Oasis (2017) s01e01 Episode Script


1 Newscaster: The Prime Minister has declared a state of emergency in London.
With supplies running low, humanitarian aid efforts are overwhelmed.
You'll like it here.
Following mass breakouts in migrant camps Woman: Mr.
Leigh, she's ready to see you, now.
How do I look? Beautiful.
Really? I want to come with you.
You can't.
God has plans for you.
Really? Yeah.
Big plans.
He told me Himself.
You're capable of things you can't even imagine.
I love you.
And I love you, too.
Read to me.
Read to me.
"The Lord is my shepherd.
"I shall not want.
"He maketh me to lie down in the green pastures.
"He leadeth me beside the still waters.
"He restoreth my soul.
"He leadeth me down the paths of righteousness "for His name's sake.
"Yea, though I walk through the valley "of the Shadow of Death, "I will fear no evil "for Thou art with me.
" Good morning.
Good morning.
Thank you.
Woman: Ethan, hang on.
- Hello, Peter.
- Good morning, Sally.
Okay, Ansul, I think this is going to be the fastest one.
Try it.
Boy: Can I have the fastest one? [chatter] Peter Leigh? Vivian Hades.
I'm Head of Mission Resources at USIC.
David Morgan sent me personally.
What does he want? He wants you to join the project.
Are you joking? I've been against Oasis from the start some life raft in space for the 1%.
David remembers your passion very well.
My guess is that's why he wants you up there now.
Up there? What happened to a world without the treacherous illusion of faith? Wasn't that a major feature of what you wanted Oasis to be? It was.
Things have changed.
This transmission came through on the shoot, late last night.
Peter [panting] David Morgan.
I know what you think of me, USIC, this whole project.
You were right.
I didn't know.
When I came here, I didn't know it's not just about saving the Earth.
It's about so much bigger, so much bigger than I ever knew.
What I realize is we need a spiritual presence up here now.
We need a man of God, and it absolutely has to be you.
[static] The Oasis Project represents everything my wife and I fought against for years.
David authorized me to make a sizeable I don't want his money.
donation to your church.
Your work here could continue and flourish.
But it's obviously up to you.
Yeah Yeah I'm only human Yeah I'm only I'm only Yeah I'm only human Human [choir vocalizes] Maybe I'm foolish Maybe I'm bright Thinking I can see through this And see what's behind Got no way to prove it So maybe I'm blind Maybe I'm blind I'm only human after all I'm only human after all Don't put your blame on me Don't put your blame on me Tell me what you want! [shouting] [barking] Traveling to the edge of the galaxy can be physically demanding, so we need to run a few tests.
What kind? Standard stuff.
Costs 100 million to send someone to Oasis.
Be a shame if you died in flight.
David: While our civilization crumbles on Earth along with the biodiversity that supports us, Oasis can be a new beginning.
Imagine inhabiting in the very skies your ancestors gazed at for millennia.
Well, that's where you'll be living in the most technologically advanced, socially conscious settlement ever devised.
Just say the first word that comes to mind, please.
First word, please.
Where did you get this? First word.
You okay? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm fine.
It's not going to explode.
The rocket, it's not going to explode with us in it.
It's safe.
Good to know.
So you must be the shit, huh? Er, what makes you say that? Roll right in here and go straight up.
The rest of us have been here three months doing drills and blueprint training.
I'm Sy, by the way.
Chaplain? Like religious? Like religious.
[click, buzz] [Announcement over P.
system] So it's definitely not going to explode.
So you're like a holy man.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
We get protection.
Announcer: T-minus 8 minutes to lift off.
[indistinct P.
chatter] [indistinct chatter] What are all these for? You'll be in an induced coma for the jump.
Preserves the muscle tissue.
The rest is just food and hydration.
Man: Minus 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, zero.
[rumbling] [rapid breathing] Bea: I'm not afraid.
[laughing] I love you.
[breathing rapidly] Forever and ever and ever and ever.
Man: So, ladies and gentlemen, you arrived.
[chatter] Bit of a mess out there.
[travelers coughing] Have a drink of this.
Tastes like shit, but it'll get you going.
[coughing continues] Don't gulp.
Oh, please.
Who are you? Peter Leigh.
You're not in the manifest.
Detail? Chaplain.
David Morgan sent for me.
