No Ordinary Family s01e14 Episode Script

No Ordinary Double Standard

We were no longer an ordinary family.
And we soon realized we weren't alone.
Our arrangement is over.
I'm done.
- Natalie! - J.
, I need to break up with you.
Victoria, I know exactly how you can help me.
It's been great to see you, Stephanie, but we spent the whole time talking about me.
What about you? Dayton says that you're Global Tech's rising star.
- Dayton? I I didn't realize you and Dr.
King still kept in touch.
You know, just every once in a while.
- Ticket please? This was so great, Steph.
Thanks for reminding me how much fun life outside work can be.
- Oh.
It was so good to see you.
- Mm.
You, too.
Right this way.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How was Lena? Oh, it was like no time had passed at all.
- Hey, you should come with us next time.
- Oh, I don't know.
It's a little awkward with your single friends Me sittin' there, big stud of a husband.
It's like you're rubbing your happiness in their face.
Lena? Is everything okay? You have inspired me.
Instead of just saying I'm going to make plans with my friends, I am actually going to make plans, so get out your calendar.
Just give me a second.
Oh, my God.
Aah! Lena? What's the matter? She's in trouble.
Call the police.
Honey, wait! Stop! Lena? Okay, you're gonna be fine.
All right.
The police are on their way.
- They took her to the hospital for evaluation.
- Don't worry.
I'll check with the precinct, see if they have any leads, and if it feels like they're not prioritizing the case - Then maybe we can.
"We"? Well, yeah.
Look, Lena's my friend.
- I've gotta do something to help her.
- You are doing something.
You're asking your husband, who does this for a living or at least a very extensive hobby to catch this guy.
All right.
Leave it to me.
I got this.
I have three words for you coolest boyfriend ever.
You really know how to sweep a girl off her feet.
You're right about that.
Oh my God! That is so freakin' amazing! Oh, wow.
Joshua, you don't have to keep any more secrets from me, okay? And I know they're not all gonna be as amazing as this one, but whatever they are, I can handle them, so promise me.
I promise.
No more secrets.
All right.
Sierpinski triangle conquered.
All right.
What's next? Science.
Did you know Galileo discovered the first four of Jupiter's moons? He named them after the Medici family, in order to win their patronage.
You can write that in your report.
Well, I gotta get to class, but I was wondering, are you free friday night? Totally.
Yeah, we can finish this then, or, I mean, I could write your report for you, if you want me to.
Actually I was thinking we could go out on a date.
You mean, with me? You're cute.
Pick you up at seven? Um, what was that? Either I'm having what Freud called a hallucinatory wish fulfillment or Bailey Browning just asked me out on a date for Friday night.
- Congrats, bro.
You know, uh, J.
doesn't have to be the only one going out with a senior Friday night.
You wanna hang out with me? - Sure.
- Yeah.
You just got a voice mail from Lena.
She's been released from the hospital, and she is resting at home.
- Oh, good.
I was so worried.
Well, now you know she's safe, so why do you still have your worried face on? Wh I have a worried face? Oh, yeah.
It's a cross between your angry face and your "stop talking" face, the second of which I'm a lot more familiar with.
- I'm sorry.
It's just I mean, whoever did this to Lena is still out there, and Yeah, but isn't Jim gonna do a little something about that? - Yes, but I could do a little something about that, too.
You know, I offered to help, but jim totally blew me off, said that he was gonna handle it on his own.
- What? Doesn't he know that lots of super couples work together Cyclops and Phoenix, Green Lantern and Hawkgirl, Power Man and Iron Fist? Uh, they're not technically a couple, but you know what? I have always had my suspicions, and and there's the "stop talking" face.
It's not like Jim's been doing this for years, right? I mean, he only started solving crimes a few months ago.
Yeah, and it's not like his powers are any better than yours.
- Yeah.
- You have super speed.
And, all due respect, but Jim is not exactly nimble.
And Lena is my friend, and if I can't use my powers to help her, then what good are they? - Yeah.
