NYPD Blue s03e10 Episode Script

The Backboard Jungle

- You see what happened over here? - I was watchin' the game.
- You didn't see anybody with a gun? - Nope.
Look over there.
There was a lot of people got shot.
- Sure you didn't see anything? - When they started shootin', everybody started runnin'.
Get these people out of my crime scene.
I don't wanna see any cameras around here.
- This thing was a disaster waitin' to happen.
- Oh, yeah.
There should have been a police presence here.
Thejob should've known that.
Stand over there and wait until I come back.
Come on.
Clear this area.
This big rush of people came running into the street, and so I hit the brakes.
And we heard gunshots, and then Eileen started screaming.
And I looked over, and she was bleeding.
- Did you see anybody holding a gun? - No.
Just people running at us like maniacs.
- Did you see who shot you? - Shots were goin' off all over the place.
- What set this off? - I don't know, man.
What set this off? We were into the game.
We don't know what the hell went on.
Do I know you? What's your name? Zack Swanson.
Played for North Carolina State between '79 and '83.
I tried out two seasons straight for the Bullets.
Man, that's impressive.
You got some real great talent out here.
Guys, how much you get paid for a game like this? - 200 apiece? - Get paid? Yeah, get paid.
You know, like, uh this drug dealer versus that drug dealer.
Put together a good, strong game, a nice neighborhood event.
Maybe even an opportunity for wagering.
I mean, who's to figure violence would break out, right? Look, we were just ballin'.
I don't know what you talkin' about.
You know what? Why don't we take 'em down to the station house? We'll hear more about their college playin'careers.
- Yeah, let's do that.
- That all right with you guys? N.
State, right? Back behind the line.
- Run it for me.
- We got two dead- shot at close range seven wounded by gunfire.
Three more seriously injured by trampling after the shooting began.
We got shell casings all over the court from at least five different shooters.
- Any idea how it started? - Somebody missed a layup? Somebody told us there were, like, Most of them gone by the time we got here.
The ones we talked to said they didn't see no guns.
It's drug related in some kinda way.
This scumbag here, I arrested myself last year.
He had a shopping bag full of crack.
- You find Kwasi Olushola? - Nah.
Why should he hang around? All he did was bring the brothers together, right? - You got something useful to add, Andy? - It's just I'm wonderin'.
- I wasn't privy to any negotiations- - That's right.
You weren't.
I'm havin' a hard time seein' how the precinct gets talked out of policin' this.
That decision was made.
We need to focus now on the job at hand.
So, uh, we'll find Kwasi.
Find Kwasi.
Yeah, let's talk to Kwasi.
You got your hand on the pulse of the streets, Lieutenant.
I wanna hear again why we should have stayed away from this game how a police presence might inflame a bad situation.
I turned out wrong.
I know the same recommendation came from a lot of other places like Community Relations and so forth.
But, Arthur, you're the one I trusted.
You said this Brother Kwasi had everyone's respect in those projects.
I also named three other public gatherings where he was a go-between.
The department kept its distance, and everything went right.
But this one didn't, did it, Arthur? - You know what's waitin'for us down at One Police Plaza? - I got a pretty good idea.
They're lookin' to hang a bull's-eye on somebody.
It was my recommendation.
Arthur, the information at hand I absolutely understand your thinking.
The game's a memorial to a kid who dies in police custody.
Anticop sentiment running high in the neighborhood I'll let 'em know it was me.
Arthur, you take this hit, and I'll make it right with you down the line.
You know my word's good on that.
- We do it now? - Yeah.
I think we oughta go.
We got somethin', Lieu.
- Good news, Detective? - Possibly.
- I'll meet you down there.
- Yeah, all right.
- What's up? - Liquor store owner two blocks from the basketball court recognized the guy running past his place at the time of the shootout.
Looked like he was holding a gun.
Street name's Bo-Bo.
That's the first witness puttin' a gun in somebody's hand? Yeah.
I came back, and I checked with Narcotics.
The guy works for a Petey Green dealing out of the projects on Avenue D.
" - Green was one of the game's backers.
- Yeah.
He sponsored one of the teams.
The other dealer, Charlton Moody, backed the other one.
