Oloture: The Journey (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

[door closes]
Please sir.
Ah please. Please.
Please. Please, I beg you.
Orders are orders.
[Oloture whimpering]
Please sir, I beg you.
I swear to God, I will
I will not do anything again, please.
- Make sure you behave yourself.
- I will.
- [Abby] Okay?
- [whimpering] Hmm.
[Oloture sobbing]
- You will not be disappointed.
- Hmm.
She's beautiful.
Twenty minutes.
You want more, you pay more.
[keys jangling]
Here she is.
- When you're done, knock on the door.
- [keys jangling]
Can I take a little drink?
Thank you.
[Oloture grunts]
- [madam] Is everything okay?
- Yes ma.
[mimics moaning]
[man 13 groans]
[Oloture sighs]
[keypad clicking]
- [phone ringing]
- [tense music playing]
- [Ben] Hello?
- Hello? Ben.
- [Oloture] It's Ehi.
- Ehi.
Where are you?
Oh my God! Andrew!
[Andrew] Which side?
- She said two streets after the market.
- Two more gates. It has
[Ben] Something like this.
[tense music continues playing]
[key jingling]
There. Blue door.
- [Ben] That is it.
- That is it.
- [Andrew] Open the door.
- Ah-ah!
- Who's knocking on my gate like that?
- [Andrew] Open the
[Andrew] Open the door.
Open the door.
- Is someone coming?
- [Ben] She is coming.
- [Ben] Madam open the door!
- [Andrew] Open the door!
[Madam] Who is that? I'm coming.
[Ben] Someone is coming.
[Madam] Hold on. I said calm down.
- [Madam screams]
- [Ben] Where is Ehi? [yells] Where is Ehi?
- [Andrew] Ehi. Ehi!
- [Madam] Get your hands off me. Abby!
[Madam] Abby! Get
- [madam] Get your hands off me!
- [Abby] Hey!
- [Ben] Go! Go to the door
- [Abby] Hey!
[Madam screams] Ah-ah!
[Madam] Chase them!
Get them and kill them!
[all panting]
Wait, wait, wait.
- [Ben] What is it?
- [Andrew] What is it?
I can't go back there.
I'm not going back there.
[Andrew] Why?
Do you know it was Femi who set me up?
- [Andrew] Femi?
- [Ben] What?
- [Olorture] Yes!
- Aha!
I thought as much!
That guy is evil.
- [Andrew] What do we do now?
- [Ben sighs]
My friend, we should leave tomorrow.
[sniffs] I don't know
if this will be of help.
- this is a lot of money.
- [Andrew] A lot of money.
[Oloture] Yes.
It will work.
[Ben] It will work.
You know, I had already given up hope.
[Ben] Ah.
- [sighs]
- [Ben] See, you are safe now.
You are safe
- [Oloture crying]
- Don't worry. We're in this together.
- [Oloture crying]
- Don't worry, okay?
[Andrew] I get these dreams sometimes.
Where I'm part of a live band in Europe.
[Oloture chuckles]
Oh, we check near the ocean.
Everybody grooving to our song.
Everything going wild.
Do you understand what I'm saying?
I'll make a lot of money. A lot of money.
I will just be sending money
to my people at Koforidua.
- Hmm!
- Everything will be the way it should be.
[Andrew smacks] Wow, Europe.
- We will make it.
- Yes, we will.
[both sigh]
[Peju panting]
[both sobbing]
[Peju panting]
[Peju panting] I thought you had left me.
- Mm-mm. No.
- [Peju panting]
Did they beat you?
- [Peju panting]
- Yes, but I'm okay.
Oh, please don't leave.
Let's continue to stay together.
[Peju panting]
[Peju] My friend. [sobbing]
[Peju and Oloture sobbing]
I'm I'm here because of all of you.
[Peju and Oloture continue sobbing]
- Ben, thank you. [sobs]
- [Peju whimpering]
[Oloture sobbing]
- It's okay.
- [Oloture whimpers]
[Oloture whimpers]
[man 14] Kaje Tunbayi.
Alssan Nyan.
Abdullahi Jallo.
Usman Gayi.
Kajaj Nbai.
Aminatu Jeyi.
Aminatu Jeyi.
[man 13] We're here now.
So how is it going to be with my people?
[man 14] You're walking to your death.
- You have to be very careful on your own.
- Okay.
By God's grace,
there won't be any problem.
- Come.
- [Ben] Ehi.
[man 12] Alpha Bah.
Abu Kossi.
Dembo Sou.