You know what? I'm gonna go talk to Jim, convince him that he needs me.
Or maybe you should just show him.
The cops don't have much in the way of leads.
No signs of forced entry.
What about someone who might have a key, like a dog walker or a gardener? - Yeah, detectives are looking into that, but honestly, they've got a few more pressing cases on the docket.
- Who's this? - Might be your only potential witness.
Lives across the street, said he might've seen some man leaving the house.
Excuse me.
Hello, sir.
Uh Uh, I'm the precinct sketch artist.
Uh, so, um, why don't you start by telling me exactly what you saw? - Why don't you start by telling me why you dragged me down here? I already told everything I know to that female cop who came to my house.
- Which female cop? I don't know.
Officer blondie.
Kinda hot, little turned-up nose.
You impersonated a cop, Steph? Isn't that what you do? What? It's not like your sketch pad is a badge.
Or are you just upset that I got to your witness before you did? Look, Steph, I know you helped me on our anniversary with that fire guy, and you were amazing.
But let's face it.
You got lucky.
What? Uh I can leap.
and I am strong, and I am impervious to weapons.
Basically, I'm built for crime fighting.
You you just What? Come on.
Say it.
Say it.
I'm just what? You know.
You're fast.
I see.
So you think your powers are better than mine.
That's what this is about.
- Stephanie, I can be hit by bullets.
- I can run away from them.
- Can you? - No, but I don't have to.
Thanks for the ride home.
- You look cute in the helmet.
- Thanks.
Aah! It's just on the cheek.
Um See you later.
Smells good.
Daphne, please tell me you did not ride home on a motorcycle.
- Is that kid a friend of yours? - Actually, he's more than a friend.
- They're going out Friday night.
- Not on his motorcycle, she's not.
Oh, it's not like he just got it.
He's been riding it for over two years now.
Two that would make him a senior? - You are definitely not going out with a senior.
- Mom! Yeah, I have to side with your dad on this one.
- Why? J.
's going out with a senior.
- He's what? - You are? - Yeah.
Bailey Browning.
She asked me out.
- Dude, all right! - Thanks.
What? Uh, excuse me, how is this fair? Yes, how exactly is this fair? Well J.
's just a freshman.
A freshman boy dating a senior girl is harmless, 'cause, you know, girls are much more mature than boys are, more responsible.
Whereas a senior boy is only after one thing - Uh, uh, so just to be clear, it's okay if J.
goes out with Bailey, but I can't go out with Chris? - Exactly.
Good parenting, dad.
Thank you so much.
What? Well, it seems like you're full of double standards today.
All right, so I'm gonna tell you what I'm gonna do.
I am gonna solve this case before you.
Ha! That I would like to see.
Well, then you'd better not blink, sweetheart, Cause I'm going to catch this guy, whoever he is.
No Ordinary Family 1x14 Original air date 2011-02-09 Listen, you know as well as I do, there are a lot of things Steph does well.
- Absolutely.
- But crime fighting? I think we can all agree that crime fighting is my thing.
Right, George? I just think that maybe you should consider that she has some advantages that you might not.
- Like what? Like super speed, which is way more effective in fighting crime than strength.
Is it? I haven't read that study.
- Plus, we have our lab - Which is cool, but can it really compete with a lair? Okay.
All right, so the lair has the great name, but, I mean, think of all the things we can do with our lab Researching chemicals compounds, and stuff that I can't even explain, because I barely passed freshman chem.
Yes, yes, the lab is potentially helpful.
But we have things that are actually helpful Uh, police scanners, criminal databases You know, all that really cool stuff that only exists in movies, to provide Mark Wahlberg with some important clue that he missed for t first two acts.
That's all I'm saying.
Good, 'cause for a second there, I thought you were saying my husband and his high school buddy were more qualified to fight crime than A pair of amateurs.
That's what they are.
I mean, how long have we been fighting fighting crime? Five months.
Really? That's it? It feels like it's much longer than that.