Narcotics gave me Bo-Bo Thomas's address.
Get Bobby and Andy.
Pick him up.
They're lookin' for that activist Kwasi at the hospital.
- We got a tip that he was seein'someone there.
- Get backup from Anticrime.
- I'll be at One Police Plaza.
- All right, Lieutenant.
Boss is lookin' to pin this mess on you? Go get your guy.
This Kwasi's got some set ofballs.
Visits people he put in the hospital.
The guy funds some good community programs, Andy.
- Off drug money.
- You know that for a fact? - I heard it was city grants.
- This was a drug dealers' basketball game.
These guys are whackin' each other two a day.
They start throwin' bullets at the game, and we're in Hoboken 'cause this hump tells Fancy everything will be mellow.
There's Kwasi.
You better deal with this jerk.
Do not rule out the possibility the first shot came from an agent provocateur.
- Workin' for who? - Who stands to benefit from this? Kwasi Olushola? Detective Simone.
We gotta talk to you.
May I please finish my conversation first? You organized an event where several homicides took place.
Whatever you got to say, you need to be tellin' us.
- I don't need to be tellin' you anything.
- We're hearin' that a lot, Kwasi.
You tellin' witnesses not to cooperate? Black folk do not need me to tell them not to talk to the police.
Believe that.
- You a reporter? - Yeah.
Dave Bloom.
Village View.
Oh, the Village View, huh? You were at this basketball game? - Yeah.
I'm doin' a story on it.
- What'd you see? - Uh, I'm a reporter, you know? - Yeah, and I'm a detective.
And you got somebody else's blood and brain matter on your clothes.
So I'm guessin' you were pretty close to the action, and I wanna know what you saw.
Do you abolish the First Amendment, Detective? Our only purpose here is to find out who shot who.
- So you can pin a medal on 'em.
- You shut up.
Instead of First Amendment, you oughta start worryin' how whoever's responsible for that might come lookin'to hit witnesses.
You people wanted this to happen.
The cops resented this game from the outset because it was in memory of a young black man murdered by police.
- All right, Kwasi, calm down.
- That kid died from some kind of seizure.
He was murdered, and the racist NYPD covered it up! - Let's tell it at the station house.
- Am I charged with a crime? - Don't be flailin' your arms.
- I don't have to go anywhere with you.
You dealin' with that one nigger in a thousand who knows what you can and cannot do.
I'm dealin' with the nigger whose big mouth is responsible for this massacre.
- Shut up, Andy.
- Back off! - Now I know you're nuts! Come here! - Oh, yeah, go ahead.
Go ahead and cuff me.
- That's right.
See, you made a bad choice there, Kwasi, 'cause now you are a collar.
Weak! Typical- Typical police move! Wait up a minute.
You use that word often, Detective? - Hold that elevator, please.
- Well, do you, Detective? We have got a prisoner on this elevator.
You are not gettin' on.
I'm just curious.
Are you a racist? Do you use the word nigger" often? - Back off! - Kiss my ass, you smart-mouth little punk.
Fool wants to know if your partner's a racist.
When he figures that out, he's gonna work on how babies get here.
- Shut up, Kwasi.
- Black people shootin'each other, me in handcuffs.
This day just keeps gettin' better and better for you.
I'm doin' my job, Kwasi.
Plus, you know, a white girl was shot too.
Her only mistake was bein' in a car on Houston Street when your lowlife homeys decide to act their color.
You racist son of a bitch.
I knew you were stone-cold racist the minute I laid eyes on you.
You're gonna make me bust out crying, you keep calling me that.
Come on, come on.
Let's go, Kwasi.
I wanna see Arthur Fancy.
Remember we called ahead, Kwasi? He's not available just now.
Just now, he's at One Police Plaza gettin' reamed by his bosses for takin' your word that ball game was gonna come off like one of them happy sneaker commercials.
You guys can get as busy as you want but I'm not talkin' till Arthur Fancy gets here.
If I was lookin' to get busy on you, Kwasi that would've happened before.
You gonna behave yourself I take these cuffs off? I wanna make a phone call.
I wanna talk to my daughter.
- What's her number? - You don't get my daughter's number.
- Oh, this guy's a gem.
