Nurses (2020) s01e05 Episode Script

Critical Care

1 The past is a funny thing.
We think it's something we can run from, something we'll never see again though, somehow, our past always reminds us that it can also be our present and our future.
What? What's so funny? Are you all alright? Argh! Hey, buddy.
Nice jacket, huh? Good.
And by the way, thank you again for letting me take that shift last Tuesday, - I really appreciate it.
- Yeah.
- Sure, no problem.
- You alright? Does it feel like people are watching me - or something? - I mean, you look good - if that's what you're asking.
- No, man.
Forget about it.
- Did you play football? - Yeah.
Were you a Mustang? - Damn.
- That's you.
Vanier Cup a long time ago.
Who the hell would even let this up? Hey! Hey! Hey! My brother is a big fan of the "pigskin".
And he told me I just had to see this amazing little dance that Keon Colby did after a big game.
- Ha-ha! - And you know what? He's so right! It's amazing! Oh, wow! - It's on in here too.
- What do you mean, "here too"? Oh, I just saw it at the nurses station.
Hey! There it is again.
Where did you see it? You know what? Doesn't matter.
All good.
Damn right it's good.
Those moves are hot! Like almost Bollywood hot.
Hey, stranger.
What's up? I, like, never see you at home anymore.
Yeah, I've been grabbing extra shifts lately.
Well, where are you spending it? George called me yesterday; your half of the rent bounced.
It's my pills, okay? Saving my life is literally killing my bank account.
Look, I know it's probably a dead end, but have you thought about calling your dad? Ash, seriously? He asked for money last month.
Just don't worry about it, I'll talk to George today.
Hey, Damien, are there shift reports? And why isn't my login code working? Alright, people.
You know what's fun about mergers? Nothing.
So brace yourself because change is coming.
Where you eat is gonna change.
Where you gossip is gonna change.
Where you change is gonna change.
So better learn to adapt quick or they will find new "mes" and "yous".
I just got a message from Dr.
Niven about a personality test.
Oh yeah, that's happening.
It's just the beginning.
Companies don't just buy each other without kicking the tires.
- And we're the tires.
- That's right, Collins.
You have no idea how right you are.
Alright, are you ready? Let's get started.
Let's start with the elbows.
Okay, check.
Knees? Check.
Toes? Okay, check.
Wings? - I don't have wings! - Oh, right, of course! Gosh, I keep forgetting! That leaves just one last thing.
- Alright.
- Will it leave a mark? Yes.
But a really cool one! You have been so brave.
- I know.
- Ha-ha! Hey, I like your shoes.
Hey, thanks for noticing! Trust me, it's long overdue.
My toes were about to bust out of the last pair.
Oh! Um, I have to go, Sham.
But your daddy said to keep this nice and close while he's at work.
Do you feel like we're being made tribute, - like the Hunger Games? - Hmm! Kill or be killed.
Check out the brass.
Hello, everyone.
As most of you already know, my name is Dr.
Evan Wallace.
Or just Evan, or E Dubs.
Nobody calls you that! Not yet.
And cool nicknames aside, I'm honoured to introduce today a doctor who's already made City General and Sunny Heights world-class institutions.
Today, the same doctor will perform the David procedure with a 3D-printed aortic route for only the third time in this country.
Let us now give the stage to our man of honour, our new CEO: Dr.
Thomas Hamilton! Thank you so much.
William Osler said, "Live neither in the past nor the future, but let each day's work absorb your entire energies and satisfy your wildest ambitions".
I believe he meant for us to never wait to challenge what's possible.
You know, I had this great speech planned.
I was gonna dazzle you with innovation and talk about the future; instead, what I really want to do Could all the first-year staff please stand? Hey, get up.
Great, don't be shy.
Thank you, stand.
Well, there it is.
These are the faces that are going to carry us forward.
Traditions fade, so let's bridge the gap between tenured staff and the new recruits.
Let's learn from each other and truly collaborate because together together, we can make a difference.
