No Offence (2015) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

Ooh! Don't you still love that sound? We've had two more strikes from Handyman overnight.
I don't believe this.
I dreamt it.
- Did you? - Yeah.
Well, I dreamt one.
Double fun.
Tegan, disturbance at the travel agent, Marsden Cross.
Come on.
I know for a fact it was that old smoothie I left out of the fridge.
Lousy first impressions of a new involuntary partner, eh? - You sure you're good to drive? - I'm good for anything now, pal.
What's your name, mate? What have you done to wind these chimps up? - Noel? - They know where we live.
They're going after me wife.
A bunch of women.
- Ah, Jesus.
- He's been slashed.
Get the medics.
- Listen to me.
You'll be alright.
- Where's your wife, mate? Noel.
13 Windrush Court.
She's eight months pregnant.
Handyman's tried to make contact with Miller.
Me being Patty, at three this morning, going, "What are you thinking about?" - You didn't engage? - And again at 3:37.
"What do you dream about?" I've said nothing.
Why didn't you reply? Well, he's testing to see whether her traffic's being monitored.
If he got an instant reaction in the dead of night, he'd be straight onto us.
This is typical of a good bite, yeah? Oh, sir.
Chat ops lads in my department tell me congrats are in order.
At the very least, sir.
I thought we'd agreed to keep to typical daylight hours for chat ops.
- This is Handyman unilaterally fishing.
- It implies growing interest.
I was up half the night playing two ends against the middle with this nonce.
I've been strategically pestering him with a few other sluttier specimens, Gobby Down's versus Princess Down's.
His preference is obviously for the more Christian souvenir type.
I've I've another one ready to go through imminently.
I'm alone up in my room sneaking online while getting dressed for school.
When I mention long, white sensible socks and T-bar sandals, he'll be jizzing his mental tits off.
And as to why he's so gifted at communicating like a total nonce, I defer to Dr Peep's psychiatric talents.
- I haven't the time or the inclination.
- My God.
I didn't realise it was that harsh.
Are you OK? - I've patients waiting.
- I'm right, aren't I? To be tingling about this? It's typical of a very good bite.
Send your full-length socks.
Whatever the setbacks with Cathy and my reservations about her living under your roof, we concentrate on the progress we've made and the trust you've built and we professionally exploit the shit out of it.
Yeah, well, we're both certain it's just made Cathy a lot more even stronger.
It can be a sign of looming breakthroughs, can't it? Send anything new as soon as it comes.
I'll respond between sections.
What now? Dinah, I've had much worse injuries much more suddenly than Cathy dished out.
Talking to you about it isn't gonna move us a single step on, is it? So let's save my breath for Cathy.
She's gonna need it all the more, if we ever see her again.
Elizabeth, open up.
It's the police.
Elizabeth! It's the police! Elizabeth! Back off! Whoa.
Sit down.
Sit down.
Elizabeth, yeah? - Are you hurt? - No.
- Is the baby OK? - No.
Urgent medical assistance required, 13 Windrush.
- Where is he? - Copy that.
Your husband's safe.
Don't worry.
We'll get you out of here, OK? - Eight-month pregnancy - He's got no fucking right to be safe! - Why wasn't I told, eh? - Whoa! Get off me, you mad bitch.
Why wasn't I told what he'd done? He murdered a little girl.
He beat her brains out with a fucking baseball bat! And nobody ever told me.
You murderer! - What you doing? We need this.
- Huh? Fuck off! I paid for this.
They made me pay for this, no? Not for somebody like him, no? Oi! You with the parka! I want a word with you! Tegan! There he is.
Go, go, go, go, go.
You really know how to throw that shit about, don't you? Are you kidding me? Is that real? That is not real.
Seriously? Another reason why I shouldn't run.
We both saw the look and heard the lie.
"Looming breakthrough" is a phrase that I invented to pad the last report out.
What is going on, Dinah? Me and Cathy had a fight.
She doesn't live with me any more.
She's moved in with Alpha.
The chief just specifically urged you to prepare her for trial should our luck be changing, which it looks like it is.
- Just bring her home, Dinah.
- Fuck off, Joy.
She's 16, he's 18 and they get more sex than you do.
There's nothing I can do or say that she wants to listen to.
I've left dozens of messages and she I haven't slept, Viv.
- Cathy Calvert's got my heart.