Don't worry about her, mate.
She gets better with time.
This stuff, not so much.
I go out walkin' After midnight Out in the moonlight 10% substrate water is the lowest any plant we brought with us can tolerate.
We're at 15% now.
It's five, seven weeks max before everything is dead.
Does that include the cactuses? Not the cactuses, Murray, but it does include the cacti.
Chief, why aren't we drilling? There's water in the ground.
Let's go and get it, for Christ's sake.
Morgan's orders were clear.
Stop all drilling till he gets back.
[chatter] The cacti? What is it? We've got an unexpected guest.
[beeping] That seat was meant for a structural engineer from Berkeley.
Instead, we've got this guy.
He told me Morgan invited him personally.
Says he's a chaplain.
A what? A priest.
Go check him out.
I could do with a shower.
[laughter] Hear that, Hal? The man wants a shower.
How long's it been, Beej, two months? Nah.
three for me, honey.
Water's like gold dust up here since we stopped drilling.
Nice tats.
What's wrong with the drills? It ain't the drills.
No, it's what they're drilling into.
Yeah, the planet's playing hard to get.
- Stay still.
- Anyway, till such time as we dig a new well, personal hygiene is baby wipes and blue foam.
- What's blue foam? - Grab your tackle.
Turn around.
[grunt] This will help with the headaches till you adjust to the oxygen mix up here.
And this guy - Ow! - will help us keep track of you.
- [grunt] - Next.
She's not a doctor.
She's a sadist.
In your dreams.
Sit down.
Pull it up.
Let's go.
Ever get nosebleeds? When people hit me in the nose.
And how often does that happen? That's very cute.
Uh, the reason I ask is because the air is breathable up here, but it is way too dry, so it really fucks up your nasal membrane.
You may also suffer some visual impairment, due to the change in atmosphere and pressure on the optic nerve, so there's some light sensitivity, hallucinations, and headaches.
This place has it all.
Sure does.
Just in case you go wandering off.
Patsy Cline: Crazy I'm crazy for feelin' So lonely [chatter] I'm crazy Hmm.
Crazy for feelin' Order 17.
Enjoy your meal.
What's that? - Please select.
- Turkey surprise.
What's the surprise? - It ain't turkey.
- 13.
Enjoy your meal.
Please select.
Please select.
[speaking Japanese] [speaking German] Order 17.
He checks out.
He is a priest.
Why do I let myself worry? Hey, how you doing? Wonderin' What in the world did I do? It's like a knuckle, but but soft.
May I have your attention, please? To those who have just arrived, a very warm welcome.
My name is Vikram Danesh.
I'm the chief executive officer here on Oasis.
I'm from Mumbai.
They call it the city of dreams.
But this is the real city of dreams right here.
More like nightmares.
I won't lie to you.
- Water's in short supply.
- What do you mean, nightmares? Exactly what I said.
He didn't mean anything.
Forget it.
You all are playing a very crucial part in the most visionary building project ever attempted the first permanent colony on a new world.
Once completed, Oasis will be home to 50,000 families.
You are joining at a very critical time.
Drilling for water has been disrupted.
But we have overcome every obstacle from the beginning of this project.
And I'm confident, if we all work together, we will overcome this as well.
[sparse applause] One last thing.
I want to extend a very warm welcome to our new base chaplain Peter Leigh.
- Reverend.
- Man: Can we return him and get a hooker instead? - [laughter] - Woman: Male or female? For you, motherfucker, I'd get a fucking sheep with a bell.
[laughter] Hello.
I know a lot of you probably don't have much use for religion.
What makes you think that? [laughter] I didn't, either, for a major portion of my life.
I'll be honest.
I wear a collar sometimes.
But I still have doubts.
Big ones.
If anyone tells you they don't, they're lying.
Because life is mysterious, uh, death more so, and I don't pretend to have all the answers.
I look around me now, and all I see are brave faces that have come so far from your homes, families, your children, to risk so much on behalf of generations of human beings that you'll never meet but who will owe you everything.
That's inspiring to me.
I just hope I can give some inspiration back.
If anyone wants to talk, I'll be in the Where will I be? Media Room.
[crowd chuckling] Not quite sure why that's funny, but that's where I'll be.
God bless.
Robotic voice: Cleaning in progress.
So what kind of chaplain are you? Catholic? You damn sure ain't Baptist.
