NYPD Blue s01e01 Episode Script


Detective Sipowicz, tell the court how you arrested Mr.
This past August 27, I was surveilling the defendant, as he is a known felon.
During the surveillance I observed the defendant's car having a flat tire.
He got out and opened the trunk.
I approached the car, identified myself as a police officer and through casual observation I saw 27 cartons of cigarettes which did not have tax stamps.
I ascertained it was his car, gave him his rights and took him into custody.
- Nothing further, Your Honor.
SlNCLAlR: Detective Sipowicz you testified that the cigarettes for which you arrested my client were in plain sight in his trunk when he opened it to get out a jack? - Right.
- Now there were seven nails in Mr.
Giardella's right rear radial.
That wouldn't exactly produce a slow leak.
Yet you say, during several hours of antecedent surveillance you saw no one damage his tire.
I was surveilling Mr.
Giardella, not his car.
He stopped at Niglio's Coffeehouse.
Maybe some urban youths did mischief to his vehicle during that time frame.
SlNCLAlR: Your Honor, justified or not the reputation of the neighborhood around Niglio's Coffeehouse is such that urban youths do not tend to do mischief in its environs.
Maybe he drove past a construction site.
SlNCLAlR: However, Sipowicz here has a vendetta against Mr.
I submit the true scenario is that while my client stopped at Niglio's Sipowicz hammered nails into his tire to cause a flat so when Mr.
Giardella stopped to get out a spare he could circumvent probable- cause statutes and go fishing inside Mr.
Giardella's trunk.
Move to suppress the evidence as tainted and dismiss the complaint.
- And the construction- site theory? - Pathetic.
SlPOWlCZ: That a dead rat on your head? KELLY: Hey, hey, hey, hey.
GIARDELLA: Make some bad wig jokes.
Meanwhile, I'm walking out the door.
You clear $90 a day? Here, go buy some clean socks.
- I'm gonna burn you down, smalltimer.
- Come on.
KELLY: Lay off.
- No, that hump rubs me the wrong way.
- I'll make his life miserable.
- And bury your career.
- They already held that service, John.
KELLY: Andy.
District Attorney, you prosecuted the crap out of that one.
- I went with the crap I had.
- Are you saying I queered his tire? I'd say,"Res ipsa loquitur, " if I thought you knew what it meant.
Hey,"ipsa" this, you pissy little bitch.
Pilot KELLY: Hey, guys.
MARTINEZ: How you doing, detective? KELLY: Good morning.
LlCALSl: Morning.
CLERK: Detective Kelly.
KELLY: Hey, sarge.
Thank you.
- Where's Sipowicz? KELLY: Lieutenant.
He's on an errand.
FANCY: My office.
I heard he flipped out in court.
You need to think about a new partner.
Lieutenant, I know Sipowicz is messing up, but he's gonna come out of it.
I realize how you feel about him.
Both of us know where he is.
And it's not running an errand.
He's at Patrick's, getting loaded.
Andy was a great cop.
Now he's a drunk that won't help himself.
- I'm taking him off the street.
- Don't do that yet.
Let me talk to him.
Let me see if I can shake him up.
That asshole, Giardella.
He can wear all the $ 1 000 suits he wants, I'm not impressed.
I popped him when he rolled drunks in the park, and he knows I did.
- You know where he's gonna be tonight? - The best table at Gianinni's.
You're damn right.
Telling a broad how his lawyer made me look like a jerk.
Leon, hurt me twice.
This has gotta stop, Andy.
- What's gotta stop? - You're getting stiff every afternoon.
I don't recall requesting any career counseling from you.
When was the last time you tried going on the wagon? When was the last time you tried growing tits? - Let's talk in the morning.
- No, let's talk now.
I think we should call it quits.
- Meaning what? - Meaning us being partners.
Yeah, sure.
Get bored at home, you dump your wife.
Problems at work, dump your partner.
I didn't dump her, she dumped me.
And secondly, I've been carrying you.
We both know it.
Every cop in the station knows it.
And I'm sick of it.
All right, you wanna split up? That's no problem.
That's no problem at all.
- Get your hands off of me! - Let's go somewhere.
Get your hands off of me! - Let's go get something to eat.
- I can't.
I'm on rug patrol tonight.
- Andy, come here.
- Get away from me.
Or so help me, I'll clean your clock.
- Let me take care of this.
