O Escolhido (2019) s02e02 Episode Script

Father, why have you forsaken me?

1 [foreboding music.]
[man 1 panting, grunting.]
[distant gunshot.]
[man 1 panting.]
Let's go.
Come on, come on! Keep moving.
Keep going.
On your knees.
[man 1 panting.]
[panting continues.]
Did either of my brothers see you bring him? No, sir.
But I could feel something following me.
The Serpent doesn't come near me.
And I never go near the Serpent.
[The Chosen One.]
Where did you find him? [Silvino.]
He was washing clothes by the river.
I don't know where he was before, but I think close by.
[The Chosen One.]
Doctor? Have you noticed that the more you look for an explanation in this jungle, the further you get from the truth? Maybe.
But believe me, I will find it.
Tell me, doctor.
What's lacking in your soul that you need to find my secret? You can't keep me from the truth.
[The Chosen One.]
You're looking in the wrong place.
I will reveal to you the source of my holy power.
I can take you to the place where nature made me a saint.
So, you do admit there's something in the jungle that you use for your cures? I admit there's something, right here in the jungle that I can show you, that you'll want to see.
And why exactly should I believe you? Hm? You know, doctor the people call me a saint, but no one really loves me.
My brothers fear me.
Now I can't please the only one who really deserves my attention, my savior Father.
I am alone, doctor.
Chosen One.
We all love you very much.
Believe me.
And what do you want for this? Return Lúcia to me.
Ah, Lúcia hates you.
- [clatters.]
- [Silvino.]
Hey! She hates me as well.
I just don't know who she hates more.
But if there's something I've learned about you, doctor, is that you have no scruples.
You really think you're the best person to judge anyone's character.
Bring Lúcia back to me.
And what makes you think I could even do that? You can.
That's why I haven't told my brothers that you're here.
And if I do it? Then I'll show you my secret.
Chosen One My symptoms are getting worse.
You have already cured the same disease in Damião.
I'm begging you.
[The Chosen One sighs.]
You're like Angelina, Lúcia.
You're sacred.
No, I'm really not.
I'm just a normal woman.
I don't deserve any of this.
No, Lúcia.
Look at me.
Don't look towards the sky for answers, look at me.
Look me in the eyes and tell me you have the courage to condemn me.
Lúcia, I'm not the one who has to look you in the eyes.
[inhales deeply.]
That is for the one who sentenced you to death.
[The Chosen One.]
There's your killer.
No, I'm not dead yet.
To God you are, Lúcia.
Lúcia! [sighs deeply.]
If you're not gonna help her, at least let me try.
Use your science on her if you want.
[The Chosen One.]
Lúcia's not the woman for me anymore.
Lúcia, I can help you.
- I brought some medicine that can make - You got to be kidding me.
[bag clatters.]
Let's go.
[foreboding music.]
[The Chosen One.]
The doctor stays here.
[wind whooshes.]
[The Chosen One.]
What messages have I ignored, Father? - Why have you forsaken me? - [Enzo panting.]
- [grunts.]
- [thuds.]
- What are you gonna do? - Shut up.
You're already hanging by a thread.
What do you mean? I did what you asked me to do.
Be quiet and do what he tells you! My brother - This is urgent, you're very weak.
- What does it matter? My Father has closed His heart to His son on Earth.
- I held up my end, damn it.
- And so you did.
Do you think that I, The World's Chosen One, would ask you to transform a healthy body into a sick one, you idiot? [breathes heavily.]
I fight disease.
Or maybe you're not as powerful and beloved as you think you might be.
Maybe you can't accept that Lúcia only came back because she had no choice.
You're blind.
The months you spent in the jungle have destroyed what was left of your pitiful soul.
He spent months in our jungle and I didn't know? [The Chosen One.]
The doctor hid beyond our borders, Santiago.
In the Serpent's land.
And the Serpent didn't find you there? It's impossible.