And, senior staff, take a good look.
This is your future.
I still don't know what that was.
Oh, did stay awake long enough to hear anything? Personally, I was a bit distracted by the thought of my patient with the hemorrhoids wondering when I might return with their ass cream.
You should be more excited.
We just went from being newbies at the smallest hospital to now collaborators at maybe an important one.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I'm so tired.
You had a point about the Hunger Games though: he may just painted us red in there.
Oh, come on, Ash.
Hamilton wants to make a difference, uh today, tomorrow? Whatever it was.
You don't screw with an older nurse's job security, okay? I mean, all that youth talk; we better watch we don't get shoved down an elevator shaft.
I know, we should take the stairs.
- Hold that thought and get me a latte.
- Latte.
One latte.
- Sal! - Oh! Ugh! Oh, my God! Sal, I Somebody Got you! That is not funny! You don't fake a heart attack - in a hospital! - I'm sorry, sorry, I can't help it.
It really is the best gag at my age.
Well, now you owe me - for being such a jerk.
- I guess I do.
That's the prize of a good joke.
Hmmm we're still smoking - the daintier brand? - What can I say, kid? I'm an aristocrat.
Back to work.
Here you go.
Two talls, black.
- Like your hearts.
- Interception! Hey.
Come on, I gotta see a patient.
Ah, but have you already done - the other jobs that I gave you? - Yes.
I refilled the printers, refilled the feminine products in staff washrooms, got everyone on the floor - coffee, twice.
Can I go now? - Aaah, I'll tell you what, I need three more stockrooms organized.
Molly, come on! Then, you can go see your patient.
You promise I'm done after that? Scout's honour.
But I need you to start with that one over there first.
For real? People got time to do this? Bad news, it was just a little gas, - but good news for me.
- [Customer Service.
- [My name is Janine.
- Just one second, I have to take this.
Hello? Yes, I've I've been on hold about my order.
I checked online; it says, um, it hasn't it hasn't shipped yet.
Closed? The factory is closed? Well, I I can't afford them here, it's why I ordered from you guys.
I thought you were customer service.
Will transferring me really gonna make a difference? Is that gonna reopen the factory? Hey, whoa.
No, no, don't put the music on! Do you know what else I heard? Dr.
Hamilton likes to invite an observer into surgery.
- You think I have a chance? - Um usually, it's a med student or a nurse practitioner.
You know, somebody who's more - You know what I mean.
- Well, I think I'm absolutely qualified to be given an opportunity to participate.
The future of organ transplants is in the bioprinting.
We're ahead of the curb at St.
This is another sector to redesign.
Believe it or not, this concept dates back to the Crimean to the Crimean War.
Excuse me, uh, Dr.
My name is Nazneen Khan.
I just want to say your work in health sector development for impoverished parts of India, like Bihar and Assam, - have been remarkable.
- That was a long time ago.
I couldn't help but notice you in the auditorium earlier.
The pink, it totally pops! I'm sorry, remind me, what was your name again? - Nazneen, but most call me Naz.
- "Nazneen".
In Bengali, that means delicate, doesn't it? - Ah.
Ha! - It does? - Yes.
- I thought so.
- Why do I hear babies crying? - Cassius, I'm Keon.
How are you feeling? Like I got 20 staples in my gut.
- It's 22 - Why am I here?! There's an overflow, so you got a spot here in the OB, okay? I'm just gonna do a quick check of your vitals.
You're not gonna ask me about that? The officer already filled me in.
Breaking and entering? Oh yeah, they gave you the whole story.
Is there anyone I can notify for you? A spouse? - A family member? - Think I don't know why the other nurse lady left and you, the big tough guy swapped in? Your blood pressure's elevated, that's all I know.
I'll get you something for that.
Alright? Where did you go? You missed the most fabulous convo between me, moi, Nazneen Khan, - and Dr.
Thomas Hamilton.
- Oh, convo about what? Oh, you know, just his plans to expand the role of nurses and the surgical team he's building at St.