- Wait a minute, Kwasi.
You asked to use the phone.
Once we know it's your daughter and not one of your runnin'buddies, then we'll be straight.
- You don't get the number.
- Then you don't get the phone call.
When Fancy gets here, send him in.
Next time I lay eyes on that hump, I got relocation plans for this phone.
- Hey.
You collar Brother Kwasi? - Yeah.
Not for the case.
Disorderly and resisting.
How'd you do on those gunshot victims? - Nobody saw anything.
- Nobody wants to say.
We grabbed up a guy named Bo-Bo Thomas.
Liquor store owner saw him running from the scene with a gun.
- Where do you have him? - Two.
Here's my notes.
- Thanks, Adrianne.
- Guy's got a great personality.
Bo-Bo, my man.
What's happenin'? - How long I gotta be here? - What? How long I gotta be here? - You answer a few questions, and you could be on your way.
- Cool.
Hell of a thing what happened today, huh? - I don't know nothin' about that.
- Oh, you were at the game.
- Yeah, I was at the game.
- Speak up, Bo-Bo.
I was at the game.
- What'd you do when the shooting started? - I ran.
- You ran with your gun out? - I ain't got no gun.
- Somebody saw you with a gun.
- Oh, yeah? Who? You were running with a gun in your hand.
That's been established.
What you got to do is explain why.
Shots being fired every which way.
- Makes sense that you'd wanna protect yourself.
- I ain't got no gun.
You knew Lorenzo Gaines, didn't you? - Say Lorenzo Gaines? - Yeah.
Lorenzo Gaines.
The guy that somebody shot point-blank in the face in the middle of all this excitement.
- You knew him, right? - Mm-mmm.
No? He used to sling dope out of the Avenue D" projects.
- You sling dope out of the Avenue D" projects.
- I don't sling no dope.
Oh, you don't? Well, I'm glad to hear that, Bo-Bo.
'Cause slingin' dope- That's a dangerous career path.
And after gettin'to know you a little bit here I- I can't take the thought of seein' you windin' up like poor Lorenzo.
- What's so funny? - Both y'all.
- Your facts ain't too straight.
That's it.
- No? In what way? Lorenzo Gaines ain't no dealer.
No, not now, Bo-Bo, 'cause he's dead.
But I had the pleasure of arrestin' that scumbag myself with the crack in his pocket.
- Not last year.
He was out the game.
- Okay, so 13 months ago.
But I thought you didn't know any Lorenzo Gaines, Bo-Bo.
I just seen him around the projects.
And he quit sellin' dope? Yeah.
Too much drama.
Why do you think he got shot in the face today? Just his time to go, I guess.
You know, y'all, uh, ain't gonna arrest me.
- I wanna go.
- No, no, no, no, no.
See, you gotta walk us through it one more time, Bo-Bo.
Make up some interestin' fib why you weren't packin', hmm? That was the worst of it, Arthur.
I won't let it get to paperwork.
- Yeah, all right.
- Just keep your head down.
Don't look to these guys for any favors the next few months.
I don't expect favors from chiefs.
From me, you get today back times 10.
I know you could've looked to spread the blame.
I won't forget you for standing up.
You wanna see where we are? No.
I better keep an eye on the puzzle palace.
Arthur, I want you to jump on this, work the hell out of it, clear it and rub their noses in it.
- Hmm? - Yeah.
All right.
All right.
I will give him the message.
- I'm back, Donna.
- Hold on.
- Yeah? - Desk sergeant said a reporter just came in claiming that Detectives Simone and Sipowicz have one of his notebooks.
What's the story, Sergeant? I appreciate the phone call.
Thank you.
We just got an anonymous tip.
Charlton Moody's one of the shooters.
- He's at Grey's Funeral Home with a couple bodyguards.
- Let's go get him.
I bet he gets a volume deal with the mortuaries.
- How's it goin', Lieu? - My office.
We just got a push on Charlton Moody for one of the shooters and where to grab him up.
And Brother Kwasi's in three.
He'll only talk to you.
- He came in voluntarily? - Not exactly.
- What does that mean? - He put his hands on Andy when we went to talk to him.
So we collared him for disorderly conduct and resisting.
