No Ordinary Family s01e16 Episode Script

No Ordinary Proposal

We were no longer an ordinary family.
And we soon realized we weren't alone.
Our arrangement is over.
I'm done.
I'm working on my own serum, an antidote.
You'll no longer - have your powers, but you'd be - Normal? - I won't tell anybody what I saw! - Oh, I know you won't.
- Oh my God! - Hey! Aaah.
Where's he headed now, George, huh? I told you, I said stay on the rooftops! But I got him crossing 5th, probably headed to the subway.
Got it! I can't see him down here, George.
He's in a crowded pit! Yeah, until now.
Guess what? You got him running down a dead end, but, dude, be careful.
The man is armed.
All right.
You know, this'll go a lot easier if you just turn yourself in.
I meant, easier on you.
What the All right, George.
I got him.
Call the cops, let's clean him up.
Jasper! Jasper.
Jasper, say something to me.
Somebody help me! Jasper, talk to me.
Talk to me.
Somebody shot my son! Help me! Please! Please.
- Oh, no.
- Come on, say something to me, please! Somebody help me, please! Jasper.
Tell me that you are not blaming yourself - for this.
- If I hadn't cornered that guy, he wouldn't have pulled the gun.
- How is not my fault? - Yeah, but there's no telling what he might have done had he gotten away.
Think of all the people you might have saved.
The doctors have it under control.
There is nothing you can do, Jim.
I can't, but maybe Steph can.
I can't believe you're awake before me.
I'm sorry, did you want to say something? Just this.
Holy frak.
Katie, I've spent most of my life feeling out of place Until I met you, and I don't ever wanna lose that feeling, and I never want to live without you again.
- So Katie Andrews, will you - If you're asking me to marry you, which I'm 96.
3% sure that you are, then, oh, my God, yes! Yes, yes, yes! When I have the money, I'll buy you a ring you deserve.
This is all that I want.
You are all that I want.
- Oh.
- Wow.
He's a lucky guy.
- I'm the lucky one.
- Mmm, then why does it sound - like you're trying to convince yourself? - No, I'm just Okay, so I always had a crush on Wolverine, but I never thought about what would happen if I actually married Wolverine, and if we had little wolvie babies.
I mean, if we had kids, do you think they would have superpowers? Because the terrible twos would be much terribler - with telekinesis.
- Well, hopefully you won't have to worry.
I took our little test subject off the trilsettum yesterday to prepare him for the antidote.
If it works on him, it may work on Joshua as well, meaning he'll be back to normal before you know it.
That would be the best wedding present you could give me.
Oh, well, first things first.
I'd like to throw you an engagement party.
- It's what Batman would do for Robin.
- Aw.
Steph, you're the best.
But I'm pretty sure that Robin's a confirmed bachelor - Huh? - If you know what I mean.
What are you doing here? You weren't at school today.
Are you okay? Yeah.
I kinda had my hands full here, - so - Who the hell's at the door? It's just a friend, dad.
Thanks for checking on me.
Listen, my parents are having a party tonight And I thought that maybe you would come and keep me company.
I know it's gonna be boring, but there'll be food, and me.
Look, I would come, but I just I I just took on a new job, and it's too late to get someone to cover my shift, - so - How many jobs do you have? Uh, ever since my dad's accident, it's been kind of up to me to pay the bills.
He can't really hold a job, so I said, close the damn door! I'll tell you what.
Maybe I can come for a bit.
I gotta get out of the house.
Hey, Dad, I'll be back.
Jim, it's a party.
I know.
Then why do you look like you're at a funeral? Look, we need to talk in private.
Oh, Jim.
It wasn't your fault.
It was a stray bullet.
It was an accident.
Which I'm responsible for.
What else could you possibly do? There is one thing.
The trilsettum serum? No.
Put that away, it's dangerous.
Then why did you bring it into our house? Because there's things I can't do at the lab.
But you said it could be used to cure people.
Well, maybe, but you've seen what it does to them, how addicted they become, and If the kid's gonna die, isn't that a small price to pay? I mean, if we actually have something that can cure people, - why wouldn't we use it? - Because interfering in this kid's life that's not the solution.