Mary's, and my future! Isn't it amazing? I visualized this, and Wolf, are you okay? I'm not sure.
Maybe ask me later.
Ready for you.
The exercise was developed at the General and will go along with a few other alternative studies they're hoping to implement here.
First question: "You are at an art gallery looking at a painting.
- What is it?" - I don't really do art.
The Scream.
This one, you know.
Something impressionist era.
Probably a Renoir.
- Moulin de la Galette.
- I don't know, like soup cans or something.
- - What do you see? - Me, here doing this.
I see spontaneity, belief.
- Impending doom.
- This one feels - a little bit like a trap.
- "You are lost in the dark, but something whispers to you.
What do you hear?" Guidance.
A way through.
I hear that.
Can we wrap this up? Can I start over? What do you hear? Grace? I know this exercise seems weird, but, in the end, what's the harm? I actually played this game at the General.
I just don't understand what somebody whispering to me has to do with my job.
Then, maybe we should talk about something else.
Your assault The patient, Devon Barkley? Dr.
Niven, I No offence, but not everything has to be about the past.
Can't today just be about today and nothing else? Yeah.
Of course it can.
Quite the day.
Lots of shiny, fancy new things being bandied about.
- Yeah, well, I hadn't noticed.
- Somehow, I doubt that.
How do you feel about dusting off your OR scrubs again? One of Hamilton's surgical nurses has a touch of flu; - he's asked for you to step in.
- No.
Um thank you.
Sorry, I'm just already swamped.
I've covered off your patients if that's what you're worried about.
No, it's just, um You know, maybe if somebody had asked me first, then I would have tried to Not a problem.
I've got Yana.
She scares everyone, so that kind of works.
As you were then.
Ohhh Uh, sorry.
I just need to grab something.
Sure, yeah, no problem.
- You know - I know.
You've seen the video? The senior nurses seem to raz you a lot; it doesn't bother you? I'm just the flavour of the month.
They'll get bored of me soon.
- Are you sure? - Seen it a million times.
In football, the senior guys had us do some pretty ridiculous stuff, but you realized the tougher they are on you, it's like the more they respect you.
Cute, but this isn't football.
Maybe you've heard the saying, "Nurses eat their young".
And they don't ever get bored or full, they just keep on eating.
Oh, um, and nice moves by the way.
Who doesn't love a man who can dance? Guys, I have big news! Hey.
I'm in.
I'm gonna be in the OR for Hamilton's surgery! Hello? Did you hear me? - This this is amazing, Naz.
- Yeah, that's wild.
- How did you pull that off? - I did my research, - pitched my case.
- So, you're just gonna be in there handing him stuff? Who'd want to do that? Me! Ha-ha! I would! Do you know how many brown women have been a part of Hamilton's permanent surgical teams? - None.
- Right, but this isn't permanent.
Uh, no, but it's a step.
You know, it may seem silly to you, but I want to achieve things that haven't been done before.
Like he said, "You challenge what's possible".
- Are you not happy for me? - No, I'm just making a point that maybe you shouldn't.
- Don't worry told everybody you're pregnant.
Out! I'm supposed to be in there surgery Sinead let me out of it.
It's not your fault.
Okay, you didn't know this would happen.
Didn't I? I saw the way he looked at her.
It was the same way he used to look at me.
And I ran.
Instead of standing next to Naz, I ran.
I feel like everywhere I've gone today, every room I've gone into, every corner I've turned; he's been there suffocating me.
She'll be on camera.
There were eyes all over the OR in the General, no one saw anything.
So what do you want to do? So, Golden Boy, probably never been in trouble your whole life.
Nah, not really.
Then why are you a nurse now, not NFL? Didn't think I recognized you? Mister MVP, hmm.
How you do nothing wrong and still end up here? Sorry to disappoint you, but here was always the plan.
Got a family of nurses: Mom, Grandma.
Football paid for school, but I was always gonna be here.
What a shame.
- I'm not apologizing for my choices.
