NYPD Blue s01e03 Episode Script

Brown Appetit

NARRATOR: Previously on NYPD Blue: Hey, Sipowicz.
- Who shot you? - I don't know.
Detective, I have a gun permit.
I know about Marino's business, cops who are on the take.
- My dad's on a list.
- These are wrong cops.
You're with him on the job, all night.
- It hasn't worked out yet, Mr.
- Clip him.
Pull the trigger.
What happened? Did you take Marino out? Even if I did, the case wouldn't make.
She's in the holding area.
Back there.
Here you go.
Dominic Gennaro.
Janice Licalsi around? - Yeah, in the complaint room.
- Thank you.
How you doing, cookie? Good, Daddy.
Is everything okay at home? Yeah, Mom's good.
What's up? I wanted to see you before you found something out.
They're making an announcement.
Some cops are gonna be indicted.
I'm gonna be one of them.
It's out of this Giardella testimony.
They're gonna say I took money from Angelo Marino, I was on his payroll.
How come you don't ask if it's true? You tell me what you want to tell me.
They paid me for giving up warrants.
When I was on Gambling and Narcotics I tipped them if there was gonna be a raid.
It's been over for five years, but I did it.
I'm glad when you joined the force, you used Mom's name.
How you feel is one thing, but at least no one knows we're related.
I'm not ashamed to be your daughter.
I want you to know I'm proud of you.
I've always been proud of the kind of cop you are.
I'll always be glad for that part.
That these bastards never reached out to you.
You okay? You got someone you can talk to? Yeah.
Daddy, I'm fine.
Brown Appetite Sipowicz, what are you doing here? - I heard that rat's leaving town.
- Keep him inside.
- They're taking Giardella to D.
? - That's our business.
He put six bullets in me, I shouldn't wonder what's going on? I know what Giardella did to you, but you can't be here.
Get out, or you'll be arrested for interfering with federal marshals.
How's it going, Alfonse? Are you hiding under the bedcovers? What is it, Sipowicz, you want to see the rest of my suite? There it is, the ugliest wig in America.
Douche bag, I got 24- hour room service and three dirty- movie channels.
How'd you like to watch them from a hole in the middle of your forehead? That's it, get out! That's a good look for you! Mix that mud in with your rug! He's a savage, out of the trees! I'm not done! We're going around again.
- Do not come back here.
- Yeah, yeah.
COP: Sign it right here.
- Hey.
What's up? KELLY: Thanks.
Detective Kelly, is this gonna go on forever? What's that? - You pretending I don't exist.
- You got guts.
Figure yourself lucky I don't collar you for homicide.
Could I just talk to you? I need to talk to you.
I know what happened.
You were dirty, you were getting squeezed you whacked Marino to get loose.
John, you're the only one I can talk to.
I can't, okay? - Regards from Harry Timmons.
- How's his security business? - Great.
- He got night work for you? I'm bodyguarding some society people tonight.
Too bad I make a lousy appearance.
Busy as I am, I could have worked a double.
Andy, stay cool, all right? Fancy wants to check on you, that's all.
Oh, you think so? He's seeing if I'll set a world's record for twiddling my thumbs.
Andy, would you mind keeping an eye on Luther again today? What am I, a kennel service here? I can't leave him alone, and the wife's gone until Friday.
- He's in the locker room? - Yeah.
You got the scooper? - I got it.
- You're a prince.
Kelly, we got a residential assault, maybe a homicide by now.
- Who should I work with? FANCY: Martinez.
Sipowicz, my office.
Close the door.
- I just had a call from the marshals.
- Is that so? Why were you at the hotel? I was in the neighborhood.
Thought I'd say hi.
I don't get you.
You're on probation, and you put on a bozo act.
- He shot me.
- I know.
The D.
put him in a joint where I can't afford a coffee.
- They never should have cut a deal.
- I can't be pissed off? You can be pissed off.
But you can't go down and try to brain him with a potted plant.
I used bad judgment, all right? Maybe if I was busier-- First, you stop acting like a flake, then maybe you get back on the street.
I'm taking the psycho calls, filing stop- and- frisk reports doing community logs.
