Northern Exposure s05e24 Episode Script

Lovers and Madmen

Oh, God.
Oh, my God.
You know, Chris, I think the last time you cleaned this place was- When was the last time you cleaned this place? Well, first time for everything, amigo, huh? This Meredith, she must be a pretty neat person.
Oh, man.
The thing is, she always looked really clean, you know, like, you just want to bury your nose right in her hair, you know? Did you guys go steady or somethin'? She was totally out of my league, man.
I was like this little dirt ball, you know, grease under my fingernails, always in Earl Pease detention, and Meredith was a goddess, man.
Claudia Schiffer meets Venus de Milo.
Tall, willowy, man, long blond hair all the way down her back.
Ed, one time I saw her in the hall.
She's got this cotton dress on, right? And the sun is just catching her right from behind, and I saw everything, man.
You know? Everything.
It was like a Botticelli.
This little perfect figure just floating, man, in a ball of light.
Check the breath.
Been 10 years, man.
I haven't even talked to her.
She's, uh, working for the geological survey, right? She's up there at the Copper River taking some water samples.
Flips on the radio.
There I am.
Chris in the Morning, plain as day, man.
Just blew her away.
Sleepless in Seattle.
Wait till you see this woman, Ed.
I mean, we're up here.
We kind of- We kind of forget that the women are a little rugged, you know? Not that there's nothin' wrong with that.
It's just Meredith Swanson, man.
Look at that.
That's gotta be her.
Come on, Ed.
- Oh, hi.
- Chris? Chris, it's me, Meredith.
Meredith? Meredith? Hey, Meredith.
You-You look great.
So do you.
You haven't changed a bit.
Yeah? Meredith Swanson.
Ed Chigliak, Meredith Swanson.
Nice to meet you.
Boy, Chris Stevens.
I still can't believe that was you on the radio.
Where'd you get all that philosophy? - Uh, in the joint mostly, yeah.
- You did time? We've got a lot of catching up to do.
How about taking a starving government employee to lunch? Okay.
Let me just, uh- Let me put a record on.
I'll be right back.
Meredith Swanson? What am I saying, a record? I mean,you know, a long-playing tape.
You okay, Chris? I don't believe it.
I don't believe it.
That's Meredith Swanson, Ed.
I would have walked right by her.
Seemed like a nice person to me.
Ah, you don't understand.
She was like some deer, you know, tall, delicate.
I mean that hair- Hey! Everything's different, man.
Not exactly Flatt and Scruggs.
Oh, the inmates find it therapeutic.
He's looking good.
You know, if it weren't for Dr.
Brooks, you could have walked him out the front door yourself.
In my opinion, Mr.
Ingraham does not belong in a locked ward.
What are we talking about? A 24-hour furlough, he'll be back before anybody misses him.
Oh, about that.
Look, uh, I can cover bed check tonight, no problem, but tomorrow's ward assembly's a formal roll call.
And what time is that? He'll be back by 9:00.
Let's, uh, hit the road.
Minnifield, did you bring it? Bring what? The violin, the Guarneri.
Well, no.
It's at home in the safe, where it belongs.
Uh, come on.
Let's, uh- Let's go.
We got a long ways to go.
Uh, I've got your bag over there.
Bring your fiddle.
You can practice your arpeggios in the car.
Well, we'll see you tomorrow, Cal.
And we'll continue that discussion about rugby.
Okay? Okay, here we go.
Subject is a very large Mammuthus primigenius.
A male.
Boy, I'll say.
Age is definitely unknown, and we have right posterior tibia presents a spiral fracture, for sure.
Absolutely crazy.
Circumference of the base of foot, Question- Do pachyderms have toes? - Hey, Holling? - Oh, I-I'm sorry,Joel.
I just spotted a rufous-sided towhee.
It's very unusual in these latitudes.
Do you mind? I mean, come on.
Give me a hand here.
You know, it just- It really makes you-you-you think.
You know? You gotta think what the earth was like when it was young and there were glaciers everywhere and volcanoes spouting fire and, like, wild men with spears chasing after these enormous beasts.
You paint a pretty picture,Joel.
Holling, I've been to the Museum of Natural History a zillion times.
They don't have anything like this.
I mean, not even close.
Based on my research, this is probably the largest preserved animal species ever found in North America.
So, how long have you been coloring your hair? What? Your hair.
