Noughts and Crosses (2020) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode One

1 Come on, pal! Go on! Whoo! CHEERING Yeah, well done! That was That was quite a sight.
Well, go on, then, show me how it's done.
Er, don't want to show you up, Blanker.
You're going to miss all this.
You definitely want to go? It's Mercy Point.
Course he should go.
Want to be a sell-out? Like he just said, it's Mercy Point.
So might not even get in.
Jude, mate! Look, don't listen to him.
I'm proud of you.
Cheers, Danny boy.
APPROACHING SIRENS Danny, come on, let's go.
What's the hurry there, lads? We're just heading home, Officer.
Yeah, we only came down for a kick-about.
Left as soon as we saw what was happening.
Where's your ball, then, genius? Must have lost it in our hurry to get away, Officer.
Yeah, yeah, get in the van.
Go on.
Nah, nah, nah.
Jude! I said get in the van.
A police officer has the power to detain someone only if they've grounds to believe that person has committed a Section Two offence What's he saying? I dunno.
attendance of an illegal gathering classifies as a Section Three.
Well, look at that, got ourselves an expert here.
Well, I reckon one of us should be.
Are you taking a tone with me, boy? He didn't mean that, Officer.
Hands on the van.
No, no, I'm, I'm sick of this, man.
I am so sick of this! Hands on the van! Out of my face, Blanker! There we go, "Blanker".
That's it, in the van.
Jude! Jude! Stop! I'm not doing anything.
Just leave it.
I'm not.
Out my way, Blanker.
Danny! SHOUTING Get back! I told you to get back! We need an ambulance here.
Will someone call an ambulance? Jude! Jude! SIRENS APPROACH TV: Opposition leaders have criticised Prime Minister Opal Folami's domestic policies, after a Cross policeman was injured in yet another night of violence on the streets of South London.
A Nought gang leader is now in hospital, after the police were forced to defend themselves Sephy, it's Mama's birth day.
Oya o, we're giving Mama her presents.
Give me a second.
Ready? Ojo ayo lojo oni o, eje ka jo Loni o eje ka jo.
THEY LAUGH Happy birthday, Mama.
Eh, Ese O.
For me? Mm-hm.
My family colours! And from me.
SHE GASPS Your secretary has exquisite taste! I'm sorry, I have to go.
There's been an incident in Meadowview.
The Prime Minister is giving a statement in an hour.
But you're coming to the party tonight? I'll do everything I can.
Baba, can you give me a lift to school? I want to ask you something.
Car leaves in two minutes.
Happy birthday, Mama.
They stopped us.
They called us Blankers.
All the usual, and then they just attacked us.
You didn't provoke 'em? Since when did they need provoking? Right, we go to the police.
What?! You explain what happened.
Meggie, it'll be the police's word against theirs.
Callum's got his interview at Mercy Point tomorrow.
You think that's Exactly! going to happen? Wait, what? You' Of course I am.
After what's just happened to Danny, you're having a laugh.
Do you know how long I've been working on this? Enough! We do nothing.
If anything changes, then For now, we just sit tight.
All right? See you all later.
Don't forget you're helping me with the party tonight.
Uh-uh, nah, no, I'm not working.
You promised! It's the Home Secretary, I'm not serving them.
Enough, I don't want to hear it.
Why? I don't want to serve him either! Please.
I'm really short tonight.
Thank you.
I was thinking.
I was looking at university courses again.
And I'd like to apply to do politics.
At Okene-Aprica, maybe.
I thought you were going to do art history.
I know, but I just want to do something in the real world.
You know? Something useful, like you.
Well, if your mind's made up.
Baba! As if you didn't always hate art history.
Persephone Hadley, to even suggest I'd ever tell you what to do.
SHE LAUGHS "Mercy Point.
"200 years of excellence.
" Jude, stop it! INDISTINCT SHOUTS SIRENS APPROACH ANGRY SHOUTING Move away! Get off me, you dagger! Get off me! According to the police officers, the Noughts threatened them and there was a suspicion that one of them was carrying a concealed weapon.
This is the tenth such incident this year.
It's hardly any wonder the Noughts are a little volatile.
Whatever their reasons, Prime Minister, we have to respond.
And so I'd recommend the temporary expansion of stop and search powers across Albion, and in London the implementation of a curfew.
The Aprica President will not allow us to implement what is essentially martial law.
Some would argue we shouldn't have to ask Aprica's permission in the first place.
Some would argue this shouldn't be happening in the first place.
I'm sorry, I won't be there at Jasmine's party.
Events have overtaken me somewhat.
Sorry I'm late, Niamh.
