NYPD Blue s03e16 Episode Script

Girl Talk

- [Simone] Greg.
- [Siren Wailing] - Hey.
What do we got? - Ah.
Little girl went off the roof.
Uh, I think she hit the bracket on the way down.
- Got a name on her? - Yeah.
Miriam De Guzman.
- Ah.
- The mother's over here.
- Guess we should let her look at the body.
- Let Andy take a look first.
- [Medavoy Exhales Sharply] - [Simone] What? Oh, that- that little girl's, uh- She's the same age as my Katie.
She's got ligature marks.
There's semen all over her dress.
Bastard raped and strangled this girl before he tossed her.
[Medavoy] Andy, I'm gonna take a look upstairs.
- Be back in a few minutes to talk to these people.
- Okay.
I'm sorry, ma'am.
De Guzman.
I'm Detective Simone.
I'm with the New York City Police Department.
That's Detective Sipowicz over there.
We're very sorry for your loss, ma'am.
- I want to see her.
- We'll let you see Miriam in just a minute.
We have to ask you a few questions though.
I sent her to the corner to get notebook paper for her homework and then a few minutes later all these people were in the street yelling.
I didn't think it was Miriam.
Why would she be on the roof? When Miriam left the apartment to go to the store, did you see anybody outside in the hall? - No.
- [Sipowicz] You didn't hear anything? - What would I have heard? - What we're trying to get to, Mrs.
De Guzman- that it doesn't look like Miriam's fall was an accident.
- What? - We're thinkin' maybe she was thrown or- or pushed.
You think somebody killed her? We think it's possible.
So this person was in the building and to get to the roof he- he took her by the door of my apartment? My daughter got carried past my apartment with me inside? [Speaking Spanish] Let me see my daughter.
All right.
Come on.
Come on.
[Sobbing] Andy.
I thought you'd want to talk to this guy.
The guy's got something.
But he'll tell you.
Uh, Greg found something on top of the stairwell.
We're gonna go take some Polaroids before we bring it down.
Come on.
- What's your name? - Farr.
Phil Farr.
I didn't see nobody.
But I heard somethin'.
- What'd you hear? - I'm practicing to be a deejay, right? So I'm in my apartment, I'm doing my riff and I hear the kid scream goin' down the window.
I mean, she went right by my window.
I got it on tape right here.
[Farr On Tape] Rockin'down and around with the Farr man.
Fast Phil Farr.
- I'll take the- - [Girl Screams] Uh-huh? - How about that? - We're gonna need this tape.
- H-Wait.
That's my property.
- You'll get your property back when we're done with it.
Come on.
That's worth something to me, man.
Some station's gonna pick that up.
Call the 15th Squad about your tape in a little while.
That's gonna get me some exposure.
Don't say nothin' more to me right now.
[Sobbing] [Martinez] So, when did this happen, Miss McLeary? - Last night.
- Last night.
Um- Excuse me one second.
Hey, Diane.
- I'm catchin'.
Could you give me a hand with somethin'? - Sure.
- Woman says she's been raped.
- What's her name? Uh, Farrell McLeary.
Miss McLeary, this is Detective Russell.
- I thought you might be more comfortable talkin' with her.
- Hi.
Somebody raped me last night.
Why don't we go in here and talk about it? Do you mind if Detective Martinez comes with us? No.
My name's Diane, Farrell.
Would you like to sit down? - Mm-mmm.
- [Door Closes] All right.
Why don't you just tell us what happened.
Last night I went to this bar.
The Ticktock Grill over on East Seventh.
And I met this guy.
He seemed pretty nice.
And we were having some drinks and getting along, you know.
So he said that he would walk me home.
He said his name was Mark Drennan.
He said he was a English teacher for some high school uptown.
What time did you and Mr.
Drennan leave this bar? We got to my building, and he- This guy seemed like a good guy.
So I asked him if he wanted to come up and have a drink.
So you asked him up.
And I let him kiss me some.
And then he started to- He was pushing his hands up under my skirt and I told him that I didn't want to do that.
But he wouldn't stop.
And so l- I tried to get away from him but he pushed me onto the floor and then he- he got on top of me and he- l- I know this is hard, Farrell.
You need to be real specific about what happened.
He entered me.
He- He raped me.
Did he ejaculate? Yes.
