NYPD Blue s03e14 Episode Script

The Nutty Confessor

Previously on NYPD Blue.
Adrianne has made a change in terms of her preferences.
Away from me.
- And towards women.
- Get out of here! You tell Greg to tell me you're gay.
Then I hear rumors you're not gay.
I don't know what I am.
I said what I said to discourage you because I didn't think we should go out.
So today, you're gay or you're not? I like it when you smile, like it a lot.
- I'm gonna make you smile all the time.
- Come on inside, James.
I thought you'd never ask.
- Morning.
- Hi.
- Hi, Donna.
- Hi.
- So, uh, tonight's a pretty big night for me.
- Yeah? In what regards? In confidence, I've been seeing someone we're both acquainted with.
Oh, James Martinez.
I thought we'd been so discreet.
It's all this time working around detectives.
Anyway, tonight- tonight will be kind of the last hurdle.
You haven't made love yet? I wanted to wait, see if we were compatible in other areas first.
- Makes sense.
- Well, we wanted to wait two months.
I decided.
James went along.
But he's really been a doll about it.
- So tonight's the night.
- Yeah.
- I bought some things at Victoria's Secret.
- What'd you get? Stockings and a garter and a teddy.
- Don't try to fit into the teddy.
- What? You don't think? Mm.
It'll interrupt the natural course of events.
Save the teddy for another time.
Yeah, I see.
- I hope it goes great for you.
- Yeah.
Thanks a lot, Donna.
- Good morning, James.
- Morning, Adrianne.
- Hi.
- Mission Control, all systems are go.
Cut it out, Greg, will you? Simone and Sipowicz, homicide in the Village.
Adrianne, work backup with James.
Medavoy, um, shooting on Fourth Street.
- Take Russell.
- James is in the locker room, huh? Uh, yeah.
I'll get him.
- Hey, James.
- Yeah? We got a homicide.
Uh, you and Adrianne, you want to give us a hand? Yeah.
All right.
- How you feeling, man? You good? - Yeah.
What do you mean? No, I-I was just asking how you felt.
- You know too? - I heard some things.
That Greg's got such a mouth.
You know, I'm no Don Juan or nothing but normally an event like this wouldn't be such a big deal.
Adrianne marking a day on her calendar, thinking about it so long it's like, uh, training for the Golden Gloves.
Going over my combinations, footwork.
- You're the man, James.
- No, you're the man.
- Bobby, uh, g-give me some advice.
- Yeah? - Sure.
- Well, usually I use this ultra-sensitive type thing but, uh, tonight, I was thinking, you know, I'd go ribbed.
Show her I'm not just concerned about me and What do you think? Hmm.
Look at this.
The creep's into late-night talk shows.
Dave and Jay.
" Gutted like a fish.
Guts and everything are in the sink in there.
Wallet's on the floor.
If she had any credit cards, they're gone.
- Oh, man.
- Me and Adrianne will start canvassing.
- All right.
- Victim's Felicia Akins, 26.
Her mother called the super after she couldn't reach her on the phone.
The super came in, found this and called 911.
- Where's the super at? - I'll go get him.
The way I figure it, he dipped these panties in the blood and used those to write on the wall.
Then he must've come back, left them in here.
- Didn't you say something about a super? - Yeah.
I'm going go get him.
Unless you caught this one.
Did you catch this case and I didn't realize? - Did somebody turn this on? - No, sir.
It was on when we arrived.
I'm gonna go get the super.
Black girl listening to country and western? Does that make sense? Maybe the killer's a good ol' boy.
This is the super, Mr.
I'm Detective Simone.
This is Detective Sipowicz.
- You found Miss Akins? - Yeah.
Her, uh, mother called said her daughter wasn't answering the phone, wanted me to go up and check on her.
- You live on the first floor? - I got a room in the basement.
Did you know the victim at all? - Not really.
- You notice the kind of guys she dated? - Mainly interracial.
- Oh, yeah? Anything particular about any of her dates? Western type guys, anything like that? Like cowboy hats? Not that I noticed.
L- I can't believe what I saw in that apartment.
I mean, what he did to her.
Listen, thanks a lot.
