Nurses (2020) s01e08 Episode Script

Achilles Heel

1 I'm never the one to speak for my I'm never the one to take my time "Patient presents reduced Dorsiflexion in the foot after being hit in the leg with a baseball bat.
Which nerve is injured?" Femoral! Peroneal.
Okay, now that that is what I meant.
"Name the major parasympathetic neurotransmitter for postganglionic fibers".
- Ah.
- Acetylcholine.
You didn't even look at the card.
Cards are for people who don't know the answers.
Okay, give me that.
Hey, no, I got it.
Hey, no, I have to see if you're playing fast and loose with the facts.
- Wow! Okay.
- I thought the MCATs were hard, but med school is like doing them every week.
You could ask for an extension.
You've had a death in the family.
I'll do it, yeah, yeah No.
My, uh my cousin will want me to keep going with this.
How do you even know about this stuff anyway? I studied every medical book I could get my hands on, so I could understand all the rules - and how we work together.
- Why aren't you a doctor? I'm wise to your avoidance tactics.
"What's a normal pC02?" Clock's ticking.
In medicine, we're trained to be fixers.
You have a problem, we have a decision tree that leads - straight to the solution.
- Code blue.
7 north, 2-3.
Code blue.
Ezriel Schiff struck by a car on a crosswalk.
Fractured femur, possible arterial damage.
- He's been flirting with shock.
- Definite arterial damage; - why isn't he in a tourniquet? - It was stable at the time, - I didn't want to lose the leg.
- Better than his life.
I know it hurts, Ezriel, but we're gonna take care of you, okay? - It's all my fault.
- No, no.
Pedestrians have right of way.
No, he hit me because I skipped temple to play basketball.
Are you saying to me he did this to you on purpose? Yes.
God, He's punishing me.
Three, two, one, gah! Who agrees to race a football star? Ah! Aaah! Done! - Argh! - And I shaved six seconds off our record even with your pass interference.
I should've never agreed to a rematch.
Consistency is the key to excellence.
I have room for a surgical trainee to assist in my appendectomy today.
I have a mother in active labour, I can't leave her alone.
I'll talk to your charge nurse and get your patients covered.
That's not necessary, really.
- It's no problem, Nazneen.
- She said no.
Is there a problem, Nurse? Sure you have more important things to do than coach Naz in your surgery.
We all know how that ends.
I really am just busy today, Doctor.
That's a shame.
This was a good opportunity for you.
Hey, Grace.
If you want to report Dr.
Hamilton for sexual assault, I read up on a few successful cases.
Any of them first-year nurses against the CEO of a hospital? Well, no, but there was a lot of things in common.
Like, we got witnesses, we got paper trails, we got lawyers.
- We got a lot of lawyers.
- Okay, wait.
Say we really pissed off Sinead, what is the worst thing she can do to us? I don't know, like endless night shifts hands down.
Wait, no, she can fire us.
She can fire us.
Hamilton already had me fired once, remember? If I do this, if timing is everything.
He cannot see it coming.
Hamilton knows you're talking.
What?! But that's impossible.
How? I told him.
- Here's that sample you ordered.
- I didn't order What's up? - Maya? - Yeah.
I'm Keon.
Uh, says here - your parents are out of town.
- Yeah, Singapore.
When I turned 18, I finally convinced them to go.
They've always been too freaked out to travel because of my thing.
Your chronic kidney disease? - Mm-hmm.
- I stayed over just in case.
Everything was fine, and then she just collapsed.
I called Maya's mom, and she sent us straight to the ER.
The doctor's gonna want to talk to your mother.
I convinced her not to jump on the first flight home until we knew more.
What is it? Your lab results indicate hemodynamic instability.
What does that mean? It means Maya's kidney stopped responding to dialysis.
She needs a transplant, and the sooner the better.
Wait So how much time do we have? Uh, doctors always said I won't survive a week off dialysis.
It's not my job to put a number on that.
But I guess I better call my parents.
Maya needs a new kidney; I've got two.
Test me.
I'll be back.
I need more blood.
Does Surgery know we're coming? No, you can't.
I can't go to surgery! I know it's scary, but we have a great surgical team here.
- Will they cut off my leg? - We're a little bit more - focused on your life right now, bud.
- You don't understand.