- If she's got your heart, Dinah And actually, fuck off from me too.
I'm the chief.
He's just sir, or what his mother called him, Darren MacLaren.
If she's got your heart, Dinah, get her back on board for the sake of mine, yeah? If he finds out we've lost her, you will be the one breaking the bad news.
- Where is she? - Take a breath, Noel.
- Let the lady do her job.
- Elizabeth! - She's fine.
Just stay still.
- I need to speak to her.
It could've been your jugular, your face.
Count your blessings.
It's not my face.
Your boss needs to know.
I'm Christy Feeney.
Fuck me.
Echo 27745 Foxtrot to control.
Urgent request for secure escort for unique cargo.
Come on! Can somebody I need boss's attention.
If she's left the building, tell her to turn back.
She's in there looking at twisted shit I'd pay not to see.
That's brilliant.
What about panties? That's your VIP on his way to St Clare's, ma'am.
Christy Feeney.
There's been an attempt on his life and if them images are genuine on Twitter, his new face is going round like a dose.
Tell them I want credible diversions and conspicuous policing at Wythenshawe and North Manchester hospitals.
Any names surfacing for who knifed him yet? None so far.
Should've gone to Specsavers and hit a decent artery.
Christy Feeney was a ten-year-old from a fucked-up family.
The boy served his time and the man's paid his debts.
If you wanna pretend to believe in reform, Spike, you belong in the Church, not on my payroll, is that understood? Tegan and Jonah chased a well-built fella in a fishtail parka.
That's as much as we've got.
They're just prepping theatre.
They'll be here for you shortly.
OK, Noel? I'm Detective Inspector Vivienne Deering.
This is Detective Constable Spike Tanner.
Where's my wife? She's in protective custody.
She's unharmed.
What do you want me to call you, Noel? Not Noel.
Do you have any idea how your new identity was breached, Christy? I told my wife last night.
Why would you spend ten years growing into a new life, new face, only to expose yourself? - Secrets make you sick.
- Look where blabbing got you.
What's this? Three million quid's worth of care and rehabilitation? Silly lad.
You could have had any life you wanted.
After her car accident, Elizabeth was told she'd never have kids.
She told me that before we got face to face.
Which was fine, cos I categorically never wanted to be a father.
In a month we'll both be parents.
I didn't just blurt it out.
It took me 35 weeks.
She She didn't say anything.
She just stood there in front of me and texted me, "Get out.
" I deliberately don't have friends to talk to.
I had nowhere else to go.
I told her I was gonna stay at the shop and when I woke up this morning, there was bricks coming through the window.
So who cut you? I didn't see a face.
Excuse me.
We've had a phone call from Mary Hagan, witness protection.
She's flying over from Belfast.
And until she gets here, you're under my protection.
Now, if you value whichever life you get next, Christy, you'll do exactly as I say.
Speak to no one else.
- Understand? - OK.
Ma'am - Who's he to me? - That's Christy Feeney's uncle.
He's not my nephew, he's not my brother's child, he's not my mother's grandchild.
Christy Feeney is a curse to the family of young Siobhan King, who must be turning in her grave, and he's still haunting my family.
This is not justice.
He should never have been released.
Honestly, I've dreamed so often he was dead somewhere, and in the dream, I offer 20 grand in cash.
Where are we? He's out of theatre and into recovery.
We've got officers on every entrance.
No one in or out of the ward except vital hospital staff.
We move him as soon as he knows what day it is.
Have you any ideas how we're gonna shift him in one piece, given that these head-the-balls think he's a 20-grand target? No, Spike, not yet.
But if you have, and you obviously have, then asking it that way round makes you look like a total knob for trying to make one of me.
What have you got? Look at the messages.
That's what people think I am.
I'm curious to know why you would put you and your baby at risk by blowing it to the world this morning.
It's not my baby.
They won't let me abort it now.
I'll have to go through with it.
Only three or four weeks, then anyone who wants it can have it.
It's a girl, isn't it? What did you think would happen when you tweeted your husband's real identity? - I didn't.
- Well, somebody did at 5am.
Noel told me that he told you.
Who else did you tell? I can pull your phone records if I have to.
This is an attempted murder investigation.
Some kind soul tweeted this photo of your husband.
I told my mum, but I want a full name, address, phone number.
She's in France.
She She can barely use a mobile let alone put it on Twitter.
