Once and Again (1999) s02e04 Episode Script

Feast or Famine

mom, mom, you don't need a rental car, okay? l can drive you everywhere.
No, it's no problem for me to pick you up.
l'm not doing any yoga.
Eli says he can't wait to do yoga with you.
ls she gonna watch me do my tae kwon do? - l have to go, dad.
- Fine.
Get a rental car.
you'll miss the exit, we'll see you around midnight.
- Ready.
- Okay, you too.
you haven't eaten any breakfast.
- l never eat breakfast.
- She's not gonna starve, so can we go? Take this with you.
- l hate bananas.
- [Rick] who hates bananas? [telephone rings] Hmm.
Hmm? l search for a word: Excitement, adrenal stimulation Those are good words.
lt has a certain ferocity that l find invigorating.
Buildings just aren't as carnivorous as they used to be, miles.
man is carnivorous, a fact so many of us seem embarrassed by, as we head into an uncertain future.
This building seizes the ground on which it stands.
l applaud that.
we might be on our way, gentlemen.
- my congratulations.
- might be on our way? l intend to make a last stand in this edifice against the ravages of mortality, which means l'll be working in it a very long time.
you'll forgive me if l want to get it just right.
Of course, but there is the small matter of a design payment or two, miles.
And they shall be taken care of.
The work is excellent, gentlemen.
l'll be calling you to discuss the next round of changes.
That was miles drentell.
you're kidding.
l wanted to meet him.
l'm sure you'll have lots of chances.
- Hi.
- Hey.
my brilliant boyfriend.
you have to show this to your mom.
She's gonna tell me it's beautiful - before she even sees it.
- A mother's job.
She's gonna tell me you're beautiful before she sees you.
- yeah? - yeah.
can our mothers really be in the same room? lsn't that like matter and anti-matter? maybe they'll explode.
How big a turkey do l need to get? - l'll take care of that.
- you can't do that.
you couldn't lift the turkey we're gonna need.
- lt's not that bad.
- your kids, my kids, our moms, your sister, your brother.
l'll get the turkey.
we'll get it together.
l realized my mother was cool when my friends wanted to hang around at my house.
mom! Hello, darling! How are you? - l'm fine.
come in.
- Oh, l will.
my friends would get into fights with their parents and somehow end up staying with us.
my mom was cool, no matter how many people there were.
Oh, too bad he's not handsome.
The girls won't even look at him.
- All right.
That's enough.
- How's the band? - Good.
- Are you playing all over the place? we have to get good before we can do that.
we have to get him to do his homework.
He's a senior.
who cares about homework? - way to go, Grandma.
- [telephone rings] Thanks very much, mom.
- l want to hear you guys play.
- yeah, you can.
Hello, miles.
ls there a problem or something? lt's a long story.
l like long stories.
- Sometime when he's not around.
- Grandma! Oh, who is this blond beauty? Oh, hello, sweetheart.
[karen] Hello, Peg.
- Oh, you look wonderful.
- So do you.
lt's been too long.
How are you? l just came back from a retreat in Big Sur.
we hiked four miles every morning, massages and Jessie, there was this remarkable leader who has a double black belt in kung fu.
- do you want to see my trophies? - Absolutely.
l hope l see you again while l'm here.
yeah, l hope so.
[Rick] l don't think it'll look right.
Because that's what you pay me for, miles, when you pay me.
Uh, yeah, of course we want the same thing.
l have to go.
Of course.
yes, we do.
No, listen, miles Are you gonna keep them Friday as well, or just Thanksgiving? One sec.
None of this has to be resolved tonight.
l'll call you in the morning.
Okay, bye.
l would love to keep them through the weekend.
They really want to see mom, if that's okay.
l had them last Thanksgiving.
lt's your turn.
- Are you? - l was invited to some friends.
Good, good.
well, bye.
- Happy Thanksgiving.
- yeah.
you too.
Okay, now throw a punch at me with your right hand.
Like this? No, harder.
come on, try and hit me.
No! l'm afraid l'll hurt you.
- As if.
come on, Grandma.
- Okay, okay.
you ready? yes.
- Hyah! - Ohh! well, thank you very much.
[laughs] That's the only throat l have.
l wouldn't hurt you.