We may have to talk to you again, all right? Newsstand guy down the block saw a guy with a bloody hand crossing the street at 2:00 a.
I got Crime Scene looking for bloodstains on the pavement.
And we'll check the emergency rooms for cut hands they may have treated last night.
- What a mess in there, huh? - Yeah.
Let's check out this D.
I'm not gonna go in that ambulance.
I don't want to go where you are trying to take me.
- Hey, Joe.
- Hey.
Victim's Sidney Herman.
Couple black guys stuck him up on the street.
Took one shot in the shoulder, made it over here and collapsed.
- Thanks.
- You better call a car service, Dale.
I'll never get a cab in this neighborhood.
Excuse me.
I'm Detective Medavoy.
This is Detective Russell.
We're from the 15th Squad.
The hospital I have to get to is the Hospital for Special Surgery.
I'm in danger oflosing the use of my arm here.
They took my car.
Can you drive me? - It's on 70th Street.
- Take it easy, sir.
I told him we have to take him to the nearest trauma hospital, which is Bellevue.
No! I am a physician.
I am in danger of losing the use of my arm.
I'm a surgeon.
If there is nerve damage in this arm, I can't work.
Why don't you take him where he wants? Professional courtesy, all right? - Yeah.
- Excuse me, Miss? - Miss, who are you? - I'm Dr.
Herman's office manager.
My name is Dale Epton.
Dale, call Ian Miller at Special Surgery.
Tell him I might need a procedure.
- I want him to consult.
- I will, Sid.
Tell him the feeling isn't returning.
There's no sensation in the arm.
Do you have the phone number and the address of this special hospital? - Dale, I need you there.
- As soon as I can, Siddy.
- And I guess you better call Scarsdale.
- Oh, my, God.
Wh-What's in Scarsdale? His wife.
Miss Epton, please.
Can you please help us out with what happened here? Um, Dr.
Herman called me from his car when he was about a block away.
- The buzzer is broken.
- The buzzer to where? - I live in this building.
- Uh-huh.
The office is on 61 st, but we're closed today.
And Dr.
Herman had to drop off some papers.
- I see.
- So you weren't a witness to him being shot? No.
L-I heard him shout from the cellular phone.
And I came downstairs, and he'd made it to the sidewalk.
He said two black guys grabbed him and got his keys.
He said he was trying to cooperate, to give them the wallet - but they shot him anyway.
- He said there were two black men? Did he mention anything else about them? Yeah.
He said, uh, the one with the gun was tall and he had a shaved head and he had an earring.
- What kind of car does Dr.
Herman drive? - A Mercedes 500 sedan.
And the wallet they took was black calfskin.
And it had his initials embossed on the front with sort of, like, fancy Roman lettering.
- You gave him the wallet? - Yeah.
All right.
Here's his service number and mine underneath.
Look, I really need to be with Siddy.
I'm his personal assistant.
- Yeah, sure.
All right, go ahead.
- Taxi! - She needs to be with Siddy.
- Yeah.
He was dropping off the papers.
The woman's murdered with a knife.
Satanic writing on the walls in blood-Jay and Dave.
- Hm, what's that about? - I don't know.
You tell me.
Nobody in the building heard any commotion.
News vendor saw some guy running from the building around 2:00 a.
Looked like he was bleeding from his hand or his arm.
Martinez and Lesniak are checking with the E.
We're looking into recent releases from the psychiatric ward.
- Any chance this psycho stuff's a misdirect? - Sure.
Bobby's in there with one of the D.
's work friends.
See what she knows.
What happened to her? I mean, what did he do to her? Let's not talk about that right now, Patty.
The way that you can really help us is to let us know what your connection with Felicia was.
Okay, sure.
Um, we worked together at Feldman and Hawes.
We're legal secretaries.
Did she have any enemies? Anyone that might have wanted to hurt her? No one I knew of.
- Look, I actually feel awkward about this.
- Why? Because Felicia was really nice, and I don't want to say anything bad about her.
Well, uh Excuse me.
- She's a deep thinker.
- We got a possible over at NYU.
The infirmary treated a Gordon Puterbaugh last night.
His home address is bogus but we got a employer address off his health insurance.
Some baby store.
Me and Adrianne are heading over there.
