Omniscient (2020) s01e01 Episode Script

I committed a crime

[phone chiming.]
- [male voice.]
Appraisal in 47 minutes.
- [gasps.]
[alarm bell ringing.]
Jeez, Dad! What's going on? - They're gonna think you're a firebug.
- [dad coughing.]
You're lucky your drone knows you.
- [dad.]
Aren't you gonna ask me if I'm OK? - No.
Why are you cooking? It was supposed to be a special breakfast for your first appraisal meeting.
- Like your mom used to do.
- Mm.
- Maybe we can save some of it.
- Don't even think about it.
- Yes, we can.
Let me see it.
- Half is wet and half is burnt.
- Do you want a wet omelet? - Dad, I'm really late, okay? I was tense and couldn't sleep well.
I'll get you a dozen eggs tonight and teach you to fix a delicious omelet without burning the house down.
- Didn't you hear the alarm, Daniel? - I didn't set any alarm.
- [Daniel.]
Is there anything to eat? - Give him some, Dad.
Good luck with your appraisal.
Wish her luck with it! She doesn't need it.
LIVE WITHOUT FEAR [rings bell.]
APPRAISAL [announcement on PA.]
The Omniscient System.
Live without fear.
Excuse me.
Just a second.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
New infraction registered.
Type three theft.
Probably the first this year.
[elevator bell chimes.]
The results speak for themselves.
In the past five years, only four homicides were reported, and all perpetrators caught in the act.
It's not privacy versus safety.
It's privacy and safety.
Human beings have no access to the System's footage.
Only the Main Computer is able to analyze, through cutting-edge nanotechnology, all the footage and information, while processing data in milliseconds and storing Excuse me.
I am relaxed.
Yeah, right.
Aren't you a bit nervous? I should be.
I couldn't update the compiler by myself, I missed several days' work because of that flu, and I went berserk with Arnaldo from maintenance.
- You did? - Yes.
But you did nothing but good.
You're the best trainee, and they'll shower you with compliments.
We'll see about that.
[door opens.]
Bye, thanks.
See you next time.
Easy peasy.
You better get used to this face.
I've pretty much got the permanent position.
Do you also hate that guy? - I hate that guy.
- I can't stand him.
- I can't stand him.
- He's so obnoxious.
- Go.
Nail it.
- Whew.
Have you met Vinícius? He's the Safety Project supervisor.
I have.
He gave me a tour of the premises when I first started.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- I'm sorry - No worries.
When I get nervous, my hands Me too.
When I get nervous, my eyelids start twitching.
- [clears throat.]
- Relax.
- Shall we start? - Sure.
Right, Nina.
Your last project was I rewrote the code that defines when drones go into infrared mode.
To detect crimes through fabric.
She's also shortened the code's total length by almost one thousand lines.
- That's top-notch programming.
- Impressive.
Did you know that a theft was prevented today thanks to your new code? Mr.
Diego Albiero, 60 years old, was caught trying to steal jewelry by placing it under his sleeve.
I saw it when I got here.
Some people who grew up outside the System can't control themselves.
He wasn't expecting you'd be working in our team.
Okay, let's have a look at areas that need improvement.
According to some managers, you're not totally integrated.
Perhaps because you're reserved and hardly ever express your feelings.
I believe I am integrated.
Teamwork is key here, and what others think of you is important.
Of course, but I said I'm integrated, but if you think I should somehow change my behavior I've only been here for two months, I Calm down.
Sometimes it seems you're afraid of taking risks, you know? But hey, your productivity is great.
If you keep this up, you will get one of the two permanent positions.
And that was your first appraisal.
Nobody got hurt.
Your father will be very proud of you.
Has your father worked here? Yes, from the beginning.
A programmer too? Engineer? No, in maintenance.
He's retired now.
He must be anxious to hear how it went.
Let's move on to the next trainee.
Olívia, your turn.
- How did it go? - Easy peasy! - [scoffs.]
- [chuckles.]
The appraisal went well.
Better than well, it was incredible.
Tonight, we're having an omelet binge.
Rodrigo, I think this is a bit too big.
- Okay, I'll make it smaller.
- Thanks.
Any messages? I was starving.
I didn't have breakfast this morning.
Why not? My dad tried to cook something special, an omelet, but he burned it.
Oh, Inácio is so sweet.
- He is.
- Have you told him about the appraisal? - Mm-hmm.
- Did he scream with joy in your ear? Actually, no, because he hasn't checked his messages yet.
I'm going to grab a drink.
- Be right back.