They teach us to focus so that we can control our point of impact.
How does this affect your relationship with boys? - what relationship? - Uh-oh, l got it.
So tell me, my dear young warrior woman, how is life outside of tae kwon do? lt's okay.
- Hmm.
High school.
- yeah.
- ls it hard? - yes.
- your mom and dad help you? - They're busy, but l don't really need that much help.
you never did.
So tell me about Lily.
She's okay.
She's really pretty.
How important is that? l don't know.
l guess it is to dad.
l hear we're going over there Thanksgiving.
you know her kids from school.
Are they nice? - One of them is.
- Hmm.
you know, when your mom and dad told me that they were separating, l never imagined that we would have so many new people in our lives.
lt's not as if anybody asked you.
yeah, and now l have to sit there and have their Thanksgiving the way they like to have it.
They probably like canned cranberries instead of the real kind mom makes.
- your mom makes good cranberries.
- [sighs] why don't we make our own and bring them? - Good idea.
- [chuckles] mom, in honor of you, l got the really good kind of takeout.
- l am honored.
- [telephone rings] - lt's miles drentell.
- [Rick] Shut up.
Hello? Hey, you.
- lt's the bomb.
- ls that what you call her? He would like us to start calling her Lily.
Jess, Lily wants to know if you want her to make anything special, or do you want to bring something? we'll make cranberries.
She wants to make the cranberries.
Any cute guys after you in kansas city? Oh, l was seeing someone for a while, but it was just sex.
- [gasps] Grandma! - way to go, Peg.
- ''way to go, Peg'' what? - Never you mind.
Jess, it's really cool that you're gonna make the cranberries.
mom, you are gonna have a great time at Lily's.
She is really something.
Her kids are great, even if Jessie hates Grace.
- l do not.
- Oh, you just think she hates you.
- God, dad.
- zoe is crazy about you.
Lily says she can't stop asking about her.
God, dad.
mom, you want to go to the Art lnstitute this weekend? - lf it's not too crowded.
- l'll get us in.
dad's doing this scary building downtown.
Stop! - l'm sure l'm sure it's beautiful.
- yeah, yeah.
lf you don't eat that dumpling, l'm gonna eat it.
- Okay.
Have it.
- No, no.
l was kidding.
- you haven't eaten anything.
- l ate.
what? where's the evidence? lf l get a date Thursday, can l skip dinner? Absolutely not.
can l be excused? l have some homework.
[Eli] l've got to get started.
- l'll be up later.
- [Eli] cool.
- l'll get these, mom.
- No, no, no, no.
you sit down.
you know, you have wonderful children.
l do think that Jessie is a little upset about Thursday night.
- No, she's not.
- did you ask her? - mom, she's being dramatic.
- Oh.
That what that is? what are you? Honey, listen, l also noticed that you're on the phone an awful lot.
l was on the phone for 30 seconds.
l know how hard it is to raise kids alone.
l was there.
lf Jessie has a problem, she'll tell me.
we have that kind of relationship.
Oh, that's wonderful.
lt's the only kind of relationship to have.
where are those fortune cookies? Let's see.
Oh, look, look! They do everything for you Stuffing and pie crusts.
l hate to think of all the chemicals in all those packages.
lt's important to have a shelf life of 200 years.
yes, right.
[laughs] All those hours spent preparing meals, and for what? So that we could all sit around afterward and talk about everything except what we were really feeling.
your father and his work, and your brother watching the football game and you not saying anything.
- l talked.
- lf l tortured you.
- l like Thanksgiving.
- Oh, Rich don't call me that, okay? - call you what? - Hey! Nothing.
Hey, Lil, this is my mom.
Peg, this is Lily.
- lt's so nice to meet you finally.
- Thank you.
- l'm sorry l'm late.
- That's all right.
- you look like you've done this before.
- A million times.
lt'll be strange messing up somebody else's kitchen.
lt's such a mess as it is, no one will notice.
- Rick told me about your new job.
- He did, did he? At least you're taking control of your destiny.
when Rick's father died, l had no job, no skills, no credit, nothing at all.
From what Rick tells me you figured it out pretty well.
- l had a lot of good help.
- yeah, he's occasionally helpful.
Okay, we're shopping.
you've done it already.
l'm gonna pay for half.
yeah, right.