Can that go away if Kwasi gives us something? Yeah, I guess it could go away.
There's a reporter downstairs.
Says you guys have his notebook.
Guy drops somethin'in the elevator.
Could've been a notebook.
- I do not need this crap today.
- Lieu, that reporter's an eyeball witness good enough that he's got blood all over his clothes, and he doesn't wanna say what he saw.
If the guy doesn't get his notebook back, he's goin' to the Deputy Commissioner for Public Information to tell him you two stole it.
Before you move on Moody, I want you to go downstairs, talk to this guy and work out a way to help him find what he lost.
Do we understand each other? Kwasi's in Interview 3.
Probably wasn't his current notebook anyway.
Probably just background on the game.
I came upon that at the hospital.
Maybe you could drop it at their Lost and Found.
- Meet you at the funeral parlor.
- Yeah, once I'm done lovin' up this hoopoe.
- How's it goin'? - Detective.
- How ya doin', Dave? - Seems like old times.
I spent a lot of hours in this station house afterJimmy Leggett died.
I understand you, uh, misplaced a notebook.
- Yeah.
- Where'd you see it last, Dave? Well, it was in the pocket of this coat here and it was missin'after I got the coat back from you and your partner at the elevator.
You inquired as to its whereabouts with the hospital personnel janitorial and the like? Go get your ho-ho's, Detective, because the notebook I lost wasn't the one that quotes you calling Kwasi a nigger.
- I don't take your reference.
- Okay, whatever.
Am I gonna get my notebook back, or am I gonna file a complaint? You lost somethin' at the hospital.
Maybe you'd find it at Lost and Found.
- Don't jerk me around on this, all right? - Hey, kid.
Two people are dead, seven more shot.
You think I wanna waste more time with you? You were there.
You got a trained eye.
But you don't wanna stumble over your big journalistic principles on cooperatin' with the authorities.
Look, if I had knowledge of a crime being committed, I'd put it in my story.
If I got taken to court, I'd testify that what I reported is accurate.
- That's all I feel obliged to do.
- You sound like you're on the potty.
- Go find your notebook.
- Don't you wanna call me a kike first? You wanna try screwin' me for somethin' you think you heard, that's on you.
- I'm workin' a case.
- I am too.
Oh, yeah? You're goin' with that agent provocateur" theory you're gonna bust this thing wide open.
Yeah, all right.
No, I don't know how long.
No, I don't need one for this trumped-up nonsense.
Yeah, all right.
You wanna get these charges dropped? Let's talk about the ball game, Kwasi.
The healing event you gave up to drug dealers.
Let's talk about how Avenue D" versus the Houston projects turned into Petey Green's ringers against Charlton Moody's.
That game was a memorial toJimmy Leggett.
- Anybody gets to grieve.
- Who you talkin' to, Kwasi? That game wasn't a memorial, and it wasn't grieving.
It- It was a vanity tug-of-war for gangsters.
I sat down and talked with those brothers like men.
- It warn't about making trouble.
- You and I sat in a room.
You think I'm God, Arthur? Huh? I mean, people I know, people I see every day You think I wanted them shot, Iyin' in blood? That's what happened.
Who did it? That is for us to take care of in the community.
You couldn't take care of a ball game.
You can't take care of your own cops.
You got people workin' for you that like to toss around nigger" just like sayin', How you doin'?" Talkin' about how that gunfight is just brothers acting their color.
- Who said that? - Bald asshole.
- Gut and a stupid mustache.
- That's mine to deal with.
It's cops like that that killed Jimmy Leggett and lied to cover it up.
The M.
Said Jimmy Leggett wasn't murdered.
Boy, they got you wrapped up like a Christmas present, don't they? You disappoint me so much, man.
I want those shooters, Kwasi, and if you don't know who they are you can get in the street and find out.
- You gonna release me? - You gonna work with me? I want that cracker with the mustache.
I want his badge.
We clear these homicides, you get your charges dropped.
The rest is on me.
That guy has no business walkin' around with a license to kill, not in my neighborhood.
- Can anyone verify him usin' that language? - How about a reporter? You got a name? Jewish kid- David Bloom.
Writes for the View.
