Nisekoi (2014) s01e06 Episode Script

Borrowing and Lending

1 Caviar and foie gras, truffles, lobster and shark fin spring rolls, fried sea urchin and filet mignon What do your parents do for a living, Kirisaki-san? Huh? N-Nothing special! We're just an ordinary family! Wow, I never knew.
You're filthy rich, aren't you? I told you I'm really not So my lunch isn't exactly ordinary.
Oh, by the way, Miyamoto-san.
Oh, you can just call me Ruri, Kirisaki-san.
Really? Then can you use my first name too.
Then, you can call me Kosaki! Ruri-chan and Kosaki-chan? Gotcha! How lovely Sorry about yesterday.
I was supposed to help your team at the swim meet, but I ended up getting disqualified.
Oh, that? It's no big deal.
Don't worry about it.
I can't fault you for doing me a favor.
I'm just relieved that you weren't seriously hurt, Chitoge-chan.
And besides Even though it was for Kosaki's sake, I'm feeling more than a little bit guilty about what happened to you.
Did you say something? Well, there's no reason for you to feel bad, Ruri-chan.
After all, it's all that bean sprout's fault anyway.
You mean Ichijou-kun? Right! Get this: even before the meet began, he was already pissing me off with every little thing he said! When I was about to drown, he even tried to surprise me in my sleep.
Seriously, he's the lowest of the low! Kirisaki-sa—Chitoge-chan, you mean nobody told you? Told me what? Ichijou-kun was the one who saved you in the pool.
Huh? N-No way, no way, no way, no way! As if that wimp would have the guts! But it's true! You should've seen him.
He was pretty amazing back there.
He just dove right in to rescue you, Chitoge-chan! So I feel bad for him when you talk about him like that.
I-Is that what happened? What do I do now? I clobbered him twice because I had no idea.
It's not too late to apologize, and perhaps even thank him.
A-After it's been this long? That's impossible! And why should I have to thank him of all people? Thanking him is still the right thing to do.
If there's anything I can do to help, I will.
Me too.
and Lending Episode 6: Borrowing Hey, bean sprout over there.
Huh? Oh, it's just you.
Um About yesterday Hm? Yesterday? You know, what happened yesterday.
When I, um What are you talking about? I just said Yesterday? Oh, I know what you mean.
Wow, are you still worried about that? Y-You shut up! What do you expect? I just thought that I should at least say something to you about it.
Don't give it another thought.
I swear I won't tell anyone.
Yup, you won't tell anyone—Wait, what? You're bothered by the fat on your stomach, right? Shuu told me.
Huh?! You didn't have to personally make sure I kept my mouth shut.
I don't gossip about that sort of stuff anyway.
That's not That's not what I'm talking about! Besides, I hadn't even told anyone yet, so why did you have to punch me? That said, you probably do need to watch your waist.
You eat way too much meat, like all the time! You need to show a little more concern for your health and eat more veg— Mind your own damn business! Hey, bean sprout! What? Still not done? I'm going to ask you straight up! What are your favorite foods? What are you plotting now? Planning to poison me? Sh-Shut up! Just answer the question! And what are you gonna do if I tell you? What? Well Hm How about giving him a token of apology? Something that Ichijou-kun likes.
Makes sense.
Fine, it doesn't matter.
Just take this.
You like these, don't you? I'm kind of scared now.
Well, how should I put it Take it as a token of gratitude for yesterday.
I prefer the coarse bean paste.
If you're just gonna complain, then give it back! Hey, you bean sprout! What's with you today?! What's got you so worked up? I told you! There's something I want to say to you about yesterday! Remember? I almost drowned in the pool, and And then you um Yesterday? When you drowned? When she drowned Oh, right.
Is that what you meant? Yeah, you get it now? I heard that you dove right in to rescue me.
So I guess sometimes you're actually more of a man than I thought.
I mean, you were pretty bold, and all Bold?! What does she mean, I'm bold? But then again I guess that also means she doesn't completely resent me for it.
No, no.
That couldn't possibly be true.
Don't be ridiculous.
I was really worried there, you know? Thinking that you could have stopped breathing What? Huh? What's he talking about? Was he really that worried about me? But hey, wasn't that a first for you, too? What? Does he mean being saved from drowning? Well, of course Yeah, it was kind of scary, but I guess I was glad in the end.
She was glad? Hey, hey, what's up with you? Uh No, wait.
Were you really okay with it being me? As, you know the one who Well yeah, of course! I really couldn't care less who saved me.
Huh, what?! Seriously? S-Since when has she felt that way about me?! Wait, why am I getting so nervous? I'm supposed to have feelings for Onodera! B-But, with all those people there, it was kind of embarrassing.
What are you saying? You did a good deed! Huh? So she's proud of it? You're more venturous than I'd given you credit for.
Huh? But really, I know it was for CPR, but a kiss is a kiss.
