NYPD Blue s02e14 Episode Script

A Murder With Teeth in It

NARRATOR: Previously on NYPD Blue: There's no way we can see each other romantically if you're back with your wife.
- I know.
- I did that once with a New York Ranger, and I swore, never again.
This is my sister Dana.
Detective Medavoy.
At last we meet.
Here's Donna now.
Donna, I'm glad you're here.
- Hot off the press.
- This is your story on Webster, right? Front page, Metro section, above the fold.
[SIREN WAILING] - Hey, what do we got? OFFICER: Pimp stabbed to death.
SIMONE: You got witnesses? - No.
Hotel clerk found him.
Called 911.
We got somebody looking for the clerk.
- Greg and I'll start the canvass.
Body's still warm.
SIPOWICZ: Oh, man.
He looks like he got stabbed with a shovel.
- Somebody call the ME? - Yeah, he's on his way.
- This is the clerk, Larry Sinks.
- What? You got a cold? Yeah.
I feel like my head's a blimp.
I'm gonna go help them canvass.
- How you doing? What can you tell us? - He's Ricky Martin.
He lived in 212.
- This is 242.
- I'm the hotel clerk not the social director.
I don't know and I don't care what these people do.
Well, we're not exactly bubbling over with curiosity either.
But one of your skell guests just got killed.
That tends to get our attention.
Now, you want to be more cooperative? The guy lived in 12.
He ran his whore out of 42.
- That's all I knew about him.
- Was he in a beef with someone? Anybody pissed off with him you know about? - No.
I don't know.
- What was his whore's name? Rose.
She lived with him in 12, with a little kid she had.
- She know about this? - I don't know.
I guess so.
- Where we gonna find her? - I don't know.
- He don't know.
- You need this job, Larry? Because we'll put cops out in front to hassle everybody who comes in and out.
When your boss wants to know why he's broke we'll tell him it's because you were a pain in the ass.
- I think she strolls over on 10th.
- We need to know what she looks like.
She's a black whore, about 5'6", maybe 35, 40.
I wouldn't know what else to tell you.
Let us into 12.
Maybe we can find a picture in there.
I always used to figure I'd wind up dead in one of these joints and you'd be the prick who'd find me.
- No offense, you look like the type.
A Murder With Teeth in It So when are you gonna tell me what this is all about? We're gonna all sit down and have a little chat.
- Gonna run this in to the lieutenant? - Yeah.
And I'll check in with the ME.
- Down here, Rose.
ROSE: Okay.
- How'd you get that eye? - A trick.
- What was that about? - Just being mean.
Have a seat.
All right, Rose.
- We need your help about Ricky.
- All I know is that he's dead.
- How did you find out about it? - I was in the room when Larry said Ricky was dead in 42.
- In the room that you and Ricky lived in? - Twelve, yeah.
- 42's the room that you tricked in, right? It's all the way down the hall, and that's all I know.
The room clerk says you got a kid, Rose.
Where's he at now? - The daycare.
- You want Child Welfare to pick him up? - I'm a good mother! - Lf you don't help us Child Welfare's gonna decide.
- I didn't see how Ricky died! That don't work.
Your pimp dead and you don't know what happened? When was the last time you were in 42? Before Ricky got killed.
No, listen.
I was in there with a trick, right? And the trick hit me.
Then I got Ricky.
That's all I know about it.
After that, I was in the other room.
- What do you know about the trick? - Nothing.
Rose! - White guy, 45, a belly about like yours.
SIMONE: Why'd he hit you? - I told you.
Just being mean.
- You're stiffing us, Rose.
Child Welfare's gonna take your kid.
No way they let him grow up in that hotel.
You better help yourself here.
This white guy started slapping me around.
Asking me where could he find Silky, which is this other pimp.
- And then Tanya, this other whore.
SIPOWICZ: Why was he asking you? Because he couldn't find them.
And he said that they ran this game on him the day before and he lost his wallet and his lower teeth, and he was pissed off.
And then he breaks bad with me, so I go and get Ricky.
- And you didn't go back to the room? ROSE: No! Then here comes that creep Larry a half-hour later saying Ricky was dead.
