Nowhere Boys (2013) s04e03 Episode Script

Lost In Negative Space

Nicco, stop.
I need your consent form.
No form, no try-out.
QUINN: Oh, well, haters gonna hate.
Can you please not quote Taylor to me? This is a disaster and I'm not gonna shake it off.
So, you gonna tell me how a dyslexic got top marks? What's in it for me? LUKE: There's zero about dark, snake-like things.
Have you heard of nematodes? It's a kind of parasite.
JESSE: It's attracted to the water.
It's a paranormal nematode.
From what we know, they seem to feed on magic.
So, they're going to keep coming.
What if we stop them with a binding spell and then use a banish spell to send them out of the world? BATES: Alright, alright, stand back, stand back! (SIREN WAILS) Oh, no.
What is this place? What have people been doing in here? Are you sure you should be messing with a banish spell? HEATH: They've brought some friends! Ellen, behind you! (SCREAMS) Don't let me go! (SCREAMS) Ellen? Ellen? BRIANNA: (OVER P.
) Fire is under control.
All students go back to your classrooms, please.
She's gone.
Gone where? HEATH: What did you do? Let's open up a portal.
Get her back.
How can we open a portal if we don't know where she is? Well, we have to do something.
This is my fault.
I put the two spells together, which made the portal malfunction then There you are.
Nicco, we looked everywhere for you.
What are you doing? Yeah, sorry, we got held up.
So, let's go.
We have to go see Coach, remember? BEN: (ECHOES) The binding spell should still work! LUKE: I'm gonna take it down.
HEATH: Oh, no! Look out! JESSE: Ellen! NICCO: Oh, don't let me go! (ELLEN SCREAMS) You are the only girls from Bremin through to the next round.
Get out! That'sthat's incredible.
Isn't that incredible? Incredible.
I'm gonna ring your parents with the good news.
First, we use a tracking spell then, once we find her, we use elemental communication, water to water.
What's that now? We use it to communicate to Ellen.
We make sure it's safe to open up a portal.
I've got the tracking spell in the Boss but the element-to-element spell is in Felix's Book of Shadows.
Which is in the Lair.
Which Bates has locked down.
Ah, get to class, all of you! Drama's over.
Come on.
Won't people realise she's missing? Not if she sends a text saying she's sick.
Ah So nobody worries.
Should we be breaking into her phone? I don't know if that's a good idea.
We have no choice.
We're trying to save her.
Ah, now, people! Thank you.
BEN: So we need to be near water.
LUKE: We should do it at the drain.
Why so secretive, gentlemen? Just studying, sir.
Ah, yes.
What are you studying? Quantum physics.
Get on with it.
Sorry to interrupt, I need to see Nicco Pandelis.
Is there a problem, Ms Jarra? Niccolina Pandelis .
forging a consent form? Seriously, Nicco? Let's have a chat.
(SCHOOL BELL CHIMES) STUDENT: Hey, what's going on? Great.
Everyone knows.
So, the plan? What now? Alright, we sneak in, somehow, get the book, collect Nicco and then we can get on with tracking down Ellen.
And we keep lookout.
We should have a signal.
In case someone comes.
Just text us.
Or we could have a signal.
Text them the signal.
Are we done? Ducks on the pond.
No wait, eagle in the nest.
How about'someone's coming'.
No deal emoji it is.
BATES: Inconceivable! Mr Bates? Ah, Luke.
What are you doing? What are YOU doing? We're just Um, we just came here to Weheard everyone talking about it and we justwanted tosee it.
Wow, it's very small.
Yeah, no, it'sit's tiny.
And it's dusty too, ew.
Think of all the allergens.
You should probably Yes.
Get out.
It's dangerous.
Structurally unsound, perhaps.
And all thisall this is, well .
whatever it actually is.
Just looks like the Drama Club to me, sir.
You know, they love wacky dress-ups, right? Yeah, their performance of Rocky Horror Show was unflattering.
Were you expecting a CSI team? This is a very serious matter.
Is it? Just looks like some manky old books to me.
What's in them, anyway? Why are you so interested? Oh, you know, Ilike books.
You know, in a graphic novel type way.
Ah-da-da-da-zz-zz-zz-zz You could be contaminating evidence.
Evidence of what? Well, let's see, shall we? Felix Ferne.
This is his.
He was connected to this? The disappearances? Everything that's happened could be explained by what's in here.
This changes everything! (PHONE VIBRATES AND CHIMES) (PHONE KEEPS VIBRATING AND CHIMING) What's with your phone? I'm ignoring it.
After I check this one.
What's up? Yeah, it's really gonna be quicker if you just tell me.
Someone's trolling me.
Who? Clearly not a music lover.
Why didn't you tell me? 'Cause I'm tough and resilient.
I can look after myself.
(CHUCKLES) They won't mess with YOU anymore.
What do you mean? I've taken care of everything.
(ON PHONE) That's the thing about trolls.
They have to be a big deal online because their only real skill in life is being toxic and obnoxious.