- We're talkin' about Detective Sipowicz? - Sounds right.
- Am I released? - I want those shooters.
I feel like we'll work somethin' out.
You're released.
- How much is this, man? - $8,800.
All right, guys.
Just relax.
Put your hands where we can see them.
On the casket! Put your hands on the casket.
- What do y'all want? - I want you to be quiet.
You see? This is wrong.
You're gonna have to come in with us.
- I got another piece here.
- Right here, James.
Why do I have to come in? Ain't no weapons on me.
That's a very interesting point there, Charlton.
Whose funeral you plannin'anyways? Not my own.
I want my lawyer.
I want your tailor.
Come on.
Let's go.
- I'm gonna run it through Fancy.
- Yeah.
This Moody- He just lawyered up.
We're gonna have to talk to his guy.
How you want me and Andy to play it? - Both of you come in here a second.
- Okay.
I'm figurin' maybe we hint there's an eyewitness, somethin' like that.
You can do that.
Close the door.
So, what's up? I'm takin' you off the case.
Russell will work with you.
- What's this about? - It's about you showin' your ass in public.
Decidin'to call someone whose help we need to clear this case a nigger.
This Kwasi told you I called him that? He said you called him that in front of that reporter from the View.
I'd call him to find out what happened, except he'd ask me for a statement.
I guess me and the commissioner have to read about it next week.
- This guy was provokin' the hell outta both of us.
- You call him a nigger too? I did not call him that.
He called himself that, and I threw it back at him.
He said somethin' like I'm the one nigger you cops can't mess with.
" - I threw it back at him how he's the one caused these shootings.
- The one nigger.
- I was throwin' it back at him! - You don't get to throw that back.
I been partner with Andy- what, a year and a half? I have never heard him use that word before.
It was off the guy.
Save your breath, Bobby.
- You want me catchin'other cases? - For now.
I'm sorry.
I'm going to have to take a message.
- Can you believe that? - Just be cool, Andy.
Be cool? You were there.
You saw the context how that happened.
Well, I guess Fancy's just actin' his color.
What you said in that elevator 'bout those lowlife homeys decidin' to act black.
- You got a problem with me too? - Partner, I was not comfortable with those words.
I am not comfortable with the thoughts behind it.
I just want you to understand that.
So Kwasi can break my balls.
When I decide to give a little back, I'm the asshole.
- Givin' it back-Was that all it was? - Do me a favor, all right? Finish your sermon another time.
How far you think I can bluff this drug lawyer with this weak-ass hand we got? - I don't know.
Ask somebody less bigoted.
- Come on, Andy.
Go talk to Moody's lawyer.
Diane, wanna work this with me? - How's it goin'? Bobby Simone.
- Mike Alvarado.
- This is Diane Russell.
- How you doin'? Is Mr.
Moody being charged? If you got two minutes, I'd like to lay out your guy's situation.
I'd like him charged or released.
Don't you wanna know what this is about, Mike? We picked up Charlton at the funeral home.
He's makin'arrangements for this Eddie Holloway which Eddie was executed at this basketball game.
Muzzle of a.
380 flush up against the back of the head.
And then- I don't know if you heard about this, Mike all hell breaks loose.
And Charlton's name keeps comin' up in a lot of statements.
What he oughta understand is that his bodyguard got capped and we recognize there could be a scenario here for self-defense.
Charge or release.
The D.
's makin' that call right now, Mike.
Maybe you could use the time to talk to Charlton.
You know, lay out what we've got, self-defense scenario.
He cooperates, it could be close to a walk.
Of course, that isn't your call, is it? It's our strong impression, right? Conversations with the D.
, Mike.
If you want to convey that.
- Where is he? - Interview room next door.
Sit over here, all right? We'll be back in a second.
Hey, guys.
That girl over there could be an eyewitness.
I know the day guy at the rec center on Houston Street.
He beeps me, says she's been tellin' people she was at the game and saw one of the murders.
- She's cooperating? - The guy says she's been in and out of trouble so Greg and I ran her through B.
She's got a shoplifting beef pending family court.
- We brought her in off of that.
- She won't get a day off that charge.
- She's a tough read, but I think we could tip her.
- Mind if we watch? Nah.