Surely it would've been better for your first time to have been a bit more romantic.
Huh? CPR? What are you going on about now? Huh? CPR? What were you thinking, you perverted bean sprout?! What the hell?! That's it, I've had enough! Totally impossible! I have no reason to thank the biggest moron of the century for anything! Seriously, what was he thinking? That idiot! He really pisses me off! Can he die already?! Chitoge-chan, just calm down.
Jeez Honestly, do these two actually get along or not? Hey, Chitoge-chan, there's something that's been on my mind lately.
Would you hear me out? Wh-What is it? Are you and Ichijou-kun really going out? R-Ruri-chan What? Well, yeah Oh But, you know.
If you have a close friend who can keep a secret, why not tell them? Actually What? You're not dating? Pretty much.
Thanks to the unique relationship and circumstances our parents are in, we're being forced to pretend that we're dating.
Then, you and Ichijou-kun Me? Date him? Screw that! Our circumstances aside, who'd ever give him the time of day? I I see Okay then, Chitoge-chan.
Let's say that if at some point, someone who actually does like Ichijou-kun shows up, what then? Oh please, I'd hand him over on a silver platter with a ribbon on top! Though, that's if anyone benevolent enough to fall for that spineless bean sprout even exists! Oh, but promise me you won't spread this to anyone, okay? S-Sure, won't tell anyone! Roger! Otherwise, the entire city could be decimated.
Just what kind of family do you come from, Chitoge-chan? An ordinary family! I have to go check up on the animals now, so I'll see you later! Anyway, there you have it.
You both give me your word, right? S-Sure thing! Bye-bye! With a ribbon on top, she said.
So what are you going to do now? Shouldn't you just ask him out? Huh? N-No, I couldn't Just out of the blue? No way If you're gonna be like that, then surely next time, somebody else could come along and take him, you know? Yeah.
I know.
You're absolutely right.
I I guess I had lost hope of ever being able to tell Ichijou-kun how I feel.
But this is as good a chance as I'll ever have, right? I don't want to keep feeling this way.
Kosaki I'm gonna go for it, Ruri-chan.
I'm going to tell him how I feel! H-How How do I do it? Just thinking about it makes me blush.
Wow, you Grow a spine, will you? Didn't you just decide to go for it? But Seriously, what was her problem this afternoon? I don't understand women at all.
Like seriously, is there any way to get her not to deck people at the drop of a hat? My pendant's getting thrashed thanks to her.
Maybe I should put a new chain on it or something.
At this rate, it'll be annihilated by the time I find the promise girl.
I wonder what she's doing these days.
It's been ten years since we made that promise.
I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't even remember it anymore.
Oh! Ah, sorry! No, I'm sorry.
Hey, sorry about that! Watch where you're going! Wow, finally.
You're late, you know? You've got some nerve, showing up late, you perverted bean sprout.
Would you mind getting to work? Huh? What? Hey, that stuff earlier, was that you trying to thank me? Have you got a brain in your head? I-I'd never do such a thing! Why should I have to thank you? I guess not, huh? You're not the type to do that anyway.
Why, you Well then, why did you rescue me? I thought you didn't like me.
Don't be stupid! Of course I'd still rescue you! You're saying you'd let someone drown if you didn't like them? Well, sorry, but I didn't have time to even consider something so absurd! I was running in before I knew it.
Even I was surprised Well, I guess it's pretty clear why.
Even if we're faking it, we're still boyfriend and girlfriend.
There's probably some unknown power at work, right? Just saying! Huh? What's with that reaction? Are you kidding me? Hey, hey, aren't you gonna rip into me? Don't leave me hanging! Huh? Oh Then Thank you for saving me.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have hit you.
Huh? All right, I'm going home.
I'll leave the rest to you! Huh? Hey What did you just say? Just shut up.
It was nothing.
It wasn't "nothing"! Come on, what did you say? Don't just run off like that! Oh, back off, already! I didn't understand a word of what she said.
But it did sound like she was thanking me.
I can tell that much.
Damn, could she be any more stubborn? Huh? Wait, isn't this Hey, Kosaki, what is it that you like about Ichijou-kun? Huh? I've been watching you two for years, and I still can't figure it out.
I mean, I know that he's not a bad guy, but That's, um Well, the way he can be really kind, or just a really good person I mean, I know why I like him, but it's really hard to put into words.
How do you think I should describe it? How would I know? Huh? Onodera, Miyamoto, are you guys leaving now? Ichijou-kun Poof! Later, Kosaki! I have to be somewhere now, so I gotta split.
Bye! R-Ruri-chan! How could you?! Miyamoto took off like a rocket, huh? Must be something really important.
Ruri-chan, you dummy! I know I decided to tell him, but things are moving too fast! Huh? Don't you dare run away.