Well, Patty don't worry about what our impression about what Felicia's gonna be, all right? We're trying to find her killers.
Felicia had this plan, I guess you would call it.
Um she wanted to marry a rich guy, okay? I mean, who doesn't, right? But she really wanted to.
I mean, we work with these lawyers that make tons of money.
And their wives spend all day shopping and getting facials, and that's what she wanted.
And then I'd say about a month ago, she started talking really different, you know like, To hell with these uptight jerks" and so on.
And finally she asked had I ever tired Ecstasy? - Do you know what I'm talking about? - Ecstasy, the drug.
She said she had gotten into Ecstasy and that it had really opened doors for her in terms of, um, you know - Sex.
- Right.
And that was what she was into now.
You know, partying with guys she'd meet at clubs.
And I went out with her once.
And, I mean, she was into these guys that she and I would never have looked at before.
And I was, like, shocked.
And I wanted to believe that it was a phase.
- Now I see it got her killed.
- Do you know what clubs it was that she went to? Um, Double 'L," um, Streets of Laredo.
These are still white guys that she was interested in? Yeah.
But a totally different type.
Do you remember anyone specific from that night that you went out with her? No.
That's what I keep trying to think of.
And I can't come up with one specific face.
- It's just this type.
- A non-lawyer? Yeah.
And I got out of there before she picked one up.
How about the last few days? Did she mention anybody she met recently? But I wasn't at work on Friday, so He's not here right now.
Yeah, I'll let him know.
Well, I'll write it down then.
Will you put that person on hold? Got it.
Don't smack your hand on my desk.
Then do your job and stop gabbing on the phone.
I need to see Detective Medavoy or Russell.
- I'm Detective Medavoy.
- I'm Jessica Herman, Dr.
Herman's wife.
- How's your husband doing? - Well, we won't know for a few hours.
The doctors in Special Surgery are not optimistic.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
- Someone needs to pay for this, Detective.
And I'm not talking about Sidney's woefully inadequate disability insurance.
- I want to file charges.
- Uh, ma'am.
Uh, charges can't be filed until, uh, until we know who the perpetrators are.
I want to file charges against Dale Epton, my husband's assistant.
- Miss Epton isn't a suspect.
- She's the cause of this whole thing.
She enticed Sidney into that wretched neighborhood.
She's as responsible as if she was the man who pulled the trigger.
Uh, no offense, ma'am, but what you're saying sounds a little, uh, silly.
- Who's your supervisor? - That would be Lieutenant Fancy.
Get Lieutenant Fancy.
Lieu, this is Dr.
Herman's wife.
She would like to speak with my supervisor.
I'm Detective Medavoy's supervisor.
Detective Medavoy is being completely uncooperative.
I want to file charges against Dale Epton.
Dale Epton is the woman the surgeon was visiting, Lieu.
And what do you want to charge her with? Contributing to the shooting of a citizen, uh, accessory to a crime, I don't know.
That's for you to figure out.
That's what my tax dollars are for.
Actually, your tax dollars pay for the Scarsdale police.
I know this is an awkward situation, Mrs.
Herman but having a personal relationship with your boss isn't illegal.
Do they train you people to be insensitive? Excuse me.
You won't be so cavalier when you're all dragged into court.
Do you think that I haven't read about your zero tolerance zone? No crimes allowed.
- I bet that wretched neighborhood was a zero tolerance zone.
- Could be.
Why don't you confer with your lawyer? I'm going to show that you knew that a shooting was likely to occur and you did nothing.
I want all your crime statistics.
- Ma'am, you cannot order our personnel around like that.
- Why won't somebody help me? How can you expect people to help you when you talk to them like they're something the cat dragged in? - Donna.
- I may not have a marriage.
And if I do, my husband may not be able to work.
What am I supposed to do? Grow up.
I'm going to have that bitch fired.
Shall I pack my desk, Detective? - Hey.
- Hi.
I'm Detective Simone.
This is Detective Sipowicz.
You, uh, recognize this girl in this picture here? Yeah.
I think she's been in here a few times.
Who does Felicia come in with? Uh I think I remember her being in here with, um a blond-haired guy and another girl.
- She in trouble? - She was murdered.
- Wow.
- You know either of the people she was with? - Not really.
