NYPD Blue s03e07 Episode Script

Aging Bull

Previously on NYPD Blue.
- You in on the pawn shop? - I planned the whole thing.
Two guys wearin' Groucho glasses? You get those things on and off in a second.
How'd you learn about 'em? I was like 13, and there was this old fighter named Patsy Ferrara.
He taught me about 'em.
There was a lot of tough guys that had birds.
- You're outta here, Steve.
- Right.
- What about that money you talked about? - We're givin' you 50 bucks.
- Huh, what happened to 200? - We took 150 off for you gettin' cute.
Hey, Mike.
What's goin' on? - We got a problem, Bobby.
- Come here.
What's up? Patsy Ferrara's in trouble.
- They got him down at the 64th Precinct.
- He's locked up? He punched a guy- some Salvadoran that works at Tommy Frumento's place.
- He was peein' on the sidewalk outside ofTommy's coffee shop- - Patsy was peein'? - Hi.
- Busboy comes out to stop him, and he clocked him real good.
- Well, was he drunk? - No.
He's, uh- His mind is slippin', I think, Bobby.
That's just Patsy.
All right? Too many hooks.
L-I know what's Patsy.
I'm tellin' you, this is different.
A couple of days he forgot to come to work.
I mean, I try to talk to him, it's like he ain't even all there.
- So Tommy couldn't reach out to this busboy? - I guess not.
The guy got a cop.
All right.
Let me make a few phone calls.
Mikey, Patsy's still got a job with you, right? - I can say he works for you.
- He's always got a job with me, Bobby.
- I'm just tellin'you what's the situation.
- All right, Mikey.
- Okay.
Hey, how's your birds? - My birds are all right.
How about yours? - Yeah, they're all right.
I gotta get back.
- All right.
What's up? Ah, the old guy that, uh, taught me birds he took a collar in the 64.
Patsy Ferrara.
- Club fighter? Used to fight at Sunnyside? - Yeah.
Fought some ranked guys.
- He fought Archie Moore.
- We got an abduction on 10th and First.
A guy got snatched off the street in broad daylight.
Everybody on it.
- We might have a lead- - Okay, Andy, I'll catch up with you, all right? Probably a Colombian drug dealer.
I ain't gonna run any red lights.
The victim was comin' out of that pastry shop when two guys with ski masks jumped out of a gray van.
They bludgeoned the driver, then grabbed him up.
Name is Bernard Kaiser.
He's some kind ofheavy hitter.
I got eyewitnesses right here.
- Anybody get a plate? - Yeah, four numbers.
I put it out with a description of the van.
- That's the driver? - Yeah.
Larry Simms is his name.
- Victim's a legit guy with juice.
- Yeah, we're gonna have company.
- You want us to canvass? - Yeah.
You better let the boss know he oughta call Aiello.
- I'll check the car out.
- Yeah.
Larry Simms, I'm Detective Sipowicz.
Look, you guys gotta find Mr.
He's got a bad heart.
- Tell me what happened.
- Uh, Mr.
Kaiser likes to stop at this bakery every morning.
They got some kinda fat-free muffin that he likes.
- He goes in there by himself? No bodyguards or anything? - He's not like that.
He's like a regular guy, only rich.
I mean, I'm supposed to look after him- as much as he lets me.
- And these guys came at you? - Yeah, out of a dark gray van.
- And one of the gorillas swung a tire iron at my head.
- Describe the gorilla.
- I'm director of security- - Uh, stocking mask, uh, blue ski cap - uh, gloves, white guy- - That's the guy you want to talk to.
Huge, 6'4".
Didn't get much of a look at the other guy.
He was wearin' a ski hat too.
William Crawford, director of security for the Kaiser Companies.
- Mr.
Crawford, I am sorry- - You talk later.
You're in charge here? - Yeah.
Detective Sipowicz.
- Well, we gotta move on this fast.
Kaiser's got a heart condition.
- Feels like an audiotape.
- Well, that's probably the ransom demand.
- I got a tape deck in my car.
We can hear it right now.
- Who's this? - Can you make a statement about the case? - We'd do better at the station house.
Only a few blocks away.
- I want the F.
- We do that in kidnappings.
Let's finish looking at the car.
- You got it.
I used to be in the Bureau, so I I know what kind of technology and manpower they can bring to bear.
Oh, they got massive technology.
This way.
Lf, uh- If you two gentlemen can wait in here.
I'll be right back.
Hi, Greg.
- You surprised me.
- I'm back from my course.