LEON: Yeah, sure.
- Hey, Ramon.
- Hi, detective.
She just went in.
- What's with the shiner? - Punks jumped me in the basement.
- Anybody report it? - What am I gonna report? I just gave them the $46.
If you don't report it, I can't do anything about it.
I'll send a sector car over.
You should move back into the building.
- I brought dinner.
- Where's the separation forms, Johnny? KELLY: You know what? I lost them.
LAURA: You lost them? - I looked all over.
We'll use yours.
- We each need to fill out assets.
I lost a form, Laura.
You want me to hang myself? So am I dismissed? Do I get pizza? - Ramon got mugged in the laundry room? - Last Tuesday.
- When was I gonna hear about it? - I just found out yesterday.
- Don't go down there at night.
- I've been going to the laundromat.
How's work? You'll let them put up that building? - We're still negotiating the variance.
- Thank you.
- "How's work, John?" - I'd ask if I wanted to know.
We are splitting up.
You do not have to hate the job anymore, okay? Just because we're splitting doesn't mean I'll stop worrying about you.
Hey, come here.
- Sure we're doing the right thing? - I'm sure.
A lot of people stay together behind less than what we got going.
That's not good enough.
I don't wanna have this conversation every time you get horny.
My mistake.
I just think it would be easier - if we made a clean break.
- Okay.
- We both have feelings for each other.
- Right.
So I think it would be easier if we just left each other alone.
Lot of good this is going to do.
[CHATTERING] You're an easy guy to find, Alfonse.
Thursdays at Gianinni's.
- What are you doing here? - Am I interrupting? Was Al telling you about the Marino family? You're crossing a line here.
Move away.
What is that, a threat? Look around.
You can't afford anything in here.
Go home.
- Stand up.
GIARDELLA: Are you crazy? - Shut your mouth.
- Are you nuts? All right, Mr.
Wig says: "Alfonse has to go outside now.
" Come on.
MALE ASSOCIATE: Come on, let's go.
You son of a bi-- ! [GIARDELLA SCREAMS] MALE ASSOCIATE: Alfonse, are you okay? - Get back, or I'll blow your head off.
All right, let's see.
Is this your money? Here's your money.
Is this the hundred you offered me in court? Eat it! You're a damn psycho, Sipowicz.
You need some time in the country.
SlPOWlCZ: Here, you big ape.
You want some dessert? Have a sock for dessert.
Have one of the socks I can't afford to change.
That need something to spice it up? Maybe a dash of wig? Here, go on.
How's that? You think you're better than me? KELLY: Andy! - Laugh at me now, you dickhead.
Get off him! You get out of here! Breathe deep! Enjoy yourself! You just made the worst mistake of your life! - What is the matter with you? - Stop following me around! KELLY: What's the matter with you? - Stop following me.
- What's the matter with you? - Stop following me.
- What's going on, detective? - It's over.
- Are you all right? - Yeah, I'm all right.
Make sure he gets home.
He's a cop.
OFFICER: Come on.
You all right? SlPOWlCZ: Yeah, yeah.
- Officer Licalsi.
LlCALSl: Yeah? - Weren't you with the 116 in Queens? - Yeah, until last month.
Who do I call to get attention on a building? - Give me the address, and I'll do it.
KELLY: Got a piece of paper? This is my wife-- Ex- wife's address.
- There was a robbery in the basement.
- I'll have the sector car watch it.
Appreciate it.
I didn't realize you were getting a divorce.
I'm just getting it done.
- That's too bad.
- Yeah.
Anyway, thanks a lot.
- Who called the rat squad? Something to do with your partner feeding Giardella his wig last night.
- Yeah.
- The owner filed a complaint.
- Where's Sipowicz? - Men's room.
They're gonna want your statement too.
He's still sitting in the john.
Here, open this for me.
- You get home all right? - Yeah.
- You see lnternal Affairs outside? - Yeah.
- I'm screwed.
- Not off the statement I'll give them.
No, they got me.
What you said yesterday, I can't disagree.
I've been holding you down, making you look bad.
That's not the point.
You stop drinking, you get a little help-- You get to a point, the hand's been dealt and played.
- Still friends though, right? - Come on.
Still friends.
prefers you and Detective Sipowicz don't confer.
You ready, detective? Yeah.
So, what happened? Was it as bad as the club owner said? - I didn't see very much, lieutenant.