- What did the guy look like? I don't know.
That was three or four days ago.
You dropped your coat here, man.
- Nice coat.
- Thanks.
You worried about what I'm gonna find if I look in this pocket here? He had, uh, short hair, long sideburns.
His skin looked pretty bad and, uh, the girls here were doing kamikazes.
And the guy paid with a check.
That's right.
I remember that.
He didn't have his phone number on it, so I had to give him a pen.
- The check go to the bank yet? - No.
We don't take them in on Saturdays or Sundays.
It might still be in the office.
I'll go take a look? - James, I don't want to go out to dinner.
- No, huh? - Unless you really do.
- No.
I ain't got no big thing for going out.
- We could stop at the grocery.
I could make some of that pasta.
- Great.
I just want to be with you as close as possible as soon as possible.
Hey, I'll take a sick day right now.
Excuse me.
But my entire existence has just been turned topsy-turvy and you two are having a casual conversation about your evening plans.
We try not to get attached to people we bring in for questioning.
There's the detectives you're gonna be talking to.
Can I get you coffee or something? Yes.
I would like that very much.
Cream and two sugars, please.
- No problem.
- Thank you.
I appreciate that.
- Okay.
- Yeah, sure, I'll hold.
Guy with the cut hand, uh, leaving the D.
's apartment, Gordon Puterbaugh.
Thanks, Adrianne.
Can you do me a favor? Can you pick up with B.
I? We're running a Clyde Fulmer.
He bought the D.
Some drinks.
Oh, he wants a coffee with cream and two sugars, if you want to make friends.
- Yeah, I'm still holding.
- Hey, Bobby.
Hi, James.
Puterbaugh, I'm Detective Simone.
This is Detective Sipowicz.
We'll be talking in there.
- I guess I don't have much choice.
- Can I get you some coffee? - I think that female detective is getting me some.
- I'll be getting it for you.
- How do you take it? - Cream and two sugars.
All right, this way.
Come on.
Have a seat.
- This is a living nightmare.
- I just need to ask you a few questions.
- And then I can go home? - Where were you last night? That's what you want to know? I could have told the other detectives that in the car.
Tell me.
I closed the baby shop where I work at 7:00.
And then I went to the store to buy some things and went to Mrs.
Pattou's to make dinner.
- Who's that? - You're really frightening me with your tone! Well, then, let's try to take it easy, Gordon.
- Okay, I'm better now.
- Good.
Who is Mrs.
Pattou? An elderly shut-in.
I'm a volunteer at the community center.
I prepare home-cooked meals for old people in the neighborhood.
Last night was my first time with her.
I made a vegetarian lasagna.
Where's this Mrs.
Pattou live? Uh, Barrow between, uh, Greenwich and Hudson.
- What time did you leave her place? - About 2:00.
a long dinner, huh? Well, after dinner, we- Mrs.
Pattou and I fell asleep watching television.
Before I knew it, it was already past 1:00.
I still hadn't done the dishes.
Do you like to go club at all? You know, line dance? You ever go to the Streets of Laredo? Double L"? No.
What happened to your hand? Uh, I was washing Mrs.
Pattou's dishes and put my hand into the soapy water and somehow cut myself on a paring knife.
There was a woman who was murdered at the building that you were visiting last night.
- She was cut up with a knife.
- Oh, my God.
No, wait.
You don't think I I- I would never harm another person.
- Then why did you give NYU Infirmary a phony address? - L-I didn't! That's the Hudson River.
I put 682, which is my address.
It could be a piece of dirt from the photocopier.
Wha Stand up for a second.
Stand up.
Look, you're still gonna have to stay here until we talk to this Mrs.
What the hell kind of name is that? I didn't feel I knew her well enough to ask.
She'll verify everything I said, believe me.
Finish your coffee.
Where are you going? Sit down.
A guy named Puterbaugh probably didn't figure Pattou for such a strange name.
Sounds like somebody working up a luggie.
- What's open, Bobby? - We got somebody in 2.
- I think 3's open.
- You like this guy for the doc that got shot? Two uniforms picked him up for shoplifting over at Paragon Sports.
They're vouchering his possessions, find the doctor's wallet.