Yeah, y-y-you sorta snuck up on me there, just suddenly being at the refrigerator.
- So, how have you been? - Very well.
- Good.
- We had an abduction.
I'm I'm just gonna be, uh, interviewing some witnesses.
- Do you need the room? - Eventually.
Um, uh, toast your Danish.
So, y-you're, um you're all versed in computers now- the information superhighway? - It, um, was a word processing class.
- Oh, that special skill, huh? - How's your family? - Very well.
The girls - Yeah.
Uh, Jamie made all-star- her soccer league.
- Hmm.
And Marie and me, that area, you know that's more or less resumed being an utter disaster.
I'm sorry.
Ah, you don't have to be sorry.
It's that some people are meant for disaster.
- Anyway, yeah, it's, uh- it's good to see you.
- Thank you.
- Y-Your Danish done? - Mm-hmm.
Yeah, I'm gonna go get, uh, the witnesses now.
Meet our conditions or Bernard Kaiser will die.
Prepare three million dollars in used $20 bills.
Put the money in three suitcases.
We will call with further instructions.
- The man had no sense on the subject of personal security.
- You could talk till you were blue in the face.
- What distortion is that? Computer-generated voice.
They got software now that'll speak whatever you type into it.
Now we got two people at the corporate headquarters waitin'on the follow-up phone call two from Homicide at Kaiser's condominium and two from Major Case at the home in Connecticut.
The phones are trapped at each location, and we're still canvassing on 10th Street.
Out of here we follow up on witness statements, go through the company personnel records that is, if Mr.
Crawford's ever gonna produce 'em for us.
- The F.
Comin' in? - They've been notified.
Right now, it's our investigation.
Ah, chief of D's.
- Can we put this on hold for a few minutes? - Yeah, sure.
- Detective Russell on line two.
She says it's urgent.
- Thanks, Donna.
- Detective Simone, Tommy Frumento to see you.
- Diane, what's up? - Give me two minutes with this guy.
- I'll let you know what you miss.
Yeah, I know, the F.
I Tommy, appreciate your comin' in.
Yeah, well, I don't appreciate Patsy pissin' on my place.
Come out here for a second.
Tommy, you gotta know that wasn't personal.
- Tell that to the guy whose face he busted.
- This busboy lay hands on him? Maybe he gave him a shove.
Point is, on top of doin' what he was doin' on the sidewalk while I got people in there eatin' breakfast Patsy turns around, gives my guy a hard shot to the face.
Busboy all right? He had to go to the hospital? - Uh, no.
He- He didn't wanna lose a day's pay.
- But he wanted Patsy charged? He wanted him charged.
That's-That's his position.
Look, I tell you the truth, Bobby.
Every morning the guy sits in my joint 45 minutes with a coffee and a Danish.
Half the people he talks to he don't even know.
What if we get Patsy to promise not to come around anymore? - You think the busboy will cool out? - I don't know.
Uh - I- I might be able to talk to him.
- That would be great, Tommy.
- You know, I- I got a business to run.
- Yeah, I understand that.
- Let me explain things to Patsy.
- Yeah, I'm- I'll try to cool out the busboy.
- How's your birds? - Good.
Uh, you gotta excuse me, man.
Yeah, you-you should come around yourself sometime, Bobby.
Got great haddock on Tuesdays.
Bill Crawford.
I was at the Bureau for 22 years.
Frederick Wilson, Inspector.
Assistant special agent in charge.
- I just spoke with chief of detectives.
- He told you we're taking over? - Yeah.
- Really? All our cases? Have you met Lieutenant Fancy? - How you doin'? - We've relieved your people at Kaiser's office and both places of residence.
- My detective called and told me.
- I'm sorry for the delay in apprising you.
- Excuse me.
- These witnesses from East 10th Street? - Mm-hmm.
You want our interview notes? - We'll reinterview.
But sure.
Round them up.
Get 'em down to our office.
The perpetrators have made second contact.
We'll have instructions - about the money drop at 9:00 tomorrow morning.
- You trap the call? - Covered.
- That's the original ransom demand.
- Could I have that, please? - Certainly.
- Will you want liaison on the money drop? - Sure.
We'll give you a call.
Gentlemen, grateful for your cooperation.
Lieu, um, I need to put in for some lost time.
We're not busy here.
Hello, Miss Donna Abandando.
Remember me? - Vaguely.
- Steven Ronald Richards.
Nice to see you.
- Who do you wanna see, Steve? - Well, not to be so mysterious about it but, Donna, what's about to happen for me I mean, this is, like, a turnabout in luck so strong, I don't know like, what to do with myself.