Did you resist, or did you feel you'd be safer to cooperate? I tried to scream, but he kept kissing me so I couldn't.
Do you remember if you hit him or scratched him? I don't remember specifically.
Did he hit you? No.
No, he didn't hit me but he raped me.
I have bruises on my hips where he held me down.
What did you do after this happened? I locked myself in the bathroom till about an hour ago.
Did you bathe or shower? Took me 12 hours to get myself out of the bathroom - but I knew enough not to do that.
- Well, good.
If it's all right with you, Farrell uh, we'd like to take Polaroids of the bruises and then send you over to St.
Vincent's, have a doctor look at you.
- There you go.
- Thanks.
Mark Drennan.
That's the man's name? - Yes.
- I'm gonna go run him through B.
All right? - [Door Opens] - I am so ashamed.
I asked this man into my home.
Would you show me the bruises, and I'll take the pictures? I'll stand over here by the door so no one can come in.
Could you come forward a bit? Medavoy and Lesniak picked up the D.
's school book bag and her coat at the top of the stairs along with a man's necktie.
- Looks like that's what he used to strangle her.
- Could the mother I.
The tie? - No.
- And no witnesses.
Greg and Adrianne- They talked to the super.
They got the names of everybody in the building.
They're gonna be running them through B.
Plus we're running the building through CARS to see if it has any kind of history as a crime scene.
Rapes her, strangles her then throws her off the building.
Ten-year-old girl.
[Russell] Uniform will take you to the hospital.
I'll call you after.
- What's this? - Woman meets the perfect man.
Turns out to be a creep.
Hey, Diane.
I talked to somebody at Lincoln Park.
This Drennan teaches there, but he's not in today.
- They gave me his home address.
- Let's go pick him up.
- All right.
- Anything on your little girl? - Greg found the guy's tie.
- Mmm.
- Hey, Pop.
- Hey.
How you doin', Son? AndyJ.
So I hear you'rejoining the Hackensack force.
They accepted me for trainin'.
- [Simone] Congratulations, man.
That's great.
- Thanks a lot.
I just had to come into the city to get a copy of my birth certificate.
- Paperwork already, huh? - Yeah.
[Chuckles] Dad, if you're okay doing this other thing tomorrow Mom's flipping a little bit about me joining up.
I thought I'd cook her pasta tonight, calm her down.
- Yeah.
We can do it tomorrow.
- I don't want to lose the chance with you.
- [Sipowicz] No.
Tomorrow's good.
- Come, like, around 4:00? - Yeah.
- All right.
I'll see you then.
- See ya, Bobby.
- Take care, Andy.
Excuse me.
I was gonna take him on the street after my tour a little bit - show him the ropes.
- Yeah, huh? Hey, guys.
Martina Escobar from up at the 27.
She's working on a case from last week.
Um, 11-year-old girl raped, thrown off a roof up at 96th and Second.
- She's gonna bring her stuff down? - She's on her way.
Martina Escobar.
You ever get a look at her? - Complete knockout.
- You know her? - We took a course together.
- I never met her.
Alls I know is she got her first-grade money the year I got screwed out of mine.
[Chattering] - Can I help you? - Mark Drennan? - Yeah.
I'm Mark Drennan.
- We're New York City detectives, Mr.
Your, uh, name's come up in regard to, uh, one of our investigations.
We were wondering if you'd come down to the precinct so we could ask you a few questions.
Questions about what? It's okay, Lizzie.
We'll fill you in down at the station house.
- Am I under arrest? - We just need to clear up a few things.
- But you're not gonna tell me why you're here.
- [Clears Throat] - Mark? - It's nothin'.
I got it.
This is a serious matter, Mr.
We were hoping you would come down like a gentleman so we wouldn't have to put you in handcuffs.
I'd hate to upset the little girl.
Sweetie, go tell Mommy that I have to talk to these people for a couple minutes.
Okay? - Mommy, Daddy says he has to- - All right.
Uh, look.
I don't want to go anywhere with you until you tell me what this is all about.
Someone's bringing a rape charge against you, Mr.
A rape? What? Would you come with us, please? You better get your coat.
All right? [Sighs] Phoebe, I gotta go someplace.
I'll be back soon.
- [Simone] Yeah.
Any information you could give us.
- Hi.
I'm Detective Escobar.
All right.
Thank you.
Bobby Simone.
- How's it goin'? - It's really nice to see you.
