Omniscient (2020) s01e06 Episode Script

Don't forget that I'll keep my eyes on you

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL SERIES CONNECTED Holy crap! That's a shitload of faces! It's everybody who's been in the city in the last 20 years.
It's a fucking lot.
- How long is it going to take? - I don't know.
We may not even find him.
Maybe he hadn't been in the city before.
If it's all we have, then open it.
He's greeting someone.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Davi.
Davi what, damn it? Why just one day of footage? He probably only came here once, for that event.
- Can't we check where he is now? - No.
He's outside the city.
The next item, ladies and gentlemen, is a beautiful Leica M3 film camera, produced in 1954 The guy came all this way because of a film camera? bid starting at 16,000.
Seventeen thousand.
Anybody else, ladies and gentlemen? Sold to the gentleman with card number 21.
Say his full name, for fuck's sake! He's an outsider, he must have given some information.
I need to fill out this form so I can ship it to you during the week.
Do you live in the city? - No.
- Your ID, please.
- Is this really necessary? - Yes.
Thank you, Mr Davi Ferreira.
Davi Ferreira.
There must be a lot of people with that name out there.
Now I just need your address.
- Sir? - Say it, damn it! Americo Street.
Number 363.
It's a house.
363, Americo Street.
Got it? So? What do we do now? I don't know.
I can't take this to the police.
I can't explain where the footage came from.
We have to go after him, Nina.
These people prefer to look the other way.
This only matters to us.
He killed our father, damn it! Let's go.
The first program I created was way too complex for my age.
It used voice recognition to count how many times my teacher said, "you know".
She would go, like, "Inflections of the verb to run 'You run, he runs', you know? Because the subject is different, you know?" I'm not lying.
- She could say it hundreds of times.
- Hm.
Then this boy snitched on me, and there was all this drama about disobeying the teacher.
That's the energy we are looking for here at Hangar.
People with initiative? Yes, and who are not afraid of challenging authority.
This is interesting! Just out of curiosity how did you guys find me? We are always tracking Omniscient's trainees.
And we saw your project and programming portfolio.
It's impeccable.
Thank you.
Enough, Daniel.
There's probably nobody in.
Come on.
Let's go.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- I'm not interested in buying anything.
- No, that's not it.
Are you Davi Ferreira? We are photography students.
We're interested in film photography.
And this type of equipment is getting harder and harder to find.
Yeah, there's only digital stuff.
We heard you were a big collector, with a wide array of items, so we We came to ask if there's any chance we can have a look at your cameras.
For research purposes only.
I promise we won't take too much of your time.
A look? Sure.
- Please.
- Thank you.
Look as long as you want.
I just ask you to be extremely careful.
There are some valuable items in here.
It's impressive.
Nice collection you have here.
How did you get my address? I'm not used to having visitors.
One of our professors at the university gave it to us.
University? What university? No, I think my brother is confused.
We got your address at an auction house.
We have this specific paper on Leica cameras.
And I saw you bought one.
- Is it here? - This is it.
Does it take black and white or color photos? It depends on the film.
- Of course.
- Hold it.
- Thanks.
- Heavy.
Good for stability.
Just find your target and I bought this camera last year.
For its age, it's in great condition.
Do you make a living out of photography? - Is that your job? - No.
Work is work.
Pleasure is pleasure.
I have something right here that may interest you very much.
What do you want from me? - We know you did it.
- Did what? You killed my father.
How did you get that image? It doesn't matter.
I have it here.
How did you get that footage? Calm down.
You can't kill us.
If we're not back in the city by noon, that footage will be sent to the cops, the press and everyone else.
She's a hacker.
She programmed it.
There's no need for that.
We just want to understand what happened.
Both of you.
Why did you kill my father? I was paid to do a job and I did it.
A fucking hitman! Who hired you? I don't know.
The whole negotiation was anonymous.
The instructions came via encrypted messages.
Show me the messages.
- There's no point.
- There is.
I can retrieve the messages, depending on the encryption.
Listen to me, girl.
I have no interest in leaving traces of my operations.
I delete everything.
Trust me.
I've already told you, - if you kill us - What if I kill just you? - Fuck you, you old - Shut up, Daniel! Listen, we are in a delicate situation here, the three of us.
You're holding a gun, we're not.
But I don't think you wanna go to jail.
Let's make it simple.
What do you want to know? I just want to know who hired you to kill my father.
Give me your computer, tell me everything, we leave.
Sure, so you can rat me out afterwards.
I have nothing against you.
To be honest, you've got my respect.
Come to think of it, you and I have a lot in common.
How do you think I got that image I showed you? I dodged the drones my way, and you yours.
