Northern Exposure s04e18 Episode Script

Northern Lights

Morning, Dr.
Morning? How can you tell? It is so unrelenting it is so dark, and it is so cold.
Oh, my travel stuff, how perfect.
Martinique, Barbados, Saint Barts.
"I got two weeks, "Two weeks, 14 days" I figure I'll spend a week with the meshpucha in New York catch the Blue Man Group, Falsettos, right? Then I'm going to spend a week on one of these magnificent, sun-filled isles.
Grand Cayman, fabulous barrier reef, wall diving.
Caneel Bay, incredible white sand beaches, coconut palms.
Jamaica, oh, man, look at this golf course near Runaway Bay.
What? It won't happen.
What won't happen? Your vacation.
My vacation won't happen? Uh-huh.
Why not? Because.
Because what? What, you think it's, like, the cosmic joke, is that it? Huh? You're right, it's a perfect setup.
Here we are, we're in the dead of Alaska in winter there's one bleak, frozen hour of sunlight a day I'm planning a trip to a tropical paradise this is a trip that I really want a trip that I desperately need to take so, naturally, something's going to stop me from going, right? Uh-huh.
And of course, the one thing we all should have learned as children is if there's something you want with all of your heart with every fiber of your being, you're certain not to get it.
A dark and delicious good morning to you, Cicely.
Believe it or not, it's 9: 00 am and this is Bernard Stevens, sitting in for my brother, Chris.
As always this time of year, he's been mauled by the artistic impulse.
Foregoing sleep and sustenance Chris has immersed himself in his annual act of creation.
Bonne chance, brother.
We've got three days to go in our winter solstice countdown.
We got sunrise today at 4:02 p.
and sunset at 4:48.
You know, continuous, unremitting darkness has been known to send some people into an emotional tailspin so the management here at KBHR radio suggests locking away the firearms.
Now, the desire to stick that.
45 between your teeth can get pretty strong at times so why invite temptation? And for a little mood elevation, swing by The Brick open 24 hours during this solstice season, with free chocolate for all.
That's right, chocolate, that magic elixir.
Nothing like it to raise the body's serotonin levels and thus the spirits as well.
Hey, I'm on my way.
Denver chocolate pudding.
Denver chocolate pie and minute steak, chocolate Kisses.
I ordered sour cream.
Sorry, Steve.
I'm short-handed today.
You'll have to get it yourself.
Shelly? Any sign of that granola? Oh, my God, Ruth-Anne.
I forgot.
It's just so crazy around here and with Holling gone to bed, I just get brain-fried.
Oh, is he hibernating already? Five days now.
Just gets up to whiz.
Sure hope it's not like last year.
He was sacked out for three weeks.
Oh, it was much worse when he was younger.
In '75, Holling hibernated for two months.
That's a vibrant red, isn't it? Yeah.
I'm painting a field of poppies and I can't quite find the right shade.
Want to try the cocktail sauce? All right.
Hot fudge sundae, extra almonds, hold on the cherry.
Chocolate sprinkles with that? By all means.
All right.
Coffee? How much is it? Listen, how much can I get to eat for Let's see, two Two dollars and 24 cents.
Special K, Toll House Cookie.
Anything more substantial? Cream of Wheat? Yeah, that'll do.
Try a slice of the blackout cake.
Hey, thank you.
You know, I'm not one to judge a book by its cover but looking at you, your clothes, your personal hygiene I'd guess you were homeless.
I mean, the only reason I bring it up is I've been coming to Cicely for a couple of years now and I've never encountered a homeless person.
At least none that fit the traditional stereotype.
I prefer the term "hobo.
" Hobo? Sure, makes sense.
A lot less negative baggage to carry.
Implies a life choice, instead of a state of being.
Paladin of the open road? Riding the rails, shanty towns, nail soup? Very picaresque.
Bernard Stevens.
Hey, Lance Bristol.
Hi, Chris.
How's the piece coming? What's the matter? Things not going too good? Oh, just conceptually, it seemed so right, you know? Metal twisting, turning, rising out of the corporeal, struggling to the divine.
It's just a tower, Dave, it's an archetype.