Is that being a flake? How long is this probation thing gonna go on? I'm giving myself time to make up my mind.
You've already made up your mind.
You're trying to screw me from behind that desk.
You know, fellas I'm considering a new organizational approach on my work area.
You see this section here? This quadrant, I may reserve for these yellow notes with glue on the back.
And this area, I'm gonna restrict to paperweights and animal magnets.
Maybe those little giraffes.
- Very funny.
- Nobody's being funny.
I'm figuring out my work schedule.
I'm under an enormous time pressure.
I gotta reorganize my desk, I gotta walk Medavoy's dog.
If it stays this hectic around here would I be okayed for overtime? Let's get together after work.
- No ranks? - No ranks.
Just folks.
- Why wait? - After work.
Kelly, you've got an assignment.
- Give me another minute.
- Sure.
His Highness hasn't finished his meal.
What was that about with Fancy? We're getting together after work to get to know each other better.
Andy, you are on thin ice with this guy already! How does getting in his face help? I've been in this precinct for 17 years, John.
I got informants all over.
I know every merchant, every skell.
The good guys, the bad guys.
I wanna work with you again.
But if the only way to get back because that African- American hump won't give me a square shot is to put in for a transfer, then I will.
And if that's what I gotta do, I'll get my two cents in before I go.
Now, go on, get out of here.
You got a case.
Go on, get out.
What are you staring at? - Is that gonna be all right? - I don't know, Martinez.
I don't know.
KELLY: Basement window for the entry? MARTINEZ: Yeah.
KELLY: Okay, let's start the canvass here.
You okay? - Her face going colors like that? - That's the air getting cut off.
I'm John Kelly, he's James Martinez.
We're from the 1 5th Precinct.
- She's dead? Lois Ceizler? - Yeah.
You mind if I ask your name and date of birth? Annette DiLeo, March 23, 1935.
You live in the house alone? I live with my oldest son, Michael.
He was born on April 7, 1967.
He have the same last name? Yes.
Is there any information you can give me? Anything unusual happen next door this morning? I was out till half an hour ago.
I saw all the ambulances and all when I got back.
- I didn't want to interfere.
- When did you leave? About quarter after 8.
I work half- days at Lieman's bakery.
My son dropped me off.
And Michael? Is he home? Or can I reach him at work? He brought my car back here, then he went to see my other son.
Where does he live? Jamie? Lives in Ridgewood.
KELLY: You have an address on him? It's on Traltman Street.
I don't know the address.
They ever been in trouble with the police? - No.
- Okay.
Thank you.
I'm gonna give you my card.
If you think of anything that might be helpful, you'll give me a call? Thanks again.
- I'm gonna check for messages.
MARTINEZ: What kind of messages? I want to run a BCI on these brothers.
WOMAN ON RADIO: Fifteen Squad, Base K.
- I want to run a BCI.
- Take care of that thing for me? - Jamie DiLeo.
Caucasian, early 20s.
Also Michael, same last name, 26.
Stand by.
- Twenty- six, no job, living at home.
- A junkie saving on rent? Plus, he brought the car back.
That's what she said.
Fifteen Squad.
Your address is 1447 Traltman Street.
Priors on both names.
MAN: Yes, yes, I'm coming.
- You the super? Is James DiLeo in 3J? - What did he do? Not sure.
Where's his fire escape? Out his window.
Whatever you wanna talk about, he probably did it.
The kid lives like an animal.
- How you doing, Mr.
DiLeo? MARTINEZ: Police! KELLY: I got outside! MARTINEZ: I got him! Mike, cops! Get out! Stop! Freeze, asshole! No, Martinez! - James! Are you all right? - Yeah.
- What are you, a circus cop? - Flying James Martinez! Hang in there.
NEWSCASTER: Now to Lanny Chrisman with the indictments of NYPD Officers.
Lanny? LANNY: Early this afternoon-- FANCY: They indicted 14 cops.
Anybody from our precinct? What you got? We like these DiLeo brothers.
Both use and got sheets for burglary.
Any violence? It was just a robbery.
The old lady surprised them.
Let the junkies know there's a walk for anybody that gives these guys up.