- For having choices.
Really, man? You're gonna play that card? Says the guy with the full deck.
You know, this is getting tired.
You don't know me.
So what?! What do you want to do, hmm? - What? - Seriously? You're cuffed to a bed.
Hey, hey! Don't do that! Don't do that.
Just relax.
Banks, I need your help! - What happened? - He's bleeding.
I think his staples tore.
Get the oncall general surgeon.
I can keep him stable for now.
Go! You keep pressure on that, okay? - Mm-hmm.
- Good.
Hey, Molly, have you seen Sal around? He wasn't at the café.
Thought you would have heard.
Sal had a heart attack.
Yeah, nice try.
Same gag twice? I don't think so.
No, I just I just saw him.
Don't know what to tell you.
Bad things happen.
He's up in the ICU if you want to see him.
Um, can I talk to you in private? Don't worry about Sandy; she can't hear a thing.
Airbag walloped her good.
Probably deaf until tomorrow.
Right, Sandy? What? I'm sorry, I can't hear you! So what can I do for you? Um, I want in on the operation.
Sorry, love, that ship has sailed.
I know, Yana.
Think you could ask her for me? You are very welcome to go and ask Yana, and good luck with that.
Uh, Yana? I heard that you're filling in in the OR.
I actually was supposed to be in there, but then I couldn't.
But now I can.
It's a long story, I won't bore you with it.
Ummm But what do you say I I step back in? Is that a yes? Maybe.
What's in it for me? What do you want? Hmmm what's that on your feet? Wait.
What are you what are you trying to say, Sal? Could I could I get a I need a smoke! You're a horrible person.
You'll forgive me.
I did just have a coronary infarction.
Yeah, what the hell was that? I faked a heart attack for real, I guess, this time.
Plus, I I may have had a tiny, pre-existing heart condition I forgot to mention.
Yeah, you know, I kind of figured that by the balloon angioplasty you're scheduled for.
Listen, kid, I'm, uh I'm freaking out a little bit here.
Can you do something for me? There's some old friend of mine, I need you to get him here.
Yeah, of course.
Probably gonna tell you to screw off when he hears my name, but I can't die without speaking - to him.
- Sal, you're not gonna die.
Please, can you just do this for me? Okay? - Yeah, okay.
- Thank you.
Yana, I thought we agreed that I was gonna take your spot.
Yes, and I agreed to take Nadine's.
Okay, well, do I get my shoes back then? Grace! Hey, what are you doing here? Oh, I am, uh, just filling in.
- Really? - You didn't say anything.
I didn't know until now, that's all.
Nazneen, you're not nervous, are you? Good.
Nurse, I'm very happy to see that you changed your mind about joining us.
I'll see you in there.
Home cooks, imagine the pressure Hey, um, am I still able to take that Tuesday shift? Can I watch with my favourite nurses? Wolf-wolf? - E Dubs, buddy! - Danish? Yes, sir.
- Ashley? - No thanks.
- That's disgusting.
- Then why are you still eating? You know I'm a nervous eater.
- Resection of the root is completed.
We'll now begin suturing the aortic route for the patient's aortic valve.
Nazneen tell me why I need to be meticulous from placing sutures around the aortic valve.
Because you need to ensure the valve is tight enough - to avoid leakage.
- Excellent! Why don't you come and join me, take a closer look.
- Here for the show, Molly? - No, just the Danish.
It's a pretty cold prank you just pulled on Keon.
Are you getting mushy, Dr.
Wallace? How do our tadpoles become frogs if we don't yank their tails a little? You're a born leader.
You know Keon said he'd try to make it, but where's Grace? That's Grace right there.
No, it's not.
Where have I been? Okay.
Now, while I attach the graft to the aorta, do you see how that left ventricle needs supporting? - Yes.
- So why don't you get your hand in there.
Um I, uh Stepping in.
- Left ventricle supported.
Wow, she is reaching in.
Is Grace holding a freaking heart right now? - Yeah.
