn't know you in the medical field.
I grew up in my mother's lab.
All my teachers were renowned scientists.
That was my school, my passion.
[BEEPING] Structure analysis should be coming through.
- [BEEPING] - You're set.
The goggles are connected to the monitor.
Thanks, Lommie.
What? Nothing.
I-I just I'm sorry, Rowan.
Sorry? Sorry for what? You know who did this? Tell me.
Got to tell me.
- It was fucking Cynthia, was it? - [KNOCKING] Row, look at the feed.
- What is it? - It's like some black mold.
It's everywhere.
I've never seen anything like it.
Well, we know how molds work.
The baby, did she suffer? So that collapse that was germination? And the start of a new growth cycle.
Run a scan on everyone's lungs.
It's the first place that airborne spores aggregate.
[LOW RUMBLING] [EERIE, TENSE MUSIC] Keep the thruster steady, please.
I heard what happened, there's time.
He's stable in the Med-Lab now, but he's not the only one I'm concerned about.
That was just one person.
My crew are prepared for anything.
I don't think any of us are prepared for what's happening.
I need to know what happens if Roy doesn't make it.
Is this coming from D'Branin? He's worried about his mission? No.
I am.
If Captain Eris wants to make contact, it's my duty to complete that mission with or without him.
[WHEEZING] [TENSE MUSIC] - Okay, you need to lie down.
- [WHEEZING] Okay.
Synth! The synth look at the synth.
- I'm sending you something now.
- What is it? An antidote! Here it comes.
[MACHINE WHIRS] She's getting worse.
We should test it first.
Culture a spore sample, expose the colony.
- We don't have time.
- [WHEEZING] Relax.
I'll run a scan on her.
What about you? How are you holding up? I suppose I should be weeping or wailing.
Isn't that what mothers usually do when they lose a child? We'll do that later.
Once we get you out of here.
You remember when we first met? I figured you just flew in with the bees.
I never understood why you chose to show yourself as a projection for all those years.
Kind of sad for everyone who never got to know you as a real person.
[SCRAPING] Agatha.
I can't make it stop.
What sound? It's like a scratching.
Something trying Bore into my skull.
How long has it been this bad? Ever since the baby came.
Seems to be worse.
Keeps getting louder.
- What about Thale? - It's worse for him.
Every time we get near each other, it's like a psychic feedback loop.
- [SCRAPING] - It's agonizing.
It's the Volcryn.
We're getting closer to them and the Teke energy they're giving off, it's affecting things.
Karl predicted that the waveforms would be similar.
The Volcryn are a reservoir of Teke energy.
More than we ever imagined could have been possible.
Agatha I need you to talk to Thale, find out what he's getting from them.
If I get too close to him, it could be very dangerous for both of us.
I know.
I know and I'm sorry, but we need to find out what we're flying into and he's the first one who could know.
I'll try.
You did it.
Row, something doesn't feel right.
The spores are dormant, but they're not receding.
- Give it time.
- It's not that.
[OMINOUS MUSIC] I think it might be a cycle of gestation.
No, that's too fast.
The spores [GASPS, WHEEZING] [MOUTHING WORDS] [WHEEZING] Stand back! Get back.
Don't breathe! I know you're alive in the ship.
I know you can hear me.
Why won't you speak? Please, Cyn, talk to me.
Roy can't come between us anymore.
I've control of the ship.
Find a way back to me and I can return the "Flyer" to your capable hand.
[SCOFFS] [FOOTSTEPS THUDDING] [WOOD CREAKS] [TOGETHER] You came to play with me? You took my family away.
They didn't mean anything to you.
[TOGETHER] But you did.
What else did you do? Have you been hurting my friends? [DRAMATIC FLOURISH] Gave you this whole house, let you be free.
Why take them away from me? [TOGETHER] Because I need you.
[OMINOUS MUSIC] [TOGETHER] And they wanted to play.
Come out.
[TOGETHER] I like it when you're scared.
This isn't a game.
Cynthia! [BLOW THUDS] I won't let you die.
I have plans for us.
Honey! Honey! I'm okay.