It used to be lighter, right? This is my natural color.
It was way longer, huh? No.
Really? Hmm.
You know, I'm not a big believer in coincidence, but, right before I got this assignment, I was going through some boxes in my apartment, and I found that hood ornament you gave me.
Remember? What? The Mustang? I told you it was my favorite car, so you stole it somewhere or fought somebody for it.
I don't remember.
Right, right, right.
Paul Renowitz.
You had this big bruise under your eye.
It was so sweet.
I used to worry about you, Chris.
You know, you're really somebody I wanted to get to know better.
But that's what's so weird.
Finding the hood ornament, hearing you on the radio- I don't know.
It's almost like kismet.
What? You used to pluck your eyebrows right in those straight lines.
I guess.
Yeah, you did.
And your-And your lips- they were a different shade, like, you know, darker or somethin', you know.
Oh, hey, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
What-What were you saying just now? Nothing.
It looks like a good burger.
Yeah, the best.
Come on in.
I don't see why I couldn't stay in the car.
Oh, you don't want to wait in the car.
It's nippy out there.
Cristal? Happy birthday, Barbara.
Care for some music? What's he doing here? Oh, he's all right.
The man's a convicted criminal, Maurice.
Criminally insane, Barbara.
There's a difference.
Besides, he's a very gifted violinist.
He's not in a class with, uh, Perlman, obviously, but, uh, he's, uh, the best we have in the Northwest Territories.
Get that for me, would you, please? Here you are, son.
She's all yours.
He blew up your truck, Maurice.
He tried to kill you.
Well, he had an obvious lapse in judgment, but, uh, he's no threat now.
Look at him.
Man's in love with a piece of maple.
Let him play that once in a while, and he's gentle as a lamb.
Besides, it's all on the up and up.
I got him a one-day pass.
Cal? Please.
That's a Guarneri del Gesù, Barbara.
A couple of mil worth of hardwood, sheep gut and Icelandic horsehair playing just for you.
They leave us any of that mushroom polenta? Hmm? No.
Uh, how about some pheasant? You know, I was thinking about the Bach tonight, Ed.
The, uh, sul tasto passage.
Perhaps a dozen violins in the world could have produced that timbre.
It was so alive, it was almost human.
Can I have some asparagus? You know, I'm not ashamed to admit it.
I dream about her every night.
Her scrollwork, her purfling, that exquisite belly against my neck.
You see? It's still red.
She gives off this energy, this fire.
You gonna to eat your crepes? No.
You and the baby must have partied hearty last night.
She's still sleeping.
We rocked out to some early Stones.
She dug it.
Yo, Meredith.
I dig those boots she wears.
Steel tips.
Serious stompin'.
We're gonna go up the Elkhorn.
Meredith wants to get some, uh, water samples.
Ready to roll? What-What's goin' on? What? Who are you? Where's Meredith? Oh, I get it.
It's a joke, right? Hey, Meredith, very funny.
Come on out now.
Chris, are you okay? Yeah, I'm okay, but a gag's a gag.
What gag? I'll get my backpack.
Chris? Are you gonna tell me you didn't see that? See what? Come on.
That wasn't Meredith.
That was, uh- It was a witch.
A witch? Shelly, Hansel and Gretel all the way.
You see her hair and her nose and that thing right here? What thing? Oh, man.
Plan of the day- eggs Benedict and Bloody Marys at 0800.
out to the Kenai Peninsula.
Fish until 1830.
Then we'll dine on king crab and champagne, Get you home in time for the night watch.
Copy that.
Cal, reveille! Cal, time to get up.
Oh, my God.
Oh, God.
Let me see.
What is it? Twenty-two- Twenty-two right and 33- No, 43 left.
Want me to get that slip of paper, Maurice? No, Ed.
I've got it now.
Oh, God.
Have you- Have you seen him? Who's that, Maurice? Cal.
Who else would I be talking about? Yep.
Saw him jogging.
Jogging? Uh-huh.
Really gettin' a good workout too, when I saw him, drivin' in.
What the hell are you talking about? Oh, well, he had his heavy coat on and everything, working up a real sweat.
Ed, he wasn't jogging.
The man was taking a powder.
Which way did he go? What time? Maurice? Barbara.
Coffee ready? Uh, there's been a slight change in plans, uh, actually.
I just got off the, uh- the horn from, uh, Seattle.