Sit. Come and sit.
Are we ready to set off?
Let's head out.
Come on, let's head out.
Hey driver, go on. Move away from there.
[hopeful music playing]
[engine roaring]
- [man 14] This is nice.
- Hm!
[man 14] Yes.
Wow, you will like this.
Yes, you will.
One second, please.
[cars hooting]
- Good afternoon, madam.
- Good afternoon.
- How may I help you?
- I'm here to see your boss.
Tell him I have a solution
to a mutual problem.
[scoffs] Okay.
[man 14] Boss, there's a lady
outside waiting to see you.
- Sorry please. Excuse me.
- Okay.
- Make yourself comfortable, okay?
- Alright.
- [dog barking]
- [birds chirping]
[Chucks] Bro.
Please give this another thought.
- I know things are rough now.
- [Tony grunts]
Since you and Alero had a fallout,
I can help you, bro.
Let me help you.
[tense music plays]
[dog barking]
Do you know this guy?
[Chucks] I don't know him.
The guy's name is Ade.
He's with the Silver Blade.
I want you to have a little talk with him.
Hmm? Send him a little message from me.
When you've done that, then we can talk.
Silver Blades are not small fries.
[Tony laughs]
You asked me to give you a chance, right?
That's your chance.
[Chucks huffs] Silver blade.
[vehicle engine ignites]
[Ade] What is this mutual problem?
And what is the solution?
Tony is the problem,
and I am the solution.
I'm listening. If I like what I hear,
I will make one or two calls.
[indistinct chatters]
[upbeat music playing over stereo]
- Where is the remaining?
- That's all I have for tonight.
- What did you say?
- [Jewel screams]
- You are joking, right?
- [Jewel crying]
- Are you on a vacation?
- [Jewel whimpers]
[Jewel whimpers]
- [Jewel whimpers]
- What about you?
- [Chucks huffs]
- [Beauty] Ouch!
Please, tell me you're joking.
Eh! The streets were quiet tonight.
[Beauty screams]
[Chucks] You told you
the streets are quiet this night?
[yells] Make them shout! Right?
Make them shake!
Isn't that your job?
[tense beat plays]
[Andrew] Wake up, somebody is coming.
- Be careful
- [Oloture pants heavily]
- [Oloture pants heavily]
- [Peju] Quickly.
- [Oloture panting]
- [Peju yelps]
[woman 9 screaming]
- [woman 9 screaming]
- [Oloture] What?
[woman 10 screaming]
What sort of problem is this?
[woman 11 screaming]
Do you think people
about deaths happening here?
[scoffs] They're not concerned
about people like us.
[Oloture sighs]
[woman 12 screaming]
[Beauty sobbing]
Arise and shine!
Wake up!
The sun is up. We're ready.
Okay? Sorry, let's go.
[Oloture] Hm!
Dig you sleep well? [laughing]
Ah, my friend,
take it easy with the water.
You know we still have
a long way to go. Okay?
Do you want to finish the water now?
Keep it inside. Okay?
Come over.
[Ben grunts]
[hopeful music playing]
[engine roaring]
- [attacker 15] Move! Lie down!
- All of you lie down!
- Lie down
- [attacker 15] Move!
- [attacker 17] Move!
- Lie down!
- Bring out your money!
- [attacker 15] Move!
- [attacker 16] Lie down! Move!
- Bring your phone!
[attacker 20] Give us
your phone! Lie down!
- Lie down! Move!
- [attacker 18] Move!
- [attacker 17] Lie down!
- Move! Bring out your phone!
[attacker 17] Give us your money.
- [attacker 20] Move!
- [all] Lie down! Move!
- Lie down! Your money!
- [attacker 19] Move!
- [attacker 19] Lie down!
- Move!
- Let's go!
- [attacker 19] Let's go!
- [attacker 16] Let's go!
- Let's go!
- Let's go!
- [attacker 18] Let's go!
- [attacker 18] Let's go!
- Let's go!
[background chatters]
[Oloture screams]
[Oloture crying]
- [Andrew yelps] Ah!
- [Ben] It's okay.
[Oloture crying] Sorry.
[Oloture whimpers]
[melancholic flute music playing]
[tense music playing]
[elevator bell dings]
[key jingling]
[tense beats playing]
[Ade groans]
[jazz music playing]
[jazz music continues]
- [Chucks] Babes.
- [Jewel hisses]
[Chucks] Can you notice anything?
[Jewel] Yesterday we were whores,
today we are babes. Fool.
What did you notice?
This is the new level
of the person who takes people to Europe.