- Hmm! - This one is delicious.
- What flavor is it? - Plants with plants.
- That's the one, then.
- Good.
- Right? I prefer grass with grass, but this one is good too.
So, are you guys celebrating the appraisal anytime soon? Tomorrow.
We're going to a bar after work.
All the trainees are coming.
Not sure you heard about it.
Wanna come with me? - Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
- I - No, it's fine.
Forget it.
We shouldn't mix things up.
I don't want to get you in trouble.
- No, you're not - It's all good.
We'll talk later.
- [Nina.]
Drones? - [man.]
Can I do it this time? - Just don't drop them.
- Hm.
- Nina, you'll monitor it, okay? - Okay.
- All set, Caio? - [snores.]
Almost there.
Take your time, buddy.
I'm done.
Run it.
[bleeping and whirring.]
Yeah, 4.
5 seconds.
A bit slower this time, right? Let's run version 64? Nina, wake up! Yeah.
Running 64.
[ringing tone.]
[phone rings again.]
[voicemail greeting.]
You've reached Inácio.
I'm busy at the moment.
- Oh! - Thanks, darling.
Craving eggs? Yes, we're celebrating.
- Have fun! - We will.
- Bye.
- Bye.
[suspenseful music playing.]
Dad? Dad! Daniel? Emergency.
Daniel! Somebody help me, please! [inaudible.]
- Daniel! Emergency.
- [ringing tone.]
You've reached Omniscient System's Emergency.
- Put me through to a real person! - [woman.]
Good evening.
How can I help you? [echoing.]
My father My father is dead.
My father! Please! - Can you repeat that, please? - [Nina.]
Daniel? My father is dead, murdered, right here.
I need help now.
The System hasn't reported any crimes committed in your area, ma'am.
[fast breathing.]
[suspenseful music continues.]
- [man.]
Any emotional crises lately? - [Daniel.]
[man 1.]
Did your father have any connection with drug trafficking, terrorism - or criminal organizations? - No.
Uh How was he emotionally? Did you notice any difference in the last few days? [Daniel.]
No difference.
Was he depressed? [Daniel.]
Did he ever make an attempt on his own life? - Are you implying he killed himself? - Shot in the back? Calm down, I'm just following protocol.
- Someone killed my father.
- Yes, but why? Did he have any enemies or grudges? No, he never had an issue with anyone.
Alan, he was retired.
He was a real bore.
He had no criminal records, if that's what you want to know.
How do you explain We don't have to explain anything! That's your job! How are you going to investigate what happened? The city's investigative structure was dismantled over 15 years ago.
The System takes care of it now.
- The System doesn't fail.
- What if it did now? The System doesn't fail.
And what happened in this room stays in this room.
You will have to keep this incident confidential.
What? Hey, what do you mean? How are we supposed to keep this confidential? What are you saying? Are you leaving? Is the investigation over? - [Alan.]
The cleaning squad is on its way.
- [Daniel.]
Come back here! [trickling sound amplified.]
Drink it.
It'll calm you down.
You work for Omniscient.
Yes, I'm a trainee.
How do you know? I work at the city hall.
I'm the mayor's PA.
And on his behalf and the city's, I want to apologize for what happened.
Your father was the victim of a horrible crime.
But I want you to know that I'll do my best to find out exactly what happened here, and who did this to your father.
My name is Judite.
Here's my contact details.
You can come to me whenever you need, for anything you need.
Thank you.
[footsteps distancing.]
[introspective music playing.]
SPACE PLANET X43 [bleeping.]
You can't sleep either, huh? - What are you doing? - We have to pick out an outfit for him for the funeral.
Space Planet X43.
What planet is not in space? - Do you remember us playing this game? - Us? I remember you and him.
You two programmed this game together.
And then you got better than me at it.
- Not that one.
- Why not? He loved it.
He's wearing it in half of his pictures.
It doesn't fit him.
He wouldn't wear it anymore.
Why hasn't his drone beeped? It's not the victim's drone that reacts.
It's the criminal's.
Why hasn't the criminal's drone beeped? I don't know.
I'd also like to know.
Dani do you know anything about Dad that I'm not aware of? What would I know? You were his favorite.
It's Omniscient's fault.
Why hasn't anybody seen anything? It works for everybody except him? - [bleep.]
- [sighs.]
Nina, you got it all wrong yesterday.
- Have you decided where you're - I'll talk to you later.
Just Ricardo, I really need to talk to you [Ricardo.]
Nina! We were just talking about you.