- It's been a while.
- [Simone] I don't want to think about it.
You look good, Bobby.
Martina Escobar.
We went through the, uh, C.
Course together about, uh, what, a hundred years ago? - My partner, Andy Sipowicz.
- Escobar like the drug guy? He's my uncle.
Case I'm working on-Victim's name is Rosa Carillo.
She's an 11 -year-old kid.
She's in the hospital with multiple fractures.
A clothesline broke her fall.
She get a look at this guy? As much as we can get, we know it was a white guy wearing a blue leather jacket.
Blue leather.
That's pretty much all she could see while it was happening.
We also have this.
[Man On Tape] This little girl just fell off the roof.
- You gotta send somebody.
- [Woman On Tape] What's your location, sir? [Man] You- Man, it's the corner of 96th and Second.
- [Woman On Tape] Sir, what's the phone number? - [Man] You're- What's the number you're calling from, sir? We traced this to a phone booth half a block down the street.
- Guy seems pretty nervous.
- [Simone] Hmm.
- You wanna trade cases? - Yeah.
[Escobar] Here.
We've got a suspect on that rape complaint.
- Um, Interview 1 's open.
- Who's that? That is Detective Escobar from the 27.
- Hey.
- She's workin'on that homicide with Detective Simone.
She's going through my desk.
Detective, can I get you any work materials? - Yeah.
I'm looking for a fresh notebook.
- I got one right here.
- There you go.
- Thank you.
I just want to tell you right off.
L- I really have no idea what this is about.
Do you know a Farrell McLeary, Mr.
Drennan? Yeah.
I met her last night.
But I didn't rape her.
- Is that what she said? She said I raped her? - Yeah, Mark.
She did.
That's nuts.
I met this girl in a bar, and I ended up going home with her.
- That's all.
- Did you have sexual relations with her? - Yeah.
She wanted to.
- You some kind of ladies' man, Mark? Hardly.
I'm married.
- Which means what? - Which means I cheated on my wife.
But that doesn't make me a rapist.
My wife and l-Things have been kind of a mess between us lately and, uh, I don't do this sort of thing often but last night I ended up going out for a drink, you know.
And I met this girl in a bar.
We started gettin' along, and, um things started to get kind of hot.
What do you mean kind of hot"? - You mean you were kissing her, feeling her up? - Both.
- This is in the bar.
- Yeah.
In the bar.
Then she said she had to go, and would I mind walking her home.
- She asked ya? - Yeah.
She did.
And we end up making out on the street.
Then she said, uh, do I want to come upstairs.
I mean, I'm not about to say no.
It's been a while since my wife's been particularly interested.
So we went up to her place, and- and we made love.
- She was into it.
- Did you use a condom? No.
No, l- I know that's stupid but, uh, we were both pretty wasted.
According to Miss McLeary, she said she asked you to stop, and you wouldn't.
Does that ring any bells, or were you too wasted to remember that too? At one point she did say, Maybe we should stop," but she didn't mean it.
You a mind reader too, Mark? No.
She was taking my shirt off at the time.
So I took that as an indication.
I'm not into forcing anybody.
You didn't force her? - What's this? - That's what you did to Farrell McLeary.
I didn't do this.
- She must have taken a fall or somethin'.
- Oh, is that right? No.
No, no.
She told me about this.
She takes, um, uh, gymnastics class at the- at the Y" and she told me she banged herself up working out.
Check it out.
Would you, please? Check it out.
Look, when I left, she kissed me good night.
This-This- This isn't a rape.
There you go.
Not too optimistic I'm gonna get anything from this guy's tie.
They're four for 10 bucks from every peddler in the city.
[Donna] Detective Escobar, call for you on line two.
[Speaking Spanish] Figures we'll trace where the perp bought the tie.
She said we had zero on the tie.
[Speaking Spanish] Puerto Rican Labor Union is offering a $10,000 reward for any information leading to this perp's arrest.
- Reward, huh? - Their kids are being attacked.
They want to help.
[Sighs] Anybody really knows what happened they know that we'll pay for information.
Here all we're gonna get is a bunch of amateur sleuths and people lookin' to settle private grudges.
- Calling about the reward? - Okay.
Can you speak a little better English there? - [Escobar] Hold on, please.
- [Sipowicz] Can you give me a description? - [Phone Ringing] - On the phone you wouldn't say why you needed to talk to me.