I'm training for the Maccabiah Games in Israel; if God takes my leg, I won't be able to play.
Promise me.
I'm not going in there unless you promise me.
I promise we won't cut off your leg.
What a mess.
Okay, let's get him into the OR.
Donating an organ is a big deal, so you've been assigned your own medical team to advocate for you.
Who's gonna advocate for Maya? My job is to support you in what you need independent of your friend.
Where are your parents? I don't want to alarm my mom until I have to.
Give me time to formulate my pitch, you know.
We will need her approval to donate.
There are some long-term risks that we all need to consider.
A procedure like this can cause complications.
I don't care about the risks.
Maya is my best friend.
We met in first grade.
I used to beat her up and take her lunch money.
No, really.
It was not my best look.
And then one day, Maya cut me a deal: she said if I let her keep her money that she would sit and eat lunch with me.
- Once a week.
- Haha! Which is all I really wanted anyway.
How did she figure that out? She gets me.
Always has.
I need her to be okay.
Ash, I need some advice.
I'm kind of like in this situation.
I don't know how much help I'm gonna be.
I've already broken rule number one this morning.
Never mix coffee cups with the urine cups.
Never promise your patient anything and definitely don't promise to save them from God's wrath.
What if he wakes up with one leg? Whoever this patient is, you need to transfer him.
You make bad choices around religion.
- I do not! - Remember our road trip? You threw a Gideon Bible at a motel clerk, and we had to sleep in the car.
That was different; he was trying to convert us.
He's lucky all I threw at him was a Bible.
- No, this is your blind spot, Ash.
- I'm already in neck-deep.
Well, good luck with that.
Wait, what was that thing that you needed my advice on? Well, you know what? I'm gonna risk it with my own compromised judgement.
Thank you very much.
Incoming mom.
Only 21 weeks into her pregnancy, - possible signs of labour.
- Is 21 weeks even viable? 21-weekers have a 90% mortality rate, but if we can buy another week, we triple her chances.
Otherwise, all we can provide the baby is comfort care.
- "Comfort care"? - That's the current policy.
Get her on magnesium and corticosteroids.
We need to do everything we can to make sure she does not go into labour.
Code pink! Page NICU, RT.
I need an incubator warmed up right now! And get me a peds bag and mask! Carol! Naz, stay with Mom.
Delivering this early, likely to preeclampsia, - and I'm not losing her too.
- She's not crying! What's happening? Isn't she supposed to be crying? - Tell me she's okay! - She's fading.
- How's old the baby? - Too young to resuscitate.
Please, you have to save her.
She was fine until until today.
In this hospital, the baby's born at 21 weeks, there's nothing we can do except provide comfort care.
What is that? We make the dying process as painless as possible.
What?! I'm supposed to just let my baby die?! Are you sure about her age? She's not 22 weeks? She's 22 weeks.
I swear! She's 22 weeks! Baby's 22 weeks! I did the math, she's 22 weeks old.
I thought she looked big for 21 weeks.
Prep to intubate for oscillator! And where is NICU? - Okay, come on.
- You, I will deal with you later.
I'm Dr.
Are you Ezriel's father? He saved my leg.
Thank you, Nurse.
You had a compound comminuted fracture, so we repaired your artery and stabilized the break.
The Creator giving you a second chance.
You know, God or the miracle of modern medicine.
We'll have you back on the court in no time.
You went to the basketball court instead of shul? Answer me please.
I know you warned me that basketball will Will take you away from your shiva, away from your studies, yes.
You'll have the next couple of months to hit the books hard.
What with the physio - and surgery.
- And a bone graft.
Uh, more surgery? The graft, where does it come from? It's called an allobone graft; harvested from a deceased donor.
You want to put a dead leg inside of me?! Dead goyim leg from anyone? - An Arab? A woman? - Or, God forbid, an Arab woman.
Look, you can't be lugging this metal cage around - No.
I don't consent.
- Ezriel, without this next step, you will never walk properly again.
Which means forget about basketball.
Which is obviously what He wants.
It's God who heals what He creates.
Lexi's not a match? How did you know? You get used to the bad-news face.
You need an O negative kidney; Lexi is a B negative.
I'm so sorry.
I shouldn't have gotten your hopes up.
I have been sick for years, and no one else has ever offered me a kidney.
