No Game, No Life (2014) s01e10 Episode Script

Blue Rose

1 We won't let you fight the Eastern Federation! Do you think our lives are worthless? Come out, stupid king! We know you're working with the Federation! So Why are we all here? I told you after we won yesterday, right? Demand 2: You, elf.
Fil, I'm taking the right to alter your memories.
Wha— You want us to spy for you, right? Spy The reason we bet Imanity's Race Piece is because we knew that you, the spy working with Elven Garde, would make contact with us.
And we beat you in the game.
You thought that if you gave your memories to me during the game, you could bring me to your side without using the pledges, right? However, I agreed to help you, but nothing I saw in your memories leads me to think you can beat the Eastern Federation.
Can you really do it? It'll be fine.
Anyway, I've brought you here for a very important reason.
There's just one thing we must do now Something we absolutely must do in order to fight together.
Fight Together What is it? You mean Introductions Blood Type Best Feature Zodiac Education Preferred Type Hobbies Introductions! Introductions? Blue Rose Why do that now? I'm Kurami Zell.
Nice to meet you.
Huh? Is that all? Don't you have anything else to say? Nope.
That's not a problem, is it? She's 18 years old, same as me.
158 centimeters tall.
Her three sizes, from the top, are Hey, that's not fair! And her bras are padded, but she's actually— Fine! Fine! Stop! I'll do it for real! But I can't do that without introducing Fi first.
Hello there! I'm Fil Nilvalen! Everybody but that demon can just call me Fi! My, it seems you don't like me very much at all.
Why, I wonder? It's a mystery! Because When I think of how many of my people died in the attack by a certain Flugel during the great war Defendant Jibril, your plea? I don't know what to say If you had only known your place and avoided placing anti-flight wards above your cities, I never even would've noticed you.
You got what you deserved.
I fell from the sky and got a bump on my head from that.
I don't see how you can blame me if I accidentally let you all die.
Judge! The defendant, Jibril, is guilty! Why? Fi, since we're going to work together, I don't want any hard feelings.
What does Jibril have to do to earn your forgiveness? That's a very difficult question.
Fi We need her power for Sora's plans.
I ask you, too.
If you lick my feet and say, "Please forgive me, Fil-sama," I'll forgive you.
What's this? You long-eared forest mongrels are as cocky as can be, aren't you? Jibril.
I-I seriously have to lick this animal's feet? Punishment! I don't like it, but if that is my masters' order Please wait a moment.
Please forgive me, Fil-sama.
Okay, I forgive you! That's all it took? M-M-Master! Licking this vulgar animal's feet and apologizing must be the ultimate humiliation! And yet, why? Why, when I think that I'm doing it because you ordered me to, does it excite me? Who is Blank, that they're capable of doing this to a Flugel? Do you know what's behind this shocking discovery? Um If we're talking about hard feelings, I have my share.
She used magic to cheat and defeat me! It's your fault for being fooled.
Oh, he's just cold-blooded and uncaring.
Fi is my childhood friend.
More specifically, she's my master.
Elven Garde is a democracy, but they maintain a hierarchy and promote the binding of lower-ranked races.
Basically, they have a slave system.
Then Kurami is Yes.
We've been slaves of the Nilvalen family since my great-grandfather's era.
I was born and raised in Elven Garde.
The Nilvalen family is one of the most famous in Elven Garde, and has served in the Upper Diet for generations.
But Fi was the only one to treat me, a slave Let's eat together.
Fi, don't be nice to me anymore.
If you treat a slave like me as a friend as a friend.
Of course, on the surface, she can't show any signs of it.
I really don't like that! Since the last head of the family passed away last year, Fi is the de facto leader of the family.
So, from the perspective of society, our relationship has gotten even more complicated.
Then, Fil-san, you're acting as an Upper Diet member now? An Upper Diet member planning to free the slaves Isn't that treason? That's really surprising, isn't it? Yes.
Steph, you were actually able to follow all that? That's what surprises you?! Are you okay with this, Fil-san? Helping us could lead to the destruction of Elven Garde.
I'm okay with anything as long as Kurami doesn't get hurt.
I honestly don't care in the slightest about my family, and I've even thought it would be faster if the whole country would just up and vanish.