Aw, come on, J.
Will you relax? If the cops can't solve this thing, then you and I Are the best guys for the job.
You really think we can solve this? Not a doubt in my mind.
I'm virtually certain.
You always gotta leave a little margin for error.
Are you seriously whistling? Who does that? Don't hate on whistling just because I'm dating a senior and you are not.
You're younger than I am.
If anything, you shouldn't be allowed to date Bailey.
- The key difference Is that my date doesn't have a police record.
At least my date isn't using me.
What? Oh, come on, J.
s are coming up, and you have the biggest brain in the history of big brains.
Think about it why else would a popular, hot senior be interested in a freshman geek like you? She's into me.
Since you don't believe me, I'll prove it you you.
So this is where you've been hiding.
Why, it's It's quaint.
I never knew you had a domestic side.
But I I wonder, do you think Ms.
Andrews would continue to play house if she knew the truth about you? - She does know.
- She knows about your abilities, but does she know what you've done with them? If you even think about talking to Katie You'll do what? Toss me through the window? Wipe my memory? Unfortunately, we both know it's not that simple.
I'm done working for you.
Stay out of my life.
If that's what you want But it it will be more difficult for me to avoid Ms.
Unlike you, she still works for me.
This is a surprise.
Lena, I I heard about what happened.
I wanted to see if there was anything I could do.
Well, I guess married couples really do think alike.
It's really touching how worried you both are about me.
Stephanie even brought me dinner.
Well, there's no one more compassionate than my wife.
But compassion doesn't solve crimes.
Police work does.
Oh, did you join the force without telling me, dear? Next best thing Sketch artist.
As I told the police, I didn't really get a good look at him.
Tough break, Jim.
She didn't get a good look at him.
Most victims don't.
Well, it's the skill of the artist.
that can take even the vaguest description and turn it into meaningful evidence.
So if there's anything you remember at all, I can work my magic.
- Well, you know what? Just so we're not reliant on magic, I will take a sketch of my own, hm? He had short brown hair, deep set eyes Guy's name is Robert Gomez.
Your sketch was a match.
Ex-con with a history of b and e's.
But since his release from county, he's been trying to go straight.
He's now working valet at Wait for it Piccolino's.
That's the same place where Lena and Steph had drinks the night of the attack.
- And riddle me this what do valets get handed every single day? Car keys, which are usually attached to house keys.
Which explains thlack of forced entry.
Still doesn't explain why nothing was taken.
- Did you run this by the cops? - Well, I tried, but they were about as interested in my theory as I was in "Eat pray love.
" All right, I.
I think i'll pay Mr.
Gomez a little visit, see what I can shake loose.
How did, um, Steph's sketch turn out? Ha.
You know, it's really not that bad.
It's creative, like Picasso.
His features were not always symmetrical either.
I don't know what I was thinking, Jim's the artist in the family.
Well, did you know that for a mere $39.
95, you, too, can own the same professional sketch artist software that Jim uses at the precinct? I used your credit card.
I hope you don't mind.
- Katie, you're brilliant.
- Yes, that's what the testing shows.
All right, so all you have to do Is provide the description that Lena gave me, and I've already entered the facial charactistics, and We have an 8x10 of our suspect.
Oh, I think I know that guy.
Bailey! Hey.
If you don't mind, I'd like to ask you a quick question.
Actually, I do, but something tells me it's not gonna stop you.
Why'd you ask out my brother? Do you have a problem with me dating him? Honestly? No.
I just don't want him to get his hopes up, if this is something else.
Let's face it.
You are you, and J.
is J.
's smarter that anyone I know.
Cute, too.
And much cooler than his sister.
It's really none of your business.
Oh, my God.
She actually likes him.
- I don't know what you're talking about.
- I told you, You look like the sketch of the suspect that attacked Dr.
Lena Perkins on Monday night.
And I told you, I was here the whole night, working.
Ask my supervisor.
He'll tell you the same thing.