A transcendental symbol from Babel to Watts, you know? It's embedded in our souls.
I like the bicycle chain.
You like the bicycle chain? Uh-huh.
Of course you like the bicycle chain.
The bicycle chain is fine in and of itself.
It's just the whole It's thin, you know? It's brittle, there's no weight.
It's like what Gertrude Stein said about Oakland, "There's no there, there.
" Maybe some more pipes.
More pipes? Copper.
Hi, Ruth-Anne.
Hello, Maggie.
Needs more yellow.
I know what it is.
Is there anything I can help you with? You know, it's the weirdest thing.
I can't remember what I came in here for.
I just got in some nice mandarin oranges.
I can always use a few mandarin oranges.
It's all right, Maggie.
Believe me, I understand.
Your mind is elsewhere.
And I don't blame you, that business with Joel.
Fleischman? You two have had such a stormy relationship.
All that push-pull.
Having intercourse with him was undoubtedly a great release of pressure but terribly unnerving as well.
Well, actually, I'm not thinking about intercourse with Fleischman.
No? No.
I'm thinking about intercourse with Mike.
Mike Monroe? Yeah.
I think about sex with him all the time.
I mean, it's constantly on my mind.
I play it out in my head a thousand times a day.
Unbuttoning his shirt and running my hands down his chest into the waistband of his pants.
I'd hop in the sack with him right now if I weren't afraid I'd kill him.
I know what you're going to say.
I had sex with Fleischman, and he's okay.
But for how long? I mean, Glen and I were together for a year and a half before he died.
And besides, you know, if Fleischman kicks the bucket Well, I don't know.
I just don't think I can risk it with Mike, Ruth-Anne.
I mean, I don't think I want his blood on my hands.
Could you put these on my tab? Sure.
Only 15 minutes of sunlight left, folks.
So I suggest you get outside pronto and catch all the rays you can.
And don't forget to lop on the SPF 30.
You know, as I speak, I can see Cicely's latest visitor Lance Bristol, hunting for recyclables across from our KBHR studios.
And as I look at his matted hair and his threadbare clothes my gut-level response is revulsion, an inner, primal recoiling.
I mean, from where do these feelings spring? I mean, certainly it's not a rational response to a man who is no threat to me.
Bottom line? I could be Lance, Lance could be me.
My response, I guess, should therefore be empathy caring, consideration.
I'm working on it.
Empathy? What kind of manure are you spreading, Bernard? Sorry.
Tramps accosting people on the streets for money urinating in doorways.
He does stir up ambivalent feelings.
Ambivalent, hell.
I've got an investment in this town.
An investment in time, money, and personal vision.
I will not have it defiled by some piece of human excrescence.
Oh, you might find this interesting.
You know the winter depression people talk about up here? It's not just psychological.
It actually has a physical pathology.
That's what it's called.
Seasonal Affective Disorder.
See, sunlight decreases pineal activity which inhibits the production of melatonin.
When your body isn't exposed to sunlight it produces these constant high levels of melatonin.
This screws up your circadian cycles and it literally makes you sad.
What can I do for you? We were right.
We were? About what? This came.
"No physician willing to take your place.
"Community cannot be placed in jeopardy.
"Vacation denied.
Our apologies, the State of Alaska.
" It's official.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no! You said it would happen.
I didn't say it would happen, I said it would happen so that it wouldn't happen.
Don't you understand? This is a defense.
This is like "break a leg" or washing your car so that it'll rain.
First they add a year to my contract now they take away my vacation.
I mean, did I fall into a bottomless pit? There's no exit.
There's no light at the end of this tunnel.
It's a nightmare.
Look, I don't feel like talking.
Can you just leave me alone, please? What? It's sad.
Hi, Marilyn.
Sorry I'm late.
Hi, Lynn.
Fleischman said he'd remove my corn today.
He's not here.
Well, when's he coming back? He's not.
He's not? No.
He's withholding his services.
You mean Dr.
Fleischman's not going to work here anymore? Not until he gets his vacation.
He said if the State of Alaska wants to play hardball, so will he.
You want me to remove your corn? Okay.
Follow me.