She's surprisingly brutal Kurami starts crying whenever I take my eyes off of her, so I want to stay with her.
I don't cry! I've never cried! No, when you lost the battle for the crown, you were crying like a little girl.
No! That's not what happened! I knew it! I told you, I didn't cry! Just because you've known me since I was a baby doesn't mean you can treat me like a kid forever! Kurami tries to push herself too hard.
There, there.
She's more like a mom than a best friend.
Leave me alone! There, there.
Anyway! It's the Eastern Federation we've got to think about now! When their ruler, the "Shrine Priestess," appeared, they became the third largest country in the world in just 50 years.
Nobody knows how great a threat they truly pose.
Plus, the Warbeasts have an ability called Blood Destruction.
Do you have some plan to deal with that? I'm thinking.
If we're going to fight together, we need teamwork.
We need to get to know each other better! And to do that I'm not taking a bath with you.
H-How did you know? Did he forget that he gave me all his memories? Well, too bad.
Kurami, it's important to get to know the people we'll be fighting alongside.
That's right! In the world we came from, Japan, there was a traditional ritual for getting to know each other, and it was Hanging out while naked! I'm having you work with me not because of the pledges, but out of mutual trust! My only hope is to resort to traditional culture! All you're relying on is worldly desires and ulterior motives.
Jibril-kun, explain to the girl.
The idea of associating while naked dates to the Japanese civil wars, when carrying weapons was— 30 Minutes Later In other words, because both the ancient Romans and modern Japanese shared this concept of a public bath, it became a major hit and nationwide phenomenon.
Well? Do you understand now, Kurami? I'm not even sure what we're talking about anymore.
Oh, very well.
I'll refuse for you.
Uh, thank— This is what Kurami is trying to say.
She doesn't want to take a bath with you because she lacks confidence in her proportions.
No! It's fine, Kurami.
A woman's worth isn't determined by her breasts! Fine! I'll take a bath with you! That's what you want, right? Yessss! Can't you make this shampoo easier to use? Kurami? I didn't know you had such a nice figure.
I'm the type that looks smaller with clothes on.
Master, did you expect that? Of course.
Fi, I mean, Fil-sama, is the magic you're using on Kurami's boobs an illusion, or did you actually alter them? Kurami, he figured it out.
I think it's rude to be using magic like that when we're supposed to be baring ourselves.
So what kind of magic do you prefer? Glad you understand! Ahem.
Can you turn me into a girl? Then I'll be able to enjoy the paradise spreading out behind me.
I sure can! Seriously?! But I won't be able to turn you back.
Is that okay? No.
They really are a fun bunch.
It's fun to think that there are still Imanity willing to challenge us.
Right, Ino? Indeed.
But they're the only ones who should have fun.
You have but one job.
Understand, Izuna? Hey! We didn't even get a chance to talk today.
Where did he disappear to? Sora! This is your strategy to defeat the Eastern Federation? You're not taking this very seriously.
Honestly, this is Shiro's area now.
It's beyond me.
I'm just helping.
So I'm looking over the footage from the bath earlier.
If you're expecting me to react like Stephanie Dola, it's not happening! I'm not sure I believe that when your face is red and you're covering your breasts You came to ask if we can really win, right? Yes, that's right.
I've looked over your memories, and all your victories have been close calls.
Plus, like I said earlier, this time you're fighting the Eastern Federation.
One misstep and you're doomed.
I don't think you can win like this.
So I just have to avoid misstepping.
Can you really be sure you won't make a single mistake? No way.
If it were just me, I'd be sure to screw it up.
But Blank is different.
If I make a mistake, Shiro is there.
That's how Blank always wins.
Don't you want to be friends with me, Kurami? That's not it.
But if they find out about us and something bad happens to you You and I are different.
If I make a mistake, you're there.
Actually, I want you there by my side always, so I don't make a foolish mistake and lose the person I care about.
Fi Did you pull that line from my memories? I couldn't say.
Anyway, I understand.
The reason I think you can't win is because I only have your memories.
You've found your wings, haven't you? Hey, Shiro.
They say people can change but is that really true? It's embarrassing, but I kind of like that thought.