- Which would make you want to see who? - Right.
Of course.
Actually Martinez.
Steve Richards.
Remember me? About a year back I helped you with that, uh, pawn shop robbery - the guys- they had the fake noses with the, uh- - Groucho glasses.
- Eh-hey! I led you to those guys, remember? - I remember you, Steve.
One of the scumbags offered you a cut.
You were ready to sell us down the toilet.
Well, uh- That's good.
Well, I'm a different man today, Detective.
Let me start by saying I am totally straightnot a parking citation, nothing.
Last 10 months? Check me out.
What do you need here, Steve? That guy this morning who got snatched? - I got information- put you with a player in that.
- Mm? - Uh-huh.
- Talk me outta my doubts.
Come on.
In context of our history, for me to come here and run somethin'? You guys'd beat the ass off me, and I would, you know, totally deserve it, right? - Anyway, Steve, it looks like the F.
's takin' this case.
- Oh, the Bureau is, huh? - He got somethin' on the kidnapping? - I do.
Yes, I do.
- Steve nearly burned us on a case last year, Andy.
- Yeah, but I nearly burned you, but my information was solid.
Is that a fair appraisal? Right? My name's Sipowicz.
I'd be interested in hearin' what you got.
Pleasure to meet you, Sipowicz.
Steve Richards.
Glad to know you, Sipowicz.
I hear the, uh, F.
Is takin' over.
Is that a fact? - Yes.
Uh, we have.
- Oh, I see.
'Cause I could break this case for you.
Right money, I could break this case wide open.
- Why don't we talk in here, uh, Steve.
- Absolutely.
I'd rather this weren't, like, a footing- who's gonna show their thing first, you know? I mean, we're adults.
No need to act that way, am I right? On the other hand, you know, um, some, uh, aspect with specifics in terms of, like, a money figure- I'd, uh, be grateful.
The kidnap victim was rich, Steve, and he's got a heart condition.
- You wanna sit down? - Meaning, reason for optimism, you know with family gratitude or, like, a willingness to generosity, right? - Well put.
- Hmm.
Let me ask ya um, how would that translate with specific figures? Any indication there? I don't wanna seem impatient, Steve, but, uh, you're in a situation where you could get struck.
That's fine.
Fair- I- I'm sorry.
No problem.
Let me partially expose myself.
I was, uh, outside O.
Yesterday - Which office? - Grand Street which I bet and I'm outdoors- 'cause the secondhand smoke is a menace and I'm, like, three feet from this public pay phone and I overhear this, you know, fragment.
Guy says, Why are you gonna grab him in the daylight?" - From the guy on the telephone? - Exactly.
So now, what, I am totally interested, correct? Then I hear him say - And you're gonna take him at the bakery?" - And you can pick this guy out.
I could absolutely pick this guy out, and he's a gambling degenerate you know, with reliable whereabouts.
He'd still be gambling even if he just, uh, kidnapped someone? Actually, I'm suggesting an aspect of, uh, knowledge on his part for possibly, uh, not actually participating in the snatch.
Can we discuss a specific money figure at this time, please? What are you lookin' for? A hundred thousand dollars.
Is that- I mean, uh, uh, that's probably, you know, uh more than you're used to hearing.
I mean, it's a lot of money, you know, actually That shouldn't be a problem, if your information is productive.
No, I don't see it as a problem.
Not at all.
- Mm.
Not in my opinion.
- No? Oh, my God - There you go.
- Thanks.
Hey, Patsy.
Ah, Bobby Simone.
- Come on.
Let's get out of here.
- I'm arrested.
They said I hit a guy.
Uh, look, Patsy, you're gonna get a D.
T a Desk Appearance Ticket.
I'll explain outside.
- How's your birds? - They're good.
Come on.
I'll tell ya outside.
Man, I gotta get back to work.
Fat Mike's gonna kill me.
The second time I was ever collared.
They had me the chickie once, when they stole some copper wire off a construction site.
- Nah, you were the lookout? - I was 11.
Did my old man smack me.
Never again.
Birds and boxing.
So Patsy, tell me about this here- you know, outside Tommy's.
Well, I guess I hit a guy outside ofTommy Frumento's.
But why did that guy start shovin' like that? You were pissin' out in front of the coffee shop there.
No, just don't you start sayin' that.
That's everyone sayin' that.
I'd remember doin' somethin' like that.
- So, you don't remember doin' it, huh? - I didn't do it.