- What's next? - We just keep our eye - on the transplant list.
- I have a week.
We both know my number's not getting called.
Uh look, my parents land tomorrow, so you should get back to school.
Don't you sit around this awful place waiting for me to kick it.
That is the stupidest thing I've ever heard.
I'm not leaving you.
I wish I could say the same thing.
I hear you have a rare B neg kidney.
Uh, yeah.
My patient wants to save her friend, but the recipient is O neg.
I taught you better than that.
Step back and take a God's eye view.
Lexi Grant just gave you exactly what you need.
I have a domino set up and ready to go.
It just needs a B neg kidney to kick it off.
So, if Lexi donates her kidney to the domino, then Maya gets the kidney that she needs? Yeah.
As long as the HLA testing is compatible.
What do I have to do to make it happen? I'll take care of it.
Oh! By the way, I could use your help with something.
What exactly? I need your help to put an end to those rumours about me.
- Rumours? - I know that last surgery really shook you up, and you're still making sense of it.
But you know me, I'm not a bad guy.
So if I do this for you and trigger this domino, whatever that story is will go away, right? Yeah, of course.
Kyle, is one of the many patients, waiting for a kidney.
His mom was tested, but she's not a match.
- And I know how she feels.
- But there is a patient who Kyle's mom does match at City General.
So if she donates to another patient, then we can build a domino chain long enough to loop all the way back to Kyle again.
- Wow! - Dr.
Hamilton needs a B negative kidney, like yours, to close the loop.
You donate your kidney to Kyle, and then Maya gets a kidney from someone else in the domino.
So Maya doesn't get my kidney, - but she gets someone's kidney? - That's right.
And with your kidney, we can save six lives this way.
For this to work, the surgery needs to happen almost immediately.
Yeah, I'm in.
What do I have to do? Well, this is the part where you need your mom's okay.
She doesn't even know I'm here yet.
Uh Hey, Red, how's your day going? Huh? Right.
So - What the hell is this? - Okay, man.
You already paid me for the stuff I gave you, we're good.
This is your advance on your next delivery, okay? A little something to inspire expediency.
- That was a one time thing.
- Haven't you seen any movie ever? Once you're in, - you're in.
- Look, man, I was desperate; that doesn't mean I'm gonna be syphoning drugs for you.
Look at my face.
I know I look soft and cuddly, I get it, but my bosses, not so much.
Red Shit.
The preemie is stable for now.
Mom? Resting, trying to get her strength up - to visit her baby this evening.
- If her baby lives that long.
I know she has an uphill battle ahead of her The reason we don't resort to medical intervention with 21-weekers is because the procedures are extremely painful, and most of the time, they still die.
So we just throw in the towel? Ebola has a 10% survival rate; should we just send the patients home?! A micro preemie can't consent, and it can't say no.
They cry for us to stop, but don't know why we're hurting them.
Some people think comfort care is the most compassionate medicine.
But what do you think? There's no easy answer.
But her lungs are two little rocks, and she's got a hole in her heart; you're walking Mom through next steps.
Naz a mother's instincts, nothing beats them.
So when did my daughter start talking about donating - a kidney? - Her surgeon's in there, - he'll answer any questions you have.
- Thank you.
You're okay working with Dr.
Hamilton again? Why did you have to tell him? I just I just thought if he knew someone was watching, he'd think twice - about trying anything else.
- Who exactly is watching? A couple of junior nurses? I didn't mean to make things worse.
He traded me this domino to put an end to the rumours about him.
Now he's trying to silence you? - Grace, you can't let him win.
- He already has.
But if Maya's gonna get the kidney she needs, then maybe some good can come of it.
Where's your father? He went to see if there's anything kosher in the vending machine.
There's barely anything edible in there.
Look, without this surgery, your leg will heal six inches shorter.
You will never be able to play basketball again.
How can I live with myself knowing I went against God? And my father, he'll never accept me.
So, this isn't just about God.
You're worried you'll disappoint your dad.
In First Samuel, King David was starving.
He went into the temple and ate the bread of Presence off of the altar.
Now, that was the holiest of bread, it belonged to God, but He understood that David had a human need that superseded devotion.
God will understand this too.
He heals, but He also forgives.
- Interesting theory.
- Aba.