Hey, excuse me, folks, can you spare any change? Like a quarter or anything? Excuse me, can you spare a quarter? Thank you.
Appreciate it.
Hey, man, spare change? Write it off your taxes.
Heavy sledding.
Hey, man.
This your spot? No.
Have a seat.
The cops hassle you much around here? Nope.
Not at all.
So, where do you sleep? Trailer.
Trailer, huh? You got any extra room in there? Yeah, usually, but I got my brother staying with me.
All right.
Can you believe that? What do you mean? When you look at it, do you believe it? Oh, not really.
Of course you don't.
What was I thinking? I keep tearing it apart.
I put it back together.
It just doesn't work.
I mean I never had a solstice like this before.
You know, usually I'm focused.
I'm clear, you know.
The piece, it just It flows.
You know? Last year, a neogothic ice palace, Lake Eagle.
The year before that, metal cocoons.
I took an entire acre of spruce, I wrapped it in tinfoil.
Is that right? That's right.
But this thing here, man, a monstrous, screaming zero.
It's killing me, too, 'cause I got all this juice and I got nowhere to plug it in.
Can I have a hit of that? Yeah, sure.
Miller? Lite.
Bratwurst special for number six.
Holling's still out, huh? Yeah.
I just gotta remind myself, he's like a big old Delco battery that needs a recharge.
It'll be worth it when he wakes up 'cause he'll just go and go and go.
That's the spirit.
Geneva chocolate with this? Amaretto truffle.
Thank you.
Morning, Dr.
How you doing? I've just had a little flare-up of my old psoriasis.
It's the same old thing.
You know, rash on the elbow and behind the knees.
It doesn't bother me, but my wife thinks it's unsightly.
Jim, I'm not practicing today.
Oh, I understand, but I just want some of that cream.
Do you think I like doing this? Do you? Do you think I like betraying my Hippocratic oath? I got no choice.
I got no alternative.
You don't get it, do you? You really think this is just about my vacation and your psoriasis.
Well, sure.
No, Jim.
If they can take away my two weeks and get away with it they can just as easily do it to you or anybody else.
I'm making a stand here, for the most basic and fundamental rights that are due any working man and any working woman.
I'll tell you something else.
You and everyone else in this town should be lined up right behind me.
Why? Because I'm fighting your battle.
I'm the little guy who's got the guts to stand up look them in the eye, and say, "I will not retreat one single inch.
" And I will be heard.
I most certainly will.
All right, let's come to order.
Take your seats, please.
We've got a problem here, people.
I will not allow one man to hold this town hostage.
Worst comes to worst, I'll see him behind bars.
You want to put Joel in jail? Who said anything about Joel? I'm talking about that scrofulous bum who parked himself on Main Street.
Maurice? We came here to talk about Fleischman.
Where is he, anyway? Well, I don't know where he is.
I told him to be here at 1700 hours.
Ed, where's Fleischman? Dr.
Fleischman respectfully declines to attend.
Decline? Yes.
He feels that his presence here would compromise his position.
Well, what the hell does that mean? He's instructed me to speak on his behalf.
So, if you all consider me Dr.
Fleischman All right.
Come on, get your fanny up here.
Yes, sir.
You got a statement? Yes, sir.
We do.
Despite my reluctance to live and practice in a small rural community I have served the Borough of Arrowhead in good faith.
However, that good faith has not been reciprocated and therefore, I have been left with no other recourse but to withhold my services so that I may obtain what is contractually and morally mine.
And, oh, yes, taking questions from the floor now.
How long do you intend to keep this nonsense up? Ruth-Anne, I feel that that question should be directed to the State of Alaska as they're the ones who have reneged on our agreement and they're the ones who have the power to break this impasse.
What if somebody gets really sick? You know, like, they're seriously hurling or they cut off a finger with a band saw? Yes, well although, once again, I feel that that question should be directed to the State of Alaska I have made arrangements with Dr.
Kornhauser you know, he lives over in Moose Pass to take care of any such emergency that may- All right, let's cut through the crap.
What do you want? Oh, well, all that I want is what is legally owed to me.
My two weeks' vacation.
We're ready to make a deal.
$500, cash.
Me and Holling will throw in two free spaghetti lunches.