Now, don't start with this not rememberin'.
" This is us right here, Patsy.
- So, how's your birds doin'? - They're good.
- I gave ya your first bird.
You remember that? - Oh, yeah.
I do.
- I gotta get back to work.
- No, Patsy.
- Uh, Mike, he gave you the day off.
- What do I got the day off for? We're gonna go see a doctor.
No, sir.
They see an old pug like me, they figure they're gonna make a few bucks.
Right away they start findin' things wrong where there ain't even nothin' wrong.
- Look, Patsy, I- I wanna see that you're examined, all right? - I'm not gonna go see a doctor! - Now, that's enough! - All right.
- I gotta get to work.
- All right.
But, see, Patsy, um, we still gotta go over back to my precinct, you know 'cause, um, the D.
- he's gotta sign off on your case.
- I thought I just got some kind of a ticket.
- Yeah, but the D.
A he's still's gotta sign off, you know? - I don't mean to be irritable.
I know you're tryin' to help.
- No, I know.
- Too many punches.
- It's all right.
- I do better with birds.
- Come on.
The F.
Has now confirmed earlier reports that the man abducted today on East 10th Street was Bernard Kaiser publisher of American Business magazine and that the Bureau has taken control of the case.
That's your team they're talkin' about there, uh, Agent Sipowicz.
Yeah, say good-bye to Bernard Kaiser.
You should've seen them come sweepin'into Kaiser's office.
Took our equipment off the phones like we were janitors.
The one thing those guys are good at: Usin' their elbows.
Well, my reason for optimism with the victim, uh- the grab was fairly well executed and the family is willing to pay ransom.
It's the F.
, Medavoy.
The guy croaks.
Differing opinions.
That's why there's chocolate and vanilla.
You wanna back up that good feeling you got? - Mm? - Amazing.
Same when I was in Vice.
Every time we staked out O.
, guys wound up bettin'.
Twenty buck mind bet, the guy makes it.
- A mind bet? - An imaginary bet.
How 'bout 50 actual dollars? All right.
Twenty-five real dollars as- as a vote against negative thinking.
He spotted 'im.
'Scuse me.
I'm lookin' for Wallin's pharmacy? - Nah, I don't know any- - Around here somewhere? - No.
Hey, what's goin' on? - We're goin' for a ride.
- Where we goin'? - We're goin' to the station house.
- Let me get my bet down.
- No.
- Just do a mind bet.
- A what? - Yeah, he is.
- I had some bruise and battering, but I never once lost my teeth.
- Thanks very much.
- I boxed Archie Moore.
- I fought Harold Johnson- both title holders.
- Is that so? Lfhe thought he could make a buck my manager'd put me in against anybody.
Archie Moore? Harold Johnson? I weighed 154.
They were light heavies.
- Ah.
I give Bobby his first bird.
- That's right.
- Them birds keepin' you outta trouble, Bobby? - Yeah, they are.
Listen, um, that D.
Is gonna come here in a few minutes to do that interview for your release.
- They gotta do that, huh? - Yeah.
- In this type of release, they- they got to.
- Bobby, uh Hey, excuse me one minute, Patsy.
This skell might have somethin'to do with Kaiser gettin'grabbed.
- You wanna be an F.
Guy? - I thought you were the F.
Guy? With the other moron.
This guy already saw my shield.
Yeah, all right.
- Hey, Diane.
- Huh? - Patsy Ferrara.
- Who taught you birds? Yeah.
He's, uh- He's gettin' confused.
I'm havin' Doc Mondzac come up here to examine him.
Patsy thinks Mondzac's a D.
- Now I'm confused.
- Well, Patsy won't talk to doctors, right? So, uh he got jammed up in the 64, so I told him that the D.
A has to come up here to talk to him before they let him go.
- Can you do me a favor? - Uh-huh.
- Can you keep an eye on him until this doc comes up here? - Yeah, sure.
- I'd like to get to know him.
- Yeah, 'cause I gotta be an F.
Agent for Andy.
Patsy, I gotta do somethin' for a few minutes.
This is Detective Russell.
- Diane.
Pleased to meet you, Patsy.
- How do you do? Patsy Ferrara.
Uh, Diane's gonna stay with you for a while until, uh D.
Mondzac comes and does this interview.
- All right.
- Mm-hmm.
- I'm just talkin' to this young lady here.
- Patsy fought Archie Moore.
That D.
I gotta talk to, uh- is he a jerk? No.
No, he's one of our best guys.
- James Sampson- - Robert Simone.