The Serpent doesn't even exist.
Your accomplice, Damião, was the Serpent's prisoner.
He saw the evil that surrounds us.
Oh, yeah? For once in my life, I finally got luckier than Damião? [scoffs.]
Maybe the Serpent just didn't see you as a threat, because the kingdom of evil lives in you! [grunting.]
Brother maybe he made the doctor sick to please the enemy.
Santiago, look at him.
Do you think he'd be capable of coming up with a plan like that? He's weak.
Brother The Chosen One is right.
I don't want him to die before he has the chance to tell me his secret.
[breathes heavily.]
You will discover the truth.
And when this happens, you will decide a suitable punishment for yourself.
[The Chosen One.]
Santiago, give him the truth.
Yes, boss.
Wait, what? He means you're getting what you came for.
Where are you taking me? - [baby crying.]
- [whimpering.]
[ominous music.]
[woman grunts in distance.]
[door creaks, closes.]
Damião Why did this happen to me? [sighs.]
What have I done to deserve this? It's not your fault.
It's no one's.
Living here for the past few months, I've come to the conclusion that The Chosen One is mentally unstable.
His instability is disguised by religious beliefs.
His moments of lucidity are becoming scarce.
First my father.
Now it's my turn.
What do you mean? My father died because my mother refused to allow him a blood transfusion.
But why, though? For the same reason you're all denying me a cure, fanaticism.
Tell me.
What does God mean to you, Damião? You know, one time before I got into college and considered becoming a doctor, I used to keep lookout for the police in the slums.
I kept wondering, "How long am I gonna have to live here?" I had a friend who died at 14.
They said God was looking out for me, guiding my path.
It's one of the most religious places on Earth.
There was always someone praying.
I knew that I had to get out of this life.
I came home and I saw my mom was crying by the fridge.
She was pouring water in the milk jug again.
That's how fucking poor we were.
Shit's tough, you know what I mean? Milk with water is bitter, but it's not because of the taste.
It's the reason you have to drink it in the first place.
The next day, I was back there being a lookout.
Every day, every month.
And when I got my first paycheck, I went and bought my mom a gallon of milk.
I said, "Mom, guess what, you don't have to water down the milk today.
" She smiled at me.
Like I had changed the world.
In that moment, when I saw my mom finally catch a break It was then when I thought, "This is God.
" You know? That's when I decided I didn't want that life anymore.
I wanted to be bigger than that life.
I wanted to save lives.
So, if you ask me how did I get here or what am I doing here, [chuckles.]
It's because of her.
But if you would've told me that it was God who guided my path, I wouldn't deny it.
Because all I ever wanted was my mom to smile at me as a doctor, exactly the same way she did on that day.
[upbeat music playing on radio.]
Heart Just like this [radio static.]
[foreboding music.]
- Solitude - [gasps.]
You left me - Oh, dear God, protect me.
- [boat rumbling.]
Not the Minhocuçu! For God's sake! Why the hell did I come here by myself? [panting.]
[panting continues.]
I never understood why Aguazul marked the jungle with this symbol.
My mom told me they marked the trees recently.
Actually, it was right after they cured you and closed themselves to the outside world.
It had something to do with keeping the balance.
But I don't understand why we stopped here, my love? You know why, Anina.
- [branch cracks.]
- [Silvino gasps.]
Hello there, Silvino.
Hello, Cleuza.
[ominous music.]
Why is the sun darkness? What kind of question is that? That is the very first question we ask all of the teenagers at the campsite.
[Enzo scoffs.]
You guys are all crazy.
What's that? Drink it.
Not until I know what it is.
It's the truth, doctor.
Isn't that what you came here for? So, drink up.
- The old lady is really sick.
- [man 2.]
She'll have to wait.
[people gasp.]
[indistinct chatter.]
[man 2.]
Your suffering is at its end, The Chosen One will receive you all this evening to finish what he started.
[ominous music.]
- Enough.