Family emergency.
Four today.
Two of you.
You and you.
Kia, kia! No luck? Couldn't you put in a word? It doesn't work like that.
Sorry, son.
The videos from last night, they're all over the internet.
There's a meeting today at the Shield.
This guy Jack Dorn.
You're not going.
He wants to co-ordinate a response after what happened to Danny.
I don't doubt it.
You're still not going.
I wasn't just talking about me.
I'm not listening to Dorn mouthing off to a bunch of kids.
I left all that behind a long time ago.
That could be me in hospital.
It It could be Callum.
HE SIGHS Despite centuries of Aprican rule, relations between Noughts and Crosses continued to worsen.
The Segregation Act restored peace by enforcing the separation of the races for the benefit of all.
Lekan? Yes! Oh, yeah.
Can you outline the major causes of the creation of the Segregation Act? Persephone.
I was just asking Kofi to explain the origins of the 1950 Segregation Act and outline some of its specific elements.
You've caught me at the end of a 15-hour shift, so forgive me if I'm brusque.
You and your thugs put that kid in a coma, so not only is he not going anywhere - he might have to be fed through a straw for the rest of his life.
Getting started early, are we? Well, it is my birthday.
Beautiful, isn't it? And so is the weather.
Yes, finally some sunshine.
You might even get some colour.
So tonight I have a friend coming.
Oh, right? He's called Chike.
When he arrives, can you bring him up, discreetly? What about Kamal? Kamal probably won't even come.
You can keep a secret, can't you? The things I do for you.
They'll be here soon.
Look, our brave police officers protect both Noughts and Crosses alike, often at great personal risk.
In return, we protect those who serve from malicious accusations.
And look, the police have a perfect right to defend themselves in violent situations, and I think it's wrong to politicise their work.
He's full of shit.
We can agree on that.
Right, have a look at this.
Who filmed that? Who cares? It's gone viral.
Doesn't matter what he says any more.
This is different.
Now people will be out on the streets tonight.
Look, I've got to go do this bit of work.
At Kamal Hadley's house? You know I don't want to, but Mama needs the help, Jude.
Did you go see Danny? Yeah, I tried.
But that bastard cop was there, from last night.
You're not the only one who cares.
Nice of you to pop by.
Come on.
Is he here, then? The Home Secretary.
Not yet.
And when he arrives, you're going to serve him drinks and be nice and keep your temper in check.
I mean it, Callum.
This is my job.
Doesn't mean I have to like it.
Right, I think we're ready to go.
So keep those glasses filled and it'll all go smoothly.
And, girls, as ever, keep away from the Minister of Agriculture.
Let's go, Callum, this way.
TV: In an interview earlier today, the Home Secretary defended police action against more violence on the streets.
KNOCK AT DOOR Sephy, 30-minute warning.
You like Lekan, don't you? Lekan? He's, uh .
very confident.
Did Ryan take an interest in your career? This isn't a career, Sephy.
I I didn't mean it like that.
I just I don't think he ever brought up that conversation.
Come on, they'll be here soon.
LIVELY MUSIC (Songhoy Blues - Soubour) PLAYS Hey, bro.
Who's that? How should I know? Baba! We didn't think you'd come! Don't be silly, I wouldn't miss this for the world.
Oh, thank you, Ilza.
Is she ready, Meggie? I'll check.
Good evening, Mr Hadley.
Thank you! Jasmine.
Mr Hadley is here.
What do I do? I don't know.
You can go home or whatever you want.
I wanted to see you.
My husband's here.
My husband.
Oh ALL SHOUT APPROVINGLY Look at you, look at this vision.
I'm so pleased you could make it.
There's nowhere else I'd rather be.
Imu mi dun gan.
CHEERS AND LAUGHTER Now, does everyone have a drink? And what happened to the music? Huh? I want to hear something with a bit of life.
I want to see people dancing.
UPBEAT MUSIC (Songhoy Blues - Bamako) PLAYS CHATTER AND MUSIC BECOME DISTAN Is everything all right? Yeah, fine.
Sorry, I just cut myself.
Let's see.
It looks nasty.
Hold on.
Anyway Callum.
Wow! Wow, you look You look amazing.
So do you! See, I saw you outside coming down the stairs.
You've grown.
I mean, wow, you've really grown.
The last time we saw each other we were, like, ten.
No, it wasn't.
And you've grown too.
Upwards taller.
SHE GIGGLES So this is where you're hiding.
This is, er, Callum, Meggie's son.
This is Lekan.
Callum and I sort of grew up together.
