Once and Again (1999) s02e01 Episode Script

Wake Up, Little Susie

- [zoe] mom? - yeah? - can we have a lemonade stand? - can we, please? we're saving for a cd player.
you guys.
come on, let's go, you monsters.
[Jessie] Oh, dad! what's for lunch? - lt's not for you.
- yeah.
Grace, if you don't hurry up, l'm leaving.
Sure you will.
- Ew.
- yuck.
- [zoe] l was winning.
- [Grace] you weren't.
- you moved the pieces.
- l didn't.
- [zoe] l was on St.
charles Place.
- [Grace] How can you remember? you probably remember what it cost too.
$1 40.
Okay, girls, you can't be late the first day.
- why not? - dad's not even here yet.
[horn honks] ls anybody going to unpack? Let's go, let's go! dad, l'm doing it! - [man] Sweetie, l was yelling to Eli.
- l know.
l don't know what it is.
Eli can scream and yell and be bleeding, and l know he's going to be all right, but Jessie even the slightest shadow on that on that face slays me.
- Anybody would be nervous.
- dad, l'm not nervous.
She spent two hours last night deciding on what to wear.
No one pays any attention to freshmen, anyway.
l look for things that'll throw her.
doesn't help her, l know that.
Honey, it's going to be great, just maybe not on the first day.
what won't be great? - She's freaking out about high school.
- l'm gonna kill you.
l'm not freaking out.
- l'm freaking out about it.
- l'm freaking out about it.
do you have classes with Jessie? why would l have classes with a ninth-grader? you had classes with older kids.
- Good morning, ladies and ladies.
- Hey, daddy.
- can we not go to school? - Sure.
- work full-time at the restaurant.
- Okay.
you can bus tables, clean the stoves, wash dishes, hose the dumpsters [Grace] Okay, we're going.
Speaking of the restaurant, you'd never guess who's coming tonight.
By the way, l can't take the kids tonight.
- what? - who? The restaurant critic for the Trib.
l'm not supposed to know anything, but Susan Fairbanks tipped me off.
Jake, l have plans for tonight.
- mom, l can sit.
- yeah.
Grace can sit.
yeah, so there's no problem.
Okay, you're right.
you're right.
There's no problem.
- Houston, we have a problem.
- Oh, no.
what? Jake can't take the kids tonight.
[groans] l know.
me too.
- Tell me.
- Not here.
l saved myself for you while l was away.
- Oh, you did not.
- l thought of you when l didn't.
Did you save yourself for me? lt's not the same without you.
l'm coming over after your kids are asleep.
what's not the same? Just something someone was saying.
[christie] Oh.
Hi, Rick.
Hi, Christie.
[david] ls that christie? - when do l meet Rick? - when do l meet christie? christie wants to meet you.
She can come over after the kids are asleep too.
She can? Oh, l like this christie.
- Shut up.
- Shut up.
- what did he say? - He can't wait to meet you.
He said something dirty, didn't he? Rick, Lily says you're cute.
Ask Lily if she thinks christie's cute.
l'll be right in, okay? what? Oh, you want me to mind my own business? l can do that.
Bye, Rick.
david wants to know if christie's cute.
Everyone in their 20s is cute.
About tonight Hold on.
[laughs] All right, all right.
what about tonight? you and l will go to dinner, and then l'll come back and put the kids to bed And l'll come back when they're asleep? maybe one day we won't have to sneak around anymore.
So, is christie cute? you'll never know.
[bell rings] Hey! All right! when you're in high school, you're supposed to be older.
That's the whole point.
lf you're not older, then why be there? you're supposed to have a body.
you're supposed to know how to talk to boys, what to wear.
[boy] Hey, watch it.
So l need you to ask him to call me.
But you're supposed to know all that before you get there.
How's that supposed to work? [girl] well, why not? - who was that? - Nobody.
She was staring like she knows you.
- She's my mom's boyfriend's daughter.
- At least my dad's girlfriends are too young to have kids in my school.