There's a big real estate deal pancaking.
It may take a while to, uh, straighten it out.
Um, let's- let's forget the Kenai Peninsula for now.
Uh, I'll tell you what.
Um, I'll have Chris come pick up you and take you into town.
We'll, uh, rendezvous at the station around 1300.
Uh, you do like skeet shooting, don't you? Sure.
There's some jungle fatigues in my closet upstairs.
Help yourself.
Ed, get your coat.
Moon, heart, cup, star, plus.
All right.
You know, there's absolutely nothing wrong with your eyes.
Are you sure? Yeah.
Hey, did the professor from Fairbanks call back yet? No.
Well, give him another try, will you? Did you know that mammoths lived here as recently as 11,000 years ago? What? That's wild.
That is a mindblower to me.
It's like a heartbeat, anthropologically speaking.
I mean, what could have happened? Did the Clovis point culture have the ability to decimate entire populations of animals to the point of extinction? Uh,Joel, what-what do-what do I do? About this Mer-Meredith thing? Well, look, have you had the experience with anyone else? I mean, are other people appearing strange? No.
You having difficulty recognizing anyone? No.
It sounds like an isolated incident.
I really wouldn't worry about it.
You don't think it's serious? Like- Like that book, The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat.
No, that was a case of extreme neurological disorder.
If I remember correctly, the guy had a lesion on the right hemisphere of his brain, yes? Exactly.
What if I got something growing up here? The symptoms would be a tad broader.
You'd be talking to doorknobs and parking meters and things like that.
I'm telling you, there's something really strange about this woman, all right? She's different.
No, she's not.
First of all, she appears different.
Look, we've all, for whatever reason, had times where people we remember aren't-aren't-aren't the way we remember them.
No, it's more than that.
All right, well, you know, look, I don't like to make lifestyle judgments, but I'm sure you know that with a past record of recreational drug use such as your own, with peyote and psilocybin and the like, it could have long term effects, including what we call field disturbances.
Flashbacks? I never had a flashback in my life.
Okay? There's one year,Joel, that I can't account for.
Other than that- Look, you know, unfortunately the trigger mechanisms aren't clearly understood.
I mean, stress can definitely be a factor.
Give it a couple days.
If you still have the symptoms, we can always zip over to Anchorage and get an M.
and check it out.
It's-It's- Professor Pickering on the phone.
Oh, great.
I'll take it in my office.
Are you okay? Yeah.
All right.
Line one.
All right, Ed, why don't you show them the bow? They must need the scent again.
What's that, Maurice? I don't copy.
The bow.
Show 'em the bow.
Right, Maurice.
I mean, copy.
Okay, boys, find the scent! Find! Find! Boy, Maurice, Roscoe and Ernie sure are smart.
Whoa! Of course they're smart, Ed.
It's in the blood.
I got 'em from the warden over at Harrisonville after the state pen closed down over there.
They can track a man across Okay, Maurice.
What? What is it now? It's a river, Maurice.
River? Uh, uh, yeah, yeah.
It's the tributary of the Elkhorn.
It's only a trickle here on the map.
It's not a trickle from here, Maurice.
Well, we can't track a man through water.
We know where he went in.
We gotta find where he came out.
Uh, I gotta get back to the store, Maurice, and meet Ruth-Anne.
Ed, we're on a manhunt here.
It's inventory today, Maurice.
Ed? Sorry.
Ed, do you copy? Ed, respond.
Ed! I don't care about your cloud cover.
I want a chopper in there, and I want it now.
I'll call you right back.
We got a call from Ellisberg an hour ago.
There's an A.
out on Cal Ingraham.
Oh, there is? Turns out he was released illegally.
The doctor involved confessed.
Said you offered him a bribe.
Oh, I wouldn't exactly call it a bribe.
Professional cappuccino maker for the doctors' lounge.
Retail value, $7,000.
Well, it was more like a contribution really.
You're in trouble, Maurice.
Well, how was I to know he'd run off? When did you first notice the subject was missing? Barbara, please put down that pen.
I have a job to do.
Are you made of stone? Why do you think I got him out in the first place? It was for you, Barbara.
Sure, we could have listened to Perlman on the stereo, but you deserve more than that.
You deserve your own private concert with a Guarneri del Gesù.
It's one of a kind, Barbara, like you.
It sickens me to think I was sexually involved with an accomplice to a felon.