The nurse knows First Samuel, very illuminating.
I'd like to hear more.
The nurse is right here.
He can't acknowledge you.
Well, in that case, I have other patients.
If you'll excuse me.
You could end up on dialysis or even on the transplant list yourself.
Any major surgery requires recovery time.
For some patients, it can take up to a year.
- Whose side are you on? - If you do this, it means to be in full appreciation of the risks.
The possibility of damage to the nearby organs, some patients have allergic reactions - But I'm healthy.
- It's true, - Lexi is a strong candidate.
- Sweetheart, you're 17, and you have your whole life ahead of you.
If you do this, it could cost you 10 years.
If Maya doesn't get a kidney, she dies now.
I'm sorry.
My answer's no.
You're telling me, you've never convinced a parent, to let a kid undergo a risky treatment? When it was in the patient's best interest.
But for an elective surgery, you don't stand a chance.
Lexi's gonna turn 18 next year, and then she won't need permission, but Maya's not gonna live that long.
My kids are the reason I got sober.
No way I'd let Ella donate a kidney.
If I give the okay and she ended up with organ damage or worse And what if Ella needed the kidney? Hmm? Then, I'd move heaven and earth to get it to her.
I can't cry in front of Maya, so Believe me, I have cried in this bathroom.
These walls can hold a lot.
I just can't handle this feeling.
The fix, it's right here, but I can't You're doing all the right things.
She's still gonna die.
I can drive at 17; how many kids die in car accidents? And yet somehow, I'm not old enough to know that saving Maya's life it's worth the risk.
Hmmm there might be one last thing we could try.
It's called a consent and capacity hearing.
You're taking me to court? - Is this a joke? - It's not court, - it's a mediation.
- They'll hear Lexi's side first - and then yours.
- My daughter could die on that table.
This is how the hospital resolves disagreements - about medical care.
- This is not a disagreement! It's not even a discussion! Lexi, I'm in charge until you're 18! Which the board will take into consideration.
- Oh, what - If she dies, and I could have done something to help her, I will never forgive you.
I don't care if you don't like me as long as you're safe.
Before we were friends, I was I was so angry.
I had no one.
Mom, she saved my life.
I'm your mom, baby, not hers.
If the board sides with you, then I will accept their decision, but I have to try.
Bella's boyfriend.
- Got here as fast as I could.
- Nazneen, her nurse.
Your baby was born very early.
I'm afraid the odds are not in her favour.
There are some things that we can do to improve her chances, but we need to decide right now what level of intervention you're prepared to take.
She's not breathing properly, so she's on a oscillator.
But she'll need surgery.
It's invasive and very painful.
But this surgery, it'll save her life? It may keep her alive for a couple of days, but she'll need a string of procedures like this Stop.
Someone in the NICU said that she only has a 10% chance.
10% and she'll be suffering the whole time.
To be clear, she won't survive without this operation.
But with it, - we're not sure either? - We don't have much experience treating preemies this small.
We're gonna torture her, and then she's gonna die.
That's cruel.
- So we leave her to die? - No.
No, no.
She'll be with us.
And we'll be together as a family until she She'll know that we love her.
What if she's a fighter - and then we let her go? - How do we live with ourselves knowing that we made her last hours hell? But she still has a chance! Maybe, but Whatever.
I won't be a part of this.
She is fighting for her life, and you won't even have my back? We can try again.
Stay with us.
I'm sorry.
I'm here to convince the sick to let me heal them on the Lord's behalf, and to check your vitals.
Thank you.
I'm sorry to cause you so much trouble.
I should have just gone to temple like we agreed, Aba.
Loyalty to our community is how we express our loyalty to the Almighty.
He was trying to get your attention.
Or maybe you got hit by a car because some people shouldn't be driving.
She doesn't think He has anything to do with this? No, she thinks God delivered your son into hands that can help.
Look, you're not gonna - turn into a pillar of salt.
- Job was also tested.
Except nobody's testing anybody here; - it was an accident.
- Nothing is an accident.
I'm grateful my son is alive, I am, but a leg is not a life.
As a father, I want what's best for him, and that includes his eternal soul.
Look, you love your son, I can see that, without a bone graft, Ezriel will never walk properly again.
Whether our actions are in alignment with His teachings is meaningless if they're not made of our free will.