- I'm not pairing you with anybody yet.
You need a body, use the kid in Anticrime, Martinez.
- You got a visitor, detective.
- Detective Kelly, I'm Josh Goldstein.
- I know you.
- Apartment 4B in your old building.
Was there another robbery? No, but I did notice some suspicious characters in the lobby.
No, I'm an attorney.
Laura asked me to provide some documents - which we'll file.
- We weren't using lawyers.
I'm not being compensated.
She felt it'd go smoother if I'm a go- between.
Sometimes we tend to get sidetracked.
Well, if you'll fill these out, we can meet this afternoon.
- How come you got a gun? - Gun? Yeah, in your briefcase.
You got a permit? With everything going on in the building-- So that's a no on the permit? Please don't arrest me.
I'd be disbarred.
It'd kill my parents.
It's okay.
Get the permit.
- I take these to the city clerk? - Yeah, we can meet this afternoon.
- Is 3:00 all right? - 3:00.
Your wife wanted me to assure you there's no deepening of animosity-- - What's she cooking for you? - Excuse me? Well, if she's not paying you, she's cooking for you.
We agreed on three dinners in lieu of compensation.
- Quite a bargain.
What's on the menu? - I'll happily take potluck.
Okay, 3:00, city clerk's office.
Name's Martinez, detective.
I heard a lot about you.
Anyways, I can help.
I don't know what you heard, but this is a temporary assignment.
I can work with that.
OFFICER: lnitial to decline legal and union representation while you were giving this statement.
You should consider yourself on modified assignment.
Your salary will continue.
You'll be notified of further disciplinary action.
I'll need your gun and shield.
[DOOR OPENS] Don't, John.
Stay away.
Detective Kelly? Line them up, Leon.
- Hi, Andy.
- Come on, line them up.
All right, come on, let's go.
SlPOWlCZ: They're killing me, Lois.
- I know, baby.
SlPOWlCZ: They sit there staring at you, make you explain everything.
They've never been on the streets in their lives.
- Maybe I should take a shower.
- No, later.
They try to make you feel like two cents.
Come on, baby.
Come to mama.
[MOANING] GIARDELLA: Hey, fat ass.
You're a creature of habit too.
Yours is gonna make you dead.
- I'm sorry, Andy.
I'm sorry.
- I hope you got paid a lot.
- Wait, you gotta let me get out.
GIARDELLA: Go ahead.
Good job.
I'm sorry, Andy.
She's got people in Orlando.
Thinks she's moving there.
- She gonna work Disney World? - Say something smarter than that.
- You'll be dead a long time.
- I'd rather be dead than have that mop on my head.
[MUMBLING] MAN: Hey, private club.
- Kiss my ass.
He's got a badge, Mr.
You know where Alfonse Giardella is? - No.
- Did you know he shot a cop? You didn't know, did you? He works for you and didn't get your permission, did he? Who raised you to have such a big mouth? - Let's go, pal.
KELLY: Yeah.
[MAN GROANS] Tell Giardella that John Kelly wants to see him.
Okay? - No hands.
- John Kelly.
Sipowicz's condition is extremely critical.
He's bleeding too badly for them to finish operating.
The front desk will have word of any change.
We're coordinating with Port Authority P.
D monitoring all bus, rail and air terminals for the prostitute.
Meadows and Wong are canvassing a neighborhood for any witnesses.
Sager and French are on Patrick's Bar.
I'm handling forensics.
You're all green- lighted for any necessary overtime.
This is lnspector Lastarza of the Organized Crime Unit.
Gentlemen, ladies, be assured that as you investigate this shooting you will receive any intelligence and assistance my force can provide.
Since task- force operations are ongoing and involve individuals who will fall within your investigation it's imperative you notify us of your activities.
A costly incident has just occurred as a result of a failure to so notify.
I urge you all to avoid a repetition.
Good luck.
Kelly? See me.
- You killed a surveillance mike.
- Where? At the social club, doing your John Wayne act for Marino.
- I put a guy off me.
- Yeah, into the thermostat and our mike, which is no longer transmitting.
My partner got shot.
I could care about your mike.
I'm hooked into this crime family.
I've got two years and 20, 000 man- hours on the line.
I'm not gonna jeopardize that for one victim cop or no cop, partner or no partner.
Your officer's emotionally involved.
He's out of policy.
He's got no business anywhere near this case.