- Martinez, reach out to Narcotics.
- No problem.
- Hi.
- How's the nose? Would you like to hear something interesting? I'm breathing better than anytime since adolescence.
- lnteresting.
- I'm here about my gun.
It was confiscated the other night.
I have a hearing with the permit board, and I wonder if I could impose-- I'm gonna pass, 4B.
I'm gonna pass.
- Mind if I ask why? - You shouldn't have a weapon right now.
As matters developed in the laundry, it was lucky I had my gun.
Maybe, but then again if you didn't, you wouldn't have been down there waiting for the mugger so you could plug him, right? You're saying I should forfeit my right to bear arms? No, I'm saying you were mugged.
That's an awful experience.
Some need treatment to get over it.
Some never go outside again.
And some get pissed off, decide to square things up - and they start looking for trouble.
- Which is what you think I'm doing.
Why don't you forget about your gun for a while and let things unwind? No, I'm going to pursue my rights under the Second Amendment.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Thank you for your time.
SlPOWlCZ: You got coat hangers hanging from your window? Did you string four hangers per pane? Radio and ultraviolet waves, yeah.
Hangers neutralize any attempt to control your mind from beyond your windows.
What about aluminum foil? Did you cover your ceiling? Well, then you're in business.
You got an alien- thought- proof room.
Look, one other thing effective with these control rays is refuse to think about them.
Take a walk, read a book.
We call that delusion technique.
Fend them off with your thoughts, it gradually weakens their hold.
All right, yeah.
Okay, sure thing.
Keep in touch.
I'm on my way to see these people Timmons has me bodyguarding.
Well, have a dandy time.
- Hey.
- Hey.
This thing with the lieutenant.
My understanding is, you want to be back out on the street.
Remember what you're after when you talk to somebody like him - then you won't fly off the handle.
- Yeah.
Focus on what you want.
Then we have control.
Yeah, I got you, Kelly.
I got your drift.
- All right.
See you later.
- Yeah.
Was your father one of the cops indicted? That what you were trying to tell me this morning? I'm so worried about him.
I'm sorry.
Fortune magazine puts my personal worth at over $250 million, detective.
Time says I'm one of the 10 most effective citizens in the country.
My art collection is museum quality.
None of it would mean anything if my wife were jeopardized.
- I'll try not to let that happen.
- I hope you'll do more than try.
Just a way of speaking.
I won't let anything happen.
Susan, this is Detective John Kelly.
- Hi, ma'am.
- How do you do? Susan will tell you the details.
Do you own a tuxedo? Yes.
Really? Well, if that's a fib, bill me for the rental.
Here's my schedule, Mr.
Want to benefit the National Diabetic Fund tomorrow? Sure.
- Anything else you need to know? - Nothing comes to mind.
He told you he's one of America's most effective citizens? - His art collection is museum quality? - Well, that came up.
Good, then we're all on the same page.
- I'll pick you up at 7:30 tomorrow.
- 7:30 tomorrow.
- I'll send my car for you.
- Okay.
All right.
You ready? Yeah.
Catch the door.
- Okay, I'm out from behind my desk.
- We'll see how far.
What you said was wrong.
I got opinions about you.
I think you're an asshole-- - I think you are.
- It doesn't affect how I treat you.
- You think so? - Yeah.
- You guys make me laugh.
- What guys are you referring to? - Black bosses.
- Well, that didn't take long.
- I'm expressing my opinions.
- For you, that means being a bigot.
All I was saying is, you guys live inside the books.
You're like machines.
You go after us like robo- humps.
We play it close to the vest because people want us to mess up.
Makes you nervous? Somebody always looking over your shoulder? How exactly do you figure I tried to screw you? I watched you crawl inside a bottle.
I watched you carry on a private war with some hood that made you crazy.
I've cut you slack because you were a good cop, and you were a good teacher.
I could be that again if you would just get your damn foot off my neck.
I haven't had a drink in 63 days.
- You going to meetings? - I'm doing this my way.
Sitting at home with your TV? There's a difference between dry and sober.
I just want to be able to do my job.
I don't want to have to transfer.