Really? How? Mama would bring me with her sometimes if she was baby-sitting - school holidays and that.
Minerva and I would dress you up like a doll! I'd totally forgotten about that! I'm glad you find that funny! That was actually a very confusing time for me So did you always want to be a waiter? No, no, I'm just helping out.
I'm actually through to the last round of interviews for a place at Mercy Point.
Oh! That's where Lekan is.
Yes, I'd heard they were allowing Noughts in.
I can't see it working.
Well, I've had to sit two entrance exams Maybe we should go back.
Yeah? Yeah.
Let's go.
CHEERING Daniel Hickson, one of our own people, cut down by the dagger occupiers! I have had enough.
We Blankers have to join together to resurrect the Liberation militia with a new leader! Now is the time for action, my friends.
Who's with me? ENTHUSIASTIC CHEERS Hello.
Oh, glad you could make it.
Well, actually I was just leaving.
Oh, well Jasmine will be sorry to hear that.
Good to see you.
Mr Dorn, I'm Jude McGregor.
What you said up there was amazing.
Thank you, that means a lot.
I was there, Mr Dorn, last night.
And my brother, Callum.
Danny's our mate.
I get stopped all the time.
We all do.
But this was Oh No, this Then this is the place you're meant to be.
Come with me.
There's some people I want to introduce you to.
Within ten years I had an entire fleet.
Now I'm saying that Albion can do the same.
We can We can succeed without being propped up by some distant super state.
Hear, hear.
Hear, hear.
I, uh I don't know if you gentlemen are aware, but one of our number is on the brink of acceptance into Mercy Point.
Don't look round, he's here.
Kalem, I've got a question for you.
It's Callum.
Huh? I said it's Callum.
Suppose you got into Mercy Point .
where does your loyalty lie - Albion or Aprica? It's the same as every soldier's, sir.
To his or her commanding officer.
As for their allegiance, I suppose that's a matter for their own conscience.
That's a good answer.
You need to watch this one, Mr Baako.
Indeed I will.
DOOR OPENS I saw Dorn.
He spoke.
He's spot on.
Every word.
It's OK to listen, I suppose.
But just leave it at that, will you? Cos Dorn's not quite what you think.
Dorn gets it.
He gets it.
Erm, Mr HadleyHm? What's that? I I found it this morning.
And? It was Yaro's.
Could be anybody's.
I'd know.
I mean, I can't be sure, obviously.
I just think You think? You know? Throw that thing away and get back to work.
MUSIC AND LAUGHTER Would you like a drink, Miss Hadley? SHE LAUGHS Miss Hadley now, is it? Well, we had to sign something.
Calling is What I called you earlier, I could lose my wages for that.
Yeah! I'm not joking.
Oh, I'm so sorry, I didn't Hey.
It's fine.
Don't worry.
Look, one of my best mates is in hospital, OK? What happened? Police.
Police what? Just police.
Is this the boy on the news? They say he attacked two policemen.
Well, they lied, Miss Hadley.
Fill up.
Hey! Can you fill us up, please? Morning.
Here he is! Morning.
Right, let's have a pic.
Stand up straight.
There we go.
How are you feeling? Yeah.
I don't know.
Yeah, your mama barely slept.
He's exaggerating.
And anyway, neither did he.
Do you want some breakfast? No, I don't want anything.
Right, like that's going to happen.
You all right, Baba? Yeah.
It's hard.
It's not what I would have chosen for you.
Chances are I'll be back on the bus by lunch.
No, you won't.
All right, son.
See you.
See you.
See you, Baba.
Reckon your Cross friend's going to love playing with you, toy soldier.
Jude! Look, you know the last thing Danny said to me was that was he was proud, yeah? That I should do this.
So you're doing this for him? Oh, that's low, man.
See, low would be reminding you it was your fat mouth that put Danny in hospital in the first place.
You're picking a side.
Why are you the only person that doesn't see that? Whatever! Your tea's ready.
Yeah, I don't want it.
Nought gang leader hospitalised in a recent attack on a policeman has being named as Daniel Hickson.
Hickson lives in the notorious Meadowview district in South London.
Deputy Commissioner for London's Police, Fiola Abyola, warned that crowds gathering outside the Nought hospital I'm borrowing your blue top.
could turn violent.
Have you seen the news? What? Noughts getting all stirred up? But what are the cops meant to do when they're attacked? Yeah, but what if he didn't get Oh! Thanks.
with great professionalism in the face of sustained aggression from the Nought community.
No way We need a police presence at the hospital protest.
It's a vigil.
And I understand the police are already on the scene.
I mean a real presence.
It's a volatile situation, Kamal.