Well, then you won't mind waiting around while I go do that.
- Yeah, right, lady.
How about you come back with a partner who can stop me? I don't need a partner.
I can handle this one on my own.
Let me out of here! Unlock this door right now! Hi.
Yes, I'd like to make a citizen's arrest.
- Come on! Let me out! Steph? What are you doing? Oh! Oh, I'm solving the case, honey.
Uh, hold on, though.
I don't like to keep 911 waiting.
Look, I got the guy.
Least you can do is fist bump me or something.
I'm glad you got him.
I am.
It's just that these things usually aren't this simple.
Mm, you mean when you get the guy.
- Arrest is not gonna stick.
- What? - Kid's got a rock solid alibi.
- Wait.
He was parking cars all night.
He's got, like, a dozen witnesses to prove it.
Cops can't hold him.
Like I said, Steph, first guy isn't always the right guy.
First guy's not always the right guy.
You know, I don't get it.
The valet matched the description perfectly.
I mean, why would Lena intentionally mislead us? - I don't know.
I guess there's a learning curve with this stuff.
I mean, Jim's been at it a lot longer than we have.
- I know, but I don't like to lose - Mm.
So we have to figure out a way to level the playing field.
Oh! I think I have an idea.
What? George? George? Katie.
- Hey.
- Hi.
So I just came by to talk about the whole Jim/Steph competitive superhero thing.
But first, it's a proven scientific fact How did you get in here? that boys listen better with full tummies.
Oh! You brought me a smoothie.
I just wanna make sure that this whole one upsmanship thing going on - No, seriously.
Did I leave the door open? that you and I, uh, keep the big picture in mind.
Right, which is bringing bad guys to justice.
Oh, papaya.
George, I had no idea that you had such impressive equipment.
Oh, go ahead, girl.
Don't be shy.
Really? Okay.
quad core i7 processor.
But let's be honest.
Be both know it's not the size that counts, it's what you do with the hard drive.
- Yeah.
Okay, well, I gotta get back to the lab, but, um, I'm so glad that we had the chance to have this little talk.
Hey, thanks for the smoothie.
And and, you know, keeping everything in perspective.
Well, remember, George, it's up to us to keep it civilized.
We are their anchors.
Look, don't be mad at me, but I talked to Bailey or listened to Bailey, more accurately.
And now you're gonna tell me that she's using me, and no girl can ever like me, right? - Actually, it's the opposite.
Against all human reasoning, Bailey actually likes you.
For real.
I was wrong.
Really? Yeah.
But this is good, right? I mean, you're into her.
I know what you're up to, Daphne.
Dad gave you a hard time about Chris, and now you're trying to ruin my date with Natalie.
Natalie? What?! No, no, no! That's not what I meant! - Ugh, God, I hate it when you do that! - I can't believe this.
You're using Bailey.
You still have feelings for Natalie, and you're using Bailey to get over her.
That is not true.
I like Bailey a lot.
And do you remember how I had that sign on my door that said "No trespassing"? Imagine there's one on my forehead.
Keep out! You know, I was just thinking about what you do.
You know, this whole crime fighting thing is much harder than what I thought.
Maybe that's just because you make it look so easy.
Well, it's no big deal.
- I've just been doing it longer than you.
- Mm, which is why I'm gonna leave all of the superhero stuff to you.
I mean, it's your thing.
I'm glad.
It's too dangerous for you.
And I am sorry.
I shouldn't have let it become a competition.
I mean, what kind of guy gets so threatened by his wife? All of them, I think.
- Hello, George.
What's going on? - Another alarm tripped.
And get this, Jim.
It's another scientist's house.
Some professor from Pacific Bay College.
Get a move on it! - Katie.
- Robbery in progress.
And not to be redundant, but hurry.
- Again? You lost your keys again? - Uh, uh, yes, I will come in and take a look at your hypothesis when I come in.
- George needs me to let him in.
- Katie has an inconsistent data set I need to look at.
