Northern Exposure s06e03 Episode Script

Shofar, So Good

All right, we're running low on Seldane, Actifed, and Azmacort, all right? I also think you should check the prednisone.
Marilyn? I have to go now.
What? I'm going to Talkeetna with Ted.
Wait a minute.
What are you talking about? It's 10:00 in the morning.
We're going to his mom's house.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Wait a minute.
I'm sorry.
Who said you could go to Talkeetna? You did.
No, I didn't.
Last Tuesday.
You were reading a magazine.
Marilyn, obviously I wasn't paying any attention.
I'm not going to let you go to Talkeetna in the middle of a hay fever epidemic.
It's a family reunion.
What, you're planning to come back tomorrow, is that it? Friday.
Three days? No, look, that's out of the question.
It's ridiculous.
You said.
No, I did not say.
And even if I did say, I'm changing my mind.
I'm sorry, you're just going to have to reschedule it.
End of discussion.
Marilyn? Hey, I'm warning you, you go through that door And what? You know what.
What do you think? You'll fire me? Yeah, that's right, I will fire you, okay? I'm sorry, I will be forced to fire you.
Ted's waiting.
Oh, check it out, Anglophiles.
Maurice Minnifield in his new Range Rover.
Doubtless inspired by the guest of honor at this year's Sons of the Tundra Foxhunt, Lady Anne Reynolds from Devon, England.
Good squire Minnifield met the lovely lady last year at Ascot Week, and here she is in Cicely, making her colonial debut.
I don't know about you, but I'm getting pumped for the hunt.
Morning mist blanketing the ground, the smell of horse flesh and saddle leather, the music of the pack in full cry.
Morning, Maurice.
Nice tweeds.
Thank you.
Lady Anne, may I present Walter Kupfer.
Walter, this is Lady Anne Reynolds.
How are you? How do you do? Maurice says you have a hell of a seat.
Are you referring to my dressage or my derriére? The former, of course.
How very disappointing.
See you at the hunt.
Your shipment came in, Maurice.
Oh, it did? Well, where is it? In the back.
Oh, what a splendid fox.
And British to the core.
I had him imported from Northumberland.
You told me we'd be chasing local marmot.
Not this year.
How ever did you get him past the customs? I've got friends in the ministry.
So do I, but they're usually such sticklers over pets.
Well, actually I told them he was a gift for the Anchorage zoo.
No? Yeah.
That's marvelous.
Catch you later, Hayden.
Hey, Dr.
Hey, Eugene, old boy.
Let me guess.
No, my sinuses are fine, Dr.
I'm signing up volunteers for Hayden Keyes' house-raising this weekend.
Hey, Eugene.
I got you down for some tile work in the master bathroom.
Should be about a six-hour job.
Oh, six hours, huh? Look, wait a minute.
We're talking about a man who basically burned his house down by smoking in bed, yes? Which, in addition to being incredibly stupid, is directly against doctor's orders.
I mean, the man suffers from high blood pressure, obesity, incipient emphysema.
So what are you trying to say, Dr.
Fleischman? Please.
What I'm saying is, why should I give six hours of my time to someone who absolutely refuses to help himself? How about some painting, then? The living room cornices, say.
Should be about two hours.
You don't get it.
Do you not see that by indulging him in this way you're basically giving tacit approval to this deeply-imbedded pattern of incredibly negligent behavior? I mean, look, you want to help this guy, you know what you should do? You let him spend a night out in the cold, and then maybe he'll realize that he brought this on himself and he's going to have to get himself out of it.
See that, Randi? That's your big sister coming to visit you.
Your big sister.
Big wow.
I mean, it's not like she's really interested in the baby.
She didn't even call after Randi was born.
Shelly, I told you, Jackie is a part of this family.
She needs to see her little sister.
I don't care if she is your daughter.
She's rank.
The only reason she came the first time was to pick your pocket and guzzle your Johnnie Walker.