Lil, why don't we choose the wine? we'll let mom harass the butcher for selling turkeys with antibiotics and hormones well, you're damn right l will.
l know, which is why l don't want to be there.
- Bye.
- [Lily] Bye.
Okay, your mom is so cute.
She is! l love her.
l just l'm glad she lives in a different state.
[phone rings] [Rick] Oh, God.
yeah, david.
wait, you're kidding.
Oh, well, l can be there in two hours.
l'll take your mother to lunch.
yeah! Okay, all right.
l'll be there.
l am not sure l'm prepared to have you hear all about my adolescent sexuality and everything else about my childhood, which she will tell you in the first five minutes.
l know all about your adolescent sexuality.
Peg, are you sure this is okay? Oh, l'm telling you, l am not a vegetarian.
- No? - Thank you.
Rick makes such a big deal out of all of that, but l'm just concerned about what goes into my body.
- well, we all should be.
- mikey lost 20 pounds in three months just by paying attention to what he ate.
l'm so proud.
- mikey? - Rich's brother.
Oh! Right, right.
'course, l don't care about what he weighs.
l think people make too big a deal of that too.
you don't have to worry about that, do you? Oh, ha! well, look at you.
How many kids do you have? - Two.
- Two, and you're 36? - l wish! - [laughs] l know that Rick cares for you so much because he talks about you.
well, l guess you've noticed he's not the most communicative person in the world.
Actually, he's pretty open with me.
Oh, good.
you should have seen him 20 years ago.
Sometimes l think l get glimpses.
[chuckles] l used to worry about him so much because he kept everything inside, even before his father died.
He hasn't mentioned his brother much, has he? No.
No, he hasn't.
Rich's brother is a - He's an alcoholic.
- Oh.
l mean, he's doing very well now, but it's been a long hard struggle, and there just came a point where Rick just couldn't deal with it anymore.
well, do they speak? l don't believe they've spoken in seven or eight years.
Not at all? Oh, Peg.
Oh! l'm going to be in such trouble.
Oh, why? Because he knows l can't keep my mouth shut about these things.
Oh, Peg! l am so glad to know you, and l'm happy to hear whatever you want to tell me.
Thank you.
you wouldn't believe this, but l haven't always been this wonderful.
[laughs] Girls! do you have to leave your backpacks in the middle of the doorway? - Hey, baby.
- you're back already? l wanted us all to have every possible moment together this Thanksgiving.
you've already done the shopping! - Oh, it's good to see you.
- you too.
you wouldn't believe what they call lunch on that plane.
A plastic box with little dividers, and the chicken wasn't even hot.
How are you? you look wonderful.
you know me, always the same.
Barbara and Peg, oil and water.
Nixon and mcGovern.
Oh, that's not fair.
l was planning on making roasted chestnuts.
l hope that you, uh, bought some at the store.
No, l didn't, mom.
l'm sorry.
well, that's all right.
Judy and l can go back to the market, can't we? Oh, l'd love to.
ls Rick bringing his children? l want to meet them.
- Absolutely.
- Good.
ls it hard being back here after last year? Oh, honey, it's hard wherever l am, you know.
Guess what.
Rick is bringing his mom.
- Oh, well.
- mm-hmm.
Somebody my own age.
That'll be a relief.
why? wait until you're as old as l am, and then you'll understand.
l hope she doesn't want to cook.
- The battle of the Titans.
- what? Uh, nothing.
Nothing, nothing.
Get off, get out Can't feel the way that I do I'm pushin' back at you Get off, get out Can't be alone It is true I'm pushin' back at you - Amazing.
- Shut up.
[laughs] l'm serious, really.
Have you played any gigs yet? No.
No, not really.
Not for money, anyway.
- what is money, after all? - A lot, especially if l'm gonna support myself this way.
you sure your father has a problem with this? Oh, he thinks l'm ruining my life, that l'm dreaming, that, uh, it's never gonna work, blah blah blah.
lt's a teenager's right to ruin his future.
can you tell him that? l think he's too busy forgetting he was a teenager.
l've heard that.
when Grandpa died, he was just 1 4, and he had to buckle down and get a job and make straight A's.