How'd you hear about the burglar alarm so fast? I plied George with blended tropical fruit, and then I hacked their firewall.
We now have real-time remote access to George and Jim's entire operating system.
Oh, God.
Jim's on his way.
I'd better hurry.
Guy's not gonna stick around with a triggered alarm.
I'm doing the best I can, George.
It's not like I have super speed here.
Yeah, well, it'd be a handy skill to have right about now, wouldn't it? - Thanks for that.
I beat Jim to the scene.
Oh! There's someone in there.
Go in there and nab him.
No, there's no nabbing.
All right, if I break a window, I'll scare him off, plus I don't love the idea of confronting someone with a history of assault.
Damn it.
What good is super speed without super strength? All right, I'm in.
I don't think I'm the only one.
Who are you? Why did you attack my friend? You should stay away from me.
And you should stay away from her.
What? What? I admit I have a double standard, but I I was trying to protect you.
If we're ever gonna catch this super steam guy, we have to combine our powers all of us.
- I can't work with her.
She lied to me and she violated the sanctity of the lair.
- Lairs don't have sanctity.
Well, then you violated the sanctity of the smoothie, which is even w - Kids, if you don't behave, I'm gonna turn this lair right around.
Okay, Jim is going to work on a sketch of the suspect.
When he completes that sketch, he'll feed it to the database here and - You know, I've noted that there seems to be a pattern forming.
Yeah, the guy likes breaking into scientists' homes? Duh! Look, I will find him.
We will find him.
Even if this guy is made of mist, he still exists, just like we do.
- I bet you didn't think you were gonna say that sentence when you woke up this morning, huh? What? Chris.
Didn't you get my message? I called to tell you that my dad said I That's Bailey, my date.
I can't believe this is actually happening.
Your dad said what? He said there's this great Indian restaurant we should try.
- That sounds great.
- Yeah, doesn't it? Come on.
Come on.
My sketch looks just like the guy.
I mean, how long is it gonna be before we get some real results from your incredible computer? Will you not take that facetious tone in front of her? You see she's doing the best she can.
What's your problem anyway? I I don't I I I've got a lot on my mind.
Guess I feel bad 'cause I wouldn't let Daphne go out with some kid.
Well, then call her and tell her that, don't take it out on my baby.
Hey, dad.
Hey, Daph.
Listen, I I'm sorry if I came down a little too hard on you earlier.
Are you at home? Um, no.
I'm actually going to Megan's uh, to study.
Dude, you're gonna wanna get off the phone, and come check this out.
Well, listen, honey, just don't get home too late, okay? I won't.
Hey, why'd you lie? I thought you told your dad we were going out.
Uh He can be overprotective, and I don't need protecting.
Well, if I ever had a teenage daughter, I'd probably be pretty protective, too.
Or you could trust her to make her own decisions.
Well, maybe I would, if she, uh didn't lie to me.
I can't believe I defended you, and you're on his side.
What? Uh, forget it.
Maybe you're right.
Maybe I should stick to my word and go to Megan's.
- Daphne - Don't worry about it, okay? Despite what everybody thinks, I can take care of myself.
Have a good night.
Do you know why stars twinkle? Their light travels through turbulence in our in our atmosphere and creates a sort of ripple effect.
Hey, look.
That's Jupiter.
Where? By Aquarius, next to Pegasus.
I don't know what it is about you.
I've never gone for smart guys before, but your mind it gets me.
"She will never let you in" "but she wants to keep you in" Uh, Bailey, um wait.
This This isn't right.
I'm sorry.
Look, you're great, and you're much nicer than anyone thinks you are, and you're really pretty.
Really pretty.
As much as I wanna kiss you, I don't think it's fair to you, because I keep thinking of someone else.
I'm sorry.
You are blowing me off? Um, I could show you Jupiter again.
Right, or, you know, you could just drive me home.
Working late again, Ms.
Andrews? Oh! Dr.
I'm sorry.
I didn't see you there, which makes sense because I was facing the other direction so Look, there's well, there's something that you and I need to discuss.