Where we gonna find Silky, Rose? - The Silver Dollar.
Or Kerner's.
- Kerner's? On Fourth? Mm-hm.
SIMONE: Sit tight.
- I gotta stay here? - Yeah.
You gotta stay.
I don't want to lose my boy.
- Hey, kiddo.
- Hi, Harold.
You look beautiful.
- You look great.
- You look good too.
So thanks for meeting me.
- Did I jam you up with your guy? - No.
Gregory knew I was coming here.
WAITRESS: Here you go.
- Thank you.
WAITRESS: Here you go.
- Thank you.
- So how long's that been going on? - A little while, Harold.
Tell me about yourself.
In terms of playing, I was with Moncton till a couple of weeks ago up in New Brunswick.
- I know.
I'd seen The Hockey News.
What, you keep track? With the strike, the AHL got pretty big coverage.
So they released me a couple weeks ago.
I got some feelers from IHL, Senior A's but I decided it's probably time.
- You had a good career, Harold.
- I did all right.
- So, what are your plans? My two best seasons were with the Rangers, so I think here's my best chance to capitalize.
I saved a few dollars.
I'm looking at a couple bar opportunities.
- One over here on 14th.
- I hope things work out for you.
Judy and I split up.
- Sorry.
- It wasn't the world's happiest marriage.
I guess you know that.
- So I guess it's serious with Gregory? - Yeah, it is.
I guess I was hoping that with the decks cleared with me and Judy maybe you'd see me again.
- I don't think so.
Now your decks aren't cleared.
- I hope we can be friends anyway.
- Of course.
Because I always thought that what we had was pretty special.
- I have to get to work.
- So you won't mind if I keep in touch? No.
Send me an opening notice if you get involved with that bar.
- Good to see you.
WAITRESS: Would you like to order? DONNA: I won't be having anything.
- Hi.
- How was breakfast? - Okay.
- Yeah? Your friend okay? - He's retiring from hockey.
Yeah? So, what's he doing back in New York? Looking for career opportunities.
He might relocate here.
- Oh, him and his wife, huh? - He and his wife split up.
- They split up, huh? - Yeah.
So maybe he's looking for other opportunities too.
Greg, if Harold had plans toward me, he doesn't anymore.
- Yeah? And did you tell him about us? - Of course.
So you just had breakfast with him? Actually, I just had coffee.
Because I think there's still something there, Donna.
Because I think there's still something there, Donna.
That's the sense I have on his part.
- So, what's he gonna do? Open a bar? - He's thinking about it.
One of those places with his old sports photos blown up on the wall.
Yeah, probably.
Be a lot of stuff with him on the bench.
Anyways, you saw him and let him know our situation.
Fancy's staring at us.
We should get to work.
I have to call the ME.
Listen, we got a homicide to solve here, Silky.
You run women, you Murphy a guy.
We're not looking to jam you for that.
- I can't help you with the homicide.
- You don't know who this dead Ricky is? - I know who he is, yeah.
- He does what you do, Silky.
- I guess not anymore.
- Yeah, crack wise with us.
Good idea.
Come on.
I'm saying I heard he was dead.
I knew who the guy was.
- I don't know more.
- Ricky ran a woman named Rose.
- Yeah, I know Rose.
- She says the trick came for you and when he couldn't find you, he kicked her ass.
- I don't know who that would be.
- We got it figured, Silky.
Rose went to get Ricky to protect her from this trick.
- That's how Ricky got dead.
SIMONE: We want a line on the trick.
Then you can get back to your useful life.
I want to help you with this.
I got nothing to give you.
You're looking to take a beating, Silky.
All right, then I take a beating.
I don't know nothing.
Why would Rose put you in the middle of this? Looking to give you guys something.
Being pissed off because she wanted to stroll for me and her stuff is too tired.
and her stuff is too tired.
Rose wanted to leave Ricky? And she wanted you to be her pimp? - We had conversations.
- You think she could've killed Ricky? - How'd he die? - Looks like stabbings.
I guess anything's possible, you know.
- Think Silky's opened his heart to us? - Oh, yeah.
Guys, the ME's office just called.
They x-rayed that DOA at the autopsy.
Turns out there's a bullet inside him.