- This thing ate my dollar.
- Hey, carla.
who's got a dollar? - Not me.
- me either.
lf l don't have caffeine, l'll never make it through world civ.
- you're Grace.
- Right.
- you went out with that cute black guy.
- Sort of.
But you broke up.
- l guess.
- you got a dollar? Uh, l might.
Son of a bitch.
She drinks way too much coffee.
But she's really nice for someone who just got out of rehab.
[bell rings] - [Lily] Nice dinner.
- [Rick] l like that restaurant.
- [yawning] l do too.
- you do look tired.
l am, kind of.
kids, put your mom to bed.
we will.
Good night, zoe.
Night, Grace.
Oh, Jessie's in your school this year, Grace.
you know that? yeah, that's so cool.
lt helps to know somebody in a new school that's for sure.
yeah, yeah.
well, l'm off, l guess.
- Good night.
- All right.
Have you ever slept over at Rick's house? yeah, l have, but not when his kids are there.
Has he ever slept over here when we're at dad's? He hasn't, no, but l guess he might someday.
would that be strange? l don't know.
Probably, but l guess l'll get used to it.
what about you, Grace? whatever.
Good night, mom.
Okay, you, pumpkin, are up past your bedtime.
come on.
- That's completely untrue.
- That is completely, absolutely true.
Go to sleep.
- you going to sleep, honey? - l have to finish this chapter.
- you can do it in the morning.
- you yell at me when l don't finish.
- l do not.
- you so do.
- well, go to sleep soon.
- l will.
Good night.
Good night.
[snoring lightly] [cellular phone rings] - [horn honks] - Hello? - The coast is clear.
- what coast? Shut up and get your ass in here.
- l changed my mind.
l'm too chicken.
- Too late.
Oh, God.
why did l suggest this? Because you're a bad girl and l haven't seen you in a month.
[chuckling] - A month.
- yeah.
- l'm going.
- No, don't go.
- l'm going.
- don't go.
- Okay.
- Go later.
lt is later.
- l love you.
- No.
l love you.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
lt's 6:30.
Quick! Hurry.
They're going to be down here in two seconds.
- How'd it get to be 6:30? - mommy? - [gasps] Here, here, your shoes.
- my shoes.
Go, go, go.
- your pants.
- [zoe] mommy? - Here.
- mommy? yeah? - Hey, honey.
- Hi, mommy.
- what are you doing dressed already? - Oh, l have an early meeting.
- That's the dress you wore last night.
- l really like it.
- did you buy waffles? - yes, l did, honey.
why don't you go start them, okay? l'll call you from the office.
- my kids probably called the cops - [Grace] mom? Hey, honey.
did you sleep well? - yeah.
- Oh, good, good.
why are you wearing the same dress from yesterday? - l can't wear the same thing? - Sorry.
l'm sorry, honey.
zoe made waffles.
want some? - No, l have to finish my homework.
- you can help her and do it later.
mommy, did l leave my backpack downstairs last night? - Thought we had the good kind of syrup.
- yeah, we do.
Girls, come on.
come on.
Let's sit and eat breakfast, please, like civilized people.
come on.
Hey, Rick.
- Hi, Jake.
- How are you doing? - l'm fine.
How are you? - you know, l'm okay.
- [zoe] daddy! - [Lily] zoe? Honey, wait [Jake] Hey.
Just dropping off Gracie's soccer shoes, like l promised.
Oh, okay.
But did you sleep in your bedroom? we didn't sleep anywhere.
l mean, we fell asleep, but Rick wasn't staying over.
- Then why was he here? - They fell asleep.
what part don't you understand? - what about his kids? - [Lily] His kids are older.
They don't worry when he comes home.
- Jessie too? - Honey zoe, look.
- you still have to drink your juice - don't.
- l'm trading those in for a hotel.
- zoe, drink it.
- can't put a hotel on that property.
- l can, too.
- you mortgaged it.
- So? Read the rules, zoe.
l'm brushing my teeth.