- ls that what he told you? - yeah.
your father and his brother were just this side of delinquents.
l was on a first-name basis with the high school principal.
His name was Frank mcdonald.
One day he nearly cried talking about how your father was wasting his potential.
- Get out.
- l'm serious.
How can l use this against him? [laughs] [laughs] Have more ravioli, mom.
Jess, come on! l think l'll stick with the chicken.
lt's a really healthy restaurant.
They don't cook with butter, and the cartons are recycled.
Thank you.
- Jess, we're all gonna be finished! - [Jessie] l'm coming! l'm coming! How's the Spanish-American war paper going, E? - Fine.
l'm done.
- cool.
l always loved that war.
Teddy Roosevelt, what a character.
- He wasn't really a part of it.
- what do you mean? He wasn't in the stuff l read.
wasn't in the stuff you read on San Juan Hill? l know about San Juan Hill.
what do you know if Roosevelt wasn't? dad, l finished, okay? lt doesn't matter anymore.
- lt matters if you're not learning.
- what do you want me to do, rewrite the paper, which you haven't even read, between the four projects l'm doing before finals? E, that's not what l was saying.
l just l [Peg] Ha! Oh, mikey! He did? Already? Oh, that is so adorable! Oh, no! you have to send me a picture right away.
Oh, no! Babies don't usually smile at six weeks.
Oh, well, of course, darling.
you have to catch up on all the sleep you can.
And, listen, l mean it about the babysitting.
[chuckling] The baby smiled already.
do you remember when you called me after Eli did that? - That was about two weeks ago, right? - yes.
l've never heard your brother sound so excited.
you haven't talked to him since the baby was born, have you? Not since he and Leslie were married.
- mom.
- Listen, l know.
l was there.
l got it.
lt's just that l think the change is so amazing, and there really has been a change.
That was the whole point, to see if we could get him to change? To see if it was possible when l believe that How are you going to find out if you don't talk to him? you know how l feel, okay? don't put yourself in the middle.
- l haven't said a word in four years.
- your silence has been deafening.
you know, that son of yours is really an amazing young man.
when he's not challenging everything l say.
well, l think that's his job at this age, don't you? l'm surprised it didn't start earlier.
- There.
- [Rick sighs] you are so big! [laughs] Are you still growing? Oh, don't mess with me, huh? don't you mess with me.
you're gonna be sorry.
you'll see who's gonna be sorry! [chuckles] Oh! - Um, Rick - mom.
[laughs] do do you think that, um Jessie's lost weight recently? No.
ln fact, she's having an unbelievable growth spurt.
why? Oh, nothing.
l just wondered.
l mean, young girls have it so tough today with eating issues.
mom, what? - you think Jessie's anorexic? - No! No, not at all.
l was wondering, but if she's growing, wonderful.
- mom? - Hmm? did you come here to have Thanksgiving, or to practice the things you've learned in workshops? That's not fair.
l'm glad you came.
l'm glad you're here.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
- l am.
l am.
l do happen to be dealing with a lot of things right now.
l know, and heroically.
And now l'm going to get out of your hair.
l'm going upstairs to bed, and you don't even have to tuck me in.
we're going to have a nice, dysfunctional holiday dinner, like all good Americans.
l can't wait.
[doorbell rings] [doorbell rings] - Happy Thanksgiving.
- Thank you.
come on in.
This is my mother, Barbara.
Nice to see you.
l was looking forward to meeting you.
[Lily] Jessie and Eli, my mother, Barbara.
Barbara, you'll be defending the north goal.
Peg, you'll receive the kickoff.
- Oh, Rick.
- [Lily] can l take your coats? [Barbara] Turkeys are bigger this year.
Oh, it's all the hormones they put into them.
yeah, l was wondering about that, but it's so beautiful, it's got to be delicious.
[Lily] mom, do you think another hour is enough? - what time did we put it in, 2:30? - Sure.
20 minutes a pound.
l thought it was 1 5 for a turkey this big.
No, l don't think so.
Peg, how long do you cook your turkey? l'm happy to say l haven't cooked a turkey in 25 years, so l don't remember.
well, well, we'll just put you in charge of the sweet potatoes then, since Lily says l always overcook them anyway.
l do not.
