Noragami (2014) s01e06 Episode Script

Scary Person

1 Yukine? Are you there? I baked some cookies.
I'll leave them here with some cocoa, okay? Yukine? "Noragami" I'm holding a loaded gun in one hand I'm coming for you on foot, while you stand there shaking Tick-tock, the clock hand moves, tick-tock All you've done is speed up this panic Tick-tock, the clock hand moves, tick-tock I'm coming for you, with no sign of stopping Tick-tock, the clock hand moves, tick-tock There's a boundary between end and beginning Tick-tock, the clock hand moves, tick-tock But we've come full-circle Silently, I waited all alone in a dim room Silently, I waited for the sound of the door being kicked down Silently, I waited all alone in a dim room Silently, I waited There's nothing to be afraid of now Holding my loaded gun I kick down the tightly-shut door The muzzle kicks back at point-blank and perforates my yesterday's self After taking the despair of, "Good night," my tomorrow's self sets out on foot Let's meet up again tonight Damn Borderline! What am I so freaked out about? This is all because Yato used me against my will Stop! Rend! That's no different from stealing! Damn! Damn it! Even Hiyori! What the? That kid Chapter 6 I Scary Person Not here either Yukine's been really depressed ever since then, and Yato hasn't come for him After what happened, I guess it's only natural.
Oh! Hiyori! Ami! Yama! I know it's a day off, but you should be studying instead of wandering around! Huh? But you have to take the exam too Yeah, but you're always asleep during class.
Pretty much the whole class is gonna move on to the next grade But sometimes there are idiots who flunk out.
I am studying at home, I'll have you know.
Say, have either of you seen a boy wearing a parka? About this tall.
- A boy? - A boy? Yeah! A young one! "Operative" Miss Iki! I'm afraid your daughter is in an illicit relationship! She's toying around in the middle of exam season! Ack! Mother! It's not like that! It's a misunderstanding! You got a thing for uglies, too! I bet he's hideous! "Tono - The Ultimate Wimp!" Just look at your beloved Tono after he lost! Stop! I was gonna watch my recording of that tonight! Introduce us to your boyfriend sometime! Here's hopin' he's like Tono! Seriously, it's not like that! Man! Only the gods can help her now I would like to introduce them to Yato and Yukine sometime.
But they'd probably forget them right after anyway.
Plus I don't know Yato that well myself.
Man! That was easy! I can pretty much do anything I want! What's the big idea?! Yato! Where'd you get this? H-Hiyori bought it for me.
Oh? Yukine! What a relief! You were with Yato! Hiyori.
I hear you bought this for him? Huh? Y-Yeah, that's right! I bought it for him! Man.
This is why I can't stand kids.
That's a nice, crimson sky.
Twilight is the boundary between day and night.
Those of this world fear the darkness and hide from it while those of the other world blend into the darkness and run wild.
The setting sun blurs all with a reddish hue as the shadows of evening grow ever deeper and darker.
Now is when those in the divide can most easily cross the boundary.
People once said this was the time of day that monsters come out.
This is now - the Fiendish Hour.
- the Fiendish Hour.
Oww What?! Wh-What's going on?! Me and my big mouth.
We've just run into some serious trouble! I've found you, god of calamity.
Bishamon Bishamon?! Yeah.
The strongest war god I know.
A god? Isn't she on your side then?! - Why is she acting this way?! - I tangled with her a long time ago.
She's been out to kill me ever since.
Huh?! Count me out! You can deal with her yourself! I dunno.
I'm not really sure she'll let you go.
She wants revenge.
So I'm sure she'll take me and my Regalia out.
You can't be serious! My grudge may drive me to slay you all, but the chastisement of evil is also the way of the world! Come, Sekki! "Yuki" Wait! You shan't escape! B-Bishamon, as in the god that punishes evildoers?! Revenge against Yato? And slaying his Regalia too? If anything happens to me, go straight to those two.
Track him, Kazuma.
Target moving north-northeast.
Distance, 2.
Near Shore denizens are few, but I suggest you limit the scale of your attacks.
One Regalia.
Abilities unknown.
Killing is the only thing he's decent at.
Pincer attack, Kuraha! You got it, milady! I will finish you today! What are you doing?! Hurry! Before she catches us! Get off my case! You're partly why I'm so tired now! Huh?! Quit bein' a wimp.
I-I'm not a wimp I can tell! You've been stinging me non-stop! Your emotional state affects me too, you know! Get that through your head! But that girl's a god, just like you.
Are you seriously gonna fight a god?! She's the one attacking us! Are you going to kill her with me? Obviously! You are my Regalia! Everything she has with her, even her weapons, clothes, and beast They're all Regalias.
Even that lion's a Regalia?! Yeah.
She's also got the exceptionally skilled Kazuma, who serves as a navigator and coordinates the other Regalias.
His guidance is what makes Bishamon the mightiest war god of all.
Hey! Where are you going?! She's gonna spot us! There's no use running! I'm going to make a stand here, while I still have strength left! Wha?! But I don't want to! It's her! "Noragami" So heavy! A full hit would snap the Sekki in two! Catch him, Kinuha! It grabbed you! It's a Regalia too?! Yeah! Now shut up a bit, Yukine! Gaiki! Locking on.