I it comes in waves.
No, you're not.
You're not okay.
Row, I need you to stay strong.
We'll get out of this.
God, your sad eyes are gonna kill me before these spores.
I just need the spectrometer.
Where the fuck's D'Branin? I'll go see what's keeping him.
Roy, I need your help.
Intercom volume, 0.
What if he can't solve this? Let him keep trying.
If he doesn't, he'll never forgive himself.
If the spores make it out into the ship, everyone dies.
You have to be ready.
For what? The decontamination cycle.
That would kill every living organism in this room.
I know.
Skye? Skye? Skye? Skye, you still here? Daddy.
You came back.
Yeah, baby.
Told you I would.
Skye, I need to understand where you are.
I'm here with you.
No, baby, I mean, when you're not in this place.
Where do you go? I'm at our house with Mommy.
Okay, good.
Is Mommy happy? Yes, but she misses you.
Skye, when I left on the "Nightflyer" Do you remember what happened that day? Of course, I remember.
We all went to the launch, my whole school, and you're in the newsfeeds that night.
- Daddy? - It's really you.
Daddy, is something wrong? No, no, baby.
Nothing's wrong.
You're perfect.
Can you take my hand? [TENSE MUSIC] I can touch you.
You're real.
Oh, Skye, I'm never gonna let you go again.
I'm never gonna lose you again.
Yeah? I can't hold on.
No, Skye.
No, hold on.
Don't let go.
- I'm I'm trying, Daddy.
- Please, Skye, try.
- I'm really trying.
- Skye.
I said stop! Rowan's been waiting for you.
We need this equipment.
This machine, everything I've built, this here is everything that I came out here for, and it's working.
I've been using it to speak with my daughter.
You don't even know if that's real, or just some visual garbage that the Memory Sphere's pulling out of your head.
No, it's more than that.
I touched her hand.
Real, physical contact.
Karl, it's not her.
Skye is dead, and our team is dying right now in this world.
Not in some alternate reality.
Not in some Volcryn fantasy.
Right now.
They need you.
I need you.
Look what the cat dragged in.
You did very good.
Now you can taste my hell.
Can't wait to kiss that girlfriend of yours.
- No.
- I'll tell her you said hi.
No! Don't leave me here! Ah! Don't leave me here! Don't leave me here! [DISCORDANT, CACOPHONOUS SCRATCHING AND HISSING] [GASPS] [WHIMPERING] Thale! Thale! [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Listen! Agatha.
Agatha, are you up here? [GROANS] Oh, my God.
You're amplifying each other.
You can't be this close.
You're killing each other.
I can't make it stop.
They're breaking in to our visual spectrum.
Tessia, look at me.
It's going to be fine.
I promise you.
Please stay with me - Tessia! - She can't talk.
Where the hell have you been? - Agatha needs help.
- So does Tessia! - Where the fuck have you been? - Agatha needs help! - Help me suppress - [INDISTINCT YELLING] [DISCORDANT, CACOPHONOUS SCRATCHING AND HISSING] [INDISTINCT YELLING] [SCRATCHING AND HISSING CONTINUES] This is it.
This is the sound.
What sound? They're trying to eat through the glass.
They're blooming inside of her.
They're gonna chew their way out.
Yes, darling? Don't let it poison your heart.
Remember, love, how happy we made each other.
Live in that place.
[WHIMPERING] What? What's she saying? Tell me.
She wants you to do it now.
Do what? Do what now, Agatha? [SCRATCHING AND HISSING] They're breaking through the glass.
She wants you to do it now.
- Do what? - I don't understand.
- You have to do it now! - Do what now? They're gonna break through the glass.
- This is Captain Roy Eris.
- Identity confirmed.
Initiate decontamination sequence.
Don't you fucking say it! [SHOUTS] Press the button! - Now! - Don't! Don't! - Decontamination initiated.
- Tessia! Warning.
Decontamination complete.
Room purged.
No organics detected.
Decontamination complete.
Roy, where are you? Medical Lab is sterile.
The others? They're gone.
Tessia and Tobis.
I'm on my way, sir.