It severed his aorta, so now the ME thinks the stab wounds were made postmortem, trying to recover the bullet.
What about the bullet? MEDAVO Y: It's being couriered to Ballistics but the M.
Says it looks like a standard.
38 Nyclad Semi-Wadcutter.
- Oh, man.
- We got anything on that pimp murder? - Yeah, we're doing great.
Looks like the shooter could be a cop.
- We need the trick you Murphied, Silky.
- Detective, I run women, all right? - I don't need to run no Murphy games.
- Say you don't figure to Murphy a guy.
Say a guy did something to one of your girls, pissed you off.
The next time he comes back, you work it out she puts a little potion in his beverage of choice.
You take the guy off, steal his teeth humiliate him - I'm not in the middle of this.
- There you go thinking again.
- You don't want to know this guy Do not read my mind for me! - He's a cop, all right? - He's a cop.
What's his name? McCabe, Jerry.
- He gave you his name? SILKY: It's on his license.
- Which you ripped off? - Guys, listen to me.
There's no way I'd look to hurt a cop.
The guy comes in a club I'm in.
I recognize him from uptown.
I got locked up once in the Eighth Precinct.
He knows what I do.
He wants a date.
I'm looking to give him rhythm behind his job.
I give him 50 to give to the girl, which I know she's gonna give back to me.
So all I'm doing is moving money around but it keeps her feeling good about herself.
The guy goes upstairs.
Keeps 30 of what I gave him.
Gives 20 up to the girl.
Tells her that's what I told him to pay her.
He rips me off.
Rips her off for sex and gets her pissed off at me.
Now, he comes back in a couple days later.
Here we go again.
I give him 50.
But I say, "Please give this to the girl.
" He goes up and gives her the 50.
But she's still pissed off from a couple days before.
She slips him the mickey, boom, he passes out.
- She comes and finds me.
SIPOWICZ: Then you take the guy off and steal his teeth - I never did that! She took his wallet.
I took it and put it back while he was passed out.
If there was money missing, she took it.
I don't know nothing about his teeth.
- He lost them throwing up that mickey.
- Where's the girl? I put her on a bus to Philadelphia.
I got scarce for a few days, waiting for this cop to calm down.
But he's pissed off because he broke bad with Rose while he was looking for me.
And Ricky, who went to help her out, boom, got himself killed.
- Jerry McCabe.
- Jerry McCabe.
Okay, here we go, Bobby.
You know Andy Sipowicz.
- This is Bobby Simone.
- How's it going? These are the photos for the array.
The subject's doing day tour.
He's at his squad.
You mind if they do the spread? The witnesses are pretty hinky.
No problem, as long as we observe.
- How solid is the ID on McCabe? - We're gonna find out.
She's over in 1.
- You think Rose knows McCabe's a cop? - I don't know.
- Lf she doesn't know, she smells it.
DONNA: Detective? Benita Alden called.
She said she'd speak with you later.
[DOOR UNLOCKS] Sit down, Rose.
We got some pictures we want you to look at.
Is the trick in there who beat you up? That's him.
That's the one that hit me.
- Did he kill Ricky? - I don't know nothing about that.
- Don't know or don't wanna say? - I didn't see! If we didn't want this guy, we wouldn't be talking to you, right? - Maybe you want him, maybe you don't.
- We want him whatever you may be thinking why we wouldn't.
We want him.
Maybe you want him, and somebody else decides different.
- But you did see him whack Ricky, right? - I didn't! I am not testifying on that! - But you did see him whack Ricky, right? - I didn't! I am not testifying on that! This guy hit me.
I ran and got Ricky.
Ricky went to 42, and I stayed in 12.
- Did you hear gunshots? - No! I was way the other end of the hall! Can I make a call? Get my boy picked up at the center? You're done here, Rose.
Go on.
Go pick him up yourself.
Get out of here.
MARTINEZ: Hey, we got the room clerk.
- Good.
Put him in 3.
- She pick out McCabe? - Yeah.
That's the room clerk in the interview room.
See what he says.
MARTENS: Where can we see that? - Get a ladder and peek over the transom.
I'm sick about this.