You Church of Satan? - Ecumenical.
- Ecumenical? - The fuck is that? - It means I'm a Christian, but I believe in the validity of all denominations.
Excluding the Church of Satan.
How 'bout you? Well, I guess I'm Ecumenical too.
I believe in fives, tens, twenties, fifties.
All denominations.
And if they still make them cute little one-dollar bills, I believe in them motherfuckers too.
Need your thumb print.
Female voice: Peter Leigh.
After you, Preach.
Now, every room has access to what we call "The Shoot.
" It's how you send emails home and messages internally and whatnot.
You just need a handle.
Like Janet Leigh? - The very same.
- I love me some Psycho.
Hitchcock was the shit.
And you're in like Flynn.
Now, I'll give you these to get you started.
After that, you're on your own.
And what are they? The mix-up here makes it hard it sleep.
You get behind on sleep, it'll fuck you up.
- How? - You'll see.
Motherfucker, I am not tucking you in.
Where's Morgan? Out there somewhere.
Sweet dreams, Preach.
[wind howling] Hi, Freda.
Mama misses you.
Listen to this and see if it's any better, okay? Kyo gakko wa dodatta.
How was school today? Yeah? Mommy's trying.
I'm really trying.
I hope Papa lets you message me back soon.
I love you very much.
Peter: Bea Bea: God has plans for you.
[computer beeping] Female voice: Incoming message.
Sender unknown.
- Peter: Matthew 10:27.
- Female voice: Lights off.
Sleep now.
[wind howling] [device powering up] Female voice: Good morning.
["Walkin' After Midnight" plays over P.
] I go out walkin' After midnight Bea: God has plans for you Peter.
[door lock beeping] Good morning.
[Man on P.
] Engineering crew, please make your way to the shuttle for commencement of deconstruction.
Don't even ask.
I got 63 left.
And if I'm really lucky, I can have one right before I die.
I just gave up.
They all say that the first week.
- Peter.
- Alicia.
What's happening over there? Melting down the shuttle, feeding the printer.
Building the Emerald City.
"How do I get home, Great Oz?" - Yeah.
- You don't.
They monitor the planet, and they monitor us.
In a couple years, there'll be round-trip tickets, if we make it that long, which we won't.
In the meantime, though, there's this thing called the Earth Room.
It's like a holodeck.
You can go in there if you sign up.
Look at trees and shit.
Get high first, though.
It helps.
[hydraulics hissing, metal clattering] Do you know where Morgan is? What did David tell you about this place? Motherfucker.
Fuck you.
Fuck your mother.
Danesh wants to see you, Preach.
- You'll find him in C Pod.
- Thank you.
See you around.
[Man shouting on P.
, indistinct] Hmm.
Why you think they sent his holy white ass up here? Funerals.
Wrong Wrong ["Wrong" by Depeche Mode plays in distance] Wrong place At the wrong time For the wrong reason And the wrong rhyme On the wrong day Of the wrong week I used the wrong method With the wrong technique Wrong Wrong There's something wrong with me chemically Something wrong with me inherently The wrong mix in the wrong genes I reached the wrong ends By the wrong means [Male voice over P.
] Technician McCollough is extending her amnesty on drum batteries.
Can all power cells be returned to the drum bay? Man: What are we looking for again? Man 2: Anything.
You know, uh, strange.
How about this rock? Danesh wants to see it all.
Man: Morgan must have just lost it, right? [chuckles] Remember that first Mars mission? Man 2: Shit, yeah.
[latch clacks] Eiga no chiketo nimai kudasai.
Female Voice: Sorry.
That's not quite right.
I need two tickets for the movie.
Female voice: Eiga no chiketo nimai kudasai.
Now you try.
Try fucking yourself.
[panting] Danesh: What exactly did David Morgan say to you for you to come here, Peter? Just that he needed a man of God.
That's all? And that it had to be me.
Where is he? Exploring.
So why are you searching his room? Let me be honest with you, Reverend we haven't heard from David Morgan for more than a week.
And I'm concerned for his safety.
David often spends time alone exploring the planet.
But after the storm yesterday, I fear the worst.
What do you think's happened to him? David has been acting erratically for a while.
Missions like this are a tricky business.
It took millions of years for people to look up to the stars, and not feel terrified.