You think she heard that luggie remark? Hey, Clyde Fulmer came with four collars for drug possession, two for menacing - and one for a bad check at Aqueduct.
- So Clyde Fulmer reads right.
Nothing puts him at the scene.
Puterbaugh's running from the building, blood on his hands.
- Comes up like a Sunday school teacher.
- Let's try this Mrs.
- Thanks, Adrianne.
- Good night.
Medavoy says Martinez and Lesniak are hitting the rack tonight.
You know, if Greg would have known the plans for D-day, we'd all be talking German.
- I bought that wallet.
- I guess they accidentally put the wrong initials on it.
Oh, that's- th-that's for my street name.
- Yeah? What's that? - Sugar Bear.
- Sugar House.
- Where were you 1:00 today? - Hanging out.
- You miss the joint, Sugar House? 'Cause the man that owns that wallet got shot and he's fighting for his life.
- I found that wallet.
- Oh, now you found it.
Th-That's the truth, man.
There was nothing in it.
No cards or cash.
So I thought it was cool.
- Where'd you find it? - Alley, over by the park.
- Dude tossed it.
- Who tossed it? - Clarence.
- Do better, Kenny.
That's all I know.
I seen him around.
I heard this other dude say Clarence.
Might not be his name.
- What's Clarence look like? - I didn't see him much.
He's African-American.
Let's say Clarence owed you $100,000, and he's late.
Where would you go looking? You saying, like, hypocritically" if he really owed me this money? We're saying right now you're our only suspect.
I guess I'd check Leo's up on 25th and Lex.
They shoot dice in the back room.
Clarence hangs out, looks to roll the winners.
I can't believe I didn't bring a fresh change of clothes.
You'll stop home in the morning.
It's just, you know, as much as we planned this all out.
- You know what I mean? - Yeah, I know.
- Adrianne? - Yeah? You know you got me hooked on that fresh pasta stuff now? - I eat the, uh, boxed stuff, it tastes like cardboard.
- Oh, it's so much better.
- Yeah.
- Okay, we need two cooking pots and one skillet.
- You real hungry? - Not real.
Me neither.
You think we should hold off cooking until we're hungry? Yeah, maybe we should, you know? That's the beauty of eating at home.
You eat when you want to eat, right? Yeah.
It's not like we can't get a later reservation.
That's right.
You know, no reservations, no bad tables.
No tipping.
- James, you want to do the other thing first? - Do you? - Yeah.
- I do if you do.
- Yeah.
- All right.
- Mm.
- You want to come into the bedroom? Yeah, I do.
It's just that, uh, old Maurice is in there, right? I took the dog to my mom's house.
Oh, that's why I don't hear him yapping, huh? That's when he bumps into walls.
Here we are.
- James? - Yeah? - Will you unhook my bra? - Is that a front-loader or a back-loader? - Ow! - Sorry.
That's my belt buckle.
- Hey, hey! - Hey, James.
- So what's new? - We had a great time.
Yeah, huh? - What do you say? - This is some country, America, huh? - Good morning, James.
- Good morning.
Bobby, we got a use on one of the credit cards stolen from your D.
A in a casino in Atlantic City about an hour ago.
Andy's on standby at court right now.
- You want to take a run down to the casinos with Bobby? - Yeah, all right.
Sent this photo over.
I'll just fax it ahead to the cops in Atlantic City, huh? Where are you with your shot doctor? Oh.
Uh, we're gonna go up to that barber shop see if we can locate this Clarence supposed to have had the doctor's wallet.
- You hear how the doctor's doing? - His arm's gonna be all right.
Now his only problem is that battle-ax he's got for a wife.
- Hey, Bobby? - Mm-hmm? If you, um, pass a roulette wheel, would you put five bucks on 22? And if that wins, bet half back on eight.
- Hi, Donna.
- Morning.
- Morning, James.
Morning, everyone.
- Morning.
- Morning.
- Morning.
Great day, huh? - Morning.
- Morning.
- You're putting your coat on.
- Yeah.
I'm going down to Atlantic City with Bobby.
- Is that right? - Yeah.
We're going to look for this perp.
- What time will you be back? - Uh We got to talk to all these people at the casino.
You know, pass this guy's picture around.