I had a septic abortion when I was in Greece.
I was told I couldn't have children.
And then Noel showed up wanting absolutely nothing.
I couldn't believe my luck.
Do you love your mother? Do you love your father? He couldn't have done it.
He's dead.
Bits of both of them are what made parts of you and what you're carrying.
No? We've been contacted by your brother, Kevin.
He was concerned for your safety once the news had broken.
He's a busy man and he's made the effort.
I understand that you have not spoken in a while.
But take the olive branch, Elizabeth.
Yes, that is the correct postcode.
Are you sure? Seven Echo Lima? You can ask me seven different ways, but the answer's still yes.
If you are looking at the warehouse, then that's where he lives.
If I hadn't just done a deal on this, you'd have had nowhere to sit.
Come in.
- Where's the fancy dress? - Might not pay like selling skunk.
But having no rent's worth a few ounces each month.
This is hers.
Alright? She's coming in.
- This looks fantastic.
- Thanks.
Are you still getting the morning sickness? Yeah.
She keeps wolfing down a tube of Pringles before the porridge and fruit.
Ours has to be more comfortable.
- No disrespect.
- None taken.
It's a shithole.
Yeah, well, we'll have us own place soon.
Need to be somewhere? I need to be here.
If all we're doing's swerving issues, where's my cuddle? Alpha.
Alpha to control room, please.
No, fuck off.
We've got family visiting.
Copy that.
Well, Dr Peep says to say, "Clean slate.
Move on.
" - She's keen to see you.
- So that's your rush.
OK, Cath, but we are this close to You've been this close since we met, and every time I go through this shit, it doesn't just stay up here.
It all ends up somewhere down here and I'm not having it, Dinah.
You've gotta help me change her mind, Alpha.
I've seen what she means.
It's gotta be no.
You're welcome any time, but no.
- Would you let me speak to Cathy? - Why would that help? Stop snarling.
I've done nothing wrong.
It would help because, A, I'm not you, so, B, I'm in the position to say things quicker and clearer.
- I'm hiding again.
- Isn't sneaking better? Yeah, I like "sneaking".
No, "hiding" carries more vulnerability.
I'm hiding again from gym class, spelt correctly but all one word.
We need him to think that Patty's a clever girl and from a nice family, whose onset adolescence isn't just frustrating her, it's turning her against her family.
- She's finding them overprotective.
- That covers my ex-wife to a T.
She covered it in three words on "I deserve better.
" Hello? Hi.
Are you alright? Oh, yeah I haven't heard from Cathy yet.
I've just come back from there and the living conditions are It's nowhere near safe.
She needs a patrol car keeping an eye on her.
What are you telling me for? I'm in no position to ask favours of anybody.
But if you make strenuous concerns about the welfare of your patient to Joy, she'll have to cover her own back by covering Cathy's.
Haven't I seen you on the telly? Detective Inspector Deering, Mr Feeney.
I've had the video checked by lawyers.
I said nothing in it that I wouldn't repeat the second I'm out of here.
And on the next one, I promise you now, it's going up to 50.
Do you know how much it cost me to relocate me, my sister and my mother from Northern Ireland? They couldn't sell their houses.
We had to leave everything.
You're doing pretty well at the moment, though.
Your turnover has not only consistently survived the recession, it's outperformed all independent competitors in the plant-hire field.
So goes the website, which needs spell-checking by the way.
In your position, is it wise to draw attention to your associations? Hm.
We already tried the opposite, but that didn't work, did it? What, so the bounty's just a business protection scheme? We've only just got our names back and that includes 13 kids between us if you count me ma.
We throw parties for everything, but even three years after he beat that girl's brains out, the only family photo to appear in the newspaper was Halloween.
Fucking right it was a business protection scheme.
- Strangulation.
- What? He never beat her brains out with a baseball bat.
- It was death by strangulation.
- So fucking what? In a Home Office report, a forensic psychiatrist noted that Christy's understanding of asphyxiation was of a survivable sexual nature.
It was learned behaviour from repeated assaults he had endured at the hands of several adult male members of his extended family.
That refers to his fucking mother's side.
- That's on file with social workers.
- It's not what it says, though.
And when people go round tweeting whatever little bits suit them it becomes a very dangerous world.
Are you threatening me? I think so.
I knew a social worker on this case.
Told me all sorts that never went public you wouldn't wanna hear.