This choice is up to you.
Trust in medicine or in prayer.
This domino could save six lives, but each transplant is dependent on the next.
He's been waiting on a miracle from someone who cares just a little bit.
Someone like Lexi Grant.
You have raised a daughter who is independent and empathetic and wise beyond her physical age.
She's lived with Maya through all the ups and downs of her chronic illness, and she fully appreciates the risks of what she's asking to do.
I'd like to ask the board to consider that, and that we respect this young woman's autonomy.
- Any word from the hearing? - Not yet.
But there are a whole lot of people who care about you trying really hard to make the right decision.
It doesn't matter if they rule against me.
If there's a kidney out in the world for me, Lexi will find it.
She's certainly leaving no stone unturned.
Lexi needs to do everything she can.
What about what you need? I needed a kidney for a long time doesn't mean I'm gonna get one.
Must be hard having this big thing you need - taking up all the attention.
- I trust Lexi.
She's the only person I've ever met that never lies to me.
They ruled in your favour! Haha! - You paged me? - Yeah.
Approval forms linking Lexi to the domino.
Just needs your signature.
We knocked the hearing out of the park.
Now comes the fun part.
Thanks to your persuasive flair, I'm sure.
Well, the board loved me.
They make a great audience.
This is a non-disclosure agreement.
Yeah, that's standard procedure between two hospitals that are collaborating.
Protects both parties from throwing the other under the bus should something go wrong.
But this covers every surgery that I've ever done with you.
Sure, but you agreed to this before we started the domino.
Did we have this conversation? Our handshake? The surgery was my side of the deal; now it's yours.
Are you having trouble remembering? No.
No, my memory is perfect.
I got a page to triage.
A patient asked for you by name.
Ashley! Hi! - Ohhh - What's wrong? You look - fine actually.
- I'm in town shopping for your sister's dress, and I thought, "Why don't I just drop by and see you in your element".
This is a hospital.
For sick people.
I know, but you haven't returned any of my calls.
I know, I-I know.
It's been I've been busy.
I'm sorry.
Well, Christa's wedding is two weeks away.
You'll be there? I don't have my my schedule yet; it's hard to know with work.
You love your sister.
You wouldn't miss her wedding for a job, right? Yeah, this is, uh I-I can't do this right now, Mom.
People are dying on my shift.
- Alright, okay.
- When would be a good time? Because I drove all the way into town just to see you.
I thought you were here shopping for a wedding dress.
I have a break in 15.
- Meet me in the café.
- Sure.
That side will be very tender after the surgery.
You may not be able to lift that arm for a couple of months afterwards.
Remember, this is scary for her too.
I'm sorry I disobeyed you.
I had to.
You know, the first time that I rushed you to the ER, I thought "What is wrong with me, letting my 3-year-old play on the monkey bars?" - But I loved the monkey bars.
- I know.
And when I stopped boosting you up, you would just ask a stranger to help you instead.
I guess I am pretty predictable.
I like to think unstoppable.
Uh, which kidney are they going to be taking? I was actually going to mark it for the surgeon.
If you would like to help me.
Anywhere here is fine.
Alright, let's get this party started.
My daughter loves that film; - I should get her the book.
- She can have mine.
Ah, you don't need to do that.
No, really, I just finished it.
She'll love it.
You don't even know her.
She can give my book a second life.
Like you're giving me.
Okay, Maya, I'm gonna take you down to surgery.
And your parents will be there when you wake up.
- Lexi! - Hey.
- You're ready for this? - Mm-hmm.
It's the last chance to change your mind.
Let's go kick some kidney ass.
So, why are you so eager to welcome this guy into our family? He's so boring.
That's a mean thing to say about your brother-in-law.
He's over at the house every weekend fixing something.
So that's all it takes? Would that have worked with all of the girls that I've liked too? Hmm, you know what? Let's not talk on empty stomachs.
Heavenly Father, we thank you for what we are about to receive.
Shower Ashley with your love, remind her that you have a plan for her.
She has so much to offer in service to you, Lord, and I just ask that you help her find happiness.
What was that? What was that, Mom? You were always such a happy child.
Remember? I just want you to be happy.
You know, I-I am happy.
I've worked really hard to build my life; you just you-you don't want to see the things that make me happy - or the people.