- All of it.
Is this some kind of hallucinogen? Drink, doctor.
Why is the sun darkness? Well, sun is day, and night is night.
Hm? Even a child knows.
Without light, no darkness.
What do you want me to say? Sun is darkness 'cause you can't separate night from day? You see, doctor? That's it.
It's balance.
[worshiper 1 coughing.]
[man 2.]
This way.
You can't stay here.
Finish this already, Damião.
The Chosen One's continuing the cures and he needs you.
Rest, Lúcia.
I'll be back soon to check on you.
[rasps, clatters.]
- [Damião.]
Lúcia, now is not the time.
- He'll have to listen to me.
- No, let go of me.
Let go of me! - Damião, help me.
You're all the same.
You're all brainwashed.
Stop it! Let me go! [Lúcia panting.]
- [Zulmira.]
- [Lúcia.]
No! - Let me go! - [Zulmira.]
Oh, hurry up! I expected this from Enzo, not from you.
I'm gonna die.
[ominous music.]
Chosen One? Chosen One, may I record your miracles now? A journalist Do you want to see my miracles? Mm-hm.
They are not mine, they are my Father's.
But will you let me record them? I have the feeling that you wanted to find a saint but you only found a servant.
That's not true.
I wouldn't waste my time on just a servant.
[door opens.]
[church bells toll.]
Against the evil of this world God is all we need [Eva.]
There's no evil He won't cure For He is full of mercy [Eva.]
What's your name? Angelina.
What's your part in the ritual? [singing in distance.]
I help The Chosen One reach the Serpent that exists inside every disease.
So, you have a special relationship with The Chosen One? A sacred relationship.
How did you end up here in Aguazul? [Eva.]
You're a foreigner, right? Tell me what brought you here, Angelina? Angelina, time to go do your work.
[singing in distance.]
Not everyone feels comfortable in front of the cameras.
And you are? Damião, right? Do you know me? I saw a news piece when you reappeared a few months back.
You're one of the doctors who came here for the vaccination.
Right? - Yeah.
- Mm.
What is this blue liquid? Something that doesn't concern you.
Don't you think it's strange for a doctor to participate in all this? [inhales deeply.]
I'm human first, a doctor second.
I had my doubts.
Then I experienced it myself.
Are you saying you yourself were healed? His love for us is immense Yes, he does heal Can you tell me more about this? - If you would.
- [The Chosen One.]
I want them all here kneeling at my feet.
- Right now! - [all gasp.]
Step forward.
- [Angelina.]
Come closer.
- [camera whirs.]
You may all kneel before The Chosen One.
[ominous music.]
I want to feel your lives.
Your fears.
[crowd murmuring.]
Your desires.
[disembodied voices.]
Your energy.
[disembodied voices.]
The flesh.
Give them the flesh.
[foreboding music.]
Come and eat! [clamoring.]
Eat it all.
[The Chosen One.]
You came here for my Father's cure so, show your faith.
[ominous music.]
The relic! [spits.]
[crowd clamors.]
Do you submit yourself to the mercy of the Holy Chosen One, with all your honor and faith? No, Angelina! Stronger, with energy! Let my sleeping Father hear you.
Do you submit yourself to the mercy of the Holy Chosen One, with all your honor and faith? - Yes! - Yes! Do you believe in the Holy Chosen One? [all.]
Yes! [crowd murmuring.]
[ominous music.]
And you.
- Do you believe in The Chosen One? - Yes.
Yes? Do you believe in me? - Yes, yes! - Yeah? Then eat and be healed! [all gasp.]
[crowd murmuring.]
[worshiper 1 whimpering.]
[crowd sobbing, whimpering.]
You What is your sickness? My liver just won't [squelching.]
[worshiper 2 groaning.]
- Can you feel it? - Yes! Yes? The divine power.
Can you feel the power of God curing you through my hands? Enough, enough.
Please, please.
- No, no.