You can be proud of it, I think.
Shut up! It's hard to have such a talented sister.
You've got your pride to think of, Big Brother.
Get out of here, already! If you stay too long in Elkia, they'll get suspicious! Tomorrow's the day, isn't it? I'll believe in the potential of humanity.
Of course you will.
You're human, too.
Hey! He's coming out! You mad, failure of a king! You're insane, leaving by the front gate like this! There's a riot happening! This didn't just happen.
I started it.
What do you mean? Well, they've made room for us, so let's go.
We're heading for Izuna-tan's house! Why are you ignoring me? We've been waiting for you.
Please wait here until the game begins.
Make sure you let the audience in.
Okay, Shiro.
How are you feeling? All green! How about you, Jibril? Flugel are the ultimate weapons.
How we feel has nothing to do with it.
I will give you my all at a single word.
My stomach hurts By the way, Steph.
Yes? Did you remember that there's still one demand I haven't made after our bet in that last game? Jibril, can you keep the Warbeasts from hearing what goes on in here? Yes.
I can cover you and Dola-chan in spirits to keep the sound from getting out.
Okay, Steph.
I'm going to put a special spell on you.
I've got a bad feeling about this Everyone, please sit here.
I will now confirm the contents of the pledges.
The Eastern Federation bets everything it owns on the Lucia continent.
The kingdom of Elkia bets its Race Piece.
In other words, all the rights of the Imanity, their territory, and everything they possess is on the line in a game designated by the Eastern Federation, between the representative of the Eastern Federation and the two kings of Elkia, joined by their two attendants.
The game will be conducted with these five players, one vs.
In addition, if the Eastern Federation wins, as always, it will also demand that all memories regarding the contents of the game be forgotten.
This includes all players and all Imanity viewing the game.
In addition, the rules will be explained once the game begins.
Thus, if you decline to play after hearing the rules, your memories of the game will be taken, but the contest will be voided.
Are you sure this is all right? Sure, no problem.
But there are two things I want to make clear: If we decide to drop out, the only things we lose are the memories of today's game.
If you were planning on giving us an impossible game to make us drop out, and then stealing all our memories, give it up now.
Secondly, if we catch you cheating during the game, it's grounds for an immediate loss.
That's a major premise of the ten pledges, and as long as you don't forget it, we'll have no problems.
Then I will interpret that as an agreement, and ask you to state the pledge.
Aschente (I swear by the pledges) Aschente! Aschente, please.
Let's do this, Izuna-tan.
I won't lose.
Hey, Izuna.
What, please? When's the last time you thought a game was fun? Are you ready? Okay, Shiro.
Don't let go of my hand.
You too, Brother.
Let's begin the game.
I sense magic Kurami Zell? What's she doing here? And You're trying to pretend you didn't notice.
Your ears moved when you sensed my magic.
Fi, it doesn't look like we can interfere with the game from here.
I know that.
What's important is the fact that we're watching.
This means the Eastern Federation can't use any obvious cheats.
Let's see what you can do, Sora.
He's sharing information with the Elves? How cautious is he? But even so, we Warbeasts can't possibly lose at this game.
Are we really okay? I don't feel like we can win this.
Steph, it's the same as the answer to your question from earlier.
Why did I make the people riot? Huh? Why are you talking about this now? I don't need the trust of anybody who's sure we can win.
They're looking as hard as they can to make sure we don't deliberately lose.
As a result, it's harder for the Eastern Federation to use obvious cheats.
There's no more trusted observer than someone who suspects you.
That's impressive, Master! They're going to try and use their cheats and Warbeast abilities that we aren't expecting, to overcome our observers.
How quickly we react to what we expected, and to what we didn't expect, and how we reflect that in our strategies will determine the victory.
Wh-Where are we? An illusionary world that I've never seen or heard of before Master, where are— What's wrong, Master? We're doomed.
We can't do this.
Imanity's finished.
Wh-What do you mean? After that grand entrance? I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I didn't expect it to be set in Tokyo.
I can't do anything here.
It's our home, but we're the away team.
We can't help you, so I'm sorry, but please handle this yourselves.
No! We can't do it.
Killing Giant No doubt in my mind! I believe Shiro!!