Well, you kicked her out, H.
I know, but it's been two years.
People can change.
Any second now, we're gonna see your sister.
Hey, Amy.
Sorry, Holling.
Where's Jackie? She didn't show.
I had a friend in reservations run things down.
Jackie cashed your ticket in.
I see.
Thank you, Amy.
She scammed you again? Here, Shelly.
Let's go home.
Wonderful tea, Maurice.
It's Grace Superb 6000.
It's a second flush Darjeeling, grown on estates Maurice tells us you collect Kandinskys.
Oh, I have one or two pieces.
It's the fauves I adore.
Rouault, Derain, Dufy.
I know it's unfashionable, but Not at all.
We have a Derain.
Oh, I'd love to see it.
It's on loan right now.
But, you know, Maurice has a picture of it in one of his art books.
Let's look at it.
Oh, please be my guest.
It's in the library.
I love Derain's colors.
Early Derain, especially.
Would you care for some sherry? So bold, so imaginative.
Oh, not for me, thanks.
So, how goes it, Maurice? What do you mean? Phew! Handsome woman.
What the hell's that supposed to mean? Well You better zip your filthy lip, Le Fleur, before I do it for you.
That's not some chippy that you shack up with on the weekend, that's a lady.
She's an honored guest here, and I will not have her defamed in my house.
Is that clear? Excusez-moi.
That one's for Dr.
Oh, hey, great.
Set it down.
Want some company? Yeah.
Grab a seat.
Boy, you must be awfully hungry, Dr.
Oh, just doing a little carbo-loading for Yom Kippur.
Jewish fast day.
Yeah, well.
Twenty-seven hours and counting.
You gonna eat that pickle? Uh-uh.
Wow, maybe I should've ordered that, huh? Let me ask you, Dr.
Fleischman, is this fasting on Yom Kipper, is that kind of a vision quest thing? Well, first of all, it's called Yom Kippur.
But, no, it's not that mystical.
It's basically, we fast so we can concentrate on being better people.
Stuff like that.
I mean, are you really interested in this? Oh, absolutely.
Leonard says I need a much stronger background in comparative religion to be a shaman.
All right.
Rosh Hashanah is a time when God supposedly decides what's going to happen to everyone in the coming year, all right? And then what happens is you have basically 10 days from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur to reverse the call, all right? How? Oh, you examine your soul.
You atone for your sins.
Sounds good.
That's what Yom Kippur is all about, is the Day of Atonement.
In Biblical times they would have, like, a high priest, and he would symbolically place say, all the sins of the entire community on the head of a goat and send it off into the desert.
Which is where we get the term, "Scapegoat," I believe.
This is good.
I got to write this down.
There's a saying that on Rosh Hashanah it is written, and on Yom Kippur it is sealed.
So we spend all day on Yom Kippur in temple, and we fast and we pray, and we just hope that someone's listening.
As the sun goes down, and supposedly the gates of prayer close, well, that's it.
That's a great story, Dr.
That's right up there with "Tale of the Otter People.
" Could you see if you can get that sugar over there? H, I gotta run out for strained pears.
Can you watch Randi? All right.
Don't you go away, now.
Mommy's gonna be right back with din-din.
See you later.
You have a big sister, Randi.
But I don't expect we'll ever see her again.
I don't believe you, Fleischman.
Just hold still, please.
Four years of faithful service.
Thank you.
What? You just fire her like that? I didn't fire her, all right? She fired herself.
Yeah, well, this gives me second thoughts about our relationship, Fleischman.
Just blow your nose, all right? You're a mess.
Okay, I'm prescribing Seldane for your shnoz, Zantac for your throat, all right? It's an ulcer medication, but it should help with the esophageal refluxing.
I thought I knew you, Fleischman, you know.
I really thought you changed.
You know She as good as quit.
She abandoned her post, okay? Look.
I'm sorry, excuse me.