Lily looks like the sweet potato expert.
l'm going to take this opportunity to meet this young lady over here who is reading, um, oh, great literature.
we have to read it for school.
They want to warn you about the danger of being reckless with your sexual favors.
why don't we read about women who were really wild and got away with it? - well, have you read katie Roiphe? - [Grace] No, what's she write? l'm going to send you Last Night in Paradise.
- lt's about being a young woman today.
- [Jake] Ho-ho.
merry Thanksgiving.
Jake! Hi, mom.
- daddy! - what?! Oh, hi, sweetie.
Our famous corn salad, and Barbara's favorite, creamed spinach.
daddy, are you eating with us tonight? No, l am serving dinner today, - 250 dinners and counting.
- 250? That's fabulous.
mom, we are happening, up 40 percent from the reopening.
- Oh, l'm so proud of you, Jake.
- Thanks.
- This is Rick's mother, Peg Sammler.
- Oh, hi.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you too.
you have great girls.
Oh, well, get no argument from me.
you be good, all right? l'll talk to you later? - yeah.
- Bye, daddy.
- Happy Thanksgiving.
- you too.
[football game playing on TV] Okay, so that's a ginger ale for zoe and nothing for anybody else? - No.
- No, thanks.
[announcer] There's the snap.
Fake handoff to Hall Okay.
So why can't anybody else throw the ball? They can as long as they don't pass the scrimmage line, right, dad? - Unless it's a lateral.
- Shut up.
Hey, Happy Thanksgiving! Look who's here.
- [zoe] Uncle Aaron! - Hey, Uncle Aaron.
[Rick] This is Lily's brother, Aaron.
- Hi.
- Hey, Rick, um, you remember Aaron? well, sure.
Hi, Aaron.
How was your ride? we had a very nice ride over here.
- Really? - yes.
The leaves are off the trees, and it's very evocative, extremely evocative.
Judy has a corvair which l totally love.
you know, a blue corvair, which, speaking of evocative Oh, Aaron, these are Rick's kids.
- This is Eli - Hey.
- [zoe] And Jessie.
- Jessie.
This is my mom when she was little.
mom, you were so cute.
l looked just like you, button.
Grandma, you should have sent pictures of dad when he was little.
- lt just so happens that l have - [Rick] Oh, mom.
- Oh, wait.
Let me see.
- Oh, my God.
Let me see, let me see.
- [all gasp] - Oh, my God, you were so cute.
[Peg] That was when he was ten, and he built a fort, remember? - dad had a fort? - l'm leaving now.
His father made him draw up the plans for it.
when you decided to be an architect? - when l decided not to.
- who's that? - That's mikey.
- That's mikey? - who's mikey? - [Peg] Rick's brother.
- mikey was so adorable.
- Still is.
when was the last time we even saw mikey? Oh, it was second grade.
l remember.
He was so funny.
How come he doesn't visit anymore, dad? well, he's very busy.
[Barbara] Grace, would you show Jessie where she can find a sterling dish to put her cranberries in? - Sure.
- we're going to need the big strong men to help bring in the rest of the chairs.
well, we can do that.
yes, don't worry.
The little weak women did it last year.
Oh, good.
No, mom, you should sit at the head of the table.
No, l can't sit here.
Here's a chair for the end of the table.
- This will be your place.
- Barbara, l-l No, sit.
[Judy] All right, where do l sit? - you sit here.
Aaron? - l'll take that.
daddy's chair? - Peg, you're right there.
- Okay, here we go.
- Big.
- This looks incredible.
Okay, l just need to say how much dad is in our hearts and how much l miss him.
And how happy he would be to see everyone here today.
Thank you, Lily.
[Lily] Okay, let's eat.
Shall l do the honors? Please.
lt's a big bird to subdivide.
Oh, whoops.
[Judy] do we want to get another platter? my father always kept the carving knife perfectly sharp, and when he carved the turkey, l remember the pieces coming off, each slice exactly the same thickness as all the others.
you weren't allowed to speak to him when he was carving.
Not that that was very much different from the rest of the dinner.
[chattering] And my mother's job was to keep it all going no matter what insincere inanity she had to come up with.
She was always up, always perky.
Happy days, happy days.
God forbid there should be a moment of silence.
- wonderful place to bring up children.
- Really? l'm surprised.