- He's aware that this is a federal situation? - This is so crazy.
Our information is that you're connected to the Kaiser abduction, James.
I don't even know who that is.
I got seven dollars in my pocket.
For God's sakes, I'm a clubfoot.
How am I gonna kidnap somebody? You know Steven Richards? - Son of a bitch.
Steve Richards gave me to you guys? - Why would he do that? All I did with Steve Richards was buy a cell phone.
Now what kinda trouble is he tryin' to beat? - You made an abduction call off of that phone? - I didn't make calls.
I sold it.
Was it a cloned phone? Yeah, it could've been.
I sold it to a guy from O.
- a guy named Pete.
I don't know his last name.
- Is he there all the time? - No, off and on.
Uh, he said he was lookin' to buy a phone.
I knew Steve moved phones.
I had a couple bucks in my pocket.
I figured I'd get in the middle.
Lotta good it did me.
I tapped out at the Meadowlands.
- You know what the stolen phone number was, James? - I don't know dick.
I bought the phone from Steve at the Greek's.
I sold it at the O.
Ah, take off, Jimmy.
You tell Steve he's a scumbag, puttin' me in this type jackpot.
Yeah, yeah.
He'll be filled with remorse.
Somethin' in this, if I can get through the manure in that Steve's head.
Good night.
Uh you guys'll work liaison with the Bureau tomorrow on that 9:00 ransom call? - Yeah, okay.
- Maybe we can detail their cars.
How's it goin'? Hi.
- Where's Patsy? - Um, he left.
- He left? - I didn't wanna try to stop him, Bobby.
He was really upset.
- He made you for a doc? - No.
But he was very agitated and anxious.
After we talked, he walked out.
I'm afraid your concerns about senility are probablyjustified.
I found a way to have him try to tell me the month, the president's name.
- His short-term memory is definitely impaired.
- Oh, man.
Scan of his brain will give a definitive diagnosis but as a practical matter, I think it's safe to assume that it's early Alzheimer's.
- All right.
Thanks for comin' up, Doc.
- Sure.
Look, this gerontologist at NYU is doing some funded research.
- Now, maybe Patsy can get in the program.
- Thanks a lot.
- Sure.
- Bye.
Oh, tellJames Martinez hello.
- Yeah, I will.
- Put some ice on that shoulder.
Clean underwear tomorrow.
We're goin' to the Bureau.
Yeah, Andy.
Good night, man.
What's the matter with your shoulder? - Uh, Patsy repositioned me in the coffee room.
- He laid hands on you? Hejust moved me so he could get out.
He didn't mean any harm.
I don't- I don't know what I'm gonna do about this guy.
People get old, Bobby.
They get sick.
My dad wasn't really talkative, you know? I mean, he worked really hard, and he'd come home after work, and he'd always be fixin' things.
Patsy, he, um- he'd been retired, like, 10 years when I first started knowin' him.
- Retired from fighting? - Yeah.
He had this job in the Parks Department.
People would pull the slats outta the concrete benches in the park and the anchors, they would come out too - Mm.
- That held the wood to the concrete.
Patsy is the guy that would fix those anchors.
I'd stand there, would hold the chisel for him, and he would hammer in these new holes and screw in those slats.
He let me talk to him all the time.
And he would talk back, you know? And then we'd have our sandwiches- our lunch and then afterwards, when he was done you know, we'd go up on the roof and fly his birds.
I just wish there was somethin' I could do, you know? Let's go home.
You know, he's gonna forget he ever showed me those birds.
All right.
Once the drop point's established we'll deploy two-man units along appropriate access points.
- In addition- - What was the beep? Martinez.
Him and Greg are bringin' Steve up.
Our oversight will be discreet.
Uh, local component understand their roles? The subjects say they'll execute Kaiser if they see one police helicopter or radio car.
Here we go.
Go ahead.
Uh, y-yes, I have.
Uh, a-all right.
I can make that work.
Uh, h-how will Mr.
Kaiser be released? Is he safe? L-Is he in good cond The drop's on the Triborough Bridge At the Bronx Upstate New York-bound toll plaza.
There's a note with Kaiser's location at the drop site.
All right.
Let's break down by teams.
We'll reconvene.
Money team's here.
Regular beehive.
- Agent Sipowicz.
How's it goin'? - Where you been, Steve? Ate Thai food last night.
Got food poisoning.
Thought it was curtains, man.
- All this forJimmy Steps, all this activity? - No, Steve.
- Agent! - It's not from Jimmy Steps.