And half a dozen orange roughy fillets.
Sorry, folks.
People, let us not waste each other's time.
My vacation, as stated in the contract is absolutely and unequivocably non-negotiable.
Thank you.
Joel? Joel? The doctor's out.
Joel, it's me! Yeah, Mike look, really, I can't make any exceptions.
Look, look, I'm fine.
This isn't medical.
Why are you wearing the mask? Oh, peat fires in Irkutsk.
No big deal.
May I come in? Yeah, yeah, I'm sorry.
It's a little nippy out there.
Yeah, sorry.
Oh, Ping ZING 5, huh? Yeah.
That's very nice.
I like those on Bermuda greens but, you know, on a bent grass I like something a little lighter.
I didn't know you played golf.
Well, I haven't been able to since the MCS set in but I love the game.
Here, I have to serve you with these.
Serve me? Yeah.
Pro forma.
I've been retained by the Township of Cicely.
What is this? You're violating the terms of your contract, Joel.
You're in breach.
You're suing me? There'll be a hearing on the 24th before Judge Percy.
We'll be seeking a preliminary injunction and then, of course, we'll be filing for damages.
Is this a joke? Damages? You offer a unique service, Joel.
You know, for us to contract another physician privately it would cost a minimum of $125,000 a year.
At five years, that's $625,000.
I don't believe this.
Heaven forbid anybody should get sick and die.
You could be liable for millions.
How could you do this to me? After all that I have done for you? Sorry? Do you forget who's been checking your eosinophil count three times a week for the last four months? Joel Don't "Joel" me.
When the mosquito abatement people came and sprayed and you got that allergic reaction to that terrible asthmatic component who stayed with you day and night until the wheezing stopped? Joel, I appreciate everything you've done for me.
And personally, I like you a lot.
You like me? This is how you express your affection? Look, believe me, Joel if I hadn't been retained by the city I'd have been delighted to represent you.
And, hey after the ice melts maybe we can go hit a few.
See you.
Hey, Bristol.
Sign says you're a veteran, huh? Yeah.
Vietnam? That's right.
A lot of good men served in that war.
Washouts like you give them a bad name.
What were you, some long-haired draft-dodger whose number finally came up? I enlisted.
That right? In what? The regular Army? Those clowns will take anybody.
I was in the Corps.
The Marine Corps? The hell you were.
Now, listen, pal, I'm a Marine and I resent any low-life derelict insinuating- Bristol, LC, PFC, United States Marine Corps.
What outfit were you with? Bravo 13.
Out of Da Nang? No, sir.
First division was in Da Nang.
That's right.
Northern I Corps west of Dong Ha.
Provided security at the Khe Gia Bridge.
Sometimes ran road sweeps along Route Rifleman? Grunt.
Here, buy yourself a hot meal.
Semper fi.
It's high noon, Cicely and we're now three days into the Borough of Arrowhead County's physician strike and one day away from winter solstice which means a full 24 hours of glorious darkness.
And, turning to the art scene, it seems my brother Chris has taken off headlong into a new creative direction.
I'm not sure which particular muse has seized him but clearly her grip is strong.
And, right now, I'd like to turn the microphone over to Maurice Minnifield the president and general manager of the Minnifield Communications Network.
Thank you.
I'll be brief.
I'm collecting for a comrade-in-arms who's down on his luck.
We need clean, serviceable clothes, canned goods toiletries, that sort of thing.
Now, bring them by the station, we'll make sure he gets them.
Oh, and remember, this is not the dump.
No rags, no junk, no three-year-old jars of pickled beets.
Appreciate it.
Excuse me, you okay in there? Yeah, fine.
You work here? Yeah.
You know, for a few cents more, you can get name-brand paper towels which are a lot more absorbent than this institutional grade.
I'll tell the boss as soon as he wakes up.
Do that.
But you I need this, Dave.
Okay by me.
Hey, Chris.
Cup of joe, Dr.
Fleischman? Shelly, let me ask you something.
Now, I thought that we were friends, that you liked me.
I do.
How is it that you can be a part of this lawsuit? Oh, that.
Just being a team player.
You know, "all for one, one for all.