During my standard review of our security tapes, I noticed that, on numerous occasions, you've brought a young man into the lab.
Oh! I'm sorry.
It's my boyfriend.
You don't have to worry.
He's not a corporate spy or anything like that, so You know, it's not your research I'm worried about, Ms.
Andrews, it's you.
Global Tech runs background checks on everyone who enters the building.
I recognized your friend from our archives.
He was involved in the late Dr.
Chiles' research, as improbable as that may sound.
But your boyfriend is extremely dangerous.
It's all documented.
I I'm I'm just telling you this because I want you to protect yourself.
I'd hate to see anything happen to you.
Steph? You're not gonna believe.
what we got from my sketch.
Tom Seeley.
He's a real prince, this guy.
He did time in a place called Santos County Correctional Facility.
Guess who some of his fellow inmates were.
Rebecca Jessup.
Yeah, A.
that girl who could start an earthquake with her bare hands.
Check it out.
Theo Patton.
He could burst into flames.
All three were supers.
All three did time in the same penitentiary.
They're not the only ones.
- What are you talking about? - Lena.
At dinner the other night, she said that before she received this research grant, she was volunteering, treating patients at a local prison.
How much you wanna bet it was Santos County? Maybe that's why she gave the wrong description.
- Maybe she was trying to protect him.
- Or herself.
- Where are you going? - I'm gonna call George, see if he can find out if, any of, uh, Seeley's other victims had ties to the prison.
Maybe we can put out some kind of warning.
All right, I'll make this fast.
Jim? Dr.
Aah! I need to talk to you.
Get away from me! Get away from me! Just let just let me explain.
- Aah! - What? What's the matter? - Jim, he's in there.
- Who? Jim! Oh, you picked the wrong house this time.
Aaah! Please.
I don't want to hurt anybody, I just want to find out what you know.
- About what? About why I'm like this.
You're a scientist, and I saw you with Lena Perkins, which means maybe you know about that lab.
- What lab? - Where they stole my memory.
Look, I I remember I was in prison.
I was doing my time.
The next thing I know, I'm out on the streets, they turned me into some kind of freak.
What does any of this have to do with Lena? Because she was there.
Look, I've been having these flashes, pieces of memory.
Th th there I was on a table, and there was this light.
Lena was right there in the room while they held me down.
This other man he gave me these shots.
I don't think anybody called him by name, but the way they were all acting, I'm guessing he was the man in charge.
All right.
If you can describe him, I might be able to track him down, get you closer to the answers you're looking for.
What did he look like? He looked like, um he looked like this.
What? Dr.
King? Are.
are you sure? He's being honored tomorrow.
I'll never forget his face, and now he'll never forget mine.
Hey, hey, hey.
You looking lost.
Huh? You lost? - You look lost.
- I'm not.
I'm just Where you going? Bet you got some cash in that purse.
Please get away from me.
Playing hard to get, huh? I can play harder, just so you know.
Hey, hey, hey, buddy.
There's nothing for you to worry about, all right? - Why don't you just walk away? - Yeah, that's not gonna happen.
Yeah? Is this your boyfriend, angel? Huh? He's sweet.
- You're sweet, but you're stupid.
- Whatever you want.
Just just leave her alone, all right? I want the keys to your bike is what I want.
Okay, fine.
Just put the gun down.
- Now! - Please, put the gun down and walk away.
I'm gonna put the gun down, I'm turn gonna around, and I'm gonna walk way, all right? Oh, my God.
Are you okay? Yeah.
That was crazy.
Come on.
All these years, I trusted him.
Look, we don't know if any of this is true, but we'll never know for sure, if this guy gets to Dr.
King before we do.
You said "we".
What do you say honey? You wanna take down a super villain with me? Thought you'd never ask.
I'd like to thank the board for this honor.
This tremendous honor for which Dr.
I'm Mr.
Long time no steam.
You son of a bitch.
- I'm calling security.