So don't tell me, Spike.
Cabin crew, five minutes to take off.
Doors to manual and cross-check, please.
OK, let's go.
- Going OK with the new partner? - Alright, I suppose.
I mean, she can get impatient.
Tell me about it.
She can be an absolute cow, if I'm honest.
- Toxic cow if you're more honest.
- Yeah.
But then she sucks your dad off in a public toilet and that brittle exterior just gets wiped away.
Stuart, can I borrow you? It was a joke.
Hands up who didn't know Tegan was banging Stuart's dad's brains out.
Right, we're swapping for that.
You've got first dibs on the angry mob.
You OK with that, Christy? You can breathe? Just wait.
Are we all sorted downstairs? - Right, set as we'll ever be.
- OK, let's go.
Right, stay close together.
This is an Osman warning.
You're aware violence has been threatened, but you're declining protection, OK? Thank you.
Are you OK? Yeah? Inspector, thanks.
Are we sure your home's safe in the event of? - I breed guard dogs.
- Fair dos.
Come on.
You'll have to take that off.
I can't.
You've had more antibiotics than a box of burgers, so you should be alright for a bit.
You'll have to practise walking.
Get up and move your legs around.
Just walk up and down.
You alright? Yeah.
Here you are, stick this on.
You OK? It's alright, they're with us.
So who attacked you? You saw the guy? Twat made sure I did.
We could do with a name, mate.
You know, this isn't about you.
If he's done it before, he'll do it again, and one of the next times, it'll be a fatality.
They always are.
If Elizabeth chooses to come with me, which now I think she'll have to, I don't want someone else's vendetta chasing us to the ends of the earth.
We'll be in enough trouble already.
I could have been anybody.
Watch the watchers.
Right, well, the front entrance is a bit overcrowded Can I ask you a question? Odds are that you've never been able to have a passport.
How the fuck did you end up working in a travel agent? I mean, isn't that like self-harming or summat? It was an obsession in prison.
Not at first.
I know I was ten, but I still couldn't read.
Then once I'd learned the basics, the only things left on the trolleys were travel books.
But that's all I had for 18 months.
Then when I got my first GCSE, the staff bought me this atlas of the world.
It was literally nearly as big as me.
Didn't sprout up till I was 17.
Couldn't have me plastic surgery till that happened, so that's the place where I stayed the longest.
They weren't allowed to write any dedications in it.
You know, now I wish they would have.
But if they would have, I wouldn't have been able to take it everywhere with me, which I have.
Come on, Sarge.
Home time.
I bet you ate better than this in solitary.
Oh, and if you wanna walk like a 30-year-old traffic cop, pretend you beat your wife up.
- Drive on the gears, not the brakes.
- Yes, ma'am.
She won't talk to me, not straightaway.
But if you give Elizabeth a note and you tell her, you make sure you promise her this needs to be said for her benefit, not mine, she'll listen to you and then she'll hear me out.
Elizabeth was handed over into her brother's care a couple of hours ago.
Like him or not, count your blessings.
She's got someone to fall back on until she can get to France.
We've got a date.
He's agreed to a date.
- Today? - He won't say where, but I've scored.
Now, warn MacLaren we're gonna need warrants for surveillance.
Tell him I'll be right over as soon as I've delivered the precious cargo.
They've even taken the cooker, the twats.
He's way too smart to come back here.
Unless he thought Elizabeth had.
I thought you'd used up all your holidays.
DI Deering calling all available officers.
The number on the collar of the uniform we gave him, 22047.
It's negative on that, ma'am.
We just found his epaulettes and service jumper in the centre of town.
You sound like you're on Cathay Pacific.
Why don't you go and wave your big fat cock in their grandma's face, pipe 'em down? - We're in an internet café.
- Did he use any equipment? He did, but I'm not having any luck with this manager and data protection.
Open your blouse and try again, Constable.
Actually, I'm not even asking.
Just pull up his pages now.
So, come on, mate.
You, Tegan, shift swap.
What's that all about? Is it shagging or money? Ah.
Shagging, yeah? Yep.
It's always shagging.
Milk? - Sugar? - Cheers.
- There you go.
- Ta.
And Cathy made me promise I wouldn't spit in it.
"Be there this time, promise.
" "If you don't want to meet, can we Skype?" "Benchill Bowl, 8pm?" Yes! And I am gonna jump right down your filthy neck and wring it from the inside, matey.