Do you not realize that this was not her first offense? I mean, are you kidding me? You could put that woman in any reputable New York medical facility, she won't even last a day.
Day? Try an hour.
The schedule she keeps? Her creative filing? Fleischman, you know, this is not New York.
You know that? Do you not understand that this was dereliction of duty? That I had no choice in the matter? It's over.
Can we just please forget it and let me get back to work? What is she supposed to do now? Huh? Well, I don't know.
She should have thought about that before she walked through that door.
Yeah, yeah.
O'Connell, this was not my fault.
It was not even my choice.
Look, I'll tell you something, I would be more than willing, if she came back and apologized and admitted that she used poor judgment.
I'd be more than willing to just let bygones be bygones.
I mean, if she would Right.
In other words, if she comes crawling back on her hands and knees? Isn't that what you really mean? No, I am trying to be nice.
Oh, yeah, right.
Chow time! I've got some nice field scraps for you here Rusty? Eagle One, this is Outrider, come on.
Go ahead, Outrider.
I'm at Potter's Hill, Maurice.
I think we have contact with the enemy.
Keep on it, son.
I want that fox.
Roger, and striking a line northeast.
Let's see.
Eagle Two, Eagle Two, this is Eagle One.
Are you in position? Eagle Two, can you read me? Eagle Two, this is Eagle One.
Can you read me? Eagle One, this is Eagle Two.
Eagle Two, what's going on up there? We're in position, Maurice.
I mean, Eagle One.
Well, keep your eyes peeled to the southwest.
Roger that, Eagle One.
Eagle Two out.
Boy, poor Maurice.
You know, having that hunt and everything, everybody shows up for it, and then losing the fox.
It's all right if you want to be bummed out, Holling.
I understand.
I mean About Jackie, I heard she stiffed you on the airline ticket.
That was a lousy thing to do, Holling.
Well, not her fault, Ed, it was mine.
Yours? I've never given that child an ounce of affection, an hour of my time.
Is it any wonder that she turned out the way she did? But, Holling, you didn't even know you had a grown daughter until two years ago.
So? I'm still her father, Ed.
I look at Miranda's little face and I realize just how much love she needs, how much love any child needs.
And I know that I've committed an unpardonable sin.
Jackie may be a bad seed, but she's my seed, Ed.
I'm responsible.
Yet when she did finally show up on my doorstep, what did I do? Threw her out.
My own flesh and blood.
I thought by inviting her here and introducing her to her baby sister, maybe I could make amends somehow, you know, start over again, but it isn't gonna happen, Ed.
Jackie's a grown woman.
She's lost to me forever.
I've created a hole in the world that I can't repair.
Go away! Shoo! Go on, get! Maurice, how dare you let your dogs loose around here! Excuse the intrusion, Ruth-Anne.
Get these things out of here! Right now! Give us a minute, Ruth-Anne, we'll be on our way.
Oh, look at my herb garden.
Come on.
It appears that our fox inadvertently stumbled into your rabbit pen.
He didn't stumble, Maurice, I put him there.
And that's exactly where he's going to stay.
The poor little thing was exhausted and scared to death.
Now, get out.
Ruth-Anne, be reasonable.
How can we have a fox hunt without a fox? It's your problem.
Look, Ruth-Anne, I'll pay for any damages, but let me just have the damn fox, okay? You can't buy me off, Maurice Minnifield.
That animal is staying right where it is.
I'm giving it sanctuary.
Sanctuary? You can't give sanctuary to a fox.
I can do anything I want, you big buffoon.
We're so sorry about your coriander.
Stay out of this, Your Highness.
We had a revolution to get rid of people like you, you know.
She didn't mean that.
You listen to me, Ruth-Anne.
That fox is my property, and I intend to have him back.
Over my dead body.
You're trespassing.
All of you.
This is my land, and I suggest you get off it before I really get mad.
Go on, get.
Get! Rabbi Schulman? Oh, Joel.