- you have to come visit us.
- Uh, yes.
[Grace] Hold on a second.
[Lily] Eli, would you like some more potatoes? [laughing] [Judy] cranberries.
[Lily] This was my grandmother's recipe.
[Grace] Grandma, this is the best turkey yet.
[Peg] cheers, cheers, cheers.
[Jessie chatting] [Lily] Jessie, you want some more? Oh, yum, yum, yum.
That's good.
[Eli] yeah, actually.
[Grace] you want white or dark meat? [Lily] ls that right? l never knew that.
l don't know why l get so sad at holidays.
There's no reason.
l have more to be thankful for than almost anybody.
And l can admit that.
Any day of the year except Thanksgiving.
[Barbara] Rick.
[Judy] what, sweetie? Rick.
would you mind passing that, please? Oh.
[Barbara] Thank you.
lt's okay.
you can go to bed soon.
Oh, l'm okay, l'm okay.
This looks delicious.
dad, l'm supposed to meet coop.
Now? well, actually, about a half hour ago.
- E, we're having dessert.
- yeah, but l'm full.
[Rick] lt's not about that.
This is not your house.
- dad, nobody cares.
- E, drop it.
[Judy] does anyone need any ice cream or? - Thank you.
- [Barbara] Good night, Jessie.
- [Jessie] Good night.
- Thank you.
lt was yeah, right.
Go home and get some sleep.
- Thank you.
- you're welcome.
E, you're driving.
l've had too much wine.
- Good night, E.
- Thank you.
[Jessie] Good night, Grandma.
- Good night, you.
- [Jessie] Good night, dad.
Good night.
- Grace was nice to me, by the way.
- That's nice.
- Good night, E.
- They're a lovely family.
- She's quite a woman.
- yeah.
l have a feeling l'm going to be seeing a lot more of her.
l hope so.
Rick, l don't think Eli's trying to turn everything into a pissing match.
you have so little idea, mom.
Eli and l actually have a great relationship.
Oh, honey, l'm not trying to attack you.
lt's what fathers and sons do.
Believe me.
l've watched it.
what do you want to tell me, mom? l just want you to know that Eli loves you and he wants to know that you love him.
- He knows l love him.
- Of course he does.
well, then, mom, what are you trying to say? No one ever knows that enough.
So l'm supposed to let him slide by in school, do whatever he wants to show him how much l love him? No, no, that's not love.
Just talk to him, see him, - see what he's going through.
- l talk to him.
- you talk at him.
- And you know this after two days? l knew it after two minutes.
you're checked out.
- l know what that looks like.
- don't do this, mom.
you've decided not to deal with your brother, that your daughter is fine, and that your son is a problem.
mom, will you stop it? you don't know me.
don't tell me how to lead my life.
- l'm asking you to look.
- l look at my life.
you look at everything but the problems.
- l deal with problems every day.
- Except when the problem is you.
l'm sorry.
l'm sorry.
l just l just want to be close to you.
- Are you still mad? - what's the difference? Nobody else got to leave either.
would you just stay out of it? lt's no big deal.
Then don't make it a big deal.
- who wants turkey? - Ha-ha.
Turkey pancakes, turkey bacon, - turkey cereal, turkey toast.
- dad.
- [door opens] - Hi, mom.
- [Peg] morning.
- Hi.
Hi, sweetie.
- Rick, l need Lily's number.
- Uh l just want to thank her for last night.
- Oh, well, hit four on speed dial.
- [Peg] Oh, thanks.
ls that all you're having? l get so hungry after Thanksgiving dinner, it makes no sense.
[sighs] Big plans for the day, E? Huh? day after Thanksgiving, always loved it.
- lt was like a snow day for me.
- l got a bunch of stuff to do.
Lot of homework for monday? dad, it's Friday.
l have all weekend.
Nobody said you had to work today.
- The record store is there.
- The good one is on the third floor.
- Oh, yeah.
- That's where we'll go, then.
l'm going to steal your daughter from you whether you like it or not.
you want to meet in half an hour? - [zoe] An hour.
- One hour, food court.
- How long is your mother in town? - Sunday.
you? That information has not been provided.
- Are you okay? - l'm exhausted.
- Last night was nice.
- was it? what do you mean? lt was wonderful.