We should be back this afternoon sometime.
- I'll see you later, all right? - See you later.
- I'll meet you outside.
- Yeah, Bobby.
We'll see if this Clarence is inside.
- You guys cover the rear exit.
- Okay.
- All right.
- Come on.
- Oh, thriving business.
- Here we go.
- Detectives.
- Okay, just keep your hands where I can see them.
We're just looking for our guy.
Nothing to get excited about.
I don't see him.
Kenny said Clarence was about 25.
And these guys are too old.
Anybody know where we can find Clarence? - What a surprise.
- We're Detectives Medavoy and Russell from the 15th Squad.
There's something in it, any help on a guy named Clarence.
You come in here hassling people and you expect them to cooperate back? - Well, that's an interesting point.
- We'll take it up with our boss.
Hey, don't you have some traffic tickets to pass out? - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Yo, yo.
Let me talk to you a minute.
- Look, here, I'm Norval Stevens.
I don't mean you no disrespect.
- Well, what's going on, Norval? Well, I didn't want to establish an atmosphere.
You know, those other people watching.
- You know where Clarence is at? - Well, I know where a lot of people are.
- What are you looking for? - Uh, I hold some bets once in a while - a friendly thing, TV games only.
- Oh, you're a bookmaker.
Vice took my car last week behind some bet slips in the glove compartment - and some cough medicine.
- Oh, it's a sad story, Norval.
My ride's a '93 DeVille Concourse sea mist green with the burnt cappuccino leather.
- Have the V.
- So you want your car back, and we want Clarence.
Clarence gets his, uh, methadone, - We'll need you to come with us, pick him out.
- Anonymous, right? Yeah.
Y-You walk after you point him out and-and before we grab him up.
- That's gonna get me my car? - If the victims I.
Him in a lineup, Norval we'll try to get Vice to give you your car back.
That cough medicine, that's prescription.
I don't know how that label got scraped off.
Yeah, come on.
Come on.
This way.
We're gonna take you upstairs to the monitor room.
Every square foot in the casino is covered with cameras.
- Yeah, we appreciate that.
- So that wasn't even close, huh? Lieu's play on the roulette? Nah.
Stack, this buddy of mine, he plays the Brooklyn number every day.
Whatever came out, you know, the number could've been 336 he's going like, Oh, I had 492," you know, like he just missed it.
What's this? What's that over there? Everywhere! That's our picture of Fulmer.
What's it doing out in public view? What? You figured it'd make it a fair fight? Eliminate the element of surprise? - Jerry.
- Yes, sir? Eighty-six all these flyers.
We specifically instructed do not post in public access area.
Hang on.
Northeast quadrant? May be able to make it up to you.
Got a possible sighting.
All right.
- Hey, there he is.
- How many doors in there? Just this one.
- Police! Don't move, Clyde! - Hey, stay away from me! - Don't shoot me.
- I'm out of here.
- I'm out of here or this guy's dead! - Drop that knife, Clyde! Stay away from me! I'll slit his throat! - I've got a heart condition.
- Don't you hurt this man! - Come on.
- Hey! - We got a situation coming onto the floor.
- Hey, get out of the way! Police! Everybody out of the way! - Move! - Don't take him out here! I got a lot of problems if you take him out on the premises! This guy is not getting out of here! Go, James! - Clyde, get down.
- Stay! Hey, man, stay back! - Hey, stay away from me! Hey! - Right here.
This is where it stops, Clyde.
- Everything stops right here.
- Then this guy is dead.
You're not getting out this door.
You want to see us whack you without whacking him? That's what we're gonna do.
But you will not get out ofhere.
- You-You dare not shoot me! - Oh, yeah, we dare, Clyde! Believe that! Honest to God! Clyde, listen to me.
Drop the knife, or I am gonna drop you right now.
Jay! Jay and Dave made me do this! - Talk show guys? - Yeah! Her punishment was ordained! - Yeah? - They ordained it! Yeah, babe.
We'll see what's ordained for you in New York.
Dave wanted his name on the wall.
And then Jay did too.
Well, you know, Jay and Dave, they always compete.
- Yeah.
They wanted it written in her blood.
- Hey, Clyde, shut up.
James, put this guy in an interview room.