Just going over my notes for my sermon.
You know how it is, Yom Kippur.
Essentially you only get one shot at the entire congregation for the year.
What a headache.
Rabbi, what are you doing here? Always the same question.
What's with the clothes? It's interesting, huh? Sort of the Pharisee look.
Moth balls.
Been hanging around for quite a while.
All right, wait a minute.
What's going on here? What is this? I don't know.
One minute, I'm sitting in my study working on my notes, and boom! There's this shaft of light.
Shaft of light? You mean He or She whose name may not be uttered.
Nice shofar.
Yours? I've never seen it before in my life.
Take some embouchure to blow this baby.
All right, I haven't eaten.
This is glucose deprivation.
Come on, Joel.
We have work to do.
We do? Which is the channel for the VCR, three or four, Joel? Three.
Have a remote? Ah, here it is.
Movies? God sent you here to show me movies? Not exactly.
How shall I put this? Think of me as the Spirit of Yom Kippur Past.
Off the record, I think the feeling is you haven't been as repentant as you might have been.
What are you talking? Rabbi, I am repentant.
I'm only an intermediary, Joel.
And I have a sermon to give in three hours, so if we could get started? Please.
I always knew that you were stubborn and malicious and petty.
I just didn't realize untiI this minute Wait, that's me.
how profoundly stupid you are.
July 14th, a year ago.
I have a note here.
"Pay attention to attitude, conduct toward fellow man.
" I know exactly what I'm saying.
You're a dolt, you understand? You're a complete moron.
You're a pathetic cretin.
This to a woman with whom you're intimate? Can I just please have an aspirin? I wasn't feeling well.
I was sick.
Look, Holling, let me tell you something.
It's bad enough that you bully me into becoming your psychotherapist.
Now you're making a mockery out of what little science there is in this field.
Wait, this is entirely taken out of context here.
Here I am, I am shanghaied, I am pressed into service.
A physician in chains for whom imbeciles like you don't even listen to me.
Well, I Dolts, simpletons, dullards, who think their name could just as well be stenciled on that window outside as mine.
I didn't mean Let's give it one more try, shall we? Okay.
I'll write the prescriptions and you take the medicine.
Is that simple enough? Something that pea-sized brain of yours can handle? I think so.
Look, this is totally unfair.
Now, first of all, Maurice had just extended my contract.
lllegally, I might add.
Relax, Joel, you're not on trial here.
Well, yes, you are in a way.
But take it easy.
We're gonna be here a while.
Meanwhile, you have something to eat here? Some halvah or something? What am I thinking? It's Yom Kippur.
Oh, I need some air.
Ed? Keep your hands inside the boat at all times.
Ed! Ah! Look, you were talking in your sleep.
I am? Yeah, and it's rather annoying.
Hey, Rabbi? Rabbi? Oh, you're awake.
Are you kidding? I'm stuck next to someone with the REM cycle of a gerbiI.
I'll try not to talk anymore.
I'm sorry.
Oh, please.
It's not his fault.
Whose fault is it, mine? Ever since Ed's got here you've just been rude and abusive.
I didn't ask him to come here.
Chris in the Morning, taking you all the way up to the midnight hour.
Today's headline.
Sons of the Tundra fox hunt officially canceled due to lack of quarry.
Chalk one up to the fox by TKO.
That's right, Rusty the Red made a bold escape early this morning and is currently enjoying sanctuary at the house of Ruth-Anne Miller.
For all the latest, keep those radios pinned to 570 on the AM dial.
KBHR, voice of the last frontier.
For heaven sakes, Stevens, you don't have to send that out over the airwaves.
Hey, youth wants to know.
What a fiasco.
What must she think of me? Who? Lady Anne.
Who the hell else would I be talking about? Who am I kidding? Me, trying to hobnob with a lady like that.
She's a queen and I'm a cowboy.
You know, she can trace her lineage all the way back to Agincourt.