We just have to ask you a couple of questions about Farrell McLeary, Miss Keller.
- Do you know her? - Mm-hmm.
She's one of my students.
- Down at the Y"? - Mm-hmm.
- What kind of classes you teach down there? - Gymnastics- mat work, uneven parallels- stuff like that.
- Do people ever get hurt doing that kind of stuff? - Sometimes.
We're pretty safe in my class though.
If one of your students did take a fall or otherwise injure herself in one of your sessions - would you be aware of that? - Not necessarily.
I mean, Farrell could have taken a fall or not.
I don't know.
I didn't see it.
I didn't mention that she had taken a fall.
I assumed that's why you're talking to me.
Did you speak to Farrell today? Don't lie.
'Cause we can check.
I wasn't gonna lie.
I did talk to Farrell.
- She called to say she couldn't make tonight's class.
- She tell you anything else? Mm-mmm.
[Martinez] Okay.
All right.
Thanks for coming in.
My pleasure.
[Russell] Thank you.
- [Sipowicz] We'll check it out, and we'll get back to you- - [Sighs] I think Miss McLeary got to her.
- Why would she do that? - You don't think that woman was lyin'? I don't know what she was doing, but that didn't support Drennan's story.
He knew about the gym.
Where's he gonna hear that unless it's from her? She made up the rape, called her gym teacher, got her to lie about the bruises.
- Why is she doing all this? - Maybe she sleeps with him finds out he's married, and now she's pissed off.
So, what are you saying? You want to give this guy a walk? Maybe we should talk to the boss.
You all right? - What's up? - I got two possibles.
A lady says some guy tried to drag her kid into a stairwell, and this one- The teenager- He was attacked with a necktie.
- I think we gotta check 'em out.
- Where they at? Staten Island and the Bronx.
- I'm gonna stay on the phones.
- We'll call in.
You're gonna have to go back to work on this.
Check with the bar.
See if anybody remembers these two.
I don't want to hold this guy overnight, Lieu.
[Fancy] If you release him, can you get him to come back in? Well, he's a family guy.
He's not goin'anywhere.
Then do it that way.
Doesn't sound like something I can authorize overtime on.
- You're gonna let this guy go? - [Fancy] Whose case is it? I'm the one who caught it.
It's his call, Diane.
It's his call, Diane.
I'll go tell this Drennan he can go home.
Is Bobby around? Him and Escobar are looking into some wild goose chase.
- That Escobar any good? - It don't jump out at ya.
- She messed up my desk.
- [Donna] Line one.
- Hey, Donna.
- Hey.
No 'habla"espanol.
- Yeah.
Uh, can you speak English? - Hi, Diane.
- Hi.
- [Sipowicz] English, please.
Martinez, another lead" on those child murders.
- Sk- Can you? - [Martinez] Which line is that? Three.
Hold 'ono.
" - [Sighs] - Hi.
Maury asked me to stop by, see how the investigation was going on the little girl.
I tell you.
We're at the crime scene.
Nobody sees nothin'.
Now the Puerto Rican Labor Union puts out a reward everybody and their brother's giving up a name who's going after these kids.
Well, just keep us posted.
- How do you feel? - Fine.
- [Donna] Detective, another call.
- Oh.
Diane, we heard that you guys brought a suspect in on a rape charge.
Uh, we sent him home.
Oh? The, uh, complainant's bruised, traumatized.
She's positive for semen in her rape kit.
The guy admits being with her.
And, uh, James Martinez thinks maybe the whole thing's a misunderstanding.
I've had some personal experience in this area.
It's not something that you misunderstand.
Yeah, well- - Hey, Greg.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Phone break, huh? Yeah.
Everyone's lookin' to give up their mortal enemy.
Yeah? And that date rape- Uh, I hear you got problems with that.
We brought the guy in and the thing is, uh, there's some real questions what went on.
There's always questions with date rape.
But Diane- As far as she's concerned she just wants to lock the guy up.
Women detectives get very emotional with ya, uh, on those cases.
And all I'm saying is, uh, we should look into this a little further - and all of a sudden the battle lines are drawn.
- Yeah.
Hi, Sylvia.
- How's it goin'? - Fine.
Anyways, what's the use? [Sighs] Now nothin' fits.
[Sighs] [Toilet Flushes] Hey.