I'll run this through the lieutenant.
- If you happen to see Adrianne, let her know we're back? - Yeah.
What's that guy like? Well, he was acting pretty sane until he couldn't escape from that casino.
Then he started sounding like he's from Mars.
So you figure that psycho stuff, writing on the wall with her blood, that was all bogus? - Oh, yeah.
Hey, Andy.
- Those humps never got to my case.
So you and Martinez collared up on the guy? Yeah.
He was using one of the D.
's credit cards in the casino.
- We go to grab him up, he starts coming on wacky.
- Why not? He makes it into one of them minimum security houses, some orderly leaves the door unlocked he's back on the streets getting high and filleting his dates.
- Call Puterbaugh, apologize for the inconvenience.
- I gotta take a piss.
See if I can move Clyde on the bright side of going to the joint.
- Oh, yeah, boss, 22 on the roulette? - No good? - You want to work this with me? - Eh, you already built a rapport.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Is 1 open, Donna? - Yeah.
Right through here.
That's Clarence Rutherford.
Might be our stickup guy.
We're gonna get some fillers, put him in a lineup for that doctor.
You've gotten four phone calls from a Norval Stevens about getting a car out of impound? He's a bookmaker gave us this guy.
Vice took his Caddy.
- If the guy's right, we're gonna get it back.
- Okay.
I know what Garth Brooks told me.
It's channeled through Jay.
Who's that? - Clyde- - Clyde who? Hey! Look, I don't know what you read in the papers but this crazy man defense, people aren't buying it anymore.
I am not crazy! My devils told me it was preordained.
- So your devils work through Jay and Dave? - Yeah.
Actually, those are the cases the prosecutors, they work harder on.
'Cause none of'em wants to be the one that loses to an insanity plea.
That girl insulted Travis Tritt.
Jay and Dave told me to take her entrails to the well.
Yeah, right.
See, here's the thing, Clyde.
I don't see any psycho hospitalizations here on your rap sheet.
On the other hand, what I do see are four collars for narcotics possession and one for menacing.
Now, I make you for a guy with some habits and a temper.
Maybe he got the mix wrong on a little coke, some Ecstasy while he was out partying, something happened he never meant.
That's a manslaughter beef that we're talking about.
I gutted her becauseJay ordered me to.
All this crazy-man stuff, you're still confessing to the crime.
They throw out the craziness, and all you are left with is a confession.
My devils told me to kill her.
I'd make a statement explaining the circumstances there, Clyde.
The drugs, they overcame me.
Take a shot at five years in the joint with guys who don't hear voices.
Now, maybe that's just me.
Jay, Dave - and Ted Koppel.
- No Tom Snyder? No.
- James, uh- - Yeah? Let Andy know what's going on.
Tell him we're taking this phony down to holding.
- Clyde, come on.
We're gonna do it your way.
Come on.
- In there? No.
We're gonna print you and take you downstairs.
Which one's for transport to Bellevue? - Uh, the last one on the right.
- Down here, Clyde.
- With who? - Maybe Napoleon.
Ask him.
Get in.
Play nice.
Oh, crap.
Who are you? I don't want to talk.
- I'm Andy.
- Yeah, good.
Can you honestly tell me the difference between cow meat and man meat? Don't get stupid with me, man.
- How many did you get? - How many what? - I don't know.
You tell me.
- Shut up, all right! You hit me in the face as hard as you can and, uh, and I'll bite you with my teeth.
You bite me with your teeth and I'll knock your teeth down your throat! Hey, let's both dump on the floor, huh? Huh? - Guard! - Come on.
Give me a free shot in the face - and I'll bite your arm off, huh? - Hey! Hey! Now, here, okay, this is- this is you hitting me.
And now here comes me! Hey, get the hell away from me! Hey! Hey! - Hey! Stop! - Hey, back off! - Point that finger at me! - You got a damn cannibal in here, man! Hey, back off! Back off! Get down! Well, why don't you sickJay and Dave on him? Huh? Bring on your boys! Look, can you get me a five-year bit? - I can get you a conversation with the D.
- Well, get me one! You better go! Back off! Hey! Hey, who's hungry? - Hey, James.
- Hey, Adrianne.