Her great-great- great-grandfather fought at Trafalgar, for heaven's sake.
I've been to her home, Stevens.
You don't buy an estate like that, you have to be born into it.
I was a fool to invite her here.
Well, this is far out.
Maurice Minnifield with an inferiority complex.
Huh? She intimidates you, boss.
Somewhere beneath that steel-plated exterior there's still a part of little Maury Minnifield growing up all wide-eyed and barefoot in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Oh, for Pete's sake.
Can't a person even think out loud around this town without being subjected to the Oprah treatment? Okay.
I think I can save the dill.
The basil is totally gone.
You should see the tire tracks.
What? I was talking about the garden, Ed.
I'm sorry, Ruth-Anne.
You know, I just keep thinking about Holling.
How he blames himself for Jackie being born and everything.
Sure seems like there ought to be something I could do for him.
Why? Well, I am a shaman in training, Ruth-Anne.
Supposed to heal people.
That's a sweet thought, Ed, but maybe there's some things that can't be healed.
Not by someone else, anyway.
I wonder if this is what Dr.
Fleischman feels like when he loses a patient.
I wish life could just be simple.
You know, like it is for Rusty.
Do you think Rusty's life is simple? If it wasn't for me, he would have ended up dog food today.
You should have seen the look on Maurice's face when I picked up that shovel.
Boy, did I get his goat.
Ready, Joel? Ready for what? What happened to your hat? Spirit of Yom Kippur Present.
Come on, we gotta get moving.
Come on.
Look, Rabbi, you know, really, I appreciate this little Dickensian paradigm, but can we just maybe shorthand it a bit? I mean, the kid with the crutches, for example, where might he fit in? What, is that gonna be Ed? I can understand your hostility, Joel.
No, I'm not hostile, all right? I'm really not hostile.
I'd just I'd like to know what is going on here.
I mean, you made your point.
I watched your movies Repentance is not like washing your hands, you know.
It takes time, devotion.
Pain, even.
On Yom Kippur we're commanded to afflict our souls.
Do we have to? This way.
I don't remember a frost being in the forecast.
Oh, that doesn't sound too good.
That sounds like bronchial pneumonia to me, Rabbi.
That's Hayden Keyes.
Hey, Hayden, how you doing, buddy? He can't hear you, Joel.
Boy, he must have some temperature.
Yes, he does.
Look at his hands, Rabbi, they're shaking.
We better get him some help.
And give tacit approval to a deeply imbedded pattern of grossly negligent behavior? Those are your words, aren't they, Joel? If you really want to help the guy, let him spend a few nights out in the cold.
Look, Rabbi, I didn't mean it literally.
I mean, come on, look at the guy.
What's she doing here? She's supposed to be in Talkeetna with Ted.
Had to leave early.
Look for work.
Oh, wait a minute, I just fired her.
Are you telling me she's out of money? It's difficult to make ends meet on a small salary when you have to support an aunt in Tacoma and a cousin in Vancouver.
What? Hey, she never told me that.
Not much of a meal.
It's hard to indulge when you don't know where your next paycheck is coming from.
Or when.
Yeah, she'll land on her feet.
Believe me, she's craftier than she looks.
What's with the What, are these your kids? They belong to man, Joel.
Hello? What's the problem? What, are they deaf? No, they can hear you.
They choose not to.
He is arrogance.
She is self-absorption.
Of the two, fear self-absorption more.
Hey, you deaf? How are you supposed to get through to them? They're like zombies.
Rabbi? Hello.
I thought you'd be asleep.
I was waiting for you.
There's no need to do that.
I thought we might have a game of cribbage.
Well, I'd like that, but darned leg's acting up.
All that bouncing around, you know.
Why don't you come and sit down? You'll feel better.
No, thank you.
I'll just put some heat on it and call it an early night.
Despite the outcome, I had a marvelous time today.
Well, I guess I'd better get upstairs.
Good night.
Hey, Holling.