- wasn't it? - you tell me.
wait a minute.
what's? what's going on here? l don't know.
l've never been with you around a holiday before.
And? And you seemed l don't know.
- l had a good time.
- lf you don't want to tell me - what's going on, that's fine.
- what? you were totally out of it.
People would speak to you, you wouldn't even answer them.
you were in another world.
lf you were upset, you should tell me.
l really don't know what you're talking about.
l mean, l was l was a little overwhelmed, yeah, - but it was fine.
- Rick.
- l didn't tell enough jokes? - That's not what l'm saying.
l didn't realize you had expectations of what l was supposed to be like.
The only expectation was for you to be yourself.
This is weird.
This is getting weird.
- you're judging me.
- l'm not judging you.
l'm in a strange house - you're not in a strange house.
- you want me to perform.
you want me to be the host, to be your father, and l'm dealing with my mother, your mother, our children.
- l just wanted everyone to be okay.
- That's what we both wanted.
[Jessie] dad? Grandma wanted me to ask you how much money l can spend.
yeah, whatever.
whatever she wants.
lt's okay.
- [Rick] Hey.
- Hey.
lt's a great day out there.
- yeah.
l rode, like, 20 miles.
- l'm jealous.
Are you actually making dinner? Shut up.
- Are you gonna eat with us? - Uh, l don't know.
l have to make a few calls first.
[industrial music playing] Jess.
- l was yelling.
- Sorry.
- dinner's almost ready.
- Okay.
Aren't you hungry? - l don't know.
why? - l don't know.
l just wondered.
you haven't been hungry a lot lately.
- l'm hungry all the time.
- you are? Jess Sweetie, l really get the feeling that you're not eating, and l know that sometimes people don't eat - when they're upset.
- l'm not upset.
well, honey you're not Are you trying to lose weight - or or something? - why? you are? No.
l don't even really think about it.
Because someone your age l mean, you're already so skinny to begin with, and l would hate to think that l mean, not that you would ever have to l mean, people make such a big deal out of that stuff anyway, and l dad, can l just listen to this last song and then come down? Okay.
Jess, you know, a lot of girls your age Huh? Just come down as soon as you can.
[industrial music playing] - That was really good, dad.
- Thanks, sweetie.
yeah, at least it wasn't turkey.
- you should cook more often.
- l might if you'd be around to eat it.
- [telephone rings] - [Jessie] lt's for me! - [Eli] No.
come on.
- l told you guys to clean the table.
lt's very common, you know.
well lt's easy for me now, you understand? l think about the way things were when you were little, and now l know what to do.
- what are you talking about? - lf l'm in your kitchen and neither of us knows what to say to one another, that's a very familiar feeling.
l was married to that feeling.
- l don't need it anymore.
- do we have to have this conversation? you think no one knows what's going on inside you, - how helpless you feel? - Please.
lf you don't come out of that shell, no one will benefit.
Not you, not your kids, not this woman you're thinking of making a life with.
lt's not easy.
do you know how many years it took me to admit how much l carried around, how much we all carried around? do not tell me what l carried around.
l have to tell the truth.
No, you want your truth to be everybody's truth.
l don't want to walk into my house and have every move analyzed and criticized, l'm not doing that.
scrutinized according to the Peg Sammler school of how l should talk about feelings! - l know it hurts.
- No, it pisses me off, mom! why do we have to dig up the past? lt's done.
He's dead.
l know he was limited, but he was my dad.
And l am sorry if he made you unhappy, mom, but he gave me what l had, and l am fine.
l've made a life for myself, and l can't help if l don't measure up to what you think l should be.
Oh, no.
Listen to me.
you are a wonderful man, and you have very deep feelings, and you're afraid of letting people know it because sometimes those feelings aren't pretty or nice.
The way you feel awful when your son doesn't do well or you look at your little girl and see she's in trouble.
They need you just the way you needed your dad.
Please don't hide from them.
They love you.
[panting] [television playing] All right, sweetie.
come on.
The context is about to change.
How big a complex are we talking about? - lt's a dinner.
- But what's my role at this dinner? l'm telling you, you're the trophy.
[Lily] don't give me that look.
- do you trust him? - you lied to us, miles.
Then l'll get myself another architect.