Omniscient (2020) s01e03 Episode Script

This is our Pandora's Box

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES [disco music playing.]
This one.
Let's see.
- I picked a song for us.
- Mm-mm.
- Sing with me.
- Olívia - [woman.]
Olívia and Nina! - Hey, that's us.
- No.
I'm not singing.
- Come on.
- I won't set foot on that stage.
- You will.
This is your chance to shine! Shine on your own.
I don't like people staring at me.
- Oh, please! - I'll just stay here with Sílvio.
no, no.
No way! You're singing with me! - Look, lady She's singing.
- This is your chance! Oh, God! Have mercy! Thanks.
[music starts.]
- [sighs.]
- [feedback squeals.]
Good evening! Uh I'd like to dedicate this old song to my best friend, who's just left me here by myself, - Nina.
- [cheering.]
We've always been best friends.
We're so close I'll always remember when we met at that Robot Battle.
You destroyed my little robot.
Poor thing.
If you think your indifference Will destroy me I'll survive, I'll survive [audience whistling.]
You're no good, nobody's your friend Loneliness will be your punishment [audience cheering.]
You don't even want to know If I'm still alive You won't reply to my messages You treat me like garbage If you don't want me Don't expect me to fuck you I insist And you know what? I give up If you think your indifference Will destroy me I'll survive, I'll survive You're no good, nobody's your friend Loneliness will be your punishment [cheering and applause.]
Nailed it! [Sílvio.]
Hi, Nina.
Hi, Lívia.
- It's Olívia, Sílvio.
- [Sílvio chuckles.]
Wanna sing with me? - What? - Don't you like duets? [Sílvio.]
Oh? Yeah! I'll go pick a song for us.
Why did you do that? [giggles.]
Give the guy a chance, Olívia.
Look, I'd love to have an affair at work.
A motivation to wake up early every day.
But not with Sílvio.
He's full of himself.
What about Viní? Since the night we hooked up, we haven't really talked.
- And it was intense.
- Intense is good.
- Yeah, but I was thinking - Mm? - We're after the permanent position.
- Mm.
He's my superior.
- What if he starts thinking - You're sabotaging yourself.
I know you.
Do you? I do, don't I? You do, better than anyone else.
[woman over mic.]
Sílvio! [cheering.]
I gotta go, Olí.
Jeez, there you go! - I have to finish my project for tomorrow.
- Nina! Even Sílvio's here! You'll be fine.
I'm the one who should be self-conscious.
Girl, nothing in this world affects your confidence.
- Have fun! - Yeah, right.
[whistling in the crowd.]
Even with a special outfit [audience cheering.]
That allows me to travel in space I'm not going just yet Rockets are no joke For mankind Life means nothing - [vocalizing.]
- [audience cheering.]
Thank you! EPISODE 3 "THIS IS OUR PANDORA'S BOX" [front door closes.]
Dani? [Daniel.]
What are you doing up? I'm finishing a project.
What about you? Can't sleep? Uh try some chamomile tea.
Dad used to make it, remember? There might be some in the kitchen.
I keep dreaming about him.
Actually, I dream about those two from outside, but suddenly it's him.
- Just a face punching me, attacking me - Dani They can't come after us in here.
I know.
Anyway, I don't I don't want to bother you.
Keep doing what you have to do.
[door closes.]
[indistinct chattering.]
Good evening to you too.
Tough choice.
Everything looks so delicious.
It doesn't look like they've been here for ages.
There's nothing spoiled here, miss.
I can see that.
- Hi.
- How can I help you? - Aren't you - Not yet.
You go first.
I would like a chicken croquette, please.
[dish rattles.]
- Anything else? - No, that's all.
Is it the last one? Yes, it's the last one.
Darn it.
Uh, wanna split it? [moaning.]
[heavy breathing, moaning.]
[moans, laughs.]
[drone fluttering.]
Wait, wait.
Uh I'm sorry.
Not gonna happen.
- What's wrong? - This is weird.
I'm feeling watched.
Watched? - Yeah.
- You've never had sex with a drone before? No.
Neither drones nor inflatable dolls.
I'm not from here.
I just came to see that concert I told you about.