Where do you come down on that Martinez date rape case? Yeah.
I don't know too much about that.
Well, I gotta say I was shocked.
Diane Russell told me the facts of the case and it seems very clear that the complainant was sexually coerced.
Well, I'll tell you somethin'.
I got 25 years in.
Even when I was drinkin', I always did my job.
I closed the Bucci kidnapping two years ago.
I'm up for first grade.
Commissioner decides he's gonna fill the list with minorities and women.
What does that have to do with the Martinez date rape case? I'm just sayin'.
We got a woman detective- Escobar- workin' a pattern on these roof murders.
She gets her first-grade money the same year I'm up.
Fourteen years on the job, and she didn't close no Bucci case.
[Sighs] I'm gonna have to go to one of those maternity shops.
[Phone Rings] Yeah.
Ah, hell.
- Damn.
- What? Another kid got thrown off a roof.
[Simone] All right, guys.
Can you lift that blanket up, please? [Shutter Clicks] [Speaking Spanish] Okay.
- [Siren Wailing] - You want to step back there? - All right.
- Would you get these people out of here? Hey.
Little boy.
We haven't I.
'd him yet.
- Six blocks from the last one.
- Yeah.
Got thrown off of this roof, landed on the cab.
Some of the neighbors- They moved him.
- [Sipowicz] Did you talk to these neighbors? - [Simone] No.
Let me ask you- Hey, hey.
- [Simone] Grab him.
- Hey, hey.
I got it, Bob.
- Hey.
Where you goin'? - I didn't see nothin'.
- I just want to talk.
What are you nervous about? - I didn't see anything.
- I'm not nervous.
- Know anything? How about a guy in a blue leather jacket? - I didn't see anything.
- Yo, yo, yo, yo.
Bro, just calmate, okay? - I am talkin' to him.
- [Speaking Spanish] [Spanish] [Spanish] You know him? [Spanish Continues] The dead boy's name is Eddie Chavez.
- This kid knows his sister.
- That kid spoke perfect English.
Well, he was more comfortable in Spanish.
All I'm sayin', in English we both can question this kid together.
[Escobar] Yeah, but we needed the information and he obviously was more comfortable in Spanish.
Is that how you got your shield, Detective Escobar? - Speakin' Spanish to the brass at city hall? - Implying what, Detective? [Spanish] [Spanish] Oh, I'm sorry.
Should I be talking to them in English? You shouldn't be talking to them at all.
- We're not open yet.
- We're from the police department.
- I called yesterday.
I said we'd be stoppin' by.
- Oh, yeah.
- You were workin' the bar Monday? - Yeah.
- You recognize this woman? - Yeah.
She was here.
She come in with any friends? - No.
Not usually.
Monday she got lucky.
- Meaning? She met a guy, he was buying her some drinks, and they were mugging it up.
- They were kissing and such? - Yeah.
These two were in heat.
I was gonna tell 'em to take it somewheres else - but they figured that out on their own.
- Hi.
This guy who picked her up- Did you ever see him before? - No.
She's a regular though.
- She pick up a lot of guys? No, but when she does she means business.
I mean, she's an attractive woman but I think she's one of these babes that hears the clock ticking.
Thanks for your opinion.
[Whispers] Asshole.
[Chattering] We're gonna have to ask that Miss McLeary some hard questions.
- She was kissing the guy in the bar.
- Yeah.
And on the street too.
In the bar and on the street.
Well, that definitely means he can rape her.
Hey, Diane.
When that Miss McLeary first came in, I found her just as credible as you did but now we're gettin' some conflicting information.
There's a lot of sexual behavior here that woman didn't tell us about.
Both of us know no jury convicts that guy off that set of facts.
- Not if you're on it.
- Hey.
I'm sorry we disagree on this case, Diane but I'm just trying to do myjob.
If that makes me look insensitive, I'm willing to live with it.
[Woman Speaking Spanish] [Spanish] Okay.
Bye, Mami.
[Sniffles] - [Beeps] - My mom's going straight to the hospital.
If you want to talk to her, that's where she'll be.
- Okay.
- What time did your brother Eddie go to school this morning? [Woman] About 800.
[Sniffling] I was worried because he usually meets his friends on the corner so that they can walk together, and he was late today.
Do you know if he met the other kids? He said that if- that if they left without him he'd come back.