Have you met Carolina? She's one of the four creators of the System.
Oh, Inácio [tuts.]
Did you know he was with the company from the get-go? Since it was a startup.
- So you remember him.
- Of course.
It's a shame he passed away.
He didn't pass away.
He was murdered.
My father was here at the beginning.
He was loyal.
He was really proud that his daughter was working here.
I bet he was.
Carolina, I really need access to the last footage from my father's drone, because whatever happened to him, it will be there.
It will explain.
The footage will show who the killer was.
I understand, but that's impossible.
Right, Ricardo? No human is allowed to see them.
Only the Main Computer performs analysis.
- I know - It's the company's basic principle so we don't violate anyone's privacy.
Otherwise, people would never have voted to implement the System.
No, Carolina, you don't understand.
I'm not asking for that.
I just want the footage from one drone, on one day.
It's a very specific case.
Again, I'm very sorry about your father, I really am.
I know this is a confusing time.
But in time, everything will sort itself out and become clear.
I just want to ask you to keep this between us.
Okay? [dramatic music playing.]
[gasping and murmuring.]
New infraction registered.
[phone ringing.]
[automated voice.]
You have committed a level two crime.
According to your location, you have 27 minutes to appear before the court and face the consequences of your actions.
[elevator bell pings.]
[PA chimes.]
Nina Peixoto, booth number one.
Nina Peixoto.
You're guilty of the charges pending against you.
- Article 163: Damage to private property.
- Yes.
That wasn't a question.
And we don't need a confession either.
Everyone is caught in the act here.
Article 163.
Damage to private property.
However, since it's a level two infraction and you have no priors, you'll only have to pay a fine.
- No prison time.
- How much is the fine? The statue was made by a famous artist.
The estimated value is - two million, seven hundred and ninety - What? No! But I've already received a statement from the Omniscient System Company, formally saying they understand your situation and they won't file any reparation claim.
- They're not asking for a full refund.
- Huh.
However, you still have to pay a fine to the city hall for committing this infraction.
Twelve thousand.
I don't have that much money.
I don't have 12,000 to pay You either pay it in one week or you'll have to pay your debt to the city in jail.
No, that's impossible! Help me! I don't have the money.
I can't afford this fine.
I'm here to inform you of your situation.
I don't have the power to change your sentence.
The System is the System.
Next time, don't commit any crimes.
Nina! I didn't know.
Why didn't you tell me? - I'm sorry.
- No need to apologize.
You can count on me, okay? What happened? Was it that thing in his lung? Yeah.
It was all so sudden.
Excuse me.
Good thing you're here now.
I had to sort out a few things.
Where's Dad? Well they told me the body would be here two hours ago.
[woman over phone.]
I'm really sorry.
- What are we going to do? - Where's my father? [woman over phone.]
The body is being preserved in deep refrigeration.
I can't inform you of the exact reason for the delay, but the autopsy hasn't been concluded yet.
So you will have to wait.
- Everyone's waiting here.
- How long? [woman over phone.]
I'll have an estimate in 24 hours, ma'am.
No, this is crazy.
You have to solve this now! [woman over phone.]
As I explained, the body can't be released.
Judite, I need your help.
- Nina, is everything okay? - It's all a mess.
My dad's body hasn't been released, and I've committed a crime.
I was fined for it and I don't have the money.
Judite, there's no one else I can rely on.
- You said that if I needed your help - Come with me.
- I don't know what to do.
I can't pay - [Judite.]
Calm down.
Have you cried? It's important to give yourself time to do it.
Preferably when you're alone.
When no one is watching.
The observer always changes the behavior of the observed.
[overlapping indistinct conversations.]
And you come with me.
Are you afraid? [tires screech.]
This way.
- [crash.]
- [horns blaring.]
- [alarm wailing.]
- Don't worry.
[distant siren wailing.]
[dog barking.]
Have a seat.
- Here? - Yeah.
I used to live around here before the System.
I just wanted to talk freely with you, without having to worry about the drone thinking we're saying things we shouldn't.
- But why did you break the statue? - I don't know.
I lost control.
I forgot about the drone.
I asked them to show me the footage from my father's drone, because the answer to what happened is there.
The drone must have recorded the murderer.
And they didn't show it to you.
- No.
- [scoffs.]
For them, it's all about money and closing the next mega deal with the next city.
Can you believe the entire public security budget is being channeled into a single company? I know the System is a good tool, but it has flaws.
And your father's death proves that.
Has this happened before in the System? No.
Not that I'm aware of.
