Oloture: The Journey (2024) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

[female voice] Didn't I tell you
that I was a very good actress at school?
As long as you know that this is not
the real you and you are only undercover.
I met the traffic
and she has agreed to take me to Europe.
There is so much more
to the story that needs to be told.
- Meet Sir Philips, our host.
- Eh eh?
So many people
that need to be brought down.
- If you mess with me, I will kill you.
- [both panting]
[lady 1] If you want to go, you are
to pay one thousand two hundred dollars.
We'll leave tomorrow.
This is my sister that I told you about.
Get on the bus quickly.
I want you to keep this for me.
It's everything that has happened
while I have been in the house.
Please can I read
the contract before I sign it?
You have ten seconds to read and sign it.
She has been using it to spy on us.
Go pack your bags,
we are leaving.
[yells] Now!
[man 1] Fifteen
should be fifteen, not fourteen.
[lady screaming]
[man 2] This is an emergency.
I have one of my staff members in there.
She is a journalist
with more bravery than sense.
What if something has happened to her?
You think she will appreciate
your having blown her cover?
[vehicle engine roaring]
[hopeful music playing]
[car engine roaring]
[hopeful music continues playing]
- [panting]
- [engine roaring]
[sighs deeply]
- [man 1] My man. My friend. [laughs]
- [man 2] Ah, my friend. [laughing]
- [man 1] Everybody, down, now!
- [man 2] Welcome.
Don't waste my time.
- How are you
- [man 1] C'mon, go this way. This way!
Keep an eye on this one,
- she is a troublemaker.
- [man 1] Move it!
No problem.
[man 3] I don't trust her.
She looks like a witch.
Don't waste my time. Walk faster! Faster!
[birds chirping]
[tense music playing]
Didn't you count the girls?
- There are thirteen girls.
- I was told they are fifteen.
But things have changed
and the price is good.
Just take it like that.
- [tap water running]
- [music playing]
- [whimpering]
- Babe stop crying,
- okay?
- [cries harder]
Don't worry, by the time you send
your first allowance to your mother
from Europe, she will be alright.
- [Ehi continues crying]
- Stop crying.
Don't allow them to see you like this.
Get out the luggage! Ah ah.
Bring all the luggage.
- Stop crying, okay?
- [man 1] What are you doing?
- Carry your bag! Three girls per car!
- [man 2] Go quickly. Go!
- Bring out the luggage
- [man 1 yelling] Three girls per car!
[man 1] Three girls per car!
- [man 4] What are you doing?
- [man 1] What's that?
- Carry your bag!
- [man 2] Bring out
- Bring out your luggage.
- Three girls per car!
- Hey, go! Go! Bring them out
- Three girls per car!
Are you now acting like a Nigerian?
Alright take, that's the balance.
[man 1] Check them,
three girls per car. Check them!
You guys should adjust.
- [man 2] Okay, let's go!
- [man 1] Everyone, let's go.
Let's go!
[engine revving]
[in Italian assent] Tony,
what the fuck? I paid for fifteen.
Everybody is expecting fifteen.
Now I hear it is thirteen.
What the hell is going on?
We had some problems with a crazy girl.
Why didn't you don't tell me?
Why must I hear
about it from other people?
I was going to tell you.
[Italian man] Tony,
these are dangerous people.
You need to sort this shit out fast,
or there will be consequences.
[Tony sighs heavily]
Fuck. [exhales]
[yells] Fuck!
Get out. [panting]
[crickets chirping]
Get out of the car, everyone. Get out!
- [man 1] Get down!
- [man 2] Get down from the car.
[man 1] Get down my friends!
[lady 1] I don't know what's going on.
[man 1] Am I supposed to beg you?
Come on get down.
- [car doors close]
- [moterbike engine roaring]
- What is it?
- [man 2] Hey.
[man 2] Everybody on the bike!
Everyone get on the bike.
Two girls on a bike.
[bike engines revving]
- [man 2] Lets go!
- [engines revving]
[lady 2] Our things are in the bags,
- [lady 2] we need them.
- [man 1] What happen to your bags?
- [man 2] Get on it first
- Come on get your passport and your money.
- Get on the bike.
- [man 3] Get on the bike.
- [man 1] Get on the bike
- [man 2] Hey! Get on the bike!
- [man 2] What's going over there?
- [ladies whimper]
- [man 1] What happened?
- [man 2] Get your bags!
- [man 2] Hey, get on the bike!
- [lady 1 sighs]
- [man 3] Are you insane?
- [lady 2 inhales]
[man 1] Move it, move it, move it!