Are there any rules for that? Okay.
He wasn't planning to stay over.
we would never do that without At least not without - l don't think any of us are ready - mom, it so doesn't matter.
yeah, it does matter, Gracie.
you need to trust that l understand what it means to you guys - when l bring a man in this house.
- you'll do what you do anyway.
lt's okay, but please don't act like you're giving me a big say in any of it.
- do you wear boxers or briefs? - Shut up.
lt was horrible.
- what were they wearing? - you're very sick.
what was Jake wearing? you don't understand why this was bad.
- [ringing] - lt's the police.
- [woman] Rick, Lily's on line one.
- Hello, Lily.
Goodbye, Lily.
So is there a damage report? Between the two, l have a total of one daughter speaking to me.
- [chuckling] Oh, God.
- Guess it could have been worse.
Like if they'd come down about an hour before.
- don't even go there.
- you know, l gotta say something.
- l'm not sure how bad all this was.
- Oh, right.
No, really.
maybe it had to happen because we're too chicken to do what we had to.
you saying we fell asleep and got caught on purpose? well, not exactly, but sort of.
Lil, look, l know we need to respect their feelings and prepare them for any possible changes in our situation, but maybe the way to do that is to just, uh, start doing it.
Not like that.
l know not like that, so let's do it right.
what do you mean? Tell them l'm sleeping over on Thursday night.
Oh, l can't.
Lily, you're still thinking about what happened when we came over for pizza.
- l can't help it.
- It was not a disaster.
l know.
lt's just, they were all so uncomfortable.
- lt just tore me apart.
- That was months ago.
There's been camps and trips and summer school.
l'm not avoiding what needs to happen.
- l think you are.
- [phone ringing] Rick, karen's on two.
She said it'll just take a second.
can you hold on? l'm sorry.
karen just has to tell me something l did wrong.
Shut up.
Go ahead.
- [beeps] - Hey.
Hey, can you pick up Jessie after school? Today? Uh Karen, I don't know.
I mean, I'm not sure that I can.
Rick, look, Eli's got my car.
lt turns out that the SAT tutoring was today, so l'm stuck downtown.
l have a 2:30 meeting with miles drentell.
- well, can you change it? - can you hold on? [beeps] can l call you back? l'm suddenly in divorced-parent logistics hell.
- what's wrong? - Nothing.
karen can't pick up Jessie because Eli has the car.
- I've a meeting I don't want to change.
- l'll pick her up.
can you do that? ls that allowed? - Look who's chicken now.
- That is so nice.
- Hold on a second.
- l have to go.
well, okay.
Uh, thanks.
She'll be out front after school.
- I'll call you later.
- Bye.
- yeah, l'm, uh, taking care of it.
- Thank you.
[whistles] [bell rings] lt's just a single.
They're pretty good.
- l only gave you a dollar.
- That's okay.
l stole it anyway.
- you did? - what's for lunch? Uh, that's saved.
l keep trying to figure out what trans fats are.
They're worse than saturated, but nobody ever tells you where they are.
you were really great in that play last year.
- Lear? - Shakespeare just makes me cry.
lt's so weird.
Each person's like this vessel of pain.
do you want me to buy food, 'cause l have money today? Nobody talked to me the first three months in high school, not even the teachers.
lt's like l wasn't even there.
l used to come home from school every day and lie down on my bed and cry.
Feels like so long ago.
- l heard you weren't coming back.
- l'm still trying to decide.
- l'm gonna have to live with my dad.
- you want to sit here? Sure.
Grace she's okay.
l mean, l don't really know her.
She's supposed to be a good soccer player, which is intimidating, 'cause l'm going out for soccer.
Of course, she could teach me stuff.
my father wants me to live with him too.
There's good things and bad things about living with fathers.
- They're easy to manage.
- l know.
my dad's like the biggest slob on the planet worse than me, and l end up having to clean his place like his wife, which l cannot tolerate.
l have issues with mine, so it's not an option.
- [girl] mine couldn't live by himself.