It's weird to have these little flies hovering around.
Listen, you're freaking out for no reason.
It's just us in here, and no one will ever see this.
Can't we put these guys to sleep or something? [sighs.]
That's impossible.
- [phone ringing.]
- [groans.]
Where are you going? City hall.
They should at least issue the death certificate.
Man, there's nothing to eat.
And to think he's being kept in a fridge all this time.
I thought about it all night.
Come with me? Today? I can't.
Nina, I know you're trying to move on, - but we can't pretend nothing happened.
- Wait, what? We almost died looking for a hitman that didn't even exist - because you decided to go out - But the certificate is different.
We need to gather material, evidence, talk to a lawyer How can we afford a lawyer? Can't you see I'm struggling to pay for that bloody statue I broke? - I'm late, Daniel - Go ahead, Nina.
Keep doing nothing.
Who said I'm not doing anything? [Daniel.]
What are you doing? [sighs.]
- I'm in contact with that city hall woman.
- [Daniel scoffs.]
Judite, you remember [door slams.]
The temperature reached 50oC.
The resin increased the drone's resistance by 12%.
Which means a reduction of three percent on drone replacement due to elevated temperatures.
Well done, Sílvio.
Good job.
Scenarios with extreme heat are not that common, but they could happen.
- What is she doing here? - I don't know.
I think there is more to this presentation.
Your turn.
Go for it! [bleeping.]
All set.
My goal [coughs.]
No, uh [sighs.]
My project's goal is to increase the drone's spatial awareness level in extremely turbulent environments.
This test circuit will simulate a chaotic wind and pressure environment.
And the idea is that all five drones I programmed will communicate better in the circuit without bumping into each other.
Well done, Nina.
Can I try it with another ventilation pattern in the turbines? - Sure - [Carolina.]
I want to see a little more turbulence.
Not so good this time.
Your programming improved communication, but the drone's response time was slower.
- Yeah, but listen.
I have a - Is that all? [Ricardo.]
It is for today.
This afternoon they have an outside activity.
I want to talk to you about something.
Come here.
- Regarding that substance - We can sell it to numerous places [murmured conversation.]
Congratulations, Nina.
Your train of thought was great.
I disagree with Carolina.
Carolina's right.
I did it in a rush.
- I've been busy.
- This tension is common.
I was tense too, - during my final week.
- Vinícius, I have to be made permanent.
For my dad.
It was his dream.
Do you have access to the trainees' rankings, by any chance? - Ricardo is the one in charge.
- Yes, but do you know who they'll choose? - Okay, forget about it.
- [sighs.]
- No harm in asking.
- I shouldn't have asked.
- I don't want to get you in trouble.
- Come on, Nina! - No need to answer.
I think we - I don't know if I should Um Sílvio is the first pick.
The genius.
And you You're in second place.
- Really? - Tied with Olívia.
Then it's over.
I'm out.
Calm down, Nina.
You don't know how others will perform.
Her presentation won't be worse than mine, - I'm sure of that.
- The presentations are hard for everyone.
- [Daniel.]
But, miss - [woman.]
Hm? [Daniel.]
I've already been through triage.
I was there two hours ago.
The procedures weren't followed correctly.
- You need to go back.
- What? No way.
Come with me.
I wanna see you talk to that machine.
Sir, I can't go with you.
Why not? [phone ringing.]
Just a second.
- Next.
- Hi, Walter.
Today? Sure.
It's still my turn.
I'll be at the food truck in no time.
No problem.
- Just a second.
- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
She hasn't solved my problem yet.
I mean it.
I'm not leaving without that certificate.
She didn't like my project.
That's why - Nina - She didn't say anything about Sílvio's.
I'm sure they take into account more than just good or bad results.
There's also the thought process.
They want bold, creative people.
- Yeah, maybe.
- Was Sílvio's presentation perfect? It was, but that thermal isolation thing was kind of old news.
He just came up with a new resin, which worked.
Sílvio was already first in the rankings.
How do you know? We don't have access to the rankings.
'Cause it's obvious, Olívia.
Nothing's decided yet.
Let's do our best to be the two of us.
Look, this is what we're gonna do.