- Is he right? - That I'm emotionally involved? Yeah.
- No, about you being out of control? - Where's this going? Sit down and make a list of possible suspects.
- People he busted, pissed off.
- That's a waste of time.
So is looking for Lois.
She's out of town or out of air.
Are you gonna do what I ask? You want a suspect list, lieutenant? You got one.
- Your wife's downstairs.
KELLY: Oh, God.
I blew that 3:00.
- This is inconsiderate, even for you.
- It's two subway rides for us.
- For you, it's across the street.
KELLY: Yeah, I'm sorry.
You inconvenienced us.
- Are you done impressing her? - He's helping us, so lose the macho-- - Andy got shot a couple hours ago.
- Oh, my God.
So, I'm sorry, but we're gonna have to do the paperwork another time.
Okay? LlCALSl: Hi.
LlCALSl: Sorry about Sipowicz.
- Yeah.
- If you go to the hospital-- - He might not live that long.
If you want someone to ride over with or just get a beer? Thanks.
I'll let you know.
MARTINEZ: Fifteenth Precinct.
Hey, Juanito.
KELLY: Your list of suspects.
- Is this a joke? One name? Alfonse Giardella set him up and shot him.
There are no other suspects.
MARTINEZ: It would only take about 15 minutes.
KELLY: You wanna get in some trouble? - I'm up for that.
- I gotta go.
- Come on.
- Police! KELLY: Hey.
Here we go.
Come on.
Everyone, zip up, wipe their hands off and get against the wall.
- That's it, come on.
- Angelo Marino.
Thank him.
- Call him! Come on.
MARTINEZ: Yeah, come on, come on.
Call him when you wanna be bailed out.
Thank him for the bust.
DELIVERY- MAN: Delivery.
MARTINEZ: Post time.
KELLY: Police.
You are under arrest.
MARTINEZ: Get against the wall.
KELLY: Tell Marino you got popped because he can't control his people.
- This is for Giardella shooting a cop.
Waste your time, running like that.
You're never gonna get away from me.
Martinez, you've got moves out there.
- I escaped a lot as a youth.
- Come here, Kelly.
POLICEMAN 1: Put them right there.
FEMALE SUSPECT: I want my lawyer.
POLICEMAN 2: From the left to the right.
What are you doing? - Bleeding Marino to give up Giardella.
- If he gives him up dead? That's okay too.
I have four messages from Lastarza.
I won't be able to protect you.
I understand.
Officer Licalsi.
- You wanna get that beer? - Sure.
KELLY: Here you go.
- Was Sipowicz your first partner? - Since I got my shield.
He's tough, huh? He's still hanging on.
I've been afraid to go over there.
- My dad died there when I was a kid.
- How'd he die? - He was a cop.
- Oh.
Went through the wrong door.
I'm sorry.
My dad's a cop too.
- Oh, yeah? Whereabouts? - Uptown.
The 27.
- My folks live in Staten lsland now.
- They must be proud of you.
Hope so.
You didn't have to be at the hospital.
You were with Sipowicz when it mattered.
I don't know.
We got into a beef right before he went after Giardella.
I halfway think that's why he did it.
I know that's not why he got shot.
It just seems that no matter how much you feel about someone you never really get it squared away.
You never really get to understand them the way you wanted.
Is that how it was with your wife? No, she blamed the job.
Said I was in the street too much.
Maybe she didn't meet you halfway.
Maybe she didn't know how to listen.
Probably enough blame to go around there, right? [CHUCKLING] You wanna get some dinner? - Yeah.
- Yeah? WAITER: May I take these? Thank you.
What do you wanna be doing in a couple of years? What you're doing now.
I want my shield.
I heard you got yours at 28.
Yep, I was lucky.
So, what do we do now? That depends on you.
- You're up- front.
- I don't count on second chances.
Am I weird if I'm not really sure what I wanna do? - You're not weird.
- I never cheated when I was married.
- Really? - That's right.
Well, why don't we just play it by ear? Where are we playing? [KELLY CHUCKLES] [KNOCKING] - Oh, you are here.
- Hi.
- Your phone's off the hook.
- Is that right? - Is there any news about Andy? - No, he's the same.
Sorry I messed up on the papers.
No, that's the last thing you should've been thinking about.
Can I come in? I got some company.
Well, you're all broken up about Andy, aren't you, John? Let's do what we came here to do.