Everybody, who wants to go to Europe?
Ah, Jewel, I'm not sure
I can let you go just like that.
- Who wants to go to Europe?
- [foot steps approching]
Ah, Smallie,
you also want to go?
Yes, I still want to go.
After everything?
You still want to go?
I still want to go.
In fact, I must go For my sister.
In that case,
your name will be first on the list.
As long as you can get the money.
I will do it for you.
[phone ringing]
- Hello?
- [Antonia] Is this Alero?
Who is this?
[Antonio] Ade gave me your number.
My name is Antonio.
I hear you can be an asset.
Hello Antonio.
Yes, yes.
I'm the best person
to help grow your business.
I know everything, everywhere, everybody,
competition. I know all their people.
I have all the information.
You help me, I help you.
- [Oloture] Come Just try.
- [Andrew groans]
[Andrew continues groaning]
- [Andrew continues groaning]
- [Oloture] Just try.
[Andrew and Oloture groans]
- [Oloture] Peju.
- [Andrew groans]
- [Ben grunts] Bring water.
- [Oloture sighs]
[Peju sighs]
Open your mouth. [inhales]
- [Andrew coughs]
- Sorry.
[Ben] My friend,
please, we can't stay here.
We can't. Please, try.
My friend, I'm very tired.
- [Andrew groans]
- [Ben] My friend, try. Please try.
- [Oloture] We'll make it. Don't worry.
- [Ben] You are a strong man, okay.
- [Andrew grunts]
- [Ben] My friend, you are a strong man.
- [Andrew grunting]
- [Oloture panting]
- [Ben] Andrew.
- [Andrew, Oloture panting]
- [Oloture panting]
- [Peju sighs]
[Ben] Try.
- [Oloture panting]
- [Peju] You can do it, Andrew. Okay?
- [Ben, Andrew grunting]
- [melancholic music playing]
[wind whistling]
[Ben] Andrew!
[Peju] Andrew!
- [Ben] Andrew come!
- [Peju, Oloture] Andrew!
[Ben] Andrew come!
- [Oloture] Andrew!
- [Andrew groans]
- [Oloture] Andrew talk!
- [Ben panting]
- [Peju] Ehi can't hear you.
- [Ben] Let's get out of it.
- [Peju] Are you there?
- [Oloture] Andrew!
- [Oloture] Andrew!
- [Ben] Get down!
- [Ben] Get down!
- [Peju] I can hear you.
- [Ben] Peju!
- [Oloture] Andrew!
- [Oloture] Andrew!
- [Ben] Ehi!
[Oloture and Peju screaming]
- [Ben] Everybody down!
- [Peju screaming]
- Down!
- [Peju screaming]
[Oloture] Peju!
[Ben] Andrew!
- [Oloture] Andrew!
- [Peju] I'm here.
- [Ben] Andrew!
- [wind whistling]
- [Peju] Ben I can hear you! Where are you?
- [Oloture] I can hear you!
[Ben] Andrew!
- [Peju] This sand is blocking my view!
- [Oloture] Andrew!
[Ben] Andrew!
- [Oloture] Peju!
- [Ben] Andrew!
[Peju screaming]
[Ben] Oh my God! [spits]
- [Ben] Andrew!
- [Oloture] Andrew!
[Ben] Andrew!
[Oloture] Andrew!
[Ben pants]
Andrew. My friend.
- [Peju] Andrew.
- [Ben grunts]
[Peju and Oloture panting]
[Peju and Oloture] Andrew.
[Peju and Oloture panting]
- [Peju and Oloture] Andrew!
- [Ben] Huh? Andrew.
- Hey, hey, hey.
- [Oloture sobbing] Andrew.
- Please open your tongue!
- [Oloture sobbing] Oh my God!
[Oloture whimpering]
- [Ben] No, no!
- [Oloture] Andrew.
- [Ben] Andrew.
- [Oloture whimpers]
- My friend.
- [Oloture crying]
- [crying] Ben!
- [Peju] Andrew.
- God, please.
- [Ben] Oh no! No!
- [Peju] Andrew.
- [Oloture crying]
[crying] Andrew.
- [crying] Peju.
- [Peju crying] Why Andrew?
[Peju and Oloture crying]
[Oloture] God, please! [crying]
I hope that [crying]
Since he's dead,
please take care of him for us.
[inhales] It's better he's with you,
because heaven is sure.
[whimpering] Ben,
I know Andrew is your blood.
If not for anything else,
let's complete this journey for him.