My kid got picked up on a wrong warrant last year.
This McCabe helped me out.
- We got more questions for you, Larry.
- Like what? - Did you hear a gunshot? - When? When? Last Thanksgiving.
This morning before you found that pimp dead, did you hear a gun go off? I didn't hear anything.
I want to know if the guy with Rose is in these pictures.
If you say you don't know what I'm talking about, I'm gonna smack you.
- What are you guys doing to me? - We want this guy.
Understand? If you heard a gunshot, we want to know.
If you saw this guy leave, we want to know.
Forget whatever angle you think we're playing! We want this guy! - Look at these pictures, man! SIPOWICZ: Look.
Go on.
What did I ever do to you? Jam me up for a dead pimp.
- Why do you think you're jammed up? - You know why.
You tell us, Larry.
Because the guy's a cop.
- Jerry something.
- All right.
Did you hear that gunshot? A couple of minutes before he came back down.
[KNOCKING] They need Interview 2.
Are you done with Silky? Yeah, we're done with him.
- Does that include me? - Yeah.
Um Listen, I feel I may have left things on a wrong note this morning.
I may have left a wrong tone between us.
- It's all right.
- You can understand my position? You told me about this fellow on one of our first encounters.
You expressed that you had strong feelings for him.
- And that the relationship was over.
- Yeah.
It was over because he was married, which he no longer is.
What are you doing, Gregory? I'm simply saying that you can understand my feelings.
I thought you meant to apologize that you said cruel things about a guy you don't know and acted like a jerk.
- Donna, this is a complicated situation.
- You're making it that way.
- Let's discuss it over lunch.
- I'm busy.
[PHONE RINGS] DONNA: Fifteenth Detective Squad.
Rose puts McCabe beating her up in her room five minutes before the murder.
She runs out to get her pimp, Ricky.
Ricky comes back where McCabe is.
Then she says she doesn't see any more, but the room clerk puts McCabe coming down the stairs five minutes after he hears gunshots go off.
Plus we got the department-issued bullet retrieved from the DOA's body.
What we don't got is an eyewitness.
- I think we gotta pick him up.
- It's taken care of.
- What do you mean, "taken care of"? - We're picking him up.
- We're bringing him in for you.
- This is still our homicide.
- You're late.
- Sorry.
I was at the lawyer's.
I already ordered.
I'll have what she's having.
And an iced tea.
WAITER: Right.
Jeffrey and I are filing for divorce.
- How's he taking it? - Hard.
- It's tough on both of us.
- I'll bet.
Excuse me, but is a little emotional support from my sister too much to ask? - Like the way you supported me? - Why are you so pissed off at me? - Like the way you supported me? - Why are you so pissed off at me? You make a pass at my boyfriend and you don't know why I'm PO'd? Donna, I was in a very needy place, and Greg was there for me.
It was an innocent hug is all.
I swear.
- Okay? - Okay.
So how are you? Better than me, I hope.
Harold Rutansky called me.
- No! Really? WAITER: Excuse me.
- He broke up with his wife.
- Oh, my God.
You getting back together? He wants to, but I told him I was involved.
- Does Greg know you saw him? - He answered when Harold called.
- Oh, boy.
Did he freak out? - You could say.
It's just like me and Jeff.
Once they go jealous, forget it.
Excuse me.
I have never given Gregory a single reason to be jealous of me.
All's I'm saying is, maybe you want to keep hunky Harold on the back burner.
I am not interested in keeping Harold on my back burner or anywhere else.
- You sure? - Absolutely.
Because if you're absolutely sure, then maybe you could fix me up with him.
- Stay away from him.
I'm not kidding.
- Okay, okay.
I'm Leo Archer.
I'm representing Detective McCabe.
- You his delegate? - Yes.
- Andy, how's it going? - How's it going? SIMONE: We're right through here, guys.
Detective McCabe has been given his rights.
He's aware that GO-15 does not apply.
He should also know that if he refuses to answer questions, he's likely to face suspension.
- My name is Bobby Simone.
- How you doing? We're investigating a homicide at the Berkeley Hotel.
McCabe's name has been mentioned by witnesses and we'd like to question him.
- On the advice of counsel Detective McCabe declines to answer any questions.