I'll get him back.
I swear it.
How can I ever trust you again, Maurice? Let me prove it to you, Barbara.
I'll get him back and we can start all over again.
Tabula rasa.
Please, Barbara.
Don't close the door on us.
A passion like ours comes along maybe once in a lifetime.
You've got till 1800.
Hear that, Bartholomew? Get those rats.
Go get 'em.
- Cal? - Ed? Are you alone? What are you doing here? The cellar window was ajar.
I'm sorry, but I just had to get something to eat.
I thought you were miles from here by now.
Well, I was, for a time.
I was three miles outside Nipnuk, actually.
I was gonna hop the bus for Canada, but, um, well, I-I couldn't leave, Ed.
It's the Guarneri.
I can't leave her.
The violin? With each step I put between us, I felt this pain, this incredible weight.
Listen, I don't suppose you could see your way clear to advance me a couple of packages of frankfurters, maybe some buns and some Colman's mustard? Well.
What am I saying? It's not fair to jeopardize your employment.
I'll make do.
Actually, these goldfiyh are quite nutritious.
Cal, you know that Maurice is looking for you, and so are the police.
Yes, I can imagine.
I didn't plan this, Ed.
It-It- Something just took over.
I can't explain it.
Tell the, uh, proprietress I'll pay her back as soon as I get situated.
Oh, and Ed, I would appreciate your not telling anyone about this.
I got a favor to ask you.
I need you to track down a man for me.
It's Cal.
He's run off and left me in a hell of a spot.
You didn't need me this morning, did you? What? You just needed Ed.
Well, Holling, I didn't want to bother you.
I thought I could find him myself.
In fact, I underestimated the little bastard.
Look, Holling.
I need somebody who can pick up a cold trail and bring home the prize.
Well, I don't know, Maurice.
I'm a little tied up right now.
Look, Holling, if I don't deliver the goods by 6:00, I'll never see Barbara again.
I'm asking you.
Well he didn't cross the Elkhorn.
That's for sure.
The river's too swift this time of year.
Ifigure he just waited along the edge and then doubled back.
If we start a circular search beginning with the last point of contact, we should pick up something.
I've got the truck right out back.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Meredith left this for you.
She's leaving.
You read it, huh? She told me.
You treated her like sludge, Chris.
I know it.
I know, Shel.
I know how it feels, being judged like a piece of meat.
Back in my competitive days, Miss Northwest Passage, sure, everybody loves you as long as your boobs are perky and you buns are buffed.
But come the first trace of cellulite, they dump you like yesterday's halibut.
All right, look.
Is it our fault? I mean, can't we lay some of it on biology? The concept of sexual attraction is part of a tribal gene pool, Shelly.
It's hardwired into our brains at birth, okay? All I know is that when my hooters go south, I'll still be Holling's little love muffin.
Look at you, Chris.
You get all pumped to see this chick from high school, and then just because she's not a size six anymore, suddenly she's this witch.
A witch.
That's Jungian, isn't it? I mean,just 'cause she's not Snow White, I turned her into the crone with the poison apple, the archetype of ugliness, huh? Beatrice Andersen.
Huh? The most wonderful woman I've ever known.
I lost her.
All because she didn't have a hair on her head.
Alopecia, stress-related.
But I was too young and too foolish to see beyond it.
Now, not a day goes by I don't think of what might have been.
Professor Pickering's here.
Uh- Oh, Dr.
Professor Pickering? Bob.
Hey, I'm sorry.
How are you doing? Let's hit the road, shall we? Yeah, let me just, uh, grab my coat and I'll give you a hand with your equipment.
What equipment? Well, I don't know.
Didn't you bring some cameras and surveying tools and stuff like that? Well, I- I brought a fax number.
If I need the hardware, I can get it.
No problem.
It's no offense, Dr.
Fleischman, but 99% of the calls we get turn out to be bogus, so after your fourth or fifth mastodon carcass that turns out to be a cow, you learn to travel light.
Yeah, well, this one's not gonna turn out to be bogus so- Okay, well, uh, listen, I have a paleontology section to teach back in Fairbanks tonight, so if you don't mind- Okay, great.
Let's go.
I'll be back.
Well? He came right along here.
Not too long ago either.
How can you tell? The chalky residue on this stick.
He picked that up on the river bank about a mile back.
It's still fresh.