We're closed, Ed.
Oh, that's okay.
I just wanted to talk.
Afraid I'm not in a conversational mood.
Well, you don't have to do any of the talking, Holling.
See, I've been thinking.
About you and your problem, Maurice and his problem, and I think I've got a way to solve them both.
Tomorrow, I'm going to be Rusty.
I don't follow you, Ed.
Well, we'll do the hunt.
Except instead of Rusty, I'll be the fox.
And I'll take off about half an hour before everybody else.
Then you come and find me, just like a real hunt.
Now, Lady Anne says they're doing this more and more in England on account of all the subdivisions in humane societies.
Well, that sounds very imaginative, Ed, but I don't see how it can help me.
Well, the thing is, Holling, I'll be running for you.
Me? I got the idea from Dr.
See, back in the olden times, they used to take the sins of the people and put them on the head of this goat.
Well, symbolically, of course, and then turn him loose.
And that way, everyone could feel better about themselves.
See, and I know how bad you've been feeling lately, Holling, and I also know that a fox isn't a goat, but I thought it might have the same effect.
Now, let me get this.
You want to be the fox to bear my sin away? What do you think? Well, I think it sounds foolish.
First of all, you could get yourself hurt that way.
And second, I don't see how pretending to be a fox could solve anybody's problems.
Oh, I see.
Of course, if it makes you feel any better.
But I can't really sanction putting you at risk on my account.
Would you like me to sign a release or something? No.
We just have to understand one another, that's all.
I didn't ask you to do this.
I don't really even understand it.
Oh, Holling.
Yeah? Well, maybe you ought to just put your hands on my head.
Just to make it official, of course.
Over here.
All right, I want to know where you've been.
What was that about, leaving me with those kids? What? What's that? What is that, a business card? "Schulman Brothers Mortuary.
" Oh, I get it.
This is a little Spirit of Yom Kippur To Come now, right? What, we're going to see the future? Just wait a minute.
Maybe I don't want to see the future.
I mean, how do we know that the future is for us to know, you know what I mean? All right, all right, all right.
All right.
So, I'm going back to New York.
My contract's up.
That's it.
I'm out of here, huh? You think we gave him a good send-off? He got a going-away party and a Gurkha briefcase.
What else could the man want? I feel kind of bad.
I've been telling him for weeks how much we were gonna miss him.
You think he saw through us? Nah.
We all feel like impostors today, Holling.
These events are all about posturing.
Well, I guess I just feel bad for the guy.
Well, don't lose any tears over Fleischman.
He wouldn't waste any over you.
Well, that's true.
Man was a cold fish when he got here and a cold fish when he left.
I don't understand.
They're my friends.
All right, here we go.
This'll be a different story.
Weird me out.
No more Dr.
Fleischman, huh? Yeah.
You know, I feel a little pain, a little loss, but What? Somehow I feel lighter.
Oh, nice to know I touched you so deeply.
Too bad Marilyn couldn't be here.
Bet she'd get her old job back when the new doc comes to town.
What happened to Marilyn? You ever hear from her? I got a letter last week.
She's still working on the oil platform.
What oil platform? Think she'll ever come back? I don't know, she needs the money.
Besides, with Ted here, it's not easy for her to be around.
What do you mean? What happened to Ted? Saw him moping around the bar the other day.
I still can't believe they broke up.
It's tough when you work Want some coffee? Sure.
Wait a minute, you're telling me this is my fault? That I did this? Dr.
Fleischman! Dr.
Fleischman! Yeah, Ed, right here.
Looks like you missed him, Ed.
He forgot his golf shoes, Ruth-Anne.
Well, he's gone now.
You want them for the store? Oh, I couldn't sell those.
Why don't you just hang onto them for a keepsake? Nah.
Hey, we got that shipment of potting soil coming in today, eh? Oh, right.
Yeah, and the cactus mix, orchid mix, azalea.