[Oloture] I'm so sorry.
[all crying]
- [Ben] Let's go.
- [Oloture crying]
I hear something.
- Sounds like a truck.
- No, I don't
[Oloture sighs]
[all] Hey!
[Ben] Stop!
- [Oloture] Hey!
- [Ben] Stop!
[all] Hey, stop! Hey!
[all] Hey stop! Hey!
- [Ben] Please help us.
- [Peju and Oloture] Help us.
Let's go. [grunts]
[Oloture and Peju grunt]
- Ah! Water.
- [Peju pants]
[man 22] Hey my friend. How are you?
- Good.
- [man 22] How is work?
- Not bad.
- [man 22] Praise to God!
- [Ben] What?
- Okay. No problem.
- He'll take care of you guys.
- [Ben] Okay.
[Ben] Thank you.
Okay come.
[man 22] Welcome. You're welcome.
- You need help? I can help you.
- Yes.
You need something to drink,
- or a place to sleep?
- [Peju, Oloture and Ben] Yes!
Okay, no problem. Come with me.
Come, come.
Er my boss, Moussa.
My boss Moussa.
You can go to my boss, Moussa.
- Go Moussa. Moussa yes. Go meet Moussa.
- [Ben] There?
[Moussa] Welcome in. Welcome.
Sadiq said you need shelter.
Awesome. Come.
[chuckling] A good place to rest.
[chuckling] Yes.
Nasiru will bring food
and water. Relax. [chuckles]
- [Ben] Thank you.
- [Moussa chuckles]
[Ben groans]
[Ben grunts]
[water pouring]
[plate clatters]
- [vehicle hooting]
- [dog backing]
[Moussa] Transportation to
Sabratha is a hundred dollars per person.
That is where the boats leave from.
But we don't have that kind
of money. They took everything from us.
That means we have to work.
You have to give us time.
We don't have that time.
We have phones. We have Mula pay.
Call your people,
let them send money. Otherwise
we'll take you to the slave market.
[Ben] Hundred dollars.
[phone ringing]
- [phone ringing]
- [Oloture pants]
[Ma Oloture] Hello?
Mother, it's me.
Oloture, my daughter.
- Yes mother.
- [Ma Oloture] Where are you?
Mother, I can't talk much right now.
Mother, I got into trouble at work.
I'm in big trouble.
[Ma Oloture] I don't
understand what you mean.
The people I am with, if I don't give
them money, they won't release me.
[Ma Oloture] Er
how much money are we talking about?
Mother, it's a hundred dollars.
Mother I know it's a lot,
but please, I beg you
- I beg you
- [Ma Oloture] Don't bother yourself.
I will look for the money.
If you give them the money,
they will let you go.
Yes yes.
Mom mom, bye.
[Ben screaming]
- Where is the money?
- [Ben crying]
- I told them to send it.
- [yelling] There's no money!
I told them to send it!
- [Ben screaming]
- Tell your people to send the money.
[Ben groaning in pain]
- [Oloture crying]
- [Ben sobbing]
- [Ben] Please!
- [Oloture whimpering]
[woman 16 ] Customer.
- Please move out of my way.
- [woman 17] Look at me now. [laughs]
[keypad clicking]
[moterbike engine roaring]
[phone rings]
- [Antonia] Alero.
- The next consignment is ready.
[Antonia] Bravo, Alero.
The family will be pleased to know.
One more thing, Antonio.
- [Antonio] Just name it, beautiful.
- [Alero] I need help
- [Chucks] You want to go to Europe?
- [Alero]to get rid of
- [woman 18] I want to go.
- [Chucks] It's not easy to go to Europe.
If you want to try going
through the legal route
[Alero] The guy works for Tony.
His name is Chucks.
[Antonia] Chucks?
No problem, I'll sort it out.
[Chucks] Your only
chance is to go with Chucks.
- Do you have the money?
- [woman 19] I have it.
- Are you sure?
- I'm sure.
Your money is cleared.
- [music playing]
- [door closes]
[Ben sobbing]
[vehicle ignition starts]
- [water rumbling]
- [music playing]
[hopeful music playing]
[Oloture] Are you okay?
I don't know how to swim.
Me too.
But we have to do it.
[Ben] Peju.
Let's go.
[Peju and Oloture] God, please.
- [water waves rumbling]
- [music playing]
Two people, come here.
Hey! No, it's not in. Hey!
Come on, be careful there.
Nonsense! Enter there.
Sit down.
Go this way.
[hopeful music playing]
Subtitle translation by: Regina Njoku
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