Obi-Wan Kenobi (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

Part III

A girl has been kidnapped.
I need to find her.
Out of the way.
You're never gonna see her again.
Nobody leaves this place.
There's a Jedi.
He helps people.
You're a rat who preys on weakness.
You'll help me find this girl I'm looking for.
Yeah, I'll do it.
He'll reveal himself eventually, and I will be waiting.
Who are you? Your father sent me.
You would kidnap an Imperial Senator's child? I used the girl as bait.
Stand down.
I will take Kenobi in myself.
If anyone asks, you're my daughter.
Granddaughter, maybe.
- What? - Nothing.
Since I met you, I've been chased, shot at, I almost fell to my death, and now there are Inquisiting people after us.
Where is he? Go to these coordinates.
They'll help you from there.
You're not alone, Obi-Wan.
You didn't know.
Anakin Skywalker is alive.
Master Qui-Gon.
Are you there, Master? You didn't know.
He's alive, Obi-Wan.
Only pain will you find.
Obi-Wan Obi-Wan, promise me you will train the boy.
If you're not with me, then you're my enemy.
Don't make me kill you.
I do not fear the dark side.
I see through the lies of the Jedi.
Help me, Master Qui-Gon.
Give me strength.
Anakin Skywalker is alive.
And he's been looking for you for a long time.
He's coming, Master.
Where is he? We have probes out.
We're tracking all possible exits.
He will pay for the Grand Inquisitor's The Grand Inquisitor means nothing.
Kenobi is all that matters now.
Is that understood? Yes, my lord.
I have been watching you, Third Sister.
I know what it is you seek.
Prove yourself, and the position of Grand Inquisitor is yours.
Fail me, and you will not live to regret it.
Are we almost there? Can't you make this thing go any faster? It's a trade route, Leia.
I'm not in control of it.
Can't you use the Force on it or something? That's not how it works.
How does it work? The Force.
What does it feel like? Have you ever been afraid of the dark? How does it feel when you turn on the light? I feel safe.
Yes, it feels like that.
Lola! You fixed her.
Thank you.
We better get ready.
We're on approach.
Let's go.
What is this place? Mapuzo.
It's a mining system.
Coordinates say the meeting point is further north.
That is if our new friend was telling the truth.
- Why would he lie? - People are not all good, Leia.
Wasn't always like this here.
There were fields and families.
And then the Empire came in and ravaged it all.
Thought the Empire was supposed to be helping us.
Well, there are some, like your dad, who are trying to.
Seems like a losing battle these days.
Ben? Ben? Stay close.
He's in one of the mining systems.
- You do not know that.
- He could be anywhere.
I traced the manifest.
We should send out all remaining probes now.
You are not in charge here.
That seat is mine, not yours.
I am the next in line.
I just spoke with Lord Vader.
You spoke to him yourself? He asked me to lead the hunt.
Unless you feel I should follow your orders instead.
Send out the probes.
Do it now.
I will get what I deserve, Third Sister.
And so will you.
I hope so.
I certainly hope so.
Now, remember, if anyone asks, we're farmers from Tawl.
You're my daughter, and you don't talk.
I can't talk, or I don't like to talk? You don't talk.
Got it.
This is it.
This is where he told us to come to.
Maybe they're just late? Maybe it was a lie.
I knew it! I never should've trusted him.
- We don't know if maybe - No one is coming here, Leia.
Well, if we're on our own, we're gonna need some help.
What are you doing? Maybe they can give us a ride to the spaceport.
But it's not safe.
He seems friendly.
Well, keep your head down.
And remember, you don't talk.
Hi! I'm Luma.
This is my friend my father.
This is my father, Orden.
We're farmers from Tawl.
Hey, there.
I'm Freck.
Father, aren't you going to say hello? Hello.
We were going on a trip, and we got a little lost in this field.
That's a weird story.
We got a bit turned around.
We're looking for the nearest port.
We need to get home.
Well, I'm going that way.
Jump in.
Oh, no, that's all right.
Thank you.
We just need directions.
Come on, Father, we've walked long enough.
Thanks, Freck.
My pleasure.
Hop in.
Don't worry.
I'll get to the port in no time.
Now, where'd you say you're from again? - Tawl.
- Tawl.
Oh, good people out in Tawl.
They pay their way, listen to the Empire.
We love the Empire.
Nice to meet like-minded folk.
Nothing wrong with a little order, right? Transport late again? As usual.
Well, hop in.
Meet my new friends.
Thanks, Freck.
This is Orden and Luma.
They're hitchin' a ride to the port.
Where are you all comin' from? They're movin' us around, looking for a Jedi.
A Jedi? Out here? I hope we're not in any danger.
Ah, no, we'll find him.
We always do.
You a miner? Farmer from, uh, Tawl.
What are you doin' out here? That's a long story.
It's a long way.
He brought me here to see the place where he met my mother before she She's not with us anymore.
Been a very difficult time.
What about you? You have any information about a Jedi? I wouldn't know one if I saw one.
You haven't heard anything? Nothing.
Are you sure he's even on this planet? They know what they're doing, Leia.
It's just, I'm You called her Leia.
Just that I I thought her name was Luma.
That was her mother's name.
I get confused.
Like I said, it's not been easy.
Sometimes when I look at Luma, I see her mother's face.
We all miss her very much.
Well, just keep your eyes open.
Report it if you see anything.
- Of course.
- Of course.
This is us! Thanks, Freck! Let's move.
I'll check out that T-16.
What do they got you doing? What? You knew her, my real mother, didn't you? It was just a story.
The whole time I've known you, you've been hiding something.
- Lying to me.
- Leia.
Are you my real father? I wish that I could say I was, but no, I'm not.
Sometimes I try to imagine what he was like.
I know that feeling.