- Screw you, imbecile!
- [Lady 1 inhales]
[engines roaring, revving]
[man 4 yelling] Give us your bag!
You are using it to spy on us.
[woman screaming]
[Beauty panting]
[man 4] Give us your bag.
[man 5] Leave her!
- [panting]
- [woman 1 sobs] I swear.
[man 4] Come on, open the bag let's see.
You want to open the bag and
- give us the money
- [woman 1] Please let me go.
- [woman 1] Let me go.
- [man 5] Just give the bag to us
and don't be stubborn
You'll get killed.
[man 4] Come on, open the bag.
- [man 5] You don't want to leave it?
- [man 4] Will you open the bag or not?
[man 5] You don't
want to give us your phone?
- [man 4] Leave this bag.
- [woman] I don't have
[border guard 1] Yes? Passport?
[border guard 2] Five dollars here.
Now. Five dollars.
Go. Five dollars now. Five dollars.
- Passports? Go.
- [engine revving]
- [border guard 1] Passport. Give to me!
- [border guard 2] Come, hey!
What's this? Five dollars! Come.
- [border guard 2] Passports?
- [border guard 1] Go, go! Passports?
[vehicle engine roaring]
[footsteps approaching]
Tony, any problem?
[Tony] Alero, what did I tell you?
I told you Tony doesn't like trouble.
Alero, you brought trouble
to my doorsteps.
- How?
- Those girls
Where did you get them from?
Tony, you know how we do things.
- Did you check them well?
- Of course.
Alero, did you check
those girls very well?
Tony, I checked them. What happened?
Do you know what happened in that house?
[Alero] Sheriff lost it,
but that's not really my fault.
Why would a girl call her folks
when she knows the deal?
- Tony, I don't know. You know
- [yells] You ought to know!
It's your damn job to know.
What happened?
We lost another girl.
She ran away.
It was the girl whose sister was killed
by Sheriff that ran away at the border.
She was helped by that girl.
What's her name? Ehi.
- Prem premium?
- Do you remember her?
Why would they want to escape?
Tony, you know that girl was present
when her sister was
- beheaded
- Alero, you sold me rubbish products.
Now I'm short of two girls.
I will deal with you.
- [voice breaking] Tony please.
- Alero, you will feel it!
[tense music playing]
- [crickets chirping]
- [footsteps approaching]
My daughter.
Why are you crying?
I want to go back home to my mother
but I don't have the means to get there.
- Where are you from?
- Edo State.
You are very far away from home.
[indistinct chatters]
Take this one.
What do you want in exchange?
Go buy a bus ticket
and go home to your mother.
- [soft music plays]
- Thank you.
[bike engines revving]
[man 4] Okay, give them water
and something to eat.
Move inside and keep quiet. No talking.
[car hooting]
[upbeat music playing over car stereo]
[vehicle hooting]
[man 5] Wow, Jewel!
This body of yours
will make me a lot of money.
Unlike that foolish Blessing
who ran away like a thief in the night.
[hisses] Let me see you.
Alright, get to work. Get to work.
[upbeat music continues]
[wistful music playing]
- [sighs deeply]
- [tense music playing]
[Alero] I have two
spaces left to go to Europe.
- Do you still want to go?
- Yes.
- Are you sure?
- Of course.
You know you've been disturbing me,
saying you want to go to Europe.
- What about you?
- Yes, I would like to go as well.
The only problem now
is that we don't have any money.
- There's no money.
- You're not premium quality,
so I can give you a little discount.
Never! Now leave this place.
Who is this? How does this concern you?
- Where is Sandra?
- [woman 1] Sandra and I own this place.
In fact, I run this place now,
so it concerns me.
- Since when?
- [woman 1] Did you hear me? Now.
[huffs] Aunty Alero. No,
Alero I'm not scared of you.
Do you think we didn't hear
what happened to Linda?
After all she went through
to get the money to pay you,
you still allowed them to behead her.
What happened
to Linda does not concern me.
Please get out of here.
Leave! Bloodsucker! Witch!
[woman 1]Ah-ah. Look, we're trying to fight
poverty, people like you are adding to it.
You keep giving these young girls
fake promises about going to Europe.
- Were you cursed?
- [Alero] Ah-ah!
[Rose] Were you cursed?
- Don't mind her
- [vehicle hooting]
[man 6] Look at her. You would
think you have seen a good person.
- Will you fuck off!
- "Fuck off," really?
Listen, I'm the one
who should say "fuck off" to you.
Aren't you the one who filled Blessing's
head with thoughts of going to Europe?