R-Ruri-chan No way What did she just come back for? Now what? I never thought I'd be doing this so soon.
What do I do? How can I act normally now? My heart's about to burst! Ah, I'm sorry, Ruri-chan! There's no way I can just blurt it out now! Huh? Onodera Your face is getting pretty red.
What? What's wrong? Your face is bright red! Is it a cold? Do you feel okay? Whoa, your temperature's sky-high! What's up with that? Wh-What are you going to do? Should I walk you home? Or to the hospital? No, I need to call for an ambulance.
Calm down, Ichijou-kun! You want me to calm down? You're so hot, you must have a temperature of almost 40 degrees! If that's the case, we need to hurry.
Ruri-chan This is what I like about him.
All right, just sit tight for a second! I'll get you some cold medicine— Whoa! Wait a minute, Ichijou-kun! Huh? Onodera? This is my chance.
Ichijou-kun, the truth is I I've never, ever had the courage to tell you this, but I I'm Ichijou-kun, I'm Onodera? in In? Sorry about that! Did anyone get hurt up there? For god's sake, would you guys watch it? You could've hurt someone! Oh, crap, someone's up there! Jeez! My bad.
Onodera, I'm gonna go get a teacher.
Oh, be careful not to touch that glass.
Huh? Oh, right Oh, yeah What were you trying to say just now? Huh? Oh No, that was S-Sorry, it was nothing important.
Don't worry about it! Oh, I see.
'Kay, I'll be back in a bit.
How could something like this happen? Your timing is terrible, God! Oh, my heart's still pounding.
How disappointing.
And I'd finally mustered the courage Man, that was scary.
It almost seemed like she was confessing.
I mean, in there alone, with those particular lines? Not to mention how nervous she looked Though really, there's no way that Onodera could possibly have feelings for me, right? It's not like I was anticipating anything that sweet! Honestly! A man can dream, though.
I couldn't tell him after all.
Yeah? You coward! Well, I had a feeling that you'd chicken out anyway.
Don't say that.
But hey, what counts is that you tried, right? And I guess it was wrong of me to rush you like that.
Ruri-chan But if it happens again, consider our friendship over.
You're going to put everything on the line next time.
Wh-What? Come on! Sorry, Ruri-chan The truth is Deep down inside, I'm a little relieved that I failed.
Even though I want him to know how I feel as soon as possible, I'd be nice to keep what we have right now just a little longer.
But next time I'm telling you for sure, Ichijou-kun.
Now, what am I going to do with this little trinket? He's always talking about how important it is to him, So I guess I'll give it back to him tomorrow.
I wonder what kind of girl that loser made his promise to.
He was in total denial, but deep down, it seems that he wants to be reunited with her.
I guess that means that even now, he still likes her.
Wait, what am I thinking?! That has nothing to do with this! Oh, jeez! Can I just give him back his damned locket already? Young Master, Young Master! You have a visitor! A visitor? I don't have time for that now.
Is it Shuu? Hey, darling.
You dropped something.
What are you doing, anyway? Whoa! You serious?! You're the one who found it? Oh, shut up.
I was panicking, looking for it.
I only just realized it was gone.
I owe you one! Young Master, you found it? What a relief! You should be more careful, you know? But how'd I drop it? I thought it was around my neck the whole time.
Anyway, that's sorted.
See you later, stupid bean sprout.
Oh, thanks for that! I guess even she's capable of being nice sometimes.
How did it go, Mistress? How was that locket I repaired? Oh, it was great! Darling didn't notice a thing.
What? Is that really okay? Wouldn't you want him to know, after you went through the trouble to fix it? It's totally fine this way.
Now we're even, stupid bean sprout.
You say it's precious to you, but you keep losing it.
The girl who gave it to you would be crushed.
Actually, speaking of promises Didn't I make a promise with a boy, when I was younger? Huh? It almost sounds like his story.
But there's no way it is.
What was it, that he said that day? Something like Oh, I remember.
“Zawsze in love.
” You wanted to see me, Claude-sama? There you are.
I've been waiting for you.
This is the target for your next mission.
His name is Ichijou Raku.
You probably know about about it already, but our Mistress is currently in a relationship with this fellow.
However, I get the feeling that he's only using and deceiving her.
He's a cunning little punk.
Mistress I won't let him get away.
And on top of that, he's a short, vulgar, worthless, inconsequential wimp.
It's like he was raised by monkeys, he reeks more than a cesspool, and he's a pig with no balls.
Just thinking about him pisses me off.
Snuggling up to our Mistress, damn him! Mistress should never be with a guy like him! I-Is he that heinous? What gall Unfortunately, I'm not able to protect Mistress from him directly.
But on the other hand, you, my brilliant subordinate and protégé, should have no problem saving Mistress from the vile clutches of this little prick.
I vow that I will save Mistress.
Wait for me, Mistress.
This time for sure I'll fulfill my promise.