Noragami (2014) s01e09 Episode Script


1 "Noragami" I'm holding a loaded gun in one hand I'm coming for you on foot, while you stand there shaking Tick-tock, the clock hand moves, tick-tock All you've done is speed up this panic Tick-tock, the clock hand moves, tick-tock I'm coming for you, with no sign of stopping Tick-tock, the clock hand moves, tick-tock There's a boundary between end and beginning Tick-tock, the clock hand moves, tick-tock But we've come full-circle Silently, I waited all alone in a dim room Silently, I waited for the sound of the door being kicked down Silently, I waited all alone in a dim room Silently, I waited There's nothing to be afraid of now Holding my loaded gun I kick down the tightly-shut door The muzzle kicks back at point-blank and perforates my yesterday's self After taking the despair of, "Good night," my tomorrow's self sets out on foot Let's meet up again tonight Y Yato needs your help! Yat Borderline! A Borderline?! Why?! Please let us in! Mr.
Daikoku! Ms.
Kofuku! I beg you! Yato is Yato is about to die! I'll only let you inside.
Cleanse Hiyori's blight for her.
Right! This water comes directly from the spring in the garden.
Now wash your body.
Yato needs this too! It's too late for this to help Yatty now.
Too late? Meaning? If Yukki isn't given punishment, he'll Chapter 9 I Name Kofuku.
Take over for a bit.
I'm gonna visit some nearby shrines.
Wh-What for? What exactly is Yukine's "punishment"? Ablution.
Huh? An ablution is a ceremony for expelling blight.
It requires three Regalias, so we'll need two more besides me.
You do realize what'll happen if the ablution fails, don't you? Yeah.
For now, we need some Regalias here, and quick.
From the looks of it, he won't even last until tomorrow morning.
Take one step from where you are and I'll kill you.
Brr! Yato seriously might die.
But what's this punishment Yukine needs to be given? Oh, please! Please help them both! Actually Who does help gods and Regalias? Yato is?! Yes.
An ablution If you don't do it right, you'll get eaten by a Phantom! What? By a Phantom?! I had a friend who took part in one.
She helped out with a serious ablution.
What happened to her? I don't know.
She's never come back.
If you'll permit it, I offer my help.
H-Hold on! What are you saying?! He did grant me the name "Tomo" at one time.
Thank you, uhh Mayu.
Now we need just one more! I, Daikoku, am most appreciative of your generous assistance.
I ask you all not to fret.
Worrying would only affect Lord Michizane's health.
My Lord Yato has been corrupted? Just what is that fool doing?! Please! Would it be possible to borrow just one Regalia? I humbly beg of you! Please! There's no guarantee that using Regalias can save a master once corruption has already set in.
What kind of Regalia stings its master this much in the first place?! You must slay Yukine, Yato! Daikoku! Yeah.
Yeah What?! You can't find one last one?! What are we gonna do, Daikoku?! All I can do for now is keep asking around.
Yeah, I know.
I'll call ya later.
The only other gods around here are Unless we do something Unless we do something, Yatty's gonna die One more! I need to find one more Regalia! I'm certain Nora would come to Yato's aid.
But she'd also I can kill anything that gets in your way, nice and neat.
She'd also kill Yukine.
In that case In that case Shrine Shrine Bishamon Should you cross paths with Veena, Bishamon, again, keep your head in the sand if you value your life.
This is no time to be afraid! Mr.
Kazuma! Mr.
Kazuma! Mr.
Kazuma! Anything in the northeast? There are no signs of Vent openings at present.
And the southeast? Nothing to report! I'll continue to remain alert! Big Brother Kazuma.
Umm A girl has been calling for you for a while now.
What's the matter, Kazuma? Oh, it's nothing.
Ignore her.
She's clearly too ill-mannered to even offer a polite bow.
Right! Now, back to your reports.
Kazuma! Please! I need your help! Mr.
Kazuma! Mr.
Kazuma! Mr You couldn't get anyone?! You dummy! You dummy! - Did you look as hard as you could?! - I did look! But no one's gonna help the Regalia of a god they've never even heard of.
Please pull yourself together! - Mr.
Yato! Mr.
Yato! - What are we going to do now?! Hey! I told you not to move a single step! Whatever.
Where are you going? Kazuma?! Who? How is Yato? Wait, but isn't Yato your group's sworn enemy?! Yes, he is.
But I personally owe him.
Plus she came to me for help.
Hiyorin?! I suggest you give her a talking-to.
I warned her myself, yet she still came right to our front door.
Veena would've attacked her had she known.
Well, I dunno what kind of debt you owe him, but we got our three Regalias now.
No, from the looks of it this is going to be tough.
Can you hear me? Revoke Yukine's name and banish him.
Your condition is too serious for you to endure! Yato! He refuses to listen to reason.
That's why an ablution is the only option.
What did you do, Yukine? Nothing really.