So when he didn't come back, I thought everything was fine.
Can I get you somethin'? Glass of water maybe? [Door Opens] Bill, somebody killed Eddie.
What? What? [Woman Sobbing] - Who are you guys? - We're the police.
Who are you? This is my boyfriend, Bill Walsh.
You live here in this neighborhood, Bill? - I have a place over on Bowery.
- [Sobbing] Man.
Somebody killed Eddie? [Escobar] I found this on the floor in your kitchen.
I think it must have fallen off a chair.
Can I hang this up for you? It's mine.
- Left your jacket here, huh? - I just went out for groceries.
Didn't think I needed it.
So you were here this morning, huh, Bill? Yeah.
I just fed Eddie breakfast.
How could this happen? Did you see him on the street? You know, maybe passed him on the way to the grocery store.
No, no.
The store's in the other direction from where he walks.
Couldn't we do this later? I have to go and see my mom at the hospital.
- Absolutely.
- [Bill] I'll drive you, hon.
[Simone] Uh, maybe you can come to the station house with us, Mr.
- Me? - Yeah.
It'd be a really big help.
A case like this, there's so little goin', anything you can give us would be significant.
- I better stay with Lydia.
- Stuff you might forget in a couple hours could make the difference.
It's okay.
Go with them.
You don't wanna forget your jacket.
[Russell] James, Miss McLeary's here.
- I'll do it.
- I'm not asking you to do it.
It'll be better comin' from me.
- Farrell, thanks for comin' back in.
- Sure.
- Did you arrest him? - Hmm.
We brought Mr.
Drennan in and questioned him.
His story: You both were engaging in sexual behavior- in the bar and on the street- before you invited him up.
We were making out.
I told you that.
His feeling is you definitely indicated you wanted to have sex.
The bartender supported Mr.
Drennan's version of events.
What do you mean the bartender supported it? The bartender wasn't there.
In addition, Mr.
Drennan told us that you had told him you got those bruises working out at your gym.
So, we spoke to your instructor, Gail Keller.
She wouldn't confirm or deny that story.
Then she admitted she spoke to you before we asked her to come in.
So? Did you ask her not to lie exactly but just not to tell us that you did hurt yourself working out? She said you work out on uneven parallel bars.
- Could that be how you got those bruises? - She heard my question.
He raped me.
Farrell, we're just trying to get you to understand the difficulties of making an arrest under these circumstances.
[Farrell] What kind of world is this? You invite a man into your apartment, everyone assumes it must be for sex? I didn't want sex.
I wanted a relationship.
Are you saying I should drop the charges? We're trying to let you know there's a pretty big downside: The likelihood of the D.
So now I know the downside.
I'll think about dropping the charges.
[Door Opens] [Door Closes] [Man On Tape] You- Man, it's the corner of 96th and Second.
- The number's 83296th Street.
- [Tape Player Clicks] - It's him.
- So you got the tape and the jacket.
That's not enough to hold him ifhe gets nervous.
We're gonna get a Polaroid, see if her complainant in the hospital can I.
- What are the chances on that? - Crapshoot.
She's got a skull fracture, a concussion.
She could barely talk last time I saw her.
But we gotta try.
We gotta get something to go at this guy with.
- Keep him occupied till we get back from the hospital? - Yeah.
How long is this gonna take? I'm really worried about Lydia.
Well, it's hard to say, Mr.
- What was that for? - Oh, the boss- He makes us do this every time we talk to somebody.
Interview situations.
Everybody's always screaming about police brutality.
Doesn't make any sense.
It's the way of the world.
Come here.
What's the delay? Those other cops back yet? [Clears Throat] Sit down.
We're not gonna wait for them.
[Clears Throat] - I just had to make a phone call.
- 'Cause I'm tired of sittin' here.
- Whatever information you need, ask me, and I'm gonna go.
- We're gonna get started now.
What do you want to know? I fed Eddie breakfast, and I went out for groceries.
Just if you could give me some background.
Your length of relationship with his sister, so forth.
- Two and a half years.
What's that got to do with anything? - Who were you seeing before? I was playing the field.
What the hell's that got to do with the price of eggs? - [Chuckles] This was in New York? - Yeah.
When'd you live in California? I lived in Walnut Creek.
It's outside Oakland.
- Yeah.
How long ago? - Oh, like, four years.