I'm counsel to Alfonse Giardella.
He's wanted for questioning in the Sipowicz shooting.
He rousts me, and I'm harassed when he's whacked.
- He ain't dead yet.
- I don't give a damn about your buddy.
- I was playing cards.
- He here for a statement? - That's right.
- lnterview one.
Come on, come on.
I know what you're trying to do, and it's not gonna work.
What I think would be useful is if maybe you traced your activities - starting 8:00 yesterday morning.
- I'm gonna trace myself.
I just wanna tell this douche bag he's barking up the wrong tree.
Sit down, fatso.
I was on my way to Atlantic City.
I got a condo there.
I arrived and went to several casinos, where I lost money at blackjack.
It's all on the cameras.
Check it out.
Back at my condo, I got a call that you were looking for me.
This was maybe 9:00 last night, and I drove back up this morning.
- Questions, gentlemen? FANCY: Yeah.
When did you get to the casino yesterday? - About 4:00.
- That's three hours after he was shot.
GIARDELLA: That's when I arrived.
He's suddenly talking? He's making accusations? I was accompanied the whole drive.
People can testify to that.
I don't care what he says in his mind.
Screw him.
And screw you guys.
None of this is gonna work.
Angelo Marino trusts me.
- I should thank you, detective.
KELLY: For what? This crackdown of yours has made my year.
My card, if you need to be in touch.
Shove it, counselor.
Take the card.
Look at the address on the back.
It's a restaurant I recommend.
Hey, Jimmy, come on, let's go! Your party's here, Mr.
Excuse me, I gotta look for a wire.
KELLY: Hey, you got me.
Pager unit.
MARINO: It's okay, Lou.
MAITRE D': You mind if I hold it? KELLY: No.
MAITRE D': Enjoy your meal.
- You want something to eat, drink? - No.
- This crap in the street has to stop.
- Give me Giardella.
We're not talking about Alfonse Giardella.
I'll take care of it myself.
We're talking about you and me.
I'm sitting here politely.
I'm offering you a meal.
And I'm telling you, either cut this out or we got a serious problem.
- He whacked my partner and I want him.
- The problem's mine to take care of.
Now, sometimes people get justice without getting time.
Not good enough! You punk.
You're gonna tell me what's good enough? You're gonna tell me how to run my business and embarrass me in public? - You think you can't get hurt? - You know what to do.
- You gonna keep this up, aren't you? - Till he's mine.
[PAGER BEEPS] This thing's going off.
KELLY: What happened? I was on my way home.
Your ex- wife, she's fine.
She knows who got mugged.
He didn't want to give up his wallet.
- I can walk.
LAURA: Watch it.
I'm on the job.
Give me the description of this guy.
You okay, 4B? Yeah.
Guess as a fighter, I make a great lawyer.
- My nose broken? - I wouldn't be surprised.
This is an excuse to get it fixed.
- I'll meet you in the emergency room.
- No, that's really not necessary.
- You see anything? - No, not until he came in the door.
Maybe you go over to your mother's until I get this guy.
I didn't have a right to do that last night or talk to you like that.
- It's all right.
- It isn't.
You have a right to have company the same way I do.
- I'm having a hard time without you.
- We'll feel our way through it.
I'm gonna go to the hospital.
- Where are they taking him? - Queens General.
- Nothing new on Andy? - No.
Take care of yourself, all right? See you, John.
- She's okay? - Yeah.
- Hey, thanks for stopping.
- No problem.
What about us? We're fine.
- I'll call you later.
LlCALSl: Okay.
KELLY: All right? - Take care, all right? - I will.
Marino, you wanted to see me? This guy won't hear reason.
Is that your impression that Kelly won't back off? I'm not sure.
He's upset about his partner.
Not sure? You're screwing the guy and you're not sure? All right.
I want you to kill him.
- How am I gonna do that? - You're a cop.
You'll figure something out.
I'm sorry I didn't get here till now, buddy.
I had a bad experience here, you know.
My dad and.
You know about that.
I don't know-- I don't know if you can hear me or what, I don't know.
I don't know what's going on in your head.
But, um.
But I'm sorry.
I wish I could've helped you more.
I just.
I'm grateful for the way you treated me on coming up and.
You're like a father to me, man.
And if this is goodbye.
I came to tell you that you're the toughest bastard I ever met and I'm not counting you out.
I'm not counting you out.