I'll send you my project.
Have a look at it, and see if I missed anything.
Ricardo, I'd like to present my project again.
I know I can do better.
Nina, a trainee's project is never flawless.
Do you think Carolina did that to harm me? Of course not.
She was doing her job.
But she didn't interfere with Sílvio's project.
Do you guys have any complaints about me? Is it related to my father? Carolina only changed the parameters because that's one of the lines of research she leads here.
Stop worrying about that.
Go get your things.
We're already late.
The required data for this service does not match the claimant's fingerprint.
It's my father's information.
I'm the claimant because he's dead.
Dead! That's why I need that certificate [computer.]
Please, repeat your request.
Miss Miss, please.
Your time is up.
Thank you! [chimes.]
Hello! How may I assist you today? [thump.]
[bell rings.]
These are the 73 prisoners of the System.
SURVEILLANCE CAMERA 12 COUR The only people in the city watched not only by drones but also by humans.
They've lost their privacy as well as their freedom.
Each one of you will interview an inmate.
Based on the conversation, you will delineate their psychological profile.
Did they act on impulse? Did they believe they could bypass the System? Or do they commit crimes out of pleasure? Ready? Are we gonna be alone with them? Are you scared? [mockingly.]
"Are you scared?" [Ricardo.]
Olívia, I've assigned this one to you.
I think she might help you with your project.
[door closes.]
I am Nina.
And you are? Rachel.
And what crime have you committed, Rachel? Kidnapping.
How long is your sentence? - Too long.
- How many years? Twenty-seven.
Do you regret what you did? My only regret is not stabbing my knife deeper into that jerk.
- That's awful.
I'm sorry.
- [Rachel.]
You can laugh.
But write this down: Your System was unfair to me.
Very unfair.
So, you don't believe in the System? Sorry, but that's not the right question.
Do you have kids? Of course not.
You're too young.
I have a son.
He works at the same place you do.
Your son? - Who is he? - Do you think he wants people to know? When he was little, I wanted to give him everything.
But some things I couldn't afford, you know? That's when I got in dire straits So, everything you did, you did it for your son? And for myself.
Why not? [Rachel.]
My own husband.
For years on end, the bastard kept saying I was useless, making me feel like crap.
But I was so afraid of doing something wrong, so afraid of bursting out and making that drone of yours think I was stepping over the line, that I endured that.
I really believed I was crap.
Wasn't he disappointed in you? We haven't spoken in 15 years.
He refuses to see me.
We were celebrating our second anniversary.
There we were, both drunk.
Then it started.
The same old crap.
As if it were a harmless joke.
But I hit back that day.
So, he came out of nowhere and pow! Punched me in the face.
Then all I remember is him on the floor with the knife in his belly.
He got six months.
I got six years.
That's really messed up.
Because if most humans have trouble identifying verbal violence, how can drones do it? [man.]
What about you? Never stepped out of line? It looks like you know what I'm talking about.
No, I don't.
You haven't answered my question.
Do you regret it or not? Yes, I have.
What do you mean by that? The ends justify the means? Principles are for those who have a choice.
Those who aren't desperate enough.
My father was killed by someone who probably thinks like you.
Look, I'm really sorry about your father, but I never killed anyone.
- I kidnapped someone to settle my debt.
- Nine kidnaps in five years.
Large debts, with interest.
I'm not the first nor the last criminal here.
And not even your drones will change that.
Do you regret it or not? [sighs.]
My only regret is making my son hate me.
What are your plans for when you get out, Rachel? I'll go back to my little town.
Won't you feel unprotected in a city without the System? I'll feel free.
I'll be myself.
This drone thing doesn't work for me.
I think they only mess with outsiders.
They mess with everyone.
But people who have always been here can't see that.
[computer chimes.]
How can I help you? [sighs.]
Daniel? Please.
Confirm the receipt, please.
What the fuck is this? It was really disturbing to see the woman I interviewed on that monitor.
Do you think that's how the drones look at us? I think it's neutral.
Like from a camera.
But those images were kind of disturbing.
I met a guy yesterday.
- At the karaoke? - No, afterwards.
He's an outsider.
He came for this concert.