- mine's never cooked a meal.
- does your father know how to dress? - l wonder.
- [girl] l want to hear this cd.
- you can.
come on.
- where? - ln the language lab.
you don't actually go there to study, do you? do you know who this is? l always wondered what it would be like to have a sister, you know, sharing clothes or whatever, just somebody to keep you from being a total geek.
[bell rings] [boy] yep, you're on, man.
Hey, l'll call you about the assignment.
One, well, she's not very good.
She doesn't move at all.
But one is, like, really good, and l'm afraid l'm gonna get on the field [Lily] Hey, Grace! Grace, hi, honey.
Jessie! Hi.
your mom couldn't come, so your dad asked if l could pick you up.
you'll have to come with me to my office.
ls that okay? yeah, l guess.
Hi, Jessie.
zoe, get in the car.
well, it is chicago, but people all over can access it.
lf they want to know what's happening here.
That's so cool.
we get tickets for everything just 'cause mom works here.
zoe, you want pretzels, Grace, a cappuccino.
- you don't want anything? - No.
l'm fine.
l'm supposed to find out when was the last time a play opened in chicago and went on to win a Tony Award.
And your job is to find out for me, since you probably all live in the web anyway.
Let's see.
Should l go on yahoo! or HotBot? - Sometimes l use HotBot.
- Samantha Stern uses Google.
l use a few depending on what l have to look up.
Grace, how do l go on Ask Jeeves? [sighing] l'm so bored with computers.
Everybody acts like we can't live without them.
So we forget people lived for millions of years before computers were even invented.
- l like e-mail.
- l guess e-mail is okay.
- Oh, what's your e-mail address? - don't tell her.
She'll put you on her buddy list and bug you.
- l will not.
- [christie] Lily, my dearest? - Hello.
- Hi.
l'm Grace, remember? yeah, l do.
And this must be zoe.
No, actually, that's Jessie, my mom's, um, her boyfriend's - daughter.
- l'm zoe.
Hello, zoe.
Nice to meet you.
And hello, Jessie, their mother's boyfriend's daughter.
Okay, does anyone know where their mom is? l'm here! l'm here, l'm here.
Grace, l'm sorry.
l'm spilling it everywhere.
your cappuccino for Grace, cookies for Jessie just in case.
- you didn't bring me anything? - your wish is my command.
- zoe, stop it.
- you could have been nicer.
l was perfectly nice.
l really wanted her e-mail address.
- you'll have plenty of chances.
- you think so? - lf mom has her way.
- l think that's cool.
well, you would.
- How do you know she doesn't like you? - l just know.
Jess, you don't think anyone likes you.
- l'm serious.
- well, so am l.
- did she say something? - No, that's the whole point.
- She won't even talk to me.
- maybe she's shy.
- you think so? - No.
lt's not like you have to spend all your time with her - once dad and her mom move in.
- Eli! l'm just joking.
- That's not gonna happen, is it? - Beats the hell out of me.
why can't it just be us? would you please let me play? Thank you.
- did they? - They were so cute together.
That's really great.
And we've been so worried.
I know.
We make such a big deal about all this.
We should remember how resilient they really are.
we should start putting them together more often.
- yeah, l really think so.
- Good night, mom.
Good night, sweetie.
So how about Thursday night? I'll have to ask Karen.
She's supposed to have them.
l could try for Friday, but they're supposed to be with Jake.
lt's okay.
l'll ask.
we'll see you soon.
- we'll be here.
- Bye.
- [telephone ringing] - Hello? - [telephone ringing] - Hello? [Rick] We got to school and Jessie realized her shin guards are at your house.
So they are.
- can you pick them up? - I'm almost there now.
[knocking] Ah, good.
So, um, would it be all right if l take them tomorrow? Uh, sure.
- why? what's up? - Nothing.
well, we l made plans to take them to, uh, Lily's, - for dinner.
- Oh.
- So l can take them? - yeah, sure.
Look, Rick, Jessie told me that Lily picked her up from school yesterday.