- Agent! - You didn't hear that guy callin' from no pay phone, Steve.
- What you did was sell him a phone with a cloned number.
- Oh, boy.
This is one more chapter- how Steve spends his life steppin' on his johnson.
See, you could have earned on this.
All you had to do was tell us a straight story - on how that phone was involved in the grab.
- I couldn't - I couldn't give up my uncle.
My uncle- - Your uncle did the kidnapping? - No, he just traffics somewhat in phones.
- Then shut up about your uncle.
Steve, we need to know how you knew that the phone was bein' used in the kidnapping, all right? I fabricated overhearin'Jimmy 'cause I was uncertain about particulars, but I knew that phone was involved.
- And I wanna know how.
- All right.
- I'm at Our Lady, Queen of Peace yesterday- the church? - Oh I was.
I was talkin' to Father DiLeo.
Two F.
Guys come in, right? - They say they're tracin' a c- - Psst.
Tracin' a cell phone that was registered to the parish.
They say the ransom call was made on that phone.
You and your uncle cloned a priest's phone and sold it to some skell? No harm to the father.
They don't charge you for fraudulent calls.
Anyway, I'm watchin' TV, right, and I see on the news, it's this big-shot guy that got grabbed and I'm thinkin', hey, you know, this is it.
This is, you know, for one time in my life, Steve Richards got a little- a little somethin' which is, I know who had that phone, which was Jimmy Steps.
And now you're tellin'me Steps sold it.
You know a guy named Pete from O.
B? - Oh, Pete Bielski? That's who Steps sold it to? - You know him? Well, yeah, um, no- no, you know, he's not exactly a regular.
I know him.
- If you'll take your seats, please.
- Hey, Andy.
- All right.
Uh, run the guy through B.
- Pete Bielski? - Yeah.
- If that zeroes out, take Steve over to the O.
- See ifhe can pick him out.
- Yeah, okay.
Let's go, Steve.
I'm surprised Pete's involved.
He's wrapped up pretty tight, Detective.
- Uh, Agent Sipowicz, I'm still in line for compensation, right? - Come on.
Let's go, all right? Depends, if they count on brain death.
- A hell of a setup, isn't it? - You get the out-of-town ball games on this thing? There's a car approaching.
Looks like it could be our guy.
- I'm opening the trunk- - Here we go.
- Getting the suitcases.
- All right.
This is it.
Here we go.
Stand by all units.
I'm putting the suitcases into his trunk now.
What the hell? - He's makin' a U-turn! - I'm switching to southbound camera, lane eight.
He's headed back the other way towards the toll booth! Who we got southbound? - Look at this.
Look at this.
- Repeating: Subject's headed southbound.
Can you get us a license plate number on that subject vehicle? Yeah.
Uh, New York plates, MED-751.
Repeating: Michael, Eddie, David, 751.
All right.
Initiate a pursuit.
Available units to respond.
That tag number's been out of use for five years.
You got somebody pickin' 'em up southbound? All right.
Raise your local P.
Units for a southbound pursuit.
It'll take 'em a few minutes.
They're clear of the area.
Yeah, we didn't want to put the victim in jeopardy.
Units four and five going through toll plaza now.
- Do you have an eyeball on them? - No, we don't.
- Put the bullet right here.
It's the humane thing to do.
- How do you get the heat? It's the F.
's screwup.
All we could do was stand around scratchin'our nuts.
Why did we give it up to the F.
I? Gotta be a fall guy for that, right? Hmm.
- No word on the victim? No message where to find him? - Nothin'.
We might have a lead on the cell phone used for the ransom call.
- How live? - It's a cloned phone.
There's the hump that sold it.
We think it got moved to the kidnappers a couple of skells down.
Yeah, so far we got it traced to a Pete Bielski.
Uh, B.
Kicked him out with two collars.
Uh, we got his address from the D.
- Roust him.
- We gotta notify the F.
I? Screw the F.
- Martinez- - Hey, sit still, Steve.
- Just wanted to- - Just sit down.
- Agent Sipowicz, any word? - We're gonna try to grab Bielski at his place.
If he's not there - you're gonna help us look for him at O.
- Oh, that's no problem.
- I cleared my calendar.
- Any idea if he carries a gun? Well, that really wouldn't be my impression.
Uh, thumbnail? I'd describe Pete as cautious, nervous - you know, a careful-type person.
- Go back and sit down.
Detective Simone, a Fat Mike called.
- He said to tell you that Patsy hadn't come to work.
- All right.
Thanks, Donna.