(LAUGHS) Claude, love the cut-through passion.
Only didn't I say we weren't I mean, so what if someone's gay? What difference does that make to anyone? Hey, that was the best bit.
Best bit? See ya later.
I thought you'd be into it.
Thought wrong.
I was just standing up for you.
Oh, is that what you were doing? Jesse? What is taking them so long? LUKE: Maybe we could help you Catalogue the collection.
Mum taught me the Dewey Decimal System before I could walk.
You're still here? You have homes to go to, I suppose? Go on, get out.
I've got some very important reading to do.
You know it really doesn't matter to me? The gay thing.
I'm not worried.
Really not a big deal.
Just because everyone has decided that I am, it doesn't mean I am.
Of course.
I shouldn't have said anything.
Want the bad news? Or the really bad news? COACH JANE: Yes, it was wrong, but I would hate for Nicco to miss out on such an important opportunity.
Yes, but I think we need to send a strong signal so Nicco knows how wrong this is.
Mum, I'm sorry, but I knew you'd worry about me missing out on school.
I didn't want to upset you.
Oh, not a massive success on that front.
I just don't get it, Nicco.
What were you thinking? We'll talk about this at home.
I'm going to have to tell Mr Bates.
And as of Monday, Ms O'Donnell will supervise a week of detention.
Ms O'Donnell.
It goes without saying that this will not happen again.
Let's go, Nicco.
There's something I have to do.
I promised my friends.
Oh, then I'm not the only one you'll be disappointing today.
(PHONE RINGS) I'll take that.
Still not picking up.
How much do you think Bates read about, you know? Way too much.
If he exposes us, that will be the end.
Ducks on the pond, ducks on the pond! No, Nicco cannot be going home, not now.
What about Ellen? SONIA: What a surprise - you two again.
Where's Ms O'Donnell? She went home sick today, so I'll be taking detention.
Get out your books.
Did she walk home? Her car's still here.
(PHONE MESSAGE) Ellen, it's Sonia.
Just want to make sure you're OK.
Ah, your car's still here.
Can you buzz me when you get this? Thanks.
JESSE: I'll text Mum.
You get Nicco.
ANNA: I don't know.
I just I feel like I don't know who she is anymore.
I know it's a great opportunity, but that's not the point.
You know, she lied to us.
Um, what'd you do? Yeah, we'll talk more tonight.
Not now, OK? Bye.
So, you're the bad daughter now, which makes me the good one.
Nicco, in here please.
Are you ready to have a sensible discussion? Not if she's here.
Why do I have to miss out on the interesting stuff? Fine.
I don't want you taking on too much.
You're spending all this time with these friends My friends aren't the problem.
It's all too much.
What's the big deal? So, I wanted to do something fun.
I'm trying to talk to you like an adult.
No, you don't understand what's going on, alright? You don't understand the pressure.
Don't take that tone with me.
No, you push and you push.
"Nicco's gotta get the best marks.
"Nicco's gotta be the best at everything.
" Well, I'm trying, OK? I'm trying to do the best that I can! Come here, come here, come here.
Hey, I just want you to have the things that we couldn't have.
We just want what's best for you.
I know, I know.
It's not your fault.
(WHISPERS LOUDLY) Nicco! Nicco! Nicco! What happened? It's my own personal Greek tragedy in here.
OK, tell me on the way, we gotta go.
I can't, I'm grounded.
We have to find Ellen, remember? I know.
Maybe if we're quick? ANNA: Nicco? How does she do that? It's like she's got her own radar.
Go! Hi, Jesse.
Mrs P, hey, how are you? Niccolina is enjoying some 'solo thinking about her behaviour' time.
I just thought, um Goodbye, Jesse.
(CHUCKLES) Good one, Jesse.
No Nicco.
Well, that means there's zero hope of finding Ellen tonight.
Take a seat.
Ms O'Donnell is sick again today, soyou're lucky enough to have me.
Take out your textbooks.
(CLEARS THROAT) How long's this not talking to me thing gonna last? You really didn't have to do that.
That's what this is about? What some straight guy thinks? It's about someone who doesn't want to be labelled labelling someone else.
That is such I'm the one who gets to say what I am.
No-one else.
People say that stuff about you online, I get it, but they say that to me every day.
To my face.
You know, but at least I'm brave enough to own who I am.
I'm gonna go sit at the back of the class.
Can I have a word? Uh, yep.
I'm worried about Ellen.
So? I've left six messages for her.
So? So you gonna tell me what's going on? She's fine.
As in? As in why do you keep ditching me? Do you even want to try for the state? Of course I do.
She didn't answer the door when I went over there.
I thought we were friends.
I thought we were gonna do this together.
We are.
OK, so do you want to hang out after school, then? Has she got any family here? Look, II can't today.
See? That's exactly what I'm talking about.
You're doing the face again.
Alright, leave it with me.
Ellen, it's Bryan.
Give me a bell when you get this.
Um, just wondering when we can expect you.
We need that spell.