Isn't she lucky? - What's up? You think the same thing as me? The General's sponge count? Really, dude? You want to talk about your list of screw-ups? Okay, well you're the one who told me.
Why is the surgery such a big deal anyways? I don't get it.
Preserving the patients' valve instead of replacing it with a mechanical one would save them a lifetime of taking anticoagulant medication.
Lord help me if you all thought this is what I meant by adapt! Actually, yeah, I have to go, - Sal's visitors are here.
- Yeah, me too.
I know these pastries were you, pretty boy.
Molly, hey.
I was wondering if you're looking to get rid of any more shifts.
Ohhh, you know, I shouldn't, but I'm really digging all those four-day weekends you're giving me.
But I think it's best if we go 50-50.
Like, we each work half the shift? Adorable, but no.
You get the shift, I get half the money.
Oh, come on! Really? Or we could not do it.
Okay, deal.
Hey, Wolf.
Maybe I could set you up.
What are you talking about? Sounds like you're looking for a way to make some extra cash, right? Yeah.
I'm in a bit of a tough spot right now.
I'm behind on student loans, rent I take this expensive medication I can't afford.
But listen, if if you're in a bind, I might know somebody you can call, help you out.
I mean, this guy is not gonna take 50 points.
Yeah? Anyway, just just think it over.
Okay, yeah.
Doctor said you need food the meds you're on.
- You gotta eat.
- I'm good.
Discharge me and let's get on with it already.
I, uh I think they're keeping you overnight, make sure the staples don't reopen.
You know, I was, um I was reading that if you broke in somewhere, and you didn't take anything, - you probably won't - Take anything? How can I take what's already mine? - What do you mean? - It was my apartment, my things.
I lost my job, missed one month's rent, and the landlord evicted me, changed the locks before I knew it.
I ain't no burglar! Everything I had was in there: laptop, phone charger, clothes! I had a job waiting for me in Red Deer.
Thought if I could just get in and get my things, and then I cut myself on the window.
And for what? The landlord already emptied all my stuff out.
Cassius, I didn't know.
But wasn't there a friend or family or someone you could have called? That's it, Golden Boy, you think we all got that? I got news for you: it ain't all good.
I can't believe it's been 20 years since you've seen each other.
Yeah, you probably weren't even alive that long.
Listen, he's not in great shape, so just one visitor, please.
Yeah, sure, sure.
I'll I'll come back.
Get you guys in the waiting room, okay? - Yeah.
- I'll be right back, just wait.
I'll be there.
- Jasper.
- Hey, Sal.
You, uh you look like crap.
Ah, you were always a talker, you.
Man how did this happen? How did we let so much time go by? Honestly, I I don't even remember.
Well, I mean, you stopped talking to me.
You stopped talking to me when Denim Hut closed.
I stopped talking to you? Yeah.
You're seriously gonna bring up the Hut? I didn't bring it up; you asked me a question, I answered.
We should have expanded! - You were too stubborn! - And you always blamed me, huh, when it was you and your terrible taste! - Uh, guys, I think - Denim Hut would have had - 50 stores if it weren't for you! - Ha! I don't even know why I came here! Why did I come here?! You are a miserable putz, and you're never gonna change! - Not ever! - So leave! Who's stopping you? Huh? - Okay.
- Yeah, get lost! - Great seeing you! - Don't let the door hit you - in the ass on the way out! - Bye! Yeah.
What the hell was that?! Ah, that Thanks.
I see you're half devoured already.
Nurses finally get to you? It's my patient.
I just keep stepping in over this guy.
Everything I do or say is wrong.
Maybe you're trying too hard.
So try less? No.
Just let him tell you.
- Trust me, he's not gonna tell me anything.
- Oh, Keon So I'm divorced, yay, but when it first happened, I was all over the place kid, career, had no idea how to do it but my brother just kept showing up at my house with food every day just to make sure I ate.
It sounds small, but it was everything.
It's not always the complicated things.
Okay, I hear you.
Thanks for this.