- Poor man, huh? He's gettin' confused.
- Yeah.
Over here.
Pete! - Yeah? - New York City Police.
New York City Police, huh? - You Pete Bielski? - Yeah.
You wouldn't want the wrong guy.
- Anybody else livin'here? - No.
All right.
Relax, Pete.
We're gonna take you down to the station house.
- We wanna talk to you about a few things, all right? - Nope.
- Screw you guys.
- Oh, good.
That's a good opening attitude, Pete.
- Come on.
Let's go.
- No! I said, no! - Hey.
- Look, I wouldn't say anything.
You don't believe that? - Then do it here.
- We'll tell you where this conversation is gonna be, okay? Yeah? LikeJersey, and I wind up in the weeds? - Here.
- Hey! It's not a gun.
That's the 2,800.
Now, I keep my mouth shut, and I don't want the money.
Otherwise, do it here, and tell those bastards to go screw themselves.
- You think we're gonna shoot you.
- Yeah.
Well, who do you think sent us to shoot you, Pete? Those guys you sold that phone to, right? Because you can put them with the kidnap.
Look, just stop messing with my head, all right? - Just do what you gotta do.
- Pete, hello? We are the cops, okay? - You guys are really cops? - Yeah and we're lookin' for a real guy- got grabbed- before he turns up really dead.
All right? So let's go over to our real station house, okay, Pete? Come on.
Thank God.
I thought you guys were here to kill me.
You get that feelin' a lot, huh? Some situation, huh, Pete? Go away, Steve.
Hopin' he recognizes someone- kidnappers.
Go away.
Offhand, Detective, Pete comin' involved in your misdemeanor does that disqualify him from reward eligibility? If we don't find the guy alive, Steve, I wouldn't expect too many rewards to be passed out.
Oh, absolutely, 'cause, uh, live rescue's our first priority.
First priority, gentlemen: Live rescue.
Why weren't we notified you were moving on a suspect? Did you bring the personnel photos from Kaiser's company? We want to talk to the suspect at our office.
He can look at the photos there.
- I can't believe this.
- You people blow the money transfer God only knows what condition the victim's in, or ifhe's even still alive This is our case.
Do I have to call the U.
Attorney to get the suspect turned over? - You want the U.
Attorney? - Dial nine for an outside line.
- Lieu? - It's okay.
- We got the dump on Bielski's home phone.
- Come on.
Bielski says these guys did call him between 8:30 and 9:00 three nights ago.
Phone log has two incoming calls around that time: One's from his mother other one's from a pay phone outside an army post in Suffolk.
The post is abandoned.
- Let's take a look.
- We're gonna drive out there with you, Lieutenant.
You don't wanna work out who's gonna lead the caravan? - Lieu, that's the money car.
- Check it out.
A couple of you guys, see if you can get around the other side.
Lieu, this food is fresh.
Help me! Let me out! Help me! Help! I'm down here.
- Help me! - Help me move this.
I'm in here! We need the cuff key.
- Bernard Kaiser? - Yes.
Here we go.
You all right? - Yeah, I think so.
- Can you get up? - Mr.
Kaiser- thank God.
- Can you stand? Here you go.
- Fan out.
Check out the rest of the building.
- It was Kerry and Edmonds.
- Did you- Did you pay the ransom? - Yes, sir! We did.
Then they're gonna be in Bimini.
- Let's get you outta here.
- Ho-ho, brilliant.
Clean getaway to a place got no extradition.
Bureau's got 'em lulled into a false sense of security.
- Get outta my face.
- Now you put a field operation together: Some paratroopers, couple dozen rough terrain vehicles - Get away from me.
- AWACS, spy planes Hello.
Desk sergeant told me victim's alive.
- Congratulations.
Wonderful job.
- That's right.
- Mr.
Kaiser's safe, right? - Yeah.
- Okay! - Do me a favor, Steve, you know? - Sit down? - Right here.
Good job.
- You're gonna hyperventilate.
- He's safe, right? Everything's good.
- Victim's safe.
Wonderful job.
- Thanks, Steve.
Wonderful job.
Wonderful job.
Oh, Agent, um- Are you an agent or a detective? 'Cause - I may have misled you a little there, Steve.
- Well, that's no problem.
- Whatever your personal joke- - Well, I'm very relieved to hear you say that.
Well, I just hope, uh, you know a reward wasn't humorous, you know- some aspect of a reward- Um, excuse me, sir.
- How are you? How you doin'? - Good.
Um, we haven't had any really specific contact, although I do recognize your authority - from, you know, Donna, so forth.