Consider yourself under suspension.
- We have his service and off-duty guns? - We have his service revolver.
He says - We have his service and off-duty guns? - We have his service revolver.
He says his off-duty weapon is lost.
SIMONE: Has that been reported? No.
I was hoping to find it.
Before Detective McCabe makes a final decision on cooperating you should hear what we have.
- All right.
We have statements Detective McCabe frequented prostitutes in that hotel.
We have statements that he was slipped a mickey in a room two days ago after trying to cheat a prostitute out of payment for sex.
We have separate and corroborating statements that he returned to the hotel today to find the pimp and prostitute he held responsible for slipping him a mickey and stealing his money and teeth.
And that he was beating on the witness prostitute in Room 42 to get information on the whereabouts of the other prostitute and the pimp.
We have a statement from the prostitute that she fled to find her pimp and her pimp ran back into the room to confront Detective McCabe.
Detective McCabe has been identified leaving the hotel five minutes after gunshots were heard from the room where the pimp went into and where he was later found dead.
A department-issued bullet was recovered from the DOA on the autopsy.
The M.
Interprets stab wounds on the DOA as consistent with an unsuccessful effort to recover this bullet from the DOA's body.
And Detective McCabe's off-duty weapon is missing.
He's not walking out of here.
He ought to look to help himself.
ARCHER: I'd like to consult with my client.
- So how was lunch? - Lunch was fine.
Yeah? How's she doing? Who? Your sis.
How did you know I was with my sister? Well, I was passing by and I happened to look in, and there you were.
- You were spying on me? - No, not spying.
Well, what do you call it, Gregory? You followed me.
- I don't call it spying.
- What did you think? I was gonna meet Harold for an afternoon quickie? Hey, I don't like that kind of talk from you.
- Please go away.
- I was not spying.
Please! [PHONE RINGS] DONNA: Fifteenth Detective Squad.
Let me transfer you.
You okay? Yeah.
When your son got in trouble, how did McCabe know you to reach out? He did the last part of my tour in Public Morals.
Then we went on a few details.
- Big drinker, this guy? - He drank.
When we worked together, I wasn't real concerned on excessive boozing.
When we worked together, I wasn't real concerned on excessive boozing.
At that point, my kid and I weren't talking that much.
If it hadn't been for McCabe, I might never have known.
Gentlemen I'd like to talk with Detective Sipowicz.
- Your conversation is off-the-record.
- Yeah.
- He wants to talk to me.
- We want to hear it.
I'm gonna talk to him alone.
I don't want anybody in that observation room.
- You want me to get you something? - No.
Some jackpot, huh, Andy? Yeah.
The last couple of years, I start drinking I don't know what I turn into.
I'm the same way.
Somebody ever told me I could do what happened at that hotel I would have never believed him.
The guy come at you? He came at me.
He had a knife.
I'm still looking at time.
I gotta do what I can for my family.
I can't put them through a trial.
Me in jail's gonna be hard enough.
I don't want to see them humiliated by By what I was doing down there.
Can they work with me on that? When the story that comes out if I plead to manslaughter, would they work with me on the story? - I'll talk to them.
- I'd appreciate that, Andy.
So what do you hear from your kid? He's going into the Air Force.
Is that right? Good for him.
Good for him.
I gotta talk to my lieutenant.
If the sex part doesn't get out, he'd go for manslaughter.
We're not looking to wash his laundry in the papers.
Talk to the DA.
- You got a minute for me, Greg? - Yeah.
What is it? I wanted your opinion on something.
You know, a personal matter.
- Yeah? Go ahead.
- What would you think about me and Adrienne on a social level? Actually, I never really thought about it.
I think you're right.
I think that's the problem.
- What is? - She's not thinking about it and I haven't brought it to her attention, raising the possibility.
- She don't know you're interested? - You don't think so? - No, I'm asking.
- No, I don't think she does.
This other guy she's seeing, the doctor? They meet for the first time in 15 years.
Immediately he says, "Adrienne, would you like to go out?" See, he let her know he was interested.
The most I ever did was say I enjoyed working with her on a case.
Well, I guess you gotta be a little more straightforward.