Now she has gone missing. I swear,
if I get hold of both of
you working on the street
So, your ugly whore
has finally come to her senses,
and left you and yet you can still boast!
Fuck off, Chucks!
- [Alero] Let's go!
- [car door closes]
[Chucks hisses]
[man 3] Grace Anya.
Amaka Duru.
Wachuka Otieno.
Yes sir.
Jacinta Uyi.
[car ignition starts]
[man 6] Hey, hey, hey! What's that?
Come on, go back. Move back. Hey!
Madam, I said go back.
Move back. I said move back
- Move back! Hey, move! Move in.
- [car engine roars]
Thank you.
[upbeat music playing]
Sir Philips. [chuckles]
Hm! Something strange
happened a few days ago.
- I was assaulted.
- What?
I went into the washroom
and next thing this
crazy young man barges in and begins
to punch the daylights out of me.
Ah-ah! Why?
He said it's because
I drug women and then I rape them.
Ah-ah, that's not true.
He got the idea from
a woman who wrote it in this book.
"There were seven of us in total.
And we were led by the woman we know
- as Alero."
- What?!
Oh, she went on to write
that she was drugged and raped
by a prominent politician, Sir Philips.
[upbeat music continues in background]
[Alero gasps]
Do you know what would have happened
if these rumors got to the paper?
There'll be consequences for this, Alero.
- You fucked up.
- Sir Philips, please I beg. Please.
Sir Philips, please.
What did I do to you both? Ah-ah!
[handbrake clicks]
- [keys jangle]
- [dog barks in distance]
- [security man] Hands up.
- [Chucks] Ah Timi,
- [Timi] Hands up!
- How long have we known each other?
- Rules are rules.
- [birds chirping]
[Tony] I said that I'm working on it.
But that means I'm working on it. You're
starting to give me a fucking headache.
Yeah, thanks.
Either these guys are deaf
or don't fucking understand English.
You need something?
- [Chuks] Yes I do.
- Really?
What is it?
You know the internet is available
and accessible. It has changed everything.
Even my girls believe
they no longer need me.
That's how life is, right?
You have fallen
to the bottom of the food chain.
You have to adjust.
You know I'm not afraid
of anything when it comes to this.
I'll do whatever it takes.
You know I tried to help you before,
- but you messed up. [chuckles]
- [chuckles drily]
I acted like a child back then.
I tried to help you but you fucked me up.
I'm a new man.
Chucks, I was busy doing something
before you came.
if you change your mind,
you know where to find me.
[birds chirping]
[bike engine roaring]
- [screaming]
- [gun shot]
[sporadic gunshots]
[glasses shattering]
[ladies continue screaming]
[tires screeching]
- [engine revving]
- [ladies continue screaming]
- [engine revving]
- [sporadic gunshots]
[multiple gunshots]
[acoustic music playing]
[phone ringing]
Come on, answer your call. Pick up
your fucking phone! You know the rules.
- Fuck.
- I know what's going on.
Yes, who are you?
What are you looking for?
What are you looking for?
I want you to stay out of my business.
What is your business?
All the women in Casa Vintori,
that's our business.
Look for something else to do.
[Tony] Let me understand you well.
You came into my place to threaten me?
Do you know why you haven't heard
from your people in Niger?
Because they're all dead.
They riddled the bus with bullets.
[mimics gunshots] All the girls are dead.
You are a goddamn liar.
Show him.
[drum beats continue playing]
If you send more,
the same thing will happen again.
It's Silver Blade's business.
Stay out of it.
Or you will be killed. [mimics gunshot]
[zip opens]
[lady coughs]
- [sighs]
- [fire crackling]
[groaning, grimacing]
[lady coughing]
- [lady coughs]
- [groaning] Wha
What are you doing?
[lady] I need money.
[both coughing]
[lady groans]
[groaning heavily]
[Ehi wretches] The bus
The bus is on fire.
The bus is on fire. [panting]
[Ehi] Come, come!
[lady continues coughing]
[Ehi] I don't think so.
Let me just go back to Nigeria.
Please, we don't even have any idea
where we are going to Look at us.
- Let's just go back home.
- Go back and do what?
Do you know how far Nigeria is?
Let's keep going to Maradi.
- [loud explosion]
- [both screaming]
- [rooster clucks]
- [birds chirping]
[sheep bleating]
[Beauty] Aunty.
Aunty Besunu.
[Besunu cries]
- She was here
- Aunty, where is my mother?
She was here when she was burnt.
- She was here.
- [Beauty gasping]
- She was here, Beauty.