I don't do good in new situations.
I've raised that kid.
- Raised who? - Kelly.
You like this? Seeing people embarrass themselves.
You're not embarrassing yourself.
Not now.
I got some thinking to do.
I'll see you in the morning.
- Hey, how's the arm? - A little stiff.
Narcotics in the 12 picked up the DiLeo brothers on a junkie sweep.
Are they charged? They hadn't copped yet when they got picked up.
One had a VCR, says it's his mom's.
She backed him.
That's my call.
Why did Narcotics talk to her? - They didn't know yet.
- Who had the VCR? - Mike, the one in the pen.
KELLY: I'll talk to him.
- Want me to? - No, I will.
- No problem.
- I'll talk to him in a minute.
How did it go last night? I don't know.
Lieutenant said he'd inform me today on what he decided.
Sipowicz will work with you on the Ceizler investigation.
- That's outdoors, indoors? - Outdoors, indoors.
Full duty.
Thanks, lieutenant.
- So, you understand your rights? - Yeah.
- And you don't want an attorney? - I don't need one.
If you change your mind, you let me know.
- You're a hell of an acrobat.
- You guys scared us yesterday.
- We wanted to talk about your neighbor.
- We didn't know what you guys wanted.
- Did you hear what happened to her? - Yeah, on the news and my mother said.
Yeah, well, she got robbed, strangled, and her throat was cut.
We got nothing to do with it.
I barely knew her.
I just knew her to say hello to.
What are you doing for a living? Odd jobs, mechanical repair, that kind of thing.
I noticed the narcotics bust on your sheet.
Are you using now? I'm not 1 00 percent, but I'm not as bad as I was.
You move back in with your mom to get straight? That's part of it.
That must be tough.
You're trying to get straight, your brother's using.
That's hard.
He ever agitate you into getting high? You'd have to talk to him.
I'll tell you, Michael, I don't know.
If you were involved, I can't see you with the break- in.
Not living next door.
Maybe it was your brother? I know you two were home.
You dropped your mother off at work.
Maybe he was looking to break in, get some money, get high.
We weren't in that lady's house.
When this happens, it's usually a burglary gone out of whack.
Nobody's meant to get hurt.
It just gets out of control.
That's not what happened.
I didn't do it.
How about that VCR? Jamie steal it from your mother? She gave that to us.
He took it from your mother, but you wouldn't let him sell it.
They just put me on this.
This is straight- up burglary.
The woman came in, hell broke loose.
Things happened that no one meant.
Look, I don't know.
So you dove out a window when the cops came? - Is it a crime to leave an apartment? - I'm just saying that's what you did.
- We call that suspicious behavior.
- Are you gonna charge me with anything? What's your hurry, Jamie? You're not jonesing on me, are you? How long since you fixed? - You gonna charge me? - I may hit you, you ask me that again.
Up yours.
I want to be charged or released.
New sneakers? Other ones covered in blood? Watch it.
Watch your balance.
Detective Kelly again, Mrs.
That's Detective Sipowicz.
We need to talk about Jamie and Michael.
Why? - Could we come in? - No.
They haven't done anything.
You said they never had trouble with the cops.
I said not for several years.
You should let them start over.
They were trying to buy heroin, and trying to get it by selling your VCR.
That's mine.
It has nothing to do with Lois Ceizler.
You're saying that you gave them your VCR to buy heroin? I want you to leave me alone.
It gets to the point where a mother's love isn't enough.
It isn't what they need.
Your sons robbed you, took your VCR.
You're afraid they went next door.
They broke in, she was home and they did something terrible.
I don't know about next door.
She was robbed, strangled, her throat was cut.
How long did she live there? within two years of each other.
- She didn't deserve what happened.
- I know.
Look, we want you to tell the truth about this VCR.
We wanna keep your boys while we investigate this.
While they're in custody, they get off dope and can't hurt anybody else.
We're not charging for next door.
Maybe we'll find they weren't involved.
I'm so confused.
I'm asking you, please just leave me alone.
- You believe in God, don't you? - Yes.
Then pray to God.
Ask him what he wants you to do.
- Please, please just give me time.