- I'm gonna try that.
- Yeah.
Otherwise, they misinterpret.
- Thanks.
I think you're right.
All right? - Yeah.
No problem.
Your client agrees to sign the immunity waiver and will testify at the grand jury tomorrow morning.
Remind him that's sealed testimony.
If the jury returns a true bill, we will seek no indictment higher than man 1.
And you won't release the sexual circumstances on a plea.
- Agreed.
- We'll pick him up at 8:30 tomorrow.
He's asked if Detective Sipowicz could be there.
Yeah, all right.
How did that sit-down go with the reporter? - Kevin Corcoran.
- Yeah.
It went well.
I'm glad we did it.
Big city, right? I think there's enough for both of us to cover.
He admitted he felt a little threatened because I'd got the Webster story.
Maybe you don't want the blow-by-blow.
We had a case go bad on us today.
Pimp murder.
You know, you figure the guy's whore did it, right? Or some other pimp.
Or some other solid citizen.
- Comes up a cop.
- Over what? The guy got rolled down there a couple of days ago.
Comes back drunk, kickass.
- Somebody from your precinct? - No.
Eighth Squad.
Guy named McCabe.
My partner, Andy, he's all upset.
His This guy, McCabe, he helped him out.
You know, his son was in trouble.
Now we come to collar this guy.
- What are you looking for? - That souvlaki salad.
That's gone.
We finished that last night.
I didn't know we finished it.
- I can make you a sandwich.
- That's okay.
- Yeah.
- What are you doing? - I'm going across the street.
I'll be back.
- What a guy.
- Got it? - Want anything else? - Just the souvlaki.
- Come here.
- Don't you go anywhere.
- Not me.
[DOOR CLOSES] SIPOWICZ: What's with the ambulance? I'm so worried.
He looks like he's hurt so bad.
EMS TECHNICIAN: He's pronounced, 8: 15 a.
He isn't dead, his lips moved.
Get him to the hospital.
- He's DOA.
He was dead when we - I'm telling you he moved.
- Now you get him out of here.
- Okay! MAN: Coming through here.
This guy's on the job.
Give that ambulance an escort.
Notify the Emergency Room to stand by.
- Sector boy and my boss are on the way.
- I'll brief them when they get here.
The guy is dead.
If he's pronounced here, he'd lie in that room for the next eight hours.
I gotta call my office.
SIPOWICZ: I'm Detective Sipowicz.
- So how is he? Is he gonna be okay? He's hurt real bad, Mrs.
Where are your kids? They're next door at the Cantors' apartment.
Should I go to the hospital now? Will they tell me something? Yeah.
They'll tell you something at the hospital.
- Can I get someone to help you? - My sister.
Her husband is a sergeant on Coney Island.
Here's the number.
All right, I'll call your sister.
Why don't you go get dressed.
Get off the phone.
- I want to know who put that out.
- Yeah.
- I want to know who put that out.
- Yeah.
- Who gave this to the papers? - I was thinking maybe your boss.
No, I just talked to Abrams.
There's no way that this is his leak.
This man's poor family.
- I think it's IAB, but why do it? - Maybe just to stay in shape? Anybody know this reporter Corcoran? No.
I tend not to have good press contacts.
- I'm gonna make some calls, lieu.
FANCY: Okay.
- Early to bed, early to rise.
- I had a headache and I had to stop at the bank this morning.
I apologize for doubting you.
I won't do it again, I swear.
That's all behind us now.
Can we forget it? No, we can't.
Why not? It isn't just me you don't trust.
Your entire life is an obstacle course.
You wake up in the morning and start anticipating disaster.
Because I run salt water through my nostrils? It prevents my sinuses from closing.
It is not the salt water.
It is not your asthma.
Or your rashes.
Or your food allergies.
It's your attitude, Gregory.
- What's wrong with my attitude? - You won't enjoy your life.
You don't like hockey games.
You don't like restaurants.
You won't socialize, because you're embarrassed of your stuttering.
You don't want your kids to come over, because you're embarrassed about me.
My father died when he was 54 years old, Greg.
I know how short life is.
I don't want to spend mine cleaning out air purifiers and playing Parcheesi and wondering when's the next time you're gonna follow me! I followed you because I love you.