You see? So we're closin' in on him? Uh-huh.
Less than a mile, I'd say.
It's kind of a shame you ever even bought that violin, huh, Maurice? What are you talking about? I've only had it eight months.
I could turn it over tomorrow for a 20% profit.
I was talking about the fiddler.
Hey, look at this.
You see this empty space here? He came right along here.
Must have pushed it aside right with his left hand.
Just like that.
Now wait a minute.
Is it my fault if a musician becomes homicidal over a violin? I- I-I paid him handsomely for his professional appraisal.
How was I to know he'd come unhinged by the experience? I mean, so what if his life's ruined? He brought it on himself.
You blow up a man's truck, you pay the price.
I'm just gonna change my shoes.
Hey, you know what I'm thinking? You know, if the- if the stomach contents are still intact, we might be able to solve the productivity paradox.
The what? Productivity paradox.
You're telling me you never heard of the productivity paradox? Come on.
That's like- I mean, that's the single biggest mystery of the Pleistocene period.
Pleistocene's really not my area,Joel.
To be honest, I'm not much of a red meat man.
What? Well, you, uh, take your woolly mammoth, for example, and, uh, give it a haircut, and then what is it? I mean, basically, it's an elephant,Joel.
I mean, okay, maybe that turns you on if you're a circus lover, but, uh, otherwise, Cretaceous,Jurassic- now you're talking prehistory.
Actually, I'm an ornithologist by training.
Birds? You-You specialize in birds? Is that a problem? No, it's just, why would the university send an ornithologist to check out a mammoth? It's a small department,Joel.
Okay, come on.
It's over here.
Oh, no.
Oh, man, I don't understand.
It was here.
I swear, it was- Judy? Yeah, it's a no-fossil.
Listen, tell Alix I will be able to make dinner, okay? You see that print there with the extra low depression in the heel? That means he stopped here and turned around.
Why? What? What? Why did he turn around? Because he heard something.
Maurice, he's in there.
I can smell him.
You go get Barbara.
I'll keep him occupied.
Okay, Cal.
Party's over.
End of the trail.
You can save yourself a peck of trouble son if you come out now.
Minnifield? Is that you? Better watch your step.
It's a bit treacherous.
Cal? Yes, Mr.
Minnifield, over here.
Oh, thank God you're here.
I had no idea how I was going to get out.
Walt? Oh, hello,Joel.
My mammoth! Pardon? Are you kidding me? Walt, you butchered my mammoth! Oh, did you have your dibs on this fellow? Frankly, I've had my eye on him for years,Joel.
What? I knew eventually he'd thaw enough to get a couple of charges under him, blast him loose.
Blast him? It's the only way,you know.
That and a tractor.
I broke a couple of chains draggin' him over here, but it was worth it.
Years? You knew about this for years, and you didn't tell anybody.
Well, that would be counter to my interests, wouldn't it? Have you ever tried mammoth, Joel? "Tried"? What do you mean, try? Try, as in eat? Better than the finest air-dried beef.
Grill a three-inch filet with onions, peppers.
Marilyn Likes to jerk it, put in that teriyaki flavoring.
Walt, you telling me that you've found these before? Oh, nothing like this, no.
No, the odd cutlet here, a haunch there.
But this- this was a major payday.
Do you know what you have done? This is like Louis Leakey taking an Australopithecus skull and turning it into a humidor.
Do you understand what I'm saying, Walt? Never thought about it like that.
Glaciers are calving off all the time,Joel.
It's kind of like potluck out there.
I've had some excellent bison, pygmy horse, mastodon- - Where are the tusks? - Oh, I gave those to the Raven clan.
They're always making things out of them- buttons, doodads, what have you.
How about some brisket? Joel? Are you sure? Think you can find a ladder? Oh, no.
No, you're not gonna get out of there until the cavalry arrive.
- Uh, would you care for a toffee? - Oh, yes, please.
You led me on a pretty merry chase.
I didn't think you had it in you.
I suppose it was the prospect of returning to Ellisberg.
What are you talking about? Compared to a maximum-security facility, that asylum's just a walk in the park.
That's true.
There are no bars on the window.
Three meals a day.
There's a weight room.
Well, a lot a people on the outside don't have it that good.
Silly to run, actually.
I mean if one's going to be incarcerated, I couldn't pick a finer spot.
