Nowhere Man (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Chapter 2: The Child

Ah Quan, don't be scared.
Scared of what? Scared of death? I'm not scared.
Time? Of time? Then it's not death you're afraid of.
It's living.
2010 LIN'S KIDNAPPING CASE Unit 137, 137 in position.
[man over radio.]
Unit 241 in position.
[dog barking.]
Unit 137, paging.
It's an old Mercedes.
The windows are clear, one driver, male, number plate 8313W6.
The junkyard's pretty big, but this seems to be the only exit.
241, 241 reporting.
The car belongs to Ding Wan Rou, her record's clean.
Boss Wan! [pager beeps.]
Are you really Chairman Lin? My healthcare routine is simple: Ten thousand steps a day.
Simosa is younger than I am, it will definitely last longer than me.
Say it! Simosa is younger than I am, it will definitely last longer than me.
I'm sorry, I have the flu My healthcare routine is simple, 10,000 steps a day.
Simosa is younger than I am, it will definitely last longer I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Sir, the car's out.
5932-EA, a brown Simosa company vehicle.
Unit 241, follow it.
Unit 137, stay here.
The kidnapper's tricky, but safety first.
We'll move in after 10 minutes.
It's just me, nobody's following.
The money's here, the amount is correct.
Please don't hurt the child.
I beg you, please I beg you, please Thank you, thank you.
Please don't hurt the child, thank you.
[rock music playing.]
I'm fine where's the child? You motherfucker, Wan Fuck you! [man.]
Unit 137, 333! Everybody on guard! Get out of the car! Get out! Get out! Put your hands in the air! Hands in the air! [grunting.]
[Taser buzzing.]
Room 343, Jiang Jing-fang, baby's active, but she's bleeding badly! Preparing blood pack immediately.
The police are here.
Who is she? [phone rings.]
Okay, I'll check with her.
Can you take a call? [Quan.]
I've got the name for our son.
Let's call him Tian-you.
Why weren't you here? Have you seen our son yet? He looks like you.
Jing-fang I won't make it.
[rock music playing.]
Don't wait for me.
The verdict in the kidnapping of Lin's son has just been announced.
Mastermind Qiu Yi Yang and 3 accomplices Ding Chang-quan, Cui Wanfu and Xiao Sha, have been found guilty of kidnapping and sentenced to death.
A fifth man, Cui Cheng-gui, was found guilty of aiding the kidnap 0but not taking part.
He has been sentenced to three years with two years probation.
The victim in this case was Wang Qing Nian, driver for Simosa Chairman Lin.
Lin's son was kidnapped 8 months ago.
The family never revealed the ransom amount, but sources say it's the highest ever paid in Taiwan yet.
The kidnappers warned Lin not to contact the police.
He was told to carry out the exchange for his son directly.
Lin finally contacted the police 48 hours after the boy's kidnapping.
His driver Wang took part in the exchange and was able to retrieve the boy from the kidnappers.
But Wang himself was shot, and later died.
According to police, Qiu Yi Yang, the boss of the Zhong He gang, went on the run and was killed by rival gang members.
[inaudible dialogue.]
Fu Xing.
Fu Xing.
Don't be scared, Fu Xing.
Gui Ge don't be scared.
A week before the incident I asked you out for coffee.
We had some new business and I wanted your opinion.
You didn't come, but Wan did.
You were so popular in the club, he thought I liked you.
- You know I love - Are you done? I'm partially responsible for all this.
I will help Ah Gui with whatever he needs.
Tell Ah Quan I will keep an eye out for his mother.
I will try to help your family, too.
My family? My father died long ago, my mother remarried half the world, I haven't seen her in years.
I don't care if she's dead or alive.
And who the fuck do you think you are? - 221.
- [man 1.]
- [guard.]
258! - [man 2.]
- [guard.]
223! - [man 3.]
- [guard.]
186! - [man 4.]
- [guard.]
111! - [man 5.]
Hands up! DIVORCE AGREEMEN [guard.]
Stop! - Wait! - Stop! Stop! - Calm down! - [Jing-fang crying.]
Calm down! Stop! [Taser buzzing.]
Uncle Gui! PRESENT DAY: JING-FANG'S HOUSE Only one bottle of soda, okay.
I've packed a lunch box for you, you must finish it.
- If you throw anything away, I'll know.
- Bye-bye.
Are you listening? No problem.
Come straight home when you finish, or I'll call the school.
Jiang Tian-you! Yes! Behave yourself at school.
Give me the umbrella.
Be careful, hold this.
There's a raincoat in the bag! [Gui.]
- [Tian-you.]
Uncle Gui.
- [Gui.]