- [Beauty gasps]
- [Besunu] Beauty.
- [Beauty crying]
Mother, I'm back!
- Mother! [crying]
- [Besunu crying]
- Beauty.
- Mother
[Beauty sobbing]
[both] Sorry.
[strong wind blowing]
- [hopeful music playing]
- [train hooting]
[train rumbling]
[wind blowing]
[Sir Philips] You and I have had
dealings for a number of years now,
and um, we've never had
any reason to meet face to face.
Not until now.
One of your people,
Alero, who I have been
working with for some time now,
has let me down terribly.
You see, one of the girls
that she brought to my last party
turned out to be a spy.
How do you mean?
A journalist, working undercover.
She nearly caused me a lot
of problems, I can tell you.
Would you like me
to take care of this journalist?
No, no need for that.
She is outside the country.
But I did get hold of her notebook.
And I acquired it under
very regrettable circumstances.
You see, Tony, I like you.
And I'd like to continue
doing business with you. [inhales]
It's just that it will depend
on how you'll deal with this Alero issue.
Personally, I would prefer
that I have zero chances
of running into her ever again.
I understand.
[wind blowing]
[both yelling] Hey!
[both panting]
- Please. Please.
- [driver] For goodness sake, enter! Enter!
[both panting]
[hopeful music continues playing]
You know, I don't even know your name.
My name is Peju.
My name is Ehi.
[door opens and close]
[Tony] Bring her to me.
Search everywhere. Anything valuable
that can be sold, bring them.
[Tony lighter up]
[Alero groaning]
- [Alero yelps]
- [yelling] You fucking bitch!
- You want to ruin my business, right?
- [Alero] No.
You put an informant
among the girls you gave to me.
- Right?
- No.
- A journalist for that matter.
- Ah, no. Tony, no. [huffs]
Who is she working for?
I said who does she work for?
- I don't know.
- Silver Blade?
- [Tony] Hmm?
- Tony, I don't know.
Or is it Kampese?
- Tony, I don't know.
- You don't know, right?
So why did they shoot at my bus?
- Why did they kill my girls?
- [Alero yelps]
- What?
- Yes.
- No, no.
- The Italians hit me.
- Ah.
- They hit me bad.
- Tony.
- [Tony] Yes.
Now my people are asking for a refund.
What do you want me to do?
- Hmm?
- I don't I don't understand.
- You don't understand?
- I don't understand.
You will soon understand.
Scatter everywhere!
Tony please.
- [Alero screams] Please!
- [glasses shattering]
- I'm supposed to kill you.
- No, please. [gasping]
- But I made you, so I can't.
- [Alero panting]
But Sir Phillips
has placed a bounty on your head.
[Alero gasps] Tony please.
- Please. [gasps]
- So if you know what is good for you
you will disappear.
- Yes. Yes, I've heard you.
- Did you hear me?
- I've heard you.
- Disappear before that money
- starts tempting me.
- [Alero gasps]
- [Tony sighs heavily]
- Tony. [choking]
[Alero chokes, panting]
[Alero coughs]
[glass shattering]
[Alero panting heavily]
[birds chirping]
[sheep bleating]
[music playing]
Em, phone. Phone. Em Nigeria.
- Em, please.
- One minute
- Yea.
- one dollar.
- Give me the number.
- What?
- Number. Number, number.
- Okay.
[music playing over the radio]
- It's ringing.
- Thanks.
- One minute.
- Hm.
[worship music playing]
You are the only one
I can run to. Oh, Lord.
- I know you can do it.
- [phone vibrating]
[phone vibrating]
- [phone keypad clicking]
- [phone ringing]
The Scoop. How can I help you?
Hello? Please,
I'd like to speak to Emeka. Please.
- [woman] Who is this?
- This is Oloture. It is very, very urgent.
Em, let me put you through to Mr. Theo.
[phone ringing]
I thought I told you not to disturb me.
I'm sorry sir. It's Oloture on the line.
- Oloture, where are you now?
- Sir, I'm in Niger sir.
I have names, I have faces,
I have numbers, locations.
I know exactly who is behind this.
I just need to speak to Emeka.
It's very urgent.
Emeka is dead.
- He was killed all because of your story.
- [tense music playing]
You were told to leave this
whole thing alone, but no, you didn't.
My life has been threatened
the Newspaper has
been threatened with closure.
My top journalist has
been killed. All because of you.
This paper is no longer
involved with the story.
Stay where you are.
Hey, will you watch your lane?!
- [sorrowful tone]
- [birds chirping]
Subtitle translation by: Regina Njoku.
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