Maybe you could pick up some pointers.
You guys wanna come with us? - I didn't see nothin'.
Somebody said I did, they Iying.
- Let's have a seat over here.
Here we go.
What people say, Shirelle, is what you've been sayin' yourself.
- You saw somebody get killed.
- I didn't see nothin'.
If she says she didn't see anything, then she didn't see anything.
Here's the situation, Miss McCIintock.
This shoplifting matter- Your daughter's lookin'at a year in thejuvenile house of detention for that.
Ayear? For shopliftin'? It's her third offense.
The district attorney has discretion.
We can urge them to dismiss the case if Shirelle will testify against the shooter.
- Testify? - Ayear in jail is not somethin' you want, Shirelle.
Whatever wrong you've done, this is your chance to turn around from that and get your life on the right track by sayin' what you saw in that game.
What kinda life I'm-a have if I rat? Is it a matter of you bein' scared? We can place you in protective custody - you and your mother- till after the trial.
- And what about after that? If necessary, we could get you moved to another part of the city.
Did you see somethin'? Answer me! Do you wanna go to prison? Y'all gonna have to protect me.
- We'll protect you.
- What'd you see, Shirelle? It was wrong, that man gettin' killed in front of his own son.
- Who? - That man.
He was watchin' the game with his little boy, like, four years old.
Then there was a gunshot, and people started running.
While he was trying to keep his son from gettin' stepped on and trampled and stuff this guy came up and stuck a gun this close to his face and just shot him.
- You saw who shot him? - Yeah.
Somebody you recognize? Charlton Moody.
Good answer, Shirelle.
Well, I don't know, Lillian.
Not till we make some kind of progress.
No, I don't wanna decide what to do about him while I'm still pissed off.
I wasn't there, Lillian.
I don't know if it was malicious or just stupid.
Um, yeah.
I'll talk to you later.
Yeah, I love you.
- I see he's still at his desk.
- He's not workin' this case.
- Is he turned in yet? - You had your say on Sipowicz.
My say? I finally get some leverage to get one racist cop outta this sick department You had your say with me, Kwasi.
Whatever else you do with Sipowicz, that's up to you.
And the kid from the Village View.
I'm hopin' you're here to get right with what happened on that basketball court.
What I'm hearin' is a young knucklehead named Bo-Bo Thomas.
He deals in the projects with Petey Green.
Steps up behind Holloway, who's bodyguardin' Charlton Moody and blows Holloway's brains out.
- Was it a hit? - I don't know.
But his bodyguard goes down, Moody takes out Lorenzo Gaines.
Our Narcotics people say Gaines didn't work for Petey Green anymore.
Maybe somebody should've told Moody.
Arthur, you sayJimmy Leggett died of a seizure.
I say some cop choked him to death.
All I knew is big thing everybody said about him The boy was crazy for basketball.
- So you wanted to give him a game.
- Yes.
Some people get behind, and maybe some kids get some new sneakers.
Except that you turn around, and the kids aren't playin'.
The dealers got their own squads.
Is there any way I can get anybody on record on Bo-Bo pullin' the first trigger? Not through me.
I got you dead in my sights.
You a shooter too, Kwasi, just like your drug-dealin' pals? No, I'm a practical man.
I know that if it's just my word, I got no chance goin' after you.
So I must be livin' right.
You poppin' off in front of a white-liberal reporter.
Geez, Kwasi, you mean that kid might load the dice against me? He might not write how I wasn't cursin' you how you used that word first? You're gonna pay for every single cop that ever called me nigger back when I was just Kenny Parker growin' up in the projects.
Fill the boat up, Kwasi.
Your difficult childhood, Kunta Kinte Martin Luther King gettin' shot.
You don't wanna make it just simple stuff like man-to-man.
You figure I insulted you, so we throw down.
Just man-to-man here in your station house.
Just name the time and place.
I will tune you up anywhere you want.
- Step away, Andy.
- I'm a practical man.
Kwasi! You got any more business here? Kwasi's decidin' does he want an honest shot at workin' out his bad feelings he's got for cops.
Shut up, Sipowicz.
You got my back? That kid you cut loose before- Bo-Bo Thomas.