- [worshiper 2.]
- Please.
- [Damião.]
Do you understand now, huh? Faith also hurts.
[The Chosen One.]
God hurts.
[worshiper 2 groaning.]
[crowd murmuring.]
Angelina! [chuckling.]
[The Chosen One.]
Angelina! [panting.]
Did you know that, Santiago? Nobody.
Nobody, what? Nobody has faith in me.
The Chosen One [scoffs, chuckles.]
It's funny how everyone believes that shit.
He can feed you to the alligators, throw you in a well, but everyone keeps on believing in him.
But me, Enzo, even if I do everything right, you know who's gonna have faith in me? Nobody.
Damião is a self-righteous smartass.
He doesn't believe in me.
Never has, never will.
And Lúcia She thinks she can judge me.
She screws up all the time.
Messes with the hospital, with that idiot, drunk doctor, and with the Chosen One, and fucks Mateus.
And then fights with Mateus, and fights with the police, fights with me.
The woman loves to fight with everybody.
And that's why she deserves to die? [Enzo.]
What? What did you say? [Santiago.]
You were saying that the doctor deserves to die.
No, no, no.
Don't put words in my mouth.
Now I know what you're doing.
Lúcia deserves a lot of things, but she doesn't deserve to die.
Again, doctor.
Where is the balance in all this? - What balance? What are you talking about? - [gate opens.]
[man 3.]
The Chosen One needs you.
Drink to the last drop.
[foreboding music.]
[lock clattering.]
[crowd clamoring.]
Is this what you wanted, my Father? [Lorenzo.]
Hey, stop that.
Leave her alone.
I'm tired of taking orders from you, you drunk piece of shit.
Angelina needs proper medical attention.
You don't get it, idiot.
She can't receive medical treatment.
It'd be like giving him medicine, huh.
Hey! Stop that! [grunts.]
We must take her to the church.
Hey, Vicente.
I need you to get the outsiders out of here.
If you want to help, make sure the journalist leaves with them.
Stupid! Let go of me! What happens to Angelina? Huh? Tell me! And what about that woman in the hospital? Is she a slave? Huh? - Vicente.
Take her away.
- [grunts.]
- Don't touch me.
- Okay.
Go, go.
[ominous music.]
What do you want, Damião? Chosen One, I have no doubts about what you're capable of doing.
I just want you to know there are ways to keep Angelina alive.
I understand.
I also love Angelina.
But when my first life came to me, she also got sick.
And I wanted to cure and save her.
What stopped you? Medicine.
Your friend, Dr.
Lorenzo, discovered I can't heal my lives without getting contaminated.
He doesn't deserve to be called a doctor.
Then maybe that's why he's the only doctor that I completely trust.
[foreboding music.]
Pray for Angelina and Lúcia.
There is nothing left I can do for them.
- Silvino.
- Mm? Mm? What happened? - Did He heal them? - Don't ask questions.
Take these people away and don't bring any more.
What do you mean? - She isn't using her crutches.
- She's not sick.
She's a journalist trying to fool The Chosen One.
- Everybody, leave.
- All right.
Come on, let's go.
Let's go.
Everyone, keep walking.
Oh, my dear Lord! What now? [ominous music.]
[The Chosen One.]
Have you taken the doctor to the basement? Yes.
And? Has he discovered his destiny? He has drunk the truth.
Soon, he will be able to see everything clearly.
Help him.
Guide him.
[keys jangling.]
[lock clattering.]
- [thuds.]
- [bottle clatters.]
You okay, doctor? I have witnessed the imbalance.
Did you? The doctor made his patient sick and his patient will die.
And why does it break the balance? Because the doctor can't cure the patient he made sick.
And what does the doctor have to do to fix this? The doctor must also get sick.
[distant hoot.]
[hooting continues.]
[foreboding music.]
[insects buzzing.]
Watch your head, dear.
Did something happen to you? It seems The Chosen One's power was too much for them.