- yeah.
- And that's perfectly fine.
lt's just that you told me you were going to pick her up.
No, l said l would take care of it.
what? l don't understand why you have to lie to me.
Lie to you? lf you're upset that Lily is picking Jessie up at school, just say it.
lf you're so embarrassed you can't tell me - why would l be embarrassed? - This is complicated.
[groans] l'll say.
you're obviously very involved with this woman, and that's fine.
l'm thinking about the kids.
There are going to be possible misunderstandings, and l just want us to be as clear and as honest as possible.
l can do that.
Then we can just drop it, then.
- [girl laughing] - Are you gonna eat that? They make this with motor oil, you know that? - we're gonna give off fumes.
- [laughing continues] How old were you when your parents divorced? - which time? - Oh.
Let's see, l was four when my dad took off.
But l ended up living with him until he married Psycho cindy.
- l like her.
- you don't live with her freak-outs over whether l put too much detergent in the machine and how the city's poisoning everybody with chlorine.
So you have step-whatevers? Steps, halves, half-steps.
what's a half-step? cindy had stepkids before, and they still act like they're her kids, but they're older and they drive.
Oh, you should come with me tonight.
This guy's parents moved out of their house so they could rebuild.
A bunch of us are invited over to wreck it.
- Really? - Have you ever used a sledgehammer? lt is awesome.
- Sounds great.
- [chuckling] you want to do what? They're knocking down the house anyway.
Sweetie, you can't do it.
l invited Rick and his kids for dinner.
- mom, but we just saw them.
- Grace, please, don't Are they? [sighs] l can't believe you.
do we have to be with them every night? ls this what it's gonna be like? - lt's just for one night.
- yesterday it was one day.
She needed a ride home.
Grace, honey, listen.
l know it's a problem for kids Oh, please, mom.
lt's fine, okay? They come over and l'll go with carla.
you can have your life, and l'll have mine.
you happen to be part of a family.
you want me to be one of the little kids, who plays games or babysits and l don't want to do that.
- who's carla? - my friend.
Since when? mom, l'm not gonna be here tonight.
well, l'm sorry, but you're gonna be.
- She does not hate you.
- That's how she acts.
- did she do something? - No.
She won't even talk to me.
maybe she's shy.
you know, it's fine.
can we just go, please? They're here! come on! come on! - Hi.
- Hey, guys.
[zoe] Hi.
where's Eli? Oh, he had band practice.
l couldn't extricate him.
Oh, okay, well, there will just be more lasagna for us, then.
Vegetarian, of course.
you all, come on now.
- Got to steal one.
- dad, don't.
- Okay, here we go.
- Hey, that looks great.
- did you make that all yourself? - yes, l made that myself.
[laughing] Of course we capsized, and the canoe goes all the way down the river.
- Tell them your rock-climbing story.
- Oh, dad.
- what? what happened? - we went rock climbing.
yeah, and you almost got killed, and she saved herself.
Grace, what did you do this summer? driver's Ed.
mmm, mmm, mmm.
This is so amazing.
- when did you become ltalian? - l helped.
you did? [zoe] ln fifth grade, did you have miss Jeruban? you have her? Oh, boy.
She is the weirdest, isn't she, Grace? She sits too close when you work with her.
- She has the worst-smelling perfume.
- l know.
- [Lily] Grace used to do that.
- [chuckling] you used to say ''mimme that'' instead of ''Give me.
'' Thanks, mom.
[coughs] [zoe] Bless you.
- Not hungry, Jess? - Not really.
my grandma brought that back from Africa.
- Grace said she saw you at school.
- yeah.
- do you have, like, classes together? - No, she's in tenth.
l've got all the new silver quarters.
want to see? Sure.
So, Grace, you going out for Varsity this year? - JV.
- She scored a point the other day.
- mom, it's a goal.
- l know that.
you should see the level of competition.
l wish girls' sports had that when l was in school.
- l thought you were a cheerleader.
- you were a cheerleader? - Thanks a lot.