Sorry - It's fine.
- Dr.
You you want me to get that for you? Don't worry, all my teammates used to come to me for their back.
Where is it bugging you? Upper middle? - Yeah.
- Yeah, okay, just Alright.
- Reach around you here.
- Okay.
Slight lift - Good? - Yeah.
- I heard the crack.
- Ha-ha-ha! Thanks.
So, explain this to me again.
You and Jasper had a business together? Yeah, Denim Hut.
High-end jeans.
I can't even with that name, but you had a falling out, you don't speak for 20 years, but then you bring him here just to have the same fight? You know what? You wouldn't understand.
I need a smoke.
What? You think I haven't lost people to stupid crap? Sal, I understand.
- What do you want me to do? - I don't know, - Sal, anything? - You saw him, right? He hates me! He came here.
He showed up.
Like, if that's not a peace offering I don't know, kid it's too late now.
So that's it? Goodbye 20 more years? Look, even if it is too late, shouldn't you still try or do you want to live your life forever regretting? Alright.
Your count, Yana.
- Triple checked.
All clear.
- Excellent.
Let's proceed with the close, Grace.
Sterile swabs have been removed, Manubrium and xiphoid are well approximated.
Pull together.
And I will twist the wires and clip them when they're tightened.
Good job, everyone.
Excellent work today.
That was amazing! Hey.
Greatest artist of all time? Oh, uh Rod Stewart? Ding-ding! You may proceed.
So, what's your song, man? Your favourite Rod song? Probably Maggie May.
"Maggie May".
Yeah, that's the answer I get most often.
I'm more of a Downtown Train guy myself.
You know, originally written by Tom Waits but indisputably a Rod classic.
- Wolf, yeah? - Yeah.
Listen, this ain't no chop shop, man.
I only do the real deal.
Nothing gets stepped on.
I'm referrals only.
You know, Red vouched for you.
So, I'd like to see what you got for me.
- Wait, for you? - Yeah.
Red said you wanted in.
No, no, no, no.
Red said that you could fill my prescription.
Ah Bummer.
Always on the lookout to partner up with someone in your field.
Still, it's no problem.
What's your script, man? You know what, man? Uh, let me think about it.
- Just let me think about it.
- Sure, champ.
I'll see you again, Maggie May! I've never been so turned on in my life! - Grace - Hmm? Don't think I didn't realize what you did in there.
The heart? I know, Naz, I know.
Look, I'm Let me explain.
Thank you.
I wasn't ready for that.
I thought I was in there to just watch and smarty-pant points, and then he tries to give me a heart.
I was freaking out.
Trust me, you were not the only one.
Are you kidding me? You were so calm.
Oh, it's like riding a bike, I guess.
We should celebrate.
- Drinks after? - Yes! Hell yes! Yana, you want to join us for drinks later? Hmm I'll drink, but I'm not buying.
Hey, Cassius.
Man, what don't you understand about leaving me alone? Sorry.
Look, Cassius, I messed up.
Alright? I saw cuffs, I heard break-in, and I decided who you were off that.
And I'm sorry.
We're not different, just fighting different battles.
Great speech, what do you want me to say? Nothing.
And I'm not gonna bother you anymore.
I just brought some stuff for you.
The gift shop's pretty limited, but there's some toiletries, phone charger, some energy bars, drinks and, it's not a lot, but it's enough for a bus ticket to Red Deer and some food, stuff along the way.
Oh, uh I'm going to jail, man.
Actually, I spoke to my friend, Detective Walker, told him the rundown.
Your landlord did you in.
He evicted you illegally.
He's working on your release right now.
Last thing, it is hella cold where you're going.
Man, come on, I can't take your jacket.
I'm Golden Boy, remember? I got lots of 'em.
The phone number's in the pocket just in case, Okay? I'll let you know when the detective's here.
Keon Yo.
Aren't you getting soft on me? Ha! - Thank you, man.
- Take care of that jacket.
- I will.
- Alright.