You would like that, wouldn't you? To tell the world The Chosen One doesn't heal, he makes people sick.
It's not a question of whether he heals people or makes them sick.
I'm only interested in the truth and nothing else, Silvino.
So, you lie to people to find the truth? Look at him.
Does he look healthy? Just look at him, Silvino.
How is this a miracle? You can interpret things however you want.
- Please, get on the boat.
- What about the women? Did you know he has women locked up? Silvino, those women are dying for him.
Get on the boat.
Hey, where are you going? Lady, what do you think you're doing? I came out here to find the truth.
No, you have to come back with me.
That's Santiago's orders! [Eva.]
And that's exactly why I'm going back.
I wanna see what they're hiding.
Forget her, Silvino.
Let's go.
Don't go anywhere, stay in the boat.
Be right back, okay? [foreboding music.]
I failed you, my Chosen One.
[The Chosen One.]
You were the most faithful.
The most loyal.
It's my duty to find you a new life, my Chosen One.
Like the last one found me.
Lúcia was my new life.
Lúcia was never your new life.
She doesn't have the right appearance, the right blood.
She's a doctor.
Her blood has always been tainted with medicine.
She was.
My Father brought her here for a reason.
As a messenger.
Do you really think God would've allowed her poisoning if He wanted her for you? [Angelina.]
Give me a chance, I can do it.
I can find you a new woman to be your life.
You would die doing it.
I want to do this for you.
Only life can bring a new life.
Yes, only life can bring me a new life.
Oh, my God! [The Chosen One.]
How could I have been so blind? Has my arrogance kept me from hearing you, Father? [smooches.]
What are you doing? Nothing.
Are you taking Enzo's medicine? Yup.
There's nothing I can do for you now, but, um this might be useful for something else.
[Lúcia sighs.]
I can't do this anymore.
It's impossible to understand you.
Lúcia, let me ask you something.
Why haven't you ever asked about Mateus? Did you forget what he did? He gave me up to his crazy brother.
I have nothing else to say to him.
I guess it's hard to justify his decision.
But I think he was only trying to do what he thought was right at the time.
You're really starting to side with the nutcases, aren't you? Perhaps.
In any case, I think he'll be pleased to hear that you're back.
- Or not.
- [door opens.]
What are you doing here? The Chosen One asked me to keep an eye on her.
Get this man out of here.
He's must re-establish the balance.
Damião, help me.
I can't see straight.
What are you doing? You crazy? I need some of her blood.
Help me.
- For what? - It doesn't matter.
Just help us! Let me go.
The doctor understands that he needs you to share your fate.
No, let me go! - Hold still! - [Lúcia.]
No! - Quiet! - Stop! [grunts.]
Now what? Inject me.
Isn't that what you want? I made Lúcia sick.
I need to have the same fate as her.
Inject me.
That's what everybody wants, right? I am not going to inject you with this.
I am not you.
Do it.
Do it yourself.
I've ruined the balance.
I need to restore it myself.
I'm gonna have to restore it now.
[The Chosen One.]
Put that away.
The balance can wait, doctor.
What are you doing, Brother? Listening to my Father, Santiago.
Like never before.
Lúcia God had decided on the course of these events a long time ago, but I couldn't see it.
I beg you.
Please forgive me.
Forgive me for not seeing the reason for your return to me and my people.
Are you going to cure me? Yes.
Yes, I'll cure you.
[The Chosen One.]
Although your blood is not right for my body, you are still my messenger.
And as such, you still have your responsibilities.
This is my Father's will, Lúcia.
You will choose a substitute to keep my ailing body alive.
[The Chosen One.]
Angelina is too weak to do it.
You can't possibly want me to [gasps.]
You will bring me my new life, Lúcia.
You will find a pure woman and you'll bring her to me so she can give me her blood.
Do it, and I will cure you.
[closing theme music.]
Subtitle translation by Othelo Sabbag