Is it just a 24-hour thing? The longer Ellen's gone, the more danger she's in.
I got this.
Uh, I'll clean the board for you, sir.
Yes, Sergeant Roberts, it's Bryan Bates here.
Uh, listen, this could be nothing, uh, but Ellen O'Donnell hasn't turned up for work today.
And she called in sick yesterday.
Yes, yes, Ms Jarra did.
Look, the thing is, she hercar is still here.
I see.
He's calling the cops.
Rightio, then.
Sergeant Roberts, thanks for coming.
Not a problem, Bryan.
It's good to see you again.
You're not gonna believe this We can't do anything without that spell.
Then we need to get Felix's book.
Alright, let's hear the whole story from the beginning.
You guys find somewhere to do it and I'll get the spell.
How? Phone.
I found a secret room, here at the school, um Unlocked.
It'd be easier if I just show you.
Now, go.
All those questions from the past, this explains them.
You'll see.
ROBERTS: This is where Ellen O'Donnell was last seen? Well, no, but there's a connection between her disappearance and all of this magical paraphernalia.
And what connection is that? Well, it's the key to what happened to the Bremin Four, I'm sure of it.
And to what's happened to Ellen now.
Has anyone just tried going around to her house? Well, that's not the point, Sergeant! I can prove there's a connection.
It's all there in Felix Ferne's journal.
Well, where's that? It's in my office.
Show me.
(RUMBLING) Earthquake! Oh! Earthquake! Run! I think you'll agree the parallels are uncanny.
First, the Bremin Four disappeared, now Ellen.
That's a pretty long bow.
No, no, no, no, no, we're talking about an obvious pattern.
I believe (MUTTERS SPELL) Now I'm just asking you to keep an open mind.
I know what I'm saying might sound a little unusual I think we're way past unusual, Bryan.
Yes, but just wait until you read Felix Ferne's book.
It holds all the answers.
You'll see.
I'll just get it.
Magical elements, multi-dimensional travel, a massive conspiracy at our school! And there's bound to be more in that hidden room.
This could be the final piece to solving Andy Lau's disappearance.
Everything explained! OK, it just looks like a Year 12 student It's kinda normal.
Like, is it over? Oh, my word.
Seriously? The earthquake! Alright, there was no earthquake This is exactly what I was talking about.
(GASPS) Brianna, who was here? Who was here when the earthquake happened? Nic's got split ends Yeah, Nic.
Niccolina Pandelis! Niccolina Pandelis! Yes! Where's the book? I couldn't take it without Bates seeing.
I went to take a picture, but it's like the camera wouldn't work.
You can't photograph a Book of Shadows.
I've tried.
There was a combined tracking spell and element-to-element communication.
And where is it? Let's go.
We need something of value belonging to the person we're trying to reach.
Got it.
OK, now follow my lead to make the connection.
As water is to water You will become as one As water is to water You will become as one As water is to water You will find what I seek As water is to water You will find what I seek As water is to water You will reveal and show As water is to water You will reveal and show ELLEN: Get away from me! Ellen! Ellen, it's me, Jesse! What's happening? Where are you? I'm in negative space.
Are you alright? There's something here.
It's coming for me.
No! No, help me.
Help! I lost her.
But how did she end up in negative space? Open a portal.
What? And get attacked again? Dragged in? What do you think we've been training for? We'll be OK.
No matter what happens, we .
we can handle it.
Let's open this portal.
ALL: Elements, within and without, Unlock the door, turn world about.
(BANG!) Elements of the universe, within and without Unlock the door, turn world about! Ellen, can you hear us?! ELLEN: I can't see you! Wait, there she is! There she is! This way! Stop! Stop right there! Look! I've got this.
Come on.
Grab her, Nicco! OK, Ellen, take my hand! Ellen! ELLEN: Nicco! Careful, Nicco! Nicco, grab me! That's it! Nicco! You've got her! (GROANS) Nicco! Alright! Nicco! It's slipping! (GROANS) Ellen, jump now! (GROANS) Ah! It's OK, I've got you, I've got you.
Are you OK? Yeah, I'm I think so.
What have you done to her? We haven't done anything.
Ellen, what's happening? Are you alright? I'm fine.
I Ellen! (ALL SHOUT) Ellen! Quick, get some help.
Put this around her.
What's going on? (PANTING) (GASPS) There's thisthing An evil creature lurking in negative space? Well, it gets worse.
Magic is messing with the universe, or something.
What do you know about magic? Rabbit-in-the-hat magic? I know all about it - the magic, the ley lines, the Bremin Four.
(YAWNS) Sorry, I missed that.
It's funny how you can't hear when you're yawning.
Would it be better if you repeated Year 10? No.
I was just coming for you.
I saw something.
We know.
Heath told us.
There's more.
Ah, Zeb.
Am I saying that correctly? Only one way to say it.
This weirdly cool guy just showed up.
He is weirdly cool.
BATES: Have you ever seen anything quite like this? I'd like to take a closer look.
I could take them with me.
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