I'm sorry this happened, but we can't play God.
King? This is a surprise a good one, I mean.
- I was so thrilled to hear the news, Katie.
- Oh.
- My congratulations to you.
- Well, you should come in.
Ohh, okay.
What the hell is he doing here? - Well, I I invited him.
- What? I just started to gain his trust.
It would've been suspicious if I didn't.
I didn't think he'd actually come.
All right.
- I'll see you, all right? - Yeah.
O okay.
What are you doing here? She's actually quite charming.
You know, I can almost see why you would give everything up - for her almost.
- You need to leave now.
And miss your engagement party? Please, don't do this.
Good evening.
As coincidence would have it, I am honored to know both sides of this union that we're celebrating.
Katie is a beloved employee at Global Tech And Joshua well Uh, many of you don't know that Joshua and I go way back.
As I've told him over the years, he is capable of doing anything he chooses, of being anyone he chooses to be.
And now he's chosen to be a fool in love.
So To the fate that brought you two together.
Cheers! Congratulations.
You've made your father proud.
Is there something you want to tell me? I've already broken five of these? - Maybe you should wash 'em.
- No, that's not what I'm talking about.
The serum.
Where is it? - I don't know.
I didn't take it.
- Well, someone did.
I put it back in the dresser, but now it's gone.
Oh, you don't think someone at the party Oh, Jim.
Do you know what this means? We could be responsible for giving someone superpowers No Ordinary Family 1x16 - No Ordinary Proposal Original air date Feb.
22, 2011 We need to compile a list.
There were 26 guests at the party.
Any one of them could've taken the serum.
I think it was professor Plum with the lead pipe in the library.
Oh, come on, Daphne.
This is serious.
How about we start with the only certified bad guy - in the room your boss? - Dr.
King? Well, he doesn't need to steal the serum, - he has access to his own.
- I guess.
Especially when there was someone else at the party who had more motive someone who needs it to survive.
I have no idea what you're saying.
I had some of the serum at the house last night, Joshua, and now it's gone.
We've been engaged for 26 hours now, and already you don't trust me.
I'm sorry.
It's just who else would want it? Probably not the guy who's trying to get rid of his powers.
Listen, Katie, I was given the choice between amazing abilities and an amazing woman, and I chose you, and I promise never to lie to you, but that doesn't mean anything if you don't believe me.
So do you? I do.
Remember, applications for the taft merit scholarship are due tomorrow.
$10,000, people.
Take it from someone living on a teacher's salary that isn't chump change.
- A word, mr.
Powell? - Come on.
What'd I do this time? I know we've had our difficulties in the past, - but I'd like to leave that behind us.
- What's the catch? Oh.
You're quite intuitive, mr.
Powell, and it's because of this intuitive genius that I am inviting you to join the academic decathlon team.
As you may know, I am the team's adviser, and I believe it would be - a great challenge for you.
- I seriously doubt that.
So you're not interested? You're quite intuitive yourself, mr.
Hey, Nat.
I was wondering if you wanted to hang out tonight You know, as friends.
I won't even look at you.
It's not J.
, you keep acting like I don't want - to spend time with you.
I do.
It's just - You have to study.
- Don't you? - Yeah.
Of course.
Look, I'm applying for that merit scholarship everyone's talking about, and if I'm gonna get it, then I can't afford to let my grades slip because I'm hanging out with some cute boy.
So you're saying I'm cute? I'm saying, you're a distraction, and if I have to choose a "ship" right now, it's not a friendship or a relationship.
It's a scholarship.
Uh, pardon me.
How's he doing? He's still stable.
I'm sorry.
I should probably know your name.
No, uh, I I drove the ambulance.
I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am about your son.
Thank you so much.
Excuse me.
Hello? Look, uh, whoever took the serum, - it wasn't Joshua.
- How can you be sure? - Because I asked him.
- And? He promised he didn't.
That's what bad guys do, Steph.
They say they didn't do it.
- They lie.
- Look, you should've heard him, Jim.
He's so in love with Katie.
There's no way he would do anything to risk that.
But if he didn't take the serum, then who did? Chris Minor? It has to be.