Aiming for cervical vertebrae and left humerus.
Zero point in 2, 1 Fire! Nice.
Pardon me.
Kinuha! How dare you! Never again will I let you kill a Regalia! Huh?! You've killed a Regalia before?! I told you to stay quiet, Yukine! Just leave me alone already, you half-naked, jacket-wearing tramp! You've been stalking me for years! Your very name is profane! I must eradicate you! Suki! It's been dulled?! Hey! What are you doing, Yukine?! Damn! Sweet Saké Soba-Dango Shiruko Piping-hot Oden Ms.
Kofuku! Oh, what is it, Hiyori? Hiyorin! Perfect timing! Tell us, which kind of daifuku bun do you like better, the kind with I-It's Yato! Bishamon attacked him! Bishamon? Oh, my! Bisha is still after Yatty? Umm, she called Yato a "god of calamity.
" - What does that mean? - It's a god that causes disaster.
Huh? I told you before that Yatty's actually a scary war god, remember? Yatty killed a Regalia a long time ago.
Wait Does that mean it was Bishamon's Regalia that Yato killed? This is between Yato and Bishamon.
It's none of our business.
B-But Yato told me to come to you for help! Please, help him! Lend him your assistance! Why are you so desperate? Oh, do you have a thing for Yatty?! Huh?! N-No, not really! - So he's blackmailing you, then? - Extortion? Talk about no one trusting him No, it's about what's happened to my body Don't worry, Hiyorin! I'll help you! Ms.
Kofuku! Your money offering can wait until later! Huh? Looks like you got a deal.
But don't blame me for whatever happens So, where is Yato? I'm not sure.
No But maybe I can find out! Whoa! She has a Cord! She's a half Phantom? All the gods have a nice smell to them.
But that smell is slightly different for each one That way! - Yato.
- Huh? That girl earlier Did you really kill her Regalia? Yeah.
Then it's only natural she wants revenge.
Why'd you do it? Because I wanted to.
That's all.
So it's that easy, huh? What are you talking about? What about me, then? Will you kill me if I screw up? If you don't need me anymore? Yeah, even without me, Yato still has that Regalia named Nora You're stinging me again Man, will you just pull yourself together already?! Huh? You've been actin' like a real wimp! It's put me in a slump, you pansy! - You're no one to talk! You're scared too! - Huh?! Your hands are five times sweatier than normal, Drippy! - What do you mean by "Drippy"?! - Shut up! Just what it sounds like, moron! Takes a moron to know a moron! You moron! S-Sekki! What are you, a walking armory? Man.
You took out this Near Shore life too Those woods are as good as dead now.
I'm willing to overlook some immorality for the sake of purging evil.
That "evil" must be pretty strong motivation for you then, tolerating immorality like that.
Are those your last words? H-Hey! Don't get in a stance! That thing'll tear right through me! Yatty! Found you! Kofuku?! Lady Kofuku?! Come, Kokki! All right, you two! - That's! - Stop! Are you crazy?! Stop your fighting! Wh-What the?! She blasted open a Vent! That's why I told her to stop! Kofuku causes sudden Storms whenever she uses her Kokki! Phantoms are gushing out from the underworld! Lady Bishamon! I suggest we retreat! Don't falter! Kuraha! Yato! Kuraha.
Kinki! Kazuma! Tend to Kuraha! How dare you! Lady Bishamon.
We should retreat for now.
He's standing right here! A mere Vent won't keep me from my enemy! Veena! If you personally wish to be food for the Phantoms, please go right ahead.
But can you really force the same upon the injured Kuraha and the others?! What the?! What is this?! Hiyori! You sent them here! You told me to go to them if anything happened to you! Oh But not this time! I never expected I'd run into Bishamon! Oh, no! - Anyway, you need to hide! - Huh? And don't call my name.
We can't risk Bishamon finding out you're connected to me! Right! Out of consideration for Lady Kofuku, I'll let you go for today.
But I will kill you next time.
With my own two hands! Don't get yourself any more blight.
Let's go, Kazuma! Hiyori! It's dangerous here! You need to scram too! R-Right! You really did it this time, Kofuku! Are you impressed? I'm saying you screwed everything up, moron! You ingrate! My lady saved your sorry butt! Oww! That hurt, Daikoku! I heard some sudden gusts of wind blew through the city at sunset.
Some nearby woods were completely knocked down.
How frightening It's no good I can't cleanse it all Yukine Is this just not gonna work between us? Don't look so down, Yato You can always use me, you know Nora No matter what happens, I promise that I'll call your name Ah You have a jagged-edged heart You hurt everything that you touch and you glare at everything in the world That look in your eyes says, "Here I am!" Someone laughed and that's why you put up that border line In which case, I'll hold your hand and take you with me If you can't say it, just hold my hand tightly and don't let go I want you to know you're not alone anymore That's a nice, crimson sky.
"Crimson" is "Crimson" originally denoted the color of a dye made from Kermes vermilio, right? Uhh, yeah.
On the next Noragami: "Uncertainty and Destiny.
" - You sure know a lot, Hiyori.
- This is exam season, after all! Next Episode I Uncertainty and Destiny