As Jedi, we're taken from our families when we're very young.
I still have glimpses, flashes really, my mother's shawl, my father's hands.
- I remember a baby.
- A baby? Yes, I think I had a brother.
Really don't remember him.
I wished I did.
Then I joined the Jedi, and I got a new family just like you.
Freck? Freck? Can we get off here? Oh, it's a standard inspection.
Don't worry, won't take long.
I know these fellas.
Good run today? Not bad.
Quarry's running dry.
We're gonna have to dig again.
Who are they? A couple of strays I found.
Thought you might wanna check 'em out.
All right.
Thanks, Freck.
Not a lot of reasons to be in the outpost today.
Where are you headed? Uh, back to Tawl.
We have family here we were visiting.
All right, step out of the vehicle.
Initiate protocol 23.
Raise your head.
I said raise your head.
No, no, no! Hey.
Put it down! Put it down! All right, I'm putting it down.
I'm putting it down.
Just Let the girl Come on.
Get down! Get down on the ground! Put your head down.
Come on.
They'll have sent a transmission.
We have to hurry.
I'll take you the rest of the way.
It's a mining planet.
Mid-Rim, Type Two.
You were right.
He destroyed the probe.
Signal came through before impact.
We have a presence there? Full battery.
It's a strip operation.
I'll inform Lord Vader.
He's already been informed.
He was most appreciative.
You wanna take the credit, you go right ahead.
But we both know who'll be standing by his side when this is over.
Gather your battalions now and shut down every single port.
Nobody goes in or out.
Do you understand me? - Understood.
- Go.
Out of the way.
He gave you the right coordinates.
I was on my way when the probes arrived, - but you'd already gone.
- I hadn't expected anyone to come.
The Empire's gone into high alert.
They've locked everything down.
- Can we still get out? - I can get you to the port.
There's a pilot who's agreed to take you, but he's not scheduled to leave for a few hours, so we need to lay low.
Wait here.
Wait here.
I'll make sure it's clear.
Yeah, just at the top.
Let's check all this in.
Check it all in.
Well, I'm on my way Everything will be all right, Leia.
We'll make it out.
I didn't do it on purpose.
I didn't mean to run away.
I used to do it all the time.
I just It was just for fun.
It wasn't your fault, Leia.
I miss home.
You'll be home very soon.
That's good.
Stack it.
Stack it all the way to the right.
Come on.
Droid maintenance.
It's all automated.
No one ever comes in here.
Oh, it's all right.
He's on our side.
Designation's NED-B.
Hi, NED-B.
This is L0-LA59.
Lola, say hello.
Uh, he's just a loader.
They don't allow them to communicate.
But what if he has something to say? Actions speak louder than words.
What is this place? We have safehouses like this throughout the galaxy.
Trying to link the systems.
Some call it the Path.
You're not the first Jedi to come through here.
It all leads to Jabiim, and from there, we give them new identities and get them out.
There's a lot of good people risking their lives out there.
Are they all Jedi? Not all.
These days, the Empire hunts anyone who's Force-sensitive.
Even children.
What happens to them? We're not sure.
But no one ever sees them again.
Quinlan was here.
Yeah, he helps now and again.
Smuggling younglings.
What does it say? "Only when the eyes are closed can you truly see.
" See what? The Way.
Open up in there.
I said open up.
Open up.
Now! We need to search the premises.
A Jedi was seen entering this camp.
You seen anyone? Hey! I'm talking to you.
It's just a loader.
It doesn't understand.
Come on.
Let's try the next one.
We've been compromised.
We're coming to you right now.
- We're not ready.
We need more - I don't care.
Get the ship ready, and hurry.
Someone must have seen us.
We're moving up the timeline.
Is it scary? Having to pretend? Yeah, sometimes.
But it's worth it if I can help people.
I wear it on the other side.
Gives me a faster draw.
Can you teach me how to shoot? Leia, come and get ready.
She'll make a good fighter one day.
- Yes, I think you might be right.
- Yes.
Why do you do this? Risk everything? I joined up when the Empire stood for something.
By the time I realized what they really were, it was too late.
I made some mistakes.
We all did.
I can't imagine Obi-Wan Kenobi doing anything wrong.
It's just Ben these days.
Well, Tala.
Come on, this will take us out.
Ben? What is it? Ben.
Go inside.
Inside now.
- No.
- Inside.
Go right now.
Just move! Move! Let's get back in the room.
No! Stop! No! Stop! Dad! Please.
No! Come.
We have to go now.
Come on! Leia.
Go with Tala.
I'll be right behind you.
Get her to Alderaan.
- Promise me.
Promise me.
- Okay.
I'll lead them away.
He said not to engage.
We're to sweep the town, search for others.
You cannot run, Obi-Wan.
What have you become? I am what you made me.
Everybody out.
Everybody out.
Move! Just please, please, just leave us alone.
- Get in line.
- I know nothing.
Stay where you are.
You have to help him.
He'll be fine.
No, he won't be.
I can make it on my own from here.
The years have made you weak.
Keep running till you reach the port.
A pilot will meet you there.
Bring him back.
You should've killed me when you had the chance.
Now you will suffer, Obi-Wan.
Your pain has just begun.
Bring him to me.
- Heads down! - Secure the area! - Fire! - Blast him! Can't see a thing.
Stop him! Advance! I can't get through! Go now! Go! I can't see anything.
There's no way around.
Everybody out! - What's going - Wait.
What's happening? Understood.
Get down! Do not move.
They lost him.
He had help.
We're to sweep the planet.
Now we'll never find him.
Ready the transport.
We have to get him to Jabiim.
You're going to be okay.
Don't be afraid.
Come closer.
Are you the one I'm supposed to meet? Unfortunately, they couldn't make it, but I'll take you from here.

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