Look at his record underage driving, truancy.
My daughter's dating a criminal.
He's not exactly Al Capone, Jim.
Not yet, but these are gateway crimes.
Gateway to what, loitering? I'm serious, George.
This isn't like getting your wallet stolen.
If this stuff gets in the wrong hands, there's no telling what kind of hell - will break loose.
- Any units, please respond.
We've got a 211-S at the corner of Beach and Laurel.
What's at the corner of Beach and Laurel? Pacific Access Bank.
Appreciate it, guys.
Cops think it was a smash and grab.
Some explosive device attached to the ATM machine Small boom, big haul.
You see any blast residue on the ground of the ATM? - Not really.
Why? - Well, a bomb would've blasted stuff out and away from the machine.
It looks like all the damage here is in.
"In" meaning Come here.
Look, police write their reports based on what they think is possible, and a super villain punching a hole through an ATM is not one of those possibilities.
That's what you think is going on here? The super serum goes missing from my house one night Super crime happens the next day, a few blocks away.
So do the cops have any more leads? No, just one witness.
Didn't get a plate, but she said she saw someone - take off on a blue motorcycle.
- A blue motorcycle? You know someone who rides one of those? Hey, nice ride.
Powell? It's unique.
Don't see many of those around here, which isn't a good thing - when the cops are out looking for one.
- I'm not following.
Follow this you took something from my house last night, something dangerous.
It's making you do things that you're gonna regret, if you don't already.
Like like robbing ATM - machines? - Look, is this some kind of new tactic to keep me away from your daughter? Because the whole psycho dad thing it just might work.
Hello, George.
I'm standing - here with our suspect now.
- Yeah, about that I don't, um, think he's the guy.
What do you mean, you don't think he's our guy? Well, a minute ago, there was another ATM robbery.
identical to the last one.
So if you're standing there with Chris, there's no way that he could be downtown, going Manny Pacquiao on a cash machine.
Okay, if he didn't do it then who did? Since you're a fan of surprises, I thought you might like one of your own.
Oh, imagine how it must feel to be the last one to know - your own son's getting married.
- I'm not your son.
Don't be fooled by biology.
I loved you as I would one of my own.
Love? Is that what you call it? Pumping experimental serum into a 6-year-old? - It saved your life, as I recall.
- And turned me into a killer.
Ah, yeah.
The reason I came to the Powells' yesterday was to let you know you'll always have a home here.
What a coincidence, because the reason I came here was to tell you I'll never come back.
- Without the serum, you'll die.
- Hmm? Unless you found someone who can synthesize an antidote, counteract the trilsettum and prevent withdrawal.
But very few minds in the world are even capable of Dr.
Powell is helping you, isn't she? Oh, my boy.
Well, that explains the ditzy lab tech.
She's just your way in, isn't she, to get close to Stephanie Powell in your quest for normalcy? No, that's not true.
I love Katie.
And I'm not your boy.
And whatever it is you turned me into, I won't be that for much longer either.
How's it goin'? I don't know.
You tell me.
All right, look, I can explain.
Explain what? How you harassed my boyfriend - in front of the entire school? - I was just trying to protect you.
Oh, sure, by ensuring that no one would wanna talk to me for fear of being accosted by Captain Embarrassing.
Okay, I'm sorry.
Look, you were right.
I was wrong.
- Chris didn't take the serum.
- Of course he didn't.
You know, sometimes I wish you'd been given super hearing instead of super strength.
Then maybe you would actually listen to me every once in a while.
Hey, Chris, get the door.
I'm having lunch.
Chris! I'm coming.
Okay, before you say anything, I am so sorry.
My dad has some serious - boundary issues that I - Uh, Daphne, it's okay.
No, it's not okay.
My dad accused you of stealing.
- That - Calm down.
It's no big deal.
Seriously, it's fine.
Whatever's missing, - it sounds important.
- That doesn't I'm sure he's just questioning everyone at the party.
It's cool.
Come here.
I told you, Daphne's mom said this heals people.
You ready? Yeah.
Chris, my legs.
Oh, my God, Chris.
It works.
Katie, look.
No signs of withdrawal.
Oh, my God.
It worked? Uh And not only that, his organs the antidote healed them.
You know, maybe you should get Joshua down here.
If he's willing, it might be worth it to test it on him.
If this works, if he could be normal Don't jump the gun just yet.
No, no, no, no.
I'm not jumping, just hoping.
Dad, I gotta talk to you about Chris.
Yeah, and I was thinking about what you said to me earlier.
- I guess I'm just naturally suspi - Dad, you were right.
- Chris took it.
He stole the serum.
- What? But it wasn't for him.
He was trying to help his dad.
They were in a car accident two years ago.
Chris was driving, and he feels responsible because his dad was paralyzed after that.
Until now.
I saw it.
Minor took the serum, and then it was like nothing was wrong with his legs at all.
He can walk.
He's been doing a heck of a lot more than just walking.
Hey, dad.
What is this? What are you doing going through my stuff? Where'd you get that kind of money? Where do you think? I withdrew it from my savings account.
That's crap, dad.
We've been broke since your accident.
- Where did you get this? - You know what? You didn't have any problem taking something that didn't belong to you when you snuck into your girlfriend's house and jacked that green potion for me, now did you? Because I was thinking about our family.
I got it for you, so you could walk, not so you could do whatever it is you're out there - doing to get money like that.
- Mind your own business.
And go get me another beer.
All right? You've been sober for two years.
Now you're drinking again? Forget it.
I'll get it myself.
I've been sitting in that chair for two years, just wishing you would've hit the tree harder that day and killed me.
Son, you gave me my legs back.
You made me better than I ever was before.
I'm gonna fix our lives, okay? I'm gonna make them better.
You got no idea what your old man can do! - Yeah, like busting into ATMs? - Christopher, you better shut up, or you're gonna wish I did die that day, all right? Got it? Mr.
A word, please? You can have as many words as you'd like, as long as they don't include "academic" or "decathlon.
" J.
, why are you so resistant exercising your fertile brain with other like-minded individuals? Just have a lot going on, I guess.
Oh, I know what you don't got going on a lady friend.
I know you have affection for young Natalie Poston.
Why do you care so much about what I do or who I date? Well, I take great pride in my successes, mr.
Powell, and I have great faith in you.
If you join my team, well, let me put it bluntly Natalie Poston's chances of being selected for the scholarship would vastly improve.
Think about it.
My hope is when I inject this into your bloodstream, it'll counteract the trilsettum in your system, rendering the active agents inert.
She means, "Say sayonara to your superpowers.
" And what about all my withdrawal symptoms? Well, if I formulated this properly, you shouldn't have any.
So in just a minute, you'll be normal.
I'm sorry.
Can you, uh, give us just a second, dr.
Powell? Yes, of course.
Joshua, what's wrong? I know you're not scared of needles.
No, just this one.
Look, Katie, this is how you know me.
And, I mean, I've seen the way your eyes light up when I use my powers, so, I mean, once they're gone, how do I know you're still gonna look at me that way? Joshua At the risk of being overly allegorical, with or without your powers, you make my cardiac organ levitate.
- Okay? - Dr.
Powell? I'm ready.
Roll up your sleeve.
Oh, my God.
What's happening to him? Joshua, are you okay? I don't know.
How do you feel? Uh, Joshua, why don't you try to engage your powers? A test.
I don't know why I thought you could make me into something I've never been normal - Uh, mr.
Powell? - You mind if I come in for a minute, Chris? Look, it's fine.
Uh, Daphne already apologized.
Look, I'm not here to talk to you.
I'm here to see your dad.
W why? He's not here.
Well, the man couldn't have gone very far without that thing, unless he's made some sort of miraculous recovery.
Um, no, of course not.
My my dad's at physical therapy.
He's been making improvements.
Chris, why don't you stop lying to me? Look, I I know you think you're helping him by taking that stuff out of my house, but you have no idea what it can do to a person.
I I don't know what stuff you're talking about.
It can make a man do something like that.
It can make a man do something like this.
Look, I know you're just trying to protect your dad, but you're the one who needs protection.
I got this wiping out on my skateboard.
I think he's been running around town, ripping off ATMs.
Punching holes in 'em like this one.
I need you to help us stop him before he does something worse.
Yeah, George.
Another ATM? All right, I'm I'm on the way.
Listen, Chris, I'm sorry you had to go through this alone.
I'm sorry no one was here to protect you from your dad.
But you can help us protect everyone else from him, if you're willing.
- Where'd you come from? - Take off the helmet, toss me the cash, and get off the bike.
How about I hold on to the cash and just run your ass over? Look, I don't want to have to hurt you.
Don't worry, you won't.
Come on.
Come on.
I'm worried about you, man.
You haven't looked this bad since my bachelor party.
For my second wedding.
So what happened out there? You mean besides Roy Minor kicking my butt? That serum of yours turned him into a super criminal.
Well, the serum may have made him super, but Roy Minor was already a criminal.
See, that's how the trilsettum works.
It takes who you are at your core and it amplifies it.
The question is, how do we stop someone that's stronger than me? How do you get stronger than invincible? You can't.
You just go all out on his ass.
No, two guys as strong as us go all out, - there's no telling what'll happen.
- He's not gonna hurt you.
- I'm not talking about me.
- Jim, what happened with the kid was an accident.
That I caused.
Look, there's gotta be a way a safer way to take Roy down.
What about that that antidote you're developing for Joshua? Would that get rid of Roy's powers? - If it worked, but so far it hasn't.
- Wait a minute.
So you need to take down someone who's bigger and stronger than you.
I might know just the way.
You still want to tell me that you got this from your savings account? - Mind your business, son.
- Dad, look, whatever you're doing, you gotta stop.
You got your legs back.
Isn't that enough? You think walking makes up for being stuck in that chair for two years? I gave you that stuff to help you start a new life, - not go back to your old one.
- Yeah, about that I'm not really feeling as strong as I was before.
I think that juice you gave me is starting to wear off.
Well, don't look at me, 'cause I'm not helping you - get any more of it.
- Look, you're gonna go to your girlfriend and you're gonna get me more of that stuff.
I'd rather see you back in your chair.
You sure about that? Because I can go talk to her mom myself.
You stay away from that family.
You should watch your mouth.
King? You wanted to see me? Stephanie, please come in.
Look, now that we're working more closely together, there's some issues I think you should be made aware of.
I know you care a great deal about ms.
Andrews, so when I learned of her engagement, I was concerned.
You know I'm familiar with Joshua.
Well, he was one of Dr.
Chiles' more successful experiments.
Oh, my God.
So he's a Yes.
The abilities Joshua developed are quite dangerous.
Uh, I tried to explain this to Katie, but she has no recollection of our conversation.
That's odd.
Not really.
You see, Joshua has the ability to erase memories.
I believe he must've done that to ms.
Why are you guys looking at me like that? You don't seem to remember anything that's happened to us over the last three months.
Erase memories? Is something wrong, Stephanie? I I hope nothing like that's happened to you, - I would hate to think - No, no.
No, nothing at all, I'm fine.
I'm just concerned about Katie, that's all.
Your assistant is marrying a very dangerous man.
I think it's best that she learn this from you before she has to learn it the hard way.
Thank you.
I don't understand why we're doing this.
Because you're going up against a supersized version of yourself, and you refuse to punch him out.
And you think sparring with you is gonna help? - If you can hit me.
- George, if I hit you, I'm gonna take your head off.
That's a big "if.
" Go ahead.
- Ooh.
Go ahead.
- Hey.
Go ahead.
Try to hit me.
Ho, ho, ho! See? That's what most people think boxing is about That Tyson-style, 1-punch knockout.
No, the real sweet science is about making your opponent miss.
And the more you make your opponent miss, - the more energy he uses.
- And in Roy's case, the more serum that burns through his bloodstream.
Ta-da! As long as you keep dodging I can take him down without ever laying a finger on him.
You okay? Yeah, I'm okay! Hang on a second.
Daphne? Chris, you have to tell me what happened.
I wiped out on my motorcycle.
Look, your father's capable of some very dangerous things.
- I need to know where he is before he - What can you do? Look, whatever that stuff was, it made him strong, really strong.
No one can stop him.
I can, if you tell me where he is.
He said he was gonna go get more of that juice.
Um - Someplace called - Global Tech? Katie? Uh, I'm down here? Look, uh, Katie, there's something - I have to tell you about Joshua.
- Um, we kinda have a guest.
I I met him in the parking lot, and he asked to see your lab, and, well, he's he's very strong.
You're the one who makes this stuff, right? - Yeah.
- I need more of it.
Just calm down, okay? No one needs to get hurt.
Oh, really? Maybe I wasn't clear.
I need you to get more of it, or I'm gonna snap her neck.
Okay? - Okay.
- Okay.
Just please, calm down.
I got a tip for you, Nurse Ratched.
Telling a man to calm down never really works.
Now go get me more of them green vials of yours, and everything'll be all good, okay? The side effects from that serum are startling Oh, yeah? Can't be more startling than being stuck in that chair - without any hope of ever getting out! - I understand.
No, you don't understand crap! I can walk now.
And I'll kill both of you before anyone takes that away from me.
Now go get me those green vials.
Now! Okay.
I just I'm gonna get them for you.
I just - have to unlock that cabinet over there.
- Good, good, good.
Give me the key.
Give me the key.
Now toss it over here.
Don't even think about having any bad aim.
Good girl.
Good girls.
- The sedative? - Yeah.
No! Stephanie! Care for a rematch? It's a fight you can't win.
We both know it.
You sure about that? Missed me.
Is that all you got? I'm surprised With all the practice you've had on your son.
- Are you okay? - Yeah, it's over.
I wish that were true.
- You did that to my daughter? - Wh? You erased her memory? What kind of a man hurts a child like that? I didn't hurt her.
I was doing it to protect her.
Protect her?! Yeah.
From knowing too much.
From being too much like me.
She will never be like you.
Just do it.
Do it.
Don't worry.
I will.
Jim, stop.
Don't hurt him.
Leave that to me.
It's true? You took away Daphne's memory? Yes.
Just like you took away mine after I found out who you really are, what you really do.
Yes, I did.
But I did it because I love you.
That's enough.
I don't love you.
I don't believe that.
How could I love someone who I don't even know? You've been lying to me since the day I met you.
Stay out of my life, Joshua, or whatever your name really is, forever.
, can you believe it? I got the scholarship.
Oh, that's great.
Litchfield just told me.
Oh, no.
Were you going out for it, too? No.
No, not at all.
I'm just I'm happy for you.
Excuse me.
I have to talk to somebody.
You gave Natalie that scholarship.
Your deductive skills are astounding.
But I never agreed to join your academic decathlon team.
That's unfortunate.
I'd hate to inform miss Poston that the award which she's so obviously excited about has been reassigned to a more worthy student.
- This is blackmail.
- Think of it as a lesson in physics.
Force multiplied by distance, otherwise known as Leverage.
You're leveraging my feelings for Natalie into my committing to your team.
Ah, you're a quick study, mr.
That's why I need you.
You're going to be a tremendous asset to my team.
I'm sorry about your dad.
The truth is, I was relieved when they took him away.
Is that terrible to admit? No.
Now you can go live with your mom and your brother, have a normal life.
I took care of my dad 'cause I felt guilty for messing up his life, but he's been messing up mine for as long as I can remember.
Well, I'm sorry you had to go through all that stuff by yourself, Chris.
That's the thing Since I met you, I haven't felt so alone anymore.
You mean a lot to me.
I, uh I love you, Daphne.
I love you, too.
Jasper's surgery was a success.
- That's great.
- The thing is, when they were doing the surgery, the doctor said they found something a tumor.
He said it was so small, we would've never known about it until it was too late.
So he's gonna be okay? Actually, getting hit by that bullet saved his life.
Amazing what you can accomplish, mr.
You'll be a true asset to the team.
I knew that if you put your mind to it, you'd get the job done.
Most impressive, mr.
Thank you.
You were right, sir.
Powell is remarkable.
He solved that problem you gave me in seconds.
May I may I ask you a question, Dr.
King? Of course.
Why did you want J.
Powell, in particular, to solve that problem? None of your damn business.