I just want to know how.
We outsmarted the System.
A reason to be proud.
I admit it.
Tell us.
If that's gonna get me closer to the mastermind, great.
We go away and you move on with your life.
The computer is over there.
But I doubt you'll find anything.
I'm pretty good at erasing things.
I'll try to recover the deleted messages.
So, how did you get in the city without a drone? The first message I got only described the job.
To execute a man inside the city, at this specific address.
I said it was a tricky job and set my price.
The person didn't even try to bargain, and agreed to pay exactly what I asked for.
- Did the person transfer the money to you? - No, no, no.
I was sent coordinates to collect the money at a specific place.
There was no one there, nothing except for that suitcase over there.
Then I started planning how to do that job.
When the city hall scanned their documents, they threw the blueprints away.
Somehow, they ended up in my hands.
All kinds of sewers, tunnels, rainwater drainage, subway, train The only way to get into the city without a drone is underground.
The city tries so hard to be isolated, but the sewage system is the same.
You used the outside sewer to get to our house? If you're up for a 12-mile walk in the dark, you'll get there.
I found a dry place to stay then I had to wait until the middle of the night.
Once inside the city, I couldn't bump into anyone.
If a drone saw me, it would warn the System's computer immediately.
So, how did you get out? I found the nearest exit on the map, two blocks from your house.
It was an abandoned platform.
And from that point to our house, didn't you see anyone? No.
Then came the easy part.
You people don't use locks anymore.
No grids, no surveillance cameras.
But if you got there at night, and it happened during the day The person told me he lived with two other people.
So I hid and waited until morning.
Then you two left.
So you'd seen us before.
You knew who we were when we got here.
It was quick and accurate.
I'm sure he didn't feel any pain.
Then I went back to my hiding place and waited there until it was night again.
Holy fucking shit! When we got home, the cops were there, and the city hall people too.
Were you there all along? Someone help me, please! Daniel! To pull the trigger is one thing, but to stay there, hiding, listening to me That's part of it.
Shit! I told you it wouldn't work.
I think it's time for you to leave.
What? - That's part of it.
- Daniel.
- Mm-hmm.
Did you see the fine for throwing gum on the floor has gone up? A bunch of brats will have to spend their allowance on it.
I hate gum, and I've never had an allowance.
- Sílvio, keep an eye on this.
- Okay.
- What do you mean, she vanished? - Yesterday she was unconscious.
I medicated her and I left for a while.
When I got back, she was already gone.
But was it more than just fainting? Did Vinícius say anything to you? He didn't.
Let's talk to Nina.
- We need to solve this now.
- No, no.
I've been to her department.
It seems she didn't show up today.
Débora must know something.
Hey, don't touch that! Sorry.
It was stuck.
No, I'm sorry.
- We can continue tomorrow, Sílvio.
- Sure.
Omniscient System.
Live without fear.
It's not privacy versus safety There must be thousands of purple suitcases like that.
So we'll check thousands of suitcases until we find someone leaving the city with a similar suitcase.
Finding a face is not the same as finding a suitcase, is it? That's all we can do for now, Daniel.
Daniel! Nina.
We dropped by to see how you were doing.
Ricardo told me you weren't feeling well yesterday at work.
Yeah, it was our dad's funeral.
That's why we want to know how she is.
This is common.
After such a trauma, your body can fail you.
But are you feeling better now? Nina, we also wanted to let you know that the investigation was finally concluded.
Nothing was found.
The System really didn't fail.
But we are worried about you.
You fainted yesterday.
Nina, this phase is over now.
I understand that you had to go to the funeral, but now it's time to leave this behind.
The company provides a psychological assistance program, if you need I know how hard this has been for you, but Nina, are you listening? It was you two.
What? It was them, Daniel.
What are you talking about? All this was a company set-up.
Nina, calm down.
You ordered my father's death! What? Come again? Wow, now I get it.
Inácio was cremated.
This is the end of it, Nina.
It's the end for you, but not for me! You're trying to cover this up because you're involved! EMOTIONAL IMBALANCE I asked you for the footage and you denied it! Why? Nina, you're not thinking straight.
- Murderer! - Daniel, Nina needs help.
- Yes, I'll take care of her.
- Nina, you need - You need to go to jail! - Let's go.
- You need help, Nina! - Ricardo, let's go.
Thank you.
- They did it, Daniel.
I'm fucked.
- What happened? The interface with the footage.
It's not in my bedroom.
They took it.
I'm screwed.
What makes you think it was them? Because it's obvious! It's obvious! I've been doing this for a while.
They knew it.
They own the company! They know everything.