Mm? If you love someone, let them know.
They teach that in school? No, we don't learn that.
My mom likes my new uncle, but I don't want a younger brother.
You guys went out again? Just for a bit, but uncle says I shouldn't tell you too much.
Tell your uncle Uncle Gui tells him to go fuck himself.
What? [Gui.]
Fuck himself! [Tian-you mockingly laughing.]
Am I funny? Uncle Gui, why isn't your surname Jiang? Jiang is your mother's surname.
I know, but I tell my friends it's also my father's surname, so I will seem more normal.
After talking to Tian-you, Gui Ge says he really wonders if I had an affair with Jing-fang.
You hearing me? He says your kid talks just like me.
- Fuck, Ding Chang-quan! - Xing.
You said all you wanted to say to Gui Ge when we got here.
He'll take care of Tian-you, you of Fu Xing.
And then what? You might as well have died.
You didn't turn up in court, didn't appeal, you're a ghost.
Gui Ge is alive out there and I'm a psychic medium stuck talking to your fucking spirit.
Why don't you just rest in peace? If Fu Xing dies, well I'll rest in peace.
Why must he die? Who are you to decide? Fu Xing couldn't hurt a fly.
Why must he get the executioner's bullet? A good death for him is flying his kite back home till he dies of exhaustion.
Are we free once we cross the wall? Taiwan's only so big.
How long can you hide? Where? Flying a kite Damn you.
We've been through it a million times.
The plan works.
If you're not in, Fu Xing will die here.
Why don't you admit you're afraid to meet Jing-fang and Tian-you, even for a second? Or you think Gui Ge and Jing-fang are If he can live a good life I'm asking you, Mr.
still want him to die easily? Ding Chang-quan you're the one killing him.
[alarm wailing.]
Where's the child? Ah Quan, don't be scared.
It's already over 30 moves, we've got another smarty.
It looks like a draw.
Be quiet.
This newbie guard is good.
He's gonna win.
[man 1.]
Shut the fuck up, ass.
- Game over, nothing more.
- Shit, I lost five cigarettes for this! I won five cigarettes! You're good! Game over, game over.
I told you! He's smart, smart.
Reporting, officer! I've waited a decade for a challenger.
Try again if you have the guts! The warden said every new guard must challenge the prison's chess king.
Please teach me how.
[all laughing.]
[Tang San Bai.]
Ah Quan.
Reading Journey to the West lately? Yes.
How is it? Frustrating.
[Tang San Bai laughing.]
You know in my 13th year here I read a book so full of secrets, it's even better than Sunflower Splendor.
You instantly feel better just reading it.
I know it.
Dream Of The Red Chamber.
[Tang San Bai.]
I told you? It's in your hands.
You read it? You haven't lent it to me.
[Tang San Bai.]
No hurry, no hurry at all.
This is the ultimate sleeping pill.
Little reading, little sleeping.
I read and sleep a lot.
You know, what's inside these walls, and what's outside, all become one, once you read The Red Chamber.
The walls are there, but at the same time, they aren't.
- I know.
- [Tang San Bai.]
You know? You don't know shit.
Everyone in here, who doesn't want to get out? Those who end up in here, it's not the walls keeping them in.
It's their fate.
That's an interesting point, but not what I meant.
You think this is about the wall.
To me, the wall isn't a wall.
To you, the wall is a wall.
Thirty years.
This has been my home.
My days are fixed.
Quan, promise me you'll do one thing when I'm gone.
Sort out my cupboard for me, will you? Quan, promise that you'll clean out my cupboard! Of course.
Also, stop by my house for some tea.
Fu Xing, let go! [Xiao sighs.]
Been busy lately.
The fuck would I be busy with? I mean me.
I've been busy lately.
Busy with what? Sweeping the great hall.
The great hall's dirty Up in the guestroom A lady in the guestroom She's shouting about gangsters The gangsters are to warm up If they're tired, they can rest together Tonight feels forever Tomorrow is a new day [both.]
Life is as long as the journey home Fu Xing, In life Accomplishment must bring total joy Do not let an empty cup face the moon Heavens made me for a purpose Gold leave, gold come Sacrifice animals, we celebrate Must drink 300 cups of wine at once! Master Cen, Dan Qiusheng? Bring in the wine, the cups must not stop I'll sing you a song Please lend me your ears Rich and luxurious are less than you I only wish to be forever drunk Sages are immemorially lonely Only the drinker retains his name TO: SHA SHI YING (TANG) Good poem.
Fu Xing, airplane down.
What about Ah Quan? He will be.
He will be.
Okay, forget it.
I took seven minutes.
[classical music playing.]
Subtitle translation by Russell Zheng