- I wouldn't do that if I were you! You know what I'm capable of! You're not capable of doing anything to me.
Or are you having trouble remembering that part? I don't need my powers to kill you.
Now tell me what you did! I was trying to give you a better life.
By turning me into a monster? You held me down and injected me with No, no, no.
No one held you down.
This f.
feeling you remember of of being restrained Tom, you were paralyzed.
My injections cured you.
That's not true.
You were thrown from a balcony during a prison fight.
I didn't want you to remember the agony you endured.
You couldn't even move a finger.
It wasn't a scientific experiment, Tom.
It was an act of compassion.
You're a liar! Stop! Killing him won't help you, but listening to me might.
I understand what's going on with you, more than you think.
If you just let me run a few tests No more tests.
And no more scientists.
Steph! Use the nitrogen! Are you all right? - I think so.
- Oh, no.
We gotta get out of here.
What about Tom? Let's go.
Is it true? What are you talking about? I spoke to Dr.
King, and he told me what you've done.
You killed people.
Katie, he's lying.
Really? So who's the real liar? 'cause I know that you lied about your name.
And I know that you lied about having powers.
Is there anything you have ever told me that's true? Yes.
Yeah, that I love you.
Get out.
Get out of here now.
Come here.
Look at me.
Look at me.
You know I haven't killed anyone.
You know that, right? You never killed anyone, did you? And Dr.
King never spoke to you, did he? Dr.
King never spoke to me.
What is that? Nothing.
It's all work stuff.
Are you keeping secrets from me? Come on.
I'd never keep secrets from you.
I'm so happy I found you.
It's hard to imagine Dr.
King is involved in all this.
I mean, everything I ever knew about him is a lie.
Maybe Tom's wrong.
Maybe there's another explanation.
Lena won't answer her phone.
I'll just talk to Dr.
King before the ceremony tomorrow.
Hey, you should try to relax, honey.
Maybe take a shower or something.
Yeah, I think I'm done with showers for a while.
Yeah, but I might take a bath instead.
How about a little company? I think we figured out today that we're better when we're together.
Huh? Oh, hey, sweetie.
How was Megan's? It was fine.
You went out with him tonight, didn't you? With Chris? Dad, please, something just happened, and I'm still You lied to me.
- Oh, I'm sorry, but you don't understand.
- Maybe it was wrong of me to hold you to a different standard than your brother.
When I said it wasn't about trusting you, I meant it.
But how can I trust you now? - I mean, y you disobeyed me.
- Dad, please I'm sorry.
You're grounded for two weeks.
Next time.
Next time.
The next time you try something like this, you're grounded for two weeks.
Now go to bed.
Yes, sir.
I heard about the break-in last night.
Are you okay? It's nothing a little ibuprofen and an ice pack couldn't fix.
Uh, how did he get in the building? Was it an ex-employee or Never seen the man in my life.
He was a lunatic, nothing he said made any sense, and by the time security got here, he was gone.
Are are you okay, Steph? Y do you remember Lena Perkins? Yeah, of course.
I was having trouble reaching her, and I was wondering if you might have seen her lately.
I haven't seen Lena since gosh, since you were all still grad students.
Really? I thought You thought what? I just thought it would be nice for her to come tonight.
But I'm sure there'll be many more events in your honor.
I will see you there.
When the colloquium asked me to say a few words about my longtime mentor, I jumped at the opportunity.
Though a few words can't do someone like Dr.
King justice, but I will try.
When I first met Dr.
King, as an impressionable, young post-doc, he sent me a letter.
I know this letter by heart, because I have repeated it to myself many times.
He wrote "Though this work may be profitable," "we don't do it for profit.
" "Though it may help us in our career," "we don't do it for success.
" "We do this" "because the world needs us.
People need us.
" Dr.
King, your honesty and your principles it's what has always set you apart Your integrity so rare it's what makes me proud to call you my mentor, and why you've meant so much to me and the entire scientific community.
Thank you.
Thank you.