Then why did you try to leave just now? What does it matter? Could it be because you feel guilty? It's 'cause I'm sick and tired of all of you! I said I didn't do anything! That so? Then take off your shirt a sec.
Huh? What for?! Just shut up and do it.
What is this?! Damn! You stung your master that much?! Are you ready? - Yes.
- Nasty! It's talking! Get it off! Hurry! Get it off me! We now cleanse this spirit belonging to the Yato god and preserve the name with which it was graced.
What? With defilement expelled and avarice removed, a sincere, principled, just soul.
With flesh pared, may he be cleansed.
"Noragami" What's going on?! An ablution in this sense involves cutting flesh.
This is a beating.
One that uses Regalia Borderlines.
A beating?! As former humans, only Regalias can judge the sins of other Regalias.
Let me out! Let me out, damn it! And once an ablution begins, it can't be allowed to stop until it's over.
Not until the Regalia has confessed and repented every last sin it bears.
Yukine! What evils have you committed?! Confess it all! Shut up! I'm gonna kill you! But if the Regalia doesn't Not good! He's transitioning into a Phantom! Don't look! Stop this! This is cruel! It's too much! What did I do to deserve this?! I didn't do anything wrong! I'm not the one to blame! All this just 'cause of some loose change? Yeah, I swiped stuff! I stole stuff! I broke stuff! So what?! You guys understand too! It's 'cause we're dead! But not them They get to have it all! - I'm having an argument with my parents.
- I had my brother help me! We're your friends! A future Memories A family Friends They get to have it all Why don't I? Why do I get nothing?! Yeah I'm actually all alone.
I have nothing.
Nothing at all You really have pretty eyes.
They're like the fruit of hawthorn plants, swaying in the breeze.
But not even birds will eat them.
They're not sweet, bitter, or even poisonous, yet they provide nothing.
They're completely useless, empty fruit.
No one bothers to pick them, so they're left all alone to wilt, wither and die.
Poor little boy.
So what if I stole it all? So what if I broke it all? Everyone should just be like me and die! It's no use! If he keeps this up! Daikoku! Change into the Kokki and slay him! Quit freakin' out, you dumb-ass! It'll collapse if I leave now! Besides, I'd only make things stormier in my Kokki form! Use your brain for a minute, Mr.
Big Shot! His mark! If it gets enveloped, it's all over! Don't be givin' up! His name I need to call his name before it disappears There's a reason I fell for him at first sight! Before he crosses to the other side! I need to call his name! Yukine! Hiyorin! Th-That's dangerous! Get back! Yukine! Don't cross to the other side! Don't let yourself become a Phantom! Yato's still here for you, Yukine! Surely you heard him too! He might be a lousy little punk but I found and named him! I'm going to reforge the Sekki! Those words were almost like a father's! Even when Even when you kept betraying and hurting Yato, he kept on enduring it! But if you're still going to betray someone like that then we're not friends anymore! F Friends Yukine! It's true that you can't interact with Near Shore people on equal terms anymore But, Yukine I granted you a person's name! So So live as a person! Live, Yukine! I I I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry! I stung Yato! I stole the money, and I tried to f-feel up Hiyori! I stole the skateboard, and I broke the windows! I told lots of lies, too! I won't do it anymore I'm really I'm really sorry I'm sorry! "Rest Stop" Okay! You're both all better! - I thought I was gonna die there - I thought I was gonna die there You already are dead.
This is why I hate punishment Thanks for helping this dimwit.
I appreciate it.
I would hope so.
I never thought it'd cause you this much trouble either, Hiyori.
Come here.
I'm sorry! You, too! I'm sorry, Hiyori! If If she hadn't brought us here, I probably would've died where I was.
And if she had picked Nora to be one of the Regalias, the unbearable pain might've led me to use Nora to slay Yukine.
And if she hadn't called out to Yukine when she did If Hiyori hadn't been there She saved us! I'm so glad! You're both all right! I'm s I'm sorry, Hiyori Thank you No matter what happens, I promise that I'll call your name Ah You have a jagged-edged heart You hurt everything that you touch and you glare at everything in the world That look in your eyes says, "Here I am!" Someone laughed and that's why you put up that border line In which case, I'll hold your hand and take you with me If you can't say it, just hold my hand tightly and don't let go I want you to know you're not alone anymore The stew has started to bubble.
Is it ready to eat? I'll taste it and see for myself.
Munch, munch, munch Aww.
I thought for sure the Phantoms were going to munch him up.
Having you wake up was the right choice after all Rabo.
The stew has started to bubble.
Is it ready to eat? I'll taste it and see for myself.
It's ready.
Yato Is he truly the Yato, the former god of calamity? You can always see for yourself.
On the next Noragami: "Regarded with Hate.
" So, it's nice to meet you.
I'm Mayu.
Oh, yeah, we just met.
I'm Daikoku.
I'm Kazuma.
Sorry, but I must be going now.
- As must I.
- S-Sure.
Man, those two are surprisingly alike.
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