The changing of the seasons, the waxing and waning of the moon, the circling of the constellations.
All these regular patterns made people feel at home within the cosmos.
Take the patterns away.
Sleep under unfamiliar stars far from home and people with a fragile mind can feel those cosmic terrors return with a vengeance.
You think he's lost his mind? First, he orders me to stop drilling when he knows we're terribly short of water.
And then I ask him to send me an engineer, and he sends me a priest, before disappearing into the desert.
Freda in distance: Mommy! Where are you? I'm scared! No! Mommy! Freda? Danesh: Does this sound like the actions of a sane man? Well, that's not for me to say now, is it? David Morgan founded this colony.
And now he's brought it to the brink of extinction.
I won't let anyone else endanger my crew and the success of this mission.
Do you understand? Perfectly.
Mommy! Mommy! [chittering in distance] [computer beeping] Danesh.
Keller: I've got something.
[beeping] [door closes] Female voice: Peter Leigh.
Welcome to the Media Room.
[inhales, exhales] ["Halfway To Paradise" by Bobby Vinton plays on P.
] I want To be your lover But your friend Is all I'll stay Reyes: What the hell are you doing? Oh, I thought some of them needed pruning.
You thought? Here.
Take it.
Uh, cool.
What is it? Specs for the new water filtration system.
Came up with the shuttle.
Go get it.
Set it up.
You're a botanist, right? What now, Stay-Puft? - I'm dyslexic.
- Dyslexic? - Yeah, it's when letters - I know what dyslexia is.
When I trained, you know, as long as I don't Just get it done.
Come on in.
I'm just starting to dig out.
- Oh, no, I was - Oh, come on, come on, come on.
Look, pull up a pew.
Halloran: I love what you've done with the place.
There's enough antibiotics here to treat an army.
There was blood all over the windshield.
We need to put a search party together.
He cut the tracker out of his own arm.
He doesn't want to be found.
So we leave him to die out there? At this stage that might be the best thing for all of us.
Ask Phelps to assemble a crew.
We'll start drilling again in the morning.
I was hired to ensure everybody's safety on the base, which includes Morgan.
You were hired because you fucked up as a police detective, and USIC bailed you out.
You refused to follow orders then.
Don't make the same mistake again.
Halloran: Are you a betting man, Father? Peter: I am not.
Are you? I didn't have much choice growing up with my old man.
He used to take me to the track as a nipper.
The bit I loved best was the paddock before the race.
You get to see the horses up close.
Oh, just beautiful.
So I bought one as a foal.
Beautiful beast he was.
White with these bright brown eyes.
I tell you, you look into those eyes, Father, and you knew that horse had a soul.
You just knew.
Anyway, came the big day, the Doncaster Cup.
I thought, this is it.
This is my chance to win it all back.
Because he was you know, he was a runner.
But I want sure that was enough.
So I paid a dodgy vet to milkshake him the night before the cup.
He was leading with 200 to go, then he collapsed 10 yards from the line, foaming at the mouth.
Whatever it was we'd given him fucked his heart.
I ran out onto the track.
He was screaming out in agony, looking up at me with those eyes.
[exhales] I put a bullet in his head.
Saddest thing I ever saw.
Worst thing I ever did.
We all make mistakes.
That's in the past now.
I've seen him up here.
I've seen him Determinator.
Our imaginations can sometimes I have no imagination.
No, it's this place.
Everyone's been experiencing stuff up here.
I reckon that's why we keep having all these accidents.
What do you mean? People see things or hear things, and then, bam.
We've lost three men.
Those graves on the hill? And what did Morgan say about all this? Ask Keller.
She did a full investigation into both those deaths.
- Anyone knows, it's her.
- Hmm.
[device beeping] Oh, God in Heaven, Hallelujah.
We start drilling again tomorrow.
About bloody time, eh? I could use a shower, right? - It wouldn't hurt.
- [chuckles] Thanks for listening.
I appreciate it, you know.
What the hell are you doing in my office? Trying to work out why David Morgan asked me to come.
And where he went.
Is that his stuff? Where did you find it? - What happened to him? - I don't know.
- Really? - Really.
Can you tell me about those graves? We lost three workers.
- How? - Accidents.
A loss of concentration.
Halloran told me people have been seeing things.
- Pressure on the optic nerve.