A heavy-handed response will only make things worse.
They're already worse.
They're getting worse by the hour.
I urge you to think of the Cross staff at the hospital.
We can't allow them to be intimidated.
I understand your reservations, Prime Minister.
But we can't be seen to be soft on law and order.
All right.
But they tread carefully! All right.
Starting to wish I'd stayed pulling pints.
Let's just get this done.
I'm Elaine, by the way.
Attention! No way are we getting in.
None of my family are talking to me because I want to come here.
There's no way I'm not getting in.
Right, get in line.
Hurry up! The state of it.
Slow, scrawny.
That's quotas for you.
You people are the first to try.
You'll fail, most likely.
Every great military campaign Albion ever fought was won in this place.
On this ground.
Before its sons and daughters ever stepped out the gate and spilled their blood.
You lot being here It's an insult.
Let's get cracking on the shittiest day of your lives.
Kia kia! Come on, hurry up! SHOUTED ORDERS Move it! Move it! Come on, go, go! Move, move! WHISTLE Come on! Move it! Sergeant Major! Didn't see it.
Do it again.
BELL RINGS Did you hear about that Nought boy in hospital? He attacked two policemen, didn't he? I heard that it was the other way around.
I heard that they actually attacked him.
Why would two heavily armed policemen attack an unarmed Nought? Why would an unarmed Nought attack two heavily armed policemen? Perhaps he was drunk.
They drink.
I mean, you would, wouldn't you? There's a vigil at the hospital.
And I was thinking that I might go.
I feel for them, I really do.
I know a few Noughts.
They're always so cheerful.
But you do get these uppity ones.
That's not prejudiced - that's a fact.
Do a healing libation for the boy instead.
That is a better idea.
Why here? I expect your family are none too thrilled either.
It's an opportunity, Sergeant Major.
To show other Noughts that we do have something to offer.
And that when we engage, society does benefit.
I fought in the Balkans campaign.
Against a Nought infantry.
They were insubordinate, lazy, dim-witted.
Then it's my job to change your perception, Sergeant Major.
You start on Monday.
Be at the gate 0600 hours sharp.
Well? Er, I don't know yet.
They said it will take a few days.
They've got to look at results and stuff.
But you were pleased? Yeah.
You know what these things are like.
Just depends what they're looking for.
All right.
Well, text your mum.
Where are you going? There's a vigil at the hospital Danny's at.
You remember Danny.
I'm not listening to this.
I'll come.
Sure it's not a conflict of interest? Just keep a low profile.
Don't get involved.
I thought you weren't listening.
You know what they're like.
They'll look for any excuse to break it up.
It'll be fine, Baba.
Look after him.
Will you? Don't worry, I will.
APPROACHING SIRENS We need everyone to clear this area.
This is an illegal protest.
What are you talking about? ALL SHOUT OVER EACH OTHER This is an illegal protest.
Move back! We will not give in! Move back! Move back! Move back, all of you.
What are they doing here? Jude.
Jude! Stay here, then.
Are you serious? We don't need you, Blanker.
Yeah, show him! Again? You're doing this again? Get out.
Sephy? What the hell are you doing here? I don't know.
I had to do something.
You can't be here, this is not safe.
No, no, no.
We should see your friend.
Come on.
FURIOUS SHOUTING Why were the cops even there? Ask your Baba.
He's in charge, isn't he? SIREN CHIRPS Get back! Come on! It's OK.
Hey, Callum.
Thanks for coming, mate.
Good to see you.
You too.
This is Sephy.
She's a friend of mine.
I'm so sorry.
Is there any news? They won't let us go in.
But we don't want him to be on his own.
Excuse me a moment.
Please, go ahead.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Shit's kicking off out there.
Why you hiding back here with this Dagger bitch? We don't want any trouble.
Who's causing trouble? Take a step back.
I'm serious, this ain't the day.
Or what? Is that a threat, Milano? Fuck you! Hey! Stop! Stop it! Stop it! Stop! Stop! Get off me, you Blanker! What did you say? SIREN CHIRPS Oi! Officer.
I was here with my friend and these men attacked us.
Which one's your friend? Him.
Make yourself scarce or I'll arrest the lot of you.
Go on.
Need a lift home, miss? No.
We're fine.
Thank you.
Maybe choose your friends a bit more carefully from now on, yeah? I'm sorry.
Callum Callum, wait.
Thanks, Ade.
Thank you, Mustafa.
Good evening, Mr Hadley.
What do you think he wants? I don't know.
Might not be anything suspect.
Maybe he just wants to reconnect.