- Okay.
I don't give you enough credit.
Thank you.
I see you in those scrubs working in this big hospital, and this is God's work.
I brag about you to all my friends.
And the truth is we're all sinners, but you're still the daughter that I raised.
You're right, I am.
So all of this shame, this feeling that deep-down no matter what I do, there is something wrong with me for who I love that's your voice in my head, Mom.
It doesn't belong to me.
I usually call my sisters for advice about women, but I can't get ahold of any of 'em, and I'm kind of in a bind.
Dude, I know I'm pretty, but come on.
Shut up, okay? Man, I I totally blew it today with Grace.
I never should have said anything to Dr.
Look, I don't know what Grace is going through, but when I was a sick kid, friends would send my dad helpful suggestions.
Like tips on parenting? Nope.
Like tips on leukemia: diets, yoga, shark cartilage.
What they didn't understand is that we were going through that every day or that no outsider was gonna find a solution within five minutes of Googling cancer that we hadn't already tried.
Was there anything friends could have done to actually help? Honestly? Just hanging out with me while everything sucked would have made things a little less scary.
I can do that.
My man.
- My surgical team, they're done.
- Congrats, man! Yeah, yeah.
Thank you! Did it work? - You were brilliant.
- I need to see her.
- I'll see if she's awake.
- Okay.
What? Maya, she didn't make it.
- How is she doing? - She's stable.
Any word from Maya's surgical team? It's not clear yet, but they had problems ventilating her.
Couldn't oxygenate her.
How did all of this go sideways? Grace, make damn sure Lexi knows she did everything right.
Where's Maya? - Maya didn't wake up.
- What do you mean? She suffered a pulmonary arrest - during surgery.
- No.
She didn't make it, sweetie, I'm so sorry.
Why? I'm so sorry.
Just put two fingers on her chest, she'll know - you're here.
- Will I hurt her? Skin-on-skin therapy is the best tool we have to heal micro preemies.
All these machines, did I do the right thing? I know my baby is dying but what am I supposed to do? There's a little girl in San Antonio born at 21 weeks.
The doctors had to revive her twice.
She survived a heart operation, and then both her lungs collapsed.
She had five blood transfusions But she just started the first grade, and she's fine.
At 9 p.
, your baby will have made it through the first 12 hours and that's huge.
Uh, hey.
Dev Do you need more help studying for your exams? No, no, I came to see you.
I'd I'd like to take you out to dinner.
Like as a friend or a date? Or a thank you for all your help.
But mostly a date, yeah.
I'd like that.
There is one thing I've been thinking about.
You asked me why I'm not a doctor.
Yeah, yeah.
You're smart enough.
So, nursing is for people who can't cut it in med school? No.
Hey, look, uh doctors are nothing without nurses, but nurses are support staff.
My job isn't to support you, Dev; it's to support my patients.
What if it was the worst day of your life and no one cared? Like, people ignore you, walk on by or they fire empty clichés, like, "You'll get through it" as they back away.
You need so much for someone to just look you in the eye and say, "You're right, this is shit, it hurts, but it's okay if you fall apart a little because I've got you".
The day Veer OD'ed, the doctors abandoned us because there was nothing they could do to fix it.
Yeah, I was so scared.
But then you were there.
Because I'm a nurse.
I thought we had this one.
I know.
I thought Maya was out of the woods, that all we had to do was get her to surgery.
The hearing, the transplant, all of that and none of it mattered.
Hey, that's not true.
Five people went home healthy because of Lexi's bravery.
- Just not her person.
- No.
Not her person.
Grace, I was wrong about Dr.
You're the expert here, so whatever you need to do or not do, I'm in your corner.
I just got my life back, but pretending like nothing happened is killing me.
I feel you because no matter what you do, you're screwed.
Then if you're screwed either way, Grace, you can just do whatever you want.
What do we do when we can't save someone? When faced with a battle that can't be won? How do we put one foot in front of the other knowing it can't be fixed? Can we be brave enough to walk with someone wherever their journey leads? Can we be strong enough to hold them when their world is ending? Can we be soft enough to love the person left behind even if that person is yo? All we can do is our best.
Grace, that's mine.
No, it's not.
Grace, give it to me.
Grace! Grace! Watch an all new Nurses, next Monday on Global.

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