- l didn't know it was a secret.
mom, can Jessie take over your place in the monopoly game? Sure.
l hope she's a tougher dealmaker than l am.
- Grace, come on.
- l have homework.
- Just play for 20 minutes.
- mom.
- lt's okay.
- Please? [sighs] Fine, but l do have homework.
Atlantic Avenue.
The rent of a hotel will be ooh.
This is so cool.
my brother never plays monopoly with me anymore.
[Grace snaps fingers] $26.
- l want change.
- l want change.
[Lily] She tells me to call after business hours so they won't be there.
when do l get to meet this boss of yours? Never, if you're lucky.
[chuckles] [kids chatting indistinct] - Oh, is this really happening? - what? That we're sitting here alone talking and our kids are playing.
Get over here.
your turn.
Ooh, wait, isn't that zoe's? Hey, that's mine.
That'll be $1 ,1 50, please.
- [Grace] Too late.
She rolled.
- you're such a cheater.
lf you're so busy counting you can't watch the game, it's your problem.
No, Grace, it's your problem.
Give me my money.
lt isn't your money.
Read the rules.
- did you roll? - well, l was kind of stopping - mom! - [Grace] you're such a baby.
you don't need to call mom.
you know what? - l didn't wanna play this stupid game.
- you asked me to play it two days ago.
- [Lily] what's going on? - [zoe] Grace is a cheater.
- [Grace] Get her away from me.
- Tell them.
Tell them what she did.
l didn't do anything.
Those are the rules, zoe.
Jessie said she did not mean to roll the dice.
- But she did roll the dice.
- [Lily] Okay, kids.
can somebody just calmly tell me what happened? Tell them.
Grace rolled the dice, and she landed on my hotel and Jessie saw it.
- She won't give me my money.
- Let Jessie speak.
you know what? l have homework to do.
[grunts angrily] Jess? - l wanna go home.
- Honey.
l wanna go home now.
[zoe] what? what did l do? lt was a game of monopoly.
All right? They're sisters.
Sisters get into things like that.
She accused you of something? No, dad, and l'm really not that upset.
- why did you want to leave? - l have a stomach ache.
well, l'm not sure that's a good reason to leave.
Next time, l'll just puke all over their floor.
l'm sure next time it'll be like it never happened.
Next time.
what? - [Lily] what about your science? - Not due till Friday.
[spits] Shouldn't you maybe start it tonight? mom, our entire generation is being stressed out from too much homework.
what was that before, by the way? [Grace] lt was nothing, mom.
zoe's annoying.
- And you cheat.
- l thought l asked you to rub my back.
Girls, Jessie left here very upset.
l just wanted her to say what happened.
- She's a baby.
- Grace.
l'm supposed to like her because you're going out with her dad? - Honey, you don't like Jessie? - l like Jessie.
l know this is complicated for everyone, but she was your guest.
- No, mom, she was your guest.
- Excuse me.
when someone comes in, l don't care who invites them, they're to be treated a certain way.
lf you brought a boy home, l would treat him with respect.
- As if.
- Oh, Grace.
mom, if you marry Rick, is she gonna be be a guest for the rest of our lives? [sighing] l gotta do my homework.
- Excuse me.
- [gasps] ls this where l place an online personal? - what a wonderful surprise.
- [chuckles] - Hey.
- Hi.
So this is where you work.
yeah, if there's actually any work to be done.
Very cool.
l like seeing you in this environment.
yeah? young by association? [both chuckle] - So, that was fun last night.
- Absolutely.
- ls Jessie okay? - Not really.
did she tell you any more about what happened? l don't know that it matters.
l'm sure she just, uh what is it? She's convinced that Grace hates her.
- you're kidding.
- No.
Oh, poor thing.
That's so ridiculous.
well, kids can give out all sorts of messages.
- what do you mean? - Nothing.
l'm sure Jessie could've picked up on something that - Are you saying Grace was mean? - l don't know.
l just wonder if - Rick.