I don't want to be followed because you love me! I want to be happy because you do.
I had no idea I was bringing you such misery, Donna.
If I realized that, I never would've left my wife and family.
You didn't leave your wife and kids for me.
You left because she had her legs in the air for the manager at the Food Mart.
Oh, Greg.
- I don't want to fight like this.
- Neither do I.
Look, give me two hours from the end of my tour.
I'll be packed and gone.
You see I thought we loved each other.
Me too.
BENITA: Here I am.
- Come here.
What do you know about this story? - What story? - About Jerry McCabe.
"Sources say a detective is being questioned in a homicide which resulted from a dispute about the favors of a prostitute.
" BENITA: I saw the story.
Did you see the byline? Yeah, I saw the byline.
If you were looking to use what I told you it wouldn't be under your name, would it? Maybe you conveniently develop a yen for a snack, I go get it and you drop a dime to your new buddy Kevin Corcoran.
Show him how you scratch each other's back.
- You think I did that? - I'm trying to decide.
I didn't.
I wouldn't.
It hurts me you think I would, Bobby.
If you used it, it might as well have been me putting a gun to McCabe's head.
- What are you talking about? - He killed himself.
I didn't use it, Bobby.
Corcoran's got his own sources.
- You gonna ask me a few more times? - No.
[DOOR OPENS] - Andy.
SIPOWICZ: Yeah? - We gotta talk.
- Go ahead.
I'm thinking this might have been my fault.
About the story coming out.
How would it be your fault? I've been seeing that girl, Benita Alden.
- The reporter? - Yeah.
We We've been seeing each other.
So I'm talking to her last night about the case.
I'm feeling bad for McCabe and for you because he helped your boy and all.
- And she gave it to this Corcoran? She said she didn't.
- You think she's lying.
- I don't know.
- I don't know.
I felt I could trust her.
- She'd be the first one in her occupation.
I'm feeling like it was me that put the bullet in this guy's head.
You didn't put him out there chasing whores.
You didn't pull the trigger when he killed that pimp.
This could've been IAB.
This could've been the DA.
It could've been someone in this squad.
It could've been someone in this squad.
You keep this to yourself or you'll be taking the weight whether she did it or not.
MARTINEZ: Hey, Greg.
- Hey.
So Adrienne's still got that sinus infection.
You don't hold that against her, do you? - What do you mean? - Difficulty with her sinuses.
Everybody gets colds.
I didn't think it was the right time to approach her.
But I wanted to tell you I appreciate the encouragement you gave me expressing my feelings toward her.
- I hope it works out.
- Yeah.
Yeah, I'll tell you, James, could you excuse me a minute? - You okay? - Yeah.
I just don't feel well.
- Can I get you anything? - No.
I just need to stand here a minute.
- Can I get you anything? - No.
I just need to stand here a minute.
I hope you feel better.
[KNOCKING] What's up? These are Kevin Corcoran's numbers, work and beeper.
- What's he gonna tell me? - That I didn't give him the story.
- Who'd he get it from? - He didn't say.
I wouldn't expect him to.
- But you expect me to believe him.
- I'd have expected you to believe me.
- Okay.
Thanks for the numbers.
- That's it? - You're just gonna close me out, Bobby? - I can't see you, Benita.
I don't feel I can trust you.
If I'm wrong, then I apologize.
You're wrong.
Even if you weren't, you never told me that the conversation was off-the-record.
"Off-the-record"? We were lying in bed in there, right? I didn't think that I had to talk to you about on- and off-the-record anymore.
You gave it to him, didn't you? Why should I keep denying it? You don't believe me anyway.
Are we gonna get past this, Bobby? You know, I started seeing you and you seemed really sweet to me.
You're smart.
You're pretty.
If we didn't love each other maybe that was my problem.
All right, maybe I'm the one that has to remember how to fall in love.
The worst that could've happened here The worst is if we could've kept each other company.
Isn't that right, Benita? What harm could've come out of something like that? I guess Jerry McCabe found out.
I liked you so much, Bobby.
Yeah, and you had your job to do.
- Just like you have yours.
- Good night.