I'd like to tell you everything will work out for the best, but I don't want to give you false hope.
We used to have 300,000 trained officers for investigations.
Now, we have about 300, who are only trained to go up to citizens and handcuff them.
So that's it, then.
I'll have to live knowing that nobody will do anything to solve this situation.
That no one cares about it.
Nina, your instinct was correct.
The answer is indeed in the drone footage.
Listen, I know they don't want to show it to you, but no security system is perfect.
That's impossible.
The System spends a lot of money on security, and the Main Computer is super protected.
Not to mention we're under drone surveillance 24 hours a day.
If I get caught trying to break into the Main Computer, that's a life sentence.
Invasion of privacy of millions of people, even if I'm just after one image.
Forget what I said.
You and your whole generation grew up within the System.
You've been watched by drones since you were children.
I don't think you could do it.
Nor should you try to.
Yeah, that would be crazy.
But not impossible.
It would have to be during disk defragmentation day, when the System is reallocating data.
That's when it's more vulnerable.
Initiating disk defragmenter.
The next session is in two months.
I'd have to figure out how to break into the Main Computer.
Barely anyone has access to it.
Welcome to the Main Computer.
I think I would need some sort of transmission device.
I'd need all types of biometric access, like iris and fingerprint recognition.
Entry authorized.
All this, without getting caught by my own drone.
So, what would be the first step? The first thing would be getting the fingerprints of one of the creators.
The first clearance check is the fingerprint.
And stealing fingerprints is totally illegal.
I don't know if I understood half of what you said, but if you're really thinking of doing it No, I'm not.
I was just putting my mind to work.
Here, outside the city, - with a stranger - [chuckles.]
planning a crime.
[introspective music plays.]
- [drone fluttering.]
- [sighing.]
[dramatic percussion music playing.]
What is weirder? You sewing or you sewing a dress? Have you gone mad? Probably.
Omniscient System.
Live without fear.
I'm so happy with my project.
Look, it's almost ready.
But guys, we have plenty of time.
- Yeah.
- I really hope so.
Looks better like this, doesn't it? No? Nina.
Are you sure you should be back already? [Ricardo.]
Enjoy the leave I gave you, so you can recover before coming back to work.
Please, I can't.
I'll go crazy if I stay home.
This is exactly what I need, to come here and put my mind to work.
All right, it's up to you.
Come on.
The creators had a meeting to discuss your father's investigation.
If there was any mistake, we'll get to the bottom of it.
Don't worry.
What are we up to today? Legal department.
We'll get to meet Henrique Ambrósio, one of the company's founders.
The most boring of them all.
Good morning.
How are you? - Hi, good morning.
- All good? Morning.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- Morning.
Good morning.
Nice to meet you.
Good morning.
Hi, Ricardo.
Hi, everyone.
Ricardo loves to embarrass me by bringing you guys here, just because Carol, Inês and Santiago's offices are much more interesting, isn't that so? But do not underestimate the importance of law in society.
Any idea how big the contract between the city and our company is? It must be huge.
I'm not sure how many pages, but I like to say that this is a contract we measure by the pound.
That's because I'm from the time when contracts were printed on paper.
Anyway, some people think this contract lasts forever.
It doesn't.
That doesn't exist in law.
This contract is renewed every ten years.
[voice fading.]
At least [mysterious percussion music, building tension.]
[rapid heartbeat.]
[music stops.]
Henrique asked you a question.
Um I'm sorry.
I'm I'm a little nervous about talking to one of the creators of the System.
Don't be silly.
There's no need to be nervous.
But, moving on, can you guess how many lawsuits against us the Federal Prosecution Service holds? - [woman.]
A lot, apparently.
- [Henrique.]
That's right.
A great number of attorneys still have backwards views on security.
They fear innovation.
But we've revolutionized the way we see security and safety.
That's what motivates me.
Crime has virtually disappeared.
People now live without fear and they feel safer.
[cup clatters.]
I'm so sorry.
[mysterious music resumes.]
Hey! Hey! [sighs.]
Daniel, I committed a crime.
That's why I was late for the funeral.
Damage to private property.
I broke a statue.
At least Inácio died before he saw that.
After you committed a crime, how did you feel? I've never committed a crime.
You committed more than ten infractions at school.
I was a teenager, Nina.
A firecracker in the school toilets, and I still can't get a job because of this heinous crime.
But tell me, how did you feel? I don't know.
Like myself, as usual.
Why the question? How did you feel? [bicycle wheels whirring.]
[mysterious percussion music plays, intensifies.]

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