HE SCOFFS You're not to have any contact with him, Meggie.
He wants something.
Everyone wants something.
What are you doing here, you sell-out? Where's Jude? You tell me.
I don't know.
You Ryan McGregor's other boy? Yeah.
I'm the one who has to listen to Jude mouth your bullshit the whole time.
Jude doesn't seem too keen on you going to Mercy Point.
I think it shows initiative.
We could do with someone training there.
So if you ever decide to, you know, be of service to your people No-one's cleaned my room yet.
This is where you yell at me for using your make-up.
You OK? What's happened? I went to a Nought hospital.
It's a long story.
But, um .
I saw that boy there.
You know, the one the police beat up.
From the news, you-you'd think he was some kind of wild animal.
But But he was just lying there.
What-what if they just tell us what they think we want to hear? We don't even question any of it.
Then you hear yourself say something and you realise, all your life, you've just been inhaling this poison.
Sephy! Look, I get it, this sudden interest.
Look, I've been there.
But listen - they don't want your sympathy.
It makes you a cliche.
Don't overthink.
What? How? How could you even say that? OK.
OK, I'm done in here.
No, no, no, it's fine.
Stay, stay.
I'm going out.
Where? I need to fix something.
What? You did it with the girls, you can do it with me.
The party was fun.
Lot of people e-mailed.
Thank you.
Er, look, I-I should go.
Should get on.
But that was That was That was nice.
You should try that again.
Just a little warmer this time, like one of your speeches.
We're not doing this now.
MUSIC: Plastic 100 Degrees C by Sampha Magnetic lights in the blue-high haze A magnifying glass upon my face It's so hot I've been melting out here I'm made out of plastic out here You touch down in the base of my fears Houston, can-can-can you hear? And we both had to harness our pain Close it and hope it decays Oh, inhale and I'm up and away Up and away PATTERING ON WINDOW PATTERING What the? Oh, God! Hello! Sephy, what are you doing here? I came to say I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry about what I said.
It was unforgivable and I Wait.
Wait! Stop! We can't do this here.
Just go round the back.
There's a fire escape - I'll meet you there.
"Blankers"? Is that what you think? Never.
No! Of course not.
What I said was stupid.
Yeah, I know, and it I was wrong.
And so I'm saying that I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry, Callum.
I'd like to pretend that I wasn't like that, that I wasn't like the other Crosses, that I was better than that, but I'm not.
I just didn't realise it.
It's OK.
Where are you? Wait! How good are you at climbing? DOOR OPENS Mr Dorn.
I thought you were the guard.
He got called outside.
How is he? Um He's unresponsive still, but his condition is stabilising.
That's what his mama and baba tell me, anyway.
Where are they? I wanted to pay my respects.
They've gone home to get a change of clothes.
So I said I'd sit with him till they got back.
All right.
Good man.
How is it out there? People are angry.
It's like a tinderbox.
Won't take much to set it off.
I've been offered a place at Mercy Point.
Don't know if I'll go.
Why not? It doesn't feel brave any more.
Just kind of feels the opposite.
It's not like I wanted to be an officer or anything.
It was just more about changing things.
You know, for the Noughts.
So you can change things.
There's only so much one person can do.
Fine, so at least do that much.
Besides, Meggie would kick your arse if you turned it down.
Yeah, I know.
You know, it's funny, until I was about five, my mother would come into the nursery and I'd hide behind Meggie's legs.
I'd ask if she could take me home with her.
Yeah, and what about now you've seen the place? I like the view.
How much did you think about the future? I never really had to.
We're not exactly spoilt for choice, are we? You know, if I'm honest .
Mercy Point wasn't about us Noughts.
It was for me.
What about you? Um, Lekan.
A career.
The big house with the big kitchen.
School fees.
Dinner parties.
And now? Now I don't know.
Because you came along and messed it all up.
Hospitals are always so hot.
You know where I can get a drink? Yeah, there's, er one of those trolley things they wheel about.
Do you want me to see if I can find it? That would be amazing, yeah.
Like a Coke, whatever.
Just Yeah.
Right, right.
Two secs.
Callum! HE KNOCKS You still up? Callum, your mum's on her way back.
Yep, just a sec! She's going to want to see you.
Yeah, I'll-I'll be down in a minute.
Get a doctor in here! MONITORS BEEP WILDLY Nurse! MONITORS FLATLINE Change can be intoxicating.
Another day in the death of Albion, my friends.
We would recommend arresting him immediately.
Let me remind you of a certain truth.
We must be careful not to become too homogenised.
I think she's up to something.
Every time I see you, there she is too! I urge you to protect your identity.