Thank you for coming back, Jasper.
Now, Sal has something he wants to say.
- It was my fault.
- Unbelievable! I don't care about the Denim Hut.
I don't care whose fault it was.
Maybe you haven't heard, but I started a whole other chain.
- It's called Jeeeanius.
- Jeeeanius! You're gonna throw that in my face now too, huh?! Hey, Sal! Look, we talked about this: no more getting worked up.
And, Jasper, why did you come here tonight? Because I-I don't know.
I I I I just wanted To see your friend? Do you know what Sal said to me after he had a freaking heart attack? He thought he was dying, and the only person in the world he asked for was you.
Nobody else.
Okay? So, guys, enough with the stupid jean store names already.
Jas, I'm sorry.
No, Sally, I'm sorry.
You know, I wanted to call you a bunch of times over the years, and I would have, but I just I could never get past my own guilt or shame.
You know I can't I don't even know what from anymore.
Who cares? It doesn't even matter.
I just I just I want to put all this behind us.
Yeah, I'd like that.
Yeah, so we can get on with the rest of our lives and be like family again.
I mean, you got a godson sitting down there in the waiting room you haven't - even met yet for Christ's sake! - Let's fix that, huh? Hahaha! - Yeah? Alright! - Come on! Alright! Are you following me, Doctor? Expecting somebody? Nope.
Hmm! Actually looks pretty good in here, Kiki.
- Nice job! - Thanks, Molly.
What? Nothing.
It's nothing.
Okay Well I just wanted to say I saw you and Cassius, you big softie.
What did you say to him? - Not really anything.
- So, he just hugged you spontaneously? Did you up his morphine - or something? - No, I just tried to do like you said, you know? Put myself in his shoes, just help out.
And then he choked up, I choked up; don't tell anybody.
That's really nice.
You're a good guy.
It's still bugging you? Mm-hmm.
Want me to get it again? Okay.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
I can see why they missed you in the OR.
You were awesome in there.
Don't sound so surprised.
You watched the whole thing? Oh yeah.
Oh, I love that stuff.
It's it's hard to pass up.
Did you want to be a surgeon or something? Once upon a time I thought so.
I'll tell you about it over a drink sometime? Yeah.
Actually, um, Naz and Yana and some of us are gonna hit up the Sterling tonight.
If you want to join Yeah.
It sounds great.
I'll see you.
I'm gonna roll to you first.
Got him.
Hey, man, where have you been hiding? I'm not hiding.
Naz, don't be mad, I missed you in the OR today.
That's okay.
I was really just a spectator with expensive seats.
- Do you guys need an extra set of hands? - We're all good over here.
Back to you in one, two, three.
I got booked for one of those psych things with Rori tomorrow; - how did yours go? - It went great.
It went great.
He came out of Dr.
Niven's office like he'd just seen a murder.
Okay, do I wish I would have spoken to Grace beforehand? Yes, because she probably already did this stuff at the General.
It's actually smart.
We should get her to tell us what other woowoo to expect.
I want to know all the woowoo secrets.
Yeah, I don't know.
Maybe maybe don't bother her - about that stuff.
- All done.
Sham, shouldn't you be sleeping? How did you know I wasn't sleepy? - I'm a witch.
- Cool! What happened to your shoes? I had to trade them.
It's okay, it was for a friend.
- These ones aren't so bad.
- No? Not as fancy.
But you could squeeze Owly.
Thank you.
Now, let's get you to sleep.
For real this time.
- See you in the morning, okay? Can we outrun our past? Or is the problem with running that you get tired? You get tired of hiding.
Tired of trying to be what everyone expects you to be.
Maybe running is not the answer.
Because sooner or later, you gotta ask yourself: why run when you can dance? - Yeah.
- Yeah, she got my dance.
You've got to hyper.
You gotta go hyper, like hey, hey! Wow!- Come on! Come on! Yeah! Ohhh, hey, hey! Hey, that's right! Watch an all new Nurses, next Monday on Global.

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