And, uh, you took a collar there? Exposing yourself to a minor child? That was a complete false accusation.
Sit down.
I ran you with my good friends at the F.
, Bill.
You're clean with us, but you were wrong with them.
That incident was a kid with a sick mind.
Is that before or after you were done with her? That's it.
I'm outta here.
You got a good case, Bill.
You want to try and get past me? You gonna hit me? [Siren Wailing In Distance] How about that Polaroid they took of me? If I come out bruised- Bill, I'll beat you till you'll never walk right again and you won't have a bruise on your body.
Help! Somebody help me in here! Shh, shh.
Nobody can hear ya.
See, uh, cops got special feelings for child killers.
The other fellas in the station house- They thought I should spend some time with you alone.
What are you crying for, you little turd, huh? - Have I laid a hand on you? - Just leave me the hell alone.
- Are you scared? Hmm? - Yeah.
All right? All right? Does that make you feel like a big man? Do you think those kids were scared, huh? Do you feel like a big man with those kids- raping, murdering them and throwin' 'em off the roof? No.
I didn't hurt anybody.
The first girl that we know about you hurting- She's alive.
Okay, Bill? Hmm? She hit a clothesline going down, and she's alive and she said that she can identify who tried to kill her.
Well, if she says it was me, it's a setup.
So we got her picking you out, plus we know that you were with that boy this morning.
- No.
- And this is before your D.
Goes under the microscope from the semen you left on that poor girl you threw off yesterday.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
I don't give permission for any D.
Bill, does that mean that instead of you letting your blood get drawn- - Oh.
- I have to beat enough out of you - to spoon it up from the floor, huh? - [Whimpers] [Groaning] Gonna piss myself.
You hold it! You hold it! All right.
You listen to me now.
You dialed 911 on that first girl.
We got you on tape.
Now, that shows remorse and you fighting what's goin' on inside of you.
Now, that's what you gotta work on now.
I'm lookin' for that decent part in you to come out and explain how you wound up doing this.
You got four years since your previous offense.
You were livin' with an adult woman.
That's someone lookin' to control himself.
The child had an accident.
She fell off the roof, and I tried to save her.
- I called for an ambulance.
- This was the first girl? Yes.
That was the first incident since Walnut Creek.
And what were you doin' on the roof with her? We were up there talking.
Don't tell me you were up there talkin', or you're gonna get hit.
There was some minor sexual contact.
With- Then she got afraid, and she ran and she fell.
I was sick it had happened.
I was living with an adult woman.
I was workin' my program and an accident happened, and she fell.
You raped her, but you didn't try to kill her.
I figured the hell with it.
- That's why I did the other one.
- And this would be Miriam? I figured the hell with it.
No one's gonna believe me anyway that the first one was accidental.
I figured I'd do another one.
To hell with my program.
- And what about Eddie? - There was no sexual component with Eddie.
He just knew.
I could tell.
When I gave him his cereal, he looked at me.
And he knew.
- Excuse me.
- Yes? Some detectives are working a rape case- a male and a female.
Could I talk to them? Detective Russell.
There's someone here about that rape complaint.
I'm Detective Russell.
You were down at the Ticktock Grill this morning asking about some guy.
Was his name Mark Drennan? Come on in.
Uh, have a seat here.
- What's your name? - Ellen Lippert.
- I'm a bartender down there.
- And you know this Mark Drennan.
Did he rape that girl? - Why are you here? - 'Cause he raped me too.
Have a seat, Ellen.
[Sighs] When we, uh, talked to this other bartender, he said he - never saw this Drennan before.
- We work opposite shifts.
Drennan came in about a month ago sits at the bar, starts flirtin' with me.
Having problems with his wife.
He seemed decent.
I let him stay late, help me clean up the bar.
Then when everyone's gone, he won't take no for an answer.
He thought he was some big Romeo.
He actually kissed me good night when he was through.
I swear the way this jerk is acting he's got no idea what he did.
Did you, uh, tell anybody about this at the time? I told my sister.
She said I should report it, but I just felt like this wouldn't have happened if I hadn't been so stupid.
Would you be willing to press charges now? Yeah.
That's why I'm here.
Could, uh- Stop taking those reward calls, Medavoy.
This guy gave it up.
We got him.
He confessed? That guy, Walsh? - All three kids.
- That's great, Andy.
- What's up? - Andy got that guy Walsh to give it up.