- what? - Grace wasn't mean to Jessie.
- l didn't say that she was.
- you just said that she was.
- l did not.
you didn't let me finish.
l'm just wondering if Grace is maybe not feeling pressured herself.
- maybe that comes out in a way - They're all feeling pressured.
- well, that's all l'm saying.
- Fine.
- l'm doing something wrong? - God, no.
Then what are you saying? l'm not saying anything.
well, Rick, l think that we're both doing the best we can.
l know we are.
He's an idiot, and she's a complete idiot for not seeing he's an idiot.
He didn't call her in three weeks.
does that sound like a boyfriend? - Eli.
- Hold on.
what? - what's factoring? - what do you mean? - Factoring, like in an equation? - l don't know, Jess.
multiply by ''x''? - which part? - can you hold on? - can we do this later? - l have five hours of homework.
- you do not.
- wanna see? l will help you in five minutes.
No, you can call her if you want to.
- Just tell her to accept reality.
- damn it! - what? - l can't figure this out.
l'm supposed to multiply ''x'' on this side? - l thought you were good.
- ln 7th grade.
- lt's not much different.
- lt's totally different.
lt's the first week.
lt's not like the teacher's gonna kill you.
- Just the whole class will laugh at me.
- we'll discuss this when dad gets home.
- what? - Nothing.
- why don't you want to talk to dad? - l'll talk to dad.
- would you let me get to the phone? - l have to go do my homework.
Hey, don't start without your sister.
Jessie! - She's not hungry.
- She told you that? She's never hungry.
Eli, did she say anything about last night? l don't think so, except that Grace hates her.
[music playing on discman] - Not hungry? - Not yet.
- Soon? - maybe.
Jess, you gonna tell me what's going on with you or not? - dad, you don't wanna know.
- Of course l wanna know.
No, you don't, and you're acting like this is all my fault.
what is? Jess you and mom get divorced.
And l have to have two different houses.
And, like Now l have to go to Lily's all the time.
[sobbing] So l'm gonna have three different houses where l have to live, and do l get to choose? l'm starting a new school, and now you want me to have all these other people in my life who don't like me and don't want me there, and none of this is anything that l asked for, but l have to do it because it's what you want.
- you're right.
- l don't wanna be right.
Listen your mother and l got divorced, Jess, and l have spent the last four years making sure you're okay.
And l've been lonely.
'cause grown-ups get really lonely, just as lonely as kids.
And now this person is in my life, and l love her.
l need to be with her, and you're gonna pay some of the price for that.
And l'm sorry, l wish there was some way that l could change my life without changing yours.
l just wish that l could make you understand, Jess, how important it is to me to be your dad and give you the things you need and not Not ever let you down.
And you'll just have to trust me.
But l think that you'll you'll also get something out of this, Jess, eventually even if you can't see that now.
l don't want you to be lonely.
when l grow up, l want to have a big ranch in wyoming with horses and pigs and three dogs, and l'll just breathe the air and feel the wind on my face.
[students chattering] And l'll be able to ride for, like, an hour and not see anybody else and just live the way l wanna live.
Hi, Jessie.
Hi, Grace.
[Lily] This season on Once and Again: The context is about to change.
How big a complex? Big enough to lift its designer to a very high, exclusive plateau.
[Rick] Have you been hired to fight the project? This is a lawsuit.
This isn't personal.
l have this idea.
lt might seem a little crazy.
So you actually changed the name of the store? - you've been against this.
- l'm not.
l think l did worse on the SAT's.
[karen] we think you're spreading yourself too thin.
Let me walk down that road l'm not watching you make the biggest mistake of your life! [karen] Think Jessie's lost weight? [Jessie] what if something's wrong with me? - [Rick] She has a problem.
- [Jessie] who'd you tell? - you told Lily? - you have to tell the world l'm crazy? Are you and Tiffany going to get married? [Jake] l'm not sure she's what l'm looking for.
- Grace! Grace! - [gasping] - l'm late.
- For? Are you pregnant?