- Do you still have my card? Yeah.
It's inside.
I'll pray.
I'll ask God what to do.
What do you think, Mr.
Kelly? The people running this should be happy.
We'll raise a half- million dollars.
It's how the rich persuade themselves they're leading useful lives.
My husband just got here, Mr.
There's Tom and Greg Sacca, one of his assistants, who's bearding for him.
The blond on Mr.
Sacca's arm is my husband's new mistress.
- I'll pretend to go and powder my nose.
- Okay.
I'll walk you to the door.
LAURA: Hi, Johnny.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Big doings, huh? - My firm took a table.
- Was that Thomas Wagner's wife? - I'm doing their security.
- You look great.
- Thanks.
You look very dashing.
- How's the new job? - It's interesting.
- I gotta take off.
Talk to you later.
- See you.
- Shall we take a little detour? - Sure.
I miss you.
- Hello.
TOM: I was coming for you.
Lovely gown.
- Aren't you sweet.
Remember Mr.
Kelly? - Of course.
- Good evening, Greg.
- It looks like a great event.
Do you know Greta Weisner? Hello.
I'm Susan, Tom's wife.
How do you do? You're enjoying the company of Greg and Greta so much - why don't they join us? - Let's just leave it.
We'll get acquainted later.
I hope this doesn't make for awkwardness with my husband.
What do you mean? - Guilt pangs while you're screwing him.
- Susan-- Maybe you're not bothered.
He isn't.
That's enough.
I think you're right.
I think, actually, I will call it a night.
If you'll let go of my arm.
Kelly? Does that make your list of most miserable evenings? Well, at least it wasn't raining, right? I've become someone who likes public embarrassment and telling strangers personal problems.
- I hear people's problems all the time.
- I expect you do.
I hope you're not going to quit.
You're safe, right? We got through the shift.
- I'm gonna get going.
- Thank you for taking care of me.
- Night.
- Good night.
DiLeo? You want to talk to me? Hey.
I'm gonna louse up your day real good, Jamie.
Your mother gave you up.
I didn't do none of the violence.
I was the lookout.
Jamie wanted to do that house for four months.
Your brother, Jamie? I'm standing outside in the back, and he goes in through the basement.
Then I started to hear scuffling and so forth.
We didn't expect that woman to be home.
- You go inside? - I went in and this woman was resisting, and Jamie's got his hands on her throat.
He squeezed her throat until she went out.
She was out.
Jamie went upstairs to get the jewelry.
- What did you do? - I went back outside.
But then in a couple minutes, I started to hear more scuffling.
So I went back in and she must have got up because she was upstairs, where Jamie was.
And he got this lamp cord and wrapped it around her neck.
- Finally she went down.
- When did her throat get cut? First he went to the drawers to get the jewelry and then when he was going out he got this ring off her finger, and that's when he cut her throat.
Then what happened? Then we sold Peggy the jewelry and then we copped.
How much smack did you get for the jewelry? Three dime bags.
That was cool.
That was enough, you know.
We could both get off.
And I wouldn't let Jamie sell that VCR because that-- That belonged to my mother.
FANCY: I'll do what I can on my end, but I can't promise anything.
Is he done? He signed a statement.
I'll call the D.
- You did a good job.
- Andy moved the mother.
- Nice going.
Like riding a bike, huh? - Yeah.
Hey, lieutenant.
Look, I don't know if you heard me yesterday, saying I was grateful.
You met me halfway on this-- More than halfway.
- This mean we're going out for ribs? - No.
I didn't mean anything personal.
Just do a good job, Andy.
- Detective.
The one brother rolled? - Yeah.
Going back to Anticrime? - That's what they told me, yeah.
- Hey, I enjoyed working with you.
Same here.
I felt like I learned a lot.
- See you around.
- Flying James.
I just wanted to let you know, I'm getting my gun back.
The permit board didn't share your feelings about me.
- That's why there's vanilla and chocolate.
- Maybe there's merit in what you said.
That getting robbed and beaten has upset me.
It has.
But I'm still a human, who has to function in the city.
You wanna be smart? Take your gun to the property room.
- No.
- You know what? Wait.