Then we went home, but nothing happened.
- He froze.
- What do you mean he froze? His back or what? [laughs.]
He said he wasn't used to having sex - being watched by drones.
- Hm.
Has it ever happened to you? Mm No.
But I never had sex with an outsider.
But have you ever frozen because of the drones? No.
- Have you? - Not sure.
I've never frozen, but it's never 100% good, you know? Like these mind-blowing orgasms - people talk about - [door opens.]
That That code line has never worked, - you know? - [chuckles.]
Do you think it's because of the drone? - Well - We need to talk.
Something wrong? - Daniel? - [Olívia.]
I should go.
- No, wait.
We were - Come here, come here.
Talk to you later, okay? [door opens, then closes.]
Check the cause of death.
"Natural causes"? - What is this? - This death certificate is a message.
We're fucked.
So that's it, you give me this and leave? Yeah.
I'm late.
Excuse me, just a moment.
Damn it, Walter! I said I was on my way! What is Eric doing here? You're 40 minutes late.
I'm sorry.
I came as fast as I could.
I really need the money.
Eric was here, he took the shift.
Good evening, how are you? May I take your order? - [customer.]
One Deluxe.
- [Walter.]
Eric, two Deluxes.
Being shot in the back is not "natural causes".
What's going on? Try to calm down, please.
Have a seat.
"Doctor's registration number nonexistent.
" What does that mean? [Judite.]
We don't know who signed the autopsy.
- Is it fake? - [Judite.]
I don't know, but if it is, it was done outside the city.
- Who did this? - I don't know.
Nina, please, calm down.
- I can't! - Lower your voice.
Someone might hear you! Things are strange here.
Old employees are being dismissed.
And all the investigative channels I tried to open were blocked.
What do you mean? - Is the city hall involved? - [Judite.]
I don't know.
That's why I need you.
Did you know my job is at risk too? If all of this is related to Inácio, only you can figure that out.
There's nothing I can do.
I might not get the job.
Why not? I was playing detective with you, and now I could lose my job.
Nina, if you're not selected, we will never know what happened.
That's good, keep going! - Hm? - Mm-hm.
Wait, Sílvio.
I wanna try something out.
Olívia, I'm not into toys and all that That's not it.
I want to film us.
- Film us? - Just out of curiosity.
But we're in the middle of it Stop.
Not without the camera.
It was too good to be true.
But, Sílvio, I won't show it to anyone.
Please? I swear I'll delete it afterwards.
Please, Sílvio.
- Say something.
- I won't play your games.
- Games? - Why did you invite me over? To take advantage, now that I'm about to get the job? God, you must be tripping! You like playing with people.
You like to be above them, to be the center of attention.
Right? - You were always hitting on me! - [laughs.]
Yeah, right.
I'm glad you're throwing a fit.
This was a mistake.
You're the one throwing a fit.
Bye, Sílvio.
[heavy breathing.]
- [typing.]
- [beep.]
LINE 33 DELETED [Carolina.]
Wish me luck.
[all chuckle.]
Well I decided to work on a project that came up two years ago, but that was never implemented.
The use of sedatives to prevent criminal acts.
The idea is that when a drone detects that a physical attack is about to occur, it takes action and prevents the crime.
Needless to say, the interpretation of context has to be more than efficient.
So I worked on two drones' machine learning patterns.
This weapon here will help us simulate a fight.
Instead of just waiting to catch me in the act, the drone will prick me.
So the drone will sedate you? Exactly.
If we plan to use it one day, there's no reason to be afraid.
Plus, the sedative lasts three minutes and has no side effects, so Who's gonna fight me? Nina? Sílvio? - Lúcia? - [Carolina.]
I'll do it.
I used to take drama classes.
I love it.
Are you sure? Yes.
This is improvisation, right? Fine.
But I'll be the aggressor, okay? Okay, as you wish.
Release them, Ricardo.
[keypad bleeping.]
These are the prototypes with the sedative and my programming.
Well let's do this.
Let me take off my shoes, hang on.
Hey [inhales.]
Hey, aah aah Olívia, you're a filthy scum! I You humiliated me.
You always dreamed of getting rid of me.