No phone number yet, though? There's been no advisable opening to push him on that.
- Can we speed that up? - Speed up an advisable opening? No.
Have we used a numerical two yet? No, we've been a fairly good speller so far.
Use one now.
Like she's getting impatient.
- And excited? - No, impatient.
"I can't wait 2 see what you sound like.
" Knock, knock.
Seriously? Dressed as a police officer? Sir, that was a good plan until our precious cargo decided, unfathomably, to flee the nest.
From inside the station? Where were you looking? We were under the impression he was grateful for the protection.
You can't even make an alert public.
Missing copper? Who gives a shit? Yeah, fine, Darren.
I'll willingly accept a good pasting when I've time to look humble.
Today's not the day, I'm afraid.
Handyman is on the move and so are we.
Feeney's witness protection officer is on her way to Shannon Airport.
- Have you ever spoken to her? - She makes herself sound very high up.
I'm not gonna give her the bad news.
Excuse me.
Right, Christy's used the internet café in connection to Find My Phone, ma'am, sir, presumably Elizabeth's.
- Going where? - We're reopening the search page.
But her brother's number plate has just shown up at the NCP right next door to the Ellis Hotel.
Locate his vehicle.
Make sure it is going nowhere.
And unless you see Christy Feeney, do not enter the hotel.
Not till I get there.
The suspect in the fishtail, I'd put the whole of next week's doughnuts on that being him.
It is.
It is him and we were this close.
Jonah's convinced Elizabeth's brother sliced Feeney's throat.
Well, if they've got each other's GPS, we're in deep shit.
You don't have to talk to me, just listen.
You don't listen, do you? Elizabeth, you need to see this, sweetheart.
Come and have a look what your brother's good for.
- Go on, then.
- Kevin Edmunson.
I'm arresting you for actual bodily harm and one count of attempted murder.
- Alright, pal? - Get off! Your brother's credit card was used to buy fuel at ten past seven this morning.
17 miles from his home, a mile and a half from the travel agency.
You told your mum, she told him and he tweeted it to the world.
- Just a quick shot? - Oh.
So, press money is the only honest ingredient to reunite previously estranged siblings? Check their wallets for credentials and coke.
I've got 50 on the ratty snapper facing possession at least.
Kevin, you were determined to get this fella one way or another, weren't you? Missed the vital organ, so you sell your sister down the river? I don't know anything about it, I swear.
I swear! How much is he getting out of this, Elizabeth? You're a fucking animal! - Hey, no, stop.
- You deserve each other.
- That is all you deserve! - Listen! Listen to what? What? There's nothing to say worth having! - Elizabeth! - No.
No, calm down.
Calm down.
- Wait! - Listen, you pumped-up fucking closet.
I'll happily turn for the pleasure of fucking you up the arse before I slit your ugly destructive throat.
You won't even know it's me.
I'll recognise your cesspit eyes a mile off! Well, they weren't this colour before and they won't be again.
Expect me! Wait, wait.
Please, just let me go and see her.
Two minutes.
It's just me.
Can I use your phone? Just try, please.
Please, just two minutes.
Thank you.
Please don't hang up.
You can't hang up cos I'm never gonna see you again.
And this isn't for you.
I thought I hadn't slept.
And then I remember waking up and wishing that I hadn't told you.
But I don't now.
I couldn't have brought up a kid.
Cos they know when you're lying and that petrified me.
Elizabeth, you can't sell your side to the papers because it's not just your side.
They'll drown you.
And whether you keep our baby or not, those clippings will haunt her for the rest of her life.
Trust me.
I've told the solicitor to sign all my assets, the businesses, everything, over to you, or you and whoever whoever her parents are gonna be.
Oh, God.
Ma'am, there's We have to shift it.
There's traffic coming our way.
- They know we're here.
- Elizabeth Just, please, if you know where she's going just make sure that I get some photos.
I won't make contact, I promise.
They won't let me.
Tell her to send the materials to me.
I'll make sure they see their way.
Right, bring the vehicles round the front.
We're coming down now.
Fuck! If he's hedging his bets all the way, we can't nick him.
Yes, we can.
Taxi arrives at the bowling alley.
Wait for him to pay for the cab and then dive straight in and Taser the nonce.
Dinah, why would the man pay for an empty cab? The fact is, we need a lovely bit of syndrome bait.