The witness backed off on seein' him packin'.
We got an anonymous tip he threw the first shot.
- Took out Charlton Moody's bodyguard.
- Want me to pick him back up? Yeah.
Take Russell and Martinez.
Either you shut your mouth to anyone involved in this case or get the hell out.
Don't you move.
- Come on, man.
- Police.
Don't move.
Get up against the wall.
Hands flat against the wall.
- Go.
- I told you I didn't do nothin'.
- You're gonna have to tell us again.
- Yeah.
Check this out.
- A.
380? - Hey, man, that ain't mine.
Oh, yeah.
I never heard that before, bra.
It's a new one.
Now what, Bo-Bo? You're under arrest.
- Hey, you're crazy.
- Shut up.
See, we got your gun.
And Ballistics is gonna match your gun up with that slug that we pulled out of Eddie's skull.
You know what that means? Lights out for Bo-Bo.
- Yeah, but Bo-Bo didn't do noth- - Shut up! Was this a hit? We know you work for Petey Green, Bo-Bo.
Did your boss put a contract on this guy? The only option you got right now is to tell the truth.
- I didn't do it.
- You did it, and I'm sick of you sittin' here Iyin' to me.
I didn't do nothin'.
- You hauled ass after that little execution of yours.
- No.
But I was on that basketball court there cleanin' up the mess.
You were lookin' to start a bloodbath there? 'Cause there was a whole lot of innocent people who got shot today, Bo-Bo includin' women, and I'm hopin' that you're man enough that that'll bother you.
Well, if that don't mean much to you, maybe this will.
- What? - If you don't start tellin' me the truth right now I'm gonna start bouncin' your ass up against these walls! - You understand me now? You understand me now? - Yeah, I understand you.
Well? Well? - He had it comin'.
- He had it comin'? Eddie Holloway had it comin'? - Yeah.
Punk shot Fruit Loop.
- Who the hell's Fruit Loop? - My cousin! - Eddie Holloway shot Fruit Loop? - When? - September.
- And you went and you shot him at this basketball game? - Yeah.
- Andy Sipowicz, ladies and gentlemen.
- How's it goin', Gotelli? I hear the bosses came down on Fancy behind this basketball mess, huh? It shouldn't have taken Einstein to figure that game was bad news.
- Couple a hundred.
- Yeah, there you go.
Sarge said there were collars.
They're talkin' to one guy, runnin' a lineup on another one.
- You're not workin' it? - If I was, Vince, would I be here talkin' to you? - Whoa.
- You're sure no Einstein either.
Recognize anybody, Shirelle? Remember, no one can see you.
- Two.
- What? Number two.
Where you recognize number two from? - From the basketball court this morning.
- What did he do? He shot a man in the face in front of his little boy.
All right.
You guys can relax for a while.
We appreciate this.
The district attorney will get you situated.
We're just gonna be a few minutes.
- Where's Andy? - He's in the squad.
- That girl make the I.
D? - Yeah.
I thought you were working that case.
- I'm off the case.
- How come? I got into a beef with that Brother Kwasi.
So Fancy took you off the case? I don't know if I can even keep workin' for him- gettin' slapped in the face like this.
- What kind of beef was it? - Some language.
Racial language.
Excuse me.
Costas, we'll be downstairs, huh? We're gonna put them in a hotel tonight, so I've gotta deal with the paperwork.
- Yeah, all right.
- I'll see you at home? - All right.
- And we'll talk about this? - We'll get through this, Andy.
- Yeah.
- Finish with Bo-Bo? - Yeah.
- Just signed off.
- I'll get my coat.
- Yeah, good.
You gotta do this tonight, Andy? Wouldn't it be better tojust sleep on it? No.
You got a minute for me? - Good night, guys.
- Yeah, night, Bobby.
- Good night, Lieu.
Good night, Andy.
- Good night.
- Give us a minute here, Vince.
- Sure.
Anybody want a soda from downstairs? It would've been smarter for you to go home when the shift ended.
If you're goin' after me, you bring charges or let Kwasi do it.
'Cause I want a chance to answer him in front of somebody besides you.
Yeah, this is about me, Andy.
I'm the racist.
I've said that word.