I heard you guys giving the straight story.
The D.
Just finished up with him.
Me and Bobby are doing our fives.
James, I hope I didn't convey a wrong impression before when you were leaving for Atlantic City.
- You sounded a little strict.
- Yeah, well, my act is when I'm feeling so happy - I worry something's gonna reach out and take it away.
- You shouldn't worry like that.
I worry about highway conditions, everything else.
And I could also sound like I'm wanting you to account for your whereabouts.
Anyways, uh, it was a misunderstanding.
The worst thing I could do if I start worrying about everything is I could create exactly what I want to avoid by making you feel claustrophobic.
It's growing pains, that's all.
I mean, it's a process of getting to know each other, know what I mean? Yeah.
So, what time do you feel you'll be going home? L- I don't know.
Um Let me just find Bobby.
I'll go over those fives again.
All right? Okay.
- Number three.
And where do you recognize him from? He's one of the sons ofbitches who nearly destroyed my life.
Uh, you need to say the time and location where he nearly did this.
Yesterday morning, he yanked me out of my car before the other one shot me in the shoulder and nearly caused massive nerve damage which could have deprived me of my livelihood.
Which happened where? In front of Miss Epton's apartment.
We've got a hit, Ray.
Take him in and start the paperwork.
The others can relax.
All right.
This way.
- Thanks for your cooperation, Doctor.
- Was he in there? One of the son of a bitches was.
The son of a bitch who yanked me from the car.
- You son of a bitch! - You scream like a little girl.
Darnell shot you to get loose from you begging at his ankle! Have a nice bus ride, Clarence.
Will you be able to capture the other one? - Yeah.
Clarence isn't too shy about giving up his name.
- Clarence didn't have the gun? - No.
It was the other S.
- All right, Siddy.
We'll call you if we need you for another lineup.
And, uh, we're glad your worst fears weren't realized- losing the use of your hand.
I would say that being shot, Detective, was sufficiently traumatic.
That and knowing that some S.
Is driving around in my Mercedes.
Well, the woods are full of S.
If we need to reach you, it'd be easier if we didn't have to go through your phone service.
- You can use my number.
- Do you have my number in Scarsdale? - Uh, no.
We'll need that.
- Why would they need the number in Scarsdale? Dale, we'll discuss the logistics of this later.
You know, you can call us and-and let us know what number you want us to use.
Oh, no, no, no.
We're gonna let you know right now.
Why would they need the number in Scarsdale, Sid, you son of a bitch? Detectives, thank you very much.
Appreciate it.
- Our pleasure.
- Dale, I told you You wouldn't believe the barracuda this guy's going back to.
The secretary might not know it yet, but today's her lucky day.
- Ow! Dale, now, sweetheart, come on.
- Who's having the party? Oh, our guy that got shot in a stickup, you know, that doctor.
His, uh, secretary just found out they're not gonna be an item.
- Oh! Hey! - Hey.
- Bobby says you should go up for the Oscar.
- Ah, the hungry inmate.
- What? - Andy moved our perp off of playing nuts.
- Oh, yeah? - Andy's in the cell with the guy playing a wacko cannibal.
The guy is climbing the bars to give up his loony act.
- He's yelling to make a deal with the D.
- So, he's in with the D.
A - finding out what getting eaten alive is all about.
- Oh, yeah.
L- I moved a guy once.
He was conning homely women.
I'm in a cell with him.
He makes me for another grifter.
Gives up his scam to me.
I remember that.
The guy with the big thing on his head, right? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
Remember, Adrianne? Yeah, the black box guy.
- Anyways, yeah.
- Yeah.
Andy, thank Sylvia for that casserole, will you? Oh, yeah.
She said drop off the dish whenever you're done.
Uh, you know, I could go up and get it right now, if you want.
No rush.
You can drop it off tomorrow in yourjammies.
- Night, all.
- Greg, remember, we have to reach out to Vice tomorrow.
Oh, yeah.
Get that Norval his car back.
That's right.
- Good night, Diane.
- Good night.
- I didn't mean to hurry you.
- Oh, you didn't hurry me.
Hey, uh, Bobby, the boss said tomorrow's good for the fives, right? Oh, yeah.
See? I was all done.