- Optic nerve, yeah, I heard.
Do you believe that? You ask a lot of questions, Reverend.
Are you any good at answering them? Try me.
How does a man like you become a priest? I met my wife.
She turned my life around, brought me to God.
Then you left her behind to come here.
Then she died.
[growling] Severin? Severin! [door beeps] It's the middle of the night.
I need something stronger.
Open wide.
Can I stay with you? Please? Just don't get any ideas, all right? Computer: Good morning.
Rise and shine.
I go out walkin' [indistinct radio chatter] You done, Stay-Puff? Sorry, I had a few setbacks.
This isn't even the new system.
You know, I tried that system and, it was bunk.
Maybe you built it backwards.
I didn't, just trust me.
It was shit.
How'd you learn to do this? I, uh I had a grow in Arizona before I got busted.
How much water does this conserve? About 80%.
Keep it up.
Okay, start her up.
Starting her up! Full power.
Full power.
Bring her down.
Bringing her down.
[horse whinnies] Hal! [alarm blares] Two, three, now! Come on! Come on! Let's get him over here! - Watch his hand! - Quickly! Quickly! Stay with me, Hal.
Severin! Get ready! It's Halloran! Get out of the way! Get out of the way! Jesus fuckin' Christ! All right, check C-spine.
Can I get some room in here, please? One, two, three.
- Spine's clear.
- Got it.
- One, two, three - Tourniquet over his arm.
He needs pressure.
Pack the wound.
Okay, he's convulsing, can you prep 10 milligrams of Valium? Man: Come on.
Come on.
Baby, come on.
Tighter That's as tight as it fucking gets, all right? Shit, the vein is collapsing.
- All right, get his legs up.
- Come on.
I'm going to go in for external jug.
- Where's that Valium? - Coming.
- Here.
- Thank you.
I saw him standing there.
Those brown eyes What the hell is he talking about? We're losing him.
May the Lord who frees you from sin save you and raise you up and grant you life everlasting.
Come on.
What the hell happened out there? I don't know.
He just reached out his hand and then he just walked straight at the drill.
Schiese! After David left this last time, he sent me this from the field.
He didn't explain why, but he said if you came, to play it for you.
If I trusted you.
Computer: Play clip.
David: Peter, you have to listen to this.
It's amazing.
Distorted voice: Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ.
David: Come and find me, Peter.
Matthew, 10:27.
What I tell you in the dark, speak in the light.
[chattering] All right, everybody, listen.
Quiet, please.
For those of you who haven't heard, Paul Halloran has died from injuries sustained during an accident on the rig.
No, that was no accident.
He walked straight on to the drill.
I saw him.
It's this fucking planet, man.
We don't belong here.
Where is he? I I don't know.
Hal saw things.
We've all seen things.
I saw my old man.
That ain't never a good thing.
Now we got four people dead.
Whatever's causing people to act crazy up here, we need to know what it is, do you hear me? 'Cause I ain't dying on this motherfucking dust ball, you hear me? Wait.
Doctor Severin said it could be pressure on the optic nerve.
Morgan told me to say that.
- What? - He did? After the first accident.
Don't look at me like that.
It was a direct order, I had no choice.
What are you hiding? I want all of you confined to base until further notice.
[clamoring] Computer: David Morgan's room.
Coordinates? What are you doing? Destination entered.
Morgan left me a map.
He's got to have some answers to what's going on up here.
And don't you want to find out? People are dying.
I see my daughter out here.
I want to know why.
Be careful.
You, too.
This is Vikram Danesh, Oasis base camp to the USIC board New York.
Start message.
It is with nothing but regret and sadness I must report David Morgan, our founder and my dear friend is missing, and believed to be dead.
David is the fifth member of our crew to die, and we can no longer deny that this base is under attack by forces unknown.
To ensure the safety of our crew and the success of this mission, I hereby invoke Article 76 and assume command of this base with immediate effect.
Transmission over.
Where is he? I don't know.
[whispering voices] Whispering voice: Be together forever and ever and ever Peter.
Bea? Forever and ever Some people got the real problems Some people out of luck Some people think I can solve them Lord heavens above I'm only human after all I'm only human after all Don't put the blame on me Don't put the blame on me I'm only human I make mistakes I'm only human, that's all it takes Don't put the blame on me Don't put the blame on me