You went ahead and talked to him? - He was gettin' hinky.
Your victim pick him out? - Yeah.
She did.
So that's great.
What would you have done if this guy would have hollered lawyer" - while you leaned on him before you had a photo I.
To go with? - I'm hard of hearin'.
Anyways, now we got the statement and the I.
So- Yeah.
- Hi.
Detective Martinez called.
- Wait here.
Thanks for comin' back in.
- Sure.
No problem.
- Wanna take a walk over here? - It was great to see you, Bobby.
- Likewise.
When I, uh, heard about your wife I wanted to call.
I didn't know what to say.
Yeah, well- Want to go to dinner sometime? I'm seeing somebody, Martina.
Well- Missed my chance.
I gotta talk to your partner.
I'll see you later, huh? [Coins Clinking] Feel pretty good about getting your statement? Say your piece, Escobar.
I gotta meet my kid.
- You're a dinosaur, Sipowicz.
- I'm a dinosaur? You jeopardized that collar because it sticks in your throat I'm first grade.
It sticks in my throat how you got it.
Every white guy in the department with second grade thinks he should've gotten my grade promotion.
Half you guys think I got it on my back.
It doesn't occur to any one of you - that I got it because I am good at what I do.
- So you earned it? - That's right.
- Ah.
I got twice your time on the job I'm a hell of a detective, and I paid my dues.
- I earned it.
- Well, life is rough, huh, Sipowicz? For once a white guy didn't get something he deserved.
You know, that never happens to Latinos, and that never happens to women.
[Typing] - You need to take a look at these? - I'm not sure.
Not right now.
So this, uh, Drennan guy still says he's innocent, huh? Those women were lookin' to have sex.
That's all he knows.
Plus he's having problems with his wife.
This is a big relevant point with this jerk.
- Unbelievable.
- [Martinez] We were lucky the second woman came along.
This guy is pretty convincing.
I mean, I was convinced.
[Chuckles] Diane was always pretty skeptical.
- How about that second woman showin' up? - Just great.
- [Fancy] Yeah.
- Not to say it's only rape if the guy does it twice.
Uh, no.
It's- It's just hard.
You know, a- a case this confusing, uh, objectively to- to evaluate the facts.
[Fancy] Yeah.
I mean, hard for everybody.
Men and women.
Oh, sure.
[Medavoy Sighs] Anyways- Lieutenant.
Just want to let you know if you need somebody to stay late and answer the phones I'm available esta noche.
We took care of that case already, John.
Thank you.
[John] Oh, that's great.
[Fancy] So, um- - Good night.
- Good night, Lieu.
- Night, Lieu.
- [Lesniak] Night.
[Chattering] I just got called a prehistoric creature today so maybe you gotta take what I say with a grain of salt.
I want to learn from you, Pop.
I feel lucky to be out here.
See those three guys across the street from us on the corner? - [Andy] The black guys? - [Sipowicz] Those three are bad guys.
Those guys decide in a heartbeat whether to mug or hurt somebody, huh? - Here you go, fellas.
- [Sipowicz] You see the people walkin'around 'em? - [Andy] Yeah.
- Those are black working people.
I'm not talking about color here.
I'm saying them three are bad, and right now they own that corner.
A good cop's gonna take that corner back so the people walkin' by 'em don't have to fear for their life.
How do I do that? You say, Look.
We need to have this corner clear so I'm gonna ask you like gentlemen to move on.
I come back in 15 minutes I don't want to see you here, all right?" And then you leave.
You give 'em an hour.
Now, you come back in 15 minutes and they're still there what do you do now? I move 'em, I guess.
You go up to the biggest guy in the bunch, or the guy with the biggest mouth and you say, You don't get off this corner, I'm gonna lock you up.
" And if he doesn't move, then you put your hands on him.
If he puts his hands back up at you, you don't fool around.
You find out right away how good you are with a nightstick and how tough they really are.
'Cause as a cop you can't afford to lose a fight.
You lose a fight, you lose your life.
Wanna go take these guys with me? Really? Nah.
I don't want to spend the next six hours doin' paperwork.
I'll call a radio car.
I really appreciate you taking the time like this, Pop.
This is a good job for people like us.
We don't have a lot of education, but we can read and write, and we're honest.
Don't ever embarrass this job.
- I won't.
- I know you won't.