- If they knew - I'm such an idiot If they knew, do you think we would be here? After all the shit you did there, if they really knew, would you still be here? They wouldn't let us get near the footage or Davi.
I don't know.
You almost confessed everything.
Do you wanna go to jail? No.
No, but I should.
For all this shitty mess.
It's okay.
Daniel, I screwed a lot of people over, and it was right in front of me.
It's okay.
They didn't do it.
No one knows anything.
Only you and I know about the game.
Right? IRREGULAR TRASH DISPOSAL You've committed a level one infraction, punishable by a fine of - We need to - Not here.
Let's talk.
Are you really going to Hong Kong? Is that why you're here? To inquire about my trip? Are you going to kneel, say you love me and ask me to stay? - So? Are you leaving? - I'll go anywhere to get away from here.
You've screwed me over, Nina.
Now I'm at that fucking company, afraid of being caught all the time.
Me, of all people.
Spill the beans.
What are you here for? Let me destroy it.
What else do you want to destroy? There's no need to report me.
Give it back and I'll destroy it in front of you now.
What are you talking about? About the interface you took from my house.
Shut up! I didn't take anything.
The interface The thing The thing that accesses Vinícius, you took it.
Give it back to me.
I'm not joking.
Nina, wait.
The thing that you It's gone? What do you mean, it's gone? I'm not joking.
It was you, wasn't it? Holy fucking shit.
Not only have you made this shitty mess, now you don't even know who has that thing or where it is? Where the fuck is it, Nina? - I don't know.
- Huh.
Fucking shit! Do you realize how powerful that thing is? Then help me find it.
What? Help you? I should report you.
But I can't do that, because you made me an accomplice to this shit.
I was after one piece of footage.
My father was murdered, and nobody did a thing to find out what happened.
- You have no idea what it's like.
- Fuck that.
I wish my father was dead rather than arrested.
Now get lost.
Relax, Nina.
I just wanted to talk freely with you.
I'll do my best to find out who killed your father.
I care.
You shouldn't even have told me.
You've made me your accomplice.
Can I touch it? Yes.
This is our Pandora's Box.
Are you okay? Why kill my father? Because of his daughter.
You were perfect for what had to be done.
Perfect? Yes, perfect.
I'd been watching you for a while.
You were always so neat, so righteous.
I quickly noticed you wouldn't be hard to manipulate.
You had always believed blindly in the System, thinking the world was a spotless and harmonious place.
You think you know everything, yet you know nothing of life.
And still you're technically brilliant.
Why do you want access to the footage? Is it money? In a week's time, you get enough insider information that you never have to worry about money again.
Or is it power? Politics? You want to spy on your competitors? Blackmail them? What do you want? With that amount of information at your fingertips, all you need is creativity.
Imagine if you could watch someone from the minute they're born until the moment they die.
Then you'd have it all.
All the pieces.
What are you talking about? What does my father have to do with this? I don't have to explain.
You are nothing.
And now I am omniscient.
If I want, I can end this right now, stick this knife in your throat.
You wouldn't do it.
It might be worth it.
I know you well enough to know that you will drop that knife, leave this place quietly and go back to your plain, boring life, as if nothing had happened.
Especially since you know everything you did is recorded.
Including your little boyfriend.
Uh, Vinícius is his name, right? Nina drop the knife.
Can you stop playing the killer now? You are not capable.
You're wrong.
Maybe at first, when you picked me, I wouldn't dare.
But here's the ironic part.
You've shown me I am capable of doing so many things.
Nina, please Enjoy your lunch.
Don't forget that I'll keep my eyes on you.
How long has it been? Around 15 years? Why are you here, son? I've committed a crime.
Irregular garbage disposal.
Level one infraction.
Nina, stop packing and listen to me.
Let's think about what we're doing.
I've thought about it.
We're lucky to be alive after getting into real trouble outside twice.
Judite could hire anyone to go after us.
Even Davi! It's too dangerous outside.
At least we're safe in here.
Judite is in here.
Watching everything we do.
It seems a little small, but it's a good start.
This is Olívia, our first hired programmer.
- Nice to meet you, Olívia.
- Nice to meet you.
You were highly recommended.
Are you enjoying it so far? Yeah, a lot.
Sorry for being so straightforward, but I haven't quite understood what we'll be doing in here.
Don't worry.
I'm sure you will like it.
Shall we? - Excuse us.
- See you.
So? What's the plan? I'm not sure.
But I know this is all my fault.
I'll find a way to fix it.
We'll find a way to fix it.
Can you imagine Dad seeing this? Us leaving the city with backpacks, not knowing if we'll ever come back.
UNSYNCHRONIZING NINA PEIXOTO What's wrong? I forgot something.

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