You humiliate yourself.
Take a look at yourself.
I'll never forgive you.
Never! Drop that knife! No! Don't, Carolina.
You can't be the aggressor.
Oh, sorry.
I'll try again, okay? I'll kill you! I'll kill you! I'll kill you! Olívia, this isn't working.
Holy shit! Three minutes.
Thank you.
Walter, I'll be right back.
- Daniel? - Yes.
- Are you sure you want to do this? - Mm-hm.
- I need to hear you say it.
- I'm sure.
It has to be done.
I'm recording.
[Olívia sighs.]
What are you doing, Olívia? We don't even know what's gonna happen.
It's pretty obvious, isn't it? You didn't find anything wrong in my programming? [tuts.]
It's not your fault.
You'll survive without me.
- No, I won't.
- Yes, you will.
[breathes deeply.]
[objects crashing.]
Your turn, Sílvio.
[inhales sharply.]
Judite, I got the job.
But to continue with this, I'm gonna need a favor.
I'm glad you came.
- You have no excuses today.
- Yeah? [Judite.]
That's the most powerful piece we found at the Ministry of Sports.
It's the kind we use at stadiums.
But careful, it may blind you.
The one going blind is my little bud here.
But what is it for? To finish it, I need to attach this to the board I borrowed.
- What about this board here? - This one is for training.
- The other one is here.
- I see.
Is it here that you'll see the footage? No, Judite.
This will be plugged in there.
And the images will be sent here.
- Got it? - Got it.
Can I hold it? Yes.
This is our Pandora's Box.
Put it back.
Jeez What's the matter? You got the job, Nina.
Things are going well, aren't they? Judite, thanks.
Nina eat.
And try to cheer up.
[moaning, heavy breathing.]
The condoms aren't here.
Don't go.
- No? - Uh-uh.
Mmm! [laughs.]
Go get it.
[door opens.]
I'm sure I have one here.
Just a second.
Found it! [clears throat.]
[door opens, then closes.]
- You're so hot! - [moans.]
I wanna be on top.
You're beautiful.
Oh, come here.
Oh, easy.
Easy, or I'll come.
[moaning louder.]
[distant siren wailing.]
- Would you get me a glass of water? - Sure.
One, two, three, four.
[gasping and sighing on video.]
You're so hot! [Olívia.]
I wanna be on top.
ADJUSTING EXPOSURE [heavy breathing, kissing.]
Oh, come here.
[heavy breathing, moaning.]
ADJUSTING EXPOSURE [heavy breathing, moaning.]
You're so hot! You're beautiful.
One, two, three, four.
Easy, or I'll come.
[Bento groans.]
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
have no access to the System's footage.
Only the Main Computer is able to analyze [elevator bell dings.]
Nina, please come with me.
Your brother is the main source for this article.
This little prank will have big consequences.
It couldn't have come at a worse time.
We were supposed to start the tests in Hong Kong next week.
I swear I didn't know about this.
How are we going to keep you here, Nina? You'll have to fix this.
I'll talk to him.
I'll fix it.
Give me two hours.
Take what back? I didn't lie.
You don't understand.
You have to take it back! I don't have to do anything! City hall and Omniscient owe us an explanation.
Call this journalist now.
I'm not kidding, Daniel.
How can you walk in that building every fucking day knowing they're not doing anything? They can get around all of the accusations you made against them.
They have a huge legal department.
They're going to destroy us! I'm asking you, please.
And I'm doing you a favor, taking you out of that nasty company.
I'm not getting out.
Get that through your head! Fuck you! How could you abandon your father like that? [scoffs.]
- What the hell? - Pay attention to what I'm about to say.
In this game, we had to find a way to get to the Spatial Planet, to steal the Aleph code that explains the beginning of everything.
- What are you talk - So I'm really close to getting that code.
I'm dodging the ships, the patrollers.
I've just passed a level.
I'm really close to getting what I want.
- Are you trying to get the foot - Yes! I'm risking everything for it.
I can't be fired now.
Dani, I'd never in my life abandon our father.
Why are you telling me this now? After everything? Because this is our only chance to find out the truth.
If you don't take it back, it's over.
Is that what you want?
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