Give it to me.
Give it to me.
I'll hold on to it until you sort stuff out.
Thanks for the concern.
I consider you a friend.
I hope you feel the same.
I do.
Because I haven't made that many friends in New York.
I'm a respectable person.
I'm a chef at the Seville.
Respectable people get caught with whores.
CHEF: I'm a family man.
I don't want this out.
- Should have thought about that before.
SlPOWlCZ: What's the charge? Solicitation, he was trying to pick up a whore.
Let me talk to him for a second.
Hold off writing that up for two seconds.
Okay? - Sure.
- What's your name? - Frank Kennedy.
- Yeah, step here.
I can't believe I let this happen.
Sometimes we follow our little captains into battle.
You're a chef at the Hotel Seville? For the past 12 years.
You would be involved in preparing room- service meals? Yeah, that's what I do.
Someone we arrested is staying at the Seville.
- The secret government witness guy? - Correct.
- Mr.
Lasagna, eh? - That's all he orders.
- And you prepare the meal? - Yeah.
- I'm in a lot of trouble here.
- Not necessarily.
MEDAVOY: Hey, Luth, good dog.
Hey, Andy.
Medavoy, you want me to take Luther for a stroll? That'd be great.
I got a bunch of calls to make on a robbery.
- Yeah, give me his scooper there.
- Yeah.
There you go.
- Yeah.
- Thanks.
Hey, no problem.
All right, Luther.
Wanna lay a loaf? Right this way, sir.
KELLY: Thanks.
Thanks for coming.
I know we're not scheduled.
That's okay.
I don't need your services.
I have no excuse for asking you to come.
I wanted company, and you came to mind.
How'd you get the eye? My husband beat me up after the festivities.
I'm sure it made for better sex afterward with Greta.
This is a horrible way to live.
It's not how I wanted my life to be.
What about making some changes? I should-- I should divorce him.
My husband doesn't want that.
I think he's found the arrangement he's looking for.
He has a mistress and the bimbos he cheats on her with, and then he gets to beat up his well- born and genteelly impoverished wife.
He says that he's insulated his assets.
He says that if I file for divorce, he'll tie up the process for five years.
Meanwhile, I'll be penniless.
I just feel.
I just feel so helpless.
And I feel trapped and ashamed and afraid, and I wish he were dead.
Am I under arrest? Wishes don't get you busted, Mrs.
It's more than a wish, Mr.
If I could come home one night and he'd been shot-- We're getting into a bad area now, Mrs.
[PAGER BEEPS] Saved by the bell.
You got a phone I can use? - Look at this.
- Relax.
Maybe English isn't your first language? This is my farewell visit.
I wanna apologize.
You got a job to do.
You put us in the middle.
I had a bee in my bonnet.
I couldn't see it from your point of view.
GIARDELLA: Is that who I think it is? - The situation's under control.
There he is.
I'll tell you, Sipowicz, I'll miss you in D.
Me too.
That's why I came to say goodbye.
You're like Old Reliable.
Who will I count on to be an asshole for me? MARSHAL 1: Your food's coming.
Go back inside.
Here's my expensive dinner now.
What are you eating, Big Mac and fries? SlPOWlCZ: I'm a realist.
MARSHAL 2: Bring it in.
What I eat won't compare to what's under the tray.
What's the special? Beef de Merde? Who knows? I'm having lasagna.
If you'll excuse me.
Go on.
Bon app├ętit.
You know what, I don't need to stick around.
Just convey my sentiments to the relief guy.
Just tell him what I said.
GIARDELLA: My God, this is crap! Sipowicz! He poisoned me! Call 911! The bastard poisoned me! - He's dead.
KELLY: Your father? Cleaning his gun.
He left me this letter in my apartment.
"I don't want you to feel bad.
There's reasons this makes sense.
This way Mommy gets benefits, which I don't feel it's right she'd lose.
Because whatever else, that was still me going through those doors 22 years.
The one thing I can rest easy with, you're a good person and you're on your way and you weren't touched by any of this.
" Oh, God.
He used to hold me in his arms.
And I'd feel that nothing could go wrong in the whole world.