" Shelly, I'm going to snag me some of these bulbs.
Hello, Joel.
I'll have one of those.
Ruth-Anne, how can you look me in the eye and greet me as if nothing is different, as if nothing has changed? What do you mean? He means the lawsuit.
Oh, that.
"Oh, that"? "Oh, that"? This is incredible.
What is wrong with you people? Don't you realize what you're doing? To me, your physician? I'm the guy who sets your broken bones.
Lowers your blood pressure.
Tramps out into the tundra in the middle of the night to deliver your babies.
Every single one of you has stood before me naked, sick and needy desperate for my help.
Instead of gratitude, what do I get? What's my reward? How do you repay me? With malice and venom.
I wouldn't take it too personally, Joel.
Have you ever heard of US v.
Hillegas? No.
Let's see.
Treble damages are upheld breaching scholarship agreement United States Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit.
What do you think? Hillegas got an NHSC medical scholarship in exchange for agreeing to serve in a health manpower shortage area.
After graduation, he tried to back out.
The government sued him and won.
This is exactly the kind of precedent we were looking for.
Really? God, Maggie, I knew we had an excellent case against Joel but now we have got him by the short hairs! That's wonderful.
Now, don't get me wrong.
You know, I mean, I sympathize with Joel's predicament.
I do.
But I gotta tell you, there is nothing more satisfying in law than knowing that you are going to walk into that courtroom and grind your opponent's face into the marble floor.
I can imagine.
And you, you did it, Maggie.
You put the final nail in Joel's coffin.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Well Yes? Guess I should go finish transcribing those depositions, huh? Okay? Yeah, right.
Okay, bye.
Hey, Ed.
How's it going? Oh, good afternoon, Dr.
Say, could you hand me that other screwdriver over there? Boy, I'll tell you, these last few days have been a real eye-opener.
I can imagine.
I have seen up close and personal the dark underbelly of this town, and it is not a pretty sight.
One thing for sure, you find out who your friends are.
I won't forget it.
I mean it.
I won't forget how you stuck behind me.
And all the others, Maurice, Ruth-Anne, Mike they couldn't wait to stab me in the back.
But not you.
You are a real mensch.
Thank you, Dr.
What's going on here? Oh, I just finished changing the lock.
What? Why? Well, the way Maurice put it is as long as you refuse to provide medical services to the community the community will refuse to provide you with lodging.
What are you talking about? What about my stuff? Your stuff's been seized.
Seized? Maurice says it's standard procedure in cases like this.
Seized? Well, don't tell anyone, Dr.
Fleischman but I packed you a spare change of underwear and a toothbrush.
You know, Dr.
Fleischman, I always thought your story would have a happy ending like To Sir, With Love.
What? Oh, Sidney Poitier takes this job working in the inner-city school and at first he just hates being there but then, later, he comes to know his students and to really care about them deeply.
And then at the end of the movie, he's offered this job teaching at a very prestigious school but he decides to stay right where he's at.
But I guess that's just a movie, huh, Dr.
Fleischman? I gotta go.
Hey, Bristol.
Bristol? Yeah.
You in there? Yeah.
Come out here.
I got something for you.
Thought you might could use this.
There's some thermal underwear, bib overalls some dental powder.
Some food in there, too.
Chicken noodle soup, creamed corn.
Some clown threw in a jar of poi.
You can use that if you want to.
A couple of boxes just like that over at the station.
What's this? Oh, those are shiitake mushrooms.
You have to soak them, but they add a nice musky flavor to stews, casserole.
That's lovely.
Bristol, tell me something.
How'd it happen? How'd you come to this sorry state? Was it drugs? I can understand, I mean, that no-win war, the temptation.
No, I never did drugs.
Was it that post-trauma rigmarole? No.
Well, was it the erosion of our industrial base? The factory you worked for close down? No, I had a good job, cable TV company.
What happened, then? Change of venue.
Huh? It happened five years ago.
Summer, August.
I was troubleshooting along a back road near this little farm town in lllinois, Watseka.
It was 10:00 at night.
I was up the power pole and these lights came out of nowhere.
Lights? Yeah, real bright.
White and blue and green.
And they came close.