And I'll be out soon, right? I mean, put this episode behind me.
Demonstrate I can distinguish between right and wrong.
I wouldn't worry about any stigma being attached to your performing career.
Look at Horowitz.
He had a complete breakdown, and he packed 'em in at Carnegie Hall.
Yes, well, I'm not so sure about that part.
Oh, the public holds the artist to a looser standard.
- No.
No, it's not what I meant.
- What do you mean? Well, to be perfectly candid, I- I'm thinking of giving up music.
What are you talking about? Well, I don't mean to complain about my fellow inmates, Mr.
Minnifield, but it is a little difficult to practice arpeggios when Larry over in 4G is constantly screaming about the transmitters the C.
have installed in his molars.
You've got to buck up here.
Make adversity your friend.
Think about all the musicians that came out of prison.
I mean, you've got Johnny Cash, Leadbelly.
Yes, yes.
I- I take your point.
Think about your Negro spirituals.
"Go Down, Moses," "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.
" Those people worked under the most extreme deprivation.
I mean, uh, they had whips, chains, blazing sun.
And yet they brought in a whole trunkful of American classics.
Yes, yes.
I should bear that in mind.
Look, son, you have a talent.
It's not world class, granted, but, uh, there are a lot of regional orchestras that would kill for your ability.
You might end up with Slatkin in St.
Louis, or- or de Waart in, uh- in Minneapolis.
Well, the truth is, I simply can't make music anymore.
Meredith? Got your note.
Uh, Meredith, look.
I owe you, uh, some major penance.
Mea culpa, you know? We get these old movies going in our heads.
You know, reality shows up, and we just wanna yell " cut.
" Uh, look, the truth is, I thought you were the foxiest thing goin' in high school.
That's no lie.
I would have traded all my Springsteen bootleg tapes to go out with you.
When I heard you were coming here, I guess my imagination just took over, and I didn't give the real you a chance, and I don't know what to say, except I'm sorry, and- It wasn't entirely your fault, Chris.
I guess I had my own script goin'for me.
Yeah? It was life in the slow lane back in Reston.
When I heard your voice on the radio, well, this whole scenario just fell into place.
You were my white knight, you know? Together we'd make a life in the wilds of Alaska.
Funny, the games we play, huh? - Yeah.
- I mean, we don't even know each other, do we? Not really.
We just have these- - Projections? - Right.
These projections of each other.
I think I can get beyond it now.
You're sweet.
You always were.
Where is he? False alarm.
What? He's not here.
You said the trail led right to this door.
It did.
He had to be in there.
You were mistaken, Holling.
I've never been more sure of anything in my life, Maurice.
I smelled him.
Unless, of course, I confused him with someone else.
- What? - He's craftier than I thought he was.
I must advise you, Maurice.
Obstructing a criminal investigation is a felony offense.
I'm aware of that.
Not to mention the irreparable harm it would do to any possibility of our future association.
With that in mind, I'm giving you the opportunity to amend the record.
You want to change your story? That's what happened, Barbara.
I'm giving you a chance, Maurice.
That's it.
Oh, I heard.
I'm sorry.
Better luck next time, huh, Fleischman? At first I thought it was numbness, you know, shock.
The inability to believe that a just God could allow someone to destroy a gold mine of prehistoric knowledge for a year's worth of Salisbury steak.
I feel like I'm floating, like I'm watching myself leave my body.
I think about what happened today, and I just- I want to laugh.
Well, that sounds healthy.
I should be foaming at the mouth like any other normal person.
Maybe what I'm experiencing is that euphoria you're supposed to feel just before you give up.
You know,just let the lungs fill with water.
Life's a mystery.
One man's life-altering experience is another man's tenderloin.
- What's all this about? - I'm one of you now.
I'm a Cicelian.
"Lovers and madmen have such seething brains, "such shaping fantasies, "that apprehend more than cool reason ever comprehends.
"The lunatic, the lover and the poet are of imagination all compact.
"One sees more devils than vast hell can hold.
That is the madman.
The lover all as frantic, sees Helen's beauty in a brow of Egypt.
" Talkin' perceptions, people.
Do we-we really see each other for what we really are, or do we just see what we want to see? The image distorted by our own personal lenses.
I lost someone today, and the funny thing is, I don't even know who she was.
What? Listen.
You hear that? It sounds like a violin.
That's Bach, I think.
It's nice.