- Yeah.
- Steve Richards.
How are ya? - How you doin'? Pleasure.
Curiosity on my part: Just naturally, uh, you know, where my information was central - You were involved with this case? - Oh, God, yes.
Yes, centrally and if I can just find out, you know, where I stand in terms of, you know, um I'm feeling somewhat light-headed.
I really don't know when I've dined last.
I just, you know- general curiosity Forty grand.
Forty grand? Forty Get outta town.
Forty grand for me? I don't know.
Maybe they were kiddin'.
Kidding? - Nah, it's real.
- You're ki- It's real? M- m-mm-wah! God bless you, and this country.
Oh! That's all I have to say.
- Forty thousand! - Don't ever kiss me again, Steve.
- I won't.
I can't believe this.
- Steve, come here.
- Yes.
- Get on the other side of the gate here.
- Oh! - Call this guy Crawford about the reward.
- All right? - Yeah.
I'm rich.
- Can I use this phone, please? - Mm-hmm.
- Get yourself together.
- Nice goin', guys.
- Yeah, worked out good, right? - Listen, uh, I got the five, if you wanna take off.
- Hey, thanks.
- Patsy Ferrara stopped by.
Oh, yeah? Did he apologize to you? I don't think he even remembered what happened.
But, um, said he had a bird for you.
Gimme a second.
Yeah, so, may I ask, is that- is that reportable income? Uh-huh.
- Great job, Andy.
- Yeah, thanks.
- Yeah, yeah.
Good work.
- Yeah.
Hey, Andy? So, I told ya I h-h-had a feelin', didn't I, Andy - that- that the- the guy'd survive? - Yeah, that's right.
So, uh, with him surviving- you know, like I predicted- um W- We made that bet, right, Andy? Wai-Wai-Wait.
Wait a second, Medavoy.
You're sayin', I helped effect the rescue of this hostage, and in so doing, it cost me 25 bucks? - That's how you think it should go? Huh? - Andy, Andy - Huh? - You knew you caught the case wh-when you made the bet.
Am I wrong? - Tell me if I'm wrong.
- I gotta go.
- Later, guys.
- Night.
- You're absolutely right, Medavoy.
- Yeah.
I mean, you know, i-if it had went the other way, I'd have definitely paid the debt.
- You got any money? - Excuse me.
One second.
- You got $25? - Detective, please.
If 25 bucks you think is all you're gettin', wait till that reward money comes through.
- I can't take reward money.
- Oh.
Well um, I don't have any actual currency on my person at this time.
- Maybe two somethin'or 2.
40, maybe.
- Uh-huh.
I'm gonna write you the biggest I.
You've ever laid eyes on.
- Where's the biggest sheet of paper you got? - Take this money, Medavoy purchase some Preparation H, and I want you to shove the change up your tushie.
Thanks, Andy.
Steve Richards owes Detective Sip" How would you spell Sipowicz"? S- I I'll just wing it.
P" - Hi, Bobby.
- Hey, what's goin' on, Patsy? I was at your work today.
Did they tell ya? Yeah.
You talked to this detective here.
- How are ya, Miss? - Hello, Patsy.
- Patsy, you laid hands on Detective Russell.
- What? You remember that? Well, I apologize then.
I'm sorry.
- All right, Patsy.
- Surprised at myself.
Why don't you give me the keys.
I'll go up.
Patsy, I'll talk to you later.
- It's a pretty bird.
- Yeah.
I brought this over.
Bobby, is- is this your bird? - Nah.
- Come home with my flock.
- It's got no band on it or nothin'.
I thought maybe it's yours.
- Nope.
Gotta face some facts here, Patsy.
- You're forgetful now.
That's just true.
- Ah.
You know, and this doctor that I was tellin' you about, he'd be willin' to work with you.
I got no money for doctors.
It's a program over at NYU, Patsy.
I don't think you're gonna have to pay for anything.
The hell with that, Bobby.
I know what goes on in them places.
Patsy, this is happenin' whether you admit it or not.
Now we oughta just face that fact and then find out what we can do about it.
I'm gonna make that appointment for you.
Well- Yeah, you probably better.
And then, you know, we start makin' lists, you know, of places you gotta be.
- Geez.
- W-We'll buy alarms, and Time flies, huh? And the birds fly.
He'll be home before I will.
Remember I taught you that? I remember everything, Patsy.
I'm gonna go home.
All right.
I'll come by and see you tomorrow.
I'll be at Fat Mike's.
Okay, Patsy.