Hovering over the corn field not making a sound, just watching me.
And then they took off.
Straight up, fast.
It was a clear night, but in a couple of seconds they were out of my sight.
They were gone.
Well, after that I had a hard time keeping my mind on things on work, and girls on Sunday afternoon football games.
No, the world had turned over and I couldn't hold on.
Change of venue.
Yeah, exactly.
All right, hold it! Chris! Hey, did I wake you? I'm sorry.
Man, what are you doing here? You used to have a lava lamp.
Chris, it's 3:00 in the morning.
It is? Yeah, I almost shot you.
You still have that lava lamp? I think it was green.
Yeah, I think it's in here somewhere.
Yeah? Though the cord's broken.
I mean, I've gotta admire you.
Yeah? Yeah.
I mean, look at you.
You're so committed.
You just break into my house in the middle of the night.
You risk getting killed because you want something.
I mean, you make a decision and you go for it.
You follow through, no matter what.
Would you hold that? Sure.
Me, I'm a wuss.
How's that? I mean, I want something.
Someone, actually.
I can't do anything about it.
I mean, I'm completely frozen because I won't take the risk.
Here it is.
It's a different kettle of fish, though.
What do you mean? Your situation with Mike.
I break in here at 3:00 a.
, I risk my life.
You hit the rack with Mike, you risk his.
You know? But I'm saying, what the hell, go for it.
Nail him to the sheets.
You know why? Because real meaningful endeavors I mean, the biggies in the human existence they often require the sacrifice of others.
Wake up, sleepyheads.
Wipe Mr.
Sandman's dust from your eyes.
It's time to face another glorious, ebony Alaskan morn.
The winter solstice has finally arrived.
No sunrise, no sunset, how elegantly simple.
And I'm happy to announce my brother Chris is galloping down the home stretch of this season's artistic steeplechase.
My fellow Cicelians, you're invited, one and all to Main Street, tonight, 8:00, for Well, you've just got to show up and find out for yourselves.
Dress warm.
I put some shampoo out on that shelf for you.
Did you find it all right? Yeah, thanks.
Scrambled eggs okay? Sure.
Help yourself to those cinnamon rolls.
All right.
You know, Bristol, I was thinking it's about time that I redid that guest bathroom.
You know, put in a bigger tub, some granite countertops.
Some Malibu tile.
Yeah, that's a good idea.
And I was also thinking about replacing this floor.
Get rid of this tongue and groove.
Put in some parquet.
So you've got a job.
$200 a week, plus room and board.
Look, I'd like to help you out but I'm gonna be moving on.
You help me out? No, no, no, you've got it backward.
It's me that's helping you out.
Look, Bristol just because you saw a few lights in the night sky are you going to go Section Eight for the rest of your life? It's not even that special.
I mean, most of the guys who suited up in Thinsulite saw lights they couldn't explain doing things they shouldn't be doing or where they shouldn't be.
Look, Bristol, I wouldn't want this to go beyond these walls but when I was in my seventh orbit over the Indian Ocean I looked out of the capsule and there they were.
They were close aboard.
It was like they were flying form on me watching me.
They stayed in orbit with me about a minute, and then In the blink of an eye, they were gone.
Just like that.
There are things out there we don't understand.
Can't understand.
Could be the big guy, could be little green men or just whatnot, proving to us we don't know everything.
But that's not important.
What's important is a reasonable man a sane man, a healthy man when he encounters the inexplicable forgets about it.
Come on, Bristol, take the job.
Put some money in your pockets before you move on.
Give it some thought.
Good morning.
I know what you're thinking.
I'm not coming back.
You can save your breath.
I appreciate you coming out here.
I am not coming back.
I don't care what you say, I don't care what they do, I'm not coming back.
Should I order more glucose dipsticks? What? Glucose dipsticks.
That's what you came here to talk to me about, glucose dipsticks? I'm freezing to death here I've been completely abandoned you wanna talk about glucose dipsticks? We're running low.
Don't you understand, nothing's changed here? Do you not understand that? They haven't given in.
They haven't given me my vacation.