Eight quart and 30-pound bags.
I don't believe this.
I took care of these people.
I delivered babies, I mean Maybe I didn't extend myself as much as I could, but you're telling me there's not one person in this entire town who has anything nice to say about Joel Fleischman? Not one kind word? I mean, come on.
I set bones here, I tied sutures.
When Hayden Keyes almost lost his ear, who sewed it back on? Where's Hayden? Look, it was a rhetorical question, Rabbi.
What? Look, you know, maybe I'm not that interested.
All right, fine.
What was it? Was it sepsis or acute respiratory failure? Rabbi, I'm sorry, he should have listened to me.
I told him that he was prone to bronchial problems.
All right, then answer me this.
Is this the Yom Kippur that has to be, or is it the Yom Kippur that just may be? I mean, can I change this judgment, please? What? What's that thing? Is that the gates of prayer? Well, can I still get in? Rabbi? Rabbi.
Rabbi, come on.
Rabbi, talk to me! Put that down! Rabbi! No! Wait! Wait! Don't close! Hey! Wait! Hey! Wait! Let me in! No! Wait! Don't close! Let me in! Let me in! Wait! I'll change! Let me in! Hey, Ed! Ed! What day is today? Why, it's Yom Kippur, Dr.
It is.
I haven't missed it.
I gotta go.
All right.
Thanks! I haven't missed it! Hey, Gene! Where's Marilyn? I don't know.
Oh, hey! About the Hayden thing.
Yeah? You put me down for the full day, you understand? My dad was in cement, so you need help with the foundation, I'm your man, okay? Good.
Oh, also tell him I want him to come in for a free x-ray 'cause I'm worried about his alveoli.
Yeah, he's just over that rise.
They've got him! I hope he's going to be all right.
Yeah, pack sounds pretty excited, huh? Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Ed? Ed? Ed, are you okay? Ed? I think they like the salt, Holling! Oh, you thank the Lord.
Can you walk? Looked like you sprained your ankle back up there.
It's a little tender.
Here, let me help you.
Ed, I want to thank you.
You're welcome, Holling.
He's gonna be fine! You're back.
Ted's mom says hi.
But, I mean, I fired you, yes? I mean, I thought I fired you.
Or you might have thought I fired you, but Look, here's the thing, if I fired you, I want to hire you back, 'cause I've been doing a lot of thinking and what I realized is all we have to do is just coordinate our schedules a little better, you know? Maybe? Just post a sign-up sheet or something.
And also, while we're at it, I want to order that caster we've been talking about.
I know it's been a while and I just I'm gonna order it.
I'm glad we worked it out.
And now it's Yom Kippur, so I have to get going.
You going to eat? No, no, I don't eat until after sunset.
I'm going to pray.
So, we got our hunt in after all.
Yes, I'm sorry I couldn't award you the foxtail.
I realize this is not exactly what you're accustomed to.
Oh, don't be silly.
I loved it.
Though I must confess, I was a bit disappointed in you, Maurice.
In me? The other night.
Don't you recognize an opportunity when you see it? A girl doesn't travel half the world merely to follow the hounds, Maurice.
Now how shall I put this? I was hoping, well, frankly, that you'd be a bit more forward.
Well, I didn't want to take advantage of a lady of your standing.
Good Lord, Maurice.
Don't you ever read the tabloids? The English aristocracy is the English aristocracy.
I enjoy your company.
I can't say that about many men.
I hope when you call on me again you'll forget everything you've ever read about British civility.
All right.
Ready, Peter.
Hey, there you go.
Hey, Eugene.
Have you seen Fleischman? I figured he'd be stuffing his face by now.
It's sunset.
I think he's praying.
Praying? Really? Uh-huh.
Open unto us the gates of mercy, oh, God, before the closing of the gates, ere the day is done.
The day vanishes, the sun is setting.
Let us enter thy gates.
May the Lord bless your going out and your coming in, from this time forth and forever.