And you understand what this entails, Olivia? She means you know what's involved, Olivia, what they're asking you to do.
We all want him caught.
She volunteered before I could ask her.
Olivia says she's sure if we're sure.
She doesn't look scared, which worries me for starters.
I also reckon she'll do it with or without us.
I'm gonna send you out, there's still time, with £100, to buy whatever clothes you like, give you a little bit more confidence.
Plus I'm having to pull the plug on this shift and if I'm driving her about Spend £100 each.
- Hi, Dad.
- Hi, Daddy.
What's the password for Netflix? - I love you.
- I love you.
No, say it separately.
- I love you.
- I love you.
Um, it's gonna be a bit of a long one, girls.
But I'll kiss you both night-night when I get in, OK? OK.
Break the bad news to your mum.
Tell her I'll call her in half an hour.
I love you both.
Now, we obviously don't know what this guy looks like, so Patrick Llewellyn's description is all we've got to go on.
This is the man that singled out Lucy Cooke right before she died.
Everyone has a copy? There'll be a standard quarter-mile radius around the alley.
Officers will be positioned as customers and car-park attendants, every inch covered by HD surveillance.
Now, we don't know this guy, but we know he's smart.
So what's the golden rule, people? Who's watching the watchers? Olivia's safety is paramount.
She'll be no more than ten feet away from an officer at any one time.
Handyman won't get any closer to you than what I am now.
If he does, I'll twat him.
Well done.
You were nearly me in there.
Now, if you'd wanted to be 100 percent, you would have been asking where the Stuart, Taz.
Why am I still hearing we're two officers down? Joy.
I stationed PC Ahmed and O'Connell outside a furniture-storage facility in Ancoats.
Sir, it was at my request.
To cover Cathy.
She's living there.
Call them in.
You were told to tell me about any changes affecting this case.
Whose decision was it not to? - Alright, watch and learn.
- I will do.
Screen three.
Solo male at the bar.
Yeah, we're on him, ma'am.
Olivia's arrival in one.
What size can I get you? - Just a seven and a ten, please.
- OK, sure.
Well, sending her to Fat Camp backfired on you.
Looking very teamwork to me.
Yes! Whoa! Cheers.
- Here we go.
- Solo man by the bar is on the move.
Everyone prepared.
Stuart, hold back.
Don't spook him.
And that's an arrival on Olivia.
- How you feeling? - I'm ready.
Stand on your marks.
Solo man going outside.
Repeat, outside.
Nothing happens unless he approaches the taxi.
Sit tight.
Stand by.
Yeah, he's clocked her.
No, it's a false alarm.
Stand down.
Right, relax, relax.
Everybody stand down.
So, that's that, then.
What's Dr Peep's expert guidance on this now? Any number of reasons could have held him up.
- Why are we waiting out here? - If she's going in, I'm taking her.
With all due respect, Mr Bacon, you got far too pissed on the shopping spree to help anybody out.
So sit down and shut up.
- And give me your car keys.
- No, wait, wait! No! - Shit.
She's mobile.
- Well, go after her.
You said minimum fuss.
Do you want fuss or not? My instinct's telling me to get out of here before I wreck everything.
Sarge, do you want fuss or not? Shadow the man in the rainproof jacket.
Excuse me.
Are you with anyone? This was £24 on sale.
- Are you with anyone? - Do you know this man? - No.
- Hey! I was only trying to ascertain Fuck off and ascertain that way.
Can somebody get this gimp's picture and stick it on the door? Are the rest of youse right in the head? Why is this girl on her own? Don't youse read the papers? No, that's right.
You're too busy shelling out membership cards to nonces.
Look at him! Is it any wonder the car park's always full? - It's alright.
- You an' all! For fuck's sake! You wait 40 years to witness public morality and it has to be this mad bitch.
Alpha? It's not funny.
I'm not laughing.
Alpha? Never mind me.
What about that poor critter's parents? Get in the car.
You've said enough.
- Cathy? - We need an amb We need ambulances, Dinah! - Are you hurt, Cathy? - Yeah.
- Is Alpha? - Really badly.
- Alright.
Are you where I left you? - Oh, Dinah, he's been No, no, no, no.
Cathy, answer me.
Are you where I last saw you? - Is Alpha with you? - Dinah! Dinah! He's here! - He's still here! - We've been had.