Oh, I see, you think I'm going to fold, huh? Yeah, you think because they took away my livelihood and threw me out of my house, and basically forced me to live like a dog here you think I'm going to roll over? Uh-huh, no way.
There's a principle at stake here and I don't care how many lawyers they hire or how many papers they file.
It doesn't make a difference to me because I'm not going to stand for this injustice.
You hear me? I won't stand for it.
What? For how long? For how long, what? Won't you stand? Two over easy, home fries.
Chocolate sauce with this? Just a little on the English muffin.
Thanks, dear.
Shel? Holling! You're up! Emmett Riley's mastiff woke me with his barking.
I could use a couple more days' sleep.
You want to try to go back to sleep? No, I'm up now.
And hungry.
Oh, babe, I missed you so much.
When you're not around to talk to and squeeze I just get all glumpy and bummed.
How about some food, hon? You sit your juicy buns right down here, dude.
Sorry, Holling needs to stuff his face in a bad way.
Kippered salmon and eggs and pigs in a blanket.
Toast and jam? Just a sec.
Sorry, gang.
Toast and jam and a nice big cup of mocha java.
Thanks, hon.
God, H it's so bitching to have you back from the Land of Nod.
What are you staring at? Nothing.
Hey, I know what you're thinking.
And it's just not the case.
This wasn't a case of bowing to pressure.
Not at all.
I simply weighed the options and made an informed, rational decision.
See, what I realized is a person has three choices in life.
You can swim against the tide and get exhausted or you can tread water and let the tide sweep you away or you can swim with the tide and let it take you where it wants you to go.
You decided to swim with the tide? Yeah.
Mike? Maggie.
I was just going to call you.
I wanted to see if you were going to go to that thing of Chris'.
Oh, well, I brought us this.
Oh, champagne.
I can't, there's the sulfites.
No, no, no.
It's 100% organic.
Natural sparkling cider.
I'll go get some glasses.
And why don't you make yourself comfortable? Okay.
Wow you look beautiful.
No, no.
I mean, really, really beautiful.
Are we celebrating something? Mike have you ever heard of those people that live those safe, secure lives? You know? I mean, sure, they live to be a ripe old age but when they look back on those long, long, lives, what do they feel? Regret.
You know? It's like yeah, sure, they spent their time on this planet being careful and cautious but when they look back on their lives they feel regret for all the things that they never did.
You know? It's kind of like my grandfather on my father's side in Madison, Wisconsin.
He owned a Rambler dealership.
He lived to be 94 but, man, he died a bitter, old, unfulfilled pill.
Is that right? Yeah.
I guess what I'm trying to say is I don't think you can measure life in terms of years.
I mean, I think longevity doesn't necessarily have anything to do with happiness.
I mean, happiness comes from facing challenges and going out on a limb, and taking risks.
And if you're not willing to take a risk for something you really care about you might as well be dead.
Right? Mike? Yes, Maggie.
Kiss me.
Oh, boy.
You sure you should be out so soon after the big sleep? I don't want my squeeze-ola getting the sniffles.
I'm fine, Shelly.
How about a little bit more of that potato salad? You betcha.
Open up.
Oh, hello, Dr.
Ed, Ruth-Anne.
Joel, stop by the store tomorrow.
I just finished a painting of sunflowers and it'll dress up your outer office.
Oh, thank you.
Oh, yes, and Dr.
Fleischman I know it won't be the same as a Caribbean vacation but if you'd like to go ice fishing on Sunday That's nice of you, Ed.
Hey, Marilyn.
Goethe's final words, "More light!" Ever since we crawled out of that primordial slime, that's been our unifying cry.
"More light!" Sunlight, torchlight, candlelight, neon, incandescent.
Light to banish the darkness from our caves, to illuminate our roads the insides of our refrigerators.
Big floods for the night games at Soldier's Field little tiny flashlight for those books we read under the covers when we're supposed to be asleep.
Light is more than watts and foot-candles.
Light is a metaphor.
"Thy word is a lamp unto my feet.
" "Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
" "Lead, kindly Light, amid the encircling gloom.
"Lead Thou me on! "The night is dark and I am far from home.
Lead thou me on!" "Arise, shine, for thy light has come.
" Light is knowledge, light is life.
Light is light.