I've thought it plenty.
But I've never used it on the job till your hump pal put us on that road.
This isn't about a word, Andy, or your impure thoughts.
This is about you makin' this case harder to work.
Not about you bein' black? Not about givin' some back to me? - It's about what I say it's about.
- Then say.
Part of what it's about is watchin' me sweat.
A hell of a lot went down today, so I'd have to check my notes.
But I thought I spent some of that time tryin' to save your sorry ass.
- Give me a break.
- I'm not gonna take you out, Andy.
I move you out, my white bosses- They send me a little message.
They send me another one just like you but maybe that one can't do the job like you can.
Geez, thanks a lot, boss.
If you go, it'll be somebody like Kwasi or like that reporter.
I been dealin' with white cops like you ever since the academy.
I can manage you with my eyes closed.
Now, maybe you can't handle a black man being your boss.
I can handle it.
I've been covering you three and a half years.
Except when you get so tied up in your brother-brother crap you won't let us work the streets.
That's when you get yourself in trouble.
Hey, Lieu.
We got a report of a person shot near the Houston Street projects.
- Want me to handle it? - Was it a homicide? - I don't know.
- That teenage girl, the eyewitness.
- Isn't she in those projects? - Yeah.
I think we got 'em out though.
Sylvia was involved there.
Check it out.
- You want me to check it out? - Yeah.
Sipowicz will handle it.
- What do you got? - A guy's fired on while he's walking down the block.
Gets to his car, tries to drive himself to the hospital.
Multiple wounds.
Guy's bleedin'like crazy.
Looks like he's goin'out.
- Anybody else shot? - Not as far as we know.
He's a reporter.
- Who shot ya? - They-They were in a car.
I didn't see 'em.
I'll tell you who it had to be.
- Charlton Moody.
- Charlton Moody's in custody.
It had to be his guys.
'Cause I saw what happened at the game.
- Okay.
- I'd be Iying if I told you I recognized anybody.
- Can you describe the car? - Dark-Dark- Dark color.
Listen- Listen, you write this down.
I know how to help you, 'cause I'm- I'm gonna die.
- You write this down.
- You calm down.
They're workin' on you.
This-This is a dying- dying declaration.
All right? Charlton Moody I saw him today shoot a man point-blank.
- Blood pressure's dropping.
- At the ball game.
Whoever started it shouldn't have done that.
He shouldn't have done that.
Oh, God.
You're gonna write this in your story, kid.
You're not gonna die.
They're gonna fix you up, all right? All right.
- Okay? - You're gonna have to let us work on him here.
His blood pressure's bottomed out.
Let's get him outta here.
- We're losin'him.
- Let's get him on O2.
- Give me a hand with the gurney.
- You get it? - Yeah.
This kid's gone.
- I need the ambu bag over here.
- Who is it? - That reporter.
It occurred to him a little late that Moody's people might be gunnin' for witnesses.
- Where's Sylvia? - Guess she wasn't here.
Kid corroborated Moody from the second shooting.
Cop wrote it down.
I'll get the night watch to handle this.
Watch the I.
Swing it around.
Let's go.
Watch your back, people.
Head first.
- Hi, Andy.
- Sorry I'm late.
We had a shooting near those projects.
I was afraid Moody might send somebody after that girl.
We got her into a motel.
Winds up they killed the reporter who was at the game.
He witnessed the murder.
What happened with you and Fancy? This guy Kwasi- We're mixin' it up.
He throws out the N" word.
I throw it back at him.
Fancy comes at me like I killed somebody.
- Is it gonna come to charges? - Not from him.
He wants to watch me walk on eggs.
And the kid heard me, but he's dead.
I don't know where this Kwasi'll go with it.
Let him bring charges.
- You ever hear me use that word? - No.
But I have seen you do this.
That's not the same thing.
That's something cops do so you don't have to mention race.
'Hey, did you hear about the shooting at this barber shop?" This barber shop?" Yeah.
" So it doesn't have to be said and nobody gets offended.
Andy, it's code for the word.
It's code so you don't have to say it.
Don't ever show that to our child.
- Yeah, all right.
- Don't teach him that.
- Don't teach him to think that way.
- Yeah.