No Ordinary Family s01e19 Episode Script

No Ordinary Future

We were no longer an ordinary family.
And we soon realized we weren't alone.
She's dead, isn't she? Don't worry about this.
I'll take care of her.
I hear people's thoughts.
I can make them think or not think certain things.
Attention, residents! Attention, residents! Please remain in your homes and lock your doors! Repeat remain in your homes and lock your doors! Let's go! Let's go! Victor Nine, do you have a visual? Excuse me! Excuse me.
What's going on? This is my house.
What's going on? My family's inside.
Special agent Norris, FBI.
The targets are confirmed on site, sir.
You're authorized for use of force at your discretion.
What? Force? Force on who? - Jim? - J.
, come on.
Let's go.
- Daphne? - All right, everybody stay close.
Oh, thank God.
You're okay.
All right.
What the hell is going on out there? Dad, what are we gonna do? I'm gonna try to slip you guys out the back door.
And what about you? We'll make sure no one sees you slip out the back door.
Someone needs to fill me in on what's going on.
- Dad, the house is surrounded! - For now.
Just go to the back and then wait until I distract them, okay? Look, what's happening? Jim, answer me! Go! Your mom's waiting for you at Katie's.
- Go! - No, no.
Your mother is right here! Don't worry.
We'll be together soon.
, Daphne, just wait! No, Jim! Jim, no! Oh, hey, honey.
How was your run? - My run? - You said you wanted to go clear your head, and I was curious if it helped.
Uh I I'm not sure.
Listen, honey, maybe you should take it easy.
Injecting you with the trilsettum, on top of the powers you already have It's like having an espresso with a defibrillator chaser.
No, I'm fine.
You sure? 'cause I was gonna head over to detective Cordero's good-bye party, - but I can stay home if you want.
- No.
No, you should go.
- You sure? - Yes.
- Okay.
I won't be long.
Love you.
- Love you, too.
Look, she says she's fine.
Why don't you believe her? Because she almost died last night, and anyone who gets injected with that serum they just they change.
It just worries me that Stay there, Powell.
One move and I'll blow your freakin' head off! - Ha! I got you.
- Oh, you sure did.
Hey, thanks so much for coming, you guys.
Oh, we're gonna miss you around the precinct, Frank, but I guess our loss is Central's gain, right? I don't know how I'm gonna get by without the greatest american hero watching my back.
Oh, come on.
You? I'm sure you can find someone else to watch that hairy back.
Look, I know I used to mess with you 'cause you're just a sketch artist, Powell, but I gotta say, you've got more huevos than a lot of the guys who actually wear a badge.
Thanks a lot, Frank.
I appreciate that.
Hey, Frank! Come on! Joe wants to buy us a round.
Go on.
We'll catch up later.
- All right.
- Yeah.
- You know, huevos just means a mountain oyst - Got it.
- Okay.
- Come on.
So I read Litchfield's mind, just like you asked.
- And? - And with those equations he assigned you, - you had every right to be suspicious.
- What are you talking about? All I know is what I heard, and he was worried that somebody might hurt him if you didn't solve those problems.
Hurt him? Um, what kind of problems were they? Um, just some biochem stuff.
He said that they were practice problems for the academic decathlon.
All right, yeah, uh, I don't want you doing any more work for mr.
Litchfield until I get a chance to talk to him, okay? Mom, are you all right? Huh? Oh.
No, I'm fine.
All right.
No Ordinary Family 1x19 - No Ordinary Future Original air date March 26, 2011 - Look, man, can I tell you guys a secret? - Let me guess.
You rock that moustache because you lost a bet.
No, man.
Listen, part of me wishes I never applied for that transfer.
Oh, come on, Frank.
You're gonna do great, and if you get into trouble, I'm just a phone call away.
You know what? You got a good heart, Powell.
You take care of yourself, all right? All right.
Be careful.
Hey, man.
Very proud of you.
Remember when he was a jerk? Oh, yeah.
Before he got to know you.
Hell, I didn't like you when I first met you.
Yo, Cordero! Frank! Frank! Oh, no.
I'll call an ambulance.
Hurry! - I have an officer down.
I need an ambulance! - Oh, Frank.
They just found the shooter's vehicle about eight blocks away, no plates.
And Cordero? Powell! St.
Sorry to do this after what you guys went through last night.
But we've been assigned to Cordero's case.
We got your statements, but, you know, since you and Frank worked together, we wondered if you had any theories about who might have done this.
Not really, but based on the M.
, it's gotta be gang-related, right? Or someone who wants it to look that way.
Well, whatever you need, we're here to help.
- Great.
- Thanks a lot, Powell.
Jim? Marta Cordero uh, Frank's wife.
- Oh.
- I just wanted to thank you for everything - you did for him.
- Frank was a good cop and a good friend, and we're all very shocked by this.
Well, maybe.
I think somehow he knew it was coming.
Well, what do you what do you mean? He couldn't sleep at night some trial he was working on.
It it wasn't like him.
He never brought his work home.
Well, what what trial are we talking about? He didn't say, but I'd never seen him this worried before.
Chris, hey.
You got plans after school? - No.
Why? - You wanna stop by the garage, meet my boss? - The boss you hate? - Yeah.
I was thinking maybe you could do your thing, you know, encourage him to give me a raise.
You want me to mind-push your boss into giving you extra money? Isn't that kinda like stealing? - Well, was Robin Hood stealing? - Uh, yeah.
Look the guy's a jerk, okay? He knows I need the job, so he makes me work overtime for free.
He says if I don't like it, find someone else who will hire a kid with a record.
I just don't know, Chris.
Convincing a bad guy to do a good thing what could be wrong about that? Please.
Thank you, Daphne.
I'll never forget this.
What's there? What do you see? Oh, hang on, Katie.
These tests take time.
I need to make sure you're okay.
Okay? What!? I might be having a superbaby! You know how that usually turns out, right? For example, when mister fantastic and the invisible girl had a baby, - it tried to kill them.
- Now according to these tests, there's no trilsettum in your blood.
So now that we know you're safe, you need to go see an ob-gyn.
Klein delivered Daphne and J.
Use my name, and they'll see you right away.
Oh, Katie.
Don't worry.
I'm sure everything's gonna be fine.
You're gonna have a great, big, healthy baby.
Yeah, definitely big.
Oh, uh, you know, I wanted to get to J.
's school before it let out - and talk to his math teacher.
I'll be right back.
- Okay.
I pray that you have ten fingers, ten toes and that you never try and kill me.
George? George? George, what are you doing here? Hey, it's clear.
You can come out.
Okay, George, is this some kind of They've already checked the schools.
- Oh, my God.
- They probably won't be back.
At least not for a while.
Here's some food And some of this.
- Water.
- What about mom and dad? - A are they okay? - Look, if there's anyone that can make it through this, it's your parents.
What we have to do right Get down.
Fan out.
I want every one of these rooms visually cleared and secured.
Uh, wh what's going on? I checked the area.
It's clear.
- No sign of the Powells? - No.
They must have snuck through the perimeter.
All right.
Room 12's clear.
I need to see that badge again, sir.
Yeah, let me just, uh Run! Run, kids! Run! Wait! Wait! Wait! No, wait! Wait! Go, J.
! Run! Go, J.
! Run! Run, J.
! Run! Whoa.
Easy there.
That was quick.
Although I guess it doesn't take long to say "Your son's a genius.
" Katie, what's the date? It's March 29th.
Why? Okay, I didn't just run to J.
's school.
I think I ran into the future.
Lie back.
Lie back.
Rest now.
You've been through quite an adventure.
Where am I? Well, you were dead, or very close to it, and I brought you back.
That's impossible.
Not impossible, just very, very difficult.
That's why Joshua or whatever he's calling himself these days that's why he brought you here.
He asked me to revive you.
He wouldn't do that.
He doesn't give a damn about me anymore.
He's the only reason you're alive.
He made me promise to take very good care of you, so Is he here? Uh, no.
But once you're feeling stronger, he shouldn't be too hard to find.
In the meantime, I would love your help with a very special project.
I believe you know his ex-fiancée Katie Andrews.
You may be interested to know that she's expecting.
I want you to get close to her, find out what you can without raising suspicion.
So you think just because you saved my life, I'm gonna do anything you tell me to? Oh, I know you will, sweetheart.
Don't forget, I gave you life.
I can take it away again just as easily.
So now About Katie Andrews Okay.
Maybe maybe you thought what you saw was the future, but really it was some sort of hallucinatory daydream caused by sleep deprivation or stress.
No, Katie.
This wasn't the first time.
Since the trilsettum injection, it's been happening every time - I use my superspeed.
- Oh, so then it's possible that the serum somehow heightened your powers, that you're running faster than time itself.
Time travel, Stephanie.
It's the big leagues.
I mean, we're talking the flash.
We're talking the Silver Surfer.
No? Doc Brown's deLorean.
Yeah, I know that one.
Yeah? But if what I've seen is the future, it doesn't make any sense.
The government had our house surrounded.
The kids were in hiding at school.
I mean, it was like we were being hunted.
Did you tell Jim about this? No.
After everything our family's been through, he doesn't need anything else to worry about, especially something I don't even understand, which is why I need to zoop back to the future to figure out what's going on.
Take it easy.
We need to run some tests on you now because if this is time travel that we're talking about, it could be affecting - your physiology.
- No.
Katie, I'm fine, really.
Marty McFly thought he was fine, too, and then his hand started disappearing at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance.
Time travel always has consequences.
We are wasting our time.
Cordero told the police everything she told us.
They got this.
Cordero was our friend.
We're gonna take care of this ourselves.
Hey, wait.
Check out this case.
"Possession and distribution of narcotics.
" "Arresting officer detective Cordero.
" The defendant is a gang member.
I'll bet you this is the case that kept him up at night.
Wait a minute.
Tyler Carr was the A.
? That's a friend of mine.
Oh, he's probably been questioned already.
Maybe but not by us.
It's like I told the police, you know, Cordero called me yesterday, and he said he wanted to meet in private.
Do you know what he wanted? He said he had evidence to submit.
Why didn't he submit it directly to the court? Got me.
I asked if he wanted to discuss it, Aand he said not over the phone.
Well, whatever he had, someone didn't want him turning it in.
So? I'm sorry.
It didn't work.
- What are you talking about? - Well, I tried pushing him, but I don't know what happened.
Maybe the fumes were messing with my focus.
It didn't work, or you didn't want to do it? - Chris, I'm sorry.
- All I wanted was a raise, Daphne.
I know, and I wanted to help you.
It just doesn't feel right to use my powers for personal gain.
Why, because you've never done that before? Look, my family needed this money now more than ever, and I thought - you, of all people, would get that.
- Chris You know what? Forget it.
It's my mess of a life.
I'll figure it out myself.
Oh, that's perfect.
Thank you.
I will see you then.
So your O.
, Dr.
Klein, was able to squeeze me in today, and the front desk seems very efficient, which is something I always look for in a medical practice.
Okay, so what did you want to show me? Oh, I just finished your test results, and I was right about the impact of time travel.
Your chromosomes already show signs of telomere shortening, oxidative stress, and mitochondrial myopathy.
And I'm telling you, I feel fine.
Well, right now you do, but if you just keep zooping off into the future, it could be more than your body can handle.
Katie, I don't have a choice.
All right, if the events I've seen are real, then I need to find a way to stop them.
I've already seen what happens at the house and to the kids at school.
I need to go to the precinct and find out what kind of danger Jim might be in.
Okay, fine.
I'll help you, but at least we should try and estimate the conditions that you'll be under, before you just zoop off.
Okay, so now that your family is sedated, why don't we start from the beginning, huh? Just let my kids go.
They're of no use to you.
Well, we both know that's not true.
I have the right to call an attorney.
Uh, last I checked, civil rights only apply to human beings.
Now whatever the hell you are, Mrs.
Powell, we're gonna find out, okay, and once we do, we'll decide whether you're worth more to us, well, dead or alive.
Katie Andrews.
I have an appointment with Dr.
Yes, just have a seat.
The doctor's caught in some traffic, but he should be pulling into the garage any second now.
Thank you.
Klein? Yes.
Okay, I don't have all the details, but in two days, our secret's gonna be exposed, and we'll all be taken under military custody.
Now I'm not trying to alarm anyone.
Oh, really? You're not trying? Wait a minute.
Let's back up for a second.
How do you know? Did someone tip you off? I seem to be able to travel into the future now.
Now you're trying to alarm us, right? It seems that because of the trilsettum injection, - I am now able to - Achieve faster-than-light speed and travel based on simultaneity - in special relativity.
- Yeah, pretty much.
Well, look, I don't care about the scientific explanation.
- All I care about is you.
- I'm fine.
I'm fine, all right? It's just another manifestation of my powers due to the serum, but right now we need to really be concerned about this family.
But there's no way the military can find out about us, as long as we're careful with our secret.
And maybe one of us wasn't.
Why are you guys looking at us? J.
, what about mr.
Litchfield? You said he's taken a sudden interest in you, taking advantage of your intelligence.
Litchfield's been acting weird, but he doesn't know about us.
Besides, I didn't tell anybody about us.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What's that mean? Daphne? Nothing.
Uh Chris was just getting a little suspicious, and - And? - It's a long story.
One where you tell a teenage boy with a criminal record something that could destroy the lives of everyone in this family? Okay, look, look, right now the important thing is to find Chris and ask him if he's told anybody, okay? Got it.
George, I can't talk right now.
I'm in the middle of They did what at Cordero's house? You weren't kidding.
What happened? Couple guys broke in, tuned her up, did a little redecorating in the process.
- Hey, Marta, are you all right? - Yeah.
Yeah, I'm fine.
- Did you get a good look at them? - No, their faces were covered, and they left without taking anything.
Well, they tossed the place for a reason, and if they left without taking anything, it's either because it's not here, or or it's still here.
I think they were looking for this.
I didn't even know this was here before today.
The detectives found it.
They said they'd be back with a locksmith.
Well, Jim's a locksmith, kind of.
Really? Yeah, I'm it's my hobby.
I, uh, I like locks and Unlocking them.
Let me give it a shot.
Oh, jeez.
This is a cheap one.
Uh, you know what it is? With all foreign outsourcing.
Quality is just dead, especially with safes.
Excuse me.
Hey, man.
Have a look at this.
Personnel files.
Police personnel.
Detectives from the precinct? You thinking what I'm thinking? I think that what Cordero was delivering to the D.
Was a dirty cop.
Mom, I don't know that this is such a good idea.
Look, J.
, I'll be fine.
You and Daphne just stay in the house.
But where are you going? Or should I say when? All right, Dr.
King knows our secret, and global tech does a lot of military contract work, so it'd be nice to know what's going on there two days from now.
Look, I'll be back soon, okay? Yeah, I don't have to talk to you.
Andrews, I'm gonna ask you one more time, and I strongly advise that you answer me.
Stephanie Powell I want you to tell me everything you know about her.
Uh, well, in no particular order, she values loyalty, she hates spicy foods, and oh! She doesn't care for jackbooted thugs.
That's funny.
Kinda makes me wonder what would happen to that sense of humor if I were to arrest you for obstruction of justice.
I really don't know, but I can promise you, it wouldn't change my answers one bit.
Okay? Aah! What the hell? Katherine Andrews, you are under arrest for violation of United States Code, title 18, section 1510.
You have the right to remain silent.
- Give me the handcuffs.
- Aah! Ohh! Ohh! - What? - I'm pregnant! Pregnant? Will you get a medic down here? After the astounding event at 5:07PM Tuesday at city square, investigators are still pursuing the Powells in connection with the event, and authorities are asking for any leads in finding this potentially dangerous family.
- Mom! Mom! - Ohh.
Mom, are you okay? J.
, it's today.
Whatever I'm seeing is happening today.
I can't reach your father.
I mean, if I could just zoop there to find him without having an entire time traveling adventure You could just wait until he gets home, like a normal person.
No, I can't.
There's not enough time.
Whatever's gonna go down at city square, it's gonna happen in a few hours.
I mean, if I could just run there and stop it - before it happens - You could change the course of events in the future.
- Exactly.
- Mom, you can't do that.
That's too dangerous.
Altering the space-time continuum could affect the course of the future forever.
I've seen the future, and it can't get much worse.
I need to stop this.
All right, I have to calculate the precise time coordinates to run to city square at 5:07 PM.
It's too risky.
If you factor in euclidean space perception, you could easily enter into an erroneous manifold and never return.
I mean, you've been lucky so far, but I don't Ah! And I'm still lucky because I have you to help me get there.
Get to work, J.
All right, if the names in this file were people Cordero suspected of being dirty those gangbangers didn't want these names getting in the - D.
's hands.
- But why? What's their connection? Seriously? Dirty cops like money.
Gangbangers like police protection.
A little bribe here, a little bribe there.
I gotta get out of here, man.
I gotta do a speech at Cordero's memorial, and all I've got is "Ladies and gentlemen," - "thank you for coming.
" - Well, I'm gonna check and see if there are any outstanding I.
complaints on the guys in this file.
Wait, wait.
You are coming to the memorial, right? 'cause I'm really planning on being especially moving - this afternoon, so - I'll be there.
Any news on the Cordero shooting? Yeah, one, actually.
Uh, are you all right? Look.
Frank uh He said you were someone that he could trust.
Frank was a good guy.
Well, I I got something, but, um it's not something I want to take into my precinct, you know? You're not sure who you can trust.
Well, look, you can trust me, like Frank said.
All right.
You know my partner? Rizzo.
We've been working together for, like, eight years.
- And? - And I think No.
I know that he's dirty.
Well, George and I uh, A.
Cloud and I suspected that it had to do with some sort of police corruption, but we had no idea it was someone from our own precinct.
Well, I can show you.
I mean, I got proof, - but, you know, not here.
You know Hannigan's? - Yeah.
Yeah, so meet me in the parking structure out back.
30 minutes.
I'll be there.
Just try to relax, dear.
Sometimes it takes a while for the ultrasound to get a clear image.
You seem very nervous.
Maybe a little.
You know, sometimes these things go better if you have someone with you.
The father, maybe? The baby's father is, um not in the picture.
Well, that can be challenging.
Not everyone is emotionally equipped to be a single parent.
Oh, there it is.
Oh, my God.
That's amazing.
And from what I can see, it appears to be perfectly healthy.
Uh Yeah, I don't think anybody said anything about needles, 'cause I'm pretty sure that I would've said, "No, thank you.
" Or maybe "Ouch.
" Well, I don't know any other way to test - the baby's amniotic fluid.
- Isn't it a little early for that? Don't worry.
I've been delivering babies since before you were a zygote.
Everything's going to be fine.
Now just sit back.
This will only take a couple of minutes.
Hey, George.
I'm meeting O'Bannon.
He's got a lead on these dirty cops.
I'll let you know when I get more intel.
O'Bannon, you son of a bitch.
I got it! Okay, I gotta preface this by stating - that this is all completely theoretical.
- Okay.
However, city square being and accounting for special relativity, if you run toward city square moving at 1,400 miles per hour and then this is the tricky part decrease your speed exponentially every 3.
2 miles, you will arrive at city square giving you time to observe whatever leads up to the big events at 5:07.
Got it? Ohh.
Thanks, J.
Wish me luck.
I cannot stress to you enough how dangerous this could all be, mom.
Oh, honey.
If you knew what I knew, you'd understand that there is no other option.
I love you both.
You better hope your math's right, because if she doesn't come back, dad's gonna kill you.
Oh, finally! Chris.
Uh, he says he's been working, but he'll meet up with me later.
This is weird.
He says his last tow is in city square this afternoon.
Detective Cordero was a man of rare courage.
He put the law and the protection of this city above all else, including his own life.
Daphne? Whenever I was assigned a case with Frank's name on it Jim? I knew that my job was gonna be a heck of a lot easier.
Now I remember when I first met Frank Cordero.
A number of cold cases were coming through the D.
's office to solve, but because that is the kind of man that Frank Cordero was.
He was a man who cared about the people he was sworn to protect.
I wish that I could assure you that no one would ever have to die in order to protect the city Oh, no.
But I can't do that.
I can assure you that the district attorney's office Holy crap.
Oh, no.
- Oh, my God! Mom! - Ohh.
Mom, you are not doing that again.
- Oh, J.
, it's not Chris.
It's dad.
- What? He's the one who exposed us.
Look, we have to find him, we have to stop him.
Stop him from what? Saving George's life.
Oh, God.
Steph! Jim.
Jim, I'm sorry.
I had to know.
I had to see.
- Hey, it's okay.
It's okay.
You're okay.
- Jim.
- What? - You're the one who reveals your powers.
- No, w me? - Yes.
Look, I saw it happen later today at city square at 5:07 PM exactly.
Which is 15 minutes from now.
City square? The vigil.
I was just on my way over there.
George is giving a speech.
Someone tries to shoot him from a police van.
- Oh, no.
- You flip the van to stop them, but a cameraman catches everything you do.
- Ohh.
- Daphne was there.
I guess she went after Chris because - we suspected him.
- And she left ten minutes ago.
George isn't picking up his phone.
I have to get over there.
No! It's too risky.
Just call the police.
I can't! It's dirty cops that - are trying to kill him.
- Jim, I've seen what happens to this family if our secret gets out.
You can't let anyone see you use your powers.
I can't let anything happen to George, either.
Detective Cordero was a man of rare courage I mean, yeah, Daph, I was angry, but I would never reveal your secret ever.
- A man who put the law - You know that.
I do.
Including his own life.
Whenever I was assigned a case with Frank Cordero's name on it, I knew that my job was gonna be a heck of a lot easier.
Now I remember when I first met Frank Cordero.
A number of cold cases were coming through the D.
's office to solve, because that is the kind of man that Frank Cordero was.
He cared about the people he was sworn to protect.
I wish I could assure you that no one else would ever have to die in order to protect the city, but I can't.
But I can assure you that the district attorney's office will do everything in their power to bring Frank Cordero's murderers to justice.
I highly doubt that.
What the hell? You're supposed to be dead! You're supposed to be one of the good guys.
Rizzo? What the hell are you doing? Are you sleeping? Rizzo, if you don't take care of this, I'm gonna do it myself.
You hear me? Right now.
- O'Bannon! - "everything in my power" "to ensure you a guilty verdict.
" And not once did he falter on that promise.
Now it is my turn to return the favor O'Bannon where the hell are you? I assure you that this community Hey, dad.
Daphne! Are you still here in city square? Yeah.
Uh, how did you know? Never mind! Just listen to me very carefully.
- Someone is about to try to shoot George.
- Oh, my God.
The thing is, he's a cop, and I have no idea where he is, so as much as I hate to ask you this, - I need you to use your powers.
- Okay.
Honey, just listen to the crowd.
Listen to their voices.
As soon as you find out where he is, you point him out to me, and I'll take it from there.
Daphne, you can do this.
I know you can.
Hey, Daph.
Where you going? And to whoever decided that Frank's murder would be the solution to all of your problems, I promise you that you are sadly mistaken.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Please join me in a moment of silence.
Poor Cordero.
What a shame.
Such a sad day.
How much longer is this thing going to go? Frank You will be missed.
Commissioner Mitchell will now say a few words.
Thank you for your time.
The minute St.
Cloud walks past me, I'll shoot him and then walk away.
Dad! Dad, I found O'Bannon.
Do you see where I am? He's right in front of me.
Ladies and gentlemen, officers of the I see him.
Get out of there! - Just a little bit closer.
- Dad, he's gonna shoot! You're not gonna make it in time.
I'll I'll jump.
No, you're gonna expose us.
- Hang on.
I think I can fix this.
- No, Daphne.
You don't want to shoot George St.
You wanna hand me your gun.
You know what? I should give you my gun right now.
How could you possibly have done this? I asked you to read his mind, not ask him for his gun.
Oh, we could, I don't know, thank me for saving George's life.
Thank you.
But, Daphne, now you gotta tell us what's going on with you.
Mom's not the only one whose powers have been kicked up a notch recently.
A few weeks ago I realized that I could push thoughts into people's minds, make them think, do anything I want.
Why didn't you tell us about this? Well, it became kind of handy around the house, you know? Wh you used your powers on us? Just F.
, she hasn't done dishes in two weeks.
Okay, look, what's done is done.
All right, the important thing is that we are all okay and our secret is safe, but maybe you could use your new abilities to keep it that way.
What do you mean? You've already told Chris too much.
Look, this ability to push people's thoughts Joshua could do that, but he could also make people forget, like he did with you when he erased your memories.
I won't tell anybody what I saw.
Please! Oh, I know you won't.
Look, just because he could do it, doesn't mean I can.
Well, you never needed to.
Chris said he's not gonna reveal our secret, and I believe him.
But have you thought of the - ramifications if he does? - I saw what happens, Daphne.
No! Even if I could do it, I'm not going to! I love him.
Daphne, we're not asking you to break up with him.
We're just asking you to try to make him forget this one detail.
Look, honey, Chris won't even know the difference.
Hey, Daph.
Hold up a second.
Look, I wanted to apologize.
Look, I should never have asked you to, you know, use your skills on my boss.
It was wrong and I'm sorry.
Look, I swear, it'll never happen again, okay? It's not that.
You are sweet and cute, and I never thought somebody like you could like me, but you did.
I just ended up telling you too much.
No, you didn't.
Do you remember the first time you thought I was different? The first time you thought that I might have powers? Yeah.
How could I forget? I'm sorry.
You don't remember that.
You don't remember anything about my powers and who my family is.
What the hell are you doing? - What? - Are you trying to kiss me? - Baby, it's me Daphne.
- Baby? I know who you are.
You're that freak from the student council, - but why are you trying to kiss me? - Oh, my God.
Chris, you don't remember anything.
No, I remember telling you to keep your distance.
Do I do I need to remind you again? Hey, Daph! It's the weirdest thing.
Litchfield isn't at school today, and nobody knows where he is.
You did it, didn't you? But he didn't just forget about my powers.
He forgot about us! You were right.
Katie Andrews is pregnant.
Of course I'm right.
The results of the amniocentesis.
This is extraordinary.
The trilsettum is fully integrated with the baby's D.
Even in this embryonic phase, the replicating cells are superhuman.
We need this baby, and you're going to bring it to us.
I I can't do that.
It's no secret how deeply you feel for this child's father.
Who better to raise this very special offspring than a very special woman like yourself? But what about Katie Andrews? As soon as she's delivered the child, she's of no further use.
You know how I feel about useless things.
You're going to make a wonderful mother.