Nisekoi (2014) s01e09 Episode Script

Hot Springs

1 What's this? A key? A key to what, I wonder.
Could it have something to do with my promise? What are you doing up there? Mistress, is something the matter? You haven't had anything to eat since coming home.
Oh, that's right.
It totally slipped my mind.
Hey, Tsugumi.
Uh, do you know where I met my first love? Huh? Oh I could probably find out if I looked into it.
Is something the matter? I just feel like checking it out.
Can you arrange for a ride tomorrow? What? B-But what about school? School? What are you talking about? Tomorrow's Saturday.
We don't have school, remember? No, we do.
Have you forgotten, Mistress? Tomorrow is Our school field trip! I-I forgot all about it! Episode 9: Hot Springs I-I forgot all about it! I'm really curious about that promise, but there's no way I'm missing out on such a fun school activity! All right, everybody.
Split up into your groups! We're getting on the buses.
Okay! Come on, get on! Why's she looking so uncomfortable? Hey, tell me, Bean Sprout, what does she mean by groups? Huh? Oh, right.
You were sleeping when we picked groups.
Each group's six students, and ours Hey, Ichijou Raku, 1st Person don't you think you're clinging to Mistress a little too much? Sh-She's right, darling.
Although, I do appreciate how you feel about me! 2nd Person 3rd Person Hey, don't push me, Ruri-chan! 4th Person 5th Person I can't believe this is happening! 6th Person Why, you You set me up, didn't you?! If looks could kill, I'd be dead right now! N-No, I have bigger problems! Onodera's shoulder is up against me.
What do I do?! My heart won't stop pounding! I'll bet you she can hear it too! Oh What am I going to do? I wonder if Ichijou-kun can hear my heart throbbing? Whoa! Centrifugal force! Not my fault! Curve! S-Sorry, Ichijou-kun! No No, no, no, no, you're fine! Hey! Hey, darling, get off me, will you? Ruri-chan! Come on! That was so unnecessary! Hey, Ichijou Raku, don't you think you're getting a little too carried away? It's It's not my fault! Curve! Looks like you want to go to hell before we even reach our destination, huh? It's not my fault! Here it comes! Curve! After repeating this kind of exchange forty times or so, we finally reached our destination.
Well, it did have its perks, but How was it? I set up that road trip for you! In terms of positive or negative, I'd rate it positive, but I want to pound your face in! I hope Ichijou-kun didn't think I was a nuisance.
Nice job, Kosaki.
Ouch! Ouch! What are you doing? All right, everybody.
Listen up! You guys are going to get started on the rice and curry.
Have fun with it! Okay! Onodera and Miyamoto, could you go get some firewood for us? Okay! My first field trip and sleepover with everyone! I do want to find out more about my first love, but for now, I think I'll just enjoy myself! Thanks for waiting! What took you so long, Kirisaki-san? Kirisaki sure looks like she's having a ball.
Well, she's always been the type to get all excited over doing something with friends.
I'll bet she's happy beyond belief right now! The boy I made a promise with ten years ago, huh? Even if I did run into him again, I wouldn't recognize him, would I? Okay, here you go.
Hey, just leave it to me! Oh, but he might still have that scar on his forehead from that day.
That's the only thing I have to go on, huh? Promise girl, huh? The whole thing's a huge mystery to me.
I never did figure out what Onodera's key was really for.
Just who was the boy that she made a promise with ten years ago? Hey, Bean Sprout, I need more hot water for this pot— I'm so sorry! Are you okay? Jeez, will you watch your step? I'm sor—huh? Huh? Huh? His scar It's just like the little boy's! A key? I get the feeling that I've seen it somewhere before.
Hey, Bean Sprout, how did you get that scar on your forehead? Oh, you mean this? I've had it since I was a kid but how did I get it? I used to pet a lot of animals, see.
I guess I got attacked by one of them.
An animal? Wait, what the heck am I thinking? There's no way that they're the same person! And didn't he say so himself? The girl he promised gave him a locket as a symbol of their reunion.
Keyhole What?! Key Something wrong? It's It's nothing! Oh.
What's her problem? He has nothing to do with my promise! It can't be! Whoa! This is our room for tonight, huh? It's bigger than we expected, isn't it? Our school definitely isn't stingy when it comes to these things.
To add to that, even though there's a sliding door between us, we get to sleep in the same room as the girls! I'm so glad that I enrolled in this school! What a candid fool.
By the way, Maiko-kun, where are you sleeping— the balcony or the hallway? What?! I can't sleep in the room?! Onodera and I are both sleeping in this room? Ugh, that makes me all the more nervous.
Hey, what a great view! Hey, hey! Shut up! Heel! Oh yeah! I heard this inn has a hot spring.
Let's take a bath together! Hot spring? Have you ever bathed in a hot spring before, Chitoge? I've always wanted to try! Oh, I can't wait! I-I've never taken a bath with multiple people before.
I thought Kirisaki was acting a little strange before, but I guess I was reading too much into it.
Now then, what do you guys wanna do? We still have some free time left.
Since we're all here, wanna play cards or something? Also, normal rules wouldn't be any fun, so how about a penalty for the losers? A penalty? The loser has to reveal her three sizes— Sorry.
I was joking.
Okay then, the color of her panties— What she thinks are her sexiest parts— Which part of her body she washes first— She tells us the story of her first love or something.
Well, I guess that works.
Huh? The story of my first love? Dammit Shuu, did you forget that my first love might be Onodera? Wh-What should I do? As far as my first love goes I have no proof, but it's probably Wh-Why am I panicking? I haven't really fallen in love! I haven't! I haven't! I-I can't lose, no matter what! Okay, let's get this game of Old Maid started! Huh? Hey, are you all right? You look pale.
Huh? N-Nothing's wrong! What do you mean? I'm totally cool with this, all right? O-Oh, okay.
No good.
I can't afford to worry about others now.
Here, Kosaki.
You can read her like a book! It's the joker! That one's gotta be the joker! It's written all over her face.
Your turn, Ichijou-kun.
Dammit! Onodera's too sweet! What? Why's she making that face? It's the joker! It has to be the joker! Oh, crap! She's too adorable! Damn! I'm gonna regret this! Here, Kirisaki, it's your— Whoa, she looks dead serious Too easy to read! Not you too, Kirisaki! What the hell's that tragic look for? How desperate are you not to lose? Hey, everything's written on your face.
Would it kill you to put on your poker face? Huh? Oh, that's right.
You're so Poker face.
Poker face.
You guys.
Poker face.
The battle continued for one The battle continued for one The battle continued for one The battle continued for one The battle continued for one reason or another.
reason or another.
reason or another.
The final two remaining.
The girl who pulled The girl who pulled The girl who pulled The girl who pulled all of Raku's jokers.
all of Raku's jokers.
all of Raku's jokers.
all of Raku's jokers.
Kirisaki Chitoge The boy who pulled The boy who pulled The boy who pulled The boy who pulled all of Onodera's jokers.
all of Onodera's jokers.
all of Onodera's jokers.
all of Onodera's jokers.
Raku Ichijou Aha! Our couple's gonna duke it out! 2 Cards Left 1 Card Left That was a close call.
Sorry, but you're just gonna have to let me win.
So this one's not the joker, huh? I can't afford to lose, either.
Damn, I feel like a coward for beating her like this.
Oh, crap She realized that I took her joker on purpose, huh? But this makes us even, right? After this, whether I win or lose Hey! You were supposed to show up ages ago! Get yourselves over there! Whoa, this is bad! Let's go, Raku! Right! All's well that ends well.
Thank you for the meal! I'm so stuffed! Come on, let's head to the bath.
You sure you're not trying to say, "Let's peep on the girls!"? I would never say that! And besides, I hear that the boys and girls are bathing at different times.
Hey, Ichijou! You've got a phone call at the front desk! What? I'm going on ahead! A call? Wonder who it's from? Huh? Claude? What's he doing here? I hope he's not up to one of his evil schemes again.
Hey, Chitoge-chan! Let's go get ready for our baths, too! Oh, okay! What the hell? Nobody called me! Oh, crap, I'm supposed to be in the bath by now.
Men Men Men Men Men Men Men Men Men Men Men Men Men Men Men Men Men Men Men Men Men Men Men Men Men Men Men Men Men Men Women Women Women Women Women Ichijou Raku! As of today, your social life is over! Nobody else is here.
Am I the last one? Now that I think of it, I never got to hear about anyone's first love today.
It would've been cool to hear about Onodera's.
Whatever, this hot spring feels great! The atmosphere here feels like heaven! Hey, are you a moron? Where do you get off doing a butterfly stroke in a hot spring!? Oh, sorry about What the hell do you think you're doing? Right back at you! What are you doing in the men's bath? Huh? What are you talking about? This is the women's bath! That's ridiculous! I double-checked! Everything makes sense now.
This must be Claude's doing.
What? You mean he's here? Anyway, I'm going to let you off this time, but you need to get yourself out of here! Before the others show up! Sorry, I owe you big time! And don't look this way! I'll murder you! Sorry! Wow! It's an outdoor bath! I-I've never done anything like this before.
You're not supposed to bring your towel into the spring.
It's a lot bigger than we thought, huh? Uh, what do I do now? You can take that thing off first! Stop wandering around, and wash your body.
Huh? Serves you right, you goddamn punk! As of tonight, you'll forever be stigmatized as a pervert and a Peeping Tom, and you'll spend the rest of your youth isolated in the darkness! Chitoge-chan! That was quick! Are you done with your bath already? Th-That's right, I am! I just couldn't help myself and went ahead! Mistress! I'll be right there— No, we need to scrub that body first! Wasn't there another girl with you just now? No, no, I'm by myself! I mean, I was the first one in! I see.
Seishirou! Don't stand up when you shower! Here, use this to hide yourself for now.
Kirisaki, you're helping me out? What other choice do I have? You are supposed to be my boyfriend, after all.
And Tsugumi's here, too, remember? If it ever gets out that you came into the girls' bath to peep on us, You and I will have to spend the next three years as the object of everyone's scorn.
In short, if they catch you, we're both toast! I'll back you up, but you have to come up with a way to escape somehow.
Somehow? That's easy for you to say! Onodera and the other girls are blocking the entrance! The entrance is a no-go! On the other hand, the fences are too high for me to even think about climbing over.
What's that? The service entrance! If I leave through there Okay, why don't we help each other wash? After all, it doesn't seem like Tsugumi-san's used to Japanese baths.
What? N-No, that won't be necess— Now, now, where do you want me to scrub you? P-Please stop now, Miyamoto-sama! Oh, Miyamoto Hey, this isn't bad! Unfortunately, I couldn't find any good spots to look from, but just listening leaves a lot to the imagination, wouldn't you say? Mmm, gotta hand it to you, Maiko! Still, Raku's pretty late to the party.
What a waste! What's taking him so long? Well, he did get some special treatment in that bus.
Forget about him! All right, the door's straight ahead.
All I need is an opportunity.
Oh! Look, look! I see a tanuki over there! What? Really? Where? See it? Over there! Thanks, Kirisaki! I owe you.
I can make it now! Hey, it's a lot bigger than I expected! Wow! You're pretty sexy, Sensei! I'm so jealous of adults and their bodies! Heh, wanna cop a feel? H-Holy crap! Kyouko-chan's here too, now! If she catches me now, there'll be totally serious hell to pay! Scorn from my classmates will be the least of my problems! Worst case scenario, I could be expelled! Hey, so where's the tanuki? H-Huh? That's weird.
Ah! The exit's getting farther and farther away! At this point, my only hope is to hang around and hide until the girls' bathing time ends.
Huh? What's this, Tsugumi? For a tomboy, you've got a seriously hot body.
Huh? She's right! Here, let me feel them.
No wait Not again! Wow! It's true.
Your boobs are huge! Why is your skin so silky smooth? Ichijou sure is missing out! What is that teacher doing? Is that a rogue there? Tsugumi-san, that was amazing! You're like a ninja! Huh? That's strange.
Now expulsion seems tame in comparison! If I'm caught, I'll be Executed on the spot! J-Just hide behind me for now! Thank God.
Oh, there you are! Hey, by the way I'm going to be frank, how far have you two gone? Huh? How far? Come on! We're talking about Ichijou-kun! You two have been dating openly for quite some time now.
We were thinking that you must be pretty far along by now.
I-I can't breathe But then again, you both still call each other by your last names.
How innocent! So tell us the truth! How about it? W-Well Never mind that, haven't you ever wondered what Tsugumi's first love was like? What? What? You have a crush, Tsugumi-san? Who is it? Who is it? Someone in our school? Wh-What I'm experiencing isn't love! All right, while they're caught up in their girl talk, I've got to find an escape route, no matter what! Huh? Is that a hole? The men's bath should be on the other side.
Does that hole connect the two baths? All right! Now if I could just make it over there somehow What? A hole? Right, gotcha.
I'll divert their attention, so you hurry over to that hole! I-I know! We don't need to talk about me.
What kind of boy do you have a crush on, Onodera-sama? Wh-What?! Huh? Dera-chan, you're crushing on someone? I want to hear this! N-No, I don't have a crush! Oh, yes, there is! You told me about him before! What? You did? O-Onodera's crush?! But she said she didn't have one the other day! Hey! Why are you just sitting there?! Get going, will you? D-Damn it, I want to hear this! But Right now, my first priority is getting out of here! Hey, she ran away! Come back here, you! Come on! If I say there's no one, then there's no one! Wh-What the hell? Who thought that my last escape route would be blocked by the most formidable wall!? That idiot! C-Come on, Kosaki-chan, I'd like you to tell me too! What? Not you too, Chitoge-chan! Now, now, come over here! W-Wait Huh?! I think I just felt something soft underneath.
I-It must be your imagination! Come on, what are you doing? Now's your chance! Get yourself over there! Whoa! Whoa! Don't push, okay? What was that sound just now? You don't think they realized we've been eavesdropping here? Raku? What the hell are you doing there? Oh, uh I was just holding my breath underwater.
Hey, man, you need get on in this! The girls' titillating conversation! Nah, I'm going to take five.
Oh, yeah? Jeez, you're cold.
I know that you weren't to blame for any of that today.
But how much of a klutz can you be?! Sh-Shut up, will you? I'm a victim, too, you know.
So? How much did you see? Huh? You saw my perfect body, didn't you?! I can't believe that you of all people would see me stark naked! I-I didn't see anything, okay? I mean, that place was pretty steamy! Really? You're telling the truth, right? If you're lying, I swear— I'm telling the truth! Then what about that last thing? What do you mean, that last thing? If you don't get it, then never mind.
Of course I could never say it.
Not something like that.
All righty, tomorrow we're all heading to the mountain! Better get to bed soon! Okay! If you open that sliding door, you're a dead man.
I won't, I won't! No need to worry! Damn right we're opening it! Right, Raku? I